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Middlebury Register and Addison county Journal from Middlebury, Vermont • Page 7

Middlebury Register and Addison county Journal from Middlebury, Vermont • Page 7

Middlebury, Vermont
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THE MIDDLEBURY REGISTER PAGE SEVEN MAY 31, 1918. ORWELL J. Cain and T. J. Barron were in Burlington Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Blair motored to Poultney on Sunday.

Mrs. Lindsley of Hortonville is at Rev. L. M. Isaacs.

You Ought toMarch With the "Old Midd" Guard i 1 1 HI i Hiri Bridging the Gap From Steer to Steak NEW HAVEN A. L. Roleau has a new Dodge car. George Peck is probably now in France. William Duprey is working at the cemetery.

Miss Nellie Tatro is working for Mrs. Augustus Doud. Joseph Sylvia is painting Ashel Hoff-nagle's house. Mrs. Maria Dart is visiting her brother, Mr.

Patterson. Robert Partch was at home from Burlington over Sunday. Miss Belle Sherman has been sewing for customers in the river district. Clinton Conant has had lightning rods placed on his farm buildings. Marjorie Hunt of Bristol was the week-end guest of Miss Edena Ring.

Mr. and Mr. Harold Leach were in Fairfax, their old home, last week. Miss Marion Smith of Middlebury is to teach on Munger Street next year. Mr.

and Mrs. W. W. Wilson of Bristol were callers in town last Sunday. The town has purchased a Titon tractor engine for use on the highways.

Mrs. Mary Sneden of Waltham is visiting her daughter, Mrs. James Davis. Mrs. Louise Kinney of North Hero was the recent guest of Silas Doud and daughter.

.1 Fighting for Both The Flag and The College E. P. OUSHMAN SON Subscriptions to date for the Red Cross drive total 613.75. National Drug Inspector O'Carroll was in town again the 23rd. Mr.

and Mrs. D. L. Wells motored Saturday to Port Henry, N.Y. C.

E. Walker of Castleton was a business visitor in Orwell Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. H.

A. Prescott of Middlebury were in town Tuesday, H. R. Fairchild of Shoreham was a guest at O. S.

Wisell's Monday. Miss Zoa Brookins was at her home in East Middlebury for the week-end. Rev. and Mrs. L.

M. Isaacs are the parents of a daughter born Tuesday, May 28. Miss Belle Newton of Hague, N. spent several davs last week with her sister, Mrs. N.

W. Wisell. Mrs. Alva Munger, who has been quite ill at the home of her son, C. L.

Munger, is much improved. Miss Ileen Conway with her aunt, Mrs. Dewey of Brandon have gone to New York City for a week's stay. 1 Mr. and Mrs.

Francis Conway of Rutland were guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Conway on Sunday.

Mrs. A. B. Root went Tuesday to Brandon where she will be the guest of Miss Flora Griswold for several days. Miss Adele Duval and Miss Nina Hughes spent Saturday and Sunday at their respective homes in Wallingford and West Rutland.

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Branch went Tuesday to Pawlet where they will spend a week with their daughter, Mrs.

John Clark. Mrs. Fred Walker, who has been for two weeks with relatives in Ticonde-roga, N. returned to O. B.

Root's Saturday. The Baracca Class of the Congregational Sunday School were entertained at the home of F. E. Lillie Tuesday evening. Mr.

and Mrs. E. E. Young and Mrs. L.

N. Bissette returned Saturday from C. S. Dana and F. M.

Partch are to serve as jury men at the June term of court. Some of the ladies in town succeeded in landing some fine pike recently from Lake Champlain. F. L. Shackett is repairing his barn.

Ralph Newton of Vergennes is doing the work. Mr. and Mrs. R. D.

Landon and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dimmock spent Sat urday at Long Point. Evert Daniels of Huntington was in town Sunday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs.

H. K. Daniels. Mrs. Sarah Wheeler and niece.

Miss Live stock is raised on the farms and ranches of the West. Meat is eaten in the large cities of the East, and by our boys in France thousands of miles away. The day of transporting live animals from ranch to seaboard and overseas has passed. There was too much waste. The modern packer locates his large and specialized plants in the producing regions.

He ships the dressed beef in refrigerator cars, and holds it in his own refrigerated branch warehouses until delivered to the retailer. For shipment to foreign ports, he transfers the meat to refrigerated ships. By means of his nation-wide organization the modern packer maintains a continuous flow of meats to all parts of the country, so that each retailer gets just the quantity and quality of meat his trade demands, and at the time he wants it. Swift Company recently shipped 1,000 carloads of meat products in one week to our Armies and to the Allies. Bridging the gap from ranch to consumer can be done successfully and at low unit costs and profits only by large business organizations.

Swift Company's profit on meat, always so small as to have practically no effect on prices, is now limited by the Government to about 2 cents on each dollar of sales. Ethel Smith, recently visited in the north part of the state. Mrs. Juliette Potter has been in North Ferrisburgh to visit her daughter, Mrs. Stephen Noonan.

The annual meeting of the Ladies' Union was held at their rooms on Wednesday and Mrs. W. V. Sturdevant a week in Boston making the trip by automobile. Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Gulley of Mid R. R. Walker of Benson has recently dlebury spent last week with Mrs. Gul- installed a milking machine for J.

C. Thomas, W. H. Burt, A. A.

Munger and ley's sister, Mrs. George Everest and family. L-iarence Lattiey. Mr. and Mrs.

Latterall's son, Jesse, Mrs. J. L. Stevens went Tuesday to was thrown from a high seat on the Burlington where she represented on Wednesday the Orwell Chanter at the The Lid is Off and the paint is ready for the painter's brush Dutch Boy Liquid Lead, convenient, ready-mixed for all outdoor work. Simply pure, reliable Dutch Boy white-lead, thinned with pure linseed oil.

The oldest paint in the newest form. Elastic, weatherproof, and durable; cheapest per square foot. For the interior walls of your home, Dutch Boy Flat Wall Paint, made of pure white-lead, mixed with flatting oil, is also ready for the brush. Gives a soft milk wagon last week Thursday and fractured his arm. State Red Cross meeting.

Among those from out-of-town who Mrs. Robert Garfield and two chil dren are here from Schenectady, N. to visit Mrs. Garfield's parents, Mr. and Mrs.

I. W. Steadman. If attended the graduating exercises of the grammar school were Mr. and Mrs.

Oliver Sherman of Burlington, Mr. and Mrs. Paine of Bridport, Mr. F.R. Dick- Miss Mary Ryan who underwent an finish without gloss.

Washable as tile. Sold operation for appendicitis last week at in white, easily tinted any color. erman, Mrs. Calahan, Mrs. Edward Ferguson and daughter of Bristol.

The graduating exercises of Beeman the Allen hospital in Burlington is making a satisfactory recovery. Academy were held at the Congrega The Home Department of the Wom tional Church rnday evening and were an's Missionary Society will hold the regular meeting Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. P. S. Hall.

attended by a large audience. The class consisted of Miss Eva Weston, Russell Everest and Hubert Tyrill. Leah Mr. and Mrs. N.

W. Wisell and Mr. -Jpor Sale 33 A. C. TABER, Middlebury, Vt.

an Mrs. Charles Wisell spent Sunday with their son, F. A. J. Wisell, in Rutland, Mrs.

Charles Wisell remaining for a week's visit. Private W.B. Needham who has been stationed at Ft. Slocum, N. returned Year Book of Interesting and instructive facts sent on request.

Address Swift Company Union Stock Yards, Chicago.Hlinois home on Wednesday of last week on a three months' furlough granted on ag ricultural demands and subject to re call. Miss Rose Hopkins who has been with her sister, Mrs. J. D. Leonard for Swift Everest acted as marshal for the class.

Vittum's orchestra of Middlebury furnished excellent music. Washington Ward and Miss Katharine D. Merrill were married Friday afternoon by Rev. E. V.

Young at the parsonage. They left immediately for a short wedding trip and will reside in town on the place recently purchased by the groom. Miss Merrill, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.

M. Merrill, is a very popular young lady and has taught in the graded school the past three years. Mr. Ward is the only son of Mrs. Mina Ward and the young couple have the sincere best wishes of many friends here.

Mr. and Mrs. 'Atfreljus Sykes of Hinesburgh have sold their farm in that town and they are now with Mrs. Sykes parents, Mr. and Mrs.

E. G. Hunt. Mr. and Mrs.

Volney Avery who have purchased the Peters farm on Town Hill are to take possession soon. Mrs. Avery is a sister of Mrs. Augustus Doud. several weeks caring for little Tohn Leonard, returned Tuesday to her duties in the Montpelier Hospital.

The little boy after a long and severe illness is gainingly slowly. Middlebury College is Our Biggest Business Asset As the College Grows, So We Grow. Let Us All Get Together and Safeguard Old Midd in These Times of Stress. 'Cook of Canyon Camp" a French- Canadian story in motion pictures at the town hall Friday evening and June 7 "At First Sight" a comedy drama. At C.

F. RICH. tending these entertainments is one way of helping the Red Cross which receives all of the profits. Alice, the little daughter of Mr. and The senior class of Beeman gave $20.

towards the recent Red Cross drive They also purchased a wrist watch for Donald Palmer, once a member of the class but now in service. The Juniors gave the Seniors a receo- tion at the Town Hall Saturday eve ning. The entertainment consisted of recitations, class history, class will and music. Refreshments were served. SAW DUST The 7th grade in school gave the 8th Mrs.

Ernest White, was taken to the Moses Hospital in Ticonderoga on Monday where she will undergo an operation for appendicitis. She was accompanied by her parents and Dr. L. F. A.

Ouellet. There will be a Red Cross Entertainment and dance at Orwell Town Hall Wednesday evening, June 12th. The comedy-drama "Old Acre Folks" will be presented, followed by the farce "How the Story Grew." Both drama and farce will be given by local talent under the direction of Miss Anne J. Phelps. Dancing will follow the entertainment.

The annual crowning of the statue of the Blessed Virgin took place at St. Paul's Church Sunday evening. The procession of 250 people formed in front of Forester's Hall at 7:30 o'clock. Little Catherine Leonard and Berthe Racette carried the crown, the May Queen, Miss grade a pleasant picnic party in Dim- mock's woods last Thursday. The 9th FOR SALE grade with Miss Dalton, the teacher, motored to Montpelier Friday.

Some of the students spent the day at Lake uunmore. Only two veterans were Dresent at tne Memorial exercises Sunday morn ing. Dr. E. S.

Weston and D. A. Roleau. 1 Cent a Bushel ihe exercises yesterday were interest ing and well-attended. The following was tne program: Organ, voluntary Mrs.

Charlotte Shackett neen Lonway, carrmg a sheaf of white carnations. On arriving at the church, the chlidren, flower girls, and banner bearers, preceded by the altar bovs. ANNOUNCEMENT The practice of calling upon telephone operators for information as to the time of day has grown to the point of interfering with the efficiency of telephone service. For such information 100,000 calls are made daily in New England, the bulk of such calls coming naturally at times when it is most difficult to handle them. Service efficiency now demands that the work of the operating force should be relieved of unnecessary burdens, and that energies be directed toward the furnishing of effective telephone service, and to that alone.

Prompted by these considerations, the practice of giving information as to the time of day will be discontinued beginning June 3, 1918. New England Telephone and Telegraph Company W. R. Driver, Jr. General Manager La Marseillaise Choir Invocation Rev.

E. V. Young Song Selected marched down and through the aisles to W. F. BENTLEY Miss Louise Sauier of Chester the shrine, where the flower girls formed an aisle through which the crown bear Recitation: The Perfect Tribute ers and May Queen passed to the Mrs.

Alice Conant Landon Chorus a Our Glorious Banner statue, where the crowning took place and the flowers were placed on the shrine which was beautifully illumina Old Glorv at thp hnma nf TVT i-e Address Hon. V. A. Bullard ,3 Aanuvv Wednesday afternoon, all ladies of the ted. Kev.

Fr. Griffin of Wallingford delivered the sermon. of Burlineton Solo Miss Sniiier iiiumi turuiaiiy mvuea; au gentlemen Pre-Memorial exercises by the vil who carry me ladies mere are invited to supper. Singing The Star Spangled Banner Organ Postlude An pntprtaintnnnt urac rr'timn tua lage schools were held Wednesday afternoon when the following program was given: C. S.

Dana was President of the Day and D. A. Roleau, Marshal. it i i fti H-11 LUC town hall last Friday evening in which the scholars of the several' Weybridge schools took the leading part. The Flag Salute The Star Spangled Banner WEYBRIDGE This town went several dollars "over the top" in the recent Red Cross drive.

A severe electrical storm passed over this place early last Monday morning. Mrs. Charles Elkins and infant son who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H.

L. Thompson the past week returned to their home in Brandon last Sunday. Charles M. Baker lost a valuable cow last Sunday evening from some unknown cause. The Dewey family and Mr.

and Mrs. C. R. Brittell motored to Burlington last Saturday on a pleasure trip. Mrs.

John Dodge of Rutland came Sunday to care for Mis9 Lucy W. Harrington who has been ill for some time. Mrs. J. A.

Harrington who has been in town the past week carinz for Miss iJiunrain consisted oi a dramatization of "Rip Van Winkle" by the Weybridge Hill school, "Hiawatha" by the Stone school and several dialogues by the village school; also recitations and songs i iium mi me scnoiars. ine proceeds were over $37 and were given the Junior Red Cross fund. "A Hero" One isn't just a hero who has saved a person's life, Or has rescued lives of hundreds on a train; For one can be a hero in the little things of life, Such as hanging to your temper and your aim. It may be that you are angry with sister or mamma, Or perhaps you're feeling ready to give up; If you are, just hold on tighter to the rope and whistle, Ah, you will find that there is victory in your cup. Helen E.

Moore, Shoreham, Vt. Recitation: The Meaning of Memorial day Maude Blackmer Piano Solo Bertha Racette Lincoln's Gettysburg. Address John Hall Working for the Red Cross Primary Room Song: The Long, Lang Trail Boys Recitation: The Flag We Love So Well Jules Racette Recitation: The Flag That Has Never Known Defeat Eleanor Stevens Piano Solo Blanche Bascom Recitation: Why I Love My Flag Monica Lavery Recitation: My Pledge Geo. Barber Flag Drill Boys Recitation: The Mother of a Soldier Helen Munger Recitation: The Sash of Red and White and Blue Edith Bascom and Christine Barron Song: "The Vow" Margurite Ouellet Our First Flag Primary Room America Recitation: Robert Munger Song: Keep The Home Fires Burning Girls Says It Acted Like A Charm Coughs, colds, sore throat or bronchial troubles which persist at this time of the year usually are of an obstinate character. That is all the more reason why a truly reliable remedy like Foley's Honey and Tar Compound should be used.

Mrs. Margaret Smale, Bishop, writes: "Foley's Honey and Tar is a grand remedy; more than is claimed for it. I was suffering from a cold last week and used the medicine and it acted like a charm." Contains no opiates. Frost Pharmacy, Middlebury. Horseownersi Talk about your wonder workers I You can improve the looks of your horses a hundred per cent a Stewart Ball Bearing Clipper.

Come around and get one. Adv. Strong Hardwaie Burlington, Vt. Lucy W. Harrington, returned to her home in Vergennes last Sunday.

Mrs. G. P. Larrow and Mrs. W.

J. Pearson will entertain the Ladies Aid SERVICE FLAGS Service flags are selling at 70 cents each at the Register office -Size 2 x3ft.

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