The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1931
Page 5
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HIATJ1KVU-LG, (AUK.) ('OURUM NKWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word lor first insertion and one cent a '•urn (or e«ch lubsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken lor less than 50o. Uuuiu the words and eeud tJie cash. L'honc 306 FOU SALE KOR SALE—Baby chicks. Pay this lull. See us about plan. Marilyn llaicliery. stc-'l't' b9 RUTH DEWEY GROVES ©1951OY NEA SKVKEIM AUTHOR OF , Thetliisbandttuntewh:. FOR SALE—Kotvdcn and DPL cotton seed. Wclcli Foster at the Grand Leader. 2ck1 von SAI.B—2 yood work mules, 1 good milk cow. Cash or credit. A. Comvay or Hatch Duan at Harris Bam. 4I--K7 f OH UENT FOU RENT— Apartment in lugran: building. See rarkhurst Company. OC-T1' WAJNTED POULTRY WAWTKD—Market un. tcs, uny iiuunlii-y. Marilyn lial- cnciy, 21U b. i'uurin JSt. SC-i'l 1 ' WANTED — Family wnsluugs or iiuneral housework. Mrs. Dora iV.m-11, £207 IBth bt. TF I'OULTRY WANTED — Martlet prices pain M C. L. Bennett Co. Fvcd Co. 210 W. Kailroad. St., west 01 courthouse, J. li. Fisner, t'ni <H. 21C-TF LARGE NATIONALLY KNOWN MANUFACTUREU will start you ill business lor yoinsclt. We Imn- is!i nearly incryihlnj. Many make 550 lo $75 weekly proncs. Steady re- lieal ljusiiiess. Write quickly. G. C HLBKRMNG COMPANY, Dept, 27 Uiouniington, III. 4C-K' DEPENDABLE person wanted to handle Walkiits products in Bly- llicville; customers established, excellent, earnings. Write in own handwriting, J. R. Watklns Co., 8U- 15 Kentucky St., .Memphis Torn. WANTED TO KENT — Furnished apartment. Call 505. C-K-12 1'EUSONAL CARS WASHED, Greased, Tops Dressed, Bodies Polished, 50c each job. Bob King, 417 W. Ash. 28P-KG lIKtilil HKHi: TODAY lIlMtVI, IIOIIDKV, ulTrrllr In llvr tvllh '10.MJ1V XVII.SCI.V, dll- rnvrrj thnt far Ift i>lniiiiln>; lo ••lunc <iltli brr Jj«lr-«Ulrr, lltliMl i:vi:niiTi'. llfrjl i.uil her "j;n»fc'' kldnn|i Toim.ij- DIII] take him (1.1.1 the- comitr)- Mlirr« Khe tir^cjt Llrti Co cnnltnre In cnlltco niul nul Itri'.lk llu- hrnrl »C ut« num. Mils. lll)l-'K- HAN. \ilio U nniiiulns Mm. Full- IIIE 1<J ciuitlnrv him, llcr>! IrU 'rmiLiuf ri'lurn In her j.[slrr. Irriii 1 , eMisKrJ nt llip Inn;; \%nll, rrhm'K In llnlrii In hU i'.\[ilyim- linn lintl iiListLiimr* Ilif i-ltiiti'iili'iit. .Ncit Uny Tummy giir.'! IMitug wrih kl« urn-It anil lliiil» llrrvl mid hi-r JSJIIIK nil I*H> lii'ni-'i. Hut* of 111.- Ijii).. AMIII-:, i>!i|i» Jlliar from Ibi! l:ru^^J [mil IM cnrrlril mil )>)• III^ 1ldi>. 'I'uiiituy itml Jtrr>l ri-«riie hllii mid *hi' I* nrrrilfd s^blk. Kiircilln^ fur n ihirtnr. ilti«- (-\cr, uhl-ii thr iiLllfi'r ti/iili-j-KlniiiU Jlf lu'l|»n Ktt <'!»-• ilnrliir iilul *mm Au^Tp lif onl nf i!:in*rr. 'riuiiiny fsk'nljK Ilrryl iiuJ i.hc ri'^L'iilH II. \o\v GO ox WITH TIII: sroiiv CHAl'TEIl VI OERYL was aliout to ilrlvc away *-^ wlipti she callctl lnu'k over licr E'.iouldcr lu Toisnuy: "You'tl licttei 1 conic alon^ as inr ns ibo ^.nrnfjfi mil liriiis your uncle's tar Lack." Tommy [ilancctl out at Uni liuat ivliere 1)9 knew Ills uncle must be fuming ami in ^0:110 iliiLiciilly. "JlnyLo 1 had," liu uxrccil. "You rontd send it out but he'd be sore i( a stranycr drove it ami I aucss lie's liad about enouyh lijhing for ioilny anyway." "I'm ?orry your day is KiioHeil." Beryl npolofizccl as bo cliinbcil in ivilli the boys in the tmk sc:it. She was Klail the nicclianic wlio ba< brought licr car was In tlui fron' I eat willi her -slid couhl at leas prclenil that Tommy v/oiild bave ;at llierc if tlicre'il liccn vonui 10: liim. "I'm just Iliat bis;a tool."sin tbousbl. "althousb I knuw h wouldn't." Tbo mechanic cot o'.it witli Tommy when they icacheil Hie garage at (be ci'oss-rosds, it being tlic lilacc wliere bo was employed, lieryl was iuliiiitelj relievei! to learn of (Ills Tact. It made setiliim her bill for the new tire uiucii easier. The garage owner knew Mr. Hofi'man well and accepted without quest inn Beryl's promise to send him I he money. "See that you so straight home snil don't get into any more trouble on the way," Tommy said to her in parting. "You needn't blame me for evevy- tliins that hanpcns," Beryl snipped back at him. STOCKHOLDERS; MEETING ot The Blythcvillc Cotton Oil Company The .Annual Meeting ol the directors and stockholders ol the above'company will b; held Thursday, June Olh at 10:30 A. M. in the olliccs ot W. A. Gage & Co., Falls Bldg., Memphis, Tcnn. 4C-KG-3 . ~ "Will 1'ou wail /or mcP" ht asfed hens, "I've gol somcl/ii'ng (o la\l( to you about," — . during the day Etuci; with him, | an only clilhl nml the thought lliat even to the r.oint of inr.Kia:^ liim ; t:be bail nearly loot liim diuve his iruiiervious to liis mick's vcvb:il as-: mufber cloL-e lo by.=tcr!a. sanlts when at last be joined him lievyl bad trlcil to quiet her but on the fishing boat. j Irene mailo that impossible, being Tommy stood, dripping from his | provoked to an outburst ot temper I 111 KM-: glanced nt lilin over her shoulder. "Oil, now Unit yon'vo iv.i>," hliu said, wllh H Biicrrliiy • on l!n> pronoun, "ovcrvthiiiL; will n; lovely. You nml lieryl . . ." Ili-i- voice tnilled nway hi n mean- UK Hint \vns not lost on Tommy. "I cunio over for you," lie said di'fonsivi'ly. 'Hut you will remah' to help H'-ryl sol herself mil nt this l.1li\u i:i-^," Bin- lojbed liiif'i with n false, nille. liciyl saw herself being left hlsh and dry In (line r.f need, "I'lease, Tommy," s!io said boldly, "just pi n;i n:id fell Aimlc you'll find hU f:illnr fur him. Mrs. Heed Li only vvitliu; him mow every aihmlu. He'll Hsu-)) lo you—you're & heio t-j him since- yon ."lived his life." Tummy" Ml 111* i-iM|ionslblliiy. "Will you wall for me?" lie njked lieiK'. ''I'vo KOt something lo talk lu y-m n!)otit. 1J "Yes?" Irene mocked, (lien sur[•'bed Mm by adding: "Don't liu E"u loni:. I've something lo lull you. (en." Tummy started up Itic stairs, J unidi were, in ULU llvliin roojn, nml Mi-ryl i.iiH about to lollu.- win-ii caught an expression on Irene';! face. Him halted hor. It nccuied lief as iilnin as words ot rnnnius afier Toniniy. KUe thought for a secnad or Uo ot turning back, then sho wc-iu on, hurrying., and caught np v. ith Tommy us he reached the door of Antic's room. "I'll uet lila mollic-r out." she said Boftly, "nml you will liiul Iii3 fattier, won't yon'tf" Tummy v.-nlkcd over lo (ho bod without answering. "I'll loo!; nfu-r Aimie," he said to Mr?. Heed. "You'd belter to with Ueryl and lie dowu." OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern MAfJ Hou) PIP Noti SLEEP MV swim oul, Eitid lislencd with n cant, dreamy expression lliat exasperated bis imele almost lieyond words—almost, but hot (jniie. It cruld have been quite for all the attention Tommy vouchsafed him. H etiiled with Jlr. Hoffman giv- liif? up tlioiigbt of furlliov filling OLI that day ami they went home. ! by the inlcrnuillun of her vclcc work. "If yon could only realize that even In tills day anil ago a girl has no rifbt lo act like a wild Indian, yon "would spare your friends | "''m afraid Cliarllo r PIIK way licr sou greeleu Tommy -*- rcassincd his molher. Sliu Kot up from the side (,! the bed, but Ki-.tncd reluctant to (:o. "You'll rub his le^s and hack j;ood3' J sbo asktd doublfully. Tommy nodded, and Dcryl led her lo her own room. Tltero sbo realized lliat somo of thu clmi t(cd lienc bad brought against her in Mvs. Heed's healing lin'd taken per- nianeiit lodginf; in the hitter's mind, blame mo ".\o?" he replied, ami his iuflcc- Tommy hurried into bis best EH! on said bo did. Ho was thinking and over lo Ircuo'o boas?. But In lion that if she'd niimlctl her own business this would he his wedding and your family a lot ot trouble |'or letting Ansic go lo the beach and humiliation," she declared without one of us nlons," she paid, holly. hurried into his besl suit i Ucryl did not answer. She was telling Mrs. Heed what lliey must do for Angie. "Look at yon!" Irene went on. ilid not find her at home. Mrs. Kverdt .told him she was at the day. But say. it was Sunday. Ouesai Ilccrls'. they couldn't have got a license on "She' Sunday. Funny noboily'd lliouqbl I she added importantly.. ."Miss about that. Oh welt, they could Spangle telephoned Ibis morning— "Drivins all over 1,0113 Island in ! Inlimalcu lo tlio parents of ; got some wonderful nev;.=," | a batliins suit. It's a wonder you American Legion Gives Homeless Member House have spent tlio day wiib heac's friends and planned the ceremony in peace. It didn't take so much planning, though. All you had to do was go somewhere and hut thcie, I'll: sure she'd want to tell yon about it herself. Auyway she bad to rush right over to practice with Mrs. Heed. She's Irene's accompanist, yon knov;," she tx- didn't get arrested." "Aw say," Auyic put in, "who'd a: rest Mi-:3 Ueryl? liesidcs we didn't see any cops oa tlio way liatnc." "It's a good llihip; you didn't," felt tho wound ot the un sjioken accusation—thai sbo had failed in her charge. That is what Ireno bad sahl, in other words. It wag not (ho first timo Irenn bad her that sho was u risk, but never been anything to bear her out be-fore this. Suppose (hey with Irene—and broke, i: tier i;am;! Uetyl turned hurriedly, away from (ho thought. "\Vhyt. those kids were Ibc bluest tiling In BOOTS A1ND HER BUDDIES WHOOl'liE!! f ^ ~ By Martiu ]i cc . I150 _yct Aiuit Km anil Beryl I plained, quite unnecessarily, for tried to make a his thins out of it. Tommy Vncw it as well an s!ie. Hut Of course-but it was a gamble I s!ic liked the word; II made Irene TURNERS FALLS. Mas., (UP) — The home of Paul Kclpacki of llotnaguc C^iucr, World War veteran, was destroyed by lire recently with virtually all its furn- isilmss, leaving him and his large family ir. n bad way. There was no insurance. Thanks to the local American Legion |»5t, of which he is a member, Kclpacki is to have a new home, and it, will not cost him rv penny. I.cgtemaircs are building the house, which also will be fitted with lurnilure by the post. anyway, so most people said. That was a funny thinrr, too. They'd admit that, and then they'd.tell you lo wait until ,you uoro sure you knew what you were doing. so muc-H more a have an accompanist. to A STHANOK feeling of mica?!- Cotton Taper Folders I'rintetl PHOENIX, Ariz., lUP) — Residents of Arizona's colon producing areas rejoiced recently when the Central Arizona Light & Power Company produced a series of Meiers printed on cotton "paper 1 in which Ilio use of such matcria] was urged as a metlitxl of reducing the country's colon surplus Tiie material, which is cloth ralh- cr than paper, is capable of taking pen and ink characters \\illiou' blurring. REPAIRED WASHED GRFASEO EATON A1ND SON J'linnc 700 Main & 5th S PLANTING SEED FOR SALE OR TRADE 1'urcl). 1'. i and No.-l Slnnevillc No. I & No. 2 SfiO Gish or 2 for 1 J. M. STEVENS Irene was nt tlie Heeds' honr,3 ?bc lakl j v.ouid hear about ilia part in tlic felt.' rcscuo of Ansio bcroie lie himself But lie supposed it was imlural foi-jronhl tell her of it. Shu wouldn't rrifJMMY wished lie could i *- Irene feel as sure as be Irfjie insisted, "or we'd be liior- - yuuhly discraeed by now." I '^Ve muut i;et Au^io lo hcd," j Dci-yl ?riid to Jh-j. l;ecd. An^ie deve'oiicd a sudden trncn- | lc-i:ce. "i don't \vant R lot ot women 1 iti^sjit' over uie," lie protested. "I wane my Daddy." I "Ob, where is Charlie?" Mrs. Heed wailed, licr thought, lll:o her j son's, leaning lo thy man of Hie family. "Someone mil;;' find him!" And then the telephone ran;;. Tltfi a girl to bo more reluctant to tnkc the Una I step. Poor Irene, she probably Y/:i3 thinking he didn't lovo lier, . . . "S:ty, watch your stop," llic iv.c- chanic yelled at htm ;is he was mixed up 1 families of Die otiier l>oya in the party were bcxinnin^ to call in to ask r.linnl AIIKIC. Kvcn li;ryl was scarcely opal to this situation. And when Tommy walked i:ito it like the way D«rji v/aa in it. And lie couldn't Mania her, either, because he .seemed fore-vet t;> l:p i;etiiiii; mixed up in tilings with Ueryl. "Cuess I'll fa over there," lie! she turned to liim in ,~.ljvioas velicf. nliout lo back bis uncle's ear into a j said to Mrs. Everett and hurried "I'm siad you've come," she said bis sedan, ami Tommy was com-'away before she. could toil liim lic'v.-ilh unaffected sincerity. "We relied to lake his mind of? Irene'mustn't interfere wilh the, vocal-j can't dn .1 thins with Aa?ic!" until he got on U;e open road. iziiii'. I 'i'«m">y loukcil Ijeyni.d her al The UioiiBht that sbe might be Tlicvo was nnilc a lot ot cnitimo- j Irene wiio sal at the piano, mckiug disappointcil »t Ui» non-appearance Jtloii at Hie Kcod house. .-\tisio »'JJ 1^:1 sous melodies. .- . . . . her life . . . except . . . there \va;; a <|nc-er, \varm feeling at her heart as her nmul piclnu-d Tommy in llio nearby room mluislerins lo Angie. Tommy would make, a nice lalher. . . . .Mis. Itecd looked at her, slarllcd as slie ![:',];;heil nlnad, a ': abruptly Plillcd, aa though H irprised Ueryl hci'^elf. "I don't see—" Mrs. Heed was about to say she. didn't fu anything aa'.usiny in a hnsban when LI cull from helov.' cnir.e np to tlicm. H wns Irene. "Tommy, I'm leaving," shu sbouted. Then. "I bave lo t;o, Mrs. Heed. ?.Iayhe Mother c::n come ovc-r and help yon." Hevyl's oyc3 llaKhcd anarily, bill Mrs. Ilced found an excuse fer Ircno's Bcliishness. "She must bo anxious to tell Tommy her news,'' sbe said meekly, i. 'To Ho C^iitlnnetl) ' TOE CrSFCMM Ot TAffi. K.S.PfvHlS WHO (5 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEAMS. May 5 I.UP) — Cotton closed sleady. Oiwn High Low- Clo.'O . me 078 sco 095 KBO BIG 1031 1035 1011 1059 1CCO 1034 1070 1071 1053 1000 1000 1074 6)1015 sleady and unchanged 915. May Jul Oct Deo Jnu Mar 9Mb 53 li 1021 104-1 10511) !074b at New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 5 tUl')— Cot- .011 closed steady. Ojien Hish Low Close Dell, Ark. Way Jill . Oct Dec Jan Mar 977 1K>2 10W 1C02 1075 1003 073 1003 1038 10-34 1016 1034 05 R OTT 1013 1030 1C14G 1070 958 D81 1018 10H 10J3 1073 970. quiot and uncliaiiBed al Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T Anaconda Copper . Auburn Chrysler Cities Service Continental Baking . General Electric ... General Motors ... Montgomery Ward New York Central . Packard Radio Corp Simmons Texas Corp U. S. Steel 1EO 26 1-4 212 19 5-8 15 3-3 . 12 1-2 43 1-4 41 3-4 18 98 1-2 1 7-8 50 1-2 13 l-'2 22 3-8 113 7-8 BEAVER, UCr.h. (UP)—Faimov not doer, are in need of projection, according to .1 peneral complaint of ranchejs who sa:d dot;' were trampling down Icnccs and damaging alfalfa Melds. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS MOKU THAN OSCAH CAN KinilUK OliT _ ^ : U6ABD 1 SI0...80TTUIS ROBV,^ By Blosscjj V14ELL,HOVI ASCOT Ity OWCliS FAR.'A,TK£V! 1 ITS AS CH-D AS "HI 1 WORLD AtJ' HE CAUT Ev£w S6T TViEfJTY OO! A \HHOLE ACRE OF IT ' -• see 1M9VR(; MAKHJ SUCH A IXiSS OffiE A RU8V 'i o. coupi.e op YEARS &-O, MO, MOT YET, 60T OUSVflA FISID IT BEFOEE UOSJ& HOW.... PETS ASA''-? VJELU, DID YOU FIHD THE ROBV? THIS IS SO Oi-O THAT ITS wuos OF CAiilN'S SKCRKT SlOUCHEt) e vo&s, HOT STARES. SUi'.&FOJ'tttn. i\ ^ Ci'.i.'?>, s,t,i.RiM(3 «OE.t> WASH

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