Montpelier Evening Argus from Montpelier, Vermont on May 5, 1920 · 2
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Montpelier Evening Argus from Montpelier, Vermont · 2

Montpelier, Vermont
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1920
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2 MCKNTPELIER EVENING A ECUS, MAY 3, 1920 wit . f.v '" t Jyty LI '3 -H ti Li . . $: t . -i - fHSiiidLJ'i Voodwork That Beams If the woodwork' looks a bit down-hearted. , call in the Bay Stater and he will make" it . " more cheerful than ever. For the bath tub, screens, floors and all painting work inside and out there is a Bay State Liquid Paint that does the job to the queen's taste. Bay State Liquid Paints arc really the cheapest 'you can buy, for they cover more surface, lock better and stand more punishment from wind and weather than any other paints made. INOROUT, the All-Round Varnish . Here is a varnish that will do every varnishjob you can digupforit. Useitinsde, take it outdoors, subject it to the elements, pour boiling water on it and you can't even dull its gloss. There isn't a varnish "just as good" as INOROUT. .. W ADSWORTIT, ROWLAND & CO., Inc. BOSTON. MASS. largest Paint and I'amnh Makers in A' Entknd FIGHT OVER CHILD. Father and God Father Wish to Give Home to Pretty 9 Year 0!d Girl. Testimony was completed yesterday afternoon in the- of Plummer Richardson's estate against Joel Em-ergon for the collection of a .note of $175 and interest. The defendant admitted the note and that nothing ;had been paid on it in the way of principal orinterest. but pleaded the sta'.ue of limitation. The note was given in January 1903. Mr. Emerson went to California in '1969 and later went to Virginia returning about a year ago. Evidence was introduced to show there was an understanding between Mr. Richardson and Emersin about payment of the note before he" went away and the question involved was as to whether that acted as a legal factor to keep the not alive. W. N. Thcriault anneared for the plaintiff and Fred B. Thomas for F. L. Laird, who i3 ill. A hearing followed on the questra who should have possession of a 'nine year old child of Mariano Orlando, who died in Buffalo recently. 'Charles Orlando, father of the child, whom he had not seen since it was two" years old which was about the time his wife! secured a divorce, asks the court fori the custody of the child, a pretty flar:-en haired little girl. The child w brought back from Buffalo last February by the brother of Mrs. Orlando. E. Campagnari, a Barre baker,' residing on Brooks street, and on the stand he testified that he was ready and anxious to give the child a home with him and, that he would treat it the same as one of his own. He has a family of six or seven children, the Oldest 16. He is God-father of the child. As soon as- he brought the child to Barre the father made request of him for it but he told him he would not surrender it except by process of law. It was brought out in the evidence that the father had not contributed to the child's support while it wa3 with its mother in Buffalo and that there is m older brother in Buffalo who is living with a minister and - preparing for eollege. As showino- CERTAIN TO BE VOTED j RICHMOND. his ability to care for the child Mr Washington, D .C. May 5. In the Miss Mane Gauvin, who has been Campagnari said he owned one'tene- pinion" of administration officials visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. ment house and a two tenement close to President Wilson, the Knox Louis Gauvin, has returned to her house. The child's father said he was peace resolution is certain to be ve- home in Boston. receiving $35 a week as granite cutter toed if adopted by Congress. In out-' Mrs. E.'W. Freeman has returned and that he had a good home; the de(?(1 lining their belief that the president from the Lincoln Inn. at. Essex , June of which stood in his wife's 'name At would veto such a resolution, admin- tion, where she has been boarding for the t:jme of the divorce, the children mratinn omciais to-uay recalled nis , were given to the mother. Tim mi, Famous For Its Marvelous Motor tl ! . tab . j 5a (AMIS. l il ' r , - . -.-a t h IT Li ;v a See flow t Vf. - at a- k The BitIaf V fKHJlFPAlNf J. M. TURNER, Tou cn buy Inorout Vsmitli and BT Slatt Pinl from Montpalier Chandler tig. h-Friced C THE Chandler Six throughout its seven years of production has been distinguished for its many distinctively superior features of design and equipment which are used also on the highest priced American cars, and not used in any considerable degree by cars now priced hundreds of dollars higher than the Chandler. See, then, how the Chandler checks with ten of the best-known high-priced cars in these features selected as being characteristic of high-grade design and most efficient service. Superior Chandler Features an the High-Priced Cars that use Them letter to Senator Fall last I . ,'TL ....... ft :. i 1 . i r i i summer,' emvy oumiay a- question for the court to decide is a declaring that to make a separate home of his son, fcamuel Honlcy, to what is Lest for the child. peace wouui oe a stain on tnc nation s w... i K. II. Davis is counsel for Mr nonor. i hey saui Uiey Knew oi no . - anu wus me aru0 an.r-j W Carver for Mr reason to beiieev tnat the thiet exc-.eou i . wwr, iurs. jonn iven- agnari. J. Cappio was cutive ha dchaneed his nnnd. That is "c'iy- Or- Camp- interiiret?r for those who nnlr) rnf tolL- rii,vt. the view also held by many adminis-j- summer schedule will go into Ai tne 8Uggeson' of Mr QSxmio tration senators, who are expected to J cffecta at the Richmond theatre this which the pourt approved ' Mr Cappio fight the peace resolution, but .also, week with movies Wednesday, Friday instructed the witnesses' to answci expect if , it is passed the president and Saturday evenings with two per- the queRtion aslied A th t , r win reiurn u to congress unapprovea. cvc.,.,. The case Orlando vs. Orlan Senator Glass of Virginia, who on. inrs- - A- iviaionev oi jencno was brought previous occasions had been consult- a week-end visitor at the home of her docket. ed by his colleagues rebarding the Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hen-' The f Micnapl M.Mlll,nn mA forward from the wa? 1913 president's position on issues of the 'ey- treatxfight was at. the White House; to-day and had a lg talk with Sec-! retary Tumulty. WAITSFIELD m mistratoT against J. F. Dobbs tried in city court on Mondav is with ritu John Browne was confined to the Judge Harvev for rWUI TV, . C i. .. T 1 1. .... ........ t i 1 , .1 1 oenawriass saiu imu on uccounr, oi mness ine past lion in the eu t is an nlUworl nnn.M V J! 1 i. a L i.L I J i. - .1 1. iT 1. . . J'Mv i.b urn not, hub ine presioenc ana Boi,n . wi-civ. .balance of rent for which Mr Dobb' I.. ei. r i J. l: J - r.... r it .... -i.. I . . .b aim waMi) J-umuiiy uwxucu w, (aui uuiicii aim lairuiy, oi ware, claims an offset Md understanding reveal details or their discussion. ; Mass., are guests at the home of P.ias to an expenditure made by d. oayiora. OXE PIECE ALUMINUM MOTOR BASE, which ties the frame of the car together at four points, thus providing, a stiller frame as well as a more rigid motor mounting. Also used by Packard, Locomobile (Bronze), Mercer, Winton, Fiat, Brewster, Stutz, Pierce-Arr6w. SILENT CILIN DRIVE for Motor Shafts. Also used by WintQrju-Packard, Cadillac, Brewster, Fiat, Mercer. ' TORQUE ARM OR TUBE. Also used by Pierce-Arrow, Locomobile, Brewster Winton, Cadillac, Packard, Stutz. ANNULAR BALL-BEARING TRANSMISSION. Also used by Winton, Stutz, Pierce-Arrow, Brewster, Cadillac, FJat, Locomobile, Packard, Marmon. ANNULAR BALL- BEARING DIFFERENTIAL. Also used by Marmon, Stutz, Pierce-Arrow, Fiat, Brewster, Packard, Locomobile. ANNULAR BALL-BEARING REAR WHEELS.. Also used by Packard, Slutz, Locomobile, Marmon, Pierce-Arrow, Fiat, Mercer. HIGH TENSION MAGNETO IGNITION. Also used by Locomobile, Mercer, Fiat, Brewster, Winton. THEN, see How these seven cars sixes which may be.considered competitive to the Chandler do NOT check f One car, listing at $2973, checks with Chandler in only one feature One car, listing at $2195, checks with Chandler In only two features Onecar,li8tlngat$2685,checkswithChandlerinonIy threefeaturcs Onecar, listing at $20 -15, checks with Chandler monly two features One car, listing at $2400, checks with Chandler in only one feature One car, listing at $ 1945, checks with Chandler in only one feature One car, listing at $2250, doe3 not check with Chandler in any feature Not a single one of the seven makes of medium-priced Sixes referred to oCers you High Tension Magneto Ignition. The Chandler offers you Bosch, recognized the world over rs the best ignition system. Only one of them offers you the silent chain drive, although another one of them in its higher-priced model ($3450), incorporates this feature. These Statements are Facts and they Give You a Few of the Reasons or Chandler Leadership ; The specification data quoted Is subataatiated, la every instance, by tha manufacturers of the cart raicrrcJ to. SIX BEAUTIFUL STYLES OF BODY Seven-Passenger Touring Car, S1W5 Seven-Passenger Sedan, 1299S Four-Passenger Dispatch Car, S207S Four-Pass snger Coupe, $2895 (All Prices J. o. b. Cleveland. Ohio) Four Passenger Roadster, S199S Limousine, S349S The BURNELL-FAULKNER Company , r j i j N O. W. Cuener r red Laundry . Mgr. MONTPEL1ER, VERMONT Sales hr.. CHANDLER MOTOR CAR COMPANY, CLEVELAND, O. MAPLE SUGAR MARKET. lng up readily. Sugar, cakes, bricks 40c, syrup ?3 to $3.25. New York: Unreported. Elites- ri ' m I J ... . i Coffee Didrit Taste ; Kight This Moniin? Possibly 3TOr digestion is'bff llThat.sorae- J:imes: follors . coffee . ' drinking, you know. 1 Isrit this a good time to try I 1 as to an expenditure made by him fcr electric wiring of the house which hill hp na M onl -n-U U : j inurnn Siinnnna linortii wnf lnow novannta f n -,.t,:u i i ' k T , ui bwi, which naas uet-u was to apply on the rent. J. G. Frat , n appeared for the plaintiff and F Alt. Snn , rfl I 1 KlphevaAn t.r,.A T mi . . . . .t.'v-uiuauii "tit.- o. inraas ior tne defense. recent visitors in Montpelier. .... RANDOLPH Mrs. Emma Holbrook arriwe'd Sat urday and has taken rooms at the home of Mrs. A. U. Steuhen for the summer and will take her meals out Mrs. Mary Holbrook, who recently went to Bethel for a short visit, is ill at the home of Mrs. John Morse nf (hat place and is not yet able to b home. Mrs. Helen hadwick has moved from the LoonVis house on Randolph avenue to rooms in the Temple block recently vacated by George McCor mick. Miss Emma Seymour has tak en the rooms in the Loomis house moving from the Martin block. W. A. Jones and Mrs. Leonard Paine, his daughter, returned Monday from Andover, N. H., where tliev had been to the funeral and burial of Mr, Jones's sister, Mrs. Susan Conner who died as the result of a stroke of paralysis in ingston, Mass. s ,, :'. Alexander McLanren went to Dryers, Mass., kst . weeek to pass a week with Dr. and Mrs. Harry Clark. Miss-MadeMne Martin-has been obliged to give up hr teaching tempor arily on account of ill health. Joel Fifield has begun work in the P. C. Ilayward garage and his par ents will shortly remove here to be with him. - I Tin.' remains of Mrs. ' Elizabeth J (Freeman) Lynch were brought here ihst week for burial in Southview cemetery. Mrs. Lynch lived for years I in the house now owned and occupied , by Mr. Fargo, and family on Pleasant f?treet. Her death occurred February rr . . . 1 "Thoro & a Made by Postxmi Crreal Company-. Battle Gxtk, Miclu 23 in Worcester, Mass., where she; DEATH OF HARRY SANDERS, had ibeen with her son and his wife, The doath of Harry Lee Sanders oc-Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lynch. icurml at 12:15 o'clock this moniing Chester Aull Meyer and Miss Lucia' at his home, 19 Pitkin court, of tuber- Clark, only daughter of Mrs. W. R ClarK of .New Haven, Conn., - were married at St. JJohn's Episcopal church at New Haven last Tuesday. The bride has many friends here, who will extend best wishes. ' To Heal A Cough Take nAYES' HEALING HONEY. 35c pur bottle. culosis following a period of ill health of nearly a year. - The deceased was born in East Montpelier Jaa. 10," 1868, the sen of George and Rhoda (Wing) Sanders. He spent the early part of his life in East Montpelier but when, still a ycung man removed to Barre and learned the trade of granite cutting. He was employed in the granite 'industry in Barre for fifteen years and in Montpelier at the same trade for ten years, coming here from Barre ten years ago. For a short period the front. LIFT OFF CORNS WITH FINGERS Germany is " using r General - Per shing's report to prove that the German military authorities did not de ceive the people as to conditions t Jast summer he was employed a:i motorman on the Barre & Montpelier ,'Traction and Power Col, but ill health forced him to stop working durinrr the wviter and for the past four weeks lie was confined to his home. He is survived by his father, who now lives in Adamant, and by three sisters, Mrs. Ernest Trepto of this city ,with whom he resided, Mrs. Ira A. Pierce of Montpelier, and Mrs. George A. Townshend of Leominster, Masn. He was a member of the local aerie of Eagles and until recently was a member of the local branch of the granite cutter's union. The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon from his late home with burial in Green Mount cemetery. Doesn't hurt a bit and costs only few cents Magic! Just drop 4 'nttle Freezone on that teffchy corn, instantly it stops aching, then you lift thfe corn off with the fingers. Truly! No humbug!""- Try Freezone! Your druggist sells tiny bottle for a few cents, suffi cient to rid your feet of every hard corn, soft corn, or corn between the toes, and calluses, without one particle of pain, soreness or irritation. Freeaone is the disraivery of a noted Cincinnati genius, j i I f ' CASTOR, A " For Iof&nts and Children In Use For Over 30 Years Always bears the Cignatiu e of . 7- Sir Oliver Ibdge disclaims having a political missionbut he is beginning to 'interject political subjects during his lectures on occultism. New Styles Tailored from Quality Woolens The latest dictates of fashion distinctively correct tailored to your individuality by skilled "Needle Masters" who are particular about every stitch being exactly right and from handsome fabrics,' fill .wool, mind you, down to the last thread. , Prices? Decidedly reasonable! And by far the lowest per day of wearing satisfaction. The season's most choice' fabrics and fashions are awaiting your nelectiou our tape line's ready. Samples nhtwn at PnlrArortm, hi Vine Street or at your office or home. Tel. O.'11-M for uppointmc-nt. f

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