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The New York Agei
New York, New York
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he ian of ea ng im of ell nt in rie 'il nt JP id ra at to y. 50 ie ro w. 1. 1 for Headliners When 'some 1,100 Stevenson" will become the second woman in boosters gathered for an honor, the history of the State to rise luncheon during his New York to this position She lost a good visit. Dr.

Channing Tobias was at wdekkk when Norman Wells was the speaker's table. nudged out of the picture in a Coagressman Dawson was photo finish. Ed Curry and Char among those invited to Spring jlene White will continue to bold fiela the other day to map strate the fort on the House side gy for the Stevenson Chris Davis, Congressman Da IncideUally Dawson was one of son's strong right arm is sopping 67 Huuse Democrats whom CIO. up suu in the Virgin Islands and as having voted "right" on is exchanging notes with Bill and uai mi v. pinss wno re tanning at ant issues of the Eighty second Cape Cod.

Ji. twisted chapter in Congress. Congressman Powell man's injustice to man was vrit. made the grade too. ten the other day when Heywood tUra urown see.ns cincnea to rauerson, tne "Scottsboro Boy" 'Lit I A a hi Af than lll'thtff AM ItMCakd mil uci i'iu ivt tuw ii4tvui as i vw.M ui Utfl Lie Legislature, and if she does! The Sun Do Move ississippi voters cleansed the gress of rootin tootin John nkin who'll sever be missed.

en by his Dixieerat cohorts. And although his replacee Tom Abernathy is the lesser of two evils, it does serve notice that the South Is taking the "Time for a change" chant seriously. On that McKeflar disposal, wiser heads are saying they don't know, cause at least Mc Kellar didn't know from nothin' most of the time. But if Nevada's arch reactionary, Pat MrCarran wins McKellar's seat as appropriations committee chairman, that really could be bad. Although Texas diehards under Got.

Shiver's exhortations are making like a revolt against Stevenson, these boys know where the State's patronage lies, and they'll spin themselves, believe me. Look to Sooth Carolina and Mississippi for Facts And Figures Ninety seven million American citizens men and women win be eligible to go to the polls on November 4. state's New York. Illinois, Pennsylvania Michigan and California pay half of ihe taxes collected by Uncle tarn aged $4,300 in 91 American towns spreading from New York City to Demopolis, BLS reported. And if ii makes you any happier food and alcoholic beverages took an average 30 per cent of this income, while another 52 per rent (alter taxes) went for auto And speaking of money, the Bu mobiles TV sets, refrigerators reau of Labor Statistics "around 55 per cent of the family's clothing budget in 1950 was spent for women's and girl's ciu.uiu.

men ana ooys got "a tamuies are spending little over 40 per mo.t than they earn tamuies are spending i ciau.iai lucomes aner taxes aver wmmm mm 1111 mm 11 fiii! FOLLOW THE LEADER A Negro sales renrMMitai a large brewinc rArra learned the ether day, to his dumay, that white men fre qnenUy use" disparaging epithets in speaking of Negroes oat of self defense. la addition to visiting distriba tors and retail outlets In the area, the sales representatives have office functions to perform. For convenience these of fk responsibilities are broken dowa and each representative has a permanent assignment to da this or that Durmf vacation period, one sometimes has to perform the H.ies 01 another. la this way representative who had been working on some other Phase of the operation bad to Ml in for the man who osnafly Placed orders with a company for the erection of Olamiaated ns advertising the prodnct. In talking by phone with the Sf1 omfBT representative, Ne Cd order for the erection of a a certain Negro tavern.

taS! S. represen bve advised the man on the the order with hi. manager. doctor and hospital bills. Add to uus 4 per cent spent for gifts and contributions, and it totals up to the fact that the nation's six per cent Lighter Moments "Liberia.

1952" is the subject ef an art exhibition which will raa from now until September' 2S in the Corner Gallery of the New York City Mnsenm Na taral History. For the first time in 3e years, the people of St Thomas Virgin Islands, celebrated the ence traditional Virgin Inlands carnival, which ended Labor Day. iiiasiiii im in, 11,1 analllMi "Yon know," he added eonfi dentiaUy, "that Nigger would ask for your right arm If he thought he could get it for nothing." Several days later, the Negro representative contrived to meet the man from the sign company whom he knew only by name. He was very friendly and the two diner together after which they refreshed themselves at a near by bar. "I am surprised that yon would make the remark yon did over the phone the other day," the Negro said casually as they were drinking.

"I'm really ashamed of myself," the other confessed. wanted apologize after I learned yon were colored, bat I didn't know bow to go a boat it "Yon see, lots of year boys nWt like Negroes and the only way to get along with them and to keep racial argameats from bobbing ap is to indulge them. If they say kike, I say kflte. If they say Nigger, I say Nigger. I Just do it to go aloag with them wtthoat any frktioa.

I lost a Job once beeaase I reseated a racial slar that had nothing to do with ss. Bat I got a family and I need my Job, you understand?" Women Should Vote In Tribute To Those Who Fought For The Ballot We women have had full suf ja part of re.t numbers of Amer ias he fought to end human slav now frtr a full dmwiKhii I iovn. aaj I now. for a full generation. 1 VUVl UUIUU aiT deemed frage Just 32 years ago.

President Woodrow Wilson issued the pro iuiuuuud woica uecame we mmm. i Amendment to the Constitution, Property qualifications disao grauting the right to to all ured ana this was the beein citizens regardless of sex. Ining of political power for the pm 01 lon nrdorker at the bench. Religious fight to bring full citizenship to requirements were eliminated aU the people, for at the creation' Tax paying as a requirement for of the Republic, women were only voting was wiped out in most BOOK REVIEWS GERTRUDE MARTIN leans unfit or unready. ery, knowing well that discrimiff.

lor the franchise. against any group Imperils I iHl liHIa. tka a a. fHav wirrl. .11 uicac a.

aa a sr. aawau vi au. ctcu louay see the remnants of die hard 10 lurn "Tor thinking clinging to the poll tax.l' Anthony mnd thm which bad been proposed 01 1869 hlc Prohibited de. h': 'd the fr.nchisePon the basis right to vote, and Negro men 'of sex. were voting in some of the North ern states, mainly New England.

Only women were still without icu'vrciuiycui mini they had been demanding it since oacK in uie tsars and 1830's of Andrew Jackson's administration. The women whose physical and moral strength were helping to TTlftll fe'Pll knnti'll vnHifat jwI. ArtArt nawur tTvvniana. vuw.a 9 lOIVUUl limnicttt hnVA ISorl ruwtlra niiKlichttil H.s11 mm vtatn a iiiori answer to Louella Parsons in the it is interesting to me that it West, are represented by "Gren was in the pioneer country adine Spiwn" and "From Under out Wyoming, in 1869 th at My Hat" respectively. Miss Hop women won their Erst real fran per's opus is autobiographical, but chise victory, winning the right it is a little difficult to classify to vote, as citiiens.

for officers ol 5ver hi then the territory of blurb calls it a "novel of our Wyoming, times." Neither book is written Many Americans held back from the issue, preferring state action as indeed, did President Wilson himself in the years immediately preceding passage of the 19th Amendment. But finally, about the time that 1 oegan my work here in Florida. Direct action helped. Pickets walking the sidewalks in front of the White House to protest Pres'dent Wilson's "states rights views on the matter, demanding the attention of the entire country. Finally came victory.

Since then? Women have voted all over the country. Some of this vote bas been thoughtful and informed. Some has not. The imonnea some nit not, rC a .4 wvnucra, during The last two weeks. Robert wer asking for the right to cast1 League of Women Voters has dor Ruark, the brash young man from their votes along with the men 'much to develoo vomfn irmi Mwu.

tut? UiCfl XT ttnhattan a nl ITo A uvnHA XA a 1 Manhattan, and Hedda Hooner. th' at whose side th ht parry tines to become intelligent evaluators of Issues, and sturdy champions of community needs at all levels Women themselves have mad their contributions as individuals and across race lines. I hope that as the women of America look back on these first 32 years of full status as voters 32 yem rt fuU utu ters with the felicity of their authors' 7 r.w.,!ni wom" usnalut. but e.S XSTSi '1? 7 think of the struggle sort of interest if its toweT bToie? aDd ttt have put "From Under My Hat" will de .1 Colorado idaho and UUh power tato htDd' DI light the readers of Miss Hopper's the turn of the century thankfully, to promoto column or the readers of aU Hol We aU know security at home, and mutual re columns. for that matter.

Frederick IigUs, fotight for the Pct and peace among the JZltr Up, of the world. goodly number of stars seething over, it In a few pages on Marie Dressier Miss Hopper mentions that she left her car to her Negro maid and the maid returned to her home in the South (Savannah) converted the car into a hearse, and charged one hundred dollars extra for the privilege of riding in said hearse. On this one fact I can challenge Miss Hopper since my home town is also Savannah. acid side Robert Roark's book, on the other band, is pure fiction or not so pure fiction to be exact' He is satirizing the modern novel and by modern novel he tells us in a humorous introduction he means: "Bv modern I mean full of bared bosoms, jet planes, pi rates, treasure, lust in hot places, and hlnod all over evervthine Mr. Ruark provides liberal quan tifies Whether this constitutes a novel thi.

niHial each reader will have to decide. 1 UIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL two masses only a littie an hour's plane flight apart Although there are admixtures of French, English, Jewish. Syrian, iuc iuuw i Hure mj diuio uimc ca acre mine uoc and he applies it with a heavy lCUTt and affluent, who. like their' 4, 1494 ire and affliiMt wK lit. a a mnnroFnaPts as.

a a a illllil Difference In Haiti And Jamaica Proves That Freedom Is More Than A Word Marshall FiM scrabble out a meagre livelihood Marshall Field wrote an excellent there i nitw Although Miss Dressler maid did I several years ago which he'bitioa to keep the clothes cleanest hrir tm in hnn. h.M I titled, "Freedom Is More Th CTC" an auto court, the. hearse part A Word." Never did the truth of and faded, but tt is patched ii must be the product of someone's that pungent statement seem more' washed. vivid imagination. true than in the contrast of tern rr Miss Hopper's style is strictly Pent between Jamaican, and'. ev mortnrial and definiteW on th'HaJtans we have seen durinr tho'l ZZZ tt ey reportorial and definitely on the past week. la uuu. eves Here are ihu "CCOmpaid a cheerful "boa any sign of more than friendliness from But yesterday in the 2 1 2 hour drive as from KinutAn only one smiling face that of a Scotch. Spanish. East Indian and' i Chinese blood, the basic and over 'L! bo M1'1 whelming racial stock young cmw on Why then, we have asked our wht m.

selves and again since re turning vtrrfi fm 1 Fm 01 the answer of all these ts. SO marked a ditfermr uie We da TuA moan tti. 'j i an utj narsour on Mav 7 nana. 111 dook misses nre oe uw wona, But this and nthr ittnnA. i cause of this.

What might have urbane, educated, well fed. the West Indies have been duled Dcen in exircmciy ammuig dovi auu ne so rt 1 I ftlHfl tliA ili.t...r!.l k. I Plf 001; occiswui uison 01 wit. ujucmuiW tuna per centaM in thocjt arul centage in these and other Carib There are thinly veiled referen ences to a number of famous people and others appear in its pages as themselves. On the the book is not nearly as success ful as some of Mr.

Ruark's columns. "Front Under My Hat" by Hedda Hopper; Doobleday and New York 22; 1952; oean Islands who are bom. L've (or perhaps, more accurately, exist) and die in abject poverty. The wage scale in both islands 0 I. England France, the Netherlands and other foreign powers, while Haiti fought for and won her independence a century and a half ago.

There is na doubt (hat observer who has the time to omcrrcT wno nit in, ,1 a is miserahlT low nr i i wwmv uwn U1MP UUS SlXlSi or variations thereof is spoken; In ing differenee between two mac Haiti French or Creole. But lan nifirent people of two magnifcent guage in the long run is not a ly beaaufnl islands would explain determinant of attitode or tern at nam xWm.t.i. IT peraaent But yesterday in the 2 V4 bourl ert Saark; DouMeday and Cam ing outside the towns more often pany; 575 Madisoa Aveane; 1932; than otherwise with the wearers 3. seemingly so hard pressed to me Dictare as vt hava um a which has applicability to every otner area of the world where men have breathed or not breathed freedom to.

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