Orleans County Monitor from Barton, Vermont on March 28, 1917 · 4
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Orleans County Monitor from Barton, Vermont · 4

Barton, Vermont
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1917
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PAGE 4 onLSiirio coxniTY tionrro tTCDiiDCDAY. rinncn 20. 1017 A remarkable assortment of Coats, Suits, One-piece Skirts and Shirtwaists. New York Styles in Millinery Your patronage Eo ILo ffisassetttt Brown Block, TeL79-3 Real Estate: ' No. 1570. A good village farm of 30 acres with - good buildings, spring water at house and barn, fruit for home use. Good 2 1-2 story house arranged for two tenements of 8 rooms and pantry each, one renting for $7.00 a month. Piazza, screens and storm windows. Good repair. High drive stock barn 40x50, stable arranged for Qhead and 2 horse stalls. Clapboarded and painted. Basement and henhouse. 15 acres in tillage, good soil, will winter and pasture 9 head. Good wire fences. Vith this farm there are 4 cows, 5 yearlings and few hens, all crops, 1 mowing machine, 1 horse ake, 1 plow, 1 cultivator and all small tools in good condition. This is a good property situated in a nice railroad village. Price $5000. , -: , . ' - . " " . ' . " . '.'. ' -, '.. - " C J. O B EN & CO. Telephone EXCHANGE BLOCK Time to Brighton ; Up Come to us tor Paints, we have them for all purj poses. ... . -rf-" MURESCO for walls and ceilings, white and all . colors. ' Floor Wax, Paper Hangers' Sizing, Paper Hangers' Paste, JBrushes, Etc. . POLliSHES For Brass, Nickel, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Alumi-' num Ware, Etc. For Spring House-Cleaning Brooms, Mops, Dust Mops, O' Cedar Mops, Step-ladders, Window Brushes BE Mil TSi HARDWARE MAT4 ; Barton . ; - , Vermont; CsbsbM Vegetables and Fnsts are high and still climbing. We have " Canned Beans .Corn Peas . : Tomatoes Blueberxries Loganberries Cherries Plums Pears am Special price by the dozen or case. kind or assorted. needs for the coming, season and take adr vantage of the special price. ' J. South Albany If good selling styles in is appreciated. Orleans, Vt. 166-2 NEWPORT, VT Cranberries Peaches Apples All one Why not antiapate your Vermont! in 3 , . ....... , . . Special Sale- of Horcss At Ocr Stables Orleans, Vermont Thursday ,r Friday and Saturday, Mar. 29, 30, 31 We shall offer for sale a carload of fine Canadian horses, " weighing from 1100 to 1400 lbs. each. . Also 15 good usable HORSES Taplin, Rowelifi J. A. Bales ORLEANS VERMONT Commissioners' Notice Estate of Benjamin Cate THE UNDERSIGNED. hsvlnR been ap pointed by' the Honorable Probate Court forth District of Orleans. COMMISSION ERS, to reeeive. extmine, and adjust the claims and demands of alt persons aeainst the estate of Benjamin Cate late of Greensboro in said district, deceased, and ail claims exhibited in offset thereto, hereby srive notice t hat we will meet for the purpose aforesaid, at the dwelling: bouse of the late Ben j. Cate in the town of Greensboro in said district, on the 1Mb day of April and 11th day of September next, from 11 o'clock a.m. until four o'clock p. m- on each of said days ifndthat six months from the lath day of March. A. D. 1917. is the time limited by said court for said creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allow ance. Dated at Greensboro. Vt this 22d day of March A. D. M7. 11.7.. HA BRIM AN . v J. A. KENDR1CK 13-15 - Commissioners Estate of A. S. Barney V ' STATE OF VERMONT District of Orleans, ss. The Honorabie Probate Court for the Dis trlft aforesaid: To all persons Interested in the estate of A. S. Barney. late of Morgan in said District, deceased. GREETING: WHEREAS, said Court has assigned the SOth dayof April next for examining and allowing the account of G. A. Barney, administrator of the estate of said deceased and for a dff ;- !h? r'dw o;. s-?ei tt she lawiul -t;i-n,i.iut ui ts- sjuii jtatl ordered that public notice thereof be Riven to all persons interested in said estate by publishing this order three weeks successively previous to the day assigned. In the Orleans ilounty Monitor, a newspaper published at Barton in said Jistriet. THEREFORE, you ate hereby notified Co-appear at Colby Stoddard's office In Orleans in said District, at 2 o'clock pjn.on the day assigned, then and there to contest the allowance of -id "account if you see cause, and to establish your right as heirs, legatees and lawful claimants to said residue. . GHen under my hand thi 17ih day of March. 1917. 13-15 RUFUS W. SPEAR. Judc. Commissioners Notice Estate of Sochia M. Austin The undersigned, having been appointed by the Honorable Proliate Ooort for the District of Orleans. Commissioners, to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of ail persons against the estate of Sophia il. Austin late of arton in saidDistrict. deceased, and all claims exhibited in offset thereto, t beoy-give notice that we will meet for the purpose ?i foresaid at the Austin drugstore m the village of Orleans In siiid District on t hfi litb day of April and Pth day of August next from two o'clock p.ni until foor o'clock p. nu on each of buid days and that six months from the 12th dayof February. A, D. i917. is the time limited by said Court for said creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allowance. Dated at Orleans, this STth day of March A. D. 1617. . - JKRRE MARSTOX . F. V. BROWN IS-15 " Commissioners GET.2 THEATRE PROGRAMME Thursday, Mar. 29th. THE SHIELDING SHADOW PATHE NEWS THE DEATH SWING Hazards of Helen A LESSON IN LABOR ; , i ; ., 2-act Lubiji drama prleaaa .Opera; nou Fry ilar. Oth. ' Friday, Mar. 33th.. iC r V MARGUERITE CLARKE IN MOLLY MAKE BELIEVE 5-act Paramotmt feature :r-PATHE NEWS ' Orleans Opera House, Sat, Mar. 31st. ... Saturday-, Mar. 31st. MAE MARSH IN THE LITTLE LIAR , 5-act Triangle feature MAID MAD 2-act Keystone comedy Tuesday, Apr. 3d. -JOHN BARRYMORE IN ! -THE RED WIDOW 5-act Paramount feature .PARAMOUNT BRAY CARTOON Orleans Opera House, Wed, Apr. 4th. t SOMETHING NEW IN BARTON ALBANY The sugar makers are getting busy this week. Hiss Laclair has returned to "her home in LowelL , ; A little child okHervey Daniel is very ill with pneumonia. The schools in town closed Fritay for the spring vacation. Mr. and Mrs! S. V. Page attended the funeral of a cousin in Troy recently. Judge Tenney, Fred Fletcher and Mr. Wells are all home from court this week. Calvin Carter and family of Greensboro visited in town the first of the week. Mrs. Florence Tinker, who has been spending the winter with her daugb .ter. Mrs. Day. has returned to her home. t EAST ALBANY Frank C. Hunter, who passed his 72d birthhay March 6th, died Monday afternoon at the home of his sister, Mrs. Luella Eldridce. of a shock. He was stricken about 4 o'clock and died at .H o'clock that evening. Mr. Hunt er -was unconscious almost from tne time of being stricken and did not recognize hi3 son. Mr. Hunter was born here March 6, 1845, and spent the greater part 'of his life in town until 11 years -ago, since which time he has made. his home much of the time with his son, Victor, of Barton. His wife, who was Addie M. Pierce of Barton, died 11 years ago and had GILOW ; GLOVER V Mre. Ellery Dunn is improving. ' Levi Lamorey's children are better. Paul Francis began work for -Alva Rich Monday. -" Tracy Cook was home from Lyrr-donville last week. - ' Mrs. R. E. Davis is improving from her recent accident. Mrs. Mary- Cobb has been spending a few days at home. . , " LIio. Dtzt Cooiisr visited friends in t Lyndonville last week. ' j Harold'McFarlane of Greensboro is working for H. E. Clark. Fred I Malain visited his brother in Stanstead for the week-end. Lee Loomis has gone to Burlington to take the naval examination. v, Dr. E. G., Stevens was in town a few days ago on dental business. ' Stephen King 13 home from the hospital and able to be about the house. Ray Wolcott of Burlington is spending a few - days . among his many friends here.- V-1 - - : One of Frank' Taylor's large team horses dropped 'dead in the sugar place Monday. Mr. ' Chesiey, &2 -years old, who has een ill aU" .winter is able to be about the. house. " The last number of the Glover Community Entertainment course will be given Friday night. ,: Mr. and Mrs". -Aden Phillips took their eldest daughter, Genevieve, to St. Johnsbury this morning, for an operation on her throat. ' . ' The Parish school closes this week. It was one week later than the other schools. in town as there was a week to make up, caused by the teacher's illness. - Those from out of town attending the funeral of Rufus,L. Drew were Mr, and Mrs. Dan Dewing and Mr. and Mrs. Porter. Gray of Orleans, Mrs. Mary Dewing and Miss Blanche Dewing and Leo Dewing of Irasburg and Archie Chase of Greensboro. A letter recently received from Mrs. Lizzie Clark enclosed a check for the duplicate album quilt which contained some '500 names of the townspeople here and expressed much interest in the Community - church work and in the Woman's, Union. Mrs. Clark was a -very. ; deyote4t church worker when she reiidei, here.":. -. RUFUS L. DREW. Rufus L. Drew was born in Glover, the son of Isaac and Abigail Drew, April 18th, 1835, one of a family of four sons and ; four daughters,' of which he was ' the last except one brother, William Drew, 75 years old, now. residing 7 at T. JJ. Drew's in Glover. . ... . '. , , . In 1&54 Rufu went to California, this being during the time so many were called there by the gold mines. -Among the souvenirs he brought from California was a ring in which was mounted a gold nugget ' in the rough. This he gave to his son, Noah on his 21st birthday. And . this winter he has of ten told of his California experiences and shown the ring to friends , and grandchildren who have caleld upon him in his sickness. He returned in 1862 "and that year enlisted in Co. D, 6th Vt. Regiment, where he served ' two and one-half years. Jan. 21st, 1866 he married Miss Laura N Morse of Hatley, Que andthej established their home on I a F. D. Pierce recently purchased a supply of ths bet t Eczema Remecv in the world. Ask.him fc tell you about DryZerifal for the crusty, scaly aim and Moitt Zensal for all xrtery tniptu'ni; ... been a faithful helpmate on the farm here where they lived. One son Victor, and a sister. Mrs: Eldridjr, survive as near relatives. Mr. Hunter was a- man of integrity, industry and well thought of by a large circle of friend, lie was a member of the Baptist church; The funeral is beinr held here this afternoon, Rev. C W. Kelley of Irauturg officiating. Burial will be at East Burke where the body is being taken today. SOUTH ALBANY R. W. Ames was in Dixville, Canada, last week. Napoleon Mason has been quite ill with bronchitis. Miss Mamie Locke of Barton spent Sunday with her parents. Walter Urie of West Glover spent Sunday, at his home here. Leo Williams is at home from' U. V. M. for his Easter vacation. James Calderwood and Edward Conner began work Monday for W. F. Ames. , ., The village school, taught by Miss Doris Cameron of West Glover, closed Friday. . . Miss Bernice Martin of Montrelier ia spending her Easter vacation with her parents. Mrs. Charles Porter is in Glover caring for Mrs. Nancy Crosier, vho has been quite ill for several weeks. Guy Courser has returned from his work at North Troy and is going to help H. D. Rowell through sugaring. the farm -yhere their youngest son, Thad, now lives. Here three children were born to them, Noah II., Mary and Thad M., all of whom survive them. A few years ago on the marriage of the youngest sen they sold the farm to him' and 'removed to another little farm a short - distance away. Here his wife died two years ago and here he has lived since, sometimes with his daughter, sometimes with a niece, Miss Cora Jones, of Ayers. Clin Que.; and later his brother William has lived there with him -t:l vnlru'ar heart diEsr.se developing he went to the home of his eldest son, N. H. Drew, last autumn, and there " stayed until the end, - which came March 18th. Funeral services were held Tuesday at his son's home, Rev. W. A. Warr.er officiating, and the body was placed in the torn; at Riverside cemotery. There were teautiful floral tributes f rom, the family, a Afreath of "white and purple hyacinths and narcissus from 2T. H. Drew and son, Harris; a sheaf of carnations from Thad Drew and daughter, Laura, a spray of narcissus, from the brother, William Drew, and a pillow of hyacinths, narcissus and roses from the G. A. R., W. R. C, and Sons of Veterans. Mr. Drew was a mart of upright character, pure life and habits, kindly, sympathetic and genial. His grief and loyal praise of. the wife who walked life pathway with him for almost half a century has been extreme. -As the preacher very aptly said, he was a kindly -courteous gentleman of the old schooL Children, grandchildren and his circle of friends will miss him much. .Card of Thanks We wish to thank our many friends and neighbors who so kindly assisted us during the sickness and death of dur beloved father and grandfather. N. H. Drew . , and family, T. M. Drew and family, Mary Dewing , and family, . ' WEST GLOVER Barton scholars are having a week at home. Mrs. Welch, mother of Mrs. Edwin Bickford, is not as well. A. E. Brunning and family were at Preston Skinner's Sunday. Mrs. Emily Wild of South Royal-ton is visiting at Ernest Baker's. - m The students from Montpelier seminary are home for the Easter vaca tion, .;-:-' . : -4 Mr. Glover, who William Cameron. i r is working zor ill quite R- O. Buchanan and family of Burlington are spending two weeks at R. W. Buchanan's. ... Doris Cameron, who is teaching at South Albany, and Gladys Cameron, at Lyndonville, are spending their vacations at home. , .Try Zensal for all Sold by druggists. skin troubles. ' CttffSclent. :,. .'.. , .There Is a. cherry tree In our bacl yanL Last sumioer Donald was up la the tree picking cherries, which were scarce and none too ripe, and throwing them down to Buster. Buster had about twenty cherries In his hat when Donald called down : . llout ell I can reach, Buster.- To which Buster replied: "All rlsut; come down. We got enough for a stomach ache." The Cey la the Father cf the Vrrt, The director of'educatloa la Liverpool has just made a great aad Urpor-tant dlscorery which future geaera-tlons of educationalists win doct!sss regard as epoch-mriicj as the first voyage of Christopher CcSesshca. Uc says that "boys have a perfect fs-sloo of watchlsj men at.worh." Xtrcsss to f afj, te have notsed tts cse 'leaouienoo with many nrn. Pott Had Kl&t la. Matthew Arxwild, dlsraadsg the prrp-clarity f ids own dog poems, said ttxt vMle eMrfparatlTrfy few loved poetry, nearly ererymte loved Vcx Ar.i UxU their Arnold w;ui r!1t. ? IIe;h CmSderwood Was m visitor ia Wolcott Scaday. ; Etta Cmitb Is bsti froca Claori for the tprinj vacation. Tbs J. V. U. ctadsnts crs t hocst for the Easter vacation. Mrs. Arthur Day and dachUr, Emily left for Boston Friday. Mrs. Amanda Lathe tntertainsd tht Ladies Aid society Thursday. Harry Hacks rukr is abls to b out after several weeks severs illness. Mr. and Mrs A. S. Babcock of East Craftsbury were business visitors here Friday Leaffie Kins was a Sunday guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry King, of Wolcott - The funeral of Mr. Curtis was held at the home Sunday, the Rev. C D. Pierce officiating. - Mrs. H O. Bartlett spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Goodwin, m irasburg. Mrs. Bell Calderwood spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry King, in Wolcott. The snow scraper was used on nearly all the roads in town last week much to the comfort of the traveling public. ; Mr and Mrs. Basil Boardmsn of East Craftsbury were Sunday guests ! of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. rred Bailey ; The lecture course' committee held their first meeting Tuesday evening to consider the best talent for this year's lecture course. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lovell Allen and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Markres, who were ill last week, are improving. f Mr, and Mrs. Fred Martin of CamT bridge Junction recently visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Martin. His brother, Irvin, went home with them to spend a week. The twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Waterhouse suffered an operation for an abscess on her leg between the knee and, hip recently. The operation was performed by a surgeon from, Burlington and she is thought to be doing well. , NEWS FROM ERASBURG MRS. F. A. FICLO Miss Jessie Lanou is ill. Mrs. J. B. Tinker is quite ill. Alton Kennison is ill with measles. Herbert Bover spent Sunday with friends in Barton. Mrs. Meta Messier is visiting friends in Albany. The farmers are getting busy preparing for sugaring C. H- Woodward has been on the sick list the past week. , Arie Kennison was in Montpelier on business last week. . f Regular meeting of Colton Chap-ter O. E. S., this evening. - f A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Mineral Mason Friday. Harold McGoff and Glee Kennison are having German measles. V. E. Roberts of Newbury was . a business visitor in town yesterday. . . Peter LaCross has finished work for Frank Willey and gone to Derby. Charlena Clcugh was unable to at tend school last week on acount of illness, v Miss Edythe Miles has gone to Melrose, Mass., where she has employment. - C. S. Lewis of Eden has been in town the past week selling nursery stock. ,.. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Day of Albanv are visiting his sister, lira. O. J, Shepherd. . Miss Verna Sears is home from Johnson Normal school for the Easter vacation. f f C. Pike and P.: A. Field were in Newport yesterday to attend the list- fjy meeting -ij'fctji ' Miss Doris Sears is home from Kfchford where sh is teaching, for a two weeks' vacation. Miss' Ruth Burnham of Carton has been the guest of Miss Florence Win-get, the past few days. - 1 Elmer Aller has gone to Browning-ton to work for Willard Herman during the sugar season. Mr., and Mrs, C.! A: Pike visited their sons,. Hiram and Murray, in Woodsville over Sunday. Mrs. O. W. ZJetealf and dacrhter, Lettie, spent. the week-end with her mother in Newport Center. Miss Bertie Baldwin' of Newport has been spending a few days with her( brother, Henry Baldwin. We are glad to note that Prof. Bul-lard of Orleans, k again assumed the leadership of the Irasburg band. - Melvia and George Kennison were called to Newport Center Thursday by the serkms illaess cf their sister. Mrs. Hosier Bartlett of Craftsbury spent the past few days with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. B. Good-win. , Much syerathy is felt for Dr. and Mrs. P. C Temlcton in the Utmm of their little sea wLh eeeerred Cstrr- The IL F. D. carriers have bssa otlicJ t dilirrr tis tsail on fact tbs past two sr on aeeocst cf tad roeis. , cf Llr.X7&:Ur McCiSr and sen I zxUzs Corss E:tT : ' tK " rfrsis ; ta tv Hvcp by ths rir Kcl ta tbs fcsJl Friy crp- l.'j trU be cbarri- fcrrj it-i r-rt er; tr j o V.zt cl CI C3AFTC5URY XL 21. Randall - has . ffont to Barton fcjra visit.. ..--v 'VjV,,r.. C U. Root was a business vialtor In Crkns Monday. Leo Williams of Albany was a recent visitor here. Miss Nellie Richardson it working at William Ryan's. V The academy opened Tuesday after ten days vacation. Edmund Root is home from U. V. M. for a short vacation. George Chasse is home from school at Montpelier for a vacation. Mrs. Johnson of Collinsville is caring .for her daughter, Mrs. Will Ryan. George Berry of Wsterbury, Conn.,, is visiting his brother, Charles Berry. Mrs. A. R. Garvin, who has been ill for some time, still remains very ill. Miss Mary Root is home from Woodstock, where she has been teaching the past year. , s. Miss Ellen Bailey of Wells River, a former, teacher in the academy, is visiting friends in town, . Mrs. Victor Gilbert is in town. called here by the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. Garvin. , Miss Fida Chasse, who has been working in West Glover, is visiting at her father's, A. Larabce's for a few days. ' Mr. Barrett has finished his work here for the dairy association and gone to Lowell, Mass., to work on the Hood farm. Dr. Wheeler of Burlington . was called here Thursday to assist Dr. Eastern in the operation on the Waterhouse child. . ' T. M. Gallagher spent the week-end in Burlington with his daughter. He reports she is improving and will soon be able to come home. The sad news has just reached us of the death of Mason Button from measles followed by pneumonia. He was in Burlington attending U. V. M. His mother was called thore to care for him Thursday. The family have the sympathy of everyone. . , LOCAL EDITOR. men between the ages of 18 and 46 who are eligible for war. Two j of Henry Baldwin's children are very ill with pneumonia. Mrs. Baldwin's sister, Mrs. Fred Drown, of Calais is helping to care for them. , Wallace Jerome,-who has had employment in Barnet for the past six months, has finished there and will work for Dana Huntington during the sugar season. v , Orlo Goss and Miss Mabel Lanou, ; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Lanou. were married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Bashaw. Rev. M. G. Tup-per performed the ceremony. v , Miss Leontine Boulanger, aged 12, a pupil in the Morrill Hill school, recently won in a word contest, second Erize of $124 toward a piano. Miss oulanger has been speaking English less than three years. About 50 of the neighbors and friends .of Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Han-nant and Miss Ida Hannant met at their hospitable home for a social time Tuesday evening. Mar. 20, and the company was most pleasantly entertained with music and songs and dainty refreshments were served. METHODIST CHURCH NOTES. Sunday will be Palm Sunday, the beginning of Passion week, and everyone is urged to make a special effort to attend church. In the morning at 10.45 the pastor will give a short talk, "Crown Him," 'and the Lord's Supper wilT be administered.' There will also be a church membership service, , at this time. ' ; It is expected in the evening an 11- lustra ted lecture will ' be given. Everybody is most cordially invited. There will be a praise service for the first half Lour and the story will be given at.$.,o,.dtc!r and the eo!e of i the Congrc-atlenil' church are 'Most cordially, invited. to come in. any. time . at the close of their evening service. A silver offering is always taken at these services to defray expenses. Sunday.school at ,.1110. j " 'j: . - Junior League at 30.' ' Ep worth League prayer meeting Thursday , evening at 70.., - The W. H. if. S., will meet with " Mrs. Goodwin Saturday at 3: p. m. Mrs. H. Bailey is the leader . Saturday evening at 8 o'clock aa adjourned meeting of the quarterly, conference wil be held at the church and every member is most earnestly requested to be present. The boys' meeting (K. O. K. A.) meets Monday night at the church at 7.30 o'clock. , A large number of books have been donated to the Sunday school library but more are desired. , If you haven't presented a book as yet to the library" you are invited to do so at once. If you have magazines and good weekly, or monthly periodicals, stereoscopic tictures or fames which you are will- ' ng to contribute we will add them to the circulating library and loan them out as well as the books. There will be services Thursday and Friday evenings of passion week to wkkb all the people of the community are invited. Special service Easter Cuadjy morning and union service in the M. E. church Sunday : evening.;.;: ; A ' Georre Cefrxn spoke at the Meth--' J odist church Cuocxy morning and Jfao4 Impression on the people. , Cs slro sLZzz-i a community ser- va quo Lzry evening and , was listened to with great interest. Crst was, "Billy Caaday the llza and His tletxsge," arJ the ad-was rood and ths hiseitce cf z ra csrtr!!y vcrr tsir- 1 o imiLAi m A LrJ cafca elz.-zj cUtir led C.3

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