The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on February 4, 1997 · 56
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · 56

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1997
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B6 Wednesday, Feb. 5, 1997 LIVING The Atlanta Journal The Atlanta Constitution Television BUiisi3ici;inc!i "Othello" 8 p.m. Showtime (S42S650) Though the esteemed Kenneth Branagh is featured in this 1995 version of the Shake-fcpeare classic, the title role belongs to Laurence Fishburne. k "The 1997 Miss USA Pageant" 9p.m. Channel 46 (6698) Fifty-one contestants vie in the 46th annual festivities, hosted by (George Hamilton and Maria Maples Trump. "Great Performances" 10 p.m. Channel 8 (49230) "The Story of Gospel Music" draws on archival footage to illustrate how slave songs blended with European-based church music to create gospel. "Law & Order" 10p.m. Channel 11 (61230) A woman jumps off a bridge, and witnesses say she was running from a man who was threatening her. The investigation involves potential blackmail. Contributing: News services MIXED MEDIA By Jack Ohman I . Z I W It 4 ik F, ..A - U 1 -V - Wmat$ our fixrttuvt? Apraid Of M6i6HT$.6cev you mave pty o FAST? WHY Po Wf MWPM HAVt W 680' V'f- WOODY ALIEM-. f.t'i Mi HO v "Changes in the Miss U.S.A. Pageant if the Judges Were Dogs" from "David Letterman's New Book of Top 10 Lists": 10. Points taken off for mange. v. Responses to current-event questions should include frequent use of the words walk and food. 8. Winning talent: Catching Frisbee with teeth. ' 7. Title revoked if photograph surfaces of winner petting a cat. 6. Contestants wearing white ribbons to promote Kennel Cough Awareness. 5. New sniffing competition. 4. Put your money on the girl wearing the sash made of baloney. 3. Rambunctious Miss Kentucky forced to wear one of those plastic cones around her neck. 2. Viewers might actually recognize some of the judges. I . Winner gets a Hartz Flea & Tick tiara. M "BAT 21" Midnight Showtime (3282728) . Stars Gene Hackman and Danny Glover. A U.S. pilot races a deadline to find an air-strike expert downed in Vietnam. "The Last Hit" 2 a.m. USA (183693) Stars Bryan Brown and Brooke Adams. An ex-CIA hit man falls for a Seattle widow, then learns she and her father are marked for murder. e ABC Newt (CC) Entertainment Grace Under Coach The The Drew Ellen Etlen PrimeTime Live Rapper Tupac News 11:35 Nightline 12:05 Hard 12:35 Maureen ' Tonight Madon-Fire Pills Pain Bodygardener Carey Show Unplugged Shakurs mother; Diane Keaton. (CC) Copy Fran 0'Boyle1:35 WSB naigc) pills. (CC) Bodyguard. (CC) (CC) Aaron Neville. (CC) I Drescher. (CC) ABC 5740 292 636o 5495 1037(CC) 35853 ,1766 792624s 7010037 3422167 4328544 n Accesi Holly. EXTRA (CC) Beverly Hills, 90210 We Interrupt Party ol Five MYOB Grace Newi(CC) In the Heat of the Night The Real Stories ol Strange Unl- wood Danny This Program Tom and Kelly strike moves in with Charlie. (CC) More Things Change Gillespie and the Highway verse WAGA Devito. (CC) up a romance. (CC) DeLong try romance. (CC) Patrol FOX 7872 ' 9969 22327 32673 82150 12501 52070 13693 1 O National Geographic Jewels of The living Edens Denali. Alas- The World of National Geo- Great Performances The Story of Gospel Music iNightly Bui- Money Hunt OH the Air WGTV the Caribbean Sea Undersea life, ka's GrealWildemess Mckinley, graphic Braving Alaska Alaskan Gospel spreads from churches to mainstream audi- ness Report Stewart Dren-j,g (CC) 32619 (CC) 15637 Bush. (CC) 28501 ences. (CC) 49230 (CC) 85969nan. 45780 inf Wheel of For- IJeopardyl (CC) Wings Just Call IChicago Sons NeweRadio Men Behaving Law 1 Order Menace The detec- iNews (CC) 11:35 The Tonight Show With 12:35 UW u tune(CC) Me Angel Hero Guest Shelley Rose Bowl Badly Jamie lives think an apparent suicide is Jay Leno In Las Vegas; Chevy Night Conan WXIA Brian. (CC) Barman. (CC) George Lindsey. Needs a Kid really a murder. CC) Chase. (CC) O'Brien (CC) NBC 9704 2211 9872 5679 (CC) 31501 74389 61230 197501B 20316981:35 2333322 '"'"m America's Fun- America's Fun- NBA Basketball Utah Jazz at Seattle Sonics I NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Los Angeles Lakers r, Jr. nlestHome niestHome , 'TBS videos videos 850834 871327 ' 69 The NewsHour With Jim lehrer M&M Smith: For Posterity's You Gotta Pay the Band-life of Great Performances Harry Bela- ICharlie Rose LAPD Detectives I Journal NHK News UWPBA Day's lop stones. (CC) Sake Ruby Dee narrales. (CC) Abbey Lincoln lonle narrates. (CC) Philip Vannatter and Tom Lange. Japan Update PBS 38899 82389 95853 98940 64143 526902 887525 O Fresh Prince of The Simpsons Sister, Sister INickFreno: The Wayans The Jamie Foxx Seinfeld The ICheers (CC) Married With The Simpsons Hunter Brotherly Love The death WATL Bel-Air (CC) (CC) (CC) Licensed Bros.(CC) Show(CC) Pie(CC) Children (CC) (CC) of a drug dealer. WB 678330 727327 678150 Teacher 515679 767105 870376 870196 510124 584969 ' 397493 . era Roseanns Ther- Home Improve- The Nanny (CC) Pearl Dean Cui- The 1997 Miss USA Pageant Fifty-one contestants vie in the 46th News 11:35 Late Show With David Let-l2:35 Tom Sny- WGNX apy(CC) ment(CC) sine (CC) annual festivities; hosts George Hamilton, Maria Maples Trump. (CC) terman Fran Drescher. (CC) der(CC)1:30 CBS 2308 360 1056 9993 . 669B 9621673 2239872 97108322 03 5:00 Praise the Lord (CC) Intelligence Credo A. Dollar Precious Mem-1 Jack Van Impe iPraise the Lord (CC) iJerry Savelle Jesse Duplan- WHSQ 5591 394 Briefing 4092308 oriel 1355360 3152921 5742051 ti U 3 Martin (CC) iMartin The The Sentinel light My Fire Ellison Star Trek: Voyager Blood Fever Amen Career lAmen iGood Times 227 227 All m the Femt- WUPA Break-Up (CC) probes warehouse blazes. (CC) Vulcans enter mating season. Girt (Part 2 of 4) ly UPN I 2260037 1 49699211 9867650(CC) 9887414 1015635 9015655 2289501 1 7553495 2965896 3935761 A . P The Equalizer Guest: Austin Biography Frederick Douglass American Justice Susan Smith. 20th Century The death-penalty Law t Order Vengeance (CC) Biography Frederick Douglass MC Pendleton. 886679 8953271 875563 debate. 8786501 851143 " 620051 Aur 6:15 'The Little Princess' Remember I'Stormy Weather' (1943, Musical) Lena Home. 'That's My Boy' (1951, Comedy) Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis. Remember 'Stormy Weath- rjAMU GHCC) 51476124 WENN IBiII Robinson. 4i22& ' " . 52S2S2 WEJii! &. ret Hit List Planet Groove Comicview Talk Benson Rap City 2:00 CI 358327 338563 357698 6088341 597389 768148 rwrir Money Club Steals (CC) Equal Time jChris Matthews Rivera Live legal issues. Late Night With Conan O'Brien Charles Grodin Rivera Live Legal issues. (R) "OV. T 111058? 1459834 1129230 1115037 3701476 ICC1 3704563 3944582 " 9639167 fuu Moneylin Crossfire PrimeNews Inside Politics Larry King Live (CC) The World Today CNNSports MoneylineIR) Newsnight Showbiz Today 345872 179899 ICC) 3212921 340327 426211 436698 Illustrated 775259 813709 169490 mim The Dairy Show TV Nation American Comedy Awards: John Leguizamo's Spic-O-Rama John Leguizamo: Mambo Mouth The Daily Show TV Nation (CC) The Tick (CC) Saturday Night CUM 9124)41 644501 Viewers Choice ICC) 491263 241740 3780561 328211 409542lLive niQC Wings of the Red Star The Phan- Wild Discovery Discover Magazine The concept The Wildest of Tribes: The Tat- Wild Discovery Discover Magazine The concept u'av torn! Foe 8842111 800259 of time. 880495 Itooed Tribe ; 833747 lot time. 635983 niQN Pete's Dragon' (1977, Children) Helen Reddy, Sean Marshall 9:10 Peter Pan 10:50 'Squanto; A Warrior's Tale' (1994 ArtGarfunkel UISrl (G)ICCI 9483327 ' ' 21025766 Adventure) IPQI (CO 45678308 ccpm College Basketball Pittsburgh at Miami College Basketball Duke at Wake Forest SpoilsCenter (CC) - Rodeo Rough Billiards (Rl carrl 8 220259 230476 219143 Riders 1:30 962457 cam The Waltons The Cloudburst iMiracles and Wonders Rescue 91 1 (CC) I Newswatch The 700 Club Carson's Com- Carson's Com- The Three The Three rMI" 138679 1473271 127563 Today 860766 edv erjj Istoooes Stoooes" MTV Singled Out lldiot Savants Babyface Presents The Real World The Real World Singled Out Loveline Alternative 985414 600211 1497851 8423601 868308 400308 567853INation L IFF Designing Designing Unsolved Mysteries (CC) 'Come Die With Me' (1974, Mystery) George Maharis, Eileen Martha Stewart Unsolved Mysteries (CC) LltX Worwn" Women 143501 Brennan. " 113360 Living ' 9Jfi5JSa NICK Doug(CC RugralsfCC HeyArnoldl Happy Days I Love Lucy TheMunsters Mary Tyler Rhode Taxi(CC) Odd Couple Bewitched I Dream of rc' 6150181 363i43l 624766 636501 ICC) 1514951 310211 Imoom I 680582I 156940 ICC) 104747 264419ljeannle Sfi Countdown to Signing Day Hawks Warm- NBA Basketball Atlanta Hawks at Phoenix Suns Foi Sports Fox Sports News 2f 59623QUp , 973766lNewslJIP) E2SS22 TNN Dukes of Hauard The Life and Times of Billy Ray Prime Time Country Host Gary The Road Faith Hill; Sawyer Dallas J R. returns to the busi- Dukes of Hazzard 596817 Cyrus 596637 IChaoman. 691281 Brown, 946358 Iness. 998871 502544 TNT In the Heat of the Night AKA 'Mr. Horn' (1 979, Western) David Cairadine, Rchard Widmark. Frontier hero Tom Horn tracks Geronimo with h partner, works as a 'Mr. Horn' (1979, Western) Kelly Kav ICC) 404717 rifllcdive enters a ranae war. 7W650 jfflj 1 TflDN TheJetsons Jonny Quest Scooby-Doo Dexter s Labo- What i Cartoon George of the Toon Heads ScoobyDoo Jonny Quest Rocky (Bull- Snorks TheJetsons IUUrl 5850292 ' ' ratorv Show IJunale 7323650 7349698 twinkle 8819896 4806254 tui ANn Mister Ed Ed Sullivan TheAddams Green Acres The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hogan't Phil Silvers Mannix To Save a Dead Man TheAddams Green Acres IVLAIMU 65812111 1649766 Family I 6586766 Hour 9620B72 Heroes 7632476 8993673 Family I 9213631 UNI Bendita Mentlra Maria, La del Barrio Sentimientos Ajenos Fuera de Serle Lente Loco Primer Impacto Noticiero Univl- La Tocada 1 :30 "m 84X389 B415037 8428501 1 49168351 2916655 Extra sion 7715157 USA Highlander Lady and the Tiger Murder. She Wrote (Part lol 2) 'As Good es Deed' (1995, Suspense) Crystal Bernard, Judge Rem- Wings (CC) Wings (CC) Silk Stalkings Friendly Persua- UaA fCC) 422495 ICC) 431143lhotJ. lPQ-13) ' 434230 7965821 r 760327 Ismn ICCI 962322 VH1 6:00 Elvis Week in Memphis Aloha From Hawaii Elvis performs at the Honolulu Center in 1973 Elvis Week in Memphis Aloha From Hawaii Elvis performs at the Honolulu Center in 1973. Vnl 988582 990327 979834 26iZG Wdtt Family Matters IBZZZI Sister, Sister INickFreno: The Wayans iThoJemie Foxx News(CC) Wiseguy Blood Dance In the Heal of the Night (CC) ' yWlllCq ' 587gTecher iBrne. ' IShnw I " ' 797?o? " CT7SS3I WW ... . w 8:18 'to With an Angel' Proteus' (1995, Suspense) Craig Feirbrass, Tom Barry. Drug 'Sins of Desire' (19bl2, Suspense) Tanya 'The Wooden Man's Bride' (1994, Drama) CMAX (1967, Romance-comedy) (PG) smuooiers land on oil rio occupied by monster. (R)ICC) Roberts. Woman poses as nurse at shady clinic. Wang Lan, Chang Shih. 1:30 71128259 ; 123747 5531241 554853. t:M 'Peggy Sue Got Married' Rebound: The Legend of Earl 'The Goat' Maniuaull' (1996, The Larry Tracey Takee Damon Wayani: Still Standing 'Ground Zero' 0994, Martial HBO (19oo)(PG-13)(CC) Biography) Don Cheadle, James Earl Jones. (CC) . Sanders IShow On(CC) Stamhip comedy. arts) (R)(CC) 1:30 238018 233563 ICC) 6701781 3757861 211501 905877 ,,, 5:40 'Quiz Show' (1994, Othello' (1995, Drama) Laurence Fshbume, Irene Jacob 10:05 'Bad Company' (1995, Drama) Ellen Barkm, Laurence Fish- BAT 21' (1988, Action) SHOW Docudrama)(PG-13)(CC) Shakespeare: Moor of Venice, Desdemona, laoo, murder. (R) (CC) bums. Femme lalale hires ex-CIA man as corporate spy. (R) (CC) Gene Hackman, Danny Glover. 509753601 5425650 1 73919698IIR) 1:45 3282728 5:40 'Hologram 7:20 'Judge Dredd' (1995, Action) Sylvester I'Stlr Crazy' (1980. Comedy) Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor. Two 10:50 Slam Dance' (1987, Suspense) Tom 'Under the Gun' ""' 53 fee')"' fChcnmin''1 "' 2;n-century m to 8 ' P0" altw "'O'1" M '""' (") 1844921 Huic''Mai!aal)elhMa!:"anlQn''(R)lCff142637 tfl)2i254 CHANNEL SURFER 'Goober's5 been bitten by the acting bug again George Lindsey is ready to return to series television. The man known to millions as "Goober" on "The Andy Griffith Show" got the bug again after a guest spot on tonight's "NewsRadio" (9 p.m. WXIAChannel 11 31501). "Hopefully I can get back in it," Lindsey says. "Maybe I could play somebody's dad, like Jeff Foxworthy's. You know you're a redneck if Goober's your dad." In tonight's episode, Jimmy (played by Stephen Root) buys some television memorabilia that includes, supposedly, Goober's skull. He soon discovers that he's been ripped off when a friend informs him that Goober is still alive. Jimmy decides to sue the collector who sold him the macabre souvenir. "They have to go to court to prove that Goober's not dead, and they get me to testify," Lindsey says with a chuckle. "They ask whether or not that's my skull and, of course, I tell them it ain't. I thought it was pretty funny." Lindsey had been in two Broadway musicals and made numerous TV appearances before landing the role of Goober, Gomer Pyle's cousin on the Griffith show. It's a role from which Lindsey has never been able to escape. The Griffith series finished its network run in 1968, but the show has become one of the most durable rerun properties in television history. And, though Lindsey spent 22 years as a regular on "Hee Haw," he has always remained Goober to his growing number of fans. Lindsey had trouble with that at first, as he relates in his book, "Goober in a Nutshell." "You know as an actor you want to grow," Lindsey explains. "When we were making the Griffith show we thought it was good, but we had no idea that it would be around forever. Like I've always said, I didn't know Opie (Ron Howard) was going to be a great director. If I had, I would have been nicer to him." Lindsey says he still watches episodes of the series from time to time. "I watch as a fan. When I see Goober, it's like watching another person. I see things we did that I know we kind of improvised while we were shooting. It kindles memories of good times." SEEN AND HEARD Eye on hidden cameras ABC News' "PrimeTime Live" visits the Food Lion's den again Feb. 12 with a one-hour special about the use of hidden cameras and other techniques of investigative journalism including the show's own controversial report on the Food Lion grocery chain. A lawsuit filed after a Nov. 5, 1992, ABC broadcast resulted two weeks ago in a Greensboro, N.C., jury's awarding Food Lion $5.9 million in damages for fraud and trespassing. ABC has appealed the verdict. The suit did not challenge the accuracy of , ABC's report, which allegedly found unsanitary conditions in the supermarkets, but claimed that an ABC producer obtained her job at Food Lion under false pretenses and used hidden-camera video. Diane Sawyer, who reported the controversial segment, and Sam Donaldson will anchor the 10 p.m. Wednes day show, which will include a segment on the pros and cons of hidden cameras and interviews with members of the North Carolina jury. Judge: Movie can air A local television station in Fort Worth, Texas, can show a movie about two former military cadets accused in a love-triangle slaying, a judge ruled Tuesday, rejecting arguments that the broadcast would jeopardize a fair , trial. Lawyers for former Naval Academy midshipman Diane Zamora, 19, argued that Dallas-Fort Worth's NBC affiliate, KXAS, should not be allowed to show "Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murders." District Judge Joe Drago denied Zamora's request for an injunction blocking the broadcast, but he asked KXAS to voluntarily pull the program. KXAS refused. Contribirtng: Bob Longno and news services Nielsen ratings for last week Here are the Nielsen Media Research rankings for the week ending Sunday. Shows are ranked by number of viewers watching, in millions. Rank Program . Network Viewers 1. "ER" NBC 33.64 2. "Seinfeld" NBC 33.50 3. "Friends" NBC 28.03 4. "The Naked Truth" NBC 25.71 5. "Home Improvement" ABC 24.64 6. "The Single Guy" NBC 24.40 7. "The X-Files" . Fox 21.44 8. "Touched By an Angel" CBJ 21.25 9. "American Music Awards" ABC I9J2 10. "Spin City" ABC 19.63 1 Ml L JflCTmggMlil II Good Homing America Consumer report, Mrrcsi. (CC Regis I Kathie Lee JennyJones Strippers. Maury Povich (CC) News ThsCity WSB 52105 89834 ICC) 64940 51476 11785 22389 O Good Day Atlanta Jerry Springer After Breakfast (CC) Sally Jessy Raphael News(CC) Court TV .WAQA 14717 29476 11872 51768 353f 95259 O Sesame Street (CC) I Barney, iBamey, KidsongsTVlThomas Puzzle Place iBarney, Comfy IMiiter Sesame Street (CC) WGTV 51650Frtertda iFrlendi Tares Friends Couch Rogers 67476 CD Today Beauty Hps, Martha Stewart. (CC) Pilonaa Racial stereotypes Journal (CC) Jeoperdyl News(CC) Noonday Leeza Amazing rescues. WXIA 49679 6901B 29327 76259 28037 29766 66360 CB ScootDScootiyDooBv. Hillt IBewitched Utile House; A New Begin- 3's Compe- Mama's Andy Griffith Andy Griffith 12.05 Matlock , TBS Ijes ning ny iFemity I 3929327 (B UvinjMesk Turn to Puzzle Place Storyline Dciiinot I French In Matinee at the Bijou llwndeiboT Read Rain- Sesame Street (CC) WPBA h Grow 83105 Action 209785bow 33698 GJ Mesked Bobby's Anlmaniacs Peter Pan Gordon Elliott Pomogia- Murphy MurjSiy Ifilckl Lake (R) Judge Judy Judge Judy WATL Rider IWortrJ phy. 652834 Brown iBrown 290018 Q$ TNs Morning Heartscore; obesity; John leguizamo (CC) Montel Williams Reunions. Getekfo Rivers Pregnancy The Price Is Right (CC) News Restless WGNX ' 70501 (CC) 20330 6630B 79872 14263 867143 CQ Levemel IBJ. Robin- Get in ShapelFGBMR Roberts iJohnHagee Rod Parsley Marilyn Copelentf ILilestyle Dr. Cherry Dean and WHSQ Edrth ton 9807211 Htckey I 3159834 I Mary GS Bruno the ThsUask VOR-Tech Bananas Baywalch Vacation 'DevN'a Odds' (1987, Action) Beau Budges, Bubba Dr. Qulnrt, Medicine . WUPA Kid I J 2978360 Smith. (R) 7606414 Woman A&E lady Day: Blllle McCkmd 125230 loveoy 850414 Mike Hammer Quincy, M E, AMC 'Aprxrlrrtmeril..' 'The westerner' (1940) 587056 'An Act I of Murder' 3584940 1 'Great White-' BET Farm wTniton Amaze jP poW "screen Santord HttLtst g49230Vh1eo Vibfatlona g 00 849679 CNN Early Edition 462037 Morning Hews (CC) 302389 CNM News Burden FAM FIT TV 924124 Highway Heaven The Waltons News The 700 Club FIT TV Rescue 911 LIFE Workout Workout Baby Kids Sliters(CC) 540650 Debt Home Miln Hand Stewart Home NICK Wetnor, AMn looney looney Rugrets Scarry Rupert Moppet Allegrs Gulleh IN. Beer Blue TNN OfftheAIr VldeoMorning 318834 Dalles 243768 Aleene Aleene TNT ,), Quest Bunny ScoobyOoobyl Fl'stone Fl'ilone Gillian Gilligen Knots Landing CHIPS 619476 TOON Droopy Toons Yogi Rkhie Mai Snorks Paw Puppies ScoobyDoo Smurts Jerry TVIANO St Elsewhere Cannon 8546105 Mr. Ed Pettlcl Th. Girt SuHlven Sonny a Cher Acres Silvers UNI Witmo lOlroeTV 21358?Chavo Cltespirrro Soltero Perei Dos Mu)eres, un Camlno Rottro USA USA Action Extreme Team 477105 Murder, She 'The Iwl Hit' . (1993) (CC) 956037 Mor M)or ,VH1 vkfroa HouieBiend 128834 Video Break EMe Week In Memphis 411495 SoulofVHl "VVGN HT'di OrWrm DeWy Anknen, Woody BewHctt Grtttlth Empry Hat of the Wight oerlrJo Rivera tJ Ail My Children (CC) One Lite to live (CC) General Hospital (CC) Oprah Winfrey (CC) News News , WSB 43872 40872 3018 5853 ?2n 30308 O Crook Chess Perry King Newlywed I Deling Game Rosie 0 Donnell (CC) Iz5i ReaTrV News(CC) News(CC) WAGA 83414 IGame I 83940 2056 1940 6143 63650 O InsUucuonalTV Sandiego I Magic Bus KrattCne- Wishbone Arthur (CC) IBerney, NewsHourJimUhrer(CC) WGTV 60650 turw 4650 7018Frlends 56360 OD Sunset Beach I Another World (CC) DaysofOurUves(CC) Journal (CC) Edition (CC) News (CC) News(CC) iNBCNews WXIA 823081 20056 23582 269B 1582 9495 9747 3327 03 1:05 Dengerous Pursuit' (1990, Suspense) Gregory Jonny Quest iFlmUtonee Flmlilones Brady . CaMomla Saved by Family Mat- Family Mai- TBS i Hamson. 8459376 Bunch Dream Bed ts teni Pj) Arthur (CC) The Repples iThis Old iHometime Woodwright Fresh Psinl lamb Chop KktsongsTV Barney, Wishbone Mindbusters ITN World WPBA 54766 House ' 25018 Play Friends I 29834 r News SO Paid Pro- PaidPto- Buoi'n' Batman I Spider-Man BeetleBorgs Power Different Rlcki Lake Childless. Mr. Cooper Married. WATL grim gram Daffy Robin Rangers World 795111 CQ Restless Bokj(CC) As Ins World Turns (CC) Guiding Light (CC) Geraldo Rivers Montel Williams Videos. News CBS News WGNX 867143 49056 35940 1414 8691 jCCJ 1679 1 124 1 476 GS TBN Today Casey Treat James Robi-Benny Him Jack Van prirj JohnHigee I Marilyn Praise the Lord (CC) 8:00 WHSQ son Impe 8705785 Hickey 5591394 The 700 Club Impnsoned Blosiom Dinosaurs Darkwinj Gargoyles Aladdin Quack Pack Diffrent IDilf renl Mad About I Mad About WUPA 7685921 2259921 1 iDuck I 4979308 1 Strokes IStrokes You I You A&E The Equalizer McCtoud 674834 llovejoy 159037 Mike Hammer Quincy, M E. AMC Movie I'Sally and Saint Anns' I'Scerlet Angel' 672124'Sli8hlryScerl' 5811 Little Princess1 BET video Vibrations Planel Groove 346582 Rap City 186037 ianford Screen CNN" CNN Today 750940 TslkBnck Live Politics lEartyPrlme 653124 Showbiz WotldVlew 953940 FAM Home end Family 392940 Shop 5hop " Animal Animal Btoop. Bloop. Burnett Bumetl LIFE DeTlgn. Nurses 'The Amy Fisher Story' 139308 LA lew 407211 The Commlih Sweep Debt NICK Scarry Slory looney B hilce Toon Muppet Atvki 0sdoet Afraid? Rocko cierHu lloon TNN Wildhorse Saloon VideoPM 332414 Country Hrts Dallas 379785Wlldhorie Saloon Club Dance TNT Thunder West Was Won Wild, Wild West' 'Heven With a Gun' (1969) 993389 Heat oIN Night YOON FFstone Flint, Scooby Detry Godzilla Planet Cenlurl Adv. Racer Super. Garfield Taz. "" TVLAND Gunsmoke Mannix 1850414 Cannon 9ti38124 St. Elsewhere Hill Street Blues Heroes Pettlcl UNI BaoMismo, PecetJo de Amor - 8427872 Crlsltna 1330969 Primer Impacto Perei Nolle. USA live USA Live 121940 llve Wanted Cops Wings Wlngs Renegade 955308 VH1 Appeal iMiiert Matinee 654495 Band. plash VkJeoBreak Elvis Wk, WON News(CC) 175056lSlreetsolS.F. Beeuty and Beast Beverty HiHs Mtters CalH. ByBeH ByBel

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