Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 5, 1957 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1957
Page 10
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Ten Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Bad Past Won't Ruin Girl's Chances If She's Honest Dear Ann: I'm a girl, 18, who is trying hard to live down a bac past. When I was 15 I got in wit! a fast crowd and had a baby. My folks threw' me out and my gir. friend's mother took me into their home and was just wonderful. If it weren't for her I think I'd have 'Jumped off the bridge. My baby was adopted and I put that part of my life behind me. The kids at school all knew aboul me 'and I couldn't hold up my head. I changed schools and made new friends. Now I'm going with a clean-cut,- respectable boy who thinks I'm an angel. My experience taught me such a lesson. 1 wouldn't let him hold my hand until we'd had 16 dates. I think I'd be the luckiest girl In the world if I could have him for keeps. But I live in fear he'll find out about me and my chances will be ruined. I'm beginning to have nightmares about it. What •hall I do? — WORRY WART Tell the boy everything. If he's as wonderful as you say, he'll Judge you on the basis of what you are today. A bad past won't ruin your chances. I don't recommend that a girl with a "past" unload all the details on a first date. This is foolish. But when a relationship begins to assume serious proportions it's not only unfair,, but unwise, to try to keep such a secret. You'll feel relieved when you get this off your conscience and your mind. Living in fear that he'll learn about you from 'others is more agonizing than telling him yourself. Give him the Ma'm — and good luck. facts, in cooking when the delicatessen made things better than she could For six months everything we ate was canned or brought home in a paper carton. She was so careless and harebrained that important mail was thrown put before I had a chance to-see it. I got fed up and told her father he was going to get a' daughter back if she didn't grow up. He then gave me the solution to all my problems — slap her around. Some women; h'e explained, have to-be taught respect for authority. Things have been just lovely around our house since I took my father-in- law's advice. What do you say to that? — IN' COMMAND If you're waiting for me to hang a laurel wreath around your because you", control your wife by belting her, please don't hold yoiir breath, Admiral. Because you married a girl who is so immature that she responds to a child's punishment, doesn't qualify the approach as right — or even acceptable. This isn't con- Irol, it's tyranny. She may obey you but her resentment and hostilities will crop out in other ways. A little more of this treatment and she'll have as little respect and affection for you as she has for her father. * * * Dear Ann: I married a widow with a 10-year-old daughter. This was three years ago. The girl was so mean and stubborn I thought t was just a phase she was going through. Now, at -the age. of 13, she's more difficult than ever. She's a thumb-sucker, does' poorly 'n school, and has no friends. Both Dear Ann: I know from reading your column that you don't approve of men striking their wives but under special circumstances don't I have a right? Please listen. My wife was always spoiled. When we first married she made tip her mind there was no sense See How Simple It Is! Fresh and Pretty Look! Josephine Lowman Wrong Method of Carrying Books Can Injure Spine 2033 You'll look so fresh and pretty either in or out'of the kitchen in his 'rose charmer'. Make a full- down rose potholder to match the appliqued pocket of this woll-fit- ing apron. her mother, and I are nervous! Pattern No. 2033 contains tissue; wrecks. She wont keep herself I hot-iron transfer for applique pioc- clean and goes out of her way to: es; sew ing and embroidery diruc- say spiteful'things. How should !tions we handle this child? She's ruin-! „ 8496 ,l2 1 /,-267, Nothing could be simpler for the beginner in sewing than this wearable daytime dress that comes In half sizes for the not-so-tall woman. No. 8406 with PATT-0-1UMA included is in sizes 32%, 1454, 1CV4, 18'A, 20V4, 2214, 2<1'A, 26%. Size 14'A, 35 bust, 4'/» yards of 35-Inch. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and tho PATTEHN' NUMBER to Sue Burnett Pharos-Trlb- uno, 372 W. Qulncy Street, Chicago 0, 111. Don't miss the latest issue of our fascinating pattern magazine Basic FASHION. The Spring & Summer '57 issue is filled with smart, now designs for all sizes; special features; gift pattern printed Inside the book. 25 cents. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address'and the PATTERN NUM- ing our marriage.—DISTEAUGHT PARENTS The child is deeply disturbed and I can't tell you in eight lines how to convert this unhappy .child into a well adjusted human being. The girl has felt unloved and rejected IA LB UM—fifty-six colorful pages since early childhood. Your mar-:showing many pretty designs; plus (The Friday Question Box) Q. ."This probably sounds trivial but can. you tell me which method of carrying books is best from the standpoint of posture? (1.) Under the arm. (2.) In the arms in front of body. We carry an average of 12 pounds of books to school each day and anticipate doing so for six more years.' A. This is not a trivial question but an important one; Many curvatures of the spine have been developed during school yeans be- cause'of the'way a person carried books or sat at a desk. Ths'worst possible sort of desk is the one- arm kind, so far as posture is concerned. In Front 01 Body Carry your books in • front of your body, BUT be sure that this does not cause you to slump forward. The spine should be straight and the head well-balanced (chin parallel to the ground). You can carry your.books under your arm if you will alternate arms. Also try not to lean toward the side on which you are carrying the books. Q.. "If I don't wash my hair every night it looks as though I have not washed it for weeks. Isn't there' something I could do to cut.the grease? It just makes it. oilier when I brush it daily." A. The oil glands in your scalp art relaxed. Brushing (if clone correctly) provides the simulation which will help normalize this condition. Brushing will make your hair oilier simply because it clis- BER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos [ tributes the oil over the hair, but Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Stcect, Chi- j the end result will be good. When 8, Illinois. (you brush, ' urn bristles to- mv. -.or, XT ji i ward the scalp and then turn them The 1957 Needlework ] up lowarcl u , e cei]ing as you sweep the brush to the ends of the hair. riage io her mother accentuated the fooling of insecurity. Contact the Family Sartfee Agency if you can't afford private professional help. Your daughter's "stubborness and spitefulnesa" are the symptoms — she' emotionally ill. * # * CONFIDENTIALLY: CURIOUS: Of course two brown-eyed parents can have a blue-eyed baby. Genes are tricky things. (Ann Landers -will be happy to help you with your problems. Semi them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. directions for making 3 crochet Items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! Weinberger Family Expecting Child WESTBURY, N.Y. ('UP)—Mrs. Beatrice Weinberger, w.'iose infant son, Peter, was kidnaped and left to die on a roadside one year ago, is expecting another child. Mrs. Weinberger and her husband, Morris, have om> other child Lewis. 3. Angclo LaMarca, confessed kidnaper of one-month old Peter, is scheduled to die in the electric chair at Sing Sing prison the week of Aug. 19. You don't n«*d to pay $25O lo $300 for INCONSPICUOUS ...QUALITY HEARING AIDS FERNBAUGH'S Jewelry .Store 4T6 E. Bdwy. MOMW.MCK WIAIANTM • WEEK-END SPECIAL 2 DAYS ONLY - FRIDAY and SATURDAY LIGHTWEIGHT Aluminum Arm Chairs Regular Price $4.99 each Fri. and Sat. Only 2-»$6,99 \ Store Air Conditioned- 422 Broacfway Unique Premiums Fox Stamp-Savers HARTFORD, Conn. — New use for savings stamps — to establish savings accounts. The plan has been put in effect for Hartford shopper, who, lot one book of Triple-S blue stamps, plus £3, can start a savings account of $6 at any branch of the Society for Savings Bank. John R. Bissell, president of the Super Saver Plan, Hie., who worked but the copyrighted plan, said the negotiations are underway with other banks lo make this sort of premium available in other parts of the country. Shoppers still can use the stamps for other premiums if they wish. Air Command Streamlines Its Forces BUNKER HILL AFB— Tactical Air Command is streamlining its combat organlza::on to increase.its effectiveness as- a deterrent to both., limited and global wars. Bunker Hill is presently one of TAC's bases. The command has begun a program to reorganize its combat force wing structure into air divisions, eaeh - containing two. wings. The administrative responsibility for each .base will be shifted from the wing commander, who now doubles as a base commander, to an air base group'commander. Under the new program each wing will be .divided into four combat squadrons from the present three. An additional change will be the transfer of all troop wings from Friday Evening, July 5, 195T. the Mississippi. • Ninth Air Force headquarters will remain at Shaw AFB, S.C., and will retain its Light Bomber, Reconnaisance, and Tactical Missile Wings-. TAC officials said this reorganization is designed to provide a more elastic and mobile organization in keeping with the command's global mission. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL ' Born: To Mr.,and Mrs. George Plotner, Royal Center, a daughter; to Mr. and Mrs. David Miller, Camden, a daughter. Admitted: Master Douglas Weese, route 1, Burnettsville; Mrs. Lois Myers, route 1; Mrs. Ruby Miller, route 2, Flora; Miss Nellie Lewis, 1518 -Miles street. Dismissed: Miss Caroline Koch, rorute 3; Mrs. Velta Lebo, 1635 Treen street; Mrs. Maybelle Paluchniak, Monticello; Otto Stein, 128 Eel River avenue; Eura Widner, Walton; Mrs. Mamie Canfield, 1108 High street; Mrs. June Hinkle, route 2, Walton; Wayne Johnson, route 2. ST. JOSEPH'S Admitted: Mrs, Grace Waldron, route 1, Royal Center; Herbert Lantz, 930 Pink street; Mrs. Avis Knight, 332 Minor street; Larry Gunter, 333 Wlicatland avenue; Mrs. Audrey Hillman, 12)7 Peter Eighteenth Air Force to Ninth Air Force, The ISth's headquarters at Donaldson AFB, S.C., will be transferred to Waco, Texas.. ,' 4 This move will place a TAC com-' bat Air Force in both the eastern and western zones of the United States. Along with the transfer of Troop Carrier Wings, the 18th will re- I ceive. all TAC's Day Fighter Wings and Fighter-Bomber Wings west of street; William Graney, 021 Daisy street; Mrs, Pearlie Baugh, 411 Second street. Dismissed: Richard Black, route Mrs. Marshall Collins. Walton; Carry your books In front of your body. This pulls slightly. I also advise you to use a vinegar rinse after each shampoo. This not only banishes any remaining soap but tends to normalize the scalp. What About Thin People? • Q. "May I ask why you always have a diet for fat people? You always want people to lose weight. Is it because you are fat? 1 want to gain but I never see anything about it in your column." A. Ah me! I. am glad I have lost that 10 pounds I gained recently, am not .fat but I have to a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request lor them. Q. "J am 14 years old and 5 feet 3 inches tall. I weigh 113 pounds. My bust measures 33, waist 23 and hips 34 inches. Please help me! I am so worried about my fat figure." I A. Most girls would like to exchange figures with you. Your| weight is. correct and your mea-j surernents about perfect. Tomorrow: "Dandruff Can Be Dangerous; Control it at Earliest Stage." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) TWO FROZEN TO DEATH JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (UP)—At least two persons were frozen lo doaUi and a train was reported "lost" today in a froak snowstorm which piled up drifts 18 feet deep in South Africa. Dozens of trains and automobiles 1MMMWT GRAND OPENING SUNDAY, JULY 7 Shady Acres Ranch (Halfway between .Frankfort and Lafayette on State Road 38) Presents the 1957 Season of Big Shows An nxtra amount of lime, money and effort have been iptnt In order to mak* rim 1957 SHADY ACRES flANCH »eaion <m« of th» bigy.it and beit, .W* have REDUCED our admtualn priet— ad- minion price thli tuftton will be 63 c. You art Invited to com*, •toy at) day and Hove »be time of your lift. TWO SHOWS •ach Sunday— 2 and 4 P, M. Country Coutfn Chftkle w(t »*rv« ai Matter of CvfvmonUi for every show. JULY 7 Jock Noel and Happy Volley Show Roy Colby— Medford D)J(Jnfjh«m Betty ft Ed Thompson—Valley Four Jack of Spado And 1 form Grand Ole Opry— String Bean Country Cousin CMckl* Plut Quiz Kit). ' J/JLY 14 from Grand Oh Opry— Hawltfthaw Hawltnti Jean Sheppard "Smoky Pleat the r" and a Wo; 0 rand Ole Opry Show 7h« Tune Timer* from Loftontport Country CPU tin ChJekJe Plut Ouii Kldi KENNY SI SHOW featuring Lu)« Balle and Square Danctri; Jack Noel. Prtiei will be fltven. Country Couiln Chlckle, rlui Qulx KM.. Ofrmr Act*. IKNFRO VAUIY SHOW CBS Bridle, Favorll.i; "Old" Jo. dork.- Cloud. Sw»)t Slim Mlllor,' Bulllck Sitttrt; QaaHman F Country Cfeutln ChlcM*; Plus Ouli Klrfi. Watch for our bulletin »f Aunuit Khnwi OWNfiKS Owen Skiles, Minnie Shiles own diets for a short time, I do blanketed the usually sunny na- weight. If you or any 'other readers want to have my 9-Day Gaining Diet, and gaining suggestions, send TODAYS SAT. Open 1 p.m.—35c Til 6 2 Features—Comedy . COOl - COOL - COOL Man would do wnylHIna tor EVANS • NYER ' KNOT Plui J«rlal 'King of III. Carn!val'~SuinJoy-'S«uthw.il P>.tag> I Youns *<">»' BEAT THE HEAT IN A STATE SEAT SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SUN.-MON.-TUES. P e °P |e . the events ' of the international bestseller are on the screen I DARRYL F. ZANUCK'S ISLAND rftiQClvd ft/ROBERT ROSSEN inm MASON'Join FONTAINE-Oorolh, DANDRIDGE..J»nCOLLINS.MlehMtR6NNIE *• Show Slarti At Dink Oaxi Op.n Hctir Hour Earli.r SATURDAY "ODONGO" (Color) . MacDonald Cany - Rhonda Flimln SUNDA.Y-MONDAY DOUBLE FEATURE "IOVE ME TENDER" (color) Elvlt PrtiUy • Dabra Pagtf alio "AMAZON TRADER" (color) WNUHI lOGANSPORT'S COMPLETE AWNING CENTER • Canvas • Fiber Glass • Aluminum FREE ESTIMATES THE GRAY-MILL CO. 1302 E. Bdwy. Phone 22 T 8 Mrs. Maudie Gothard, Pern; Mrs. Viola Knote, 1312 Spear street; Mrs. Cecil Marler and daughter, 1614 Woodlawn avenue; Mrs. Clayton Pitcher, Bloomington, Ind.; Master Pat SavLni, 1125 Woodlawn avenue; Mrs. Gary Stuart and daughter, route 6; George Henderson, 131 East Ottawa street; Miss Sharon Willis, 2216 Jefferson street; Mrs. Charles Needham and daughter, Winamac; Master Ricky Gosnell, route 2, Kewanna. Hoosier Is Killed During Knife Fight SOUTH BEND (UP).- Joseph Tomanzewski, 29, South Bend, was killed 'by a knife in a Fourth of July drinking party in his apartment. John Williams,, 27, South Bend, was held for questioning and police .said a charge of voluntary manslaughter would be filed -against him, Police said Williams admitted slabbing Tomanzewski during a quarrel in Tomanzewski's apartment. Th« quarrel was between Tomanzewski and his wife Bpnni«, Williams said. Williams said'when he tried to intervene, Tomanzew- ski drew a knife and a scuffle ensued while the two fought over !lie weapon. TODAY thru SAT. -2 FIRST RUN FEATUMS 2- PIUS COLORED CARTOON Saturday Bonut Feature At No Extra Cost to you. VMBJttlfB-SIfWCOWN : '/slVlfBHTGER-SiORHBADHI/ TFCHiJ'COlOH .III! Com* Early and gt( a Free Sampt* of Beef Uar-B-Ou* Sandwich *n Saturday niphL I \ WlunJto/uutttt! Inlroduolna th* Adv»noe>-Kn0ln»*r««l Oomplejt* Lin* of 1»*7 Horn* Appll«nb*«l AUTOMATIC CONTROLS PAY AS LITTLE A5 !••*• WEEK SAVE $100 IN SOME MODELS CHOICI or coioes Many modtlt avaltabl* hi ytllow, prtwi ond pink. TRADE IN NOW! TOUR OLD RANGI COVIRS DOWN PAYMIMT Barnett's Bargain Barn 416S.THMD fHOt«2l2|

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