Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 5, 1957 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1957
Page 17
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Wednesday Evening, June 5, 1957. RIP KIRBY ' I'LL HIPE THE 6EI6ER COUNTER IN OUK LU66ASE. MR, KIRBY MIGHT NOT APPROVE — AMR ANYWAY; i WANT TO THEY ARE ROCKS! HOW'd YOU GET THEM OUT OF YOUR HEAP? RELAX, BABY/ THESE THINGS 'ARE 6ONNA-MAKE US A LOT OF MONEY... WONPEfTFLIL, 5TOSIE.' BUT 'WHY THE PAPER BAS? WAS TOE JEWELER SHORT OF VELVET WHILE ACROSS TOWN.. BELLE, THIS IS YOUR LUCKY MICKEY FINN T-TOMORROW? J TUP pij 0 TO ANNOUNCE B-BOTVMINTY, 1 NONSENSE, I PARPOH ME, HVE REALLY < PHIL! you ,/MR.MINTMORE! VOO'RE I HOPE THEY GET ALL A. OH, IT WOMT MATTER. OUR CLUBS OUT OF THAT 1 PHIL! I'VE ALREAP/ POND BEFORE WE LEAVE / ORDERED" TWO NEW TOPAY.MiNTy! S SETS FOR TOMORROW! IT, PHIL! THE CROWD WAS .TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTED THAT THEY DIDN'T SEE YOU PLAY THE WHOLE _-< GOT TO G-60 CAN STAY ANOTHER WEEK ANP WE'LL— WANTED ON TOE PHONE! '/•' '3 :!z /tL' Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Seventew KERRY DRAKE NO.' YOU'RE COMING WITH ME/1 WANT TO INTRODUCE YOU TO MY BEEF STEW-AMP MY HANDSOME HUSBANP/ I MISKTVE KNOWN- WELL.. HOW ABOUT TAKING YOU ANP THAT LUCKY 6UY TO DINNER? KERRY.. I HADN'T GCTC AROUND TO MENTIONING IT.. BUT.. A PRETTY SIRL LIKE NOW LOOK,MINPY.'I WAS FEELINS SORRY FOR MYSELF BECAUSE I.HAP TO EAT ALONE — SO WHY CAN'T WE DROP THESE GROCERIES OFF AT YOUR AB°iSTMENT AND... REX MORGAN, M. D. YES, DR. MOESAN/ WHAT'S THE PROGNOSIS ? I'M SURE WE'RE PEALIN& WITH A MSB Of NEPHRITIS IN THAT CHILD.' WE'LL TREAT HER SY/WPTCWATICALLY-- ANP THEN GO AHEAP WITH THE KIDNEY FUNCTION TESTS.' . I'D SAY THE OUTLOOK rS FAIR! AS YOU KHOW, KIDNEY DISORDERS ARE A MAJOR CAUSE OF DEATH AMON6 CHILPREN .' THERE'S MUCH RESEARCH THAT WE EPS TO I Y ARE fOU SURE THERE ISN'T A PR. KEITH C/WEU. HERE IT ITS A SPECIAL DELIVERY — ADPRESSED IN CAEE Of OK. MORGAN !. THERE'S NO ONE BY THE WAME OF CAVEU. HERE/ SEND IT BACK/ EMMY LOU "Imagine — Jayne Mansfield gets paid for looking beautiful. We have to do it for nothing!" GRIN AND BEAR IT "lui't if frightening!... As I get it, a Nuclear war could start right in tin middle of a club meeting and we'd all be wiped out before we could properly adjourn!..." BUSY GRAD MT. PLEASANT — Harold Freeman of Clare, Mich., was busy as a beaver during the mid-year commencement exercises at Central Michigan College. Freeman had to change clothes throe times during the afternoon to be properly attired for accepting his diploma, receiving an Army Reserve com- mission and singing in the concert choir. PARK PROJECT NEW BEDFORD, Mass.—George W. Warnccke of New York has signed an agreement giving his mortgage-financing firm authority i to start development of 500 acres I in a proposed industrial park here. The project will involve about $150 million. Freshens Your Taste Helps keep your mouth and throat cool, moist, comfortable. COLD SPELL HASTINGS, Neb. — It can get pretty cold here, policeman Lyle Dunham said after trying to write out a traffic ticket. The lead in the pencil he was using, brittle from cole!, snapped off, and the ink in his fountain pen was frozen. The Latin American Research Bureau says that only sugar .now ranks above American tourists as a dollar producer. BUZ SAWYER (•lUZ RETURNS FROM A LEISURELY DINNER li>TO tfIS flND 20RKWS HOTEL SUITE. AND WHERE'S IORKA? | HE SNP HE WASN'T SOINS i OUT THIS EVEHIMG. BUT HE WOULBM'T SO OUT AW LEAVE THE HALL DOOR /UAH.' ... AND THIS CIGARETTE BURNING, ON THE RUG/ Bailey's JOCKEY BRIEFS fit like a second skin, can't Jap, bind, chafe or pinch. MARY WORTH WHY ON EARTH WDWU BELIEVE YOU HAD AN INCURABLE DISEASE, GODDESS." AtY ROOM-MATE TOLD ME ABOUT HERSBTER5 ILLNE55, MRS. WORTH! AND MV SYMPTOMS WERE IDENTICAL: "IT WA5NT W IMAONATION!I SEARCHED THROUGH MEDICAL BOOKS IN THE COLLEGE LIBRARY-THERE V*W NO ROOM LEFT TOR DOUBTITHAB WHCNXCAME HOME!" BUT--WHY DIDN'T 77 I'-IJSUKS I>OU TALK TO YOL . FAMILY DOCTOR. LITTLE ABNER FEATURES- SEEMS 7XLL&W I THOUGHT,'.'-}-', WHERE'LL WEGO?- .y- IF YOU'RE IN SUCH A HURRY,. SO WHVMCHA NANCY ME MEDICINE MAN '^^m^L^ ilWvl ' STRICTLY BUSINESS : 'Those are pictures of your predecessors as manager dating back to 1955!" STRICTLY RICHTER © iy}7. Kin/; ftnvtet Synd*n«, Inc., World ficliil rc«rvej. "They're showing a new movie on TV tonight. It was made before our time I" CUTIES r "I had a GREAT day today! I tore up two parking tickets and gave two cops a piece-of my mind!" DOTTY DRIPPLE I CAN HARPLV BELIEVE BUDPV «THREE HORACE, POWT VOU WANT SOME ICE CREAJ* AND CAKE ? Y, GRANDMA GEE, DON'T 00 NEAR GRANDMA'S T'DAY.KIDS.' SHE'S IN A SORTA SENTIMENTAL MOODAN'IS LOOKIN'OVER ALL HER OL' SNAPSHOTS.' SHE CORNERED US AN' _ EXPLAINED EACH PHOTO IN DETAIL.//' SO STAY AWAY IF VAl DON'T WANTA BE [—•* SORED STIFF//

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