Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 8, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
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Monday, July 8, 1957
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INDIANA: Partly cloudy, occasional thundershowers, cooler north portion tonight. Tuesday partly c ] o u d y, occasional thundershowers. Temperature 12 noon 85 degrees. Lows tonight 66 to 73 central and south. Sunset 8:15 p.m., sunrise Tuesday 5:25 a.m. "VOTJR HOME TOWK JNEWBJPAPER LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY NOW IN OUR 113th YEAR HOME EDITION Founded 1844— FOT All D«»»rtm Fh»mt 4141 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, MONDAY, JULY 8, 1957. r»ll-Ln»ed Haired Preu Win* Dmr mmi . Price Per Copy, Seven Cent« LESLIE IRVIN HAY DIE TONIGHT NORTHAMPTON, Mass. <U'P>— Mrs. Grace Goodhe Coolidge, 78, a school teacher who married a 3d States, died to-i Jay at her home acre. Police Rout Jap Mob At U. S. Air Base One Thousand Japanese ' Break Through Barbed Wire Fence at Airfield Near Tokyo TOKYO (UP) — A mob of angry [ demoastrators attempting to block expansion nl the TacMkawa U.S. Air Force Base smashed through, a barbed wire fence surrounding the field today and forced American authorities to cancel flights | for more than six hours. The mob of about 1,000 persons —most of the"m students—sullenly withdrew when 1,000 Japanese po-. lice rushed to the scene and threatened to eject them by force. A Japane.se government survey team planning cxtersion of run- preside nlf! ways at the giant air field com-! Woodrow Wilson Mrs Franklin D. pitted their work and returned to I aoosevelt and Mrs. Harry S. Tru- - - man. Mrs. Coolidge died in ber sleep. Her son, John, was at her bedside. Dr. .James H, Avcrill, said death was caused by a heart condition Mrs. Grace G. Coolidge Dies Wife of Former President Passes Away in Sleep of Heart Ailment at Northampton Home; Had Been in Failing Health Since February. physician, Dr. Hugh^ Tatlock, was on vacation. Grace •Goodhue'was graduated from the University of Vermont in country lawyer and became First |1902 and came '„ to t h -? d .L?!_ th ?,_ l ! n .'Ha school for the deaf and dumb. In Northampton she met fellow Vermonler Calvin Coolidge, then a struggling youn-g lawer, and mar- The widow of riedhim in 1905. President Calvm Civlc Mlndc ,, IIollsew , f( . Coolidge had been lin Coolcy Dickinson Hospital here for several weeks in February and March with heart and kidney ailments. Her dcalh reduced to three the number of living wives of former Surviving are Mrs. Mrs. Coolidge, a s!im, while- haired, straight-backed lady, was a model descendant of her New England Puritan ancestors. Her gracious warmth took the edge off the chill public portrait of the taciturn President during their years in Washington-, It was un- diminishod by the tragedy which struck the family in the White House—the death of their younger son,' Calvin Jr., 1C, of blood poisoning from a tennis game blister. The son and his father, who died in 1!)33, four years after he left t-fic White House, arc buried at Plymouth, VI., near the Coolidge home in which the late President took the oath of office from his in his own right the following year. In a classic declination at office •he announced that he did not "choose to run" in 1928. Mrs. Coolidigc was a civic minded housewife throughout her| Over Measure That Would Fire Opening Shot In Civil Rights Debate Sec Long- And Bitter Battle life, active in church affairs, and a gracious hostess w-ho took, no other part in her husband's public life. Lover of Out of Door* Mrs. Coolidge t knitted for her friends and family, She was always ready lo don an apron to help out with Hie church supper, She was a neighbor who shared her flowers and recipes, a responsible woman ot her community who could be counted on to step in to help when the hospital or the Sidetrack Much of Administration Program Tlie Senate opened- a historic debate on the civil riglits' bill today, and all signs pointed to a summer- long struggle that would sidetrack much 'of President Eisenhower's 'legislatve program. Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson' (Tex.) predicted that southern Democrats would win enough allies to make some changes in the , ad-ministration's civil rights proposals. He declined Stay of Execution Is Denied; Make Last-Ditch Legal Move Federal Judge W. Lynn Parkinson Turns Down Petition for Stay of Electrocution Scheduled for 1:01 A.M. at Indiana State Prison. TIME APPEARS RUNNING OUT father. He sucoci.'ded to the prcsi- linglon, Vt., Jim dcncy on the death of Warren G. I parents descended from New Eng- Tokyo a few minutes before the demonstrators crashed through the fence. Crowds Arrive Karly Crow* protesting plans to an- ' but thai nn autopsy will h e per- . .._ ...... ____________ ______ next private land adjoining the U. j formed. Mrs. Coolidgc's regular; Harding in IKl and was elected i land's earliest settlers. S. bam; began arriving here Sun-| day. They set up trjnls, ncl off »lrir..gs ot firo:rackers and chanted anti-American slogans throughout the nil'.ht. Youths /stuck lonx bamboo poles in the mud at the end of the runways, causing U.S. authorities to reroute incoming military planes to olh<;r fields. They threw rocks al U.S. Air Force planes on the ground and set fire U> gasoline which they poured on one runway. 1 The mob iilowiy backed off the field when Japanese police arrived on the seem; and toid them lo go home. Police Injured Three policemen were injured by flying stones, but there were no casualties among the domon- filrators. Suddenly four big lrannportn roared in for landings, swooping /»> low tbi.-ir propellers nearly hit the barricade of Bamboo poli.-s. Uf;mr>mrtr»tOM and police, who had been facing eti':li ot'ncr lirlrn- Red Cross or the schools needed N O specify wlwt ch a ngcs ho cx . a hand. She was a lover of the oul ot door.s, a constant walker ifnlil her la'.er years, and a baseball [an. An ardent rooler for Uie Boston Red Sox, she was a frequent and fa-miliar visitor at' their games unlil a few ycara ago. Mrs. Coolidge wa-s born nl Bur• 1«7», of ly, ducked a« the big planes , roared <mli> lin: field. Police in blue anil k'haki uni- forrnn piled into Iruuks and nr- mored earn to return homo when It appeared ll "-' tension wan br'>k<:». Tbf; demontfl.nUws eheur- <;d, uprooted the bamboo poles, Long Holiday Weekend Toll Of 712 Far Below Estimate National Safety Council Says Country Did Creditable Job in Holding Down Violent Deaths; Traffic Accidents Claimed 418 Lives. Plane Assists Local Trooper In Traffic Case Throe Local Officers Wlakc Arrchls In Ilonvy Traffic Sunday In County C'asx county's three stale troopers iriado eii'.ht traffic nrrcsls Sunday, on<; with the help of a state police airplane, an part of an all-out oflorl to keep down Ihu usual heavy holiday (loath loll. Stale Trooper John Oaylor re- tin; from the plane without bciny uwnre thai IB wan overhead. Oaylor wan honded eaul In the ,;d. uproou:<l in,.- narrmoo po .:«. , ' , „,, ,.„ „ , ; K dismantled Uicir »«"l». P'»« highway 'M. four miles vroiL of ?r",^r. b ::.™ i : rB ,',i'" mmhuli ^.^n, «t < ,,.m. when i, u oft singing, armi linked. Review Board Nears Finish Tlio (Jnnii coiinly flourd of lie- view, which bwi been In w-nfllon itlnei! June .'I, will compliile K« annual 10-day ncsnlon Friday, July 1%, County Assessor J. Stewart /iu- clinnan nnld Monday. Anyone, who him a c|iinsllon or coinplalnl about his properly as- neioiiiienls tihould contact llm bniird in the couiily a;ifi(:niior';i ofHci; IM;- f'or<; the final day, linchamm warn. i;(*. No chiinijeH can in: made afler UK; board adjoui'iin. Mernberti of Hie board have chucked all of the pnrnonal prop- urly iis-icKHineiilK m/idn by Ihn township [i,is«s«or« Ihl/i iijirlng an well nn aHKirii!imenl;i of new Im- proveiiiniiln lo real imtati; und I'ne Iff propfrrtles on which there were eoi'nflcat.loMtt tor reap|>rain<urii;iil.. The board ahio i'i<vlewi;(l llm rriorlgnjio cxiimiillonii, wiHIIern' ex- empllonn, and fruternal vxenip- Muinbci'ii of Ihu board aru Kd- gar Hnyder, Orvlllo Thonipmni, Tniiinurer Cliire.nei) Sattlcinyre, Kirk Welln ruprenentlni; Auclllur /(idiflrd tiohl, antl liiidiiuiaii. Youths Win Settlement .Jiidgc r.'llffoi'd '0. Wild l/wliiy »('• proved a comprombri xelllnment of cliilin.i by Iwu Ca.in county youlhn growing out .of an auto i:oi- ll.iloii January 'M, lll.VI, on highway I'M north of Imlln/injiolin. Hill liroiilnjier, 211, of IUI2 Sovcn- ti'Milh fllri'dl, r|ly, wns awarded *ll>,."iWl und Itriidly (llnh, W, of Young America, wa.t awnrdei! jH.txio. fioih lire Indiana imlvoivdly Htlldeiltl. fJroiilnger wiui cnrouin norlh In hLi iiiother',-. HIM iniKlol atilo when II wa« ntruck head-on by a noulh- bound aiilo drlvnn by Itogiir Seherik, Oronlnger nuffirrwl » double fracliini of hl/t left «rm, « smii.flied knee cap, chest bnilmm and facial cuU, and Gluh "suffered A severe head Injury In Hit; accident. Tlm two ynulb wore roproiftniled by the law firm of O'Neill and 0'- nollKcd a nmlorlid. wllh Andermin pliilcK pidlltig a boat Hy UNITKI) PRESS The National Safely Council today look a look ut Ihe number of | traffic deaths during the July 4' holiday period, and .said thal| motorists und law enforcement! agenclcH had done well. "The 4th ot July loll nol only wan Held far blow the pre-nol'day «»tlmale of 5:15 but below (no 4(15 thai a non-lmllduy period of Ih'j iiiirne niim'iur of hours would be (.•xpccled ID bring," Biild Neil II. Dearborn, president of Iho council. Wllh only scullcred ucel'Jenl re- porls still lo l»; counted, ti United I'ce.'W iiurvey showed that between (I p.m. Wednesday and midnight Sunday, 4IW persons died In high- Russ Bosses r* ii r u Finally Call Upon Czechs Khrushchev Ajid Hul^miin Make Visit to Sell Now Communist Ijine MOSCOW (Uri—Nlklln S. Kfhru- BlicheV and J'rismler Nikolai Bui- gariln left by plum; today for CM- chonlovalila lo explain lo , „ «»*'<*' »'• . * nn iiujr , •• i w j/ui mrun uivil in IJ.KJ" j.i way accident.'!. Drowiiings look 21X1 ''"•'"'ix-' 1 " 1 " live, 1 ', flroworkn accidents .'I, plane j "" l(l guard" Communist lundwji crushes III unil rnliicellunoous mis- hii.pif (ill, for iin overall total of Via, hml morn lliun tint:- lunlli »r the lnill(l;iy deaths, with 47, Now York hail ,')'/(, I'eansyiviiiilii Ml, Ohio Ml, Texas 'IA, Michigan another cur on Ihu brow ul. u hlll.ltl, Mln.ilmilpiil III, and Illlnolii III. a)ic/i(l ul him. hhi lhrei!-wuy cur ruillo, Oiiylor told Trouper WiiKcnknuchl, v/hu hud jiiHt piiB/.cd iilm hviiiletl went, Ihul lie hml Jiml ncttn u mo- torini. fiiiikc ;i« IIIIKII Intl. lie didn't know whether he could catch hlrn in th" heavy traflli: nlnco llinro wore now nix earn between him and Iho oilier vehicle. An unidentified Nine personii wen; killed in the holiday's wornl mnawhmp near Oxford, Miss. Seven persons, Including Ihrei! iiinall (ihlldrcnj died In a collbiloil lienr Ncwhall, Calif, 'I'lin Oxford iiecldwit, 0111; of llio wornl In motoring hliilory, occurred nn Mlwl«//l/i|»| Slnlo l/l«liwny (1 In :.ln; early morning lioiirn. Itoth earn burnt Inlo flames after !:1i(-lr •llnkii wllh Uiu urKun of t!io HI;M)H. JChruHlicliDv and Bulifunln, Uio of Com- wor« limvlDK hy plnnc for their pOKlpon<!(l vUll, Thuy weru lo linvo loft liuil wook bill piwl;poiie<l i,ln; trip Ixtciumo of Lite ,'ilinliu-up of Ihu Lop Suvlfit louder«)il|). Tim l-wo lonijoni wui'u frowh from n vlnlt lo _ T|m (m , tlimi camo on lliii n r »"< wll , ( | njlll ,.,| „,„ , :i .a|«'.||y U . l.u linked (laylor for a (lescrlpllon of the offending niolorlnl'n car. An soon an (laylor had duncrlhcd U, tin; volci! lold him when; tho ve- hlcli; wiin ahead of him. "Wbw'e »re ynu?" Gaylor aiikod tlm unknown trouper, "Jiinl lo the loIL of you," Um voice replied on the radio, Cnylor looked lo bin li;fl and c(/nld «':« nollilnjj bill, nn orchard, llueinino of it curve thn local troop- or could nol mte wholhor H wtm safe to pnnii Hie cam ahead of him, bill HID voice l.old linn, "As Miiitt nn Urn Haul wuslboiind CHI' liaiimi. tin; road will Ixi dual' lor you." An be drew near the cur ho wiin chasing, Cluylor told the uriliJenll- find voice Hint )i« ffould edict) It wlthoiil any difficulty then. 'I voice replied, "I'lane Z clear," and It was only lliun Unit hit ronluiett Ills help liad come Irani » nl.alit police, piano, Hi! Kl.HI dons rial know who wan In tlm plain;, um ol tliuiie nlnlloiK.'.d at HliUi! heml- (imirlerii In Indliiiiapolln for um.' In truffle work, Tho offending motorl/il, Hubert Miilniin, Andornon, wa» given 11 mtijiiiiwiiK lo appear In the local junllce court at 4::io p.m. July 21), Bulletins LONDON (til') — Uinodu I'Hla.y r«J<i<;l«<l Din mite W««l«''n |>r»|»wnl for H lll-iiii»iHli *u*|i«iiml»a nl nil' i.'lnni' linked lo hulling Hlimilii and liyUniKtin boi»l> priKluelloii. NJiW VOIIK Hit') ~- A Army liilHIlKiniiM' tt(fli;w mill III* Him l''riiiieli<i:i>.|i»rii la- •llclnil by M fi-dernl Kmnri Jury lit- tiny on ehnrntix Limy HUTU glvnn (J.H. mllltdry mwrotn la »n Inler- nnllunul Uiimluii n|»y rinK ulnvo hero were no nurvlvor/i In Iho d'oii collliilon near Nmvbiill. I'lio earn, nan of which eontalned five members <if one family, ex wreck, In I'lainen iiliorlly altur llio « fiir-lcuclf c«lll>i(on nl. Copewlfth, Mich., also claimed HloiAlnimd mi I'uuii 17) KhriiHhdiw luvKli.il tho Ki'uvu now I pected. 'Republican Leader William F. Knowland {Calif,) predicted the | debate, including on expected southern filibuster, will lake "six weeks, maybe longer." He said nearly a week would be required lo debate his opening proposal to bring Ihe bill up for floor discussion. In Ihe House, flop, Howard W. Smith (D'Va.) charged that the Senate Is considering nn erroneous co<[)y of the House-approved bill, He proposed Hint the House recall il. Smilh charged lhat an amend- menl had been put in the wrong place In the official bill sent lo the Senate, Speaker Sam Jlaybun) deferred a ruling on Smith's dc- innnd, but lold reporters the orror already had been corrected. Oilier congressional news: J'H.y TV: The American Brand- Co, called for iicllon by Congress, raUier than Ihe .Federal CommunlcuUon-s Commission, on whether Ihls country Is to have p;iy-a.i-ynu-seo television. InfDrinntloii; The Niwy's chief of Information lold the House Clovern- menl Information subcommlll.ee lie does not know of a single case In willed any news reported "purloined" secret mivul dnlti. Chliin: The I-loii.sn foreign Rc- Intlons CommlUoe denounced lied Ohl-na for refusing to account for -MO American servicemen ntlll "ruin/dug" from the Korean War. It I'ccused Ihe Polplng regime, of "flouting ,.. human decency," ll.i conilemnallon was conlnlned In a report lo Hie lloiisn urging prompt, approval of a resolution oalllni.; on President Klxenhowcr lo demand nn accounting of Hie missing men, Military; The HOIIHO muslornd ll« forces for n bnttlu over a Domoeriillc proposal to give tin; Simula or House velo power on whothur lh« military can coallnim .'limiting down lihelr cnmiiierelal- lypo aetlvltleii suolr a.i hakerk'H und dimes shop*, Dofeiviic SiicruUify Charles K. Wilson has cloned down many ntu>h activities under preii- stii'd from btmlnes-tiiieii who object to tho iMimpollllon, Jrvln (right) •!» »l><>wn nl>iiv« with Bll|to „,,,„„„ „,,„.„,.„ llu))1!rt )I(1 ,. k J1B ,„ iu feilflrnl court »l [South Hi;ml wht;ri; tils iR'lltlmi for a sluy of execution m«t ilwtiil. Sun-Tanned Ike Flies to Capital WASHINGTON (UP)—President , RlKonliou'vr, like, millions-.of Amer- John Davidson Illieii, 70, route 3, elly, retired.carpenter and lifetime resident of thin, commuiilly, died al 12;<\fi p.m. Sunday at Memorial hospital', whero he WIIH taken Saturday nlghl after suffering u liearl attack. Me was found mi- at. his home on the south river roiul of Klg!iti!en!'.i dog" killer Leslie Irvin lost an- olher round in a fight to save his life today but launched another last-ditch appeal as the minutes licked by toward his execution hour tonight. Irvin, accused of six cold- blooded murders in one of Indiana's mosl renowned crime sprees in history, wns scheduled to be electrocuted in the slate prison electric chair at 1:01 a.m. Tuesday. One of Jiis last, legal moves for a stay of execution was blasted al 9 a.m. when Federal Judge W Lynn Parkinson turned down his petition just ]fi hours before Ihe hour set by Warden Alfred Dowd for Irvin's date with the chair. Shortly afterward, one of Irvin's attorneys filed a motion for an appeal lo (he U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. Parkinson promptly turned it down as "wholly without merit, frivolous and for delay and not taken in good faith." Attorneys Rush To Chicago Attorney James D. Nnfe. bearing legal papers containing Irvin's fix-fJi signature, then .sped toward Chic-ago 10 file ihcin with Ihe circuit judge in person. A ciivuit judge has the power to grant ;\ motion even alter il is rejected by a district judge, and could grant a slay of execution. Parkinson's wrilton opinion denying n fourth slay of execution for Irvin was n I-l-pnge document which refuted each of the conten- lions, xle-p by .slop. Dial Irvin's attorneys made in their appeal claiming their client was tried unfairly. Irvin, 3:1, n former Uvniwvlllo pincflllrr, lost hln npjieal for n leans, returned to work from Uic | f p l"j l(1VB °» ll « ! Kronmls he was July 4 sunburn., | committed in Indiana and Ken- Jle. avoided Iho weekend [ruffle | lucky over a four-month period in that, plagued other holiday seek- or.s, flying Jn lii.s perxoiwl Aenj- Commandei' Jin -a iii-mimite. [llnhl from JO.M and Tile 1'iirkinson ruling avpajvntly Ipnved the way for Indn lo wiillc |'i<t hiM denlh from "denlli row" in |lli<' MleMf.nn City iiislittitwn at anil iSiillirdny Vyiidii.'iilnv M, Molotov l/n'/,ar ICiiKiuiovlcl) — plnyeil uji In Um Moscow prwwi. Kli'sl Khi'iinlichttv accmicd Icjiikov, n I'in'me-r JH wll.li biting llm iirlinii organl7.or In the noUirloim "l.enlnnrail eiiim" «f false nrrosts and oxecuUonn. Thou former I'rniildeiil, Nikolai Sbvornlli, iiw difili'oi/in ill llio inirty control eoinmliiiiloii Dial. IH i'iMi|M»niilli!« for parly ex-pi.iliilons, uxlended the blame for HID ;>III'KI:H «f llm '»l>.i lo Molol/ov and Kuan- iiiivloli an well, Refircd Farmer Claimed by Death . Mnrtlii Iliiriw, III, of rouln 2. Ma-1 KL . wml nn, n rollrnd I'arinor, dlnd m nUI,i;r, ,,, „„,,„ Mom |,, y ]„ uio (Jiwd S«- inarllan luuipllid, Kokomo. I In wan horn Koiil. II, HI7(l, In IVullon eoiinly. Snrvlvoni nnj a inn, -Jiwiipli, Knwaiiini, rnuli; a; ii daiiKliloi', Mrs, MHi'Kiu'iit Klrlc, I'l.'l'ii; nix ,;:ranili:h|]'lrc'a and Iwo Ki'eal-gi'iiiiflehlldt'en, Tlm body In al tlm Kronger fun- slreiil. hy neighbors and rushed Ii Ihe hospital. Horn here on April III), lllllt wns the Hi/n of Mr. and MrH. Arch-! while House. Ibnid Jlhen. Survivors aru a daughter, Mrs. Merle. Hunt, and Iwo nous, Kred and John, all of South Bond; eight grniidehlldren; a brother, Kdward, of this city; and a sister. Mm. Doss Howard, liidliiniipoll.s, Friends may call alter Z p.m. Monday al. tlm Cliaiui-Mlllcr chapel, where l/i«l riles will lie con- dueled lit I p.m. Wednesday. Thn, lUw. J, Ii!, Cnmphell will oll'leliile, I Hit the WhlU 1 llhilsA 'linibrtslnc I'llOl 'a.m. CDT Tuesday. -d to Hull met him al the airport. Jind» ' l<ll( ' Indlnnn Sii|)renie Court, llio lo fight, the morning traffic rush' U " S '.. Sl "" v " l<? 1'imrt ni«l flov. , i,,.- ,, i , , , ,, -UnroHl W. landicv iirevioiislv blul , he|on t'he l5-i,,lnule drive lo Hu; „,,.„.,,.,, ,„ ill(frv ^ ,„ llu ,%,, ;;(1 Carroll HD Chorus Performs in Chicago OKI,I'lll- Camill cwmly'n )|IHIII> IliiiiioniilraHoii elionm loll early Monday morning I'or Chicago lo imrtlel|iiil.o In llm Triiiln Fair, The choriin-accompaiiliid on Ihn npuelal liiimieH by olltei 1 county resl- ileiils-nppeiii'iMl at II a.m. un Navy I'ler ID a .'lU-jiibiuli! jiniHk'al eun- cerl. An mlImnleil 4:;o Flying farmers from 12 mldwiiHleni status (ii'nl home pending lininral iirraiiKO-isimeliil giiuHln at Ihn I'alr Monilny inenlii. I which wan donlgmiled Farni Day. N EW"ROYAL" CENTER""POST ' OFFicrpoWALiY OPENS DOORS TH is MORN i NG ffi*&&ffi?^ffi mi i' rf • ' ' ' ' •'•'" ' ' * - : ' ''J.,l*—;" l -<" "*" "r"'"' ' - Hkr"'' .- : - . - . -•• • .-...•„ >..--'' " f Iran Quake Toll 2,000 THII.lt.AW. Iran (111 1 )—The death loll in Iran'.'i illna. 1 .irons 11 a r I h • (|Uake soured to 2,0011 today. Ther« wero [earn Ilia:. dl.sea.i« .vpreadlng from hundreds of corpses might solid II. sllll higher, OI'llcljils said Hie 1 threat of dls- eane-from On 1 hundreds of hodloH left, mtbui'ied wan liicreiishig dally, l/ack ol; he.|p lo l>ury the bodle.s of llio.se killed 111 Hie quakes which riii:ln;d l-lie southern ithores of tlio t.'/ispian Sea last week Was hum- poring burial, Hx'y ,'iald. INJIIKKH IIANI* IN KAI.I, Mi'H. l'',ll'/,abnlli Means, ol (In- wni'd. a deputy In the counly niiill- ior'.'t oi'flee, |MII-IJ|. a b'ood vesiu'I In her right hand Monday when shit li'l|ij)ed over Die cord (o nn elcelrlc fan In the olllen and fell. X-rays showed thai no bones after Irvin's dale with electrocution wns ;>i>Klpulled -three limes lo curry out a legal fight by his two attornoy.i. Arrented In KttJ Thn Irvin ease wns OIK- of Ihn most renowned III Indiana criminal lll.HlO:') 1 . Irvin was arrcHled In (lie apring of IlKW, nnd iH'eiiKed of killing Ihreo [lersons, 1 n e I u d i n g Iwo women, in Kvimsvilh' jiml nearby I'lisey C'oiinly, us well n.i lln'i'o menilx'rs o( ii llenderson, Ky,, Irvin dictated n confession 'nil Inter n>|iiiilljili-d II. ll<t w«.i tried on ibe eharge of killing W. Wesley Kiin', an KviiiiNvUU* filling slallon attniidnnl, al'ler the CIIMI wns sent from Vandei'burgli to (ilbson ('dimly mi a (•liiiiigo of venue. A iiionlh nlli-r he was emivlcted and condeiiineil lo die, Irvin iv<- ciiped Ironi the I'.rlncelivn Jnll In a snowiitorin aitd free M>vi<rnl weeks until eiipliired nl. San [''ran- clseo and retiirucd to Indiana, I'ltrliliiMui ruled In ;i wrlllen ilociiment prnpaivil dinlnji a blu.y weeki'ixl In which he uliulleil 't.'/IKI pugeii ol typewritten trial trnii- Wl'llltS, J'u p|Jivl, h<i tlocldnl that Irvln'd eonnllliitlonnl rlghls ol due proee.sx uiuli'i' the Ulli Aineiiilnienl werts not. violated hefore and during Jill Mai. . Kxtnrlnr nl tho now Hoynl Oilier I'mt Ottkit In »hdw» al Now liiriildirtt for Ihn Inlnrlor will Im mimntline during Auiiuiit: In ih« Biitxmlmi), pilront unil finplii.yirn will UN tlm old Iurnllur« liuiii Ihn fin-iiior jM«Hl nfllev. (riinriM-Trlbuno t'to*. New I'oNi Olfle n nl lti>y»l Ond'r wnn n|>cnrtl fur Ihn llnC limn Mnhiloy mnrnlfg, Olek Nnwxrrt, |)it»litiiii<trr, mid Union MbUhnrn, <]'linro»-Trlbi»iu J')iulv-Knj|riivlnj(.) Derby Clinic Set Tuesday A clink- nn I hi 1 »lxlh nntniid All- Aim-rlcivi Soup Jlox Derby hero will IIK held rit 7:11(1 p.m. Tun.dny at WSI'I Derby lleaili|itiirler« and will. U-wlurc Innlnicllon on Milely mt'niMire.'i In Hut coirnlnictlon ol' wliix'l ull/jliiDrnl juid Klceniif.; nj;- parnlii.H, Tlm nielna lielinetii wlileh will In' dl»lribuled ID Ihu dnveri on nice- day, Wmlni<ndny, July :il, aru na dl,i|il»y n( Ihi' Derby llcmliiiKir- IITU, and the I 1 ;, N. l'ol» plaqun which will be awarded to the i.n. Hiiniipol'l winner, will nl»o be displayed. A lnliil of 01 ciilrli'ii fur Hie race, .'ipoiiKored niiiiln Ibln ycnr hy Iliu l.ouaimporl I'lini'Dn • Trillium and I'runs in conjunction wllh WS1S Chevrolet anil (•oopeniling t'liev- colcl (leidcru of Iliu idx-coitiity nrca, liavn been reeelvml, Derby Director DOIIJ; Mynrs ill'W- e» nny boy bulwiielt Ihi! anfh nf It and Hi Inclusive who wlnh to onlnr HIM rncii U) rvitlnlur Immedlidely and buifln building Umlr rnetii'.i ut

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