Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 5, 1957 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1957
Page 4
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THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE PROGRAM fOR 10GANSPORT 1. An Adtquot* Civic Center 1. An Ad»quol« S«wog« Diiposul System 2. SuffHccnt Parking Facilitiei The Experts Disagree The dubious value of firm conclusions about radioactive fallout on the basis of present evidence has been made clear again in testimony before the joint atomic energy subcommittee of the Senate and House, which is studying the effects of. fallout. The experts unintentionally emphasized what must be the central consideration for laymen—that scientists simply do not agree as to the potential danger of fallout. One witness was Merril Eisenbrud, manager of the New York Atomic Energy Commission operations office. He minimized the danger of fallout from hydro• gen bomb tests, insisting that in the course of a lifetime the average American will absorb from such tests an amount of radiation which would be only a small percentage of the natural background radiation that is with us all the time. Although Eisenbrud's sincerity and competence cannot be questioned, it is well for laymen to remember that AEC spokesmen have consistently minimized the potential hazards of radiation. Other scientists of very high reputation disagree categorically with the AEC view and hold that the threat is far greater than we now realize. Still others assert that we simply do not yet know enough to be sure about the extent, oi radiation dangers. This is the point to which the layman must stubbornly cling—that reputable scientists are in sharp disagreement with regard to the fallout hazard. Until there is at least a reasonable meeting of informed minds on this subject, the lay- rnan can only be skeptical about cither conclusion. Unconsulted Authority Jiiiatlco William O. Douglas of the Supreme Court is at it again. He has just announced details of a 4,00r)-milc Middle Kastern tour which he plans to take this :;urnmor. He will tfo by station watfon from Pakistan lo Turkey, with many stops. This is; only the latest of many extensive travels on his part,. He covered much of Russia in one trip, lh<; JTirmilay- ;is and adjoininj; countries in another, Southeastern Asia in another, mid the Arab lands of Asia in another. His books are full of illuminating details such an only u traveler can ^athor as he passes through. Justice Douglas' first-hand knowledge of the world's Jar^;e.sl continent should make him an invaluable consultant .for tho .State Department. Yet, HO far as is publicly known, he has never been called in for information or advice. 11, would seem as if the department were missing a bet. IN THE PAST One Year Ago TCImer Otaon, 02, of roulo •(, dlod at thu St. Joseph hospilul. i'lilllip (ireor and .John flriico, who oicnped from llio Cans county jail la.il nlj.;bl by ]m.-k!n# Iho lurrik(!y in n celt, weru ca[ilun:d today In u ditch .TOiitb of (jruii.1 Crcok. linn O'Nolll, WayiK! Kcliiterer and Karl 01- Hni/er wore appolnU-d to UK; clly school board. Mm. Mabel Neff, TJ,, of route t, dl<jd al M«- moi'iul Ten Years Ago Tllchard Itrndflcld, H7, WnxhlnKlon towmihlp farim.'r, riled »l hh lioniu on roulu '},, clly. Itoboii Kill-In, hlnh iichool football coach, wax named president of Iho Junior CJIuirnbor af Commerce. Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Kolmrt Ovorliol.'iiir, roulo l, BrlnKhunil, a iion, ul CIIHH county ho«- pllal. The tampornlurn hero cllmbod abov« IK) du- Krees for tin) second day. Mr.s. finicw Ooff, 75, wifn of William Cioff, expired id thi: home la Kant. Mouliccllo, .S. W. Harniird, tin. rollrml l!iirlliinl«n bii«I- nofi.Miiun, diod. Twenty Years Ago Mr.i. Norn <!. Hood, (W, Mexico, dlod ill her hoine iiuro after a lliiKerlnij lllnc'vi, llor IIUH- band, Uuo Hood, preceded her In doalh Iwo WlMlldl. Henry G. UoweU. 1(1, died nl hlit homo In Kcwanna. Kil CHIc.y, fornior nvililmil of Lotfiiiinpnr(, dlwl lit hl.s iKiine lu I'ldladi-lplila. Can.-i (.'mi/ily Sliorlff lluwiiy Schmidt announced Iho olfer of T.IIH) reward IniidliiK lo Ihu "up- priiluMis-loii or ellmlnlntlou" of the Krady HanH. Surah Qilherliif Ch;i|)ln ediiliraled lier IWnil birthday al Hie homo of her diuiKhUu-, Mm. K. V. MeAllb.U-r, IIIIKI Siienr filreel. .fohn I), Itockofellor led. his $;ir,,OOtl,(K)0 e.'itulii lo hlji Ki'iiml-diUiKhtcr, Iho Miirijiiexu Ceort/ii H(j Cueva.'f. Fifty Years Ago Charles Itohlnwin, local, rural mall onrrlor, WH.-I .ituiiii(>d and hi.i liot-.-io knockocl down by UKhlnliiK. ItolaiKl Ifiilloti IIIIH 'returned from SI Lou IK When) |m IHIH |,,. mi ^ Kllw i ( , r ( ;, u .| ^1,^1, f,,,.. ntcrly of thin clly. C. I,. Dllly, T. S. Kornn. M. W. Collell, and A. J. Heal, coal dmdei-n, weal lo tmlliuwpollx to moel. with iriliiui'd aiiNdinblod thoro, Clly l^tifdiK-er .John Schmidt had purt-haiied •o 8'A hoiviepovror OUbmobllo. Drew Pearson's MERRY-CO-ROUND Wednesday Evening, June 5, 1957. BOMB RACE VERSUS HUMAN RACE Drew Pearson says: Dulles' son- in-law entertained by Dictator Trojillo; Trujillo got help from high places in increasing his sugar quota; Ike's brother-in-law got interesting dominican sugar deal: WASHINGTON — This column was the first to reveal that ex- congressman Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., had been hired by Dictator Trujillo of ahe Dominican Republic.' It's only fair, therefore, to report on other relatives of those in high places who have been playing footsie with the Caesar of the Caribbean. The list includes: 1. The son-in-law of John Foster Dulles, Robert Hinshaw. 2. The brother-in-law of President Eisenhower, Colonel Gordon Moore. 3. The ex-assistant Secretary of Stale in charge in Latin American affairs, Henry Holland. The chief source of Dictator Trupillo's wealth is the Dominican sugar industry. He owns most of the sugar mills in hi.s country. It was no accident, therefore, that Congress last year increased tho quota of Dominican sugar admitted to the United States. It took this action despite opposing pressure of beet sugar growers in our Rocky Mountain states and cane growers in Louisiana. Here is part of the backstage story of whai. happened: In 1954, Dulles' son-in-law offered to help Trujillo get his sugar quota increased. The dictator then .tent personal plane, a luxurious flying yacht, the "San Cristobal," to fly Dulles' daughter, Mrs. Robert Hinshaw, her husband, and children to the Dominican liepub- 1k:. For three months the Hinshaws stayed at tlic beautiful seasliore- ITntcl Jaragua, running up a bill of no small proportions, tfinshaw triod lo promolo several deals with the Dictator, finally over.sl.nyed his welcome. Trujillo paid his bills. Hinshaw, when queried by this column as lo why he had not registered as a foreign agral, as ro- (jiiira! if an American works for or accepts funds to represent, a foreign government, said that ho did not do nny work for Tr.ijillo. Informed thai .some pimple' registered if they received expenses from a foreign government, llin- ' dluiw nclmiUed that his expenses were paid, hut didn'l agree that he should have registered. Under the foreign ro.ci.slration riot there is nothing wrong jilmiit an American working for a foreign government, !)»! il. spedfk.d l.hut UK: American public has a rlghl lo Icnw when someone Is so work- Ing. Tim law firm of Secretary nf Slate Dulles has boon registered in the past, as working for various foreign governments; also l.he law firm of ex-Secretary Donn Acheson. H Is a criminal offense not to rogi/iter. Note—The Justice Department recently Indicted John Frank, an. cx-KIH agent who wired Tni.iilln'« ftnlncv for sound, for falling to register us n foreixn ngcnt. V.x-HlnlK Itrpurlinonl Official One former Irlgli official who definitely helped pul. across Trulll- lo's sugar fjiiolu lm.Tun.so Is able. Henry Holland, former top official In Ihe Klnle n.epnrlM)i.'iil for liiitin American affairs. Holland .scarcely go!, out of llio Slnto On- pnrl.menl. when (in lioadud for Urn JJnmlfilcnn [{opubllc. Ife nol only made wvoral tri|>.s, but gol on Iho pnyroll of Triijllln'.i mliiint; 'ron- iniltanl, Wllllnrn I'awloy, l.ho former iirnl)ii.H.'iii(!iir In Hra/.ll. If can be. nrgued tliiil. Holland gotn his fixm directly from Tawley, therefore'doesn't, bnvi; lo re- tfinlor. I,ll««ls<) Franklin Hnnmi- ve.ll, Jr. mljjbi. IMWI nri(iu:il l.lml; ln> HO|. bin fe<!H tiiro'iigh Uharliw IVdrlek f.'lm'k,- I»M>yln( lor linl.li .Franco and Trujillo. However, lltn'M lln>Llii!i'-lii-l,iiw Tho moHt. highly connected of all Americans In Trujlllo-land IH Ike's •hi-ollior-ln-lnw, Colonel (lordon iMooro. The colonel, now retired from l.ho army, Is a Denial iioul, frofjumilly al Ihc While Hoimo. llin appoarniiCdM In 1)10 background of tho prciilildiil'H mdlon-wldd tolfi- <:iml.H hiivoii'l. hurl h!n prenllKn lu 'Wjmhliitflou whwo iiuicli (luptimlH on Infliuinci!, Colonel Mooi-ii him made mivorul trips to the tightly controlled island of l.ho Caribbean; has sometimes taken his family along. During one of llicsu trips be ncgoli- alcd a highly complicated s.unar deal with Ihu American-owned but Trujillo-loleruled Soulli Piicrto-lli- cun siiKiir company. This involved 7,000 tons of "green siiKur;" wiiicli Moore got shipped Jnlo the USA as hog feed. This classification meant I'irsl thai tho siiKnr was never counted against the Dominican quoin. Second, it passed through customs wilh u cheaper tariff rale. As blackstrap molasses for caltlo or lion feed it paid a duly of 1,5 coals per hundred pounds instead of -B(1:H cents per hundred churned •for Kroen sunar. hater the U. S. Customs Bureau reversed Itself and doinandud l.hc liXi.fi cent rale on Moore's .shipment.. Lulcr a considerate conijrosK passed n law cxcmpline; "Kreen miKar" from the hljih tariff rale, fiinuiih Loo late lu affect Moore's shipment. Hid. even more considerate; friends in congress than introduced a bill which would ijivo. Colonel Moore's .shipment fi/jut-Jal Ireiil- nieriL. H. would make the lower tariff rule rrlroncllvo to ,/inic .'Id, :i!>.W. lly happy colacldence Ibis would apply chiefly lo Colonel Moore, sluci; his 7,(X)l)-l.on Import JH Ihe only innlin- shipment nC- j'eoled. This helpful bill was Introduced 'by Senator .luck Kennedy, rjomn- ornllc aspirant for president, and oilier De.mocral, also of Musmi- chumill.H. J.uli.r Kennedy look Ills name off Ihe bill, but. CoiiKrossman Hide. !lii|.;/;s of /..oiilm'iuin, auol.hor Democrat., promptly put his niimu on Instead. Note—Those RonnocLcil wll.li the Kt'oim IIIIKIII- dual claim Mourn •merely acled IIH n broker, Hull, lluj purchase wan iniulo by Llin I'lobcrt <i. Lynch conipniiy. However, Lynch In hired by Mooro and »c- unjiliM the .same offices wll.li him. Trumons Enroute East To See New Grandson NKW YOIWC, UriM-'MrH. Mnr- KiirH. Triimiui Daniel, duuKhliir of formor l'renldeiil Triiirian, j/,av» hlrlih lodny lo her first child—a (!-p»uml, lkiuii.ce boy. 'Mil's. Diuilol, Uio wife of fi. Ollflim Dniulii.' Jr., « iiKsmher of. llhe IIOWH ttlidlf of '|'|i,| New York Tlin/iK. and *ifir haliy woro roiiort- e.d "doliiK film" ml Doclxn-H llos- 'I'he couple wiwi nwirrlcd April 5!l, 1(15(1, III IiidepiiiKhince, Mo., where Mrs. Dimml's iiiiriMilH live. Tluiy luivo rotildi'd In New York ulnco Uielr marriage. Truman nail his wJJ'o woro l.o leave Kjiimas Clly Ihbi inornliix 5>y train for Now York, Angelo Potri LAFF-A-DAY Vacation Days Call for a Busy Schedule Schools will close and vacation days will bo upon UK before- we uro raidy for them if we are not, think- iiif< and planning for them befdri!- hnnd. For toil months the children h/Jvo bean follnwiiiK a roulinu five tlnys a week. All at: once- the rmi- tiae Is broken. It does not matter if a child slocpK lulu, lie has no duly prusHiiiM upon him. He is free. For a lonj,' lime he him been looking forward lo this freedom, and here i!. i.i ami here he i:; with uolhliiK to do anil nowhere Lo yo, .3Io doo« nol. fuel woll. Hi.s body msimlK l.he new order. So iloen ills •mind. »o begins lo worry his iiuil.h- «r with "What can I do? Where can I un? Can I KuY" iinl.ll slli: Is wishing l.hal. school kept. KIHIIK Uiu year round. Ynl children neod IJiix hroak from Uiu roiillne of ICSHDIIS. liul: limy also netitl the xupport of a planned day, and lliin is what the iiHil.hcr and lallior of the viieatlon- iiiK elilldrun must, consider now, woll ahead of time. What. ;iri! they lo do? Whore tire they lo |.;oV How cmi llioy liu kopl Iju.iy and Imppy? Of course, Iheru are as many wayH UK llierc nru IIOIIIOH and chii- druii. Kunuiuir school IH l.hc first: thought of tiiisy molJiei-K, yet, It IH not always Llio busl, one for Din Individual child, if he elects to HO to Hummer school woll and Kood, Hut If ho has had poor marks, say In urlUiivujUcs, and Iho Idea IK 'llial: bo alloitd .summer school lu "make Up," 1 VOl.0 luftllllHt 11. ltmiJ(llK> liow you would feul If you woro iold you had to work day iiflui- day al Ihe, o.nu Job you did nol do well. My oxpo.rlotico IIIIK Indicnled l.lial; when l.liu child IH n liuullliy, normal IHIO, ho failed n HuliJocL usually becausi! ho was not roiidy for If; and drlllhi).: him only uuide a bad mailer worsu, Cllven a i-oMt, Uinn |.o pi'opiiri) hlmsiilf by urnwlli and (li.'Vi)lopiiionl, pi'iicussus, ho will K» ahoiul all rlKhl. i never havu j'utiiid persliilunl, drill helped a fall. IIIH jiupll. Wliiui stimmdr Ncliool IH not thu lui/iwor, w!»il then? J'lau a homij clioro for llio first. Lilian In llio nmnilutf— onu for ouch dilld— and make Hiiro llioy do II.. ArrniiKo, In t'(iiwiil|.alJo» wilh tliuiu, a plan for work and play so Unit they can look forward lo a busy and enjoyable, vaculiua Lime. On-S'inlxo n Ki'oup, a club, ncctinl. Iho Sc.mil, and Campl'li'U Ki-oupii, plan a play •for n liuiiofll, a trip, a visit, may- bo a llfjlit Job for 0110 of Iho uiijior- Lo-oai-n cbildriui. hook Inl.o what Iho cliiii-iili offui'H. Wlusl, alMinl; niu- HiiuniK and placoH of lul.ure»l. In .your aro/i? UoulcH lo bo road? 1'nlntlnnv ModolliiK a Imllillim pi-o- jiK.'l, lll(o a flruplaco for uiitdoorH, « bonl, a bird houiiu? Thu IhlnXH dully llvliiK offui-HV Maybo a Job Niiilud l.o l.he adoluHconl'ii ninnlN 1 ,' Vacnllon tlnio iiuiHl, mil. ho an empty llmu. Jl, In a fine Llntu for Krowth. Study State Tax Problems IWDliAiNAPOfjIS (UP)-Several studies lo bo made by the Indiana Tax Study Commission included today a "hoi |Kital«"—Ihe. fad llmt manufacturers still ]iay no slalo iax on llieir lutersta-le sales. The commission, which collects 'tiax • daltt and projxises new laws, decided Tuesday lo invosligalo four oilier tax problems between now and the 1051) Indiana Legislature. Slate Sen. Multhew Welsh (D- Vlncennus), Sennlc iniiiorily leader in. till; 1857 Ceneral Assembly, told oilier commission members the fad Dial. Hie assembly failed tu |iass u nel. worth t lax on nian- tii'aei.urei's "as a political finest ion is going l.o be u hoi potato," MiiiHil'aclurers an<l farmers sull- JiiK intei-slnte pay practically no slattj lax, Welsh |ioiiilecl out, since they are exempt, from l.he gross Income fax and all but a penny of the Ifi-een! .slate property Ijix was roiu'aled. "This sHmillo.'i if left, niiiin- .swored is going In create an op- l«irl.uiilly for a lot of people lo make a lot. of wild accusations " Welsh said, The commission also agreed In .study a net Income lax, as ordered by I'lu 1 Legislature, a sales lax. Mil 1 possHilllly of eliminating prop- orly taxes, and .iliilu-f-eilc-r/il-loeal tax relations. l''our In KOiticlliiiiiu tho oiiuiie nf !yl»K, but llin rb'rtt »ti')> In (iviT- tiiiiiilnK HilH halill. In IK llml llin VIHIHW. Dr. I'ntri lellw IHIIV In find HIM cniiHit and iivi<ri!iiin« lylim In Iwiflot I'-ir,, "l,.vln(f." l'« nhtidii H »»|iy, nend 10 cmitx In coin to High Corporation Salaries Cired by Senator McNamara WAHIIINCTON (tfl 1 )—«en. Put McNiinmra (I) - Mich.) said Mini- day tile earnlngH of America's LliiYo lilgll'.usl-palil corporal.lou executives would JUKI about pay llio Hiilarles" of |<|(| union presidents, McNamara. a former union of||- •cla'l, i'(!|>lli!il In Uio Seanlu to la.it weeli'n iiclliiu by Chairman Styles llrlilK(M) (II-N.II.) of llio Henate'lie- pii'bllcnu Policy OinnmlUee, 'lli'l-dgwi plnccd la UK- Congressional Iti.'curd a policy committee report slutwlug salunus of prcslilen'tii of I'll) unions. The C!(>P report showed four union proslilonu ilriiwiiiK pay of $50,000 a year or more. McNamara put hi ihu recuril figures from Hu.ilmws Weelt Magn- y.liie llstlliiK tli» onriiliiKii i>f ».'» cor- ixirallou ex-ocullves. "Thewii |iiiyii!<>nlN railed from u 'Pidl.ry $300,(XH) u year Lo :|iilira,()ll," MeNaiiinivi «ald. Tho liu.ilnuiiK lint wim bended by Kttgeuo (1. (Jrucu, elialrinaa of llttlJilnlieiu Si.eel Corp,, $lnm,(UI: JIlH-low II. (Jiirllce, priiHldent of <lenei'lil Moloi'H, :f.lHl!i,l()ll; and Ai 1 - Wuir It. Homer, priwldeal of Helh- teheill Si.eel, JIWHI, IV(I. M.eNnm:irii said Ui<< $X,I7:i,ai7 IxHnl of these l.hri:e Income^ would nearly pay l.hc total $!{ 1 l7:i,liri(l listed by ItrldKo.i a.i |.hu pay of J-l« union |ire.iiileiiti(. NO WUIHKKKS LONDON (UP) ... A Londoii liollceiiiiui was Hu.'ipeiiilod Unlay ifor wearing wlihilters la Itudilng'- luim I'alace. hint, t-./n llil« IUIIIIT, I'. (), H«3t (H), .Station <i, Ni'w York It), N. Y. (KeleiiMed by Tim Hull Syndicate, Inc.) PHAROS-TRIBUNE Joiirnnl ««lnl>ll»h, * > «', l i"ll"" 1 """' """HI Kinnlnj null Ixillilnr* 1,7 I'lutnu-'iviliun* ti>, •««., ni7 iniiNt Ilroftfltvnj', liiMKltitMiHirt, InillHitit. l<lnl«,rr,l KM •nuiiiiil rlnNW Illntlcr Ml III* UIIMl Oflllll, Ml I,»M-ltMM,llk»l. l».l. ...«.1». «,.« ....* -.0 u, . a Walter Winchell L Broadway and Elsewhere Man About Town Prince Philip's former aide, Cmdr. Michael Parker (ousted when his own scandal broke), is expected here thisj month. Swank set! hostesses are trip-J ping over each! other to land him| for parties. . , Edith Piaf, divor-i ced in Chicago re-1 cently, is getting! consolation fromj Chicago pianist^ Oilman Barbo. The ex-Mrs. Jack (_ Lemmon and actor Cliff Robertson decided to merge at the end of the month — Claude Rains, lop flight stage and screen star, is at Veterans Hospital, Coatesville, Pa. —Hollywood's Don Taylor has a new thrill. Jane Russell's gorgeous blonde sec'y. . .The Count Basics, who reconciled not lo:ig ago, are pouting again — "Follies" dolly Barbara Hall (currenlly doini; Shakespeare on the $l>4,000 Question) and Ken Strong, the dancer, are blazing — Harry Belafonte's ex-wife, is trying lo douse her torch Tor him by dating the Shah of Pakistan. . .The fate of NBC's "Tonight" program will be decided tomorrow. Billy Graham's crusade (to save New York from sin) apparently has clicked. Midlnwn bookstores- report the biggest demand for the Bible in years Will Jordan, the comic, and Uobin Loring, the scripter, wen; Topic A at the Embers... .Was that Gene Tierney with Count Jose Dorclis at Ohum- bord?—The rumors that Father Divine was "secretly" dead are blamed on Daddy Grace, one of Ills competitors.. ."The Search for Bridey Murphy" is really over. It. can be bought for me in ihe 5th hand stores along filh Avenue Jngn'd Bcrjjman is so up.set al U. S. newspapers for breaking I ho scandal in Bombny—friends believe she will change her mind about returning to H'wood to star in Iterminnio'.s "A Time lo Love, A Time In Die" — Kconomic expert Bcnnlsley Huml is very ill. Sophia Lorea'x leap lo Stardom is remarkable when you learn sl'.o Hot an extra's pay in Mfi-.VTs "ijuu Vailis" tin Italy) !i years ami.... Mrs. Mike Todd's parents just celebrated their IIDtli auii'y... ,Su- elalite ,1. I'lult White and l.'ily LoiJ^e, lovely dKlilr »l Ihe Ambassador, stole Ihe show al Johnny's 'JYmdud wilh llielr yuoil looks Ijiiiin Home's, starrer, "Jamaica" Is exjieeled In be the first K\U>\V in years In enjoy a million dollar advance sale ...Hesorl hotel uwu- ers had a very had Decoration Day weekeud. l.illle hi 1 /.. They canceled shows ri|.;hl and lefl--makinti performers the l)i|; losers... .Alan Dale, thi! lurk, and eulie Soudra Mi;ri-lsoa have convinced Ihe Cer- nlLI regulars — Demi Martin and hie Copa made up. . .Sinatrn's XliiliirisL, Nick Konney, and orioln Hen-i Itlnlr plan a July weddinn .. ('oliiiiil)ia llecord. 1 ! and I'lijfal aru (llvnrced. A slormy scene, .I'Viuik Cosl(>llo's wouid-he assassin liicconllnii lo police talk) did .speak bul'ore shodlini; him. Tim <ino!e: "Hello, l-'rnnk. 1 not .Tl.ltll, ,t-l,l, I.T 11,111,111 ItlUINtl III nill. They had I IIP Viiyngcr ooiu Iniiich assiimiiij.; so, at any n(i!,...TIie Hems ropurlini; .luck ebb and Jacqueline l,iiu|{liery iimrgliiK soon MM! premiiliiri). He won't bu free for ijulle n spell. . . Lurry Kurt, Ihe iinnniinvnl lead for "Wost SUiii Story," wns M I'hnr- 1IK llOV 111 "Mr. Wnnilnrl'lll" nnlu II Sliinw.vck'.i looludllie) innri'led Itohwl Kane, an nxec, Jnsl. week. Former champ liocliy flrii/iiinn .Is iiliiilher wlm Irjirm-d' IIDIV lirkle i'XUCM mid sponsors can gel. The l>)wm> ju.s! .slopped HiiKiiu: . . Fi'iiiiklo Cm-Id's brolher "Lu'eliy" and his wife decided lo post the Renotice . . . Barbara Hunt, Latin Quarter belle, and a young psychiatrist are Cloud 5'ing. "Leave out his name." she urged, 'it might upset him" . . . John Ireland's roving eye has caught Marcia Humestons. She will soon be 20 ... Director James Wales' death by drowning lin a Hollywood pool) was attributed to a heart condition . . . The police are not so sure. They hear some of his very queer friends owed him about $200.000. The Jaime Patino • Joanne Connelly divorce settlement will bo completed next month at Zurich. Insiders say she will colled plenty of his Bolivian tin millions . . . Society wonders if social Ann Cuddihy (of the Ford-FIrestone-Van- derbik clans) will confirm merger rumors, lie is actor John Dooloy . . . Francoise Sagan, the novelist, is fully mended from her crash injuries and making Die Parisian rounds with young playwright Michael 'Deon . . . Add Composer Couples: Edith Sehon- berg, mag editor, and Joel Mc- Croa's handsome son Jody . . , Ludwig Donath Clio was .Tolson's father in Ihe films) and Hickory House vihraharpisl Jean Nelson have boon secretly sealed for over a year . . . Af'.er-thoalrc-duels at Sardi's: Bob Smith and Joyce Lear, both of "Aunlie Mamie" . . . Add Torch Carriers: Robert Hector, mpr. of "Polthig Shed." for "Pat" Diamond of "Fair Lady." Marie McDonald's now net {which features a black sheer nii:h!«mvnl registered big at tho Desert Inn, Vegas, according lo landlord Wilbur (.'lark.... "New (iirl in Town" broke the 4(1111 SI. Theatre hous-e-roconl wilh $5!),(51)2. ... America's ski-champ Andrea Mead Lawrence and (jronm had their .lib imai:o 'a KirD in Denver. ....Pops Whit Inker, of The N<nv Yorker mag, and KIU-n Martin Jiave intimates breathless with ru- jnni's that they might elope Tho "Toin'i'lu" lv staff and Sammy Kaye are no longer sweethearts. lie canceled out wilh only a few hoiu's notice, they charge Marilyn Monroe's neighbors report sho strolls nloiiK 2m! Avenue in llw sn.<t :uul pauses for a chat with (Vu- Xi All... .Singer Louise Manniiv (at Itoselnnd Dance Ciiyi is what Jln\v rail a wJiilt'-^nld blonde.... Free Warning to a well - known jilaylioy: The wild aliairs al :i Nul- lnii 1'lace !i|it. are lieinj; luutak'd fur one of thi 1 scjnulal nia^s. Wliat's this nniiseii.so about Kar- 1lin Kill and iK-lirss Mlhel Ayler almost liair-jiir.liiiL 1 , at a rei-ent party'.'... A lop labor esee SIIVM Hie ll-yeiir-uM Koliler strike un Wiseonsiii) will be seltlnl lieluro the boss runs tw the ('. S. Senate. ....The doctor has infiirnied Hil.l Cain and hushiiiiil thai the bahy limy arrive .Inly -lilt ...Joan .Blackmail, who got all I hat publi- cily dnlliig I 1 '. Sinatra, is makini; Ihe Coast prc'inieres will! aclnr Vinee Kilwards — Angela llnrry (Harry Sisters) married ai;eut HONH Howie, at Ulnscnw, Scotland. I'rnlly Lee Ifemiclt, Ihe lialiui" iwirliii): mini .slenler in ")''aee in thefniwil," and her actress molh- rr are rfJinaiK'in;.: h\'i) lads named Hill. Lee's betrothed lo lv producer Illli Colleriin. Mntlier'.s dating Wall Klreelci' Hill I'acliard .."I'm" .Fay of "lintel I'arailiMi" is steadyIrystliu: with actor Diumld Hiika. Director Ka/.an, alter one look Jil Winifred Aiuslec, MHIUM! her tor Ihe Chicago version oi "Cat." Her paler is president nf Ohio Northern H. . .With un piv-prnclire niMaKKio belled leu bulls mil i»f Hie Jacksonville Imllpark, Distimeit :i-l. r i fl. Happened diinnc his visit last week when bis pal (Veil Wnlf- siin inarriod Harhnra I Inch . Ironic note In Ihe recent Injury lit pitcher Herb Score's eye: lie received credit for an assist in Ihu box-score... Comedienne Kay l)e.- Will. the next Mrs. Hoj-.cr I'riceV WKICIITV MATTr:)! I'LA'IT.SHfltC. N. V. Speci- fier! Ions is.'.urd !o Indders Mr n hniislui-: prnji'ci at I'lallshtirc. Air l-'orce Miiw H'cii;lic,l :I,IIIKI puuiuls. The Air l^urct 1 said it had prepared 7!) selii of Ihe speedieallons. J'iach set weighed •!() puuiuls. HUBERT "No, thankti WNI.II wc'ro mamcdl" , i *r<<i 1 l,..Ki,n«,M>r(, n,,|,, „„,!„, lh . iMlHna NNwnpHvnr UnprvM«in4ntlv*M AIJ HIT iiui>ii)Aii ov i)iiiciii,A'i i io)yfl Artit v „, „, 'I don't know WHAT happened — I went in to buy raro»

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