The Virginia Gazette from Williamsburg, Virginia on July 18, 1777 · Page 3
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The Virginia Gazette from Williamsburg, Virginia · Page 3

Williamsburg, Virginia
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1777
Page 3
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Georgia, being drawn - u? before the door, filled up tfce WH feus - Se oie. After dinner a number of toafti were drank, all breaking indcpenl -; and a generous love of liberty, and comae atmg the memories of thofe brave and worthy, patriots ho calUntlj expefed their lives, and fell glorioufly in defence of freedom and the righteous caule 'Each toTft was followed by a difrharge of artillery - and fmall arms, and a fuitable piece of muiic by thr Heliian band. . m r The glorious fourth of July was reiterated three times, - accompanied with trmle difcharges of cannon and final! arms, and loud huzzas that rcfoundcdtromttreettonreettnrougnincciiy. j v - .u, - troops of hWe, a corp. of artery, and a brigade of hJ . hich was in town on its way to join tne gratia aimy. drawn up in Second ftreet and reviewed by Congreia and the oenera Officers. The' evening was clofed with the ringing of beUs, . ana at rdzhuhere was a grand.exhibition of fireworks, which began and con - eluded with thirteen rockets) on the commons, and die city mtx i beaut', fully illuminated. Every thing was corded with the gieateft order and decorum, andlhe face of joy arul gladnefs was unrverial. - Z., y .I. - c t .i.. lu, i.T.,. or, memorable day, be I tlUS may me 4.111 o ruiy, umKiuntiM - - - celebrated through America, by the fons of freedom, from age 10 age till .time fliall be no more. Amen, and amen. WILLIAMSBURG, July 18. BY a veiTel iuft arrived at Portfmouth, in five days from Bermuda, we learn, that a little before foe left Bermuda a veffel arrived there from Briftol, the Captain of which informed, that the commotions in England were fo great that many of the people were actually in armsj that Lord North lay at the point of death and that war was abfo - lately declared againiV France and Spain, r V BxtraSl cfa letter from an officer in the amy, dated Middle Brook camp, v v New jei fey, 30, 1777. .... The enemy ftill remain at Amboy. From intelligence received this day, itit doubtful whether they intend retreating to New York, or not. .The enemy within thefe few days have committed the raoft war.ton bar baritica, burning houfes, cutting down fine orchards, plundering the inhabitants, and threatening to dettroy ,tbe poor helplds women, by burning them in thtirhoufes i thefe wanton barbarities convince me they hitnA to embark for New York, or to forae other part of the continent? a few davtswiU determine their route. All their horfe are earned over to Staten Mland, and the greateft part of their baggage on board their Clipping. Our army is healthy, and in high fpints, and this campaign, I doubt not,' will fettle the diibute to or latisfadiion. No doubt Howe muft be greatly dilpirited, finding thofe, to whom he laft year gave, pro - tections, turning out to a man, to onpofe him. Should they turn and pufh for Philadelphia, on the banksof the Delaware, they will cenaiojy meet tne rate tney aeicivs. i ncjuuma uc ui.uigu - ipi", . - dinefs to turn out at a moment' warning,' Should they attempt Phila - delphii, I makV not the leaft doubt bvt an army of i a. poo men will oppofc them in front, while ours will gall them in the rear. Every day declares viclory on, our fide.' ,.."...... , , Cabin Point, July 9, 1777. i' c t u.A mv Paflatre to the Well Indies in a few Weeks. A. and being delirous to fettle all ray Affairs before my Departure, j earneftly requcft the Favour of thofe to whom I am indebted, either on ' Account of the Store kept by me at this Place, or on my own private Account, to make immediate Application for Payment, and all thofe indebted to the Store, or my own Account, are defired to pay of their refpecTwe Bahncer, or have their Accounts adjufted I have for Sale n few DRY GOODS, confiding of broad and narrow Axes, Cooper's Axes; Adrea, and Howells, an Aflbrtment of Necklaces and Earrings, fine Nuns 'Thread, broad and narrow Ferrets, Mens and Children! Shoes, Fringe and Lace for Houfings, Cruppers, Boots, Copper Tea Kettles, Belnjetal Skillets,' Tin Funnels, Steelyards, Lanthorns, Car - . penter'i Plains, Women Bonnets, Girls Stays, Velvet and Silk Hoods, Children Stays, Powder, PruJJlan Blue, Indigo, Ginger, Stone Jugs, Butter Pots, and many other Articles that is much wanted, which I will difpofe of at a very low Advance, I have alfo a likely NEGRO WENCH, young "blooded Mares, and a few Sheep, which I will fell for ready Money only. Any Bufinel's that cannot be fettled before my Departure Mr, Will Soort of this County will be Kind enough to do it, and give nroDer Difchaiees until my Return, which I expeft will be in about a . ... 1 LovilA, 7jijv ; , TO BE eJOLD, for ready Money, or oh. Credit, aa may beft fuit the Purchalers, a Traft of good Tobacco Land, containing 906 Acres, Jying in the Fork of famunkev River, fyotyhtania County, oppefite the Land of Major W"tnjhw alfo a Tract or 441 Acres lying in Qrangi County, joining t4i Land of Captain Barfaur. ... An undoubted Title, will be made the Purchafers: and if fold on Credit, Bond, with good becunfy, wiu oe requirea, w ww miuiM mc 11 uot paia 0....M.. y.ll fiARUiTT 'VrtMrMJ punctually GARRITT 'MINOR. JUL Y 14, 1777. ALL Perfbns who have any Demands againft the Eftate of Henry Duke of Janes Ciiy County, deceafed, at e defired to bring in thtir Account! and receive Paymcntf and thofe who are indebted to the faid HJlie gre ucuicu tu uukt ;p.cuj ;ium . ymjiuiw v uavz 1040. Eftate fettled in September next. - - WILUAM JONES. l i i ii i i 1 i ' , FOR Sale, a Tracl of LAND in Sfcx County, near tlw old Court.1 houfc, containing 350 Acres, Part of winch i ftrong enough to hnncr troad Tobacco, the other rart coou tor urain. and theii i& twn 9 O ' ... . TzL. . . . - ' - w i lAnidiiuixs. vu i vn nn.niniii . iv itug yys Sufi Peach Orchards. The Terms may be known by applying to - v fill) NICOLAS PARTRIDGE. V Williamsburg. 7y ig, 1777. : THE ;i ruftees ot jotin Kaxaoipo, &q - , - tne late Attorney General, being anxious to wind up bis Affairarequeft all Perfoni indebted for Goods bought at the Sale to make immediate Payment, the Bonds tiivincr hn due Tome Time. And fuehhf the C?redifir v already done fo, are requefted tb give in their Claiias withbxtt loft of Time, to JOHN BLAIR, or ; . t t MM ja STRAYED, or STOLEN, from Mrs. TbortotCt Pafture in Caroling ' County, the beginning rf june 1776, a fmalj BLACK MARE about 13 Hands and an Inch high, hanging Mane and Switch, Tail, a fraall Star in her Forehead, which is much funk, pacei flow, and rots jfaft, no Brand that I remember, very hard to catch and much addicted ' to dipping her Bridle. I have Reafon to believe fliehaa a Foal, as flie h id been to a Horfe. If (he has been advertifed, ray being out of the Colony has prevented my feeing it. I will give TWENTY SHlLLINds to any rcnonwiwwumcnvHUH vu..u. auiivw Mimjonw iai county. Or 10 llic ill iuiuuicjsxf auu 11 uwitu, 1111 wwiivivuun vi idc 1 UlCJ, TlVii POUNDS. : : - CARLES READE. - ANTED, at Runter'x Iron Works, the Falls of t - - w - r r - wmwm vivbi, 111 .nv iMniuiiinui 1 vi 1111011 tiuij. .ivyuiyu V J3jiiUU who underftands the File, alfo Anchor Smiths. Blackfmitbs. Naflenu ' Wire Drawers, Card Makers,' File Cutters, Sithe and Sword Cytjeri, to whom fuitable Encouragement will be given; where may' be had. for ready Money only, Bar Iron, Fullers Shears, Files, and a Variety ' f . .1 I . . - .L - T T i. J t - rr t f .. . . 01 vrocies maae in mc iron urancn, anu wncre 1 raaeimen Or every Kind, who incline to fettle, may.have Half Acre Lots of Landat a fmafr Ground Rent forever, and may be aflifted iii building, Provifions, and Materials, and the Produce of their LaWour taken in Payment for the fame. Apply to John Strodet Manager of faid Works. Negro Tradefmen in any of the above Branches, alfo Coopers,' would be preferred on Purchafe, for ready Money. . ; hnr M e. nv uixon cc i - iitmxkb.. T H E. ; - ': :'v:' and AUTHORITY w OFFICE OF trou . - T .1 . three jviontns. JOHH STEWART. F WlLLIAUSBURC, Jul II, 1777. OR SALE, a likely NEGRO GIRL about f 5 Years of Ace, ufed to ail Kinds 0 HouUUoId JBulineis, very neaitny, ana weu grown. JOHN. SH1PHARD. JUST ICE of PEACE EXPLAINED AND DIGESTED, - . Under proper TITLES . - " . TO WHICH AR'E ADDED, Full and correct PRECEDENTS of all Kinds of PROCESS neccflary to be ufed by Magiftratesj in which alfo the Duty of Sheriffs, and other public Officers, is properly difculTed. ' t. . ' ; By RICHARD STARKE, Efjmre.

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