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The Virginia Gazette from Williamsburg, Virginia • Page 6

Williamsburg, Virginia
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I MAiet(5iivtet cf tlie th ho werekujed that tne fliiwng a.e "goneitp the river, in' mwurmnjrY 'fujipofed fpr fome'et the if i ntleii, if alb fuel, ifc burnt; and thcircrfws taken, itaut 50 In all. Ourg3lHrt and other arimd ytfllls will foun be ready to meet them. A Rev. A Dukla Rjclor of Stratton lajor King nd Queeo'couiitv, and Chaplain to the rrgl. ment, to Mm.

Johawn aKowi, xt Glotifclter counryi an tmiabU JLadv, Iwatb an bwdfome 1 In CO U.N I Jub ao, 1776. nPJM.T the tro praters publiih in their refpeflive Mtefret rr m5 1 DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE, made by the Honourable the Continental Congress and Ui3t the flitriff of ach county jn.fthjs Cqinrnviiwealth pioclaim tlw 'fame arthe' door of hit thefirlt court dav after hejhallrave received the fame. ARCHIBALD BLAIR, C.X 41 N. B. Tbe Dularalkn tf'UdrfeuJUntt ma) It fan at jullUnyk in our gtkZeUe of tbtiothinjliVit.

Thofe Gentlemen wlio are emjWered by the pniffers of this ga aette to collet the dtbts due in the lmein the dirFrcnt ciunties arc ie quelled to make rctutnt at lvn as vho kiting becn applicd to, and dill remain UVurit, viy be Itiuck offihe li.V, and cie tlit given to fuch at have difchngcd ti.cif accounts. Vu.i.fAMSBun, y. 7, 1776, CTO LEN from the Pailufe Grounds adjoin irg this City, lalt Nip ht, abic HLO'QD BAY HORSE about 14 Hants vciy'iicut roade'bas lt ciw f. his I' yes, his l.ind Lt wMte a little Way up, r.rd very 'arid eJumlV frc ir haid YjI havirg oi ly one hve m.kik a rtKidar unneetlla y. 1 will a Hc of 10s.

to ui Ptrfin who win de liver him in tut fl.ou'd'i t'uktnAip at a con Uderjbie tv i'i Tikerip dnd cu being UW.uly tew Five Pt tmdt'fltfli' bs? id cf the TH f. wiu iAM ITT fin. 1 1 to kavc the Colony i 11 a (lion nw.v In my Abunce theAtlaii i 6j and "jrrr J'a will ho cor.duflti bv 7 iV; frj hui Cwu Ic KyiJKUT. MONlVoS.iii'RJE: fl A Am Ml I I i A A 6 li 1 I K. A I IV! Ei July, 17.

ExiraJtta letter from tne oftbeCovnai gf Safet 4 An AfOlllj, f. J'rituJpi thif low dated plf 1776. I LI C.Liu ilti. Mniiin.i iwn.i'ixl infrti rlt inn. Klf have thin received information, by rpHE CoacUof Safety moment 1 ocurtiV.

from Colonel Barnet. ot bt.Mw' county, 'that Lord Duuroore tad been compelled by the to remove from Gwyn liUnd, Thjt.on Jiatiuxlif morning he msuie hilppearanct otl Poi6t Lookdut, in the tiioutl) of'Fotownuck, wiilia fleu 01 55 Jail, including fquare tfggM That en Sunday, morning he had got a high the river at t. Gtorge't Jliand, in themoatu of St, f.laiy'i rivet, nt thatdie ((jU, Barnes) that, hit inuimon was to take rr pufieflton of that iiland That the militia ita St. MaryVwtre ail in mow iiLn, and that many of them hadtaktn ilations on. the titer fide; Wgivft him a proper reception if he attempted lapding oot main, Two feoart from the.

fleet with five perwnt on boarirXthrte white and two blacks) were either driveu on flic re by my Lord, or deferted, will the faallnoi on them I think the former it molt likely, becaufc the would bt glad tofprcid that horrid dileafe artrfuch at Thole people informed Col. Barnes, that our goodTricnd Governor Eden is in the Ueet, ThU ifland if a poor miicriWe place it it faldt it ib, Dud roore't iray there will not be lng, jtnd.where Je will nut pulh to it al together, uncertain pcrhapt up the I JAMS BUR GAfuly 27. rpKUUSDAVthcU'rtbMant theDECLARA HON of INDE J. iPENDENCE of the UNITED COLON lESas proclaimed here, arid received with applaufe, 'under a dtfclurgW cannon, fa iug fcf iHummatitint jo the evenink 'v I i it it reported that Lord DunmoiVt mifocanti, fince they werednvtn fttitti have received a fevere drubbing on thc Mainland 'r IboVe of Poto'wmack, where they landed in hone of procuring fomene ceflaneij bu were d'hpjHMiuid, airi forced away after lofmg enw DESERTED from on Board' the armed Scboorter Libert 'the ioth" Imlanr, fyin? i River, two Scarr.ei), viz. ALEXANDER DAWSON about i Tm' Inches nlH)Ut jo can ot well made, ttraistht Ihlr i bon in Britain JOHN WILLIAMS, Feet 6 or IaVS5 Aim made, hat remarkable light Hair, and born in AVoc Jf both bad or Chtcbnirts, fpotied Swsn Skin Jacket laced with rid aid Clicck Whaevcr fecufet them, cqntrivei theitioa Board fitd Schooner lying in RatfdbannKk River, (ball have tot.

RewaYdfrS each. (tf) RICHARD TAYLOr! 7 UfiU, stfublic Autlioxi furfuant t9 ibt tit ill ami Teamni J7 John Tinid Hickeiton, deitnfed, ai Bedford Cturtbcuft, MMohdwriJ ajf bcj)tembtr next, beui Cturt Dajt A TRACT of: LAND on Fdllitg Rim in ftid County, contaiS 1S48 Acrei, with a Plantation and ImprovemcnU thereafr. Twtb i lonth5 Ciedit will be gllowd.v thePurcaaiet giving Bond, with tnV proved Scriy, to (t)V EXECUTORY N. J. Mrt.

Martbalnmn clalma Dower in the aboreLand. Juty 15, 1776. i 0THAlfTOH County, yfct, HPHE Subferiber is in Want of lovv 'Tobacco, it fur the Fmtb Market, Flour, Retf ind 'Waitt''' Oik Hofffhcad Stafet, with a Propoitlon of Heading, fuitabkbr 'the 1 Hejf India Market, to be delivered at any good Landing in thlt of cwack Countiei, not to the Northward of Puottut, for whifh ready 1 Monty will be paid on Delivery. If the Tobacco and Flour are packed in Water Proof Cafki, an additional Price of will given onjhe Commodities, and for the CaflctacVrrtinf to tbtlr 0atitv TO RE SOLI): A VESSEL now on the 5fckt ztHanfton, ind may be finiihed infix Weekk. of the followincr Dimcnhoni.

tfi Beam, 10 Fet Hold, and 4 Feet between Decki built with thebeftof I Timber, and Plank Inches, If any perfon wants foch i Vrffel, they may be funhfr informed, by applying to thePrimeriicf thii0atttteA1 On reafinabte Ttrmil tr mat be (bartered it wfiorfi iujA fi A STRONG well built SCHOONER, little more than two Wirt old. a rood Sea'Bat. im (lilt wdL. Krtti Jo Ton, tr 4x50 BuflieltBuithen, wrll found forthe Sen, fomt rf htr principal Sailt being new. her Top Sail very little worn a roomv Cabin 1 "aj with two State Rooms genteelly papered, a large Steer ge, and nfty, it a finall Expence, be fitted opto cirryf with Ccnvenit nee, thirty Paficn gers.

For Tutos apply to (II) WILLIAM BLACK; N. B. The Subferiber has lately procured a MalUr Woikmin, wha undcrftandt moft of the Branchet of the WEAVING BUSINf SS, and vt ilJ fuon have four Looms fitted upt when he proDofes ikiBfl in ik, either plain or figured, in Cotton, Linen, or Woollen, at the uAiaJ Vrlcet. CHESTERFifcf Juy 17, 1776. ABLE SEAMEN WANTED for a new Fhiji lying ar EMntcn, h'urtb Carolina, It traotdinary Waget will be given.

Apj ly to Capt. Alexander Tkmfin on Bond, or to the Subfcrtbir at Mi'xer't. isinmuono, Julj iC. MICHAEL WALLACE, nT WANTED immrdir.ty'fimc abl 'M died Sea.bin, to whom tool Er.cou cement. 'M bt given by Col.

lulling Lam mgjr dfricljhr; jcbua S3 rj 'nwi Kidmond, and Mr. Jury in Wu (s) iL Erficm Shore, cf rhph.h. for any of he Officers or ire lodtje thcnr.itMr. luraiet, orjuw 1.

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