Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 8, 1957 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1957
Page 11
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Monday Evening, July 8, 1057. Renew Controversy Over Krebiozen As Scientists Hunt for Cancer Cure SCIENCE TODAY By DELOS SMITH United Press Science Editor Copyright 1957 By umted Press NEW YORK, (UP)-According to one recognized cancer expert, a substance he has never seen caused some cancers to disappear and pulled their victims back from the brink of the grave. As you scarcely need to be told, that is what hundreds of scientists at a cost of many millions of dollars have been looking for these many years. But according to almost all if not all other recognized cancer experts, this substance has done and will do no such thing and is, in fact, worthless. There you have the heart of a bitter fight which has been raging inside cancer research science for almost six years—a fight of one cancer scientist against almost all if not all his colleagues. ' The fight now is being taken into th« arena of the general public where there are no recognized cancer experts but only people who long for something — anything— which works against cancer and through taxes and contributions pay, gladly, most of the high costs of cancer research. Reader Becomes Judge Whether or not you feel up to it, as a non-expert, you're going to be asked to judge the merits of the fight and influence the outcome—if you haven't been asked already. The askers are the one embattled scientist and an organized group of earnest, convinced non-experts led by Gloria Swanson, the film star. •biozen must now be thoroughly and scientifically tested on a large scale so'its beneficial eflects may be" proven beyond quibble or doubt. Opponents' Contentions The contention of his scientific* opponents are: —•krebiozen has been thoroughly and scientifically tested already, and has been found to be worthless against cancer beyond quibble or doubt. They rely upon the two studies which Ivy challenges. —Ivy himself is honest and sincere but he has been "deluded" -or "duped" by persons seeking to exploit cancer patients and their relatives. —It is unspeakably cruel to hold out a. "worthless" substance whose existence even has to be in doubt, as a "magic cure" and thus deflect .cancer patients from the two things which might really cure them—surgery "or radiation.. Because you, the man-in-the- street, are being asked to judge between these two contending forces, this reporter is going to provide you with the facts, pro and con, in five dispatches of which this is the first. At the outset, you are warned to hold onto your hat. This controversy has generated a searing heat, and the dead cats hurled by both sides obscure scientific horizons. For example, the president of the University of lUjnois got fired—he was the most notable of Krebiozen's casualties. .Two of these dead cats will be buried decently now, at the beginning. Suppression Charge False One is the charge, made re- which cannot possibly be realized. Again imagine yourself a doctor, and you'll appreciate the grossness of the • insult. It is true that the Krebiozen side has resemblances to the usual pattern of cancer quackery, that being a chemical Annual Vaccination Of Dogs Advocated DIXON SPRINGS, 111.—A University of Illinois veterinarian says the first important step toward eliminating rabies is annual vaccination of dogs. • "Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Australia and Hawaii have eliminated rabies by following a strict muzzling, licensing and quarantine program compound of unknown composition for dogs," said Dr. M. ,E. Mans which is .said to be a rnagic-potion, and a discoverer - promoter who frankly wants to make monsy with it. But Ivy's most uncompromising opponents concede that no matter how mistaken lie may or iiot be,..he ;s a completely honest, physician, • scientist, and man. And Ivy vouches for the integrity of Krebiozen's -discoverer - promoter. field, attached to the Dixon Springs experimentation station. "The same thing can be done here. But everyone must co-operate." Mansfield said present laws are directed .toward cutting out or at least cutting down rabies in dogs. He says dogs are one of the most numerous carriers of the disease. "Notify a veterinarian whenever a'n animal is suspected of having rabies,? Mansfield said. "Humans exposed to rabid animals should contact a doctor without delay. Early treatment of people bitten by rabid dogs is effective but delay- may be fatal." Mansfield listed the following early symptons of rabies: irritability, tendency,to fight, appetite for odd 1 things. "These symptons. are followed by excitement, restlessness and vicious attacks," he said,'"with the final result being paralysis 'and death." Afterthought ' MIAMI '.(UP) — Police ' saW thieves breaking into Donahi A. ForsWade's apartment put pleasure before business. The looters cooked a 'meal in .the kitchen and drank six cold beers before making . off with $242 worth of Forsblade's belongings.. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Born; To Mr. and Mrs. William lover, route 2, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gaby, route 2, Royal Center, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. John Busch, 117 Thirteenth street, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hendrix, route 2, Flora, a daughter. Admitted: 'Charles Foster, 715 Plum street;.Mrs. Darlene Hoehne, route 1, Rochester; Mrs. Imogene Schreckenghaust, 835 State street; Mrs.'Violet Titus, 225 West Dewey street; Henry Carter, 1229 Spear street; Miss Barbara Lavy, route 3, Delphi; Miss Linda Haselby, route 2, Royal Center; Mrs. Her tha Lewis, 426 Howard street. Dismissed: Baby boy Berkshire, 214 Burlington avenue; Mrs. Frededick Moss and daughter, . 717H West Market street; Mrs. Boyd Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Eleven Purcell and son, 1405 High street; Mrs. George Shanks ans daughter, route 1; Mrs. George Plotner and daughter, Royal Center; Miss Christina and Master Timothy McKaig, route 1; Mrs. Betty Swisher, 2718 Emmett Drive; Mrs. Hazel Boettjer, 1430 Usher street; Master David Murray, 1428 Chicago street; Master Douglas Weese, route 1, Burnettsville; Miss Margaret Mitchell, route 5; Mrs. Mary Dunn, 1905 Spfear street; James Griffey, Camden. ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. David Gulp, 1324 Liberty street, a daughter. Admitted: Mrs. Louise Hardin, 209 Thirteenth street; Victor Holland, 304 West Broadway; baby Charles 'Weaver, Jr., 403 Lawn street; Mrs. 'Elizabc'th Rist, 217 Barren street; Peter Miller, 516 Dizardie street. Dismissed: Mrs. Nina Ballard, route 4; Mrs. Virginia Black, 701 Parkway Drive; James Burrows, Winamac; Miss Marilyn Camp, 427 Cole street; Mrs. Audrey Hfflman, route 4; Harry Jones, 312i East* Columbia street; Frederick, Thomas, and William Vernon, 809 Nineteenth street; Mrs. Flora Clemoris, Star City; Walter Mehaffie, 1327 High street; Mrs. Barbara Wad- dups, route 2, Kcwanna; Mrs. Doyle Walker and daughter, 1720 Woodlawn avenue. She's "Too Old" OOlitic, Ind. (UP) — Fred Waiden complained to a justice of the peace that a neighbor jumped over his four-foot fence and salted his petunias. But Mrs. Lily Lawyer, 55, said "I'm too old and stiW •to jump even a three-foot fence." The scientist is Dr. Andrew Con- peatedly from the Krebiozen side, way Ivy, professor of physiology j that the medical -profession, and head of the department of clinical science, University of Illinois. The substance is called "Kre- biozen." His' contentions are: Krebiozen has been tried in hundreds of -cancer patients and demonstrated to be "biologically active" against cancer. The studies of the activity of Krebiozen in cancer patients made in 1951 and 1952T under the auspices of the American Modioal Asson. and the University of Ittrnois (which found Krebiozen to be more or less worthless) were contaminated by bias, ignorance, and downright dishonesty. Therefore, they proved nothing. —For the sake of humanity, Kre- through the American Medical Asson. has conspired to suppress an effective weapon against, cancer. Imagine yourself a doctor, deeply enmeshed in the agonies of the dying and their loved ones. Would you withhold the treatment —any treatment — you had even a slight reason to think might work? As one famous cancer expert told this reporter, his eyes moist with anger and his' voice trembling, "the -mere suggestion is obscene." The other dead cat, which has been tossed repeatedly from the anti-Krebiozen side, is classifying Ivy among One "cancer quacks" who have and are bedeviling hapless cancer victims with hopes Burlington Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Grain and grandson, Ronnie Crain, visited with the former's son, Erville Crain, ami family in Chicago recently and attended the commence- •menl program at Calumet High School where the letter's son, Allen, was a graduate. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bcamer, of Indianapolis, are the parents of a 9 lb., 15 oz. son, Brett, born at Indianapolis. The mother was formerly Shirley Hodson. Farm of the late Fred Allen was sold at auction Saturday U> Mr. and Mrs. Doris Blohm. Miss Eileen Garrison, presented her piano students in a recital at her home last Thursday afternoon. The program, composed ol solos, duets and was closed with an organ-piano duet by Eileen and Karen Garrison. Students were: Rita Seward, Judy and Howard Eller, Jocelyn Michael, Richarc Crume, Donna Oakley, Esther Cox, Tom Hanna, Joe and Rita Oyler Richard Stout, Julia Thomas, am Sandra Byrum. Robin Johnson, daughter of Mr, .and Mrs. Ned Johnson, local Pharos-Tribune carrier, won a trip to the Lighting Due Ranch on Bass Lake at Knox. The building that housed the Davis Electric Appliance shop was moved recently to the Fred An dcrson lot a new and large cement block building is being erected at the site where the building has been located by Ennis Davis and ions. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson, ierc for summer vacation at the iome of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson, and other relatives. The home of Mr. and Mra. Bud Anderson was the scene of a fam- ly get-to-gether Sunday, honoring the birthdays of Harry D. James and his twin sisters, Mrs. Pauline 3rury and Mrs. Evaline Bonsum. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Jones and family of Logansport; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Drury and daughters of Kokomo.-Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bonsum and family, Mr. and Mrs. Denzil Jonas, Mr, and Mrs. Bud Anderson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth (Dickie) Orem are the parents ol' a son, Dale Jean, born Saturday morning at St. Joseph Hospital, Kokomo,. The molher's maiden name was Joyce Loman. The Loyal Workers Class of the Methodist church met at the home of Mrs. Charley Thomas. Wednesday aftornoon with Mrs. Dan Johns presiding. Mfs. Johns gc?e the devotions and Mrs. Earl Hoag presented the lesson after the regular business session; Contests were won by Blanche Hlnkle and Anna Johns. Mrs. Hinkle also won Ihe door prize; 11 attended. The Easy Way MOBILE, Ala. (UP) Housebreakers who robbed Nat Berger o-f some $5,000 in jewelry and bonds found il pays to start at the -bottom a-nd work your way up. 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