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Montpelier, Vermont
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ENEMNG MAGUS OVER DOUBLE he Officiation of any Montpelier Daily, BOOKS ARE MI WAYS OPEN TO ADVERTISER VOL. XIII. No 127 MONTPELIER, THE MONTPELIER SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY The steady growth of this bank is significant endorsement of the sentiment "a satisfied customer is the best advertisement." Allowed on Savings Deposits. Taxes paid cr. deposits of $2,000 or less.

JAMES W. BROCK, President, L. BART CROSS Vice President ALBERT W. FERRIN, Treasurer REGAL SHOES For Outdoors Our showing of Women's Regal Shoes includes smart styles for outdoor wear. These Regal models have the neat, trim lines and the exclusive shapes and leathers of the expensive custom-made shoes from which they have been patterned.

They also give you the perfect comfort essential in outdoor footwear. We have other Regal models correct for every -and in every style you can get your exact fit, because Regal Shoes are made in quarter-sizes. W. E. $350 ADAMS SON $400 60 State St.

and $500 THE McCUEN STORE Some of the Advantages of Selecting Your Spring Suit or Coat from Our Stock "You Can Find It at McCuen's" The largest lines for selection in this vicinity. The best intrinsic values in CLOTHS, LININGS and TAILORING. Syndicate Buying with several much larger stores, gives us the advantage of quantity buying, and allows us, we believe, to offer our garments at better average prices than can be found elsewhere. Alterations free of charge in our own Work Rooms. $15.00 SUITS Larger variety of styles, made of plain and fancy serges, SKINNER'S SATIN LINED, coats 32 and 34 in.

long, full plaited skirt; color, Navy, Reseda, Grey, Tan, Shepard Checks and Black. $20.00 SUITS Includes several distinct styles in plain tailored and trimmed Suits, plain serges, nicely Tailored, Skinner's Lined, moire and braid trimmed, smoke pearl buttons, full plaited, skirt. Colors, Light Greys, Tans, Navy, Olive, Black and White Checks. $25.00 At this price we show the best values in the City, that is, MATERIALS, TAILORING and TRIMMINGS, in plain and fancy styles. The Odd sizes and straight front styles for stout figures are included.

Sizes, 14 Misses' to "51" LARGE VARIETY OF SEPARATE COATS SERGES, Navy and Black BLACK AND WHITE CHECKS (two size checks) TAN AND GREY NOVELTIES BLACK TAFFETA SILK COATS RAIN COATS, SILK, MOIRE and CRAVENETTE BLACK PANAMA COATS, for stout figures (Loose styles, plaited back and front.) Braid trimmed. CHILDREN'S COATS ARE HERE! Evening THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 1910. O'CLOCK EDITION SHUT DOWN OF COAL MINES Chicago, March 31, The most optimistic of the local coal operators set thirty days as the probable duration of the shut down of the coal mines in Illinois pending the adjustment of the differences between seventy-five thousand miners and the operators. AGAINST SUNDAY WORK. Big Steel Corporation To Minimize Such Labor.

New York, Mar. 31. Chairman E. H. Gary, of 17.

S. Steel Corporation has sent telegrams to the presidents of all subsidiary companles requesting them to observe and carry into effect the spirit of the resolution passed by the committee in 1907 calling for a minimizing as much as possible of Sunday labor in the corporation's mills. RUMORS OF SETTLEMENT. Car Men May Return To Work If Given Old Jobs. Philadelphia, Mar.

31. Rumors of a settlement of the car men's strike were current today. It is known that the company is in need of experienced motormen and conductors while the men are in des. perate need of money. It is believed the strike will be if the company agrees to reinstate all of the strikers to their old positions.

ERRANT BOY GOES MAD. New York, March are Col. Roosevelt and I have been sent be God to kill you Moses Marcus, a 16 year old errand boy, as he attacked W. W. Chiveral of Baltimore on Broadway.

Trie boy threatened immediate death to sev. eral pedestrians who came to Chiseral's, rescue and continued his Irrational talk after he was arrested. Chiveral was not injured. Young Marcus was taken to a hospital tor observation. His father said he bad been acting strangely of late.

SWALLOWED PIN. Middletwo, N. Y. March 31 While laugbing heartily at a joke, John Williams, of Highland Mills allowed a pin to slip down his throat. He burried to a physician, but the pin had got into Williams's stomach.

In the hope a ball may be formed around the pin, the physician has placed the young man on a diet of mashed potatoes, If the ball is fomed it is believed the pin can be removed HOLD CONFERENCES. (Special to the Evening Argus.) Bethel March conferences are being held between the granite manufacturers and the strike committee of the quarry workers union, Frank F. lough, James Sweeney and James Fitzgerald. SIX MEN KILLED. Wilburton, Mar.

31. -An explosion in mine number 2 of Great Western Coal and Coke here this worning killed six men. A couple of smart sewing girls wanted to learn the tailor trade at Ledden's tailor shop. 123tf LET YOUR NEXT PAIR OF BOYS' SHOES BE Bass Shoes FOR SALE AT B. M.

SHEPARD 121 State St. Montrelier. Vt. Argus: rate Partly WEATHER Friday, variable cloudy cooler, winds. PREDICTION tonight mod- PRICE, ONE CENT FATAL WRECK IN GERMANY TWENTY- TWO SOLDIERS KILLED.

Upwards of 200 Persons lujured Some Fatally. Mulhein Am Rhein, Germany, March 31. -It appears today that upwards of two hundred persons were injured yesterday in a collision between express and military trains, ard the total of dead is 22, with six others dying. All the victims were soldiers, Two signalmen base been arrested. DIED IN WATERBURY.

Mr. Somerville Was Esteemed Citizen and Mason. Waterbury, March 31. Joseph Somerville, one of the most promi ment men in the vicinity, died at five o'clock yesterday afternoon of heart trouble at the age of 81 rears. He was born in Fayston, September 20, 1829.

He first married Mary Ann Purner, who lived but a short time. January 13, 1858, he married Miss Corrina Huntley and to them three children were torn Mrs. A. B. Smith, of this town, Nathan, now dead, and James Somerville, of the Waterbury firm of Smith Somerville, He is also survived by two sisters, Mrs.

Isabelle Smith, cf Waltsfeld, and Mrs. Zenas Watts, of Waterbury. Mr. Somerville was one of the forty-ninersa He twice went to California during the gold rush, once by way of Panama and once around Cape Horn, There be acquired considerable wealth and upon his return took up farming. For many years he lived on the farm in Duxbury now owned cy the State, He was quite prominent in the Masonic fraternity, He was made a Mason in California and was a charter member and one of the principal officers of Winooski Lodge, No.

5, of this place. He was also a member of Whitney Chapter No. 24, R. A. Mount Zion Commanders No.

9, K. of Montpelier, Mount Sinai Temple, A. O. N. M.

and Queen Esther Chapter 0. E. 8. The funeral is to occur at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the house. KIDNAPPED 3 MONTHS.

York, March 31, Kidnapped three months ago, Harry Busby, twenty-two, was kept a prisoner in an old mill sioce that time, according to a story he told his parents on his return home. He says that he went to the barn one night and was there rendered unconscious by a blow on the head. He was then taken to a mill, where he was kept a prisoner and fed on bread and water. Last night his jailers ad. ministered to him a drug which put him to sleep, and this morning he awoke at the sane place where he had been kidnapped.

DROWNED IN WATER BASIN. South Norwalk, March 21, William E. Harris drowned himselt in an ordinary basin of water in this town. He laid on the floor. and held his face in the water until he was dead.

Harris was a veteran of the civil war and had lived in Noroton. He was seventy-three years old, He had the reputation of baving taken part in more battles than any other Connecticut soldier. FRANCE ACCEPTS. Paris, March, The Senate by a vote of 281 to 5 today concurred with the chamber of deputies tariff commission to which it had been referred, and recommended the adoption of a bill legalizing the French side of the Franco- -A merlcan tariff agreement, The measure will be taken up for action by the chamber next Tuesday. GERMAN BOAT ORDERED AWAY Must Leave Liberian Waters or Take Con sequences.

Liverpool, March 31. German cruiser Sperba has left Cape ralms upon orders of the Liberian authoritles, according to advices received here from Liberia. The Liberians were so Incensed at the German commanders offer to quell the outbreak of the natives that they ordered the Sperba to leave Liberian waters within 36 hours or the consequences." PLEADED NOT GUILTY. Negro Who Shot Policeman Appears In Court. Burlington, March 31.

-John A. Thomas, the negro who shot Policeman John H. Ryan in the thigh of the left leg last fall, was taken into Chittenden court yesterday mornIng, when he pleaded not guilty to the charge of assault with intent to kill. Thomas has been in the State hospital at Waterbury, where be was placed by order of tie court to be observed as to his sanity. Following the case of State vs W.

H. Benware, now being tried in court, this case comes next on the docket. ADLERS Jollegian I Collegian CLOTHES welcome COMPARISON at all times, and find that we alweys gain a customer when our merchandise and our values are CRITICALLY compared with the offers of OUR COMPETITORS, Tae fact that we are headquarters for Adler's Collegian Clothes in this town. is one of the reasons why we can give you BETTER VALUES than you can get at any other store, and we know this to be a fact. We know positively that NO OTHER MAKERS put into their garments the same high quality of MATERIALS, nor are they able to give to their clothes the same HIGH STANDARD OF STYLE.

Before you buy your SPRING SUIT OR OVERCOAT, just make COMPARISONS with these clothes land the clothes you have bought of any other make. That will be A CONVINCING TEST, and an absolutely fair one for all concerned. E. L. SEGEL CO.

22j Main Street, MONTP ELIER, VT. CLOTHES Interest Compounded Twice Yearly. THE MONTPELIER NATIONAL BANK SAVINGS DEPARTMENT Capital Stock- $150,000.00 Surplus and Profits 159,000,00 Stockholders' Liability to tors Deposi- 300,000.00 Taxes on Deposit up to Anv Amount Paid bv this Bank. CAPITAL SAVINGS BANK TRUST CO. MONTPELIER, VERMONT.

Capital $100,000. Total Assets 81,700,000. Four Per Cent. Paid Depositors, Eight Per Cent. Dividends Paid ockholders.

bolder large -and its capital- no stockholders other trust working for company the in bank's the state welfare, has are as elements many of stock- set curity and prosperity not in savings banks with no capital. The capital itself being invested, well nigh earns the dividends paid stockholders, so mutual savings banks have no advantaro, over a well trust company. Deposits before the day of the month araw interest trom the 1st day, at FOUR PER CENT. per annum, payable semi-annually, on the first days of July and January in each year. Two per cent, interest paid on commercial accounts.

82000 deposit, bank paying the taxes, yields more net income than a five per cent. taxed investment, with interest paid when due, and the deposit available in whole or in part, in any time of need. Trustees, T. J. DEAVITT President; ALRERT JOHONNOTT, 1st Vice President, SIBLEY, 2nd Vice President: H.


G. NYE. T. J. DEAVITT, Pres.


F. A. Dwinell, Vice-President A. G. Eaton, Cashier, J.

H. Kelleher, Asst. Cashier. SILK PETTICOATS! The rustle of a silk petticoat is like music in the ears of woman. There are very few women 3.1.

who will not buy a silk petticoat just as soon as AT they can afford one. And there are very few 7.1 that cannot afford one that know how very reae't sonable they can be bought at this store. OUR SPECIAL AT $3.98 B'lE is a remarkable skirt. It is rare in quality and style for such a little price. It will measure up in every way with most $5.00 skirts.

It is far superior to many. TAFFETASIAT ($6.00 are popular sellers here. You always find them 7.T.' worth $6.00. OUR $8.50 SILK PETTICOATS made of taffeta and silk jersey, with taffeta and messalene flowers, are particularly handsome skirts for the money we ask tor them. They possess all the style and durability that $8.50.

can produce. Try one with your next petticoat money. If you want to pay more and get your money's worth, why, buy our $10.00 OR 13.50 SKIRT What will you do? Buy It THE PERLEY E. POPE CO..

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