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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois • Page 12

Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois • Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:

PAGE fWELVE TV digest with John N. Jonca Friday Channel M) will present ft special show at 6:30 to 7 pm previewing program changes that will go Into ec( Monday. June 30. Ilostod by a number of Channel (4) personalities, viewers will see a sampling of more than 600 cartoons in the film library. All will he making their area'debuts on (S) Joseph Gotten Show Alexis Smith, Kevin McCarthy and Carl Williams star in "We Who Love A woman learns that her secret criminal record will block the adoption of her niece Ten O'Clock Report (5) Saturday Double Feature: Richard Wldmark, Ida Lu either KMOX-TV's new children's; pjno: "Roadhouse" show S. S. Popeye" which is ger Rogers, Joseph Gotten, Shlr-j to bB telecast beginning Monday, ley Temple: "I'll Be Seeing! June 30th from 4 to 4:30 p.m. ori Both dramas, the lengthened "Morning St. (4) Fontaine is" which is adding new features on the Same date. Buddy Moreno, Carl Hohengarten, Pat Rice and Pat 'Fontaine will give flu inside, look at what's in store on the new Buddy Moreno Show to be telecast dally from 12:05 to 12:30. Effective tho same the noon KMOX-TV news will be telecast for five minutes only. till now Miss Fontaine has been the weather girl for the station and will also present women's features on the now Moreno Show. Captain Kangaroo Vacation After next Friday (27lh) Bob Kecshan, better known as CBS TV's Captain Kangaroo' will take a summer vacation from his programs. Saturday show be continued on film with new mate rial being shot'now for a change to the 10 a.m. to 11 time spot on Saturdays (28th). The program will resume its weekly telecasts on September 2J)th. ABO-TV Bowie Replacement A filmed series titled "Man With a Camera" has been sold and will replace "Jim Bowie" on the Friday night schedule of ABC sometime in the fall. "Camera" is based on the exploits of New York photogrnphpr named Wecgee. One Quiz Down With only three months run, CBS-TV's' quiz "How Do Yoil Rate?" In tho 9:30 a.m. doytlme spot will fold because of no sponsor interest. So, what does the net work do? That's right, If at first you don't succeed, try, try again they will with "Play Your Another will also debut on' Monday, 30th at 9, "For Love or Money" with Bill Nimmo as emcee Weekend Programs Annie Oakley (5) Men of Annapolis Dick Clark Show of a series of "road shows" 'finds Clark visiting Atlantic City, N.J. with singers Lou Monte. Janice Harper, Bill Doggett and Danny and the Juniors. (4) Perry Mason Mason defends an employee of a dla mond firm charged with murder, In an attempt to solve "The Case of the Terrified (5) Are Funny. Country Music Jubilee (5) Bob Crosby Show Gloria Gibbs and Steve Lawrence are guests. Top Dollar Lawrence Welk (41 Ob the First Run Theatre Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn: "Keeper of the (1942) Drama. News, Weather, Sports Hiram and Sneeb Moyictime USA Robert Sterling, Joan Dixon: "Bunco Squad" (1950) Drama The Late Stephens, Rita Quigley: "Ride, Kelly, Ride" (1941) Drama Weather Report Give Us This Day SUNDAY, JUNK 'Wild A.M. Give Us This Day Town and Country Camera Three of primitive art from the pro-Colombian sculpture is displayed and discussed, Camera Tluw Protestant Pulpit "Broken Film "Holiday Time in This Is The Answer "There Was a (4) Lamp Unto My "A Piece of My (5) Metropolitan Church "More Than Off to Adventure "Farm Life In (4) Christian men tell how they were able to correct injustice through prayer. (5) This Is The Life "Light in Darkest Africa" Bible and His (4) Film Feature The Christophers (4) Faith of Our Fathers (5) Frontiers of Faith "Conversation First In a series of four panel-discussion programs dealing with sections of the Bible, Today: "The End of It Faith of Today (4) Way of Life (5) The Christophers Message of tho Rabbis (4) Quiz Catholic (5) Billy Graham Film Feature Sacred Heart (4) Adventures in Reading Ask a Priest SUNDAY AFTKRNOON Builder's Showcase (4) Roby (5) Home Hunter's Guide Labor Views The News (5) Industry on Parade' This Is Our Town (4) Everybody's Business J5) Williams Movie Museum boat docks at New Orleans at Greatest Sports Thrills Mardl Gras time, Susanna and Nugey.niiss all the fun, until blind-dates show up (Repeat) (5) Club Oasis i-k Jones and his band do a satire on Have Gun, Will Travel desperate outlaw strikes but for Wyoming in an attempt to elude Paladin, who has no recourse but to force the with his quarry with his own gun. (5) Turning Robert Cummings stars in "Too Good lit Picture for a Sunday Reagan, Alexis Smith: "Stallion Road" (1947) Drama la) 20th Century-Fox Hour Douglas stars in "The Heffcrnu Batting Practice Baseball Cardinals play the Milwaukee Braves Belter Business Bureau Story (SPKClAD-Dix-unieni. ary dramatizes rackets und swindles With a A. reformed gun-, 2 Musical lighter is forced to revert to kill-, 5 j() Ing in order to save an innocent 3 man. Sherlock Holmes (4) Gunsmoke Marshal Dillon experiences the terror that comes only to a man 'marked tor death when an cowhand swears to avenge his hrolli- cr slain by the Dodge City lawman. (5) Amateur Hour Spooklacular Hasil Jtathbone. Horis Karloff. tola Lugosi: "Son of Frankenstein" (J939) Melodrama (4) Death Valley Days Ifis ow Christian Science Heals IV SIRIfS for KMQX-TV 4-Sunday 9:30 a.m. Sunday RADIO Program p.m. Religions of Man "Basic Concepts in Mr. Wiwml Famous Playhouse (5) Youth Wants to Know Kmamiel Cellar N. Y.I guest. -lack Buck's Inning (Tn Victory At Sen (41 Last Word Actress and auilior Ruth Chalterton and Hun-anl Dt-iin McC.eorge Buddy arc Cartoons, Palooka (4) Face The Nation Rep. OITII Harris. Chairman of I Special Subcommittee on lalive Oversight is guest. Saber ol London 121 TYxiis Hungers Hi The Seaivh-A look al the new machines that think at the Automatic Research Center ol ihe lu Mill to ol Mi el Hie Pri ol Ihe Philip* is CBS NOA.S—Bob Trout j. The I.OIH- Ranger Air Pattern, slurs 1 oi how American EXPERT TELEVISION REPAIRS HOME SERVICE $3.00 with this ad Phone 5-2611 a.m. to p.m. by lended, Experienced Men Repair makes ALL-STATE SERVICE 1228 Miltoi Road. Alton, III. air power support ed the Invasion of Tarawa in the Gilberts. Fun Fare SUNDAY EVRNINO (2) The d) Lassie (5) Nonh's Ark (COLOR) (2) Maverick Bret goes Winning for railroad tycoon who has welched on a gambling debt In "Comstock (Repeat) (4) Bnehelor Father A KWReous client plays hob with Kelly's first real date with her uncle in "Date With (Re peat) (5) No Warning! Paul Stewart and Lola Albright star In dramn about a private detective who is called upon by the government to so- cretly enter a well-guarded foreign consulate to exchange the fingerprint cards of federal agent nnd a foreign spy. (4) Kd Sullivan Special 10th Anniversary Show celebrating Sullivan's 10 years on TV. (5) Steve (COLOR) Peter Ustinov, Jack Lcmmon. Jerry Vale, Jeri Southern are guests. (2) Scott Island "Return to Presumed to be lost in the war. a man returns lo Scott Island to find his partner has taken over his business nnd his wife. (Repeat) (2i Baseball Corner Nellie Fox. Early VVynn. Piersall and general manager Frank Lane are guesfs. (4) G. E. Theatre Art Linklelter and Tim Movcy star 'in "Kid at Hie Drama of an airport employee who tries to "talk" an 11-year-old boy intb a safe landing when the youngster has to take over controls of a private plane. (Repeat) (ii) Chevy Show Summer series stars with Edle Adams, John Raitt, Dorothy Kirsten, Janet Blair and tho comedy team of Rowon and Martin. You Asked For It (4) Alfred Hitchcock A floating body surfaces, just as a bridge is being dedicated in a small English village in 1916. to sol the stage for "Impromptu Murder" Starring Hume Cronyn. Mystery Playhouse Arthur Kennedy and Lee J. Cobb star in "Night (4) $64,000 The Teddy Nadlcr, Dr. Richard Gore match on "Classical Music" resumes at the $2,000 level. (5) Loretta Young Miss Young stars with Johnny Crawford in "The Little Waitress" Drama about a woman's life that becomes a nightmare after her son accidenialy witnesses "a murder. (2) Science Fiction Theatre (4) What's My Actor Jack Lemmon is guesl panelist. (5) The Gray Ghost Hollywood Showcase Ginger Rogers, Gary Grant: "Once Upon a Honeymoon" Kf Ginger Rogers, Gary Grant: "Once Upon Honeymoon" (19-12) Drama (4) 1 Search for Adventure Target 10; 30-01) News-Max Roby (5) Frontier The Late Show-Anne Baxter, William Eythe: "The Eve of St. Mark" (1944) Dram.i 15) 20th Century Fox Hour Reginald Gardiner, Eddie Bracken and Margaret Hayes star in "The News, Weather, Sports Movictime. USA Lucille Ball, James Ellison: "Next Time 1 Marry" (1938 1 Dramn Quest for Adventure Late News Roundup Weather Report Action Playhouse Give Us This Day MONDAV, JI'NK Mrd A.M. Give Us This Day Town and Country Morning St. Louis Today Cupt. Kangaroo Camera Two Cartoon Time CBS Morning News Bulletin Board Wilma Sims Kitchen Romper Room Garry Moon- Dough Mi How Do You Rate? Treasure Hunt Cartoon (4) Arthur Godfrey Price Is Right Morning XaSu Pitts: "Forty Girls" (1937) Mystery Dotlo Truth or Consequences I.nvr ul Lite- TII- Tom vh lui Toinnrrow It Could Hi- You Guiding Liaht AITKUVODN Weather. Sports Charlotlf Peters Farm Report Look,'n. l.i-arn Community Album Cartoon Club As Tho Worid Turns Witii Kailu-r Br: The I'loek Blacku' SUMC lUuiM- Piirty Kilty Koylt' Lid- IS) 1 1) (3) 1L': (4) 1 4) (-1) (5) (A) (2) (11 (51 (5) 10.00— (2) Gloason, i 1. I' (41 4t ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart SATTIRDAY HC KMOX (CBS) 1120 HC KWR (MBS) ISM KC 1570 KO 1 .00 JM .41 8 9 10 11 Newt: Monitoi Monitor Newt prtvltw Newt: wttthtr Monitor Jim Central Harry Prep Country Muile Bob Burnet Bob oil Newiomt Newt Newt: Sportt News: Monitor Monitor Newt Sportt Rtvmand Show Album Music I Newt "Album" Made Newt; Oreenwel) OK Sinn Off News: Monitor Monitor Grand Ula Newt Raymand Show Dance Band Album M.uite Newt: Monitor Monitor Grnnd Oory New florliom Record Rally Newt NlRht Music World Newt Hurry Fender Newt Record Rally Newa NlKht Munle Newt: Harry Jender Record Rally SUNDAY A. M. I JOO I 7 JO .40 8 .00 .43 I .11 JO 10 .41 11 00 JO 12 JO r. M. 1 .00 .11 JO .45 JO 1 .00 .11 .30 .41 .00 .11 'S 7 .00 JO .43 8 .30 .49 9 JO 10 JO 11 .11 JO R.3- Snered Henrt Faith In Action Methodist Hour Country Journal lymphonle Concirl Newt Wenther Jewish Prouram Christian Art of Living Protoytant Hour Newn: Pulpit National Radio Pulpit World Newi Visit with Kitty Ncwn Reunions Music The Flnderi Ellsworth Word 01 Life Church of Air LeamlnR tnyltitlon S'orv Time Hugo Winterhalter News Rov. Walls OK Bandstand News: Monitor Monitor Newn; Monitor Monitor Grace Bumbry Mualo Catholic Information Sacred Heart LMVIU RUSK News: Banditand OK Bandstand Worship News: Monitor Moments of Muile Eternal Lliht Capita) Cloakroom Music Ford Show Lutheran Hour Jack Donnell 1st Baptist Church Sen. Douglas St. Francis Hour Newa: Monitor News Hollywood Date World Challenge Ask the Music Break Jack Cradle of Christ M. J. Wllcox Luntncun Date News: Monitor Monitor Fnlth Martin Bob Trout Hfirry f.aray Curds-Milwaukee Jack Donnell Sen Dlrksen Georgetown Forum Monitor Jack ft News, Ballroom OK Ballroom Monitor Jack A Jerry News: Ballroom OK Ballroom Monitor Cardinal Scoreboard Music Stage Ford Show Jerry Brown Ballroom OK Ballroom News: Monitor On the Line Meet the Monitor Monitor Music News Gunsmoke Jack Benny "pntn Page" Sez Who Jtrry Brown News: Ballroom Grwnwel) Baseball Scores Musical Holiday News; Monitor Monitor Wnltcr Cronklte Mitch Miller Best in Music Musical Holiday News News, Music OK Ballroom Ml lion Assembly Sign OfT News; Monitor Monitor Monitor Catholic Hour cst In Music Ford Show FBI. Peace, War Holiday News Johnny Dollar Ford Show Suspense Musical Holiday Night Muile Billy Graham News Steve Rowan Face tho Nation World Tonliht Musical Night Musle Sign Off Quiet Muslo Sign Off MONDAY A. M. 6 .15 .30 .49 John Almanac Clockwatcntv Jim Butler Weather Jack Jerry News Jack Ic Jerry News 7 .00 .15 JO .45 News Weather Tuncup Time News World Rev Clockwatcher Jack A Jerry News Jack Jerry News Day Farm Rev. Floyd Rev. Hurley 8 .00 JO .45 World Time; World Clockwatcher Sports; Day News: Day Bob Day Jack A Jerry Newi Bob Day 1 .00 .15 JO .45 Truth. Bandstand Arthur Godfrey 10 Jack ft Jerry News Jack ft Jerry Bandstand Whispering Grant Howard Miller Shopping News Basket Shopping Basket 11 00 .15 JO .45 Playhouse Party Warren: Backstage Wife Helen Trent Songs: Shopping Basket News: Hurley Hurley; Muslo leno Ann. Time OK Banilsland Guessing Game Bargain Counter Hlver Hippies Outdoors with Harold Brand rtthlnf There have been fewer record catches of fish lately due to rain, winds, storms, muddy and mur- waters as well as high waters, according to reports from; Ulte a fftw bass are being tak- taken there but anglers had to keep moving around to lan'd one or two at a site. Very few crappie are being landed because the Waynfl Horn. SATURDAY, JUNK 21,1958 Hospital Notes Alton Memorial MKDICAL Adolph Youngblood. 317 Dry. Mrs. Rose Youngblood, 31? Dry, Leo Wools, 838 McPherson. Rby Jackson, 924 Main. SURGICAL Robert Cobb, East Alton. John Barnett, Villa Tr. Home. Mrs. Ethel Lohr, Godfrey. Billy Waltz, Bunker Hill. DISMISSALS water Isn't too numerous sources. Only the more determined veteran anglers have been catching fish and they had to work for them. "Swan lake Is tip about a in level hut reached a stand i Thursday," reported ROSS HE- SHKRL1A, Rt. 100; a harbor operator. "Some pretty good catches of bluegill have been en in nearby Gilbert Lake, even though it is mostly covered jwith moss. The Conservation De- parfment staff has sprayed and most of the moss In Long but it Is covered with duck weed. DeSherlia said that quite a few fish have been taken there lately Mrs. Banfield Heads Graf Ion Post Auxiliary GRAFTON Mrs. Wilbur Banfield was elected president of the American Legion Auxiliary at tho Legion Home Thursday evening. The retiring president is Mrs. James DeSherlia. Other oficers elected were: Mrs G. W. Crjtchfield, first vice-president; Mrs. Charles Eberlin, second vice-president; Mrs. Margaret Burns, treasurer; Miss Freda Freiman, chaplain: Mrs. John Brad- in clear spots. Calhnun Point The fishing on Calhoun Point rates only fair lately, admitted NEAL LEMKEMEIER, a harbor operator on Rt. .100. The water has been up in the numerous lakes there and in addition has been muddy and murky but Is now clearing up, he added. The water level in those lakes is now about normal and some anglers are taking their share of bluegill and bass in those waters, Lemkomeier said. The rain nnrl threatening weather has been a handicap to fishing He- Wood River. Mrs. Dorothy Rull, Bunker Hill. Terry and Harry Westfall, 225 Mounier. Mrs. Bernlce Brlgman, Hartford. Frederick Cox, Shipman. Donna Showers. 2119 Country dub Mrs. Edna Kahl, 603 Alby. Mrs. Rosa Seago, 926 Sixth. Mrs. Shirley Gill, S. Roxana. Mrs. Mary Kohlmlller, Moro. Mrs. Carmen Wllhite, East Alton. MEDICAL James E. Hall, 508 Washington, East. Alton. Leo J. McNelly, 631 Olmstead. Charles Dilllng, Godfrey, Joey Lawrence, 96 Bond, East Alton. Lena and Verna Kleber, Cottagt Hills. Joseph Stamps, 824 Henry. Mrs. Wylma Dodge, Medora. Harold Sly, Wood River. Mrs. Laura Henry, Wood River. Marvin Turner, Cottage Hills. Chase Rice. 1012 Elliott. Mrs. Sully Brown, 728 Ninth, ly, he concluded. Swlfj Current Fishing in Alton Lake has been handicapped by too much c-ur- rent. reported DUKE CUMMINES, McAdams highway, a commercial fisherman. In addi- Mrs. Dorothy Slack, 924 Clifford Bott, Brighton. Mrs. Mary Gibson, 1051 W. 19th. Miss Alice Graham, 939 Madison, Wood River. Mrs. Elsie Seni, 420 Korreck, Wood River. DISMISSALS tion the water is verv dirty andi Mrs Mar -V Ostrowski, Godfrey, muddv. inostlv rn.meH hv Mrs. Grace Robinson, 921 Easton. historian; Mrs. Ben sergcant-at-arms. muddy, mostly caused by rain run-off in the Illinois River. How- Mrs. Rena Austin, Seventh. Mrs, Ruth Kelsey, Brighton. ever, he said that, the catfish arelMrs! Eva Gross, 61G "Emerald, (biting fairly well. River (Bruise About 25 members of Hie Mid- Lee A. Lord, 302 W. 13th. Harry Perkins, 1210 Adams. Mrs. Ruth Pressley was appointed secretary and Mrs. C. DeSher- lia. assistant sergcant-at-arms. jwest Yacht Club of Si. Louis Initallaiinn will hp at i Mrs. Doris Miller, dodfrey. installation win no nem ai a lo-mile cruise rs Betty Kilmer Belhalto August meeting. Reports onjhejon Ihe Mississippi River Lindsey, Wood River! John Frick, Wood River. I Mrs. Lela Winens, 2900 Kdwardl. i Mrs. district meeting held at Ml. Ster- src meeng a er-tote ay-Bee Resort, eight milesMrs. Minnie Johnson, 814 Slver. ling were given by Mrs. Earl Pit- north of. Winfield Dam, where! Nathaniel Thompson, 21 E. 17th. tenger. Mrs. G. W. Critclificld and! they spent three clays fishing andl llcrbcrt pran er Carrollton. Mrs. W. Banfield. The members enjoying other water 'recreations 1 Donner Rt Edw ards- 12 .00 .15 JO .45 News: Weather Playhouse Party Country Time Myrtle Games News; Ma Perkins Dr. Mnlone Road of Life Reed Farrell News P. M. 1 .00 .1.1 .30 .45 2 00 .15 .30 .45 True Confessions One Man's Family Pr, Gentry News 5 Star Matlneee Woman In House Pepper Young Right to Happiness 2nd Mrs. Burton Couple Next Door Our GUI Sunday Nora Drake Just Entetratnmtnt Houstparty News Farm and Mkt. Amnzing Grace Club voted to donate S3 to the Cerebral Palsy Fund. A class of new members will be initiated at the July meeting. The unit will go to Mar- qtintte Boy's Home for a picnic supper on June 25. Bridal Shatter GRAFTON Marshall was honored at a miscellaneous bridal shower at her home Tuesday evening by the members of the Assembly of God Church and friends. Before her marriage to Rev. Marshall on June 7 the bride was Miss Perky Sellcn- schutter to St. Charles, Mo. Past Matrons GRAFTON Past Matrons Club of the Eastern Star met Thursday with a covered dish dinner at noon at the Masonic Temple. A social hour followed the business session. Royal Neighbors GRAFTON Members of the Royal Neighbor Lodge met Tuesday evening at the R.N.A. Hall. A tentative date for the Jersey County Convention was set for October 21. A recreation period followed favors were awarded to Mrs. E. DeSherlia. Mrs. E. Snyders, Mrs. R. Marshall and Mrs. E. Pittenger. Refreshments were served by the hostesses, Mrs. C. Neimeyer, Mrs. L. Allen, Mrs. L. Sheens and Mrs. Ridcnour. Ornftnn Notes GRAFTON Mr. and Mrs. Mark Claridge of Blair. whojtraoted were guests n( Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd; sons Clariclge, left Wednesday for Padu- cab, where they will visit his mother, Mrs. Dora Claridge. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cannon and children of Phoenix, arc visiting his parents, Mayor and Mrs. John Cannon. Mrs. Joe Arnold, Mrs. Romic reported JOHN LKI-TLKK. 2632 Sidney tho resort owner. The group made the trip in several runabouts and four large cruisers. They rented cottages and cooked out in the waterfront picnic area there. Much Driftwood The heavy rains have caused a considerable amount of driftwood to come downstream on Alton Lake. The large amount ville. Alfred Clayton, 911 Brown. Mrs. Jo Yindrak, 3456 Fullerton. Billy Newell, East Alton. Thomas Leeds, Roxana. Wood River Township Mrs. Carrie Ray, Rt. 1, East Alton Mrs. Faye Owens, Hartford. Tohie Thomure, 70 Acton. I Mrs. Marie Brown, Bethalto. SURG1CA1, of debris has slowed boating Charles Vinvard! Bethalto. tivtues, particularly among those jwho want to avoid damage i DISMISSALS Violet Esarey, East Alton. Reed Farrell Read Harfelf News: Day Bob Day Heln Bob Day News: Meyer Music 3 .00 .15 .45 Mlckty Housewives Jack Buck 1 00 .15 .30 .45 Gil Newa News; Muste OK Ballroom Mickey Jack Buck Gil Newsorno News; Music OK Ballroor- star in "The Prophet Hosea" Story set in Biblical times, about Ihe Prophet Hosea. his wife (Jomer anil the unethical priest Singer guest. (4) Coffee Break Verdict Is Yours American Marvin Rainwater is Weekly News Editors Meet At SIU July 14 Brighter Day Queen tor a Day Secret Storm Trust Your Wife? of Nij-lil Modern Romances American Handstand is i-iifsi. I' Hn.lily MMIVIM My Little Maiuie The O'Brieii. ncverlj' R.ilK'ils: "China flipper" Advcntui'C liii Steve Donovan Superman Wrangler's Club Mickey Mouse Club on tlu- Hobbs M. Hobbi- Hi 'h I I Ii i' ,1 i (COLuKi-Jusc-ph Ro boita and RoU-rt Ljicid I Womack, Mrs. Harold Hodges and Mrs. Fred Armstrong attended a family dinner at the home of Mr, and Mrs. David Davis at Brighton Thursday. H. Patton and his nephew, diaries Daniels of Escondido, were guests of Mrs. Bea- trice Patton Tuesday. Mrs. Clark Legate and Mrs. Crilchfie.ld attended the Health Improvement Association drive at the Farm Bureau Building in Jerseyville Wednesday. local government, labor, educa- Oran Kauwanger of Iowa visited jiion, small business, public rlenrts hpre Tuesday. Kaupangor 'niution and other topics keyed to! is for resident, newspaper production and Mrs Edith Brand has received Peter Lisagor, State Depart-! word of tlie nirth of a grandson to ment correspondent for thej Lt and Mrs Pau Brand on June' iKnighl newspapers, will speak 13 at Dov( Del. (it an afternoon session July 17. (His topic will be, ''Is America! CARBON-DALE, 111. (Special) (Winning the Cold War?" A tri-' Hum at least 0 cna ter dinner meeting of Sigma I do AMI states are expected at ie (a Chi, professional journalis- iSoulhern Illinois UniverMty the' lio fraternity, will be held that oi July 1-4 lor the fourth evening at the Cnrbondalp Elks annual National of lul) I'- 'H be spcuiMD-i'd by Die Newspaper Hatemity's St. Louis and South- were given at a meeting of Die i Tin- yearly Elijah p. Lovejoy Illinois professional chapters Bethalto Girls 4-H Club Thurs- jA'ward for in Journalism lls as the SIU unrii'i-gradu- day afternoon in Our Lady Queen will be made during the tirst iito chapter. Chucch social room, inoi'nins session, July 14. One Speakers on the conference DemonstratdVs were: Bonnie of fight nominees will be hon- in addition to Lisagor iDickerson, yeast bread; Linda Klopmeier, slay stitching; arid Evelyn Manholt. griddle cake. Beatrice Zahnzesvski gave an illustrated talk on how to put tape on a waistline. Plans' were made to tour Southern Illinois University in Alton. The next meeting svill be held July 3 at the home of Mrs. Fredrick Hendricks Jr. of Rose wood Heights. The group will meet with the Home Bureau for a noon luncheon. A social hour follosved the meeting. Hostesses were Ellen Newcomb and Shirley Pledge. their propellers and boats. The driftwood piled up in front of the Alton Motorboat Club floating docks, causing much presure against the retaining cables. Members had to work late several evenings this week to remove the driftwood, which included large trunks of dead trees. Work is progressing on the on Piasa Creek. The clamshell power shovel there has made a cut resembling a huge canyon. Sold Boat" Piasa Harbor has installed a new floating re-fueling barge with four gasoline pumps. The barge was made to order in record time by the Grafton Boat Works. Demonstration day at Clifton Terrace Marina last Sunday attracted a large number of per-' sons de-spile the threatening weather and large amount of driftwood, reported BOB C.RKti-' OKV harbor master. The size of the crowd, estimated to he about 200 persons, indicated that! interest in boating is still growing. Two cruisers were sold, Gregory said. Sherry C. Stearns, 111 S. 13th. Charles Edmundsop. Roxana. Harry W. Marks, 633 Lorena. Mrs. Dorothy Dunnagan, Bethalto Stephen A. Gordon, East Alton. Richard Gordon, East Alton. Eldon Crawford, 549 Madison. Harley Bridges, Cottage HiUs. Charles Patton, Bethslto. David Zumwalt, Carrollton. Marvin Turner, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Rosie Underwood, 3417 College, Alton. Greenhouse tomatoes arc Ohio's most valuable single fruit or vegetable crop. Visit CRYSTAL LAKE Finest Fishing In Area Larirs Wooded Picnic and Camping Area Small Admission Charge DIRECTION: 4 miles Southeast of Jerseyville, just off Alternate Highway 67. Watch for sign. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Randolph Owners Bethalto Girls l-II Club Meets BETHALTO Demonstrations ECHO LAKE RANCH is placi to many choon (or vacation (in Iht foothills ot the Ourll), In DMutiful valley, only 21 miln from SI. Louii. rlno land concrete bedch for widina end swimrninq, new decks, diving docki, inq. fiihing hiking, movies, saddle horm ihaffUboard, wiener rossti, hillbilly special ranch dencinq. Rugged Oierk country. CABIN I GOOD MEALS EACH DAT of run and rouni WONDERFUL PLACt FOR CHILDREN or write tor illuitrattd loldw living ill- ottense vacitlon ritu Inlormitloa teiirvitioiu si. LOIIII oflke 2710 WASHINGTON (3) JI. 3-0473 FINE FOR A FAMILY PICNIC OR SWIM DATE A Orlve out anytime. It nay bt lust tht ploct yon looting far. Or try a eompl.t, ranch day tasty m.als, swimrrring, dancing and ground prlvilM.i. only 12.75. TaU highway 30 (Gravoh) two miles past Hlqh rfgkt mllti; iyrn.s Mill. jur. right again and continue to ranch weokendi Hkont ranch. ESI.I Ki.p this ad. A FULL WEEK IS? 3 DAYS ALL- $1Q fXPENSE IO lor Children PRIVATE MODERN SWIMMING POOL or 4217 N. Grand ST. LOUIS CE. L9644 THE OZARKS RANCH RESORT STRICTLY MOPERN COTTAGES A DELICIOUS MEALS ULTRA-MODERN DINING ROOM CHILDREN'S PLAYMOUND THf IDIAL fAMHY MC4TION SPOT! ONLY 85 MILES Pkoflt SU. sure. The two previous winners of ored lor courageous tdilorial pol- will be Dr. Wendell Keeper, dean ides pursued'during 1057 despite oi the SIU College social, political or economic prt-b-11 ure; Drs. William Winter and living Howards of the SIU Local Government Center; State Rep. Paul Simon of Troy; Dr. Arthur Lean, SIU professor of education and Ralph Bfdvvoll, direct or of I ho Snuill Business Institute at Sou) Charles Clayton, pni- the award, Mrs. Mablo Norris NBC News RecWf edit or (he Mt Dora Hnnkloy Hmace Wells, editor of the Clinton (Tenn.i Couriw-Ni-ws, will be 1IO15HS School tlu- first New amoll 8 those hand. Attend- ol journalism and ehair- leain to win tlu-ee const'i-ulive-! anc al conlojenci 1 01 the Conference, will a ad stall- liaski-llxill lilies i sored by the Sit Journalism in which ana resi- Thi- KiiKlos Irom iarnucnt limited to 'J3. jdi-nts will u-u do and Now Mexico established Ihe rei- i T' 11 Conieiunce svill like uhoul tlu-lr nt "Hi by ilowning Santa Ke at the Giwu City Stute Park School To-T'i in the finals of thell-odge. Morning, afternoon und George editor of the C'lai-o A tournament at Albuquer- evening sessions will cover (Calif.i Bulletin is pres- ue l( 1 agriculture, cuivsei vat ion, 'idem of the Conference. Robert Angers, editor ot the Franklin i. La i Banner Tribune, is vice pjewdent. OAK LANE FISHING RESORT MR. and MRS. BEX HOLTW1SCH, Telephone from Alton ltf-23365. Telephone from Wood River, Kuth Alton 8-23365. Telephone out of town Call Housekeeping and tourist cabins, picnic grounds with tables, fireplaces and playground equipment for children. Showers on the premises. Cabins Per day, including fishing. Fishing and picnicking rf 00 Per (without cabin) M. family. Sl'ttlAL RAILS THK BAIT MINNOWS WORMS Picnic grounds and Uu-jit- hall for picnics and private parlie.s, flub.s, ineciina.s ui lamily ceuniojis. Located noillnveH of lor signs in Brighton on Rt. ill, they will direct you to the grounds.

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