The New York Age from New York, New York on November 14, 1953 · Page 7
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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 7

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1953
Page 7
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ABOUT 'HUMILITY' Julius Adams' obienratka that the God - frey - Larou debacle "may be the biggest publicity stunt la history" finds little agreement la this corner. Gristed that Godfrey and CBS employ tome of the top public relations ea la the country to minimise offenses to the public, the "Ole redhead" has aever beea one to conform, hence the tren ble. We doubt seriously whether Godfrey will be greatly affected by the moonlaia of resentment, but records like the ew release, Humility," which lambaste him, won't make Arthur's disposition say sweeter. We note with grea,t Interest feV low scribbler Jimmy Hicks piece on Americsn - bora Kathleen Stanford, currently the prtmiere dan - seuso of the American Ballet company in London. With some derision, Jimmy noted the enthusiastic response afforded the "Redheaded Negress" by London eritic A. Tanfleld, and expressed the hope that Kathleen and her press agent would not Mow the patr tern set by others "and return to this country and tell us that the was "widely acclaimed' by the London presa. r. ui Kathleen (Rusty) first u no "One day wonder, WHAT ABOUT US? - Show - business (the Msg) wports that there ia a "Juicy $MM talent plum" waiting tor "" who want to bo booked aboard f n avmre entertaas - i,CO( - ta and producers aave snow - ed reluctance to emptey Negro ea - thu lobs. Sure, pt - (.i. TnaiUa recently taaae a tokea appearance aboard the American ia her return mm rope, but that's far ii - . .... Mrfnrmen "At Luerrr to grt i toncVwith chief booker Nat Abramsoa at 144f B'way be fore the "Plum' is all goae. wi thu sals eneaged in their favorite pastime (gossip) in the back room, fellow record fiend Major Robinson and your Columnist put some real old ones on - the tnmtahi at his Riverside Dr home last week. We began remin - nvr me bands and en tain ha were at the top of the hr 10 veara ago. StiU going ., i, Nt "Kine'' Cole, dis covered by Capitol records while he wss plsying at the Club JM in t i.mIh rl in 1943. Nat a bus iwftM - . ... . fh - st Capitol disk, "Straighten Up and Fly Right," loomed mm u sUrdom. How many of the entertainers can yon name were at the top of the bean a decade qgo? Pianist Meade Lux Lewis and Milt Buckner trio are featured on "Music far Moderns" Friday night over NBC Radio. Louia Jordan, James Moody and their aggrega - tinm will he featured on "Stars in Jan" over the same network on Thursday and Saturday Nov. 12 and 14. . .Versatilf real estater - musician L Huddleston of 123 W. iwth t . ia rehearsing a small hand t tour the South and Europe T - n. . vitt in TTnllTWOod blUi . - preparing for her movie debut In the Three - D version of "New Faces." Dig her RCA - Vlctor recording of "Santa Baby NOBLE SISSLE WRITES: "Be - rnu f the naay tnqulries of organizations and members of the Negre actors guild asking oar eoa - nectioa .with .the .Coordinating Council for Negre performers, U k BMiiarv that I snake clear the stand of the MAG. We are welfare organisation only, and a member of Theatre authority. We have no connection whatever with the operating of the CCNP." This department would like to clear p the confusion further by citing the fact that the Council was brought into existence ia July, 1951, follow - ing appeals front the public to the NAG for a study of problem ia the entertainment field. Both of these groups are doing commen dable work, and should be supported. ' Wanna go to Europe? Mervyn Nelson, who had fair success with his "Jaa Train" on B'way two years ago (which boosted new comers Leslie Scott, the Fontane Brothers and Rose Hardaway) is scheduling a production for over seas. Hell audition actors, sing ers and dancers for the All - gro dus very soor CaQ Case Franklin at the Lou - Walters of fice (CO 5 - 1056) for appoint - mertts. , .Nobody could possibly be trior enthused over the suc - cestl of Off B'way - theatre than truly. The Penthouse Dance n r JdlS Wy.ltmmi (SoiwdMurrttn! 'WMM. and Drama tneatre (421 W. 143th it) brings its 'entry "Death Takei A Holiday" here Sunday evening, Not. U. For seven years the penthouse group has been struggling to bring "Little Theatre" to the community. We wish the utmost success to Edward Christopher, Trixie Weaver. Rita Woods, Alice Craw - ford, Herman Robinson, Leroy Adoipne, Miriam Joseph, Louise reiton, Henson Styles, Audrey Hams, Jay Hardyway, Rosalie Andrades, W. F. Woodered, Kelvin Gaines, Esther Timberlake, Valerie De Haney, LoretU Moore, director Jay Hugo Forde, set designer Charles Carter, and execu tive cc - ordiaator Sheldon B. Hos - Uns in their newest effrot . .We hope that other local groups will toon get productions underway. ' The ghost walks Your rcponcr was acisiaie uiii dressing rooms of Stamp a i Stamp? the last night of their appearance at the B'way Faramoiat theatre, with the Duke Ellington fenestra. The nlgBt was signin cant, not ear for the perennial acuca which accompany the "Bi rring" of a shew, but because this wis the last Negre stage package1 w piay ue theatre before the end ,. thm "Babv" of the famous zan - :af lh. mimg. .( ,m. n over country, entertainers are ia a bad way. My mother told ate to study law," he added fat a grim offside. The Publicists guild holds its third annual Press party at the Hotel Astor on Friday evening, Nor. 13 (my lucky day). . .Agnes Moorehead returns to CBS Radio's Suspense" for her second visit since, ueueve mc, 1 wooinage in - me wrecx oi tne Maid of Athens" Monday, Nov. 30 . . .Then NY Transit Police Department's Cerberean society hold its Inaugural Luncheon at the Ho tel New Yorker on Wednesday, Not. IS. . JOth Century Fox's "How to Mam a Millionaire" (at Loew'a State) ia worth the price of admission alone for the full symphonic treatment of "Street Scene" which serves as a "Curtain raiser" for the studio's second cinemascope production. f new dimensions to your pleasure The height of enjoyment awaits yon when you order a drink made with 7 Crown! The width of the tmik on your face as yon taste it will be sure evidence of its delightf ul smoothness! , , The depth of satisfaction yoa feel will come from knowing you re jrinking America's seet... AmericaS favorite whiskey! Evbmte lira 1 1 Mil B 30 - Yr. Glimb (51 iiiTiiii.iniininiiia nil ' i ii i y - i in... u : . 'y T ' t ' k " t If - " ' 1 ' . iiZy 1 1 v , , ; : : V - r - t : : 1 : 1 i. i ' 'A - t 'A1' i Ar ' ( - a u f ; ' . - ; S ' :j ' - 1, .,, ' TOU DECIDE - "Besuty is only skia deep," the poets declaim, but Judges of beauty la local, national and international contests have shown a marked preference for sleek Nordic beauties over ladies of color with equal dimensions and qualifications. Above, in similar poses, are two outstanding examples of attractive Americaa - bred fe Loes Toivles Set Coir ivGrisville . Internationally - known Lois Tow - a for a recital at the Coliseum in Evansville, Ind., Nov. 20 under the sponsorship of the Lincoln School. This marks Miss Towles' imtal 'GET OUT THAT BED' - GIoria Howard, better known as shake dancer La Bootmie, teas bebop singer Vabs Gonxales to practice what he preaches, namely his latest soar, ''Get Out That Bed and Get That Bread, which he Just recorded for Savoy records. On the fli side of the disc Bab sings bebop ta Swedish, French and Spanish. males. Who would be your choice la a hands down battle for "queen of the entertainment world. See "Front and Center" opposit 'for further details. As if yon didn't know already, the expressive lady at left is musical comedy record star Earths Kitt. At right la lovely Academy award winner Gloria Grahame. - appearance in this country since the tour, and breaks a "Gentle - f ftVikirt lift of I H .? . pu,ra: i triumphant puno concert tour men s agreement ' wmco nereio - &1KS2: ? iZJSA Europe, ha. been booked'fore barredNegro enainer, booUags tightening all the tour agreement" which hereto - school to learn ballet, and spent hours studying away from her J. The Zanzibar dosed, and while her friends were frantically looking for Jobs, Rusty was snatched up to appear in "FinUn'i Rainbow" and other productions. She accompanied dancer Archie savage overseai a few years back, j v.. mv out on her own to delight European audiences y"jof the season to star as Emily from the Coliseum in Indiana ANOTHER 'FIRST The Texarkana, Ark. lass, sister of famed fashion model Dorothea Towles, made another "First" when she was porsnally invited to entertain aboard the returning luxury liner, the U. S. The former Fisk university mus ic professor a nd Julliard graduate was the first Negro "Single" to perform aboard the liner. A guest of the American Consul in Spain, Miss Towles' success in that country has led promoters to sign her for another tour next spring. Juilliard Airs British Music Of Two Queehi A festival of British music spanning the three and a half of English instrumental and choral musie between the two Queen Elizabeths, win be presented this December by the Juilliard School of Musie. Representing one of the most ambitious nubile projects of its kind ever undertaken by the 49 - year - old school, the Festival win consist of fiv e concerts scheduled for the first two weeks of Decem ber in the Juilliard Concert and Recital halls on Qaremont ave. TWO NEW WORKS. Altogether, the series will com vs. I. Climaxed By Composer - Nobody, but nobody laughs any more when Frank Fields sits down to play the piano!!' "They used to tell me that "Long Hair" and light classic composition? were strictly for the birds," Frank Mused, "but I never stopped plugging. By actual count, frank Fields has been "plugging" 30 of his 44 years, but he has finally found the bucket at the end of the rainbow. This came in the form of the acclaim which followed the winning of both the Edinburgh and Venice International Film festival awards by the short "Abstract in Concrete," with a Frank Fields' score. His exciting "Neighborhood Sketches," which included "Noc - turne," "Harlem Fantasy,' and "Crime on the Waterfront,' has led some musical observers to compare these efforts with the musical folk lore of the late George Gershwin. Quite a compliment indeed. Apparently Frank is one not easily discouraged. He wrote the three Highly - regarded film suites back prise a representative selection of. reserved for patrons and aubscrib - Fjejdf would meet John Arvonio. Sute Seagrsn's 7 Crown. Blended Whiskey. 88J Proof. 65 Grain Neutral Spirits. Seapam - Oistillers Corp., 11 Y. J hero. NEW YORK AGE 7 Sat.. Nov. 14, 1953 . 'p ... ' !.' kA T I) y - COMPOSER CONCENTRATES Completely last in his surround, ings, Frank Fields delights an Impromtu audience with two solid hoasr of his own piano compositions during recent visit to the Age Defender offices. (Lewis photo) 'BLOWING WILD' Popular Bar ara Stanwyck is co - starred with Gsry Cooper, Ruth Roman and Anthony Quins In "Blowing Wild," currently fea tared on the screens of the RKO Regent, Aflumbra, Hamilton and Franklin theatres. Frtmkle Lame sinn the Ue song ia the exciting film. On the same but is "The An - Americaa," star nag Toay Curtis as a football sentation of an early 17th century Masque, and the first American performance of two modern orchestral works. Following the pattern set by such past Juilliard undertakings as the Hindemith and Bloch festivals and the Festival of French music, this, year' British festival CM T$r fartUt, Buquttt VtiJint AW Occident Silver Mountain Ice Cream Company us lStk MTU M. IMS Mailt FEDEUVER 5. s - nti wm lit 7 BIRTH OF A MELODY Charmed by aa anasual chord sounded on the piano while meandering for an appreciatinve audience, Frank Fields immed in 1931. under the title Times Square Silhouette," and, like many other composers (especially the "Longhair' tribe), wore out his soles visiting publishers, agents and orchestra conductors. , . . Undismayed by the rebuffs, Frank continued to write light concert works, and was rewarded when an original symphonic suite won the 1939 world's Fair prize as the best effort by an American composer. Came the war (World War H) and Frank found himself busily at will draw upon most of the re - work turning out military marches sources of the school, indudina thei for his Army band, and later a Juilliard orchestra. Opera Theatre, string quartet and Dance department ADMISSION FREE The festival concerts will be open to the public without charge, with a certain number of tickets British mo&le from Tudor Masses era to the school's regular fee con - inrlnrfinB the nroductton of com - cert series. Written requests for plete Restoration Opera, the pre - remaining seats will be honored as far as possioie. ONI OP YMf iST M,VS 1M1 - S3 Burtu Mntl 8rin "8om brlllimnt etlnt it thoveutd in thii production." Lotten Mitrhell: A - Defender Ptrft. niMy ml. Sun. (xc Mn. & PrM : The BroulTi; Hit Ton UIAKT to Sm THI IMPHOR'S CLOTHIS" Br Owrt Ttbort RSSNWICH NSWS TMUTRt 141 W,l 13th St. Tor lUttrTiUou phoM TR - ttl sere for a musical comeay, motion picture, a modern symphony, incidental ballet music and scores of lesser melodies and "FiD ins." SAME VIEWS v It was almost inevitable that With his trusty motion picture camera, Jnhn hid snent years reading the anger, fear, happiness l and loneliness, which dotted the face of the teeming city. Frank j had spent years adding to and ira - : proving upon the music he had , heard in this same city, the music j he called "Times Square Sifoou - ! ette." ! One night at a party, Frank was fortunate to see a screening of Arvonio's film, "Abstract in Concrete." As the composer explained "It was almost as if I had written my music with John's film before me." He sought the phot - grapher out, and they made appointments to screen the film again, with a tape recording of Field's music as background. The rest is film history. So wen integrated and related were Arvonio's impressions of the city and Fields exciting score that "Abstract in Concrete" won the highly - regarded Film Festival awards hands down, the first for a Negro composer. "ActuaDy this seems to be the beginning," Frank grinned ruefully. "My success has led other film producers' to my door, in search of The Modern composer.' . Funny isnt it? I thought that music was modern 23 years ago.". . Murrain. lHIIIIli in OWANORAM1C SCREEN THE BOISTEROUS STORY OP OUR OWS nfs7n'17 wruum DOH OTTO I ; - NyHOLDEN TAYLOR PREMINGER zf"RANClS COVERS THSEOTOWtr lfjTrigr DONALD O'CONNOR mi punch w mu iately doffed his coat snatched ap a nearby men cover, and recorded the notes for future reference, (Lewis Photo.) fsix fiH'WTznnzTr t vm rv WEEK BEG. FRIDAY NOV. 13th KING OF THE MAMBO AND HIS BAND RECORD FAVORITES DANCER AND HUMORIST BULL BEULAH FRAZIER a Calamity jane TSCXCOLOSl SAMMY HINDS And EDDIE SPIZZIE fx A kistrni CIRLS CANFIELD'S DANCERS - Th AMES BROS.' . - f FU?I CAMPO orchiTtia m MOOT m4 lUlt Ul t currosD Gursr r rcsocsos. f , i I ! ii r, tats yy . MOM & TUES. . Jea ' : rONTAINI SUSPICION Kirk DmjIm "OMtOfTkePeir ?JZ IJ:W.'l!4si;i gvessiec'jTffl i x m EtATtSJLSA STLTiTt'Cll SL f t Si lftvttnS S.i hvHintl SJ 1 I BOYS Wed. IIite A!MURS Sat. !,!1D;IITE SHOV, ml .31 I ml t - i

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