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Montpelier Evening Argus from Montpelier, Vermont • 2

Montpelier, Vermont
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The Evening Argus. Peptiron Pills Charles Taylor Saturday evening, June 27. A party of 12 friends called and the hours passed merrily in playing games after which refreshments were served. Tlte remains of the late John Campbell sere brought to town last Thursday afternoon from Barton for interment in the Soutn Eyegate cemetery. Prayer was said at the grave by Her.

J. II. McArthur. Mr. Campbell formerly resided in town ON WAS DAY in the laundry wash in the "Sun-light" way, for it brings brightness, comfort and delight.

The clpthes will be whiter and the labor lighter. Sunlight Orltt Styles, of Barlictfton, chief of police la town, has resigned that position and gone home. J. M. Fitgerald, of Montpelier, an i red in town last Friday to take up his duties as police officer until another party can be secured for the place.

The Fourth passed very quietly in town. Very little if any trouble was eiperienced. The night before the Fourth was noisy bat not as much so as in previous years. The boys of the town built a huge bonfire on the eommoo during tlte night and pieots of Concert hall steps were utelized for this purpose. Bells ere rung, horns blown and other noisy instruments were used but no disturbances of a lawless nature were reported.

Tlie business houses in tiwn were open part of tlie day but in the afternoon everything was closed and but for an occassional pop of a Ore cracker tbe town was a quiet as on a Sunday. The streets were practically deseited. Many people went out of town for tlie day as tltere were no public excels of any kind. J. II.

Talbot has resigned his position as Superintendent of tlie North-field electric light company. George E. Austin, who has been working for tlie Consolidated electric light company at Bolton, arrived in town tlie first of last week to take up his duties at the station, where he was previously employed, a year ago. Mr. Austin is an experienced man.

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Stevens, of Randolph, were recent visitors In town.

Arthur Fitzgerald, of Hartland, commenced work as clerk in James Johnson's store last Thursday. Mrs. Mary Farrell returned last Wednesday from her visit in Barre. Miss Nellie Ilassett has finished The Snfxthi ((BDDD I Covers the Country Jffl The popularity of the fs Cremo Cigar has spread from )) man to man; from town to town; from state to state until it is known and favored Py everywhere. The Largest Selling: y0 Brand of Cigars cjVsS in the World.

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3.00. LOMO DISTANCE TELEPHONES. IuIhm IUaar's Office I7M EdltarUl (mu, ITS-S Itptruriillnu I7S-I2 MORRIS FLETCHER ATKINS, Editor. tmttrM at lid Pttt OMa Momifdur, Reliance has been breaking records in the trying out contests and shows herself to be the iest cup defender ever built on this side. If Lipton's boat is her superior she must be a wounderful craft.

The shipbuilding trust has gone to pieces. It is the first of the inflated combinations of the past few years to come to grief. The result may increase the demand for a ship subsidy but it is not likely to help the subsidy cause. Sacandals in government depart ments reach high places. Congress man Littauer, charged with being concerned in furnishing gloves to the war department while a mem ber of Congress, is the President's most trusted friend and chief adviser.

It is fair to say, however, that Littauer denies the charges and says he merely sold gloves from his fac tory to the contractor. Mayor Burke scores in his contest with Chief or Police Brownell. The mayor is a fighter and while he is a mayor of Burlington people will know it. The fact that he is blacksmith is troubling some people, but if he makes a good mayor his private calling will not be consi dered. Burke appears to have de cided on a line of policy and to be sticking to it.

Christian Scientists are elated at the excellent showing by a com pari son of the mortality in their ranks with the mortality of the city of Boston. Most of them are of the age where the mortality may be ex pected to be small and of a class of people whose methods of li'e are conductive to good health. Events may prove that Christian Science is con ductive to longevity but it Is not yet time to set up that claim. Russia's foreign office gives a de cidedly strong hint that the petition from the United States relating to the treatment of Jews in Russia will not be received, and impliedly warns this government that it will find it self slighted if it pursues such course as President Roosevelt Is un dfrst.nnrl to have decided UDOD there is no reason why this govern ment should protest over something that it purely an internal affair with Russia Her treatment of Jews is not so much a concern of ours as her tariffs, and yerwe make no protest about tariffs. Nor are we in a posi-' tion to protest whan the evii of lynching is steadily spreading throughout the country.

"In eighteen years service in Congress it has been my pleasure to remark the ability of a score of negro congressmen, who represented at one time the States of Mississippi, Alabama and Loulsana. It is a shame and a disgrace to the United States that there are no longer men of color In their congressional delegations. It is a shame to the nation that the hewers of wood and the drawers of water in those States are not represented by men of their own class, and until public sentiment shall be aroused and those States return Negroes to Congress, it will continue to be" a disgrace to the people of the United States." That is the opinion of Senator Hopkins of Illinois. One reason why negroes are no longer sent to Conrgess from the south is that negroes have to a considerable extent withdrawn from active participation In politics, having learned that they were too often made the tools of designing white men. Insistence upon political rights Is-not the first nor greatest thing for the negro.

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Selling Agent la Montpeller: Qa E. State Street. will be no trouble and no question aoont political rights. Politics has made trouble enough for the negro in the past. It should not be brought into any discussion of his status now.

Tlie problem of the negro is one for the south to solve. The negro is there. Tlie conditions surrounding him and the whites are only under stood there. Southern people are woi king earnestly and will accom plish much more without interfer ence. SOUTn RYEGATE RAKINGS Henry Brown left last Saturday for Laconia, N.

II. Charles II. Grant went to Lisbon, N. last Wednesday. James Craigie left last Thursday for a week's visit in Canada.

Miss Nina McDonald is home from Boston for a two weeks' visit. Bert Goodfellow finished work last week Tuesday for Harry Brown. William Terry returned last Thursday from Hartford, Conn. Miss Blanche Kennedy, of Barre, is a guest of Miss Eva, her sister. Thomas Kasson has returned from his visit of a month in Ilul1, Mas.

William Steward went to Montpeller last Saturday for a short visit. H. A. West went to Lowell, Saturday for a visit of a week. A daughter was born to Mr.

and Mrs. Luther Crow a week ago Sun day. Charles Green left last Friday for Lancaster, N. for a few days' visit. Mrs.

Mary Crown went to Peacham Tuesday of last week for a six weeks' visit. Mrs. W. H. Goodfellow went to Barre last Thursday for a short visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Murphy were visitors town the first of last week. The next regular meeting of the Forresters will be held Thursday evening. A party of Italians from town went to Sym's pond last Saturday for a picnic.

Mr. and Mrs, H. E. Metcalf went to Groton pond last Saturday for a days' outing. Alex Broadfoot, of Montpelier, was a recent guest at the home of W.

N. Cowie. Robert Farquharson, Davis Banks an A. T. Gay were in Wells River last Friday.

Charles Corry, of Boston, who has been visiting in town, went home the first of Last week. Mr. and Mrs. B. L.

Terry and Mr. and Mrs George H. Burnham went to Barnet last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs.

Henry Bolles, of Marshfield, who have been visiting in town, went home Monday of last week. Tne school at Jefferson hill closed last Friday. The teacher and the pupils enjoyed a basket picnic that afternoon. William Nye, Carroll Courtney, William Darling, and Robert Barquharsoo, went to Newbury last Saturday. Arrangement are being made for a base ball game next Saturday be tween nines composed of married and single men.

Fred" Welch, Wallace Page, Miss May nafey and Miss "Emily Wilson went to Barnet pond last Saturday for a days' outing. Mr. Corey, of Stoneham, who has been a guest at the home of Mrs. George Randal), went home Tuesday of last week. Miss Mary S.

Gates returned Tues day of last week from Bath, N. II where she has finished her duties as teacher for the term. Mrs. James Doe went to Groton pond the first of last week for i short visit at the home of Mrs. R.

Miller, her daughter. Nelson and William Cadrect, of North Duxbury, arrived in town last Thursday and are quests of Mr. and Mrs. D. J.

McDonald. Mrs. nelen Frazler, of Province town, who has been visiting in town for the past few weeks went home Tuesday of last week. Mrs. Margaret Park left last Thursday for Norwood, where she will be guest of Mrs.

C. S. Mills, her daughter, for a week or more. Mr, and Mrs. Carl Eliason and Mr.

and Mrs. Axle Anderson left last Thursday for Quincy, where they will visit for a week. Miss Maud Whitcher and Miss Annie Beaton left last Friday for Hull, where they have secur ed employment in one of the sum mer hotels. A pleasant social gathering was Large Caka of Soaa Perfection ctm. ASK YOUR OCAIX FOR LAUNDRY SHAPE Mrs.

John Darling and Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Ricker left last Friday for Plainfield, where they will visit at the home of I.

O. Ricker for a few days. Frank Jones returned last Wednesday from St. Louis, where he has been staying for the past few mouths. ML Eva Parks Krt last Friday for Whitetield, N.

accompanied by Miss Kate Elliott, of that place, who lias been visiting in town for the past week. M. D. Coffin met with an accident Monday of last week in which tie fell from a ladder to the ground a distance of hi feet, while doing some work at the creamery. Aside from being badly bruised and shaken up he was unhurt although he has been confined to the bed since the fall.

C. B. Page was pleasantly sur prise Monday night of last week when a large number of his friends and neighbors called to assist him in celebrating his 50th birthday. The hours were passed in a very pleasant manner. Refreshments were served.

In spite of Ills advanced age Mr. Page is quite smart. He entered Into the pleasure of the evening with the spirit of a man much younger. Hives are a rn Mo torment to the little ami to som- uIJit ones. Easily cured, lliian Owitniout uever fails.

Instant relief, permanent cure. At any drug store. cents. MORETOWN MEMORANDA Mrs. Isaiah Austin was In Fayston one day last week.

William Russel has new potatoes as large as turkeys eggs. Miss Ruth liiiL'hee. of Montuelier. Is Visiting at Olin Uiigsell's. Miss Kllen Russell is at borne from Munt(M'lier Union sehovl fur tier summer vacation.

Work on Frank Howe's new barn Is prorgesslng well. It will be tbe largest barn in town. O. G. Foster and wife and Moses Douglass and of Stowe, liave been vist-Ing relatives in town.

Roliert llradley lias returned from Williston. He broke one leg last spring, but bas recovered so that be can bear some weigbt upon it. Howard Ttulkley Is at tbe Mary Fletcber hospital in Burlington. He bas been operated upon for appendicitis and Is getting along well. Olin Russell saw a panther or catamount last Monday afternoon a quarter of a mile below John Lang's.

It crossed the road, and bad a rabbit in its mouth. The rural free delivery commenced the first uf July, It. K. llu.zell as carrier. The mail is delivered on the Mountain road.

Moretown common aa far north as William Rtisshll's, and a'l through Duxbury, Ward Hill, Dawsville and as far north as Lyumau Turner's. NORTH FIELD NOTES Miss Nettie Gallup, of Woodstock, who has been visiting in town for the past three weeks, left last Saturday for her home accompanied by Cadet Charles Gallup, her brother. George Randall returned last week Tuesday from Woedsville, N. where he has been viiting at the home of his parents. F.

E. Colburn, proprietor of the Colburn clothing store, has leased a store in Randolph where he will open a branch business. He expects to have the Randolph store open for business on Saturday. Mr. Colburn is to give up his store in Barre but will continue to do business in town.

The Northfleld store will be the main one. Some party visited the home of S. C. Rich last Friday night and will-fully did more or less damage to some of Mrs. Rich's flowers.

One large hydrangei was mutilated. It is known who the party is and it would not be safe for that person to try to repeat the act. The members of the Country club and invited guests had a very pleasant gathering a their club house last Saturday afternoon and evening. In all nearly 50 people were present to take part in the festivities of the occasion. The afternoon was passed in a social manner and in the evening a handsome display of fireworks was given.

F. L. Hvwe and Charles M. ITouS' ton were appoined by the trustees for special 6 re patrol duty Friday and Saturday nights. 20 Days' Treatment Toxicola Liver Tonic FREE wiU Every $1.00 Bottle.

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SLADE, Montpelier, VT. but moved away about 22 years ago. He died Tuesday of last week after having been ill but a short time with pneumonia. Mr. Campbell was years old.

lie is survived iy a second wife and sever children. Mary Bone, of South Ryegate, was his first wife; she died 21 years ago. Mrs. Campbell accompanied by Miss Nettie, Arthur and William Campbell, were in town Thursday to at tend the burial services. Mr.

Campbell was a farmer and up to within a few years was actively engaged in carrying on that business in Barton. GROTON GRIST R. D. Sherry was in Montpelier last Wednesday. Harold Gilman is confined to the liouse by illness.

Milo Kezer, of Fairlee, arrived in town last Friday. Dr. S. A. Blodgett was in Wells River last Friday.

Mrs. William Hach went to Corinth last Wednesday. John Renfrew, of Woodsville, was in town ast Friday. Mr. and Mrs.

E. A. Hood went to West Topsham last Saturday. Mrs. Eras us McCrillis has re turned from her visit in Water bury.

Mrs. A. F. Freeman went to New York last Thursday for a short visit. Alec McLean arrived in town Tuesday fiom Hardwick for a fchjrt visit.

Alonzo Shephard has moved from the Frost place into the Ricker tenement. Mark Pullen, of Boston, arrivd in town the first of last week for a short tay. Misses Nora Bailey and Bell Nixon left last Thursday for a short visit in Bethel. Daniel Graham left last Friday for Milan, P. where-he will visit for a week.

Mrs. C. C. Lord left last Friday for Orange, where she ill make a short visit. Mrs.

Anthony Hart, of St. Johns- bury, arrived in town last Friday for a short visit. S. II. Flint left last Sunday for Jonesville, P.

where he will visit for a few days. Miss Grace Chalmers, of St. Johns- bury, arrived in town last Thuisday. for a short visit. Mr.

and Mrs. E. D. Ricker re-turned Monday of last week from' their trip to Boston. William T.

Morton went to rrovidence, R. last Friday for a short visit with his son. Guy E. Speare, of Randolph, was a guest at the home of Rev. G.

W. Clough during the past week, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Wood, of nardwick, arrived in town the first of last week for a short visit. Mrs.

W. R. Carbee entertained the members of Queen Esther circle Tuesday evening of last week. Rev. Brown E.

Smith, of Randolph, arrived in town last Friday, and occupied the Baptist pulpit Sunday. John Donald has purchased of S. P. Welch a part of the so-called John Whipple property for which he paid Mrs. Laura Hitchcock returned last Thurday from Springfield, where she has been visiting for the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. William Stephens have moved their household goods to Morrisvllle where Mr. Stephens has secured employment. Miss Josephine Pelkie.

of naver-hill, arrived in town last Thursday and is visiting at the home of C. E. Farrington. Mr. and Mrs.

Walter Green, of Shannock, R. have been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. M.

Ricker during the past week. C. J. Bailey and Lee Blanchard were in Bradford last Wednesday to attend the meeting of the Masonic lodge. They received the council degree with a class of five others.

Peter Rattazzi returned last Thursday from New York where he has been undergoing treatment for rheu matic trouble. His condition is muf.h improved. Miss Josephine Chapin, 6t Au burndale, arrived in town last Friday for a ten days' visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T.

B. Hall. Miss Eva Jones, of Boston, who has been visiting at the home of Mr, and Mrs. A. M.

Heatu, her grand parets, for the past two weeks, went home last Monday. Alfred Emery, who injured one hand tlio first of last week by cutting It on a piece of iron roofing, Js much better. The accident was a severe one and Mr. Emery lost much blood from the wound before it could be dressed. Moses Flummer has erected a wind-mill on his property for the purpose of pumping water for his house.

This Is the first one of its kind to be put in position in town It has an 18 foot tower and a six-foot mill. The well in 34 feet deep and was sunk through solid rock. Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, Mr.

and Mrs. Walter Green, Mr. and id? 3 OO Doaea, SI.OO. Conducted Excursions in Los Angeles, (i II I Mi H. Brittain, On'l Agt Union Pacific and Line RELIABLE work as compositor in the News office.

Site expects to leave soon for the White Mountains where she will remain for a short vacation. Her place is being taken by Mrs. Frank YV. Dutton. F.

W. Dutton, of Peeksklll, N. arrived in town tlie first of last week for a week's visit. J. II.

Waibridge, of West Concord, arrived in town last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Mtullock, left last Saturday for Berlin where they will visit for a few days. J.

M. Bullock was in Montpelier and Barre last Saturday. S. II. Kent returned last Saturday night from Barre where he officiated as one of the judges at the races on the uarre tracks.

Fred J. Houston entered bis mare, "llorence in the Barre races and she secured third meney In the 2:15 class. Rosannah, widow of the late Har rison Clafiin, died at her home in town last 1 Wednesday after having been III tor, the past year with a tumor. She was 79 years of age and is survived by one daughter, Mrs. II.

W. Davis, of Northfleld. The funeral was held last Friday after noon at 2 o'clock conducted by Rev I. P. Booth, of Morrisvllle.

Mrs. Clad in was well known in No'thfleld where she had a host of friends who join with the daughter in mourning her loss. She has been a resident of Northfleld for many years. The concert last Thursday evening by the Northtield Cornet band was an excellent one and was listen ed to by a large number of people. E.

Dufer left last Saturday for Haverhill, N. where he played with the band on the Fourth. NORTH TROY NARRATIONS W. E. Kippand family, Newport, were in town Saturday.

Mrs. .1. S. Pike is entertaining her mother from Magcg, P. Q.

Misses Mabel Clark and Harriet Page sM'nt several days in Montreal tbe past week. A game of baseball. Jay versus North Troy, was played aturday afternoon, the former winning tbe game. Herbert Fee, of carnham, P. was a recent visitoi.

Misses A. Lenora Eklios. Elva and Clara Park hurst are in Boston to attend the National Educational association The Misses Farkhurst will visit iu Provi dence, R. before returning. Mrs.

Robert Martin and son, of Bos' ton, and Miss Halle Kelton, of St. Al bans, have been guests of Mrs. J. Keith, their sister. B.

W. who bas been taking a correspondence course In electricity, Is now employed In tbe North Troy elec trie iigtit station. Miss Nellie Hadley has gone to her home In, Morrisville for a ten days' vaca MMIU Mr. and Mrs. M.

Hunt are visiting In New Hampshire. MrsT A. D. Wlggin and two children of Milton, N. 11., are spending the sum mer at J.

U. lisdale s. A son, David Wilkey, was born to Dr, and Mrs. Walker last week Monday. Miss Edythe JUardy, who recently gradduated from tbe Hudson, bigb school, Is home lor a snort visit.

Mrs. C. S. Burdick, of Springfield, is a guest at illiam Martweirs. Mrs.

Lyman Hutcblns died at the home of her only son, C. last Wednes day afternoon from the etfects of an apoplectic seizure. Tbe funeral and burial took place at Eden on rid ay. M. Thonitean.

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