The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on May 13, 1998 · 30
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · 30

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1998
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' C8 Wednesday, May 13. 1998 LIVING The Atlanta Joumat-Constrtut fen Television "Dharma & Greg" 8:30 p.m. ABC (6874) The hormone- driven couple seek a public place to make love, assuming everyone will be watching the final episode of "Seinfeld. Stars Jenna Elf man (right). "SNL Remembers Chris Farley" 8 p.m. NBC (87329) A prime-time repeat of the tribute to the late comic features a compilation of his wild sketches from "Saturday Night Live." if L L 22 "The Nanny" 8 p.m. CBS (4503) Miss Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) and Mr. Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy) cordially invite you to their long-awaited nuptials in the season finale. "Seinfeld" 10 p.m. WATL (558145) Countdown No. 6: "The Bubble Boy." This Is one obnoxious kid. And tonight's hourlong bonus: "The Boyfriend" (10:30 p.m. 637787) with Keith Hernandez. "Chicago Hope" 10 p.m. CBS (1226) Angst abounds in this season finale as Wilkes and his son dodge gunfire on the schoolyard. Show selections: Byron Battles tit 6.13 gg 6619 1 ' 13B 1139J 6874 6771 ' ' 9058 2879503f ' 2856684 W 1 3li0153 1 4238998 "te UrrySprlnjerLUtnangtes. H-AWN tofam wpy 6049 '1077 " v ' 52619 69955 62042 f 78752 19849 1 ' 64801 O SplrrU of th Jaouw: A 'Nature' The Living Edn Bhutan: The Titanic The ship's sinking and Don Hewitt: 90 Minutes on '60 Minutes,' an INightlv Bust- Monty Python's Off the Air WGTV n't TO 564g1 Last Shanjn-U (CC) rediscovery. 'American Masters' Special Newsman. TOj neis Report Flyinj Circus OJS Wheel cj For- Ueopardy! ((&) SNL Remembers Chris Farley 3rd Rock From Working (CC) Law Order Tabloid Tabloid INewi(CC) lj:35LenoCandce Bergen. 15.35 Conan WX-A mmJf 67684,.(5c) (dp fa 1,5 awCD Subject to Change 'BlcodontheSun' (1945, War) 30023 jungle pungle Aoquili Soap 87232 Beanie Babies tm he NewsHour With Jim Lehrer ttovs The Truth About Impotence Full Circle With Michael Palin Frontline Inside the Tobacco Pins and Noodles The healinq Charlie Rose (CC) wpra Day's top stones. (CC) Treating impotence. (CC Chile Chile. CC Deal Tobacco. (CC) power of food. " 1 ' PBS 23431 16481 2W95 73972 67416 312801 )1 Simpson Living Single Smart Guy (CQISister. Sister TheWavans The Steve Har- Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld The Boyfriend Keith Her-IVibe Jasmine Guy; Juliet Landau, Married .. With O CC) (CC R) CC) Bros. CC) veyShow nandez. (CC) Patrick Warburtorf. Children WATL 936351 872077 134329 986856 215313 558145 ' 637787 104874 m Inside Edition Real TV Fire- The Nanny The Wedding Fran True Stories From Touched by Chicago Hope Physician, Heal INewi 1 1 :35 Lerterman Warren Beatty. 12:35 Snyder wXfc ICC) ighters. rias second thoughts. CC in Angel Effects. CC) Thyself Fantasy. CC) (CC) (CC1135 CBS 3787 435 4503 8139 ' 1226 2791771 ' 3573787 1 ' 9849801 ffiWATC Atlanto Live 45226 Roberts Wiley Jackson Jr. "Faith Copeland Corinthian 961066 QDWHSG Praise the Lord Avanzinl Dollar Gaither Van Impe Praise the Lord (CC) 6467400 bliw iDuplantis m Frailer (CC) IMartin (CC) The Sentinel Night Shift Jury- Star Trek: Voyager One Ship's Martin (Part 2 oflSanford & Son IGood Times 1227 War Is Heck 22? Grace Under vuimi tampering lawyer. (CC sole operator. tCC) 2 (CC Fire (CC) 9509042 3790058 3552Q42 3645706 5161416 5074936 5713706 8066868 4077004 4423220 COURTrTrlalCvg. A4E jUwTordw Helpless jc Bi AP human Nature BET CMT Planet Groove Rockin' Country CNBC CNN Business Cen-Monevllne COM MvShow i anarno DISC kalmma Shelter Phone iacks DISN El El Newt ESPN ESPN2 jSportsCenter NHL Hockey Washington Capitals at Ottawa Senators Eastern Conference semifinal, game 4. FAM Christy Judgment Day (CC FOOD Cooking Livel FOXSS HGTV Braves Report This Old House r HIST IND LIFE MTV NICK SCIFI TCM TLC TNN TNT TOON TRAV UNI USA VH1 :HiiiiZ3:iiiziKHiiiiniriwiiiiriiiTirTiiitTirTr-tiPcTii tswn lography 90481 lAni lAmerican Justice I Confess 669690 583226 AMC 0,HorKl 1945, Mystery) ln yd Stripe, Fomver' (1! PmEii jasorsurnatr,-(1953, Adventure) Jgff iVets WildSet 3541936 Equal Time Delivery Room ErossflreCCjfrhe World Today (CC Hardball With Chris Matthews Ben Steln'i Money Uustlce Blew Up the Kid' 493110 ICMTGoldrush 123868 Wild Nature World Hit List 977077 Bio Ticket The Dixie Chicks. Rivera Live Larry King Live (CC) Mo' Money1 (1992, Comedy) Damon Wayans, Marbn 5, Trial Story 3545752 Prime Time Justice Gossip lln the Cradle ol the Seas Discover Maaazine 578394 661058 arget: Mafia Gangbusters Law 1 Order 108936 IbTc 258313 LAni. IComicview 874936 nop 10 Countdown 3646435 mklewW!th Brian William. 3664394 3667481 m World TmWM 209232 219619 South Park Canned Ham 324481 413329 Charles Grodin Sports Tonight Cochran It Company Top Secret The Mossad 992, Fan.jj23 r8)tce' t1987, Comedy) Denn'8 Quaid' "tin 5h278-) 664145 Celebrity Profile Baseball Texas Rangers at New York Yankees Celebrity Profile iTalkS'p 298868 12481 2463961 Rescue 911 Choking tot. (CC) IGrlllin'i Chill- n' Ready Set ikl Cook! Baseball Atlanta Braves at St. Louis Cardinals Nt. Stand H. Stern (Vets WildSet BET Tonight Rebel Country 499394 B27 1850905 Showcase Krtist pally Show 2355771 IMoneyline Rivera Live Trial Story Ben Stein't Money 3555333 Pustlce Files Domestic abuse. 403508 IGrowina Pains IWalt Disnev Presents (CC) H. Stern lography 567578 Dead End1 (1837)1:45 3479527 Wild Mid. Love ICMTGoldrush 1884801 Newsnight IBurden of 741578 Proof Saturday Night Live (CC) 165882 Prime Time Justice In the Cradle of the Seas 532882 Forro (CC) IMickey Mouse 558443 Club Melrose Place Baseball New York Mets at San Diego Padres (CC) 1 30 912936 INHL Hockey (JIP) Dallas Stars at Edmonton Oilers Western Conference semifinal. IX Games Files The 700 Club Son of Sam. IBonanza 263690 8421110 Heartwood' (1 998, Romance) Jason Robards, Eddie Mills. CC) 644416 imeril Live 2469145 IMedit'ranean Mario IHouse Doctor ffh. W.r Veen 2472618 :M'StnMzek'f1977. Drama) v Intimate Portrait Shirley WacLaine 565955 UySc-CalledLlle I 550023 ' Dream Builders iGarden Archl'ture In Search of History ' 2385139 Cannes Film Festival Opening Unsolved Mvsteries (CO ' 1 ,trnfl Say What? 123 eaOuestDSV 4928787 rTheSheec- WGM Parade pnen' Show IVIU'sHome Mla'sHome jAgain Again Uallai The Makinn of the Pmsi Bent 8939361 802684 . . . . 5348L. - . 219,,1 MBA Basketball New York Knicks at Indiana Pacers Eastern Conference semifinal, INBA Basketball Charlotte Hornets at Chicago Bulls Eastern Conference semifinal. bame5.(CC) 586435 foame 5. (CC) 129684 Country at numv Hitler's Henchmen Artist Cut 676400 Hey Arnoldl Sighting 969503 Itasy Lukas. PrVondersWeat tier Bewitched 688110 Masters of Fan- llnterlors by 929706 Dining Around (To Be (Announced 2461503 ITaste 5369232 Fox Sports News At Home With Carol Burnett . 3b6SU23 True Action Adventures 2464690 bream Buildersl Weapons at War 9:15 'Barton Fink' (1991, Drama) John Turturro, John Good- 11:15 'Nadja' (1994, Horror) Elina Loweneohn, Jared Harris. rcan.'R) ' ' (R) ,:- Lying Eyes' ( 1 996, Suspense) Cassidy Rae, Vincent lrizarry, . INew Attitudes 640690 Rockument The Wonder Years Total Request The Real World Austin Stories Newhart Bob Newhart Forever Knight Dying for Fame The Wonder Tears 'Watch on the Rhine' (1943, Drama) Bette Davis, Paul M.A.N.T.I.S. Days of RageCC Without Warn- ng NASCAR's Founding Family 8021 5650233 WacLaine. The James Gang Northfield Raid. Prime Time Country (CCJ Freakaz'd On the Loose Bcooby H I ' BnTT Dexter rOutdoor Jour- al Amazing Amer- Petticoat June- Blon 8652665 My Three Sons Esmeralda Highlander Unholv Alliance (CO IWalker. Texas Ranoer l 205416 118936 Sex Aooeal Fllntstone (Great Palaces Bugs (Daffy Show Family Affair The Lonely Planet Chile; Easter laianu Sanford&Son (Flip Wilson ranon 8661313 My Generation Pop Up Video CMAX HBO It! 'Kill rMWAmMteeVU' f F r ii ) ,rU t 85791348 738351 IGarden lArcnn 908918 lure ssence of :meril 930578 IThe Last Word Pountry at ome lln Search af Hiatorv 7654752) ' 1033511 Essence of imeril Fox Sports Rewind Interiors by IGolden Girls 444023 (nuJIri"UT" 261232 TTlxT7CCI 360077 IGolden Girls The Grind ode IseaQuest DSV Newhart The Children's Hour' (1961, Drama) Audrey Hepburn, 9873905 Sighting,: hht World's Deadliest Volca- noes simmjj Soulmates rWondersWeat her oiro IWithoutWarn- m. Dallas The Makina of the Presi- AhlWllderrwiss,;l 1:45 5425820 The James Gano Northfield Raid. losrouo pukes of Hazzard Uerry Rough Guide Kenya Wildlife parks(CC) Pueblo Chlco, Infierno Grande Scooby (Amazing Amer- ICS oaans Heroes (Green Acres Fuera de Serle LenteLoco Dead Ahead' Rusnnnsfil Stenhanie 7imhalisl IPG-13) (CC) r r nm. Lei iflh&ndfi ftteuift rtau Vifltinhan ILenends Aratha franklin 9 44Aa 9 4KOCO WGN Fimilyltattertfcoach(CC) ISmartGuy iSlster, Sister The Wayans (Stave Harvey iNews(CC) M'JXl m Dexter Batman Gunsmoke The Cage INotlclero Univi- ision Impacto Extra Silk Stalklngs Bad Bloody Legends B.B. King B.B. I00 1961 uahdanea' (IBM Musirjih .kmnifor Roak Michael Nouri.(R) CC) ' 5251394 sHowr The" TMC 156981 avis and Butt-head Do America' W ILL) ' 489333 luamnur 11993, Horror .rimotnyHuttonjimy 9 proressor s oaa pen name taxes over. (H) (W) rrte Ghost and the Parkneer nm, Historical oramaj The Ghost and the Darkness lAnjmatlon. wnime ana Spawn I' I1NS RnmannMrwiu UWu J'Tti. A lAlVMP - WW.. KMVIWH 3113868 Unsolved Mv tteries 112 AnarvView' 372462ters Dick Van Dvke IB,,-M ' lonri IS '963191 Masters of Fan- asy 167240 HnsidetheNBA IRouahCut COVOV I L). Quest Racer Great Palaces The Lonely Planet Chile; Easter My Three Sons Family Affair AIRitmodelaNoche1:30 !397559 Highlander The Vampire (Legends Eric Clapton 992998 245400 Beverly Hills, 9021 0 940058 In the Heat of the Night 709240 From the Earth to the Moon (Partl2otl2)(CC) 935665 136 FaceOff' (1997, Action) John Travolta. An FBI agent and his lemesis trade physical identities. (R)(CC) 1:25 v Cherbourg '564424 6333941 rarir?anrt'r?fl'lnRhiltolftC)Sl r , , ., i-non 11 1 :35 Dead Man's Gun Death fWarrant 9S93i) iskenlna' 11995 Romance) Cvnthia Geary. BavidBScM ' ' ' ' ' ' 6419MW Marshal Law' S394240 ,110:35 'Breaking the Waves' (1996, DramalEmily Watson, Stellan Skarsgard. faiaVzed Scotsman asks his wife to take lovers. (R) IU 1 1 tW I WCDChannel 22 is a local broadcast station available throughout metro Atlanta, but not on cable. CHANNEL SURFER DeGeneres deservesl- - a better parting shot ; So many Ellens, so little time left First there was Ellen DeGeneres the stand-up comedian, a ramblin' gal, borderline babbling, awkwardly likable. Then Ellen Morgan, the lead character in These Friends of Mine," came along in the spring of 1994, an obvious but edgeless "Seinfeld" clone. It became "Ellen," but it didn't become any more focused, as Ellen floundered, a fish without a bicycle. Of course, there was Courageous PHIL KLOER Cover Gal Ellen, who came out of the closet (DeGeneres and Morgan, more or less simultaneously), winning - . . ! well-deserved Emmy and Peabody awards. Followed by Soapbox Ellen this season, and her evil twin, Whiny Ellen, who didn't seem to under stand that when you push a minority viewpoint week after week, a majority may not want to watch, and that's the way TV often works. And tonight, Don't-It-the-Door-Hit-Ya-on-the-Way-Out Ellen, wrapping up one of the most up-and-down sitcom rides ever for so short a run. DeGeneres and Co. knew ABC's ax was poised but hadn't officially fallen when they taped, so tonight's finale (9 p.m. on ABC 6771) isn't an official finale, and that, too, is the way television often works. It's played as a mock-documentary of Ellen's lifetime in show biz, from her early years in vaudeville to her TV show. Linda Ellerbee hosts, interviewing DeGeneres and fake fans such as Jennifer Aniston, Glenn Close and Ted Danson. The best segment is a series of "screen tests" of actresses trying out to play Ellen, with Julianna Marguiles of "ER" mistakenly believing she's at an audition for "Mr. Ed." Overall,, though, the hour is more clever than funny, and huge chunks of material are DOA. But, once again, DeGeneres surprises us, barely mentioning her coming out, then quickly dismissing it. "Twenty years from now, it's gonna be one big fat 'So what?'" she says. No, it's not. Ellen Morgan was the first gay lead in a TV show, and that mattered and will continue to matter. DeGeneres, whose autobiography was titled "My Point . . . And Do I Have One," made her point, sometimes irritatingly, sometimes hilariously. Her last bow should have been better, but it is still a bow deserved. Grade: C- SEEN AND HEARD The big picture for fall What will replace "Seinfeld?" (We who surf would bet on "Just Shoot Me.") Will any networks succeed in their rallying cry of "Get me the next 'Ally McBeal' "? We'll all find out next week when the networks announce fall schedules in a more tightly grouped configuration than usual. NBC goes first, on Monday, followed by ABC and WB on Tuesday. CBS goes Wednesday and Fox and UPN conclude Thursday. A sign of faith in Ford? As "Murphy Brown" approaches its finale Monday, reports are that CBS is considering a replacement for its old time slot next season starring co-star Faith Ford. The comedy is called "Maggie Winters," and Ford would play a divorcee who moves in with her mother (hey, they all sound like this when synopsized). CBS won't say whether "Maggie" will get the 9 p.m. Monday slot. I Vi hours on 'Minutes' Tonight's "American Masters Special" focuses on "60 Minutes," and it's an information-packed, 90-minute look behind the scenes that fans of the newsmag (and there are millions) will devour. "Don Hewitt: 90 Minutes on '60 Minutes' " (10 p.m. WGTV 39936) is less a profile of the 75-year-old newsman running TV's most prestigious news shop than it is a revealing look at the clash of egos that put together a great weekly show. Here's Mike Wallace, the reporter who strikes fear into world leaders, fighting desperately to save the lead-in to one of his stories (he loses badly to Hewitt). Here's Christiane Amanpour talking about intense competition among the popular -on-air reporters. Hewitt utters the truest line. "We ruined televir. . sion," he says. Why? "60 Minutes" showed the world how to report, news and make it profitable. "The others," he says, meaning . i v . "2020," "Dateline," "PrimeTime Live" as well as any "60 Minutes" clone CBS might want to force, "don't do it well." Grade: A- Bob Longino, TV critic A Spielberg animation WB will launch Steven '. Spielberg's animated miniseries "Invasion America" next month, mainly in "Dawson's Creep's"' time slot. (Don't fret, "Creek" -fans, it will be back in the fall.) "Invasion" starts June 8, moves to 9 p.m. Tuesdays for four weeks, then concludes July 5. It's about a half-human, half-alien teenage boy defending Earth. King re-ups for $35M "Larry King Live" joins the "Seinfeld" crush with Julia Louis-Dreyfus visiting on Friday (9 ' p.m. CNN 172738). King, meanwhile, has re-signed with CNN for roughly $7 million a year for five years. E-mail: ' Best movies ' "Serial" (1 980) 9 a.m. Comedy , Central (595042) Martin Mull, Tuesday Weld. A man resists the ' California fads so embraced by his wife, friends and Marin County ' neighbors. ' "To Catch a Thief ( 1 955) 10:45 ' a.m. Showtime (6293752) Cary Grant, Grace Kelly. A retired cat I burglar sees fireworks with an ' American heiress on the Riviera. "Flight of the Phoenix" ( 1 965) 1:35 a.m. The Movie Channel (58538787) James Stewart, Rich-. ard Attenborough. Downed in the Sahara, a pilot and passengers build a new plant from the wreckage. ; "All My Sons" (1948) 1:05 p.m. . AMC (10465503) Edward G. Rob-i inson, Burt Lancaster. A World War J II veteran exposes his father's sale of defective aircraft parts. ' m "The Hasty Heart" ( 1 973) 3:30 , am AMC (7871066) Ronald ' Reagan, Patricia Neal. A patient and ' a nurse comfort a dying Scottish sol-! dierinWorl4WarlBurma. Talk shows "Good Morning America" 7 am. ABC (49226) Sam Waterston; vacationing in South Carolina and Georgia. "Good Day Atlanta" 7 a.m. WACA (61416) Broadcast live from Decatur Square; author Bruce Feiler; comedian Flip Orley. "Today" 7 am. NBC (23226) "Seinfeld" cast members; Halle Berry; healing. "This Morning" 7 am. CBS (34394) Back yard update; Fran Drescher; winning advertisements; Miss Universe; holding a garage sale. "Regis & Kathie Lee" 9 am. WSB (28400) Robert Urich. "Peachtree Morning" 9 am. WXA (771 10) How to deal with school bullies; Buddy, the dog from "Veronica's Closet"; Edwin Moses. "Jenny Jones" 0 am. WSB (24961) Jenny Jones Awards. "Sally Jessy Raphael" 10 a.m. WACA (77023) Exposing shocking secrets. "Geraldo Rivera" 10 a.m. WCNX (26329) Murderous jilted lovers. "Gayte King" 0.30 am. WXA I Halle Berry (20665) Vacations. "Maury Povich" am. WSB (48597) Nonverbal communication. "Rosie O'Donnell" 3 p.m. WACA (14961) Hillary Rodham Clinton; Eileen Davidson; Faith Hill. "Montel Williams" 3 p.m. WXIA (56961) Teenage murderer. "Oprah Winfrey" 4 p.m. WSB (7232) Scholarship winners. "Jerry Springer" 4 p.m. WACA (37868) Secret lives revealed. "RicW Lake" 5 p.m. WATL (386892) Parents fear violent teens. I Here are the Nielsen Media Research rankings for the week ending Sunday. Shows are ranked by number of viewers watching, in millions. Rank Program Network Viewers 1. "Seinfeld" NBC 38.78 2. "ER" NBC 33.80 3. "Friends" NBC 31.61 4. 'Veronica's Closet" NBC 27.17 5. "Touched by an Angel" CBS 19.89 6. "The X-Files" Fox 17.63 7. "Dateline NBC" (Mon.) NBC 16.80 8. "Frasier" NBC 16.66 9. "60 Minutes" CBS 16.44 10. "Witness...Mob(Part I)" NBC 16.36 11. "PrimeTime Live" ABC 15.76 12. "2020" ABC 15.02 ; 13. "Ally McBeal" Fox 14.86 14. "Just Shoot Me" (special) NBC : ; 14.64 15. "NYPDBlue" ABC 14.35 16. "Only Love (Part I)" (tie) CBS 14.32 16. "King of the Hill" (tie) Fox 14.32 18. "Law & Order" NBC 14.27 19. "The Wizard of Oz" CBS 14.06 20. "Home Improvement" ABC 13.71 2 1 . "The Drew Carey Show" ABC 1 3.64 22. "Last Don II (Part 2)" CBS 1 3.62 J 23. "50 YearsFunny Flubs" CBS 13.46 24. "Diagnosis Murder" CBS 13.43 25. "Dateline NBC" (Tues.) NBC 13.16 26. "Broken Arrow" ABC 13.14 27. "The Lion King" ABC ' 12.96' 28. "The Simpsons" Fox "T2.86; 29. "JAG" CBS -."I2.59; 30. "The Practice" ABC - 12.47, 31. "Walker, Texas Ranger" CBS - 12.46! 32. "Magic's ... Secrets 3" Fox 12.38- 33. "Homicide" NBC "'I2"24 34. "Caroline in the City" NBC 1 2. 1 7 35. "Dateline NBC" (Fri.) NBC 36. "Spin City" (special time) ABC 1 1.77 37. "Everybody ... Raymond" CBS 11.74 38. "2020" (Mon.) ABC . 11.51 39. "Promised Land" CBS 1 1.48, 40. "48 Hours" CBS ,11.35 41. "Dateline NBC" (Sun.) NBC - 1.28- 42. "Scariest Police Chases 4" Fox " j 1 .0 1 ! 43. "Suddenly Susan" NBC T 0.97; 44. "Cosby" CBS " 10.92' 45. "Dharma" (special time) ABC ; 1 0.82, 46. "Sabrina... Witch" ABC " IO80' 47. "Party of Five" Fox "'-10.74,- 48. "Spin City" ABC 10,68 49. "Two Guys..." . , ABC . :,JQil, 50. "Chicago Hopf" CBS 1 0.5 h

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