Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 9, 1957 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1957
Page 16
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^_ wo Logansport. Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Attorney General Has Swift Rise in Politics WASHINGTON (UP)—The Jus- ident Richard M. Nixon as GOP tine Department is taking on a nisw look under the dynamic leadership of Attorney General YiiUiam Pierce Rogers. Only a few weeks bn the job, Rogers already is acting like a broom sweeping clean. Deaths in News glamor boy. But they are not rivals for political favor. They are close friends, and Rogers is among those plugging the hardest for Nixon to win the next Republican presidential nomination. Rogers new .prominence in the In that brief time, the new Republican sun WE.S spotlighted "A.G." has filled two of four top-i after President Eisenhower's Nov. level vacancies in the depart- j 25 cerebral attack, ment. He also has made some! Acting at the request of the Siaff changes, and a number pl. w hite House staff, Rogers ques- top strata shifts appear to be in; tioned the doctors stud j e d the sit- the wind. _ uation, and came up with the de- The handsome, hard - driving c j s i on that no de lej;ation of pres- Bogers is gathering around himijdentia! dudes was necessary White who will head the new Civil i Nixon Ashed His Advice It was to Rogers' home that the By UNITED PKESS PAOTPIC PALISADES, Calif.— Actor Reginald Sheffield, 56, died in his sleep at his home here Sunday. Sheffield began his career in his native England in 1913 in the film "Peter Pan" and he played the title role in the first film of "David Copperfield." He later came a writer, producer and director of films and came to this country in 1927. Rights Division. Two Jobs Open TOKYO. — Hiroshima Shimbmu- ra, 82, chief of the information board and state minister of the last wartime Suzuki cabinet, died today of cancer of the HVer. Shi- ;momura was a former president of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation and vice president of the Asahi newspapers. He was also a well-known author. TORONTO' — Sir Edmund Wyle Grier, 95, a traditionalist painter and former president of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, died here Saturday. He was knighted in 193S. A native of Australia, Sir Edmund came to Canada in 1876 Refreshments will be served. Adams Township Home Demonstration club will observe Family at Memoriai Hall, Thursday evening, Dec. 12, with a carry-in supper promptly at 7:00. Entertainment for the occasion is being planned. Mrs. Eveln Johnston is devotional chairman. Roll call will be "What I Expect from San:a. Gifts for patients at the Logansport State Hospital will be collected. Hostesses will be'Mrs. Clara Hinkle, Miss Ruth Hill, Mrs. Reba Young, Mrs. Donna Carlson. 'Children of the Bethlehem Methodist -Church will practice their Christmas program. Sunday afternoon. P. T. A. will hold no regular meeting, but will attend the school Christmas program, Thursday evening. Dec. 19. •A four-way basketball tourna-j ment will be held at Fulton on December 11, 13 and 14. A and B teams particpating will be from Fulton, Metea, Lucerne and Twelve Mile. Second grade students are completing their first reader.. Christmas lights have been put up in the business section. The medical buiWing heating Gifts for Mental Patients Arrive From 5 Counties Gifts for mental patients at the Logansport state hospital are be- ginning'to pour into the institution from various counties in the hospital district, it was reported Friday by Mrs. Everett Smith. A load was received Friday from Fountain county. Benton, Clinton, and Fulton counties previously sent gifts and some have been received from various Cass county organizations. The drive for gifts will continue through December 15. Gray Ladies were stationed at Omen's and the Golden Rule Friday afternoon and evening to distribute folders and accept gifts of shoppers for the mental patients. Monday Evening, December 9, 1957. Rogers still has to pick men to: vice presiden t spe d for advice and till the top job in the criminal com f ort w j len p res id e nt Eisenhow- i and later studied art in London,. division and the office of depart- er su f£ erec i hj s h>art attack in!Paris and Rome. He was the first rooms on the east side of the system is being completed. The No abrupt shake-up is anticipat- i Canadian to receive knighthood in building have been plastered and . . . ,. . ™ hi rownotee ^quieting days thta followed MeanwhHe, Rogers has stepped | quen ays a e Into the shoes of former Attorn ey 1 disclosure of tne prwate fund lsed C aW °»" a friends General Herbert Brownell Jr. Iikei55 a pro long groomed for the post. I 1 xon As number two man in the de- 1 It wa s Rogers who told Nixon partment under Brownell, Rogers 'to appeal to the public as he had a hand in all the policy-mak- • would to a jury. The result was ing decisions— and a bigger hand 'the famous broadcast in which 3n seeing that they were carried ' Nixon said the only personal gift cut. he ever got was his dog "Check- That Rogers is a comer in the; er s." Eisenhower administration and 1 Rogers is lean, broad - shoul- the Republican hierarchy is gen- , dered, six-foot tall. He is photo- erally conceded. His rise in the 'genie and as handsome in a clean- national political picture has been; cut way as a movie idol. •wift. Rogers is 44, a half-year young- Presidential Timber er than Nixon. In addition to As attorney general, the affa- charm, he possesses ability. He ble, blond-haired, blue-eyed Rog-jwon his political spurs when as crs will be constantly in the lime- counsel for a Senate investigating light. Some observers believe he committee during the Truman ad- will be presidential timber some i ministration, he helped to expose recognition oi' his work artist. PHILADELPHIA - Former Republican Congressman James Gallagher, 90, original supportei of legislation to have the Independence Hall area designated a national shrine, died at his home here Sunday. Gallagher served in the House from 1S43 to 1945 and the west side is prepared for plastering. Mrs. Lon Winegardner remains about the same at Dukes Memorial Hospital, Peru. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Diliman, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Diliman, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Morrow, Mrs. Joe Hud- dclslon, Twelve Mile and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Working of Fort Wayne' attended the Golden Wed- from 1947 to 1949. He was the I ding celebration of Mr. and Mrs. founder of Gallagher Warehouses, Earl Gustin at Peru, Sunday af- day. Rogers ranks next'to Vice Pres- freeze" scandals. the "mink coat" and "deep Rib roast of bt«f is an id«al ctnterpieet for th« Christmas buffet. church Thursday evening, Dec. 12 with a carry-in supper to be served at 6:30. Members are to )iing favorite dishes, table serv- and gifts to be given to pa- .ients, at Logansport State hospital. Hostesses will be Mrs. Bea Stuber, Mrs. Hazel Rhinebarger and Mrs. Esta Sabb. Skinner Christian Church is including Young People's meeting tach Sunday evening at 6:30 fol- owed by Bible Study at 7:30. Morning worship is at 9:30 .and church school classes at 10:30. 3ick Erickson, student pastor from Taylor University, will bring the message. He is the youth leader. All youth of the community are welcome to attend. The Lions Club Christmas party is planned for Tuesday evening, Dec. 10. "Building Up Our Soil" will be :he topic of an Adult Farmer class :o be held Tuesday evening, Dec. 10 at 7:30 at the school farm shop. , Holiday meals are traditionally piquant. Sere are ideas to make the leasan Joyful end merry. By RAYMOND A. lAJOlE Centra! Press Association Correspondent KjO'ONE thinks of Christmas *^ without the fenst. To every- tone, Christmas means rejoicing, end, good food! i It's no wonder. The happy holiday gives us tasty stuffed goose and turkey, cggnog, steaming plum pudding, a hearty was•all bowl, magi cakes and leb- kuchen. It is many other special treats as well, depending on |where you come from and what your inherited, family customs happen to be, This year, make it a. truly memorable Christmas, especially When it comes to food. Try your hand at something new and different, something exciting with a touch of glamor. Why not try rib roast of beef, baked ham, bacon brunch? A Christmas hostess can stay serene and poised amid the flurry end excitement of the holidays if i»he chooses a rib roast of beef 'tor the festive meal. Rib roast, either a rolled or '(standing roast, is the easiest of holiday dinner meats to prepare —there's no beforehand "fixing," Bo watching or special attention needed during cooking. The iceok's free for a dozen and one iother holiday metil arrangements. What's more, no choice for the holiday dinner could be a greater favorite with guests and family than this tender, juicy cut. A king-size rib roast, weighing ifrom 6 to 8 pounds, wUl serve tot least 10 persons, with leftovers for a later family meal. In estimating the size roast to buy, plan on at least one-half pound per person. Cook the roast the easy no-watching;-way and bring It to the table on your handsomest platter with a simple festive garnish—perhaps a sprig or (two of.holly. Onc-Two-Threi Method Here's all you need to do, in three easy steps, to cook a rolled ^ib roast of beef to perfection. Season roast with salt and pepper. Place fat side up on a irack in a shallow open roasting ipan. (Do not flour the roast, mnd there's no need to add water lor to baste during cooking.) Place roast in a. 325' F. oven. j»nd cook according to the following schedule: / Rare: 30 minutes per pound 14140° F. internal temperature). I Medium: 35 minutes per pound '4160* F. internal temperature). Well-done: <M> minutes per pound (170° F. internal temperature), i Remember that the roast will be juicier if cooked rare or medium, rather than well done. When preparing a standing ri'» roast (bone-in), the only variation from the above is to omit the rack from the pan and to cook the roast about 10 minutes less time per pound. Baked Ham tor the Holidays Another holiday favorite is a baked half or whole ham. A ham is especially festive because it can be so easily "fancied up" with glaze and decoration for a holiday dinner or buffet supper. Study ham label for cooking directions. If none is available, bake a whole ham 18 minutes per pound; a half ham 25 minutes per pound, in a 325° F. oven. Remove ham from the oven the 1 last half hour o£ cooking time to glaze and decorate. Score fat and spread over it a- glazmj, mixture made of brown sugar' (1 cup for a whole ham, mixed 1 with just enough pineapple or orange juice to moisten slightly.) Return to oven for one-half hour or until sufficiently glazed and browned. Place ham on platter and garnish just before taking to the table. A gay holiday garnish consists of •"poinscttias" made by pinning candied orange peel petals onto the ham. Center with a gum drop. Bacon Brunch A branch is a good choice for the hostess with a busy social calendar, for morning entertaining is one of the easiest and friendliest of all. During the Yuletide, a brunch is especially popular as pleasant contrast to the'many family gatherings, receptions and supper parties. Quickly prepared dishes lend themselves to brunch entertaining. Bacon is a good meat selection for the brunch memi for it cooks in very few minutes. Bncon Brunch Flatter 1 pound bacon 2 cups cooked rice (% cup uncooked) 4 eggs % cup milk . 1 teaspoon salt ^ teaspoon pepper '/i cup minced green pepper 1 tablespoon minced pimtento Fry bacon until crisp; drain on absorbent paper. Leave one-half cup of drippings in skillot. Add rice and brown lightly. Crumble half of the bacon. Beat eggs, milk and seasanings; add crumbled bacon. Add tp lice and mix well; cook over low heat until eggs thicken. Remove to platter and garnish with remaining bacon. Four servings. Inc. BARRINGTON, ILL. — James R. Cardwell, 84, industrialist and inventor. died at his home here Sunday. Cardwell invited an improved railroad brake shoe and a draft ;ear for coupling railroad cars. He was chairman of the Cardwell Westinghouse Company, Railroad Draft Gear and Brake Manufacturers. Twelve Mile Bethlehem Methodist Women's illc UBU150 „„„„„ 1£<1 , I , 1J . Iaj) Society of Christian Service will r€ t urn ed home after visiting Mr. M,™~,« f ™,-i,, „,•„!,,. Bo ternoon. Mrs. Lewis Greer, Hammond is sppnding this week with Mr. anpd Mrs. Marion Swank. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Studebaker, Mentone visited Marion Studebaker, Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Car] .Rudicel and sons spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williamson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Champ visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Baylors, Fort Wayne. The George Wilson family has Walton Town Board To Transfer Funds Transfers of funds totaling $650 will be considered by the Walton town board at a meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 16, according to Bobby Slusher, president of the board. The money is to be transferred from the fund for compensation of street employes to various other funds to meet expenses for the remainder of the year. YULE TREES STOLEN Robert Beck of Beck Transfer Co. reported to city police Friday that 10 to 15 bundles of Christmas trees, containing 40 or 50 trees, were taken from a trailer at Beck's dock, 128 Tacoma avenue, Uie previous night. OPEN ALL DAY WED. WONDBffUl PJU.OW GWTS FOR SLEEPY HEADS Year-'Round Comfort AT A Low SALE PRICE JUMBO PILLOWS 99 Sire 21x27 Usually $5 Pair Processed Feathers Corded Edge Striped Feather proofed ticking 2-3 NEW MIRACLE FIBER BED PILLOWS Usually $7 Pair The perfect blend white acetate celanese fiber and miracle fibers.' • Beautiful 100% nylon ticking. • Odorless—Non-Allergenic 21x27 Extra Plump FOAM LATEX PILLOWS FirH Quality Beauliful non.allergtnic. pillows tovcrod with A QQ muli - s1rip« and &*Wjf il zippared fl.r percale case, Each observe family night at the ily in Florida over Thanksgiving. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Allen Hoover and family, Valparaiso; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ratliff and family, Lizlon; Mrs. Maude.Snell and Samuel Hoover spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hoover. Thanksgiving guests of Mr. and Mrs. Orel Swank were Mr. 1 and Mrs. R. S. Brown and Jerry, Mrs. Mary Swanson, Miss Sylvia Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Swanson and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Swanson. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shearer and Miss Anna Nelson, Vaiporaiso visited Mr. and Mrs. Orel Swank. Sunday evening. DTES FROM BEATING INDIANAPOLIS («?) — Jesse Young, 68, Indianapolis, died in General Hospital here Thursday of injuries sustained when he was beaten by two unknown men on a city street last Oct. 18. MOHLMAN'S $400 a diamond wedding band designed to harmonize with three engagement rings that differ only in the size and the setting of the center gem. Unusually graceful in contour - with two full-cuts hugging the large diamonds in the solitaires - it is a mounting that we recommend for a matched set whatever price you wish to pay. Prices Include Federal tax Charge or budget IlIustTMtions slightly enlarged USE MOHLMAN'S BUDGET PLAN Small Down Payment—Balance Weekly or Monthly MOHLMAN& 309 FWXTH 3TXEET fomvexA etianTfR a#ru*r A pair of really good slacks is just what a man needs Slacks that invite him to relax are the Christmas gift without peer! We'll show you his favorite fabrics, in the colors he likes best-and most important, our slacks have the essential feature of really good tailoring. Such a sensible present, so reasonably priced too! RESTON Wool Flannel Slacks as low as $10.95 RESTON Wool Gabardine Slacks as low as $12.95 TO FIND HIS SIZE ... Measure the INNER seam from the cuff, and measure the waist of a pair of pressed slacks that fit him. Or let us estimate and exchange or alter after Christnras-at no charge! Buy Christmas Seals Make your selection NOW ... put it in IAYAWAY ... pick up at Christmas

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