The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1952
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PAOB TITO BLYTHEVTLLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, TUNE 9, 1952 Readers' Views Baltimore, Md. June 3, 1953 " Mr. H»rrs' W. Hatnes Courier News BlytheviUe, Ark. Dear Mr. Hatnw: Ju«t received a copy of your paper, publishing the brdinance of City Council in regard to the bond Issue and the election on the matter. Ev«ry business man. doing any builneu to amount to anything, knows that prices have reached their peak imd today you can biiy all appliances, television sets, hardware, drygoods at considerably lower prices then even 6 monthe ago. The market Is flooded wllh merchandise and wholesale houses are cutting prices trying to get out from under. Also we have had reduction in prlcfs from manufacturers In past 93 days. Even automobile manufacturers have made a small cut In prices, and that is only the start. You will remember Mr. Johnston (owner of Blytheville Water Com- -pany) would not make a price last year, but now when he knows we have reached the peak, he is wllllnt, to. sell it on today's market. At s price of Sl.300.000. the city will take a loss In value of at least $500.003 In less than two years. Aho the rate they used to arrive at figures they nuotcd ts the rate, charged by' Blytheville Water Co now which Is a rise In prices fron $1.25 to $1.50 in lowest rates they made about a year ago. Also everyone knows that no city, stale, or federal agencies have been In position lo operate a business as cheaply as privately owned business. Sees High" Kates I think that we would certainly put a rope around our necks which would hurt the growth of our city, since they have the right to adjust the rates to where the revenue would pay ihe bonds and set up the required depreciation If things Rot anywhere near the condition they were back In the early thirties, they would have to double the. present rate. . The council harps on not. mur- ing a bond Issue that would be a levn on property and a right lo set. the price on the one Item everyone must use. They are putting a debt on the city for the waterworks alone for 30 years, with the pay- menl.i Increasing each year from «26000 to «6,000. What makrs anyone think that they cnn increase the payments in lhat manner? When, after they purchase the , waterworks, they will have to 1s- Biie another million dollars in bonds to put In the much needed sewer svstem. That will about double the payments on bonds. Just where that Is coming from I would like to know—In the operation of the one •WPter' company? I suppose i own as ranch property In (he city as any other person. ' Personally. I would much rather see a bond Issue with a lein on all the property and a special tax to pay it In a lew years .us we have done 1n the past than to see them make the deal on the water company. With the right kind of sewer system and the natural gas we all are supposed to get, we would be In position to attract outside business and people. Also may I call your at- 1 tention to the interest rate they are. going to pay on this deal Not so long ago these bonds would have sold at a minimum and an Interest rate 50 per cent less than the rate quoted. Being confined In a hospital most of time for the past three months I have had loU of time to read and nowhere can I find anything that would Justify the city to make a debt like the one proposed. Will Hurt City T wish I could be at home to do all I could to keep this from going ' through. It will certainly hurt our city If It docs. A debt when conditions are on the down grade Is certainly something lo think about. Hemember, the ones interested will try to get out all that are In favor to vote. Someone had better do some work on the other side or we will wake up on the llth with a headache that aspirin can't help. Having to have another operation ast of this week, I won't be home before the election is over. While I am not regions in the sense lots of folks ore, yet I will offer a prnyer each nij?hl that the icople will wake up and do not obligate themselves for this unnec- To the Editor: •fti-y debt at the highest prices i think It !s n lx>th value of the water company property and brlce of bonds together with the hlphest Interest rate we have hart since 1929. We need a .rader lhat will take it on himself o see that this is not done. Tom A, Little, Sr. I*o the Editor: You have let a number of people who iftpparcntly don't know any- j Itilnfir about the present water andi sewer deal hftvts the use of yourj columns, so trust yon will allow mo lo present the real fcicts. I am a member of the CHy Coun- May I hftvc the privilege "/ piiswerin}? a letter from Mr. nnd Mrs. T. M. Phillips, which appeared 111 your Saturday issue, June 7th? These people evidently don't approve of thfc purchase of the water system nor resulting sewer Improvements. They ask a lot of unrelated questions designed to cast suspicion and to mlslrnd but do not offer one constructive Idea HS to how else we can get help to pay (or .sowers and n trealmetit V-lant to better our city and protect the health and wellbelnp of our people. The Council hns worked iiarrt to find ways and means to build a sewer system and after much study has come to the conclusion that it can be more economically accomplished by buying thp, water plant and operating It :it a profit, which based on its past iccord. will be sufficient to pay off over a half ft million scwor bonds bearing 3 1 A per cent interest if thev are issued In the future. At no time has the Council ever safd tJiat the water plant could pay for th« cast of the entire new scwcr system. Asks the Difference YKS--the water charges may not be reduced during the life of the u-ater bond Issue. What's the difference when nil exce.vj earnings will go to pay the costs of the severs? Who thinks garbage can be collected without cost nnrj what has thai to do with the water and Etwei question? II the \Vnlcr Commission follows present procedure, it will continue to chnrjje n $10 meter deposit for new connections, to be held to arlce collections nnd return '.he jiiimc tn the customer if hn leaves town or moves. What !s wrong with that? Studied Every Angle We live In a part of the city \vhich at times is filthy because tnere are no .sewer. 1 ;. We have studied this from every Angle and we certainly know more about It than nny of the critics who have at best a superficial knowledge of these wnter nnd sewer problems. Some Council again If the present rotten sanitary conditions continue to exist, it will be your fault and not theirs, so we believe you should give them your support. You may have sewers whore you live but as a good Christian you should vote to help those w'ho are not so fortunate. Charles Lipford (Alderman, Fourth Ward) a shame that the ppople of Blytheviltc have been led V think that the only way they can have n sewer system is to buy the IllytheviHe Water Company's watfti system. If there have liecn anv facts published about the value ol the Rystem and about ihe amount of profit, if any, that would be left over to put into a sewer system, I have failed to see WATER (Continued from Page 1) It see jus lo nip that. Hlytl 1 ought to be able tn build sjxtcm now, wlille It Is needed and v.'hile the health of the people, is fitlll not nffcclrd by lack of a sewer system, instead of having to wait urti 1 it finds out whether there can be any jirotit mnde out of the water system to build a scwcr system. Pine Hluff was able to build a sewer system. Loachville lias hi till a sewer system. Why can't LMytha- vl'lr do the same? And why wouldn't it cost the people of the City lol lew? Just to go into debt for the sev, cr system only, instead of into debt twice as much M is necessary. The extra bonding power of the city could more profitably bo used build much-needed schools aiul r.ark-s instead of for buying n water cyst cm, We already have a water .y.stt'm, and the people of Blytho- vllle arc not taxed one cent to retire its indebtedness. I hope you will have space lo print thlR letter, and I hope that imposes a lien taxpayers' property and requires levying of a tax to produce funds with which to retire the city's indebtedness. Opposition which has been voiced against the proposal on tomorrow's ballot hns challenged the ne- Cfh-ity of- purchasing the water company. Those oppor>in^ the purchase have said It would be more economical In the lontj run to float n lax bond Issue for only thn cost of the sewer work than to float- two revenue: bond issues to pav for both the water company and sewer improvements. Proponents of the prjrrha<p pro- posul, however, hold that unpopu- ythevillej 3 arit V of added taxes, problems of a scwer| tax coHraninn and bond buyers' iirrfrrrnre-i for revenue issue. 1 ; make the present solution the only one. DKBATi: O.V the methods of pur- nha.siiiR a water cojnpanv ha* centered about the determination of cost. ability to earn. The latter, in Ulytheville's case, concerns the ability of a municipally-owned waterworks to earn enough in the next 30 eyars (o pay both for itself and wet improvements. Part of the money for sewer Improvements, however, probably v.ould be raised by sewer connection ant 1 service chargp.s. The first would ho (he cost of connecting a house or building to the sewer system. The service charge would be a monthly fee assessed for use of Lhe sower facilities. These, however, are matters technically apart from the Ivme to bo decided tomoirow nnd uould be settled separately in event the sewer project was carried out. IN CONNECTION with the cost 01 the water company, the rea.son- inrr hns been advanced that a city ran afford to pay more for a utility than could private citi/cns In an otherwise similar transaction. This is based on the differences in operating expenses that would be incurred by a city and those Involved in private ownership. On April 23, officials of Blylhe vile Water Company .sent Mayor Blortgett and the City Council's Kia list of the op- nance Committee Thc $1,300,000 prlre WHS arrived at i through ncRoliatlons. between the; city nnd C. O. Mllrs of Chicago, municipal Invrstmr-nls consultant who reni-rspntcd Rnbrrl K. Johnston of Ol:tahor^ City, Okl.n.. own-v of Hly- Ihp'/illr Wiiler Company. Mr. Miles lAler was rrlaincd by the city to handle defalls of the utility pur- cha^c project. This fInure includes pneinpcrincr, leiirl "and other ncTtim-nt rx- nc i ii^r',= " plu.s $40,00n for '"c^ntingen- clcs " Lo^rcl fens will InrJude: Mr. Miles One nnd three-quar- Irrs jier rent of the cross, or S22.750. Oscar Fcndlcr, of Blvtlirville, retained TIS special city attorney for the utility purchase nnd^rtakint*— .some facts will be published before j One-fourth of one per cent of the the people vote on this question. Maude Green To the Editor: I read in your paper the other night that the ordinance on buying of the watci system requires that rnte.s never be reduced for the next 30 years, but I didn't see anywhere where It said that If the, city owns the water company the rates can't be rai-sed even higher than they are now I don't believe it Is good business for the people to accept a proposition like this where they tie thetn- selvc' tip for 30 years to pay hiirh water rates, vhen \ve might as well po ahead and find out what a will cost and then we are getting just Including such I Urns as rents, n mi its, rate case expense. 1 ), Oklahoma City office expense, traveling. Mr. Johnston's sanLry, legal fees,.sales promotion and well and rneter costs paid off by the com- n;'nv thccs charges totaled $22,- 1MAV for 1!>M. An additional $14,COO in federal and state income tr.xcs paid last year by the rom- p;.nv would not hnve lo be paid under city ownership. A FINANCIAL stntemcnt as' lo the income and expenses the city crMilcj anticipate from the watri company was submitted by Mr. Milor to the mayor and Council Mny 2-i. According to these figures, based on the financial experience of the ivatci 1 compnny during the calen- dfu year 1951. a city-owned water fiiws. or $3.250. Chapman nnd CutJer. Chlcaco bond attorneys retained by the city to handle lesnl work In connection \\ith sale of the bonds, will be psid bv the bond buyer, who will include works could cxcct annual Income of thit fee In his bids. $1? : fun : If the ordinance l.s deffnted to- ] morrow, tlic city will not be ogli- i sewer system know we exactly what we pay for nnd still have our water rates regulated by Ihe Arkansas Public Service Commission. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Iluey for nny legal fees. OPPONENTS or the utility purchase feel the price U too liisrh and proponents feel it is n fair price. It i" not e.isy for an expert to set a "fnir price" In n transaction of this kincl, and it is a virtually impossible task for the average citizen. Goinp Info Ehe computation of price for a utility are such thinps Anticipated expenses on this basis were listed as $fiJ,75fi. leaving city operating revenue before depreciation of $121,591. Provision for depreciation—replacement nnd re- ncwnl of equipment—would be $10.000 a year, leaving $111,51)1 available for retirement of debts. Social Security payments and payments in lien oi taxes. Tim last item would take the place of taxes paid by the privately- owned utility. Tn 1951, these ments would reduce the waterworks Income to 1101,321 actually available for payment of debts. THK AVERAGE annual payment of principal and Interest on the $1,300,000 would be $67,479. this statement shows. After this was paid out, the city would have left an annual net surplus o/ $33,842. If this $33,842 were to be used to Ana nee sewer system improvements, it would amount to the annual payment of principal and interest on a bond Issue of about $600,000, On July 31. 1950. the Kansas City, Mo., engineering fir mof Black and Vcalch reported to the City Council that a new sewer system for niytheville would cost $1,2(56,427. This would be the cost of a completely new system. There Is no data presently available to show what improvements SOOO.OOO would buy, and such a survey would be part of the Inigthy work that would follow ratification tomorrow of Ordinance 526. SIXCK THE Black and Vcatch report two years ago, It has been estimated that Inflation and spiraling labor and material costs have increased the cost of a completely new sewer .system for Blytheville beyond the $1.500.000 mark. Current estimates are that If Ordinance 52G wore ratified tomorrow, it would be a ycnr before any work could be completed on sewer Improvements. Considerable time would be required to print and sell bonds, make engineering surveys, draw plans and let contracts. Should It npprar at some future ijfite that waterworks revenue would! support added indebtedness, the city j would be permitted by Ordinance | 52R to sell additional bonds. '' added bonds mi^ht bo sold to finance extensions or Improvements in the water system. Before the city could sell additional bonds, however, a certified public accountant's report would be required to the effect that average annual net waterworks income for the two previous years was at least one and one-fourth Imes the maximum payments to come dun In Any calendar year. This margin would have to apply both to outstanding bonds and additional bonds to be issued. Hickenlooper Refutes Claim Russia May Win H-Bomb Race WASHINGTON,M>(—Sen. Hfck- enlooper (R-Ia) has challenged Ihe contention by a fellow member of the Senate-House Atomic Energy Committee that it Is possible Russia may outstrip this country In the race for hydrogen bomb supremacy, "I am thoroughly convinced we arc far ahead of the Russians both in atomic weapons and the materials for producing them, nnd will stay ahead," ll!c!:cnloop- er told a reporter. He Is the Atomic Energy Coinmlttee'6 ranking Republican member. "I am in thorough disagreement," h« said the recent declaration of Rep. Henry M. Jackson tD-Wash). Jackson said Wednesday in a House speech that the United States has followed only "a half-way program' of building its atomic weapons strength while the Russians have a "truly all-out atomic effort." its provisions had been redeemed. On Wednesday night, the City Council will meet at City Hall at 7:30 p.m. to do one of two things. If Ordinance 526. which requires that this meeting be held, is ratified, the meeting win be a formality. The ordinance says that "any persons interested may appear and present protests. . -" nt this meeting. If the voters approve purchase of the water company, protests would have tn be filed at this meeting by anyone who contemplated challenging the city's right to act according to Ordinance 526. If the voters reject the water! company purchase proposal, the I Council at tills meeting will ex- ! pimge (remove) Ordinance 526 from | city records and none of its provi- | slons will be carried out. Russian Envoy Leaves NEW YORK (IP) — Alexander 8. pp.iiyushkin, Soviet Ambassador to the United States since 1948, Is in New York City on his way home to Moscow and R new undisclosed Job, Get more Economy with St.Joseph JK ^a m^m m^ • & • ^ ASPIRIN -BUY 100 TABLETS, 49* fimmmts were ?3,450 to thn citv and j not be IF, AT THK time additional bonds were contemplated, the city had not operated the water system for two years, thi.s margin could be computed by using the length of time of municipal operation and projecting the income and outgo over a two-year period. Once ratified, Ordinance 52C coutti as reproduction costs, historic costs I $5,320 to the school system. These ; nncj "fair value," which Involves the outlays plus Social Security amended or changed in any people object because of ignorance of the facts, some tire Indifferent, some have" sewer connections and don't give n hoot whether the nth- hall have them or not. Sonic objectors are lawyers who smack : their lips nt the thought of the fat fees the city would have to pay If it could be talked into a condemnation suit. Other people fear any form of municipal ownership, although 00 per cent of the towns in the United States own their own water .systems, and other people i prefer lo mouth around nnd do nothing to help their neighbors or the city. If this election doesn't carry it will be because you don't RO to the polls Tuesday and vote right. Don't ever blame the mayor and the City Doctor Who Asked Ike About Hiss Finds His Home h Vandalixed NEW YORK f/T) — A physician who stirred tip Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's news conference Saturday has reported to police that the, l.vo front doors of his home were .stnasbccl and a can ot fertilizer was tossed into his residence. Dr. Emanucl M. Joscph.son, 57, kl he discovered thev andnlism vheti he returned to h!.s home on 691 h StrSiiU'nlay rn'Rht. Josephs cm 'caused a disturbance nt the news conference when he asked the Republican presidentia) aspirant why he had associated himself with Alpcr Hiss. FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blytheville Motor Co. Phone Ui'2 LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE FOR FURS, WOOLENS AND BLANKETS 4474 PHONES 4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER We Give Eagle Stamps _ mull BEAUTIFUL CUT STONE HOME for inspection, Sunday 1 lOf) to 6:00 p.m. Shown by appointment during week days 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths $30,000 Thin lovely home Is quality throughout. Beautiful U-shaped kit- then, lifetime Geneva cabinets with all the accessories, including Kilrhen-Aidr Dishwasher. Dining room, spacious living room with marble and mirror fireplace. The 3 bedrooms have large walk-In cedar lined'closets. Both the baths have colored fixtures. Storage-plus in large Moored attitr Large terrace tn back with barbecue pU. Vou will like this spacious HO i 1Z5 ft. landscaped InL Don't fail tn investigate the sturdiness ond choice material i •sed In construction of this homr. Con Ret $15.000 loan (or 20 years al 5%. Will take In smaller bouse on trade. See or colt JOHNNY MARR, REALTOR Office Phone 4111 Res. Phone 2596 AT LAST SCIENCE HAS THE ANSWER... LOSE BETTER BE SAFE ....THAN SORRY It is definitely known thai thrips art building up all across this seclion. Toxaphene will control them nnd il should be used before cotton Is damaged. I have complete stocks and can deliver from one gallon lo drum lots at the lowest prices ever quoted in Hlytheville. We follow recommendations of County Agents and the Slat* Entomologists. Call 3118, 3153 or 6277 for full information. Paul D. Foster DISTRIBUTOR OFFICE lil.YTHKVIU.E WAREHOUSE CO. IN 10 D&YS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! .SAP junex PLAN WAY REDUCE THE k Where All Other Reducers Fail! JUNKN Inl.lrli ror (rr.licnl ll.r.1 .»frl> ,,.lm B ,n,,r ACCIPTID FOX ADVERTISING IN A WIll-KNOWN MIDKAl JOUKNAl • flO Drugs • NO Dieting • MO Exercise • NO Calorie Counting NOW YOU CAN EAT ALL YOU |H!ir\ lain iin anm7in|| i rtirha lumjtrr }>y pr ilomarh nrc<U uilhtt .rnl». ttilli ll.r.U M I., rr,,-mrr.l anil hrfor Willi .ICXKX M.II f»l NKVFR <:o in r\nnY! Iml-lim* murk*: 11 ,011 v.nll YOU TOUI FUST FACKAUI OF JI1RCX WlU II TKI I1ST INVESTMINT YOU IVIt MADII r you're 2 or SO poiinil* o«*r- mrrlirnl Authorities A^rre thai -tisln r,,,l,,,, K rr. ; heart. MK> AMt VOLIi l.lKKt Kx-cni Innk oMrr! !.<»• Rllrnrlitc! Tn- *l,«. l>nn't lie i>nc of lllosc nccintc a "lomorm*. ilict-1" M'V» JiXLLki LET YOUR SCALE BE YOUR JUDGE ^ IITHE* YOU lOil EXCtSS WilCHT OR YOUR MONtY BACK/ KIRBY DRUG STORES In cooperation with the BVD (Blytheville Value Days) PK)grarn r;! t)ie, undersigned 1 '"-'^-' ' ' •^4Sr-'' 1 -'-»•'-'• •* ' •' •* ' ''V'V' • r" ' "';*'+*' firms will remain open on Wednesday afternoons throughout the summer. Our Closing Day Has Been Changed toThursday! Hereafter we will be closed each Thursday Afternoon throughout June, July and August. EFFECTIVE JUNE 12 Miss Whilsitt's Shop Berry's Toggery The Edythe Shop The New York Store

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