Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 5, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1957
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INDIANA: Fair and cool" tonight. Saturday sunny and > little warmer. Temperature 12 .noon 75 degrees. Low'tonight 56 to 62. High Saturday in the low 80s. Sunset 8:16 p.m., sunrise Saturday 5:23 a.m. aros NOW IN OUR. 113th YEAR HOME EDITION HOME TOWN Founded 1844— FOT All D«»«rtm««*» Pk*M 4141 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, FRIDAY EVENING, .JULY 5, 1957. Dar Ml i»*4 PH.. Wfiw i* niBki Price Per Copy, Seven Cento EXPLODE GIANT ATOMIC BOMB Hoosier Toll Stands At 7 Over Fourth Two Brownings Also Recorded In State; Aged Man Killed by Train By UNITED PRESS Indiana's Fourth of July period traffic death toll climbed to seven today when two Kentucky men were killed in the crash of an automobile into a concrete bridge railing near Fort Branch. Sid Latham, 88, and James Sawyer, 17, Pembroke, Ky., were killed and three persons injured when the automobile smashed into the concrete on U.S, 41 after skid- uing in the highway. The Sawyer boy's lather, Douglas, driving an- o'.her car in front of the one in which his son was riding, saw the fatal crash through the rearview mirror. The injured, including Tfomer Ethridge, 21, (joldcn Pond, Ky,, driver of tne car; Donald Klh- ridge, B, and Jerry Sawyer, 13, were taken to an Kvansvillc hospital . Four deaths occurred during the rw-hour liOday arid holiday eve, and a fiflh was recorded early this morning. In addition, two drowning* and the death of an aged man hit by a train at Yorktown rained the holiday period violent death toll to at lea.it eight. K.-ilph 11, Jlowt-ll, 40, Muncie. was killed early today when hit) automobile hit a utility poll; on Jnd. .12 near Solrna. A few minutot earlier, according to Dolt-ware County Deputy Sheriff Jerry Kpunce. llowcll'n car figured In a collliiion with another aiilornoblln i on the mirno highway « few miles j irway ;iiid Howell /ailed In a'.op. j Drowning* killed Ueortte W. : Milton Jr., Ill, who fell from a bridge Inlo a creek at Turkey Hun State I'urk whllo on a church out- Ing on the holiday, and Sidney Courtnnr, 23, Jiifto-Konvllle, who drownwl In n pool near that city. JurrMMi N. CleveiiKifr, 70. Aridw- »on, wn« crwihed to do.oih by 0 Now York Central Railroad pns- nnnwr train at Yorklown Thuni- day nltfbt, Crewmen said Clev- «ng«r apparently iiaw the Irnlii but jiiado no wfforl to get off the track*. Gcorifc A. liuell, 20, Jd;ynolds, v/u.i killed Tliumdiiy whim his molwcycle collided with a JJMO- lino tank truck at Hie. Intormiction of Ind. Ill and u White County roa<l near Ituffnlo. Tho driver of the truck w«n Thulium Anderson, .12, Itlnvlllc. Ariotlinr Kourlih of July accident klllnd Henry I'ator Mnloiwy, SO, IndlnmipolU, Mftloney's cor collided witli ;m milo driven by William T. Vnnri, 21, t.ubiiiiori, al. the lulitrnci.ilori of U.S. fa HIM! Ind, :KH iHirlhwtml. of lnilUiiin|X)lln In Hnriiio County. Slots police mild Vnnn, who w/in liijiirwl, npporontly full union]) find fuiluil li< Mop at the Inlnrwictlon. Killed In Wodnvwlny rilghl wrepkfl wore Cyril Ituy MoHon, nil, liidliiniipollti, mid Liivori It, llohn, IX), I'okliKOM Ht/iU- I'ni'k. Mnlton wild killed v/hi-n hl« cur Ktnick u triw In Imjluimpolln, t'o- lien until Million dlml of Injuricr. fiiMliiliiml In tin: criinli l)tit iriny liiivo «uffi)i'!:(l » howl tiUnck Juiit bofoi'n ho tout control of bin cur Holm wn» killed In n two-cur colllMon nl thn lnliti'nM.'tlon of Ind. HW nnd n Slnulwn County rond nitnr AriKolit, (John wim n pniwiin- K«r In onii of th« CIH'«. Klvu pur- »OM» w»ni liijurcil. R. R.Johnston Passes Away ItUNKEK HIM, AFIJ — Colonel S. il. iVIoore, c-omniiiiider nl tilie 112,'ltl Flghlcr-Boinber Wing slneo July H, lll.'li. liiiH been reassigned us Director of Opm-nllon* for Ninth Air Kort-e lit Hlinw AVll, U. <'. Col, Moore i-alcrccl scrvltie In Jam:, IUII7, und wan stiillonvd ul Cli.rk Klnlit In thi; Philippines when thd Japanese Immbeil Pearl llnr- linr. Al tliul Unit; he wus <:oiiimiintl. cr of the /iOtli Pursuit »i|iiuilnin. Jl.v AnitUKl. l!l'12, Ins bud flown 101) combat mlrodons In IMO nlroriift linil Is cmtHfil wllli twn confirm- i;tl klllit anil one jirilbiible, llo will hit siiccnetleil liitre, hy Col, llonr,y J. CJIilslinlni, presently 1:11111- nilor of tho :i;!.t(l Air ISimi! Train Dives Info River; Two Missing Two Engines and Two Cars Plunge After Bridge Collapses; Three Men Rescued EDENTON N.C. (UP)—A half- century old piling bridge that stretches six miles across Albe- marie Sound cracked apart under the engine of a 77 - car freight train early today and two engines two cars and five 'crewmen plunged into the deep water. Three men survived the terrifying midnight plunge. One painfully crawled back onto the pilings dcxpile u broken arm. One was picked up by.a fishing bout guided, by a helicopter and ono sworn almost two miles lo shore, The engineer and conductor were' missing nnd feared deud having j gone down with their Norfolk- Southern Railroad train. One survivor reported seeing engineer W.M, Munden Norfolk Vn. cllnfj- ng to a log but hope for his .rescue Faded when lit.- was not found hours after dawn. "II happened like the snap of your fingers" snld bridge tender who was In the drawbridge shack nn Ihe span bout half a mile MOTORCYCLE R.DER It. It. JolmntoM, IK), « riinlilniit rnont of hln llf«, dim! Witdiiiwdiiy nl tilrt hoitio In Utko. Innil, Kin, Ho wan born litm \)uc.. 't.\, MI7H, to John nnd Kinnm Johnnhin, nnd wnn unnocUilml with tlio I'nrknr-.lolinntiin l.iiiiihnr Co, burn for n miinbor of yuwii, ll« moved iihoiil 20 yonm »KO to P't. Wiiynti, whore |m v/im wllh Ihn l.iiinlii'ntiiiii'fi AfiiiiiRliilluii, nnd wunl tn Florlrln hut Novon- lior. He wim n tuttmliur of tliii I'l'i'it- liylci'liin church, 1(« wim iriiirrlcd flrnl. lo Miirlan McMulInn, who pnicodcd him In doiith ,ini(l Intttr wn« tiini'i'liHl In Klorn DHWSOII, who fnirvlviiit; lln lll«o ll'llVCB II Illot'U, Mm, Holdl lllldnhi'timll of thin city, nnd n iicplinw. Krlcmlft rnny cull nflur 7 p.m, Krldny lit llio C'linNu-Mlllor fur.Bfiil homn, whvi'6 limt rltiiii will ho hull «t MO .m, Knttirdiiy, Tim Huv Harold Kln« will offlcliilit mid bur Inl will he In Mount Hope curnti l»ry. Don Reason Dies Suddenly Donald C, llc/uion, U. r ,, of Kowan- ria, formitrly of l,nKaiinpnrl, dlod uiddcnly of a hoiirl allaclt nl 1 ',m, Wodnciiday In hlii Iruck In K«- wanna us ho .WIIK itnroutn hninii 'rom Wlnurnnc. Illti four-yfiur-old noil, Donnlc, was In'l.ho truck wllh ili'n whon ho iiuffwiKl Hie fatal al- .nek, Itulk i));cnl for Iho Mobile film nnd Oil (,'oriipany, hn wnii nn ai'triy vntiirnn of World War II. llu ncr- vwl In Africa, Hlclly. Ilaly, fler nany and Krancn diirluK llio war, His wnii born Nov. M, I IB I, near Kowiinnii lo Clniidi!, and ClurriHiilfl Ito/iniin, and wan married •!i.'pl. 4, Ill-Ill, lo Iliilh Tomllmiii. ll« wan u immihur of llio Aiiiorlcnn (;«lun. Hurvlvors nro tliu wife; llirwi chlldrnii, Until Ann, II; Mmlii, inoiitlm; and Ornnilu; Llni parunln, Mr, and Mm, Clmido. Itoanon, VIII North fllxlb iilrmit, clly; two hro- Ilinrn, Carl, "iWk Wiint Columbia nli'iict, clly; and ItoKor, nl homo; nix flliitui'H, Mm. Kiini Kirillli, I(I2 Wont Million; Mm; Lillian (inilintn, !IZM Mniiuid; Mm. .Iwiin LOIIK, »I7 Vlnu; and Mrn. Uuth Ilorroii, |I4U Holm, all of f,iwil»ipm'l; Mrn, Ann Hinnll, Montlco.lln; und Mm, t.ooiiii j'oKory, Akron, 0, Tho body, la nl. Iho Ifnrrlmm fun. oral homo, Kownmia, whurc frloiidn may call. I'lmil rllun will Im hold DI. '/, p.m. Siilurday al. Iho Kmvoima Mi'lhodlnl chiircli, Itov, Clirunl. In rli/in;«, llui'lul will bo In l.ho Odd follow* (roinolnry (here, Nuclear Shock Waves Felt 300 Miles Away Blast Equal or Larger in Size Than Any Ever Detonated in U. S. Felt in California Coast Cities; Report Fire-Bali of Tremendous Size. ATOMIC TEST SITE, Nov. (UP) —Tiie United States today set off a monster atomic device equal in she or possibly a liltlo larger than any ever fired on this continent. The blinding flash illuminated the western sky before dawn, Shock waves like an enrlhqiink* Tragic Death Toll Mounts Over Nation One Hundred nnd Fifty Eight jnrred California coastal cities 300 miles nwny nnd was felt on tin Mexican border. The highly experimental bomb Dcnd'ln Trnffic Mishaps; i whosc . cxact . vicl <j ^l' 1 American Ninety Drowned scientists guessing until Iho 17 moment of detonation, sent an A United Press counl starling at I unbridled shock wave over 2.000 « p.m. Wednesday until 9:45 a.m.;Marines crouched in trenches only ic.d.t. today showed 15H killed in ! 3Mi miles from the hellish fireball Iroffio. Drownlngs numbered 90'that brightened (he sky for more 'rom where the l,wo engines und cars dropped UirouKli the broken Bridge. CJrlffln said the brldtfo was twaylng and vl.bral.lng under thn ong slow - moving train IIH It ct'OKfii'd 'toward the north shore and lluil It cracked lit n point u-tweeri tho Iwo dli.'Hi.'l englnfis, Two earn followed the dlesels through the 70-fonl PP torn In the bridge nnd till sank. Only a corner .of ona of Ihu cnrs wus vl/dblo nbovo the water ul dawn. llullrond molnlcnanco crown hnd igun replacing some of llio woodon pilings nnd Ix.'umK wjili iHrl «lrdors only lust week. Fireman C, .K, Jone.i, J'nnliiKo, N.C. who sul'fcrred n broken win v/»« Irontixl nl n liDnpIlnl IIOTII. A fl.'ililrig boat picked up iJ»! nocoild iiifin ,1,0, Li/wory Rnlolgh N.C. rond foi'omim of Irnlnii for Nor- folk-Soulrhurn nn ho lloumlurcd In llin wiilur holdliiK onto dcbrlfl, Mlnnlng wnn tni'ln conductor S.K. I'.niy, Itnlelgh nr.il lltimlnn. 'J'b« tlfcltiss body of George A. "Hunk" Ilnell, 20, Reynolds, Is shown nhovu benlilc the twlsti-il wreckngo al Ills motorcycle, an which lie met bin dnntli »t H:2<) «,in. 'J'litu-iilny. Miioll wan »|ipnrcntly killed Itmtnnl- ly wlien he collided wllli * Farm Itnrenu gnsollne truck driven by Thomns Anderson, '.K, rnulo ), Idn- vlllc, jii the Intersection of sliite rontl 1(1 iiml the Cuna-Llbei-ly township line nutil about iw» anil one-liulf miles «nnt nl Iliiffulo In White county. d'hiirim-Trlhiinc ]>hi>tn-KiiKi'iivlng). Khrushchev Emerging As Top Man On Heels Of Shakeup In Kremlin Reynolds Man Is Killed In Motorcycle Accident I'urRo of Slaliiiistf) luid Old-f'i Line BolshcvikN A p pours Curtniti J^ONDON (UP)— Soviet military leaders throw their support today to Nlklla S, KhrtiHhchuv anil iuundicd n curnpulKti .of abuso that was rapidly 'wrlllnj! tho dooiti of tWiruubclHiv'H ousted .political op- ponuivts. There Hllll wus no offlcliil word Report River Rising Again thai Vyachcidnv M, Mololov, CJiiiiiyJ-M, Midunliov and I.iv/.ar M, Kaxanovlclv— tho "Mololov trio"-— had bi!«n Jailed, Hut thulr (Horace wa. ( i complole and Lhu army - lutl eliai'Kon put thiilr future In doubt, .Sovlcl Durciine MlnlHler Mariihal Cicorxl //liultov led tliu aUatrlt. Ho accused Mololov and hl« bncknrs Of "coilNpll'llIK" to I'DMIIWO HlO ohsolod loaders of tho Sovlnl Coin- miuihit I'nrly— 'Mm wont nui'loim riiaruo yet made anal null the. three Thi! Wahimh river wnn unnln fi'lduy us Iho .ri).'iiill of additional mi n.i during tin,' pii'il Iwo dnyji which totaled ,711 of an Inch In UiKaiiK according lo local, weather oh/iwvoi 1 , Thn Imjlimtipnlln Woalliui' lluroati lold at noun Krldny Unit Iho rlviir In uxpiiclcd lo cront hwo Sul-iii'day. al. K) fool, flvo I'mil hii- lnw prollinliinry flood ntiiKU. Ky 7 a.m. Krlday tliu rivnr had cllmbixl lo ol^ht fuiil. hem, a fool hlfjhor than It wan Thtinnlay morn- IDK, Klinllai{t)r /mid, Tho pi'Dci-pltallon diirliiK thn Z4- lioiirs iindlnK al 7 ii'cloclt P'l'lilny irmnilnii Inlaliid only ,'ff< of nn Inch, ndduil lo ,r.:t of an Inch ru- i.'orddd In Hie prnvliiiin M bourn, Klmllnxor nipiitidd. foiiiiiuitcly o/icopoil Uin bliih wlml^i whliih nwopl aci'fwn Indlmia with Urn Llllimliii'- idoniw. but thoro wan nomo ll«ht- IIIH dniriiiijo to utility Iliiui) In llio riii'iil aruM, iini'llctilarly woulli of thn clly, aecni'dlriK lo iminliilpa! IlKlit jilanl ertiploywt, Thbi dtuniiMii wa* coinpnral-lvnly minor, how- Tho official ormin of Uio Sovlol armiitl fWBos, Jtutl Slnr, Jolnwd In l.hu atlack and nalil Ihn dupo.iinl "liilrl;-!iii)(l and tu I'liiiHivii Ihu oleclod loaili'i's mid fill Itoy pouts wllli their own tol- lOWDI'd," llud Slur Inuluijod ono of three olhur litiwor Hovlul. ol'fiulaln In Ihu clini'Kwi— I'oriiiiir iriil'oliin Mluliitor Pmllrl Hl^pllov. Khrusliiilinv's INiwor (iulnii Tliu "^cl Mololov" move-meal. Kr«w lll<ii a tjlmil; nnowbiill, Huri- Illail I)(>*I)|)«POI'S WDt'l) inoni and moi'u otilnpokuii hy the hour. Thi) li'adit niiwniiitpor Trtid— ovoii HID chlldi'iin'H now»pi»pi)r l-'loiiiiui 1 V'nivdn Joined In for the kill. . OIMJ (llitunLch from Mowow snltl a maun moolliw of wiii'knrs In thn Ural Mminlalii city of "Molotnv" pirlllloiicd Llio Hiiproiilii HovloL lo llio iiairio of l.bo. lown bank tii his old iiamo of'"1'itrm," Already II. was apparoiH lha' KJiriKihcliov.it power wim HP- proiichliiK that of Hi* laic Jfwuf Hlnllii, Khrushchev wn» reported plan('Continued oil Pngo |;| * George "Honk" Buell, 20, Dies In Holiday Mishap Two And One-Half Miles East Of Buffalo MONTICI'XM), Jn<l.—Ceoi'Ke Alloii "Hunk" Buoll, 20, of Kcyniilils, WIIN killed at K:2() a.m. TlnirNiluy when tho motorcycle Im VVHS riding' collldoil with n l''nrni Iliirnnii (lollvury (ruck lit I lie intisi-noctioii of stnlc rnnil 1.0 and Iliu CiiNN-Liixirty towiiMhip lino rood (wo mill nuc-l>iilf miles onHl of Jlnffnlo. miparoiilly illcil iiiHlantly from n compound skull Jfriicturo wliun ho collided wild Iliu truck driven by Thmniin Wnyiui AndorHon, 112, route 1, Idiivillo. AuthorlLlus ruporlod liiioll. WIIH lioiiilftd emit on llio Hliilti rood whon Anderson piillnd out In front of him, croHiiing Ihu highway goli-i notil.h, Tho motorcycle si nick th« gaso- lino Iruck almost exactly In the middle, and lluull wan apparently thrown Inlo the slilo-of the Iruck, iivor Iho malnruyclo., Andei-iion mild ho iiloppud ,and piillod the iiiiilnrcyu.il! off Diioll, who WIIH lying hnneatli It In the. Intersection, and thun drove to a aonrliy lumno to cull for bolp, lie Lold atil.horltles hu then ralurnad Lo Ihe Slnlo foiled ««!.. ». l>. I,(1MV)U liivenllgalod Hie oeoldont wllh Wblto (ioniity Coroiwir C, 1't. Nelli- urlon of Chiiliiiorii, Hunt), a moinbiir of Iliu Chris- Uari ohnrcli, lind boon In May after Hoi'VlilK throe yearn In llio Marine Corps, Ho was employed by his father, Juntos, al. liln service ritntlon In Ituynolds. Born Hopl, 'a, IDiW, al, vlllo, lo .lainon and 1'iinTiy (DuWlU) IliMill, ' Im wan mnrdod April 'I, IIHHI, Lo Junta* McCIll, iSho mil 1 vivo* vvllb «n Infant ilmiiiblor, I'n- Irli'lii Ann; bis puroriis, of lluyn- nldfl; a brolher, Jiunus, und n nix- lor, Sully, bulb of J'toynoldni niul his grnmlfulhiir, Chnslm- Knoll of lliiadlow nnd Corn OnWill, Muni UOllll, KrlcmlH may call nft.ur Prlday al. Uio Mlllur I'uuoral homo lioro and final riles will hn hold «l, li p.m. Saturday nt llio Itoynohls Mothodlnl church. Tho Hnv. Don HoiiHotl will ol'llclnli) and burin! will bo In Ihu I'VimeiisvllIti come- lory, Tho body will llo In slnln al. lint church iinti hour pracndhiK lhi> flervlcos. Two Injured In Collision Two pnrmms niifl'ored minor Injuries In nn aulo-ti'iick collision al I)[.'10 a,in, J'Ykloy a half inllo oanl. of Iho Spring Oaok church on n curvo ni Iliu old Coojint'vaUon road, lljvliurd Uuiinld Cart, 47, of Now Wavorly, driver nl.' ono of Ihw vo- Melon, siil'furud erockod ribs and 11 bruised knoo, wbllo Mnrgwol MHflholl, 4, who was rldhiK with hor mother, Mrs. Uilu fylllcholl, III, of rotil.i! n, ulty, snfforod a cut lip nnd her front loolh worn kiiockvd looiie, Mrs, Mllcbult wan iinroiile west In a JMili Dioilol plcldij) truck whon II. colllduil wllli a woiitboiind ItiM inodel coiipu drlvoh by Ciirl, nc- In JJopul.y Shurlff Lionel who liivcnllKntwd, than 1,500 miles. It was In the same general nnfte as a previous king - si/.o whop|)or bomb set off hen; In H>r>;t nnd was u :ut times as ," diixl In plunc crushes and 13 In mishaps for n total of 'M\, Ohio led the states with Jfl traffic denlhs, Pennsylvania hnd 15, Texas 13 Oklahoma 12 New York 10 and California II. Ctirelcssness also took n bcnvy loll nl beadles and In vacation ureas. But Ihe .spurllng traffic fatality lists • look most of llu; nUcirtlon of Ihe National Safely Council. A Unllm! Press (ally nl M a.m. c.d.l. showed 1RB Americans dead In highway accidents, .since the holiday began at (i p.m. Wednesday, There woro !>1 divwnlngs, (1 died In airplane accidents, and M in miscellaneous mlshans, for a M ,,,n , , , , Ned II. Dearborn, president the Nat mm! bafoly Coimcl issuml • hy „„, „,„,„,,. ,, cj( , nl ,,,,,, whn w)l . a wnrnliw curlnu the car y m»r-l lu ,,. sw| |h(1 ,,,„„, lm | k ,, vU>l , .. u ,. nln K hmira that I lie loll will come ;,,,,, , fl , H , ,„ ,,, 0 mma , ( . ,, violent as old-fashioned A-bombs thai destroyed Iwo Japanese ciliej in World War 11. Tho device was suspended from n helium - filled captive balloon some 1500 feel above Iho desert flour of Yucca Mat 7,1 miloi northeast of l,as Yogas. Near 110 Klliiton ,Sh«t M. exploded with a blinding flash more lhan 5011 (linos brighter tlian Ihe sun. Thn flash was visible lor hundreds of inllos in all direction] us n Iromendous fireball boiled upward In u clenr sky. n,,,, h;1S | y ca ]nil:illon» near 'the. - hollclay csllrnalc., of persons killed unless tho ratei s | )() | .. .'ilowcd. Instead, the rale mounted!' „„', , ,, as reports cnmo In, i lhljl rni>llnl Ul .„ ( , (J , ,, , , , d ' • ."Wo appeal (o the drivers lo holp traffic enfoiTonient agencies In hriilKing (he loll hack undor control," sahl Oviirhorn. "It Is lucre'nsliiK at an nlarmhw rale." Tho ralo was ninnlnu ahead of Ihal, In Uio .same |Mi-lixl of ela|.wi"d lime In Iho last previous four-day holiday of Ihe year, Now Year's, One'of the iiiiUon'ii worst Irnii- odlns occurred ni'iir l.eonvlllo, I,n,, Tliur.idny whon six porsons wore drowned In a chain of dLsasli-ous roifhio al.tenvplH. Aulhnrlllos ,mild Iho nix, nil Ne- Ki'oox I'nnKUiH, In agu from II lo -0. were fishing when one of Iho (ITU foil overheard. Olio :>!liOTi jumped Inlo by llinlr compnnlons. to save. wan unlliDiileil nt IPH) to HID cinipn anil f'/r, lo tint truck. Mrs. Anna Freel, 90, Dies At Nursing Home Mm, Anna irrool, IK), who hail ninilo In 1 !' hiiino wllh hor ihiuijhloi 1 , Mr«, Forn Ward, In Ibis clly, died nt 4:W p.m. Wednonday al. Iho Huffman nursing homo horo. Her dnalh followed an lllnoHii of throe iiioiiUin, Jlorn Nov. M, liuin, In llutiiliitiloii cniialy, fnilliina, Hho wan Iho ilauiih- lor of Amos nnd Jlnnim 'I'l-ovlniior, Siii'vlvhiK al'ft Ihi'oo ilniighlio's, Mrs, Ward and Mrs, Mary Koch of Mils city and Mr,'<, Knlolla Marlior of Moniimoiilo. Win,; a son, I'loyd Ullhonrl Of l''llnt, Mich.; Ill lii-and- children; 113 nine nronl-K 1 nnd n brolbiM', John TnivliiKnr, ". Colo, may call 'nl mortuary, whom finioral i-IU's will - i;nii)(li:hllilnni; wn.s somowhuro bomb's violent:* in Iho neighborhood of Iho nil kllolon sluil fired In lltta on Yiit-rii Klal. lionvcs said a moro precise nn- liouneeiiUMil. as to tho Ixnnb's yield would ht« nuido Ijilcr In Hit' day. The oustomM'y lO-soeond count dowil was repeated by tlio omfmai.s loud.siietilior voice of the cnnlrol point from which the sclentIsli illri'tMi'd Iho lost. "Ton . . . Hint! . . , <>lght .. . seven , six . livo four iln-oo , two . . ono ..." Al 7.01x1 man • itimln hell bix>k» loouo, Kli-Hii'll Hols IiriKli Klt-i> The htlndlnic fla«li of Iho doloim- llon turned lh,i jiro-ilawn darlino.is Inlo da.vllKlit-llK'hler lhan nny ixm could muster. Tho Ili-fbull whlfh followed llio flush wa,i Iromondous. K burned nl a temporalIHV of nearly ona million dogroim conllnrado iiml nl N«ws Nob 13 miles mvay Hit boat I oil for n momont Him minimim had optinitt Uin door of a giant liliwt I'urnai'o, Tho Intoimo liDid of llu% flrnball which churnod furlou.'ily for nonrly a full inliiulo D»| flro In (hit bnui'h nnd yucca lret>s on llm slopes of n small mount nl n rhino Novm-nl mllivi north of ground /,<-.ro, Tho flros still woro burning hrlghlly is nilniio, 1 : Inter. AlMiut n mliiiilii iiflor Uio flash (lie .iiiund of Iho nxjitiisliin Illorally I'oelied iislered on Ni'ws Nob, It iionuiloil ns If soiiiii- om> had fired n glnnt cannon illi-Kdly over hoad. bit hold lit II. a,Ml, .Saturday wllh l-hu lle,v, II, II, llinililiei'Hi'r In diai'i/e, Itiu'lnl will Im id. Slur ul Hope t'emolory at No damiiKo was rc-porlivl al Dm Nob area bill Iho blast wan f'lshnr dm most, vliiloiil. over HI at. Mint locution by vi'tnnuw of uloi»l« Violent Storms Rake South Central Indiana Wlnda of Hull) forco rakod South Cwiitnil lixjlniin In « I'ourlh (it July dliipliiy of woathi.'r vlolonco, An ariiii In and around l''ran.kllii wan linrilont hit, llimdrwln of trowi wore uprooted or nniipp'jd off at thulr li'iinkn, ISInctrlctil and lolophwo wan dlnntplud lridofiiilt«ly, Al lowit nix pernorni wure In- Jiii'ud KllKhlly, Tbo Johnwm CouiiLy Courllxwo lowur wa» (InmaKod bndly, Ktrooln wui'o blnckiul by fnllon |i(ilc« ( wire* and true*. Sovural nuUnno- hlloii w<tru crtMhud by i.roon and « few hotnivi and bun! noun InilldliiKD wnrc ilniiiaKcd «ll!ihlJy, IluiTlcnnu and Ynuii(;n Crituk/t weal un a ruimuwu at franlclln nlW mifirly Wt Inc'lmn of rain fell, and tl.Si. Ill wait clonod wllli ovnr- flinv walor nl liho tunilhweitl of HID city. Tho violent storm a wld« aroa of Johnson and fiholby Conn- tips nnd touchod moro lightly olhor Cmitrul Indlunn poiitti In- cltidlnK Now Cimllo wliwre two pot'- winn wore Injiirnd nl M tunl-cov- orcd itkallflK fhvk. The .wunlbur biiroiMi nlainilfhid an a lot'niulo tliu ntorin when It lilt Hi:iiiinl and Miii'lolln, Lwo liny noiiimuiilLlon blitwoon Kraiiklhi and BliolhyvlHo. 'I'lio bilroini »»ll« ninlod ilumauu nl ir.ii.WK> In llial nrt'li, Woulihor «*porln mild, how- ovor, Hint thiiy bud rouolvml llio i'«poi't of a tornado nociind-hnnd mul 1 hud nut uliocked II out l« dii- lurmlno If il actually w A » » twlnliir. l,,ocal nMldwiLn, howiivor, snld II wann'l, ii tornado bill only part of llio Ji'mnfelln K«ln, The bolfry towur of »(thmil Chrlnilim Church was bli/wn off anil thn ball carried lift fool, The roirf of Hie Oiinunl Mothodlel Church wtu damaiiud. Two burns woru lovolod, wlnilowit blown from li o m o » , porchuH twisted utility wli'M fullod, U'ncs und lioa-vy damaiji) and powor fnltfiroii,' I'orLlatitl roporlod II.IH Inches of ruin In a a4-lionr purlod and ntroamn ovorflvwocl Into fluldn nnd a city park. Al IndlannpoHx whom Ihu wind- caiiuud (Imni'iK:) on Lliu wi'Kt volnclLy was niuuntirmi al IMI na.liout', '['hii «i|iiit.ll lino /ill HID mldnlnltt iiron wllh its fury only « w«ek irflur dlnanli'oiiit fliwh flwidn oc- currvd In t.lio numo ocnwal arun wllh nearly it do'/.on doallw re- intiny by drnwnlnij, wook aii<) In loss Ihiia 1A bourn, Thin lime the imm*m'cmenl WM ,,7H. • • ' The htnivy ruin nonl uti'uiimn rliiiiiK nKiiln, Just it* Ihoy wuro HM(»H l)iiuk to normal, In nil ox- cepl Lbe (iKlriiiiio soiiLltwotil section,from l;int week's UirronM, Tliu Withiish .aiitl While Elvut's 'both were rlidiin In Ihelr hoiutwnloi'H ihl/i mornlttii' Tlia five-tiny otillnok: enllml for niuii'iiu avonniliig 'I to 4 do- billow norinnl hl^hs of ll» lo 00 und ri'ii'innl town of va to 71, A HUlfl wnrmor ftalurdny and Kun- pi'uulplluUun tor Uf on«-hiilf Inch lloitvy rains Irteluded 3,llil nti • . ii'i-nnlclln, 2,40 ill !n('llnnapoll«, *>,M ' dny, eooloi 1 »»rly In he week, mul at Porllnnd, 'i ItwhcK M Shelby- """"' vlllu, MK) nl Miinclo, 1,2(1 nt l,n- J.iw nt Oiltimlnis, nnd runiiltvK from ono-hulf Inch l» nn Itieli ul Wbll.oiitiiwn, South Huiul, Port Waiyne, Crnw- foi-dsvllle, Wursuw, Noblettvllle Btid olhor ixilnls. Whltentown wan the town whoi'« nnttrly «lKltt iitcliM o< rain foil t ir »(on*i(i for Kuiierallonii. Tr«iin trnppud ninny iiiol.orlnlji for Imiirn iiivl.ll volimk'Orn working wli.b power iii.iws cut iiui'i'uw pnibs for roittorullon of trnfflo. Huvui'iil pfifsonn wuru hurl, by' limb* I'lylnj! . llirimtjh thn nlr, A pinto K)MH window wiw broknn In ono bunlnon* biillitlnu and paru of roiifii and nheut nuilal nldliiK on olbur shopij wore ripped away, I'nw liomon wol'o ilii'iiiiHdd, linw- •ttvor, oxwpt by falllim irtiiMt and llnibs. ' % Kovuftil banm wuro flnlUniH) or ' damuiied' In the arou, l>i/,«na of builtni'ii aL Uio Frank, tin swimming pool woi'o hoi'Ond In ihnlhhotmiii; lo wiiit Mil Ihw storm Sunday or Momlny «»tl dK«liijwlill« ttttxloti* -pnrenU fliwdod Hit about Wednoitdny wero uxpeoltid, j lolophono nwlUH>bonrd to leitrn of Th'« franklin 'storm wns do-i Uielr safety, ncrlhrfd »« one of the worst In tht Johnson County Memorial " city's hl»t«ry. The IKJi-yonr-okl FrmAllii College' campus WMS HlUi'itil ' with r*U«n lr«««, iway at whtcb pllul was blnckod out and mod auxiliary ijtmorntors. lowim. I'owt'i- win diiini|>(od to smiill tiHViM around (Xihimbiin, An aul.omobllii travolliiij alnnu 1ml 7 hit n polo whllo I fallen lrt>o«. A house wns donlroyod by flro from a llHblnliiM boll, at North Voriion, At Wuvoi-ly, H brlduu on lad, 37 wan rvporltid l>y pollco lo havu Coliimbuti Ui avol boon wanhnil out, Blown when ww« Irnppml drlva-ln Tom lenlti. Sonto 2IKNI Miirliies who imdnr- wniil Iho bl/ml. In IrwK'lies nonrly .114 nillan from ground n.orii ro- layi-d word biu-k lo conlrol point, Iiml iillhiiiiKh Ihere had been »i>in> Nll«hl cnvhitf In nf lh<.lr irnnclit!* no OIK. hail boon Injured, This Mai'lni's roporlod Ihoy bad; foil very brief but Inlousn boat. No Accidents During Fourth Traffic In (lass coiinly WIIK ui)» expoclcdly Hunt on Ihn Fourth of .July, mill Ho nrrlilriil;! woro r»- HID «kiilln« rink tout "c'ol- f"!', 1 '." 1 '","'", ( ' l """ y '" """' llm at Now Cnslle nlonuidde al 11 " 11 ' 1 '^. I 1 " 1 ' 1 ' i"'"l» Iroopor, rn- thtmtor, Kh* miuiaijoi 1 25, snfforud n Injury a n il n-yoar-old Hoeky Covoy, a nknlvr, stvnlalnod a buck Injury, (lolfern ciiiwht at Illllvluw ('^nil- try Club it't Krnoklln lay flat on tlw fairways for nonrly half an hniir an the storm swept ncrons (Im i:our»o. Other preclpllatlon ntonsurn- monls Inc'ludod 3 Inchm at (Ireen| wood, and «l»«it 1% liicb'-s al Tim #l«rm Hlso itwftpt Collimlnm, j Mnrtlwvlllii| Seymour, Koknmu, North Vvnwns ind, noarby mrmllU'cru, JlhJrWti »IK! Wlnchculor, porlo<l Krl Th« llii'oi) CHAN triKipnm mado H lol.nl of lour aiTonU during I bo day for Impronnr pnsnlng and npnoillng, hut. iniii.l molorlnls worn traveling caulloiiKly, Thn rnlti which fall lifi 1 " durliiH llio iluy helpml slow ll'Jifllc Ml- Oiongh II npollod gilcnlc i/lnnn for many local clllznii*. There wtiro n niimbor of family gnlbt-i'lnKn, Although flrcci iickors nrn Illegal, Ihny could It" honrd oxplixllnit In vni'loiis pnrls of \h» clly ilurhiK Urn otborwls* tjulel holldny.

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