Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 9, 1957 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1957
Page 23
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Monday Evening, December 9, 1957. Josephine lowmon Gives Facts on Firm That Supplies Part-Time Help Plan Welcome For Owner of Grand Champ TERRE HAUTE (UP)-Officials today planned a big homecoming celebration for Mrs. Sue- Secondino, 19, West Terre Haute, who won the grand champion steer award at the International Livestock Show in Chicago lasit week. But Mrs. Secondino, her husband Pete, 23, and the steer "Honeymoon" could have used a welcoming committee Sunday night. Their small truck ran out of gas half a Ann Landers mile from home. Mrs. Secondino •said she will keep "Honeymoon" on the farm for a few days until the buyer de- Girl No Longer Interested After Seeing Boy's Photos Dear Ann: I hope you don't think I'm a wacko but here is my story. I saw a picture of a very beautiful young lady in the society sec- it this is a financial • hardship. Just ask your wife to avoid the girls at mealtime. Dear Ann: What can be done tion of this newspaper two months jabout adolescent parents? We ago. I wrote her a little note and often hear about kids who light said she looked like the kind ot among themselves but what about to know better, i parents who get into scrapes and like was not fresh, just person I'd My letter friendly. Inside of a week she answered with a nice note, saying she wasn't the least bit offened at my approach; in fad, she was flattered. She askec me to send her a picture of myself. I went to the best photographer in town and had three different cides what to do with it. Radio poses made. It's been four weeks and television personality Arthur'since I mailed the pictures and Godfrey paid $30 a pound for the.'; haven't heard a word from her. steer, which weighs more than aJDo you think perhaps she was dis- A firm which supplies temporary help to business and industry has no age prejudice. It employs anyone over 18 who is competent. Women are probably more conscious of the shortage of help in the home than they are of the shortage of office lielp. Yet in the United States in 1957 there was a minus of 700,000 in this latter category. As a result of this need, a comparatively new concept in business has sprung up. I am speaking of the temporary help service. The large^ firm of this sort in existence started 10 years ago with one office. Today it has more than 100 in the United States and branches in Europe, Canada. South Africa and the Carribbean and is constantly expanding. As my readers know, I long have crusaded against the ridiculous age prejudices in the classified advertisements. There are many well-qualified women who need to work or want to work who are turned down because of their age. This seems especially stupid when these same women are so badly needed in the business world. .Ago No Consideration However, the firm of which I speak has no age prejudice at all, as yoti will see tomorrow when I bring you information straight, from the card files of one of its offices. It employs anyone over 18 who is competent. Age has r-othing to do with it. I think it will be interesting to many of you to know something about the activities of this form and the opportunities' for part time vrork. Here are some o.[ the things this organization does: It supplies business service (typists, .stenographers, secretaries and many types of workers) for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, professional and service organizations. Its services are used by advertising agencies with deadlines to meet, banks with stock transfer work to be done and groups with conventions to be staffed and displays to be set up. Its regular customers keep their | usu;d staff as small as possible and call on this company in times of overload, rush and vacations. It demonstrates appliances ;md food products, makes surveys iind handles sampling regionally iind nationally. Moved Stores It has moved large stores, conducted telephone surveys to ells- cover women's reaction 'to cigar smoke, helped rebuild hurricane dcvasted towns, rushed aid to insurance companies which were swamped after such catastrophes, put laces in new shoes, helped Lib- crace play Santa Glaus by addressing and mailing 70,000 Christmas cards for him and counted snake skins (or a leather company. When Detroit had its recimt newspaper strike, and could not advertise the new car models as usual, this company supplied 12 men who acted as (own Criers. They walked the streets of that city crying the fact that Ihe naw model of one car manufacturer was on the market. This gives you some idea of Ihe variety of work available. Yo". can work one day or several, one week or one month or several. They place skilled workers or those without any special skill or training. You can readily see how this would be perfect for the home- mater who cannot be away from home too much of the time or the older woman who does not want a permanent job but wishes to increase her income. yell at each other until past midnight? My dad has a favorite gag he pulls on Mom and it make-s her hopping rnad. He takes pictures of her while she's asleep with her mouth open, and crazy things like that. He gives these pictures to friends arid relatives and she jusit burns. We are six kids in the family and-want to know what to do about paren',-. who act so childish. They both read your column every day and maybe if you'll let them know how their behavoir looks in print, they'll settle down. Please help us. —A. G,. Your parents sound as if they are too far gone for re-training. However, continue lo set a good example for these over-grown juvenile delinquenls and let them know what you think of such clowning around. Let's hope you port she was born here Feb 22 i less l drive her in lhe car - she ican shame them inlo seltling 3832. She was the widow of Jesse il:as many rriends and tlley a11 en -|down. Miller who died in 1941 - ioy a Pleasant social life. Most I * * * of her companions are widows her CONFIDENTIALLY: DIS- half ton. (appointed in my looks? Please give it to me straight.— FLEETWOOD Deer Fleetwood: What elsg? Mrs. Delia Miller Succumbs; Funeral At 2 P. M. Tuesday Mrs. Delia Miller,' 75, of 1530 with a problem, I cannot solve High street, died at 10:30 a.m. alone. I'm on social securily and I Sunday at SI. Joseph's hospital, 'get only $80 a month. A lifelong resident of Logans-! My wife can ' t ?° anvwhere un ' Dear Ann: I'm a man almost 70 who is coming to you for help For a Little Darling! Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribunt School Children Good Collectors-Even Money By GAY PAULEY United Press Women's Editor NEW YORK (UP) - A talk will) Millicent Trichler convinces me the wrong members of lhe family get the allowance. Let the kids pay lhe parents. None of the small fry financiers Miss Trichler knows has reached the Jean Paul Getty category',..yet. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Nelson Shepherd, 1530 High street, and four grandchildren. A son, Fred, died Dec. 8, 1956. Friends may call at the Kroeger funeral home, where services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday. The Rev. Harold King will officiate. Burial will be in Mt. Hope cemetery. TORTUOUS INTERPRETATION SANTA ROSA, Calif. (TJ'P)— Manager Sam B. Hc.:>d has slightly relaxed a city charter provision give own age. Money is no problem ITHESSED WIFE: Get off your • . . . to them as they are all well fixed. Because I'm the only man in the crowd I always get stuck for treats and sandwiches, parking fees and of course gasoline and oil. No one ever offers to pick up a check or fill the lank. I am fed up on this but I don't know how to get out of it. I've had to cash in some of our bonds in order to meet our daily expenses. Any advice you can give will be welcome.— J. S. I doubl that you've had to sell your Ixmds in order to by sandwiches for your wife's friends. that city employes cannot 6 .v B , ,, ,. . , , . . Christmas presents to their super- Apparently you re living too high iors. Hood instructed department (rent - food ' clollling ' enterla '"- knpes. Tell your husband to get out and STAY out or be man enough to ignore the ribbing from his friends and drop the proceedings immediately. These are "FRIENDS"?) * * » HEARTSICK: A business dinner that winds up at 11 bells is nol a "wi'.d parly." If you have lo put up with this once a year it shouldn't kill you. A GAL IN LOVE: Yes-a 19- year-old girl should be able to Argentine Plane Crash Kills 62 BUENOS AIRES ('UP)—A Argentine Air Lines plane carrying tourists to a summer vacation re- Eut tHe cliiltfren are doing nicely. sort crashed and burned in a vio-j tha '.' k you ' U™& a national it, „ j • ,, savings program. Miss irichler lent storm Sunday night. All 62 said ^^ grado sdloo , voung . persons aboard were killed. s t e rs have scliool savings ac- The plane, a four-engin DC-4, counts. Their balances (before was n route to the Andes Resort.Christmas shopping) totaled close town of San Carlos De Bariloche with 55 passengers and a crew of; seven. It crashed about 15 miles from the town of Bolivar in Buenos Aires Province, about 220 miles southwest of this capital. Several rescue parties trying to reach the blazing wreck were halted by roads made impassable by torrential day-long rains. One parly with a tractor finally made it and reported by radio there were no survivors. An air line official confirmed the report. Vincennes Man Admits Killing His Wife, 43 VLXCENNES (UP) — Sampson 2675 Here's an easy-to-kr.it set that is Stanley, he shot law-wife Sunday. He was captured 28, Vincennes, admitted and killed his common- to 177 million dollars or 36 million dollars more than last year. Some of their holdings are through regular allowances; some i through their earnings at aflcr- j school or vacation jobs. Miss 'Trichler, assistant treasurer of the New York Dollar Savings Bank, has been in banking 25 years, most of it spent with the school savings program. She is former head of the American Banking Associa. lion's committee on school savings. "Saving comes naturally lo children," said Miss Trichler. "They're great collectors, you know. Stamps ... marbles ... butterflies...toads. And money." But what the banking industry wants, through the classroom plan, is to train children in the regularity cf saving. The program originated in the 'late 1880's, Miss | Trichler said. Now, 627 banks wvieHxww.^M.uwto tryjng lo {lee Indiana authorities I""-'"'" sam - ?™- ,<« 7 DanKS not only pretty but will keep baby [said, handle grade schoolers' accounts; toasty warn on chilly days! Cute cap, long or short sacque and bootees make an eye-catching set. Pattern No. 2675 contains knit directions for cap, booUies and long and short sacque; material requirements; .sdtch illustrations. Send 25c cents in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER lo ANNE CABOT, make this decision Mother's direction. .without heads they could accept a gift only "if you can eat it, drink it or smoke it in one day." Tomorrow: "Part-time Service Agency Boon to Women of All Ages." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate. 1957) A Doll's Wordrobe 8139 WITH THE Ni;w PATT-0-RAMA Imagine how thrilled your daughter will be to find her favoril'e doll completely outfitted in a new wardrobe! Fun ror you to sew, too No. 8139 with PATT-0-RAMA is for dolls 14, 16,18, 20, 22, 24 inches. See pattern for yardages. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett Pharos Trib- jine 372 W. Quincy Street. Chicago 6, 111. Send 25 cents more with your pattern order for the new Fall and Winter '57 issue of our pattern magazine Basic FASHION. Inspiring and so practical for every home sewer. •JUST A KNlCKNACK MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (UP)— Anderson's of Minneapolis has just the gift selection tor that somebody on your Christmas list "who's got everything." It's a gold-plated garbage can filled with 32 gallons of imported caviar,' priced at $12,125.49. WINDOW BROKEN Mrs. Ada Justice, 227 Cliff Drive, reported to city police Sunday afternoon that her front, bedroom window had been broken from an object whioh flew off a car, making the second time it had happened. Police found the object was a piece of chrome from a car horn. merit i and you ought to re-examine your expenditures. So long as you are driving your wife anyway, what difference does it make if there are two in the car or six. If you've been adding mileage by going out of your way, then teil the women that the taxi service originates and terminates as your address. And there's no good reason to provide free snacks TODAY—"Sifting Bull" and "Broktn tance" ROXY Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. 35c'Til6 Fun Af Nighf Open 1 p. m. "Desert Sands' 7 with RALPH MEEKER 'Box Office Opens at 5:30 'Coming Weii "The Sun Also Rises" and "The-Hired Gun" (Ann Landers will be glald to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care ot this newspaper and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.) Copyrignt 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Read the Classified Ads 'Open 1 p. m. 50t 'til 6 NOW THRU TUES. •2-'FEATU'RES-2 "ALMOST, BUT WOT ENOUGH" i* o«r yatdlct on how ctoee competitive ears have come to matching the Swept- Wing 58. Take stylie. Other new cam are "almost" a» low In inches, but still aeerca high and boxy in looks. Some of them are "almost" going to fins, but not enough to really make a difference. Then take performance. None of the See Swept-Wing 58 other 1068 oar* have anything to match the sway-free, dip-free, vibration-free ride of Torwon-Aire. (It's standard equipment.) Most of them still don't even have pushbutton driving! So after you've Been the "almost" cars, come in and drive a Swept-Wing 58. You'll see why w« say: They're catching on, but they can't catch up. by Dodge at THOMAS AND EVERMAN CO. Phone 4811-3 T 7- 519 North St. Police said Stanley telephoned and told them of shooting Mary I „ " ., ' , Tislow. 43, in their home but did °«P° slts ra "g e from fi .._.. -:... 1- ,-,_.,.._ « . riEht on UT). and Miss Tr: not give his name. Stanley fled before police arrived but Knox County Sheriff Hugh Williams contacted Princeton police who picked a few even will take kindergarten depositors. five cents right on up, and Miss Trichlcr said that the average child, by the time he's ready for high school, U 1 , - hasa aance of _ • Seventy per (Pharos Tribune) 372 W. Quincy in an argument which started Steel, Chicago 6, Illinois. i after he saw her with another Have you a copy of 1957 Needle, man. up Stanley enroule lo Greenville, «££ ^^^"ll-? . Stanley was relumed lo Knox County Jail. Authorities quoted 'him as saying he shot Mrs. Tislow work ALBUM? It contains fifty- six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions (or making 3 crochet itmes and a quilt. Only 25c a copy. Read the Classified Ads She died a short time later in Good Samaritan Hospital. Stanley said he and Mrs. Tislow had been' transfer their savings to regular accounts. "AND I PROMISE..." NEENAH, Wis. (UP) — Alvin Paumstat, a four-year-old who admits he's got the cigarette habit "pretty bad," has promised his parents to give up smoking. He , . , . agreed lo turn over- a new leaf annKing. a r tcr firemen were summoned to Prosecutor Harvey Ramsey indi-1 his home Saturday to put out a cated he would seek a first-degree matlress fire he started while murder indictment against smoking one of his mother's cig- Stanley. arettes in bed. TW1S Someone in Your Life Deserves an OMEGA 17-JEWEL WATCH famous Automatics 9100 to ^800 Q WHEN YOU give an Omega watch you say a thousand, unsaid things... and it will continue to do so over the years^*« for few gifts render such lifelong service and draw such universally favorable comment. The peerless accuracy of Omega,,,.held in supreme trust throughout the world... makes it a gift of incomparable distinction. Let us help you make the best choice. Prices incfuJe federal tax OMEGA IS THE OFFICIAL WAT.CH OF THE INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC GAMES WHERE QUALITY REIGNS SUPREME ON MARKET STREET

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