Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 8, 1957 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1957
Page 14
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Fourteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharog-Tiibnw Monday Evening, July 8. 193T. Ann Landers Conscience Ought to Guide Tavern Owner or Law Will Dear Ann: I own a tavern and a liquor store. I'm in business to make money but I don't want people to spend their entire paychecks with me and not have enough left over for, food. I get sick when a certain family comes into my place. Can you tell me what to do about them? A mother and father bring their eight kids in every night. The baby is 3 months old and the oldest child .is 10. They stay until we close up, which is about 2 or 3 AM. The kids run in and out, banging doors, fighting and screaming. They wander out into the parking lot next door and dart between cars. I'm worried to death they'll get killed. They fall asleep on the floor, under the tables, in the bathroom, any place at all. If they 'get over-tired and cry, the parents stuff a candy bar in their mouths or give them a glass of beer or wine until they get dizzy and fall asleep. I don't want to complain or I'll be known as a crab and this hurts business. At the same time, some good customers have already quit us because of this family. One man told me the place was too much like a kindergarten and he wouldn't come in again. I know of other tavern-keepers •with Ihis problem. What can we do when people like this come into our place of business?—TEDDY In some cities you could go to jail, pay a fine and lose your license lor allowing miners in your tavern. Or would you rather be E crab? The cod? varies, according to the city, but 1 don't know of a place in this country that okays alcoholic beverages for children. Make it plain you don't want the patronage of parents who bring kids. Refuse to let them in your place. If they insisl on coming, phone the police and have Ihem turned over lo Ihe proper authorities. You can't tell people how to raise their children, but you can refuse to be a party to such a tragedy. Kids who are led wine and beer "until they get dizzy and Jail asleep" are actually passing out. If they drink these beverages in your tavern, you are guilty of contribuling to the delinquency of minors. Your conscience ought to guide you, Mister—but if it doesn't, the law will. Then, take the check from the waiter and hand it to the sport. Dear Ann: I'm a mother who lias no one to turn to for help. I think my daughter is in serious trouble if you know-what 1 mean. She is not married. When I asked her, she said there was nothing wrong with her. but I am not bind, Mrs. Landers. What can I do and where can I take her, eventually?-SICK AT HEART Your daughter can deny this just SO long. Tell her you know what's happening and that she should cooperate before her life is completely ruined. Contact the Family Service or the Salvation Army. They are only two of the wonderful agencies who will come to the rescue. And skip the tongue-lashing, Mother, it's too late for that now. When a girl has to learn THIS lesson the hard way, believe me, she's learned. CONFIDENTIALLY: SINKING BETH: Name and address, please. A- line in the confidential section won't do it. EXPATRIATE: Thanks for the correction, Sailor. I didn't reattse the incident had national coverage. Was it YOUR car? . Copyright' 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Furs Are in Moth Balls, Why Not Shed Coat of Fat? Name Speaker for Cass Farm Picnic James Williams, manager of the Farm Bureau Co-op education department, was named principal speaker for the Cass Farm Bureau Storms Dent Torrid Wave In Midwest Gales Sjveep Through Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa; Cooler Air Moves In By UNITED PRESS Cooler' air swept through the plains today, denting a heat wave with an outburst of severe thunderstorms and occasional tornado cloiuds. The storm line extended from eastern. Nebraska through southern Minnesota and northern lowaJ Winds up fco 60 rn.ip.ih.' accompanied a series of violent electrical storms. Grand Island, Nab., was pounded by winds up to- 81 m.p.'h. early- today, causing minor property damage. A funnel cloud was sighted north of Albert Lea, Minn., but apparently it failed to touch the ground. Another twisi/er was sighted near Madison, Wis., but there was no damage. Parts of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota were Under a tornado alert until 6 a.m. e.d.t, today. Readings climbed into the upper 95s as far north as' Nebraska Sunday before dropping as .cool Josephine Lowmon auctirvci iui tue isuaa ± ui 414 ««* «-ww _ . , . 111 • picnic to be held August 2 at Riv- Pacific air overspread the region, erside park, it was announced at a . Thunderstorms and high winds recent meeting of the Bureau board of directors, presided over by Alvin McKaig. Further plans were also made ar the pel parade, which will be one of the features o[ the picnic. Alice Burrous, county Pet and Hobby leader, will be in charge of the parade and prizes will be awarded. Announcement was made that the names of township roll-call captains should be in the Farm Bureau office by July 13. Reservations were accepted for the third dislricl meeling al Frank- forl July 10. At lhat lime, winners of the recent Cass county Farm Bureau talent show will compete in a district contest. Winners from there will go to the state fair. Dear Ann: My problem is unlm Arco, Idaho, was the'first com munity in the world to receive all , , T i mumLy 1" l.nc wmiu w iuv.civ*j an portant compared to some I read . >. h d £ t , *« iinn* nnliirtin hiifr ire irofv nn, «* "«* e>"»— — * in your column, but it's very noying, nevertheless. My husband of less than a year has become an expert at check- dodging. Whenever we're out with friends and the waiter brings the check, he skillfully manages to be looking elsewhere or digs into his pocket until someone in the party has safely located his wallet. This has become apparent to others as I've noticed the glances and knowing looks. It's gelling so I dread, going out in the evening because of embarrassment. We aren't short of-money, Ann, it's just that my husband is developing into first-class sponger. What tan I do?—EDITH E. I assume you've discussed this •with "Spend-A-Million" but to no avail. Since your husband seems to have an. impediment in his reach, 1 suggest you take matters into your own hands and put him on the spot. Keep track of who should take the check. When hut* by's turn comes around and he lias trouble locating his pocket limply say, "This is ours, honoy.' Eosy-to-Do. Embroidery nergy (1955). It Molds Your Figure in advance of the cooler air also buffeted Michigan during the | night. The-Kalamazoo, Mich., area j was hit by hail'stones one - half' inch in diameter. The cooler air extended over most of the plains, the Rockies and the inter-mountain region. Its influence was telt in the desert Southwest where readings "dropped" into the 90s as compared with 100-degree readings the night before. •Weathermen said thunderstorms are oxipected today from the Great Lakes region to the northern Appalachians. Scattered afternoon thundershowers are seen for the plains states, and generally fair weather is expected on the West Coast. Plan Annual Lay Retreat The 35th annual Eetreat tor Lay- All Occasion Shoe Admits Driving Car That Dragged Gary Youth to His Death HOBART, Ind. (UP)—Nicoslin Dereski, 21, East Chicago, admitted' he was the driver of a car which 'dragged Larry Blair, 17, EasUGary, to his death following a teen gang fight at a drive-in restaurant here, Hobart Police Chief William McGinn said today McGinn said conflicting accounts were given by the youths wilh Blair at the lime ot the mishap and those who were with Dereski. He said he pieced the story together this way. Blair and five of his companions were in a. car that was followed by another auto containing six youths, one of whom had been in a fight With Blair's friend. Wlien they got to the drive-in, Blair and his companions leaped out of their ! car and began beating on the car which had been following them. The car suddenly started forward, and Blair was knocked down and dragged about a block beneath the vehicle. Police said it was possible the driver of the car ^ unaware he had been dragging Blair. Dareski was' held on a charge ot reckless homicide. Summer Js Uie perfect lime lo reduce. men will bo held through August 18 Dame university campus, accord' ing to the announcement of Attorney Harold J. Tuberty, local Notre Dame Retreat chairman. Approximately 35 men from this city attend the Retreat, which is conducted each summer under the direction of the Holly Cross Falh- rs. Arrangements are being made !or a local Retreat meeting, which will be held during the latter part of July. Anyone desiring information on the Retreat may contact James White or Harold Tuberty at the St. Vincent's parish, Joe Loner or Frak Hepperle at St. 'Joseph's parish, or Pete Conroy of St. Bridget's parish. You wouldn't wear a tur coat all summer, would you? Well, since you have put your [urs and heavy clothes in moth balls, why not throw away that coat of fat? Every organ in the body must work harder to support those pounds you do not need. Overweight is especially uncomfortable in hot weather. There is the problem of chafing and prickly heat. Also, the heavy woman must pass by the cool, light under-garments designed for summer because she requires more rigid figure control. Shorts and pedal pushers are out of the question. She 8108 . 34-48 , WITH THK New ATT-0-RAMA This attractive all occasion style is wonderful for a woman's figure So flattering with its molded lines feminine detail. Sleeve choice. No. 8100 with PATT-0-RAMA Included is in sizes 34, 3C, 30, 40, 42 44, 46, 48. Size 36, 4-Y» yards of 35 inch. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUM-: BEH to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 111. Include 25 cents more with your pattern order for thc Spring' & Summer '57 issue of our pattern book Basic FASHION. It contains dozens of smart new styles for all ages; gift pattern printed inside the book. from August, 151 often gives up swimming because !t at the Notre'swim suils are too revealing. Summer is the perfect time lo reduce. Our appetites are not so whetted by cold weather, and there is such an abundance ot" fresh fruits and vegetables. Many women's winter clubs and civic responsibilities drop off so that members can Cornell U. Measures Its Cosmic Rays ITHACA, N. Y. - Cosmic rays that fall on Cornell University arc getting special treatment. The rays are being recorded and ,et No. 22 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Beauty Salons Do Help-But It's Really Up to You." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) Junior at Valparaiso Named "Miss Indiana MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (UP!— Gloria Ruth Rupprecht, an 18- year-old blue - eyed brunette, reigned today as "Miss Indiana." . The Valparaiso University junior from St. Petersburg, Fal., won a trip to Atlantic City for the "Miss America" contest by winning over 11 other contestants Saturday nifiht. Runnerup was Sandra Ann Br-u- baker, 1-0, Warsaw, Anita Marie Hursh, 17, Goshen, was '.bird. The winner, comjpeUng as "M-iss Valparaiso University," measures , 36-23-35. BY TRACY ADRIAN 900! comfort plus top styling there is nothing like the mesh shoe during the summer months. It not only will go with daytime dresses but will be perfect for afternoon and evening wear. The pump pictured is of nylon plastic mesh and features a clear, tall Lucite heel and has an open toe and an open, sling back. This style is truly something nevr under foot and will go with any combination of colors. Police Hunt Trail Of Plymouth Band'it PLYMOUTH (U-P) — Detectives -li-ied today to trace the escape of a neatly-dressed gunman who robbed a loan office of more than S2.000 and commandeered a car for his getaway. The bandit ordered clerk Virginia Spencer lo amply cash drawers Saturday at the Security Loan Co. When manager Orvillc Writer Conference Opens BLOQM'I'NGTON (UP) — More than SO persons were enrolled today for tihe start of Indiana's annual one-week Writers' Conference. Speakers and panel members include Henry LaCossilt, freelance magazine writer; Jessamyn West, author of ("The Friendly Persuasion") poet Walker "Gibson; Michelle Cousin, television dramatist; Mrs. Jean Poindexter Colby, children's book author, and Don Congdon, literary agcnl. $467 Average Starting Wage for Purdue Grads LAFAYETTE (UP)—The average starting salary for June graduates of Purdue University was $467 a mor.lh, a survey show6d today. The study by F. Lynn Ca.nu, director »f the school's placement service for men, showed an especially strong demand for graduates trained in engineering and o'Jicr scientific fields. Thc average slort'ini; salary for cnginoei'l with bachelors degrees wa* $480 a month. The Moliy Moguires were mem- Weiske entered, the gunman or-1 bers o[ a secre t terrorist society in thc a ,,thracite coal regions of Penn- dered bold into a back room and fled." The robber then flagged down a car driven by KenneM Brown, 21, Plymouth, and forced Brown to drive lo Gary, In Gary's downtown section, l.he bandit jumped out and lossed Brown a handful of half-dollars "for your trouble," Brown said. Gary police held Brown's car for a fingerprint check. also' ouldoor life wilh their families. Foods can be deceiving. We arc likely to judge a food's cooling ability by its lempcralure. Certainly cool foods are more refreshing when the thermometer soars, but whether or not an item is actually cooling depends on its jj||>lc Contest calorie count. Calorie-packed foods WINON'A LAKE, Ind. (UP)— are healing. .' Thirteen five-man teams of teen- This is another reason why hot age Bible experts were geared lo- sylvania in the 1870's. weather is a splendid time to drop extra pounds. Fruit juices, skim milk, hard boiled effgs, loan meal..?, sea food, green salads, fresh fruits, lots of fresh v. :s i j r.d sliced wheat bread are templing, healthful and low in calories. A few more aids to summer com' measured in an elaborate counterjfort: Stockings arc very hot. If network covering half a square (you legs are not brown enough to mile ot the campus. Fifteen counl-j| 0 ok attractive without them, use ers have been set up at points in. orle 0 [ t ] ie ] cg make-ups-. widening circles around the Newman Laboratory of Nuclear Studies. A central station in the laboratory receives and records impulses from all the counters. Prof. Kenneth Griesen, who directs the projects under a National Science Foundation grant, said the aim is to get information about primary cosmic rays of higher energy lhan have yet been investigated. The most powerful ones so far detected have an energy of About one foot-pound—100 billion billion electron volts. Grlesen said about one of these powerful rays can be expected each month in the area covered by the Cornell count- Also, your hairdo can make; u big different;. Either have your hair cut slurler than usual or arrange it in a manner which will be cool. This means get il off your neck! If you would like to have my leaflet about swimming and diving, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaf- • You'll find this lovely rose design *o easy-to-embroidcr—it's worked in cross-stitch and all one color! For a festive-air to your table setting, use it on a luncheon cloth and make a matching scarf for the buffet. ' Pattern No. 25fia contains not- Iron transfer; material requirements; stitch Illustration. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. It's ready I The 1957 Needlework /LBUM — fifty-six colorful pages ihowing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet Items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! HAVE YOU? FORT MAD1S6N, Iowa — New prisoners at the Stale Penitentiary are given classification tests which include the question; "Have you ever felt urged to commit a crime?" Op«n 7:00 j>. m. Show Starts At Duik CHILDREN FKEE TODAY AND TUESDAY 2-First Run Features-2 FIRST TIME SHOWN IN THIS IOCA.LITY Th* fantastic rll* and fabuloui fall of on* of th« grtatut of oil funny men . , .1 O-COHNM ANN ILYTN Th« heart oF a gun illngvr •xpo»«d on th* icronl THE BUSTER KIATON STORY Com* early and l«f rh«' kiddi« «njoy our playground STARTS WEDNESDAY "GUNF1QHT AT OK CORRAL with lurt Ion cottar ond Kirk STATE OPEN 1 P. M. NOW THRU TUES. Beat the Heat in a State Seat The people, the events of the international best-seller are on the screen I > JAMES MASON'JOAN FONTAINE DOROTHY DAMD«DOE'JO»N COLLINS MICHAEL rttNNie day lo compete 'or a European trip in on international quiz on Ihe Scriptures. The contest, with finals Salur- dny night, is part of the Youth for Ohrisl International convention. The winner goes lo Copenhagen, Denmark, for a you'jh congress on evangelism. BARGAINS IN COID WAVES 4.95 Ho urn 8:30 a.m. to I p.m. No Appointment Neatiiary LOGANSPORT BEAUTY SHOP Cla»d AH Day Wictniiday jtft and Broadway OVER BAILEY'S TODAY! 'Southweit Potiago' & 'Young Gum' DAW Tues., Wed. Kl/AI & Thursday "GUN 1 BOLT" ' itorring TAB HUNTER TAB OPEN 1 p.m. FUN AT NIGHT "Return To Treasure Island" with HUNTER Show Starti At Duik fffi Optn Ha'f Hour Earlier TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY "A Face in the Crowd" (Finl Ron) Andy Orlffilh — Patricia N«et THURSDAY-FRIDAY "Heaven Knows Mr. Allyion (Color) Deborah Korr— Robarl Mitchum Hillfoppers Plus Tex Beneke Orchestra At Indiana Beach Wednesday, July 10 The Hilltoppers The Indiana Beach Ballroom. Shafer Lake will present n special i attraction Wednesday, -July 10. when the Hilltoppers recording stars are featured with the Tux Bcnekc Orchestra. The Wall. Lolliss orchestra is currently playing nl Hie Ballroom. The Four Spndcs, youthful ruck and roll artists, open a two-week engagement in I lie !Lounge Mnndny. Pd. 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