Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 6, 1957 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 8
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iSiaht Logansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Suicide Threat Puts Man on Same Level as 7-Year-Old Dear Ann: I was engaged for two years. The invitations were ordered when my fiance gave me the shocking'news. He'd gotten a young girl in trouble and ha<5 to marry her. I was heartbroken. My follr n.it me away for two months and I almost had a nervous breakdown. This was 14 months ago. I've made a good adjustment and am dating again. Last week my former fiance came to my pla-ee of employment and begged me to talk to him. He poured out a tearful story of how wretched he's been. He wants to divorce his wife because she's lazy and ignorant. He said the baby looks just like her and he doesn't care a thing about the child. Now he wants me more of our own just yet. What can we do? — MRS. J. M; JR. You can move out even if it means renting a broom closet over a bowling alley. Whatever you save financially, it's costing you double, emotionally. It's not your husband's place to discipline this wild one. You are both considered intruders or the girl would have been put in her place long ago. Pack your bags and vamoose. * * • Dear Ann: Yesterday our 12 year old son came home and told us something that was shocking. In his English class each child had to write a report on a foreign country. One of the youngsters chose Sweden . . and started with Ike Plans Message For Truman Library WASHING-TON (UP)—President Eisenhower plans to send a message next month to the dedication ceremonies for the Truman Library at Independence, Mo. The library, built with contributions of $1,750,000 to house former Josephine Lowman New York's Senior Citizen Project Aided Older People New York City has been a leader, or I should say, the pioneer in providing companionship, social than anything in the world and the statement that "Sweden and v __ . . threatens to kill himself on myiNorway were once united, and aij ames c Hagerty porch if I don't take him back, j Swede is really a Norwegian with ne did not know wh 1 r.. J-J -.*.._ If 1 '_ n >. U!_A Unnt > 'nic Hrainc Innrtf\rar1 m»4" .11. My dad says if he sees him hanging around he'll save htm the trouble. I loved him very much once. Now I'm all mixed up. I'd hate to be responsible for a suicide. Help me. please. This is serious. — JENNIE What this character does with his life is HIS problem — not yours. The great msiority of those so to whom who threaten suicide intimidate the person do on they are dependent. This fellow is operating on the same- level as a 7-year-nld boy who tells his mother If.she won't give him a dime he'll run away from home, get pneumonia and die. and she'll be sorry. T?ll him you are not Interested his brains knocked out." We are Swedish people, Ann, and think such a remark is insulting. My son said everyone laughed and the teacher didn't say a single word. What do you think about such goings-on in a school room? - MRS. M. J. H. This li a pretty lame joke . . . and an old one, too. When I heard it, it was the Norwegian who had his brains knocked out. I don't think the teacher should let a crack against any group get by .... joke or no joke. W # * CONFIDENTIALLY: ELOISE: Of course you ought to buy her a new water pitcher. You broke the old one, didn't you? Don't make President Truman's private pa- > life, guidance and instruction in F.f":*!.".Ji e .- e ^- a '?l?l 1 , ly -? i ..- a - n _ d idiet and handcrafts etc., .for its older citizens. New York City's Day Centers have proved to be lifesavers to thousands of Senior Citizens. This year on April 29th Mayor Wagner proclaimed May as Senior Citizen's month in New York City and thereby launched a tremendous program for these older persons. This was designed to impress on them the fact that older years can be creative and happy,' productive and busy, that many older men and women are active in practically every field,'that age is not depend- turned over to the federal government. Franklin G. Floete, head of the General Services Administration will accept the building in behalf of the government <md was expected to read Eisenhower's message. White House Press Secretary said Tuesday whether the President's message would be directed to Truman or simply sent in connection with the dedication ceremonies. Chief Justice Earl Warren will be the principal speaker at Independence. NAME TROUBLE MILWAUKEE — After Gerry in him or his plans. He has made !a federal oase out of "where" and a mess of his own life —^and his "how much." Duplicate it to the ""' ' ' best of your ability. * * • BETTY L.: When a boy gets so far that you have to slap him,, he usually had some encouragement. unfortunate young wife is no doubt pretty miserable, too. Don't let him saddle you with what could be a plenty sick relationship. * * * Dear Ann: My husband and I are both 21. He expects to go into the service any day. Our first child is due in August. We live with my husband's par- wits because we're trying to save money. My 15-year-old sister-in-law makes life miserable for us both. She's sassy and has her mother wrapped around her little finger. I know that she sneaks out at night and goes with men twice her age, she drinks, smokes and has a terrible temper. When my husband tries to correct her, she flies Into a rage and tells him it's HER house not HIS. Last night they had a terrible fight. When his mother came home she sided with the girl and wouldn't even listen to our version of the story. We can't afford a place Hopfensperger had appeared in 19 Marquctte basketball games this season, his name had appeared in the box score spelled in 14 different ways. Marquelte officials have inquired, without answer, as to what will happen to freshman eager Al Wierciszewski next year? busy and happy through their day center activities. Day centers, schools, churches and government agencies participated in making the Senior Citizen's project a most successful one. No one can estimate the closed doors it may have opened, the horizons it no doubt enlarged, or the hope and stimulation it brought to thousands. Just to give you an idea let me list a few of the activities -which were carried on during the month. There was an exhibition of painting, ceramics and sculpture all done by men and women 60 years old or over. There were many conferences and lectures about nutrition with special emphasis on the dietary needs of the older person. ent on the number of years one has .There were checkers,' chess and shuffleboard tournaments. There Boy, 15, Drops Dead After Hitting Homer EAST CHICAGO (UP)—Harold L. Hedinger, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wenton Hedinger, smashed a home run in a high school baseball game Tuesday, then fell dead of a heart attack as he crossed home plate. CLAIMS STABILIZED INDIANAPOLIS (UP) - The Indiana Employment -Security Division received 37,742 claims for unemployment compensation last week, 47 less than in the previous week. The total included 4,270 claims from newly-unemployed, and was about 10 per cent below the total for the same week last year. lived. If anyone doubts that boredom and loneliness or the feeling of being on the shelf and no longer needed do not lead to physical illness, all he or she would have to do would be to investigate some of the records of these day centers, Made Happy I visited several of them a few the learning ability of older persons. There were programs of music, poetry and dancing. I hope tiiat many other cities will follow New York's example. With the number of older paople were lectures about the aspects of Discussions There was group singing. There were parties at which card games and other games were played. There was a meeting at one high school between students and teach- Thursday Evening, June 6, 1957. Legislators Selected to Study Groups Appointments Are Announced By Legislative Advisory Commission INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — The | Indiana Legislative Advisory Com-if n _ (D ; So ? !h Bend) ' Se! ? s ' Rob . crt Reps. Robert L. N'ash (R-Tipton), David R. Tliayer (D-Hope). Sen. D. Russell Bontrager (R-ElkharU was named previously chairman. Hospitalization Insurance-Senators J. Russell Townsend (R-Indianapolis) chairman, James W. Spurgeon (D-Brownstown), Reps. Gratian H. Downey (R-Indianapolis), Walter Maehling (D - Terra Haute). Nursing Home Facilities—Reps. Orer. E. Felton <R • Fainr.ount), chairman, George W. McDaniel (R-Bloomington), Jesse L. Dickin- L. Brokenburr eight committees studying a variety of legislative problems. The commission, a permanent arm ot the Slate Legislature, makes studies between sessions and recommends future laws. New committee members: Highway Study Commission- Sens. Keith Fraser (R-Porlland), Von Eichhorn (D-Uniondale), Reps. Howard J. Hetzler (R-Wabash), Robert E. Gramelspa'dier (D-Jasper). Sen. Ruel Steele (R- Bedford) was named earlier as chairman. Towns, Incorporations and Annexation Laws—Sens. Richard 0. Ristine (H-CravvfordsviJle), Walter A. Baran (D-Easl Chicago), Reps. John W. Donaldson (R-Lebanon), | Carson King (D-BoggsUnvn). Rep. program is essential if 'we an> to take care of our Senior Citizens, They can be wonderful assets rather than burdens to themselves and to society. was named earlier as chairman. School Formula, Distribution and Consolidation—Sens. George W. McDermotl (R - Alexandria), Marshall Kizcr (D - Plymouth), ers and a group of older persons!It." Tomorrow: "Have Unattractive Hairline? Electrolysis Can Change years ago and was told that the j to discuss the relationship of young- visits of these older people to clinics were in direct ratio to the num. her o£ times they came to the day centers. In other words those who had been harassed with numerous (Ann Landers will be' happy to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this news-;physical" disnbifities', ""simply paper and enclose a stamped self- mos t O f them when they became addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Eater- prises, Inc. Today—'"Last Outlaw" and "Naked Jungle" R O X Y n^A IL < AHC£ Tieo'i-c Fri.&Sat. Open 1 p.m.—35c Til 6 2 Features—Comedy 3 ACTION HITS 'TOMAHAWK TRAIL" with Chuck Conner* "GUNROHTER" with Gregory Peek PLUS NEW SERIAL DOBS THE ROPE SNAP? "KING OF THE CARNIVAL" Show Starti Al Dulk Gat»s Op«n Half Hour Earlier FRIDAY "D DAY 6th of JUNE" . (Color) Robert Taylor-Richard Todd SATUBOAY "A DAY Of PURY" (color) Daln Robortion - Mara Corday er and older generations. There was another discussion concerning Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957 Welcome to our Special Showing SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, JUNE 8th and 9th From 2:00 to 8:00 P.M. SEE THE REVOLUTIONARY NEW KITCHEN THAT "REVOLVES AROUND YOU I// Turns 360 Degrees See Our "Seven Kitchen Wonders" of the World OUR FACTORY SHOWROOM HAS BEEN REMODELED TO INCLUDE SEVEN OF THE MOST DARING AND BEAUTIFUL KITCHENS EVEH CREATED. Practical Beautiful WE'RE OPEN EVERY DAY 8:00 TO 5:00 SUNDAY 2:00 TO 3:00 NAPPANEE, 1ND. 455 East Market Street on U. S: Highway No. 6 NOW THRU SAT. OPEN 1 PM-2 FEATU-RBS-50* WL 6 HERB JEFFRIES LORD FLEA The EASY RIDERS SUNDAY-"!AAAMY AND THE BACHELOR" Indianapolis), Municipal Salaries—Sons. John M. Harlan (R-Richmond), chairman, Warren Martin (D- ClarksviDe), Reps. Harriet Stout (R-Indianapolis), Joe A. Harris (D-Carlisle). Uniform Commercial Code-Sens. C. Wendell Martin iR-Indianapo? lis), Willis K. Balchelel (R-Angola), Marshall Kizer (D-Plymouth), Reps. William N. Evans (R-Indianapolis), Edward P. Eisner ID- Seymour). Rep. Robert S. Webb (R-Arcadia> was named earlier aj chairman. Emergency Distribution Rules Commission-Reps. S. Paul ciiairnni.'i, Clay Robert Gramolspaohcr 'D - Jasper), Sens. Carl Helms (R - Forlvillc), Robert P. O'Bannon (D-Corydon). MOUSE CASUALTY WAUBAY, S. D. — Frank Lewan- tlowski look a swing at a mousp with a stick. The stick broke and a piece of it pierced his eye. COMIN' UP!! You toa, wo'ro having a Cliickon Chat* . • . We'ra toning five !iv« fticlun' and rarin'-to-go chickont frbni atop our Concession Buildlngl Caleb on« and txchange it for a largo tatty roady-for-tho-ovon Droned Chicken! ARE YOU GAME? COME JOIN THE FUN) BE A WINNER) CHICKENS COURTESY OF CiTY PRODUCE 428 5. 3rd St. Phono 4721 IDAYSONLY-fri-Sa, KRESGE'S YOUNG! VIGOROUS! WELL ROOTED! POTTED IVY PLANTS Not only does Kresge 7 s offer you an almost "giveaway" price, but you also have your choice of two siDecies of easy-^ to-grow ivyl English Ivy, the hardiest of all indoor ivies, is lovely in either a planter or a dish garden! The thickly clustered leaves of Baby Leaf Ivy make a luxuriant green dish garden! Of course, we plactd a B/G order for this lale, but there it a limit! Don't be disappointed ... be here early J 422 Broadway S. S. KRESGE COMPANY

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