The Virginia Gazette from Williamsburg, Virginia on September 12, 1755 · Page 4
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The Virginia Gazette from Williamsburg, Virginia · Page 4

Williamsburg, Virginia
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1755
Page 4
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If r Vif O L D, to the Mghcjl Bidder, at the Doer of the Raleigh Tavern tn Williamlburg, crrnaay a VALUABLE Traft of Land, formerly belonging to Capt. TOWCVwi, con, A ircl Wing on Wmiv Crock, in the County of Bedford, great A rXh5r,try ri rmUch frerV.Vom Stone, and more level than is common, fVl hit wll watered and timbered; and an extraordinary good Range Jo'catl bdni many large Meadow, adjoining s Theresa on it. Two Jin P ntn t?o,t ,00 Mile, from Wa and W'sand a Cart - ro. I to . tch! The Purchafertobe allowedSix Month, Gedit, and .ay enter on thPrern, fu immediately. N. B There iaalfo at 'Ac fame - Time to be fold, 5e or 60 Head of Cattle belonging to the fold Plantations. : . N September A. 17 1 S v.rv .;vtN. That the Prefidcnt and Burfar of TO'iw & Mary Collet 1 be at ' StvJfih, on the 29th Inftant, to examine into the State of 9linKhg'yillimConntyt and to grant new Lcafes, where wanted. the College SCHEME of a LOTTERY, OR ralfing'theSum of .6875, rthe further Proteftion of hii MajeQy's Su F icds JiSft the Infolta and Incror.chments of the aW, m Putfuance of an A of Afrernbly, paflcd the 9th PJf, Tet. at ,. 6 A each. ao6 of whi Sub - Aft oy'T E Ty c"nM.Vf " liht. a. u , 6 A each, ,050 of which are Prizes, W the following Value : ; of kooo f 500 cf oa of ' 350 of wo of 5 of L 20 . of ' JO f - .'.v. .5 x - 5 6 S 50 150 1S10 Total Pralu, . 2000 loco 2C00 !COO 1,00 Zoo 750 IOUO iSeo 9050 Prliei. amounwug 1. 12950 Blanki. Piftolei, at a 1 i. U. each, is . 2675 , zocoo Total Value. '' .. . 6875 t0 I"1 applied tne particular , . Um fuiJ Aft direfled, for the Protection of the Country. PTfe I Tick eta arc difpofcd of by the uthDay of JWr next, the drawing of - I o,oooi k beein at the Ciro, in Willianfmrgi and the Tickets remaining HtteM?J dr w on Account, ar,d for. the Benefit, of the. Country j but if there Wnfold wu w o . Tickc remaining unfold 00 that Day, then ,the drawing of ftould be more .than 5000 , the faid Letter) ' w .J . fi .j the Prize will be publifhed in the Gaxettf, and vAi loon www - the PofTciTors of fortunate Tickets, if demanded in Six Months after : the Money paid t jn tj)at Ti)nCj jjegmed as gCncrou given for the ?.,!tt!le.PrS nA be aonlicd accordingly. : Ufe ot tw w j aie;ppointcd Managers of this Lottery, . 7flr tezr, IW rcir' - - aAtobEfqri. nd Lflflrfjw Carrer, Carter Buwll, eytoun W". ffyZtt Pnotr. Gentlemen, who have given - Bond and Security, and arc n ir, nd 7" "r forinte of ,Vir Trult. TICKETS b fcU ,lre &id MMe'. tltir refpeflive Dwellings. imported from LONDON, and to be - fold in RICHMO N D, SARSAfA ex juobulf and Pill Cochise M Succotrine Aloes, and rvU Antimony and fefuita Bark, Sperma Ceti, Spirit and Oil of Turpen - Boraxj Merc 7 ABJ; Maynn. fjartfhorn - Shavings, Sena, Gold - beater's Skin, Gold tine, Aquaforti f f Britnft0fac, white and brown Sugar Candy, Lunar Cauftic, nd Silver Leaf, J Affi f(1!tida Eiimi, Balfam, Peruvian, Tvlu, Capivi, Senna, na'ucumi Liquorice Ball, Weft - India Tamarinds, Squire's Opium, Ptemot urtar, , Lockyer's P - lls, Britifh Oil, Bateman's Drops, and - Daftey'i .AcJufe. Alfo fcveral Materials for Paint.ngfv. Red ,nd TurUngtoft a Ba iu d Qa - n crt0yS and Swcet - Oil ir4 Flaks, with Lead, Vermil'ion ve,a'l ' faniry other Medicinei. - ' tTo be had at the f4mc Hace, WILLS" Universal Drops, for tne Flux. . e this Medicine was communicated to me, by a Mahometan Tt Preparation of jo wonderfu Efficacy is weJJ klI(,wn . j have , , Vm' cfPCCial,y !n th; C!' wth great Succef. ; it admimltrcd it in uvn . cauj - es ccafc racJtmg an(j griping Pains m the ; gives the Patient .immeai aic , Burning thf Ston)((ch . i? Inteftinea, often going - 'kcnVTEirft by Degrees, and many other Symptoms that promote natural Reft, ana attend this Malady,. duri"& ncav' this Place, have been perfeflly cured by this Medi - Above one hundred lcr wil, u gitcn wlth the ilbovCt cine, and two other limp uircdliom . and , Lift cf iclfJll curtd m kc The Bottle is 10 9 v r L OHgl Price 51,9 6g tJohh, thefirJIDayfOaohcr Fair next, at i Fredencklburg, A of land purfuant to the laft Will and Teftament of ' Willi ''m A Valuable Tratt - containing i6co Acres, morMleft, lying on fluff 0ix HWM. r1' f IeTUnof Flridflurg. As alfo the Negri es.ani Stock Jt.un, withm M M J l" n... for current Money, on fix Months Credit, jiVinR Bond thereon, to the hijrheft Bidaei, EXEC U T O R S. and Security, aiuiui will be fold, with or without the Land, as can be .A'on Dar 0. ., 4 . ' mmfbe Lett, or Sold, and Entered into immediately, " Hl Brick Ordinary, in ffWf Ton' whe" Mr. JuW Z) now live,. T Kmsrnay be known by apply - ! f - ": ' 1 LouifaQowAy j Jne 17 5 e. " IMported in the Ship Ef'jerW Mary, CaprVRofrr Whiting, iaftSpiihg, the folWrng" Parcels of Goods, f'. - a - Caflc "with Nails, No. 1. a Bale with Cottonand Ox! nabrigs, Ho. a. a Cafe with a'Watering. Pot, a Horfrnans Coat, and a PairVf C:3rArik Sheers, No. 3. a Box with Pipes, No. 4. mark'd I C widi F:gure 4 and Crews t'lAjt ; which faid Goods are fuppofed to be landed in fome o'iflant Par: of 'he ( ot.ntry, aj f could never gain any Intelligence of them ; therefore 1 take this Methcd tn . dfiie foft Perfon, or Perfons, as may have thrm in their Pofllfiicn, to give me Notice where! rnay have them, and the Favor fnall bfi gratefully acknowledgrd, by . . t. f. 1 heir humble Servant, Jchn Cart, TAKEN up by the Sulfcriber, living in G'ccfrr County, neat - the Court - fioufe on the 4th Day of 'July lad, a larg - white (L.tA;, ncr 14 Hands high, Lranded o the near Buttock KB, undock'd, he rn.t a'iH j,U - pi, - , and aj - pcais to' be about ja Years old, and has been appraifed at Five Pound;., The Owner may have h m of me on paying as the Law directs. t iHiam Rmr, Jun, TAKEN up by the Subfcriber, in King & Sheen County, a middle - fix'd Pay Horfp with abob'd Tail, mort Mane, and branded on the near Huttock I S. lie hssl)ee ported and appraifed at Four Pounds. The Owner nay have him of n.e, payir.g as the Law dirctfs. B Jin Strbey. Au if ao, 1755. STRAY'D or ftolen from the Subfcriber, in B'atteiford, about lour Months ajo, a large Bay Mare, with a Switch Tail, and branded on the near Shoulder S, and neat - Buttock W. She had a very fore Ealc when he went away. Whoever brings her to me, in Blandford, hill receive a Pjflole Reward ) and if ftok - n, Five Pjfroles on Con - . . ' '.. Wa.'ter Ecyd. ':. vidlion bf the Thief. 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 11 To be SOLD or RENTED, and entered on im - ' v, mediately, A LARGE Brick Houfewith fix Fire Rooms and Clofets, two Kitchens, aSmoak - Houfe, and Stable, with a large I - ot and Garden pail'd in, fituate on the main Street, pppofitc to the Georgt Tavera. The Terms to be known by applying to the Subfcriber, in Ham ft on. I Alexander Ktnnre'y. 1 , . - . ror - Town, Augujti - ji ij, RAN away fjom the Subfcriber, early en Saturday Morning lift, a young Neroe FelJow, named Mingo, of a yellowifli Complexion, ;m made, about 15 Years of Age; had on when he went away, a l;ght colored Ruflia Drab Coat : He was ieen m and abot Hampton, and pretended he was fent down to wait n a Gentleman. He took with him a Bay Horfc, which has f?n'ce been ft - und jiear Hampton. Whocvr will apprehend the faid Slave, and deliver him to Mr. Jacob, or Mr. Georgt Waiter, ii Hampton mail have Half a Piftole Reward, befides what the Law allows. John Nerton, N. B. The faid Slave has been Outlaw'd. AN away from the Subfcriber, living in Wincbejhr Town, - Frederick County, on. (V 7ierfy the' nth of A - 'gu'K a Servant Woman, named Hurrah fVi'fon, about 3 Years of Age, of a middle Stature, good Complexion, born in Denmark, but fpeaka Low Dutch, and pretty grod Engiijo j and, it is fuppofed, he went away with fome Sailors were in the Battle on the Monmgibela, and were g. ing to their Ship at Hap - ton : She had on when fhe went away a blue quilted Petticoat, a white Flannel d tto, a red flower'd Jacket, and a white ditto, but no Shoes : Ir is fuppos'd that lie has drefs'i herfelf in Sailor's Apparel, in Order to go to. London with the fa;d Sailors, Wnoever will apprehend and fecure the faid Runaway, fo that Ihe may be had again, fliall have Three Piftolcs Reward, befides. all reafonable Charges, paid by . 1 Jlinry BrinUr. TAKEN up by the Subfcriber, in Ghcefler County,, a. fmall black Horfe about j Hands, and branded on the near Buttock the Letter C the wrong Way. The Owner may have him of me, paying as the Law d:redts. I. . J , Lrutn Booker, HTVAKEN up by the Subfcriber, in Culfefer County, a middle - liz'd b'aik Mare, branded on the 0(1' Buttock H : She hth been appraifed at Thirty Shilhjigi, The Owner may have her of me, paying as the Law directs. fl James Spilman. To be SO L D, at the Printing - Office, in Williamf - burg, very cheap, jor reddy Money, SUNDRY Sets or Surveying Inruments, with Chains, Protiattois, (ffc. with Cafea of Inftruments for protracting, Br. fs Land Oadranti, sV, To be SOLD, by the Subfcriber s, by Virtue of Powers v of Attorney, jrom William M'Redie, Brother and Heir at Law to Thomas IVPRedie of Fredcrickf - burg, Merchant, deceas'd, and Thomas M'R - cdie, Father of the faid Thomas, A Plantation in Augifa County, on SLenandae River, containing 450 Acres more ef lefs, 100 of which are extraordinary rich low Grounds; as alfo, Ten choice working Slaves, with Hogs, Horfes, and Cattle. The Premises may be entered upoB, and enjoyed, at any Time after the Salt. Whom has a Mind to purchafp, may apply to us arid know the TermJ, John MitcLeU, t. f. William Cuningbam. To be SOLD, in Prince - George County, FOURTEEN Hundred Acres of Land, containing both valuable high and love Grounds, affords good Water, good Pafturage, and is Well timber'd with laige Oak, Pine and Poplar, whereon are three good Plantations, in good Order far Cropping ; and the Manor Plantation is a very handfome Situation, with the following Convenienries, vi. One Dwelling - HoufeZ by containing 4 Rooms and 4 Clofets, with 1 Buck Chisn - cys, plaifler'd and white - wafli'd j alfo another Dwelling - HouCe 38 by 18, with, a Stack of .Chimneys In the Middle, a Rooms on a Floor, and a brge ClofitlaiftKr'H and white - wafti'd, a good Dairy, Meat - Houfe, Smoik - Houfe, Kitchen, Quer, Spinnine - Houfc with a Brick Chimney, cne 40 aad one 31 Feet Tobacco - Ifoiifes, a large well - fixed S'oie; with feveral orher convenient H ufs and Orchards ; and 011 each of the other Planta'icns are two 32 Feet Tobjcco - Houfes, an Ovei feer's - Houfe, and Negroe Quarters, l,kew fe Orchards, and pood Water. Any P - 'fon inclina! lc to p' - rcafe mav Un - nv ke Terms, bv applying n barits Turniull at PoHrflurg, Jdn Uyndman at Smithft'd, i r Willi Stcver.fon at York, t. f. ivrr TIA MSB URG: Printed by William Huntir, at the GEN ER A L POST - OFFICE ; by l n.n. mav be fuDDlied with this Paper. Advertifements of a moderate Length a - re inferred for Three ...L Pfnn, mav be funplied with this Papi sSgVthc firft Week, . ad. Two 'Shillings each Wetk. Iter.

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