Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 5, 1957 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1957
Page 3
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Friday Evening, July 5, 1957. Foulty Skyrocket Sets Off Ton of Fireworks In Truck; Seven Hurt SILVER CITY N.M. (UP)—A faulty skyrocket Backfired into a truck loaded with a ton of fireworks Thursday night and touched off a violent explosion that rocked Silver City. About .10000 persons on hand for the annual Fourth of July dis- 3$ play saw the spectacular acei- irfi dent. Two men were injured critically and five other men were treated for minor burns at the Hillcrest General Hospital. Several other Silver City businessmen who had been helping set off the fireworks before practically the entire population of the county scurried to safety. B u t Melvin H. Porterfield 41 and William E. Ward 45 were caught by the main blast. RESIGNS PASTORATE CKO5SWORD PUZZLE Aniwer «• v»«»'" Porterfield and Ward had jus set off the faulty skyrocket ane had no chance to get away as th flames and sparks spewed bacl Into the truck. Peru Two sets of twins, ail boys, made their appearance at Dukes Hospita Tuesday afternoon, arriving within an hour's time. Parents of the twins are Mr. and Mrs. Victor Tully of 457 W. Elev enth, and Airman and Mrs Mar vin Jones of Miami, Ind. The Jones twins weighed a little over six pounds each. The Tully twins, weighing only three pounds ejght and H ounces, and three pounds, three ounces respectively were placed in incubators. The Jones' have one other child, a 14 month-old girl, and the Tully't have no other children Ted Kroll, a World's Champion Golfer, will give an exhibition and conduct a clinic here Sunday at the Municipal Golf Course. A .large crowd is expected to attend. Kroll, who is the professional at the Tarn O'Shanter Country Club in Chicago, will play an exhibition match with John Mills, Miami STATK Of INDIANA) COU.VTY OF CAHX ) Sii: T, AOTICK Oil- AI).M.I.M<(TllATIO.V A«ll«e la tierel/ir Klvcn Hint The yurm(;r» & M«,Teh:irtu HtaUt Hank •wan. on 13th day ot Junn, J957, up. pulntc'l Kxecutur u! the I,anl Will and ri;«tamfc;it ut ForiiHl I/. Ulnti de<:fian»;il. ' All v.nun* Imvlnit o1al,n Kalnnt nitld cHtatc. whether i>r nut now clue, imm ni« the xo.mi, In »alrj court within nix ri) tnomliK from DID dutn ,,1 ttio flnifpubllca- "',','! ,"' ''''" notice or Haiti clRlrnn will be for«vu r barred. Jj.'ileil at Ixjicuniiiiurt. Indiana, tlila 2(nh day or Jimr. m? KIlKabeih Bicker [Jork of ih'i Circuit Court for t'.iLAn County, Indiana Mynrn & Mollnui 212 Fourth Ktreut LvKmmpon, Indian* Attorney for KHUUB ,.,. I.KCAl. N OTIC 1C OK I' U II 1, 1(3 HKAiu.Nr; Notice IK hrjre)*y «lvon tbat tho Local Alcoholic JI«v<:r;itfe IJoard or UAHH County. Indlann, will, at I P.m. on ttin 22nd day of July. J'jf,7, at thn N. Court IStmrn Court Hoimo, |;i 11,1, oily (or .town) of LoKHmiport. Indiana In Miilu County, bnicln invnmlKlitloii or tin: application or lha follow- Inlf muiiMl piirnon, rni/uontlnK till) Imiua to thn appilnitiit. at tltii location h':r(tlri.'iM<>r wot out, of tin Alcoholic UdvintKn I'nnnlt of thn rla«« h»irolnaft«r (luKltf- nat«<I and will, at imtd tlni« fui'I pliiiiii. ro>:olvn Information con- cnrnlnic Ihn fltnnKr. of nnlil applicant, and thn proprlnty of Innillnit ttct permit fippllfid for to Much applicant at lh« prcinlfttui mirnud: ChtirlcK K, it I'Mlxal.iilh Htr«u (<iro- i-.t-ryt Ili-ijr & W'lnu ;jt;iil«r, Mill AIJf:h/*r«n Avi. koKanttport, Indiana, y O. Kaitlopi 323 (Club) IHmr, Liquor A. Wlno Jtotiillor, 2UI-7 H. bill. Ht. Itt/KiLtlHiifirl, Inrllnno.. Jl"'id Tburman (H«Htnurantj M'vr ll«tall«ir, Younw Ant'irlt:u, Indiana f l.'nlticorporatijfl) Tliur;/i»/i-;>. All/rlntit (IKmtuurKno Hour. A Wlnn Unliillnr, »3 H. IJth. Hi. l-oiian«|ioft. Indiana. HAII> INVKHTIriATfON WII.I, J(K oi'ic.v TO TIIK i'i;;<j,ir;, A.VIJ J.VIJIANA AI.COMOMC H1CVICH- A'iK COMMDWJO.V l!y !•:. (i. lllnnluar J-.^'icutlvi, Hocrntary Noble, KlIlK Chairman The Rev. Harry W. Campbel ACR01S I—Entrancewmy C—Girl's name 1—mark left by wound 12 —Persian poet 13—Falsehood 14—Spanish pot 15—Advantages 17 —Jump IS—Writing fluid 19—Hall! 20—Rescues 21—High card 22—Additional 23—Blaze 25—Mournful 27—Uncooked 30—Bpech 31—Pronoun 32—Apportion 33—Obtained 2i —Goddess of hcallnK 15—Customs 36—Organs of •* hearing . 88—House.pet ,J9—Notice In church of a . proposed marriage- .• 41—Rodent 42—Distant 45—List of "Catholic feasts <«—Feudal estate In lands . 48—Old 40—Fuss 50—Roman poet . fil-r-Was borne 52—Lair S3—Communists - DOWN 1—Desert In Asia 2—So be III ana aanaa aaa pastor of three norther churches of the Martin M. Pos Memorial parish, Bethlehem, Con cord and Lucerne, has submitte his resignation effective 1 August 1 to accept the pastorate of the Pres byterian church of Pulaski, Ind. He has served the three Presby terian churches in this communit. since October, 1»53, coming her' from Rudyard, Mich., after a pas torate there of seven years. Earlier in his ministry he hai served two other churches in th: Synod 'of Michigan, one in Nev York stale and one in Indiana. He was chaplain in the United States army for 20 years, and served as president of the Chap Iain's Association o£ the Military district of Washington, D. C., whiU post chaplain at Fort Belvoir, Va He • also preached in various churches in Washington. He was the first Christian minister ever to deliver a sermon in a Jewish syn agogue in Ca'sablance, French Mo occo. Reverend Campbell has done much work in Christian education laving conducted -the first Week Day School of Religion in St. Jo seph county, Michigan. He ?ilSu las had wide experience :n admin- 'stration, counseling and social ser- YAHD STATUE STOLEN A coach boy statue, approximate- y three and a half feet in height, van stolen from the front yard of he residence of Mr, and Mrg. lohn I. Eaker, 3212 Crescent Drive, omellme Thursday night. The loss was discovered Friday morning. The statue stood only a ew feet from their front door. The little coach boy, painted red, 'ellow and black, held a bucket of lowers. The bucket of flowers was rmnd in a neighbor's yard, where . apparently was dropped by the hievcs. bounty Champion, E. B. Kuntz, x-city and county champion, and <t. Malcolm Douglas of the Bunker 111! Air Rase. Campbell is a form- r Texas A & M varsity golfer nd winner of many tournaments irrfsclf in Texas. During World War II, Kroll was four-times wounded hero. The ame courage he displayed on the atllefield is now .transferred to 10 tournament golf. .VOTIOK OK AUnlMMTIMTION NO. I Til 14 TATK Oir INDIANA ) HH: IOIJNTV (IV CAHH ) IN TlliC CAHH clilCMin. 1 CO UI IT i I'll! I. TKH.M, l'jr.7, Notlt:<i in licriiby jflvfln Dial HllU) 'Tomi'ir WII.H, on l.hi: Brd day uf uly, 1&57, appointed Adriilnlntra- rlx with thn WIJI Alinnznil tit thn intaln (tt Wdwai'd II. O'fN'nnor, rly- "AU . D « nto UK 1 1 a v.l ri tf <: I u I HI it d <!HUiL«, whnthur o not ow ilui], rriUKt rilit th') iidtrxi iild court within K!X ((I) nmnthn rum thn ilittn of Ihn flrnt ptilillnit- lon of thht not.lrin i,r milil clitlimi ^111 hn Tor-nvnr Ijarrml, iMtlml at I.,(JKII nnpurt. Indiana. NlH 3rrl ilny of July. llir,7. KblHAKIiJTH IIIKKKU f.'lork of thn I'Mntult Cunrl for f»(iim •r.'oniity, Indiana TAnOI/l) .f. IMIIIKUTV, '».rniM (jfflcn Htlll'tltiKi OKatiKport, Jndlnria. I.Kirnny for Kntlit'i. 3—Large cistern 4—Before S—Animated 6—Small amount 7—Affirmative 8—Pertaining to . the aun 3—More astute 10— Wlnffs U—Knocks 16—Part of h«»ej 20—Turf 21—"Wine cup 22—Deface 23—Tropical fruit 24—Game at cards ar»—was present 26— Weight ol India 28—Devoured 39—Man's nickname atT-Pronoun 32—Witty naying 34—Bitter vetch 3B—Partner 37—PoHltlve pol» 38—Church law 38— Wild- hog 10-^.la«on'B ahjn «1—Interpret •. (archaic) 42—Numher 43—Caustic ftubatancn 44—Nlcknnmo of Cincinnati team 48—Evil 47—Preposition Patriotic Thejne Highlights Grange Meeting at Onward A patriotic program hismighled ;he meeting Thursday evening ol' Irange hall, with Worthy Maste Elonald Frantz presiding. Woman Is Scalped By Boat Propeller CROCKETT, Calif. (UP)—A San Deaths and Funerals FKEEL Final rites for :Mrs. Anna Freel, 90, will be conducted at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Fisher .funeral home with, the'Rev. .H. H. Hashberger officiating. Burial will; be made in Star of Hope cemetery at Huntington. Friends my call at the chapel. . MILLS Final rites for Mrs'. Edith Mills, 72, 824 N. Third; will be. conducted at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the Kroeger funeral' borne with Hev. Ken neth.. Brady, officiating. ,,Burial will be made in Laketon cemetery near Wabash. Friends-ray call at the chapel. JOHNSTON . . Final rites for H. R. Johnston, 80, Lakeland, Fla., will be conducted at, 2:30 p.m.- Saturday at'the Chase-Miller chapel with the Rev. rlarold King officiating. Burial.will 3e made in Mt,. Hope cemetery, friends my call at the chapel after p.m. Friday. Local Boy Bitten Twice Within Week Ronald Andrews 7-year-old son of (Irs. Louise Andrews, 226 West Ot- awa '.street, was bitten by a neighbor's 'dog Thursday afternoon as he was walking along the sidewalk, .... 6 „..„„„„, U , C ,.,,, B U1 ,, . . . . - - Ms mother reported. the Onward Grange held in the! " alr becam <i entangled in'- Another dog bit the same.child " 1 ° •"•"""•"•>- - r - u --' a week ago, necessitating medical treatment at that time, Mrs. Andrews, said. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Frantz tool charge of the program, in whicl the article "Your Citizenship" wa read by Gladys Boyer. Jerry Cun diff read "The Patriot", and thosi n attendance participated in thi group singing ot patriotic songs. A contribution was made to thi Jessie Newsom Memorial Fund. Home EC Chairman Betty Wilson announced a work day, to be hek at 1 p.m., July rj, in preparation or the food stand at thu county air. The group played euchre, ant iurprise packages were won by Mac Glassburn and Carl, Wilson, {ay Glassburn and Jerry Cundifl were chosen to buy the packages or the next meeting, which wili e held July 18, in the lower pa- illion at Spencer Park. The meet- ng will be in the form ol a pic- Ic, and roller skating will follow ho regular session. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Wilson, Mrs. Susie Williams, Mr. and Mrs. lussell Price and Billy Carney •ill be in charge of food arrange- ienls for the forthcoming meeting There will be a wjuare dance t the Grngo hall on July 13. The Pamona Grange will meet n the Onward Grange hall on July 0. : our Local Students To Enter Ball State Four Logunnport high school ;raduates, cluB.i of 11)57, took cn- ratica examinations at Hall State 'eacher's College on July 2, for all enrollment. Starting collegiate work in the all are Jerry Kay Skinner, son f Mr. and Mrn. Guroltl U. Skinner, H, 1, Logansport; Mary iieth lantor, daughter of Mr. sind Mrs. umt'.s E. Jiastor, JIKO Broadway; arol Krugh, daughter of Mr. und dm. Gule F,. Brugh, Wit South Icott slrcot; and Torn W. .S'rnftli, on of Mr. und Mrs. Robert Wll- um Smith, 1114 Seventeenth street, Ml™ Skinner and Minn Urugh '111 major In elementary ccluca- on; Minn EuHler will npcclall/c Hpeech and hearing therapy; nd Kmith will prepare for luacli- t>H. Our Entire Stock of REGULAR $1.69 to $4.95 VALUIS THE KELLER co Francisco woman was literally scalped Thursday when her long blade hair became entangled i; the propeller of a'power boat. The accident took place Thursday as Henry Galbrailh was backing his 30-foot boat, Scapia, out of Dowre'.io's Yacht Harbor. His wife, Lucre'-ia, 51, loosened some floorboards to check the ailge pumps. Her hair, which reached to her hips, caught in the whirling propeller shaft. Galbraith shut off IJie motor, but by then it had pulled away much of her hair. It took him 10 minul.cs to extricate her. He rushed her to Brookside lospilal in San Pablo where she underwent delicate surgery to repair the injury. Doctors said she would recover. Recover Girl's Body •1NDJANAPOUS (UP) - The >ocly of Miss Brenda Durriss, 17, ndiamipolis, who drowned Sunday when she was swept downstream while wading in flood waters of tVhile River, was recovered Thursday by two sheriff's deputies. The body of Eugene Bra.me, 27, ndianapolls, who drowned while rying to rescue Miss Durrison recovered lust Tuesday. Actress And Husband Die In Car Crash Judy Tyler Who 'Played Opposite Elvis Presley Killed Instantly LARAMIE,' Wyo. (Iff) — The body of actress Judy Tyler, whose brilliant Broadway, movie and television career ended tragically in an automobile accident Wednesday, will be returned to her parents in Ridgefteld, Conn., Saturday for burial. Singer Elvis Presley, who had just completed the lead role opposite ths 24-year-old brown-eyed actress in a new movie, was heart broken when he learned of her death Thursday. "All of us'boys really loved that girl," Presley said at his home in Memphis', Tenn.' "She meant a lot to .aill of us, I don't believe I can stand to see.that movie we made together now, just don't believe I can." Miss Tyler and her husband of only four months, Gregory Lafayette, were killed at 5:50 p.m., on Wednesday when their automobile collided with another just north of Hock River, Wyo., on U.S. 30. They were returning to their New York home for a vacation as Miss Tyler had just completed tiie movie, "Jailhouse Rock," with Presley in Hollywood. M-iss Tyler, a black - haired beauty, was killed instantly in the grinding head-on collision. Her body was torn in half. Lafayette, Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribun* Tlire* 24, a television actor from Hopewell Junction, N.Y., died early on Thursday in a Laramie hosio'*al o. a broken back and internal injuries. Winners Announced In Sewing Contest 'The Deacon Grange held the final judging in their sewing contest at Grange hall Tuesday evening. Mrs. Arthur Pullen, home economics teacher at G-alveston school, judged the entries. A guest and 24- contestants were in attendance at the meeting which was in charge of Mrs. Howard Wolf and- Mrs. William Seward. Following the judging, bingo was played and the home ec division of the Grange served refreshments. The awards were distributed as follows: Adult Division—1st place, Mrs. Harry Coufc; 2nd place, Mrs. Earl Burk; 3rd place, Mrs. Lee Wilson. Youth, 15-21 years—1st place, Phyllis Harness; 2nd place, Barbara Laybrook. Juvenile, 10-14 years—1st, Marcia Couk; 2nd, Sandra Thompson; 3rd, Linda Scott. Juvenile, 5-9 years—1st, Judy Scott; 2nd, Rosanna Hensel; '3rd, Susie Goltz. Recover 1500 Bodies TEHRAN, Iran (UP)—Rescue workers have recovered the bodies of at 'least 1,500 persons from the rubble of Tuesday's earthquake in the Caspian Sea area, it was officially reported today. The workers counted at least 500 dend and 0,000 injured in the Babul and Mazanderan areas alone. Ike Takes to Saddle At Gettysburg Farm GETTYSBURG, Pa. (UP) _ President Eisenhower was a likely candidate for a round of golf and possibly another horseback ride today. Newsmen were surprised late) Thursday when they spotted the President astride one of his two quarterhorses, trotting through a south cornfield on his Gettysburg farm. On a-farm inspection trip which he usually takes by station wajj- on, the President was dapper in tan breeches, white shirt, bow tie and wide-brim tan stetson. He seemed to be concentrating but was nevertheless at case in th» saddle. Find Bodies of Couple In Wreckage of Plane BENNINGTON. Vt. (UP)—The bodies of a honeymooning couple were found Thursday night in the wreckage of their light plane on a rugged side of Giasfenbury Mountain near here. Mark La Rue, 24, of Hudson Falls, N.Y., and his bride of 13 days crashed Sunday night while returning from a Nantucket, Mass., honeymoon. 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