The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 7, 1952
Page 4
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FACC BJOHT (JLRK.) COUIUBA NBWi »ATURDAY, JUNE T, 1951 Taft-Eisenhower Fight Echoes on Six Fronts Ark* i News BiMi— Ike's Backers Cry 'Steal' in Indiana Move WATER By The AnocUted The Tan-Eisenhower Trets battle for Republican presidential nominating Y0t««— spiced by a quickly npurned o*er to compromise delegate dls- p«tc« in the south— echoed on a h&U-doxen fronts today. O«o. Dwight Elsenhower's back •M cried "stenl" nt Indianapolis where Indiana Republicans coin pleU » 3I-vote delegation alinos aolldly backing OWo's Sen. .Roller Ta«. In New York City. Elsen hower faced reporters in his second otit-of-unllorm news conference. At Sioux Falli, «n official can Tuetag bonrd decides the wlnni ol South Dakota's 14 GOP delegate returns from the day primary. Virginia Hcta last Two The last two of Virginia's 23 Re (Ccmllnatd from P««« 1) ot their Issuance, Both the city's Investment In the»e bonds »nd the Interest from them would be credited to th« depreciation fund. • * • WATER RATES, according to the ordinance, must be "reasonable nnd just" but also must provide adequate revenue for retirement ol Indebtedness and operating cost*. Rates In effect, at the time of Issuance- of the bonds are set by state law ns the minimum that can b3 charged jo long ns any of inn bonds are outstanding. Ordinance 626 liste the current schedule ot rates Blythevllle water company hM been operating under since I860, when an Increase went Into I effect, J These rates cannot be reduced. Indebtedness exists unless the ordinance authorizing Issuance ol the or federal. Neither can they be candidate* for any elective of/Ice or be membera or directors of private utilities while on (he commission. Commissioners would be appointed by the imiyor and confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the Council and will serve stuBRcrcd terms. The first three commissioners appointed and confirmed will serve terms of four, six and eight years. Which commissioner will serve which term will be designated by the mayor and council bonds which specifics conditions under reduction could be made pubHcan delcBatcs are bclng^pickcd Oj . dlnnnce 5M contains no provi- tona for a reduction. • • • AN INCREASE In rnles can he nrulc, however. If current charges Ic not, bring enough revenue to meet the requirements of debt re- Irement or depreciation or opera- ,t » dLstrict meeting in Staunlon. A re-survey reshuffled Nebraska s 18 GOP delegates, trimming possibly three votes from Taft's total «ld adding one to Eisenhower's. And In Harrisburg. Gov. John Fine announced Pennsylvania's 10- member Republican delegation, as jet uncommitted, will meet "at «ar>f dates" with Elsenhower and Taft. Talt told »n Indianapolis news conference yesteriny he hoped for a compromise In the southern dele- fita dispute "where there it ans Mrlous difference on legal grounds." "G«e! It 8owxl« Good" Pint comment, without elabora Boo, e«m« from Elsenhower a Kftwaa City. "Gee, that sounds good," b« said and then left by plan* for New York. Bat Eisenhower's campaign man ifttr. Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr erf Manuel "'. was quick to re led the proposal. In a statemen front Washington, Lodge said: "R 1* never right to compro- loto* with dishonesty. We are In £. right both on the facts and on the l»w and enter Into no deals which wltt disenfranchise the He- pubUmot of Texas. The convention *MK will decide the issue and I h*r« no doubts about Its decision." SUCCEEDING commission will members ol Uie be appointed ferine i expire by the remaining twn nembers and will serve for olnht years. New members also must be confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the Council. Vacancies will be filled in this manner. Salaries of the commissioners are set by the Council. Present plans call for yearly salaries of $250 each for commissioners here. Stale law provides that any commissioner may )>P removed "for cause" by a two-thirds vote of the City Council. Act 215 Rlvi's the Waterworks Commission "full and complete authority to manage, operate, improve, extern! ami maintain" a water system. They shall have "full and complete charge of said plant, including the right to employ or re- Senate Approves Near $2 Billion For Farm Plans Effort to Reduce Conservation Funds Thwarted in Battle WASHINGTON f/n — The Senate lias approved an appropriation of. over \\'z billion dollars for government farm programs in the year starting July 1. The Senate shouted the bill through on ft voice vote last night. EISENHOWER (Continued from Page 1) gcncy." and also the right to confer on (he chief executive the right to act. "I believe in those circumstances," he said, "that the chief executive, however, could not be expected to 'sit supinely back and wait for congress.' " Temper FUrei One* Once during the question and answer period Elsenhower flared up at a questioner who wanted to know his relations with Alger Hiss, former State Department official now in prison for perlury. The questioner asked why Kisen- hower had Joined an organization headed by Kiss, who was accused of passing government secrets to a pre-war Soviet spy ring. Senators Vote Against Cut in Crop Payments By The AHoeUled flKl WASHINGTON—Arkansas' two Democratic senators, J. W. Fillbright and John McClellan. both opposed a proposal to reduce a 250 minion dollar appropriation to make conservation payments to farmer* on next year's crops. The Senate yesterday passed the bill by voice vote after turning down a proposed cut of 100 million dollars In the appropriation by > vote ol 35 to 23. Ful- bdght voted against the cut, and McClellan was paired against it. Arkansans Move to Boost Ike's delegate Strength in State .lon The following monthly rules arc now In effect (rates are per thousand gallons): First 1.000 gal. or lea »1.50* Next 49.000 gal *0 Next 60.000 gal 35 Next 150.000 gnl -TO Next 195,000 gal 20 Next 240,000 gal 14 All over 685.00 gal 13 (•$1.50 Is average residential mln- Minimum monthly charges now range from 41.50 -for a &-h meter to $10 for a two-inch meter nnd on up to $100 for a six-Inch meter. Rates for consumers residing outside the city limits are 50 per cent than for those inside the move any employes and nil assistants nnd . and to fix. regulate Russia Suddenly Motes U.S. Envoy WA«nHOTON (IPl — A surprise change In Soviet ambassadors to the United States ilirred up spec •rfntlon today, but no expressed hopes among aeaJtoried diplomats ttiat Russian opposition to rrmjo American policies might lessen. And Moscow put the admlnlBtro tion on the spot In naming Georg £arubin, now Ambawador to Lon don, as its new envoy here. He the man who wa* Ambassador U Canada when a spy ring, centered in the Soviet Embassy, was dlsclos- higher limits. « * * PRIVATE FIXE hydrants would onUmie to cost »40 a year and hose eels ri.SO each p«r year. Sprinkler service charges range from $40 a ear for a four-inch connection to ft year for a six-Inch connec- ion. These rate« are for 1.000 prlnkler heads, with e»ch addi- ional head costing five cents. The city would charge itself for water services and would pay the bill by transferring money from the general fund to the waterworks •evenue fund. Tf the city uses water from fire hydrants for purposci other than extinguishing fires, testing equipment or training firemen, It will pay for this wulcr at the rate of 15 cents per thousand gallons. Munl- and pay their salaries." • * • SECTION 19-422* states that It Is the intention of Act 215 to "vest in said commissioners unlimited authority" to operate the water system. The commissioners cannot. however, sell or morlageg lhe water system except in accordance with stale law or when authorized to do so by a special election. Section B of Ordinance 526 (based on Act 131) forbids the city to sell, lease or morlageg the waler system until the bonded Indebtedness is retired or provision for such payment is made. Broadening the power of a waterworks commission. Act 215 also states that the commissioners shall lave, In addition to the authority already mentioned, "such oilier and Tho bill went back to the House which has approved appropriations 115 millions under the senate figure. The Senate bill was 90 million dollars below President Truman's budget retmcsAs. Biggest battle of the O'.i-hour session came over an unsuccessful effort by Sen. Anderson <D-NM), former secretary of agriculture, to trim 100 millions off payments to farmers cooperating In soil conservation programs. He had the backing of Sen. Douglas (D-fll). This would not have cut spending during the coming fiscal year but would have reduced farmer payments for the following year. I'lan Works 2 years Ahead Because farmers and culture Department must f make plans ahead of a new crop year, Congress puts a limit on these payments nearly two years ahead. What's that?" snapped the general. His face flushed and he thrust his head toward lhe questioner, who identified himself as Dr. Emanuel Joscphson. "writer and publisher of a book called Rockefeller Internationalism." Josephson also questioned Elsen- hower on his relations with the Rockefellers, but the gist of the was lost in a. general hubbub lhat followed the Hiss query. Mel Alger Hiss Onc« When the furor died down, the general said he had met Hiss only once in his lite. He said he had joined the Car .. Ail negle Foundation for Internationa trie Agn-1 - - ...... ... Dumas Youth Is Killed DUMAS—A Dumas youth was killed and smother was injured when a motor.scooler and an empty gasoline tank truck collided here last night, State Trooper R. H. Torig said the dead youth was Thomas Alvie Freeman, son of Mr. and Mrs, Alvie Freeman of Dumas. Kenneth Lee Cagle, also ot Dumas, suf- lered third degree burns in a fire that resulted from the collision. Both boys were riding the scooter. Obituary LITTLE ROCK Wi—An apparent love by supporters of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower to increase the gen- ral's delegate strength in Arkanas came to light yesterday. Pour of Arkansas' II delegates to he Republican National Conven- ion said they received invitations o attend the welcome home celebration for Eisenhower in Abilene, Wednesday, and one said his hid carried an all expenses paid )rovl6ion. The Arkansas delegation Is divided with seven for Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio, Eisenhower's chief opponent for the Republican presidential nomination; three for Eisenhower's chief opponent for the Republican presidential nomination; three for Eisenhower and one uncommitted. At least one delegate, Harry Craig Eisenhower'^ first political slon. fear Gas Used At Koje Prison Communist Toughs Pushed Back While Tunnels Are Hunted KOJE ISLAND, Korea MY—British Infantrymen drove Communist prisoners of war back from K barbed wire feuce with (ear gas today. It was the Ilrst time United lions guards had to use tear gas of Caraway ,and Jefferson Speck, Republican candidate for governor of Arkansas, attended the celebration and conferred with Eisenhower. Four other delegates who didn'i «o said they received invitations- two received them from Speck anf two from Gov. Prank Carlson Kansas. since last Wednesday. Guards from the King's Shropshire Light Infantry threw six tear gas grenades into Compound 66 when POWs refused to retreat from the vicinity of engineers digging for a suspected prisoner escape tunnel. No one was reported hurt in the prison pen housing 2.100 North Ko- Cluirles H, Cole of Batesville, au I rean officers and f?/ 1 non-comniis- arc now given the city council of cipal fire hydrants would continue to cost the city »25 each per year. * • • UNDER MUNICIPAL operation, the waterworks would continue to bill Its residential customers every further power.* by law to .. any city. .. " TH1S PARTICULAR section also also permits lhe commissioners to use revenue from the water system for donations ti "local Commnnlly Chests or other city-wide, non-sectarian. Incorporated, charitable organizations." Books and records kept by the commission would be kept separate from other city accounts and must show "complete atid correct entries of all transactions relating to (the! waterworks , . ." Bondholders would have the right to inspect both MOperly and records of the system. According to Section 9 of Ordl- lance 526. an audit of (he waler- works records and accounts would be prepared annually by an independent auditor not employed by the city. Services Sunday For C. M. Brown, Coorer Farmer Peace, had visited its office and "found that Mr. Hiss was prest dent." That was the only time I eve saw him." Eisenhower said em phatically. "I never saw him be fore or since." I do not believe It Is necessary for me to defend myself against Communism or Fascism In any form." he told his listeners. While Eisenhower was presiding nt the 40-minute news conference, four pickets paraded 1n front of the hotel's main entrance. They said they arc members of the non- partlsnn committee against a military president. Mo-Pac Official Dies WASHINGTON—John Whalco, 44-year-old superintendent of the Missouri Pacific Railroad shops in North Little Rock. Ark., was found dead In his holel room here yesterday. He apparently died of a heart attack early yesterday or Thursday night. Whalen was attending :i safety conference here. Wreck Called Accident EI, DORADO —The derailment ol 13 freight cars on a Missouri Pacific Spur track at the striking Lion Oil Company's plant here was listed as an accident after an investigation by Union County Sheriff said last night that the wreck was caused by a "sun kink" In a rail, and no evidence ol sabotage was present. avowed Taft supporter ami delegate at large, said his invitation to :he homecoming from Speck included small expenses paid provis- sioned officei's. It was in this same compound only a few minutes earlier thai prisoners had raised five Communist signs but had taken them down when given an ultimatum. Mechanical drills failed Io un- ion. Harry Pollack of Ft. Smith, the •uncommitted" delegate from Ihe Third Congressional District, said lie did not receive an invitation, but cover any tunnels but the search added that he was impressed by will continue. = YOUB FRIENDLY THEATRE At the start of the conference. f . Funeral services for Charlie the general spoke of complaints j Japan S C/IVOy Arrives "Meeta Brown, of Cooler, will be tririt he talked loo last at his meet- conducted Sunday at 11 a.m. at j n g \vlth newsmen In Abilene, Kan. Tyler Baptist church by the Rev. "Anybody has a right to shout. Mr. Acuff with burial at Ml. Zion Cemetery. Mr. Brown died at Blytheville Hospital Friday at the age ot 72. He was a native of Scolts Hill. ' h k he p|ans lo stny m New Tenn.. but had made his home In Yorfc He wi)1 lenve at lhe end of WASHINGTON (<P) — Elklch: Arakl. Japan's first post-war ambassador to the U. S.. arrived short- Eisenhower faces a full schedule I ly before noon today to assume hi of meetings with state delegations post, and other top Republicans during — 'slower 1 to me," he said. other month Its commercial customers every month. As Is the case now. bills womrt be for 105 per cent ot the actual charges, but- this extra live per cent would be de•d in 19« The ring allegedly stole ducted it payment is made within •a m IMO. in.: MB <TS y ( ^ ^ ^.^ ^^ ^ ^ billing. kins. Is hereby wnrncrt to appter The water company's present pol- within thirty days in the court Icy on delinquent accounts would I named in the caption hereof and continue In effect under city own- tome atomic secrete, but Canadian investigator* i*ld Zanibln WM not | WARNING ORDER In-.!l<r Chancery Court, Chlcka- sawha District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Helen Hawkins. Pit. vs. No. 12,019 William S. Hawkins, Dft. The defendant. William S. Haw- Cooler for about 15 years. He was Survivors Include his wife. Dora Brown; two brothers, Doss Brown. Lexington. Tenn., and Robert Brown, Jackson, Tenn.; four sl.s- ters^ Mrs. Josle Weaver. Lexington* Mrs. Maude Clcnuey. Scotls Hill. Mr.s. Lillle Woods, Lexington, and Mrs. llattle Swain. Tntmanll, Ark.; five sons, Houston and Hubert, of Tyler. Clarence. Steele, Edward. SedTvlck. Ark., and Melbcrn Brown of Cooler; and tv,o daugh 1 tors, Mrs. Pearl Baker, Tyler, nnd Mrs. J. W. Poole of Cooler. Cobb Funeral Home of Blythevillo is in charge. answer the complaint of the plain- Negro Deaths Idward Anderson . ershlp. and customers who do not - . pay their bills within 15 days after they am sent would have their net-vice cut off. To get service reinstated, a delinquent customer would have to pay a »1 re-connection charge plus Services for Toward Anderson. flO, \ ' lhe bul nE - OWCC 1. who died Wednesday, will be held Sunday »t 2 p.m. at the New Hope M.E. Church. Rev. H. l^cy will conduct trie services. Anderson is imrlved by his wife, Jessie Lee Anderson, five girls, five boys, three brothers and five grandchildren. Burial will be In New Hope Cemetery at Yarbro. W. P. Cobb Funeral Home Is In charge. next week to keep a speaking gagement in Detroit, where plans what has, ben described a major address. His news conference today was not broadcast or televised as it was in Abilene. Various television and radio stations, however, filmed or recorded the conference, plan-] ning to broadcast it later. Elsenhower stressed the need ol j co-operation among the nations tiff. Helen Hawkins. Dalcd this fith day of June. 1052 Harvey Morris. Clerk By Anita Sykes. D.C. T. .1. Crovvder. ally, for ptf. James Gardner, ally, ati litcm. 6,1-14-21-28 With the Courts Common 1'len.s: Sinithcrn Suites Iron Roofing Company vs. H. V. Smith nnd Airs H V. Smith, doing business as H. V Smith Ijumber Company, Leach- vile suit on account. "from which we draw our raw materials" for the defense and | pence efforts. "If they fell into lhe hands of the Soviets." he -said, "it would place us in a very dangerous position." NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 Soybeans 3,?3 32-1'= 3.21'i 3.23'' 306 s ; 3.09'.i S.OSVi 3.09',! 2.92'i 2.53 ',i 2.9014 Jly Sep No\ SATURDAY 'FRONTIER PHANTOM' Lash I.altue Jar Mar 295 295 205 2.92 2.93 ' 2.95H 2.92% 2.94'.i SUNDAY & MONDAY Cont. Showing from 2 p.m. Sunday THE RED BALL EXPRESS' Starring Jeff Chandler & Alex Nicol ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Phone 1621 Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sat. & Sun'. 1:1)0 p.m. AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE 2 Cartoons & Desperadoes of the \Vcst Serhil Henry Jones Services for Henry Jones will \K held Monday at 2 p.m. at lhe Rosa M.B Church, with Rev. W. J. Johnson officiating. Jones, who died Thursday In Lus- ora at the ace of 75 Is survived by his wife. Lue Jones, and eight stot>- children. Burial will be in the FiFher Farm Cemetery. W. P. Colib Funeral Home is in charge. IN FULL charge of a municipally- owned water system here would be three-man Waterworks Commission Establishment of such a commission, appointment ot commls- rs and the authority they are : to have are eel out by a state law.] Act 215 ot 1931. I The law provides that the City Council shall enact an ordinance setting up a commission of three citizens who are qualified electors. No members of the commission can hold any elective or appointive office, whether It be city, county, state ill PusU. 2 Shows Kvcry Nile. SATURDAY ONLY! Double I'i'Jiture IN THE MUNICIPAL COURT OF BLVTIIEVII'I.K. ARKANSAS G. C. Hawks. PU. V-B. No. S.-U1 Vireil Foley. Dft. WARNING ORDER TO: Virgil Foley, the above named de- 1--.- -'ar.t: V /i rre hereby warned to appear in the Municipal Court for the City | of Blythevllle within thirty days; and answer the complaint ot the I plaintiff filed agninst you, and upon your failure to appear the complaint will be taken as confessed Dated this the 16th day o! May,] IMS. W. I. Maiden. Clerk 5 11-24-31-6.7 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SATURDAY 'SHORT GRASS' Rod Cameron Cathy Downs Johnny Mack Brown _i> \"m SHERIDAN If You Like Pig Sandwiches (™^ READ THIS! The iHXIrC I'KJ "ill serve honest-to-goodness, hickory-cooked, barbecue I'i{j only (i days a week. NVK'KK CLOSING MONDAY'S! Yes, beginning Ihis [Monday, we'll be closed every Monday during the summer months. The DIXIE PIG N. Highway 61 Phone 4636 SAT. OWL SHOW "RIDE 'EM COWBOY" Bud Abbott Lou Costello SUN.-MON. 'OUTCASTS OF POKER FLATS' Anne Baxter SAT. LATE SHOW STARTS 11:30 The Raising of the Dead "REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES' Citrloon & Serial: "Perils of the Dark Jungle"-' SUN-MON DOUBLE FEATURE TUESDAY "JAPANESE WAR BRIDE" Don Taylor Shirley Yamaguehl Also 2 Cartoons •••••••••••••••••»••••••••«•••••••••••••••••*•** —PLUS— ^ THE BUY OF YOUR L1FE- See Us About I „_.< EMGINE Blythevillt Motor Co. rhOM 4421 SAT. OWL SHOW 'CAT PEOPLE' Simonc Simon Tom Comvay SUN.-MON.-TUES. Also Serial "Riders of Death Valley" Plus Cartoon SUNDAY & MONDAY Krst Showing in Hlylheville * )»« BWMBS • I lA-ViOi JlH'-4"'l^*i fVI<"t J Cartoons & Comedy BEAUTIFUL CUT STONE HOME Open for inspection, Sunday 1:0(1 to 6:00 p.m. Shown by appointment during week days 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths $30,000 This lorclT home Is q.JlllJ IhrcnshoBt. !*««tlfml C-Jh.ped Mi- chtn. lifclW Genev» c»hlnct» wllh »ll the .cceworlej. Inrl.dlM Kilrhcn-.Mdf Dishwasher. Dining ruom. sp»rln«» living ">"» wllh marble >nd mirror (Irepljre. Thr .1 bt.lroomi h»ve l»r«. walk-in Cfdar lined closets. Both lhe b»lh» h»ve rolom» rUture.. Storw-plus in large floored atllc Large terrace In back wllli b«t- btcue pit V'ou will like this sp.rlom HO i 125 ft. I»nd««pc«l l«* Don't tall to Investigate the slardlneM ond eholc* mmterlan ascd* in construction of tills home. Con get S15.MO loan (or J« je»r> .1 S^. Will Uke l» »m»IVer house on trade. See or call JOHNNY MARR, REALTOR Office Thone 4111 Rw. 2596 Get The Best AUTO r»clerT-tr»lne»l mtchmnlo oslng genuine purls arr yoor a*snra of dcpendahl* service when brinu joyr car to T. 1. Seaj Motor Co. . . on M»ln Street. Trj ur friendly «trrl« next time T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. Thrjilrr-riynioith 111 E. M»ln ri>«"« '" WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL HOT or COLD! A Slice or Truckload! SPECIAL PRICES FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Street BlytheviJle LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE FOR FURS, WOOLENS AND BLANKETS 4474 PHONES 4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER We Give Eagle Stamps

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