The New York Age from New York, New York on September 27, 1952 · Page 27
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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 27

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 27, 1952
Page 27
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kWaHcotttt PitfeMmc, FoiacBimc amid FSDaaHHy XL. J 1 ,, f f - " " . - . iiyin, !.. . Photo on tift shows Jersey Joe readying his (eft hook to dump Rocky Marciano in the first frame. his feet and desperately held on to clear his head. Walcott continued to bang the young challenger until picture Marciano covers up in the 1 2th round as Walcott, master of the situation, sends rights and lefts to picture shows the fatal 13th. Walcott, acting his age, gets a helping hand from Referee Charley Daggert, round with his hand held high above his bead. After all he is king of the heavies. (Age staff photos by Mew Joe Walcott announced Wednesday afroreooa that he wIH fight Rocky Marciano I In Miami at date to bo fixed later. By LES MATTHEWS PHILADELPHIA Old Jersey Joe Walcott, last of a line of three kings who ruled the heavyweight throne for 15 years, kept silent on his plans for the future early Wednesday after having the crown knocked from his head by Rocky Marciano in the 13th round of a slated 15 here. . The miracle man who was washed up in the thirties and getting his rations from the Camden, N. J., relief bureau, had risen from the ranks of the unknown and unwanted to the top In the fight game, and a new king had taken his domain. Walcott went out with an estimated $1S8,070 while Rocky took half that amount and said he would give the old Jersey mauler another chance If Joe wants It A return contract was signed before the fight but already ex - champion Essard Charles, Rex Laync and Roland Lastarza are yelling for Rooky's head. Rocky Marciano, dead ringer for defeat until crashing right found Walcott's chin In the 13th, also became a miracle man the successful white hope for whom many fans had been praying for a decade and a half. Ex - king Joe did not leave hia tb vie empty - - - - ded. More than 40,000 fans paid almost a half million dollars to see the slugfest. and there Is more change due from closed - circuit theatre television and from movies. Walcott's mentor. Felix Boc - chicclo, said: "I am through. I don't want him to fight any more. He has money enough to take oare of his family. If he fights again it will be without me." . Jersey Joe had the fight wrapped ' p from, the beginning and a few ringsiders were wondering whom he would fight next, when the bell ran for the 13th. Rocky pushed crocs the ring and Joe's old legs refuse to move. A smashing o i Yflwrk SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1952 'CCninig became limp. "There goes 4he last Negro heavyweight champion for the next 20 years," one ring - aider said as Jersey Joe Walcott hung over the ropes like a wet dish rag for - a moment and keeled over, his head on the canvas. Kereree Charley Daggert tolled the fatal 10. Rocky Marclano's manager, Al Weill, will not give Negro a chance to fight for the title," the rlngalder went on. "Remember Martr Servo when he held the welterweight title and Ray Rob inson wanted a crack at it? The boxing commissions had to take the title away. Weill will keep Rocky In mothballs for a long time Sullivan Successor The new heavyweight king with the crown sitting jauntily on his head is the first to come out of Massachusetts since John L - Sul livan. ' ' He Is the first fighter with an undeefsted string to win a heavy weight title. The fight was Mar clano's fifth of the year. He started with Lee Savold. Gino Boun vino, Bernie Reynolds and Harry Matthews. The former shoemaker became the fourth world title holder to be handled by Al Weill. The others were Lou Ambers, Marty Servo and Joey Archibald. Rocky Is the first heavyweight of Italian parentage ta hold the crown since Prlmo Camera. Wake la Camdea Jersey Joe's hometown folk held a vigil for the ex - heavy king In side and outside the Hotel Walt Whitman la Camden until early 1 - ' km ? tonne1 get him next time, Joe," they yelled. A smile pierced his serious face but he knew better. He fought great fight and lost Walcott took charge of the fight from the opening bell. In the sec - ond round Rocky aimlessly sent couple of blows below Walcott's belt line, but they did no damage. The fight continued at a fast clip with both men inflicting dam - age on each other. Walcott ap peared to have the better of the exchanges, but as the fight pro gressed he tired. Everyone knew It except Rocky, who failed to move in for the kill. Marciano was forcing the fight and Walcott moving back, some times on his toes and then flat footed, out - thinking the younger fighter. In the sixth round Weill and Philadelphia's Boxing Commission er, John (Ox) Dagrossa had a few words. Weill's man had to win and he was going to batter any one who put stumbling block in his way. At the top of the eighth Wal cott's eye began to bleed and In between rounds, his seconds plas tered the cut with vaseline. howl came up from Marciano corner. - Jack Johnson was the first Negro to become world heavy' weight champion. He took the title from Tommy Burns In Aus tralia in 1903 and lost it to Jess Willard in Cuba in 1915. Joe Louis took the crown from Jim Braddock In Chicago in 1937 and held It until it was claimed by Exzard Charles In 195a Charles dropped it to Jersey Joe Walcott Goiters Tee Wfi On Spirmnn Lake Ray Mitchell coif School first golf tournament will take place Monday and Tuesday, September 28 and 29, on the beautiful Sprain Lake Golf Course In Yonkers, N. See How They Run CLASSOWAR Slow starter. PRIZE RING - Always fight.. NIGHT AT ARMS Have winning look. WILD TIP Take It ADZEST Ready now. UNREST Don't pass up. MA Next time out. BRIBE Bet always. 8ABETTE Will win. MOSTEST Looks good. : . - ?' - "'Wri!"'..js - w rSr"" iry ' - ft ' - 1 - " " - " - - "I V t . - in., - , ' 1 C - HI li . N it U i f J r uV'JA ' liy! 7ssjfv,. : t 8 x I ? v I V t .'.S , i FLORIDA A. AND Mt top past receiver, Willie Irvin of New York, it a cinch to win the All - American honors again; this season. Irvin, a powerful, speedy end is also one of the best lingers on the gridiron. The ElesGaviumG " V - .1 The youngster jumped to the bell. In the center challenger's head. Last while Marciano parades Ed Lewis) T. The tourney will give amateur and pro golf enthusiasts In the city a chance to test their akili on the links under pressure. The ' U.Q.A. tournaments are held too far from the city and many young amateur golfers cannot afford to ' participate. , The Mitchell School which expects to make this an annual event will present prizes to the amateur and women participants. There will be three Flights in each, event and the entry fee is very small. . ,i - i senior is iust as effective playinq AM 3 right to the jaw and Joes body Wednesday morning. "You will ui uoii on rn aerensivs as no is on mo orrensive. s

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