The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1931
Page 6
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I.M.X.) c:oui;ii-:it Love Sets? Gosli, No; tii- '-flcn and Richards Mate Each Other. vV..^<i^V'*£"?,; ."• -,.--;' v; ^f\ ';\ :fr& ^^^.'' ;:**- /^ff" \ " 4 ••• I ''••' l%&& vte'J;- ?'^ P' }•'''( •: •• '^''.'".'. : 1 : ^ ; ^Sx® 'S'' w ^y^^&i^- :i-.-:'.o;is nften shapv ui.'ii. e.v . l-'ir liisl.uiro. Did: lii I h.i=i'm:iH Con. l' .'.^veral years .1 ::>... rttivactfil by tlu <, ::nl':i's f!"!!lin: anil , Mark p.iM SSiiM for him, but wouW h:iv p-i!d j:r>.CCO hart it Connie :incin ..-,1 traii:-p ;r1ali:in for llick •tt\:\ in:.'nifiid i'ini !o get o(T tti- tsi'.ln al N'tirth I'blily mid lo slub. 1 TJI': . . . linrru.-i .-iifii:.r:l his in- iriirlluns ailrl . :-i nlnn. ,:i'Hiiii; (o Ihe pink :u:-i into ]-\< ivv niiifniin !:^ ;:L-i-)ii!i ;:.inif til a iloiiblc h. 1 Inln :l\i* dugout from the r:-O!::. a ii!:iyer cii'C- i." bi«r: ;:llvr liitlill:,- a n:;i . . "Wlial a hil UnL \v.i.i! \'. r iv> v.j.s ih,': baiter?" tt'i-rii Dirj-.'s II; 1 -;! wnrdf . . . . "Thai Ha-; (io.V';!' Hiirns, I'.ir fellow you air lu MUTrel" sal'.l a2i;l nniru.-: 1 face drop- tiniul. This tan IK' re:ifc:nt'<l easil j St. Loilli i New York : (Jhk-:ir ; ;> . .. ; Hoston : Plltfclilirgll i Philadelphia Brooklyn .. Ciliclnna? i i K'JEK HAWS WCK CV'EfJ HIS LfcTf SliCULDER AT T.!£ FINISH. p?(l. To Ibis il.iv Mid; l:olicver that liist iniprr.-.sinn lit-!:^t Bnr- nis. GAMES TODAY TUESDAY. MAY 5, 1931 RIUJSIIIW; UP SPORTS S MIOLF iiv CL.MIII; NKA Service S|wrls Wrilcr NEW YORK, May C.—-Onnr! j Tilden is n big $*^.^ 4 lbsx," Kiy.< i Vincynt ntclnrds, world profi-s- j sional tennis clmmpion "Huhl Well, Hlcharcls than a $":;&'Ibx. And more. Grrrrr!" answers Tilrtcn. Tik. Tsk.Tsk! Isn't il loo bad? IxDnt? Willhni Tilden and Inbyf.iciM Vincent Richards are MntMn etirh ptlicr wilh such a bitter tialrril. And rlpbt If foro they 'slnrl lo play. rnrh other, too. Tsk. isk, t;k! Fnr S10.0CO they will play a ser-1 ies cf four mutches for th" woi'til's- professional (j-nnis chamnlonshln, j sUrllnK May 9. Aclnal '•--'" ' will onen In New York's Madison! !5f|Uare Garden. The rcmainlm:: matches nre lo b? disliibnled( equallv lo Hoston. Phlhdclnhta and Chicano. provlilincr the embittered combatants lire not com- plr-vlv annlhilntcd skirmish. in Vinrent Is In n Irrr-ible mmc He hates, both Tilden and Monsieur Jacnccs Curley, promoter the mrdt'hcs.- hecnnse M. Curley i bu bllVd tall William as professional} . champion en the tall one's recent triur. His rrrrraee is so tcirrri'-lblc thnt he deliberately mid let-three large ink drops splatter on n recent Idler In which eniinieraietrhls wees to Cmlcv. But fif. Curley, Ico, can rl',? up v.'itli all the vi?<ir nnd fury of his flery-snirilcd ancestors. His retaliation by early return mail declar- • cd lhat the mibllc. by savins it with rlollais nl the linx office, had elected Tilden champion on his rcc'nt tour. Furthermore, he was carclnl to enclcse one penerons cream-of-tomato slnln. Oh, it's awful Naturally It was found that Til- dcn must nlso have a raitc, sa fortbwilh he recalled thnt In Richard's last amateur year. Richards dpfcat.v! him in three of four championships. Ha! Hi? r.ill is not on? to forget insults. Tint it was not ever thus. Ah. no! There was a time when 'ril<le:i used lo take his own parr.e apart just to show Richards how it worked. He InMrnrlcd Ih," youth and p!i\vrd with him. Aiui then when Richards administered the first bcntirn to hts teacher back In ' 1921. Tilden graciously went to the newspapers with this complinvnt: "Vincent Richards Is one of the "most dangerous players in the world, lie has absolutely 'arrived 1 and I expect him lo be n factor in every niajor championship cf the future.'' At the sair.-? time, Richards mad" statements to the effect that "all that I am or ever hope lo be I owe to my dear teacher" Even as late as last summer. Til&n practiced wilh Richards as the latter prepared for his series with Ksrcl Kozcluh for the world's pro title. And il w« only a few short months ago when His Ril! turned professional and signed to meet Kor^hih in a scries thnt Richards Mcpsd forward to show I & U'.e >ijj!il Mam! and then v. i:h lefl. Note how much faster Ihe clubhead travels at the lowest arc of Ih; right hand swing. It is true the riyht hnnd Is kepi on cf control until the proper Mil- Itnj roglon is reached. It is Uicn | llir.l the lefl hand relinquishes' r;.mmand and Iho rinht hand takes control,, whipjiins Ihe clubhead; through -nnd nlonp the lino of, fli'jMt. T repeat lhat the golf .swliv; j is a one-handed forehand bltw j and is used hv such stars as Uobby i Jor--s, Ab; Mitchell. Clarenre. a:c exceptionally lon^ Milters i Rut nnc! Vols Arc Monclav. Meld til" Poilll'Oi Til lie Prrk ham f^'iics Bi">rs id'c. name w-i'; nlnved in n lea^ire v.^=;1iirdiv with dn^ M'I^ New OrVans- and Atinnln Binnhi':- and Ihe Chicks ami vnio Vols dr-fcalod Ihe ! 7 to -1- The TOMH11ROW: til? ball off Ibp U'f( nff the rifbt fool? Shonltl nllp ten lir-i'l ,ir nn>rr ! Tilden all he Czech's game. Iniev; about the iunim ral'v Hint nccc-nntcd lor (!'••> r"n«. The ) rokouts noillldeil onl 12 Mils and tlin Vo!s n. Mil- -t.-nil went fhr ro'itr for the Vnls j bi:l th" lookouts n=cd Ihrre liurl- ; r^vs. I nl/k'- hit n hnnvr for f'hat- i Hno"' I a. Carter, Yol left fielder, i ':ft three Mils. \VTio will win? Well, M. .Incquos Cnrlcy is my choice. But if you mean the professional championship, probably Tild;n. lie 1 Invents better grudges than Richards. Archery Association Selects National Mascol Sd , 00 , Par>er Wm Firfit Prize in World Contest s Fail to Bu ? t Wash- j [nix; Marks Los?, -lavn Fidel Day. n Wil-shin'.'ton Peii-itnr.s 1'iiin- mimd on (hi> fir: t l:l:ico In- ]!:nr. In the American circuit yc-s- 'J'3:e lU-d llirds. Kalinm! (V.^iif mce seK^rs. were idle wliil^ Cirbs aii'l nr"ivos wr]i. i n' Rr.jnlnrs hen I the NVw Yoil: res. 7 to .1 al NVw Yo:k. Sum ; hiirlrd for Washincloii and na'i he allow"! 11 hie; kc^i jiC-Ur-rrol loiter linn the <•:• I'lii-lc-:; did the N:.|s' nil).? i-:;. Riitli hru-k In Ihe Yan- lino-im p'nvr'i nl first base ("iclirlit shirii'd in Hie oiit- Cr.''inra vvup UJL- IOMIII; Inirl- n!i"- iliv-vned.llio Clr-vo- is nl St. T.ouir, in n hi:i-lin- line]. :i In 1. Stewart 'was I hi' winner -.inr! llndliii the lo:cr in tin 1 tiicniid iialtie. Oosliu ciashrd ]in::iir fur the Brownies and thcv wcm "ilh onlv flvi- bll.s. Ciuillli' Mm-k's Alhb'lii-s Insl to "• Huston P.r.;l Sox il Philadcl- rihia. Tbr- sccr» was n to a. Wilcv MfK-ri- stniiiml a Mnck rollv ill till' <-i-. IH O vision M':l credil for tin; j win. Slior.-s was the lose' 1 , TJotliro'1: :n'd Pieknrlnc: of the Sox' pn'ilrd (h n home rnn act. j Timers Take Sox ! foil- \Vlliti 1 Sox erenrs nud '• liils to advantage. the DC- | Ti-jc-s b'al (lie Chlca-oj e- Sn\ at Dolroit, 0 lo :i. Ttir runs in t'r.* 1 second sviliu; to the PIUIR on ice. lloyt was the Kiin::iif: hurler. The Chic-i^o Cubs Ind n field dav a! (he -vwnr' " f Ih" C'ir.'-in-1 ni'.'.i Reds 1. Wlton a:id Hell c-.: -rd homt-i- anrl thr^ Cubs cot. hirs in all wilh UOMI^V; f;ct- : in'/ Ilirec- bin-lies T.Ia'nne had an ca'y lime willi thn R?d lens. Car-i roll was tin; losius lnn-!or. Ti:c NYw York CU.-yils \vcjn over ills- lironklyn Diidi;r-r.> 0 tn 3 behind !he sicady liurHiiL,' of the. veinun C'armce Niitc'irl. The Ro'min »ot r.K hits nff Mili-hell wiiiV- Athifn Lil<!;in in his first start of the y^son [11 Bronblyn v:ns credited wilh Ihe 3o::s. The- Phillies were lijiiited (o Ihne liils by Ed limiidt. Bo-.lon Hr.ivrr, r-onthpaw. and losl -1 to 3. Whitney of the Phils hit a honir-r. Tl"- Phillies n:?d [hive pitchers in an effort to <ubdue (he llraves. - j YS .-'"'-I I fa.f] \ i^ F/^^Hj t^'-^'iW-M?' I ;_^.^_^_ K'' i\AW 4 ^--' >—^ —-i-^:Aiiff A ^^^ : , .-, <to-^j.l-i/" / \ '1 ^ } S W-V15, OM TZ> -A S'-lALL a-.V-ECE •n iii lavur i:f r-!:i:il:]i" i.s ab.iul land, says B'.iz/, Ailrn. cr.u-k 1'hii- lo 1. Vcnr co-r ]::)iKicnt is on :ics ouifirlrirr obtiii:erl from C):i-:the jihnrl c:id o: H"! er.e. Schmel- ' I-'-"'-, will hit GO home runs o! will win. oil. ir:tainly! major ie:r;uc pitcl'.:-!i:'. tin "A:«l if tiie o!l-?r club., kid i'.ui iiL-'ll hit 70. Icr Ui::a Uiiivcs, c r | Siiiilhi-iii Allanla n( Biimingham Cliattanoota al Nashville, lillllo nnri: al N'ew Orleans. Only rjames scheduled. Aniorlean League Chicago at Detroit. Cleveland lit St. T.onls. l!cwtp:i nt Philndclphia. Washington al New York. President Fillmore's Birthplace Located /DBUEN, New York, (UP)—The C :yttga County Historical Socicly recently announced It had located the birthplace of Millard Fillmore. thirteenth president of the Uuiicd States. The sit« of the birthplace, in tlic touti of Summerhin, nol far Irom Fillmore Glen, has been . rccns- niz«l by Marquis de Lafayeltc French. 83. of Anlwerp. N. Y.. the anTinuncemrnt r.aid. French, according lo the societv sald the cabin In which Fillmore was born was razed for firewood when he was a boy. French recognized the locality by .trers and the geology of the land, the society datmed. French said he played in neighborhood in his youth. BUFFALO. New York. tUi'l — A five-ycar-o!c! lluffalo elrl lus brrMi selected naiir!;uil niascut for Ihe Junior Cross Cow Association, which exprcls lo hnld its! archery Iciirnamenl in Chicago next Ausnst. Th; mascot's real nm-ie . wnr ke;>' secret by I!IP nrsaria'ion. Iv.n she v:as name:] oiTicialiy as ''nrn-f Ri.biii Hoed." D/nisc. i: was cx- (.•Inlni-cl. was l-.or owr. first r.air.c. Little Mus Robin Hood originally was chorfn mascot fo- Erie ar.d Niagara coi:nticr, was ?c- icrtjd from amon; cl'u-r ftcticinal tnasco's a.s national choice. Philadelphia al Boston Xcw York at Boston. CiiK-innalt at Clncago. Only Dairies sch^dnlctl. I irr Historic I'nik SEATTLE. Washinglcn. (UP)—An amu>cnu;nt resorl that wa.s jxipular back in Ihe days when women wor:' Ion 1 - 1 , skirted swimming cut- lit', was finally destroyed when fire I swept (hioni;h the natr.'.orimn at Luna Park, on Ellio'.l Bay. Tiie inciocr swImminG: jxial. in which v-arnu-d sea watev was used, wnsjjij^' I'cnnoek's rrrdtrlinn Down In SI. P?lcr.-biir0 yiinrkry l'ii;ks Him Jack ShaiVi-v l:a; cc-ne on record a-, tiiinklii". that S'li:neling willj ~~~ StiibliiLT r nd<-:: i ':-:dly afto! 1 10 1 round-; r."d '.Jiii 1 Maxie will w : ?ar j (he Gcorna liny down. ... ( Joe Picks Himself J Joa Jacobs is nickln? himself to; win a bit in tl'.f .Sf]imflin^-S!rib- li:ig thl:i!?. Hr says tiie irate will FO lo SI il-i.o-'ift a:id dcesn't even ssnile wJien 1:^ STVS it. .Ice ti r- ii'-es tin' (hi- fonth will s-.-iicl la.- CO) i.-rn.ili-: CIlAi.'lana ilS'-'ll will I fuinish 30.C30 playinj sapper,:! Olii'i -.(ill b.^ rcpie-pented by 10,000 luMiliniv!: Micliii'an and Cnnada '.vill ?li'-r.t a!o;l^ I5.COD: Pittsburgh, PJiilaileiuliia ar.d ether Pennsylvania cities will kick in with 10.010 j paid, ami Ciiicnjo. New York nnd I ct' cities will tike 20.000 Fiib- jfcriplions. That ri'inl.s 100,030. I Ki-nrly thnt in.iny sa\v a ball I I t':.inp in Yankee stadium the I RITZ MATER Tno.sday, Wi'tlncsday and Thursilav HOME THEATRE Tiii\s(lnv-Wc(!ni:s(liiy Tliursduy tile Insl building left ill I In- old park. mi the sile for me." And just look nt Hint Pennock go! As I n':uembpr pail of his discourse, he said: "Tiie ivnv ball is uoiilT tn Ix? grcal Icr curves. And yon ore goinj to see soni. 1 - pitchers' battles." That came to mind the other day when Fen-ell pitched Mis no^ liil cam? in Cleveland. It came lo hiiinil when the Ghr.ts won a bail j E,.ime on a .squeeze piay. It re- lo r.icir.ciry when Peck i ?nl great hitter, Johnny HcKlapp. game for a back. The antics ol • ja couple of leatlUT-piiFhmg bums; |n;.! lilU'e to wa'rh. Jncrjbs' fi:;-! tiiTs IIMV not be .T; v.-ot as theyi 1':-k. IKI! rhe fnct remains that' :ai!io?ils still charge, a aood seat nt a fi^ht is ex|':'nr;ve anil bi:cks laieii'l in se.ifon, it seems. jOWli....^ il ^ ^ ® rf ' } k • - *-.'•> i \/.Y>..'*~\ & '-'^l/V\ -: •~:--.* i ! 'A 7/1 t; I'.nosT FOR nr.'/.y, | j Hi'.ik McDnnald. ynun*; A'SJ j pitcher who came up from Port-1 Tliry niatir "bad liold bamlitr;" cut cf uay rity >licl-:- rrs. nvcrrii:j!it LI CBFTlU.lN. Kalis.. (Uri — Tbf lii'i-atur Dictator, .schcol nap^r pt tl-c nccatur Communily iilah: «rhrnl. Mns Ix-r-n nwnrdcd flrM ntace i LKKON' UISTIIICT NO. 3S in its class In the Ifttl rnntes: fn v ! For the school year !0:il-3a. Ihe bi^h srhoo!s (MrniiuMiiii'l Ihr world.; followiii" money will be nert!i-d for \vl-.u-h was condixtid by C(i:-.imbia' schrol pnrpr.'= 1 "-.: Univi-r.^iiv of New York. (M:iiroi S J.'.V, MM-" 1 than !WO pauprs—fro-n cv-' Op:r.itin:i liM."0 cry stnl.-? in the Union nn:l from' Anx!;i.-.ry Asou-ics 2."iM forcien coun'.ries as Persia. China, ! Inslnictlnn 2.^'niAi Albania, Jaiian and the Irrri'o'irs (ir.oi --were enlc-rcd in the annual con-: Kixrd Cliar:;cs rn.n.1 to.*!. ' Debt Heivifo :nori . f',o!d nii'da's will be awardci! to. If ih.' iibnvi- money is seci::rd .1 i!li to the jilate with orders bunt with the- score tied in the !'th and a man on first and no mils elurini; a recent fame. IVn- iipck's ivnrrts Cairo back whe-n Freddie Fitzsiininons he.ivcd a tivo- liit contest acaiiiKl the well kimwn Elra\'es -''laxie in This Corner Willie ElriWins !.; the choice ol r--:orts writers til.' country over to «in trail Max Schmi>lin;,'. ac:-i>rd- mr; lo a I'olico Ga/clte poll. The i C! 'j,,. with JACK OAKIW Slu:-rt. Krwili £% V/VJa'--> <&4ufri m^e Coniiiij;—"13AU SISTKK". I HOR h:.;—"SHII'MATEKS". that French General to Get Picture of Yankee Band BOSTON. (UP)— A representative of the Yankee Division band of Post 290, American Lesion, Boston, has gone lo Paris to present a picture of the band to General Henri Gouraud, tho famed French warrior under whom the members served overseas during the World War. The picture Is inscribed. 'To General Gouroud from bis boys of the Yanko.s Division Post 250 of Hie American Legion. Bcstou Massachusetts." As part of their rcinilar equipment, members of this band wear French war helmets" of horizon blue (is a Iributo lo the soldiers of •France. 75 Schools Asked to Enter Field Meet at Pilihvaukee MILWAUKEE. WK. (UP)—iVv- enty-fhe middle western sclu-oN 'lave been invit.-d la take part in til 1 Central I;itcrrn!]o-:ia'e tiari; end p.ckl mi-.-t lo be lirld in Ihe ^ ^ l-..^n!•tlc University stadium Mav 'I ' Prc'.iniinary events and finals rf Ihe rlircii:-. and aiclin will be be'.d the aftt-imiun. hut tho major lcf's are «cl odulcd to be run off -iiiulcr the fkrdiichts at nislit. Ainonj the schools expectrd lo compete are Notre VJatr.e. Mirhi- i:an Eullrr. Micliican Nnr- f.'al. Loyola. Univei.-ity of Dotrn:!. sial.? colleges and reprercnt-.i'.ivc." of conferences other than the Die Ten. Tne meet was originally scheduled for Notre Daim- univcr-Hv but was (ran-.ferrcd to Milwaukr Central Tntercnllenir.l-' i:iil.-or was held nt N"(i!re the past winter with (he li:>.h cr.i- crQing as Victors^ winning papers. NOTH:K Notice is her-by given lhat II',! 1 niMleifi::nrd has applied fur •-.- rriu-c certificate for tho nper.i- iicn of motor vehicles f:'i- t'.-.i- orrvin'T cf pasrcn^rrs niid't- ;!;•• • rovisiiins of Act No. D3 of IV icts of IP.17. as amended bv A-.-, .'o. C? ef lOm. ovC'.' (ho f'-l'ouin : niblic hip.hwnys of this statt-: Over Hli-1-.v.-ay No. 18 fmn BnrfieM. lo niythcvillc and ic- Inrn. Casr No. M4. Thr. n;ipl:r."lion will b: 1 h-.'.in! bi !•• (:-,i:.'.:>: s!on nt 51:30 A. M.. on Ihe I 1 .':' day of May. IM1. In Hie o!l:.v cf (hr; Arkansas Hal'.road C.i:n :nl:?irn. N'c-.v Stale Capital lv.:,:c; n^, Litlb Heck. Aikati: : a>. E. G. SIMK.-. Itt null lax inns! be vo!cd. II AMP Al'RTIN President of i:- i W. C. STONI-T. Secretary of Kn.i R»»rt Courier Nnws »rls. AtiroilTaii: t'rtrrl tn Si-t 1 PHOENIX, Arizona. it'Pt — Ar "Arizona" vaca;:cn fcr Aii/r.nians 1 campaign is under w.iv. Cl-ambrr-v cf Comjr.crcc and Ihe s!al^ au'o moblie associa!ic.n arc urAlUB res! f c'nls to visit other serliravi o! thcii ttato instcaii of coiiia elsewhere IVAHXtNTi OHDKU F I.. Plitman nnd r.lnnio A. P::I nv::i au 1 warned to appear In :;.! Cli.t:u-c;y Court for tlie CiiicV.. .'.mbn District of Mississippi (•,-•:• •v, Arkansas, within thirty answer the cotnplaini '.-' a-ai:'.*t lhen\ by Mary ^!. A-;i : l\m^ and W. E. Tucker, a-; T:,, • - W::n»ss my hand and llu 1 >-:.: .^ i-.'.id court on this' i-l'.h C, i-,- , April. 1931. n. L. GA1NKR. ri.-r'::. 'liy Harvey Morri . D. ( lieid. En-ard S: Hrnder>^:i. Attorneys fcr Plainlifls Planting Seed For Sale Mis-Del No. 2. fr ?.-,fl.lM| .„.,. ( On Dclfos <)U, (fii S|r,.nn ,„., ;„„ ' Reed pjininlc i! pin-,. .-,,,,1 v'l'vmiiif.lion Tins Mis-IVl i.< .,;.,- yn,,- ( mH brcodii Sliiplc 1 1-8 inch, liui,:.; j: si .n'. -i-hc mn. lost s;itis:'a.- Pricos F. (). 11. (ii -i,l,-r. tiny rotlon 1 li:i\\ Maj. F. P. Jacobs ••r. Ark.

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