Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 3, 1957 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1957
Page 3
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Monday Evening, June 3, 1957. DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS (Alt Listings Central DayU&rbt Time) WMAQ WBBM (780) WLS WSAL (1230) MONDAY EVENING 6:00 Dreler Josh Brady 8:15 Bus. Newa News 6:30 News Sports 8:45 Man's Fam. Anderson News Market* News News-Sport* New* Sport* Heatter Hennessey 7:00 News 7:1& Symphony 7:30 Symphony 7:45 Symphony Anderson Anderson Suspense Suspense Heatter Lewis Flreaton* Firestone Lewis Serenade Mystery Mystery 8:00 Telephone HrNews News Bob & 'Ray 8:H Telepnon* HrTEA Muslo Hall Bob-Ray 8:30 TBA Music Hall Mantovani Bob-Ray 8:45 TBA Music Hall Mantovani Serenade 9:00 News 9:15 Chan 9.-30 Chan D:45 Chan News Bellalrs-Clear E. Q. Lewis R, Q. Lewis News Imagination Real Haven R,es t Haven News Nile Watch . Nite Watcl Nlto Watch 10:00 News 10:15 Night Dft*le 10:30 Night Desk 10:45 Sporta We Hz el Mercler Weitzel Weltzel Rudy Rhythm Rudy Rhythm News MUHlC ' Nile Watch Nlte Watch Nlte Watch TUESDAY MORNING 8:00 Drier News 8:lo Chicago Call Jim Conway 8:30 Chicago Call Gold Coast 8:45 News Brady Break fast Ciuu Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club News MUBlO Muslo Music 9:00 Baudstand 9:la Bandstand 9:30 Bandstand 9-45 Bandstand Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey True Story True Story Newu Girl Marries Records Devotion* News 10:00 Bandstand 10:15 Bandstand 10:jJO Bandstand 10:45 Bandstand Artnur Godfrey Whispering Sts. Woman'a Wor. Arthur Godfrey Jack Paar Woman's world Elolne & Josh News Queen-Day How Miller Martha Crane • Queen-Day 1} ;00 News 11:15 J Holtman 11:30 J Holtman 11:45 DucheHH Wendy Warren Back&tage Helen Trent Gal Sunday News Millie Markets Market* Words M. Consldfn* Carroll Co. Bulletins TUESDAY AFTERNOON 12.00 News Nora Drake News £ ew ?r,., 12:lo M. MtrryfUldMiL Perkins Market* Co. Ext. 12:80 M MerrytleldNews DjnnerbelJ . Farm Corner 12:45 Merryfleld Road of Life Dlnncrbull Farm Corner 1:00 News , Newa 1:15 Jim Mills ' Mr«. Burton 1:30 Worn. In HaHtrlke filch 1:45 Dr, Gentry Entertainment NowH-Markets Schooltime Queer,-Day Queen-Day Play Ball Play Ball Biinehrill BuHCball 2:0lt Nowa 2:15 Matlne* 2:30 Hilltop 2:45 Pep Yo House Party HOUHO Party Dr. Malone. Lucky Ladles News Jack Paar Mu Mo Mu.slo Bn.se ball Bane-ball Baseball 3:00 News Jim Conway 3:15 Bill Goodwin View New» 3:30 Bill Goodwin Go?d Coast 3:45 Bill Goodwin Take Break News Music Hall Capt. Htubby PT-. Ctubby Bane ball BanebaU Scoreboard 4:00 News 4:15 Mills 4:30 Sportn 4:45 Howard Paul Gibson Paul GlbHon Paul Glbsoo Jo-ih Brady Nown Polka Time Polka Party Off Record NOWH Teon Tun«» Teen Tuncn 6:00 News Magazine Bob A Ray 6:15 Howard Harrington, News Bob & Ray 5.-.10 Howard Sports J*ob & Itay 6:45 NCWH Lowell Thoman News Tune Time Want Ads Pub. 8ervlc» WonderB Russian Party Boss Presents New Challenge Khrushchev Makes Offer to Over Satcl- Peru Farmer Passes Away PERU, Ind.—Willis E. Complon, 77, well-known farmer of route 1, Peru, died at 3:30 p.m. Saturday at Dukes hospital, following an ill ness of several months with a heart ailment. A lifetime resident of Butler township, Miami county, he was a member of the Methodist church a 1 Test Soviet Hold Eastern European lites I Santa Fe. The deceased was a NEW YORK <UP) — The cold j leading grower of hybrid seed corn war moved into the American j in this area. living room Sunday. Soviet Com. munisl Party btiss Nikita S. Khrushchev turned V.K, television star to lay down a new challenge to the West. The pudgy, balding first secretary of Uie Russian' Communist J'arty .sat at hjs de.sk in the Kremlin and boldly offered to te.st the Soviet hold over Hasten) Kurope •with a radical now international version of "double or nothing." He said the Russians would pull their troops out of Ka.st Germany, Poland and Hungary to prove that the Communist regime in HOngary could stand on its own two feet without an assist from Moscow. But this t'/uld be dune <>n\y [DC a price, he said. The price? U.S. withdrawal from Wort Germany and France. Khrushchev also replied to Uio new "first small ,'ftwp" U.S. approach to nuclear disarmament with the Hlalcrncnl that he rlltl not knr.-w details of that stop, but: "W c are r|uile prepared lo limit ourselves lo mm<: small step, instead of going after a comprehensive agreement at once, s(i that that small step might lead to liomfrthlng bigger." KI-IICH'H C'urUiln O»manil« Khrushchev also renewed his dc- Uial the Iron Curlaln be lowered, bul he said it would have, to be taken away by the Went because the West put it there, lie .asked for actions to "normalize" Kussian-l-',S. relation*! through disarmament, elimination of trade restriclioiiK and a widenpread cultural exchange. A v/ur now would l>« !\ "eal/im- lly" for all Ihe world, he said, but more for the Western part than the Kastern part because ewnmii- iilum would mirvive and capitalism would not. The faee thai already was known to Americans through newspaper and rnaga/liie photon and reels wan beamed lo Uio nation on film by the Columbia Ilroad- rasting System on il.s regular Sunday "Face the Nation" TV show. R was the find special TV broadcast he had ove Khrushchev lold llm Amerlean TV Programs MONDAY 6:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 6:15—Channel 6 . Channel 8 6:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 6:45—Channel 4 Channe! 6 7:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 7:30—Channel 4 Channel a 8:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 8:30—Channel 4 Channel 8 Channel 8 9:00—Channel 8 9:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 10:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 10:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:45—Channel 4 Channel 8 11:00—Channel 6 11:30—Channel 6 EVENING Rascals Weather News News News Nat Cole Robin Hood News News Lone Ranger Showcase Burns-Allen Firestone Talent Scout Press Conf. Showcase Lucy Welk Montgomery Dec. Bride Studfo 1. Wire Service Annapolis Capt. Grief Stage 7 News Playhouse News Movies Late Show Weather Tonight TUESDAY AFTERNOON CDT 12:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 ' Channel a 12:15—Channel 6 Channel 8 12:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 1:00—Channel 4 Channel « 1:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 2:00—Channel 4 Channel fi Channel 8 2:30—Channel 8 3:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 3:15—Channel 8 3:30—Channel 4 Channel fi 3:45—Channel B 4:00—Channel 0 Channel 8 4:15—Channel R 4:30—Channol 8 4:45—Channel 4 5:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 5:15—Channel 6 5:30—Channel 6 4 Sight Markets News-Weal.her News Farm-Home RFD 4 Club 60 World Turns 4 Sight Miss Broolts Beulah Tenn Ernie House Party Film Theater Payorr Crosby Queen Bright Day Secret Storm Moyictime Edge of Night Romances Movie Time Chapel Door Life ot Christ Stu Erwin What New? Mickey Mouse Early Show Manned Balloon Soars To Height of 18 Miles Warn Influenza Virus May Hit On West Coast Health Official Says Virus That Swept Far East Could Hit Coast At Any lime WASHINGTON (UP)— An influenza virus that has swept the Far East and killed scores of persons could hit the West Coast o{ the United States any time soon, ,a world health official said Sunday. The official, Dr. Carl Dauer, executive secretary of ^ the U.S. influenza information center, said '. aircraft has ever reached. The that a steady flow of travelers altitude'record for any type of ordered the balloon back to the ground, They said the breakdown of communications was responsible for this reversal. The balloon had originally intended to remain aloft for about six hours. The Minnesota Highway Patrol man'Air Force Base,'N.M., soared;reported the balloon landed near to 96,000 feet inside a sealed cap-1 Weaver, Minn., about 70 miles sule to establish the new record 1 southeast of Minneapolis about 2 MINNEAPOLIS (UP) — Man soared to new hights Sunday when a balloon ascended to a record 18 miles into the stratosphere, but a scheduled six-hour _stay in the upper skies was cut short. Capt. Joe Kittinger, 28, of Hollo- Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Tbr« for a manned balloon flight. The old'record of 72,395 feet was set last ( Nov. 8 in an ill-fated launching near Rapid City, S.D. The 'record is about 30,000 feet short of the highest any type of returning from the Orient could cause the virus to hit the West Coast within a short period of time. Dauer expressed interest in reports that the Asian epidemic already has spread to Brazil. Dauer, who also is a medical adviser to the U.S. Public Health Service, said "we don't anticipate anything very severe at this time." But he added that safeguards had been taken to identify the virus if it appears. He said 30 to 40 U.S. laboratories have been advised bo be on the lookout for.the. virus. The epidemic has been in progress in the Far East since Feb,- ruary, attacking natives and American military personnel stationed there. It has plagued Singapore, Formosa, Hong Kong and the Philippines. • Dauer said 1115 died In' Manila. But since half the city contracted the disease, he said, the ratio of deaths means that the epidemic still car. be considered "mild." He said detailed information has been difficult to attain from many oliher Far East areas. Thi; Army's Walter Reed Medical Center announced May 22 liial scientists had succeeded in isolating the virus, described as a mild type "A" which is "quite different from any other influenza virus." Samples of the strain have been forwarded to manufacturers ot influenza vaccine for production research, said. Dauer .said that while the virus manned aircraft is 126,000 feet which was set by the Air Force rocket plane X2. Communications Break Down Shortly after Kittinger reached his peak height, Air Force officials p.m. They said Kittinger stepped out, but the balloon suddenly soared back into space. It was believed to be heading south near Winona, Minn. An Air Force spokesman said the balloon was automatically cut loose from the capsule and the re-ascension, of the balloon was expected. The balloon travelled southeasterly, in rising to more than 18 miles, during the eight hours, it was aloft. • Plane Crash Fatal to Four SOMERSET, Pa. (UP)—A light plane crashed in the rugged Alia- Pearl °; slale ' 52 ' route '• Brin S' Pearl 0. Slate, 52, Of Near Bringhursr Succumbs in Hospital FLORA, Ind. — Final rites for gheny Mountains in southern Pennsylvania Sunday carrying a couple- and their two small children to their deaths. The plane, piloted by Robert F. Long, 2K, New Castle, Pa., RD 4, was reported overdue on a flight from Mar'.insburg, W.Va., to New Castle. ' Hours later, a pilot flying over the area sighted a break in the heavy forest on the mountainside and notified state police, who dispatched a ground search crew. The searchers reached the. wreckage late Sunday afternoon to find Long; his wife, Jessie Joan,! vives. and their children, Jeffrey, 2, and • He also leaves two sons, Joe and hurst, will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Carter funeral home and burial will be in Maple Lawn cemetery. He died at'3:15 p.m. Saturday at Memorial hospital, Logansporl, after an illness of three days. A member of the Carroll county Farm Bureau and the Pleasant Valley Methodist church, he was born east ot Flora on Nov. 10, 1904, to George and Grace (Young) Slate. Me was married April 24, 1927, to Myrtle Bcrkey, who sur- French Forces After Revenge Kill 169 Rebels Launch 48-hour Series of Attacks As Result of Massacre of 303 Persons ALGIERS (UP)— French forces killed 169 Algerian rebels in a 48-hour series of vengeance attacks and seized 30 Moslems for questioning as a result of the worst massacre of the 31-month- old bloody rebellion, officials announced Sunday. (The rebels themselves disclaimed any connection with the slaughter of 303 persons, every male aged 17' and over, in the village of Melousa 84 miles south of here last Wednesday. The Algerian leader blamed the French for the massacre and protested against French "atrocities" in cables to President Eisenhower, Pope Pius XII, Premier Jawahar- lal Nehru of India and President Klimcnt E. Voroshilov of the Soviet Union. Eight Fined In JP Court Eight drivers were fined, fiv« of them $1 and costs, in the local justice oE the peace court Saturday. Melvin Bonnell. 19, Star City, was fined $5 and costs for reckless driving as a result of his arrest Wednesday by Robert Herrick, Royal Centor town marshal. Also fined $5 and costs was Elwood Koekenberger, 32, M e d a r y ville, who was arrested Thursday b,y State Trooper John Gaylor for speeding. Paul Dennis, 32, route 1, Franklin, Ohio, was fined $25 and costs for operating a truck without PSCI authority. Those fined $1 and costs were Robert Minglin, 18. 608 Front street, for driving an improperly- registered truck; Mrs. Carolyn Suo Hellyer, 17, 217 Western avenue, for failure to stop for a stop sign; Carl Moyer. 50, route 4. Elkhart, for speeding in a 30-mi!e-an-hour zone; and Robert Wilson. 40. Kokomo, and Eugene Heath. 26. Elmira Heights, N. Y., both for improper . 'nassiii" (A separate rebel protest was j' °° filed in New York with United Nations Secretary - general Dag Hammnrskjold urging national 'investigation inter"the methods utilised by the belligerents in Algeria.") The French, however, blamed the rebels for the butchery and seized 30 men described as members of the attacking band. Officials were attempting to prove that the 30 actually took part in the carnage. A government spokesman in Paris denounced the rebel charge that the French were responsible I parents is a brother, Stephen L., |as "odious." • jal home. Irute French military authorities j He was n member of the Pros- sent troops out on far - ranging jbylorian church. Death Claims Boy At Peru PERU. Ind. — Larry Allen Kile of -154 East Main street, a 13-year- old Peru high school freshman, died at Dukes hospital at 6:15 K.m. Sunday, following an illne.ss of fivt months with cancer. The son of Joseph and Dorlhea (Allen) Kile, he was born here June 13, itwa. Surviving with the Robert Jr., 0, dead in the wreck- Jon, at homo. Another son, Gene L. ak|s to scek vengeance for the j 'Friends may 'call after 7 p.m. age of the plane. Flames Cause Slight Damage to Shed Roof City firemen were called to the Charles Stillwell residence, 1414 Walter Reed officials 'Twelfth street, at 5:54 p.m. Sim- day, when a fire broke out in ''he Survivors are a daughter, Misi Jessie Compton, a teacher in the Peru junior high school; a son Dr. Russell J. Compton, a professor of religion at DePauw University; throe grandchildren; and a half-sister, Miss Esther Compton of \ViUinmtihurn, Ind. A son, Lowell, died in IMS', and hi.s wife, the former Effie Overman, died last year. Friends may call after noon Monday at the Laird funeral home, Amboy, and final riles will be held at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Santa !•'(! M(;thfxli.Ht church with the Rev. .Jesse Bird in charge. Interment wil! ho in Parklawn cemetery al Amhoy. ARREST DRIVER William M/Simmons, 30. of the stale hospital, was arrested at 1:08 a.m. Sunday for reckless driving after an officer observed him traveling at a high rate of .speed at Third and Broadway, chased him to the west side and stopped , is different, .symptoms are similar Cartoon j lo ot | lcr lypcs O r jnfluen/.u — the Superman victims come down with headache.? fever, sore throats or coughs. He said !t cannot be distinguished from olhcr lypcs without labora- Tells of Stay On Mountain DUMJTIf. Minn. UJP) —Mrs. DoroMiy f,e Masurier, 40, continued Sunday lo recover from n 20 day ordeal atop a .storm - .swept Wyoming mountain wftor a plane crn.sii. Mr.s. I.e M'uxurier, described nil in "excellent physical condition," despite her long fast, lold nc-WH- mcn during hor first Interview ; 1 / 11 ; 1 ' , hel : Memorial Day rescue that Hhc! ko|>l up her spirits during Uie 20 day« by thinking of "all Ihe good people I've known and the Kniid tiling lliut happened." She and hor himbnnd. 'Dalton Lc Ma.'iurier, 111, Oululh radio and television executive, survived tho crauli of their light plane during a filorm May II. r>n n mountain north of KawllnH, Wyo. people lhat hl.i (.wintry ha.f ulterior mntivoN" and that hl.s government reflects only the wl«h- <•:* of the people. Bunker Hill Airman Hurt in Peru Crash PKIIU, Ind. — Sgl.. Jamo.f nice. -J.7, of Din Hunker Mill D. air base, .suflorcil cuts on hi.i chin, an Injury to his mouth and a client injury at 2:.'IO a.m. Saturday when lie fulled to make a curve In the road al Hrownell and (.'anal slreetii, and his car hit a utility pole. Tltc airman, wlm wa.i uhntitod by police with failure lo have his car under control, wan taken to Dukes ho.spltnl In the Klkonberry ambulance and later transferred Lo the air IIII.HU hospital. . Damages were estimated til $500 Arrest Kokomo Driver After Two-car Crash James M. (intildn.i, 25, Kokomo, wa.s nrre.slcd for failure lo yield the righl-of-wuy following a colli .sion ill I:SO p.m. Salurclay lit Seventh and High .slrcoLn. (imkln.s 1 car hud stalled and lie was given a push, getting him slurled Ju.il an he ronchecl Sfiverith and High, whore he cnllldod with n car driven by Gertrude 1'iirmel.or, ,,„ j 117, of BIO llammon ulreel, I'cillcii nl.so reporlod that n car driven by Clarence (inlbrenlh, mute 2, .struck an tuilo owned by Robert Johnson, 1)20 Erin uvcimie, pnr!ied in front of his home, n( 12:110 n,m. Sunday, A .second pnrkod vehicle accident occurred at 4 p.m. Sunday to Ills car and utility pole. $250 lo tho city MAKK THAl'TIC IIKI'OKT City police reported only .1(1 traffic accidents during May, compared with 50 during the same month last year, to bring the total for the year to 221, ono more Limn at the lime iti IBS/I. portion* In tho wj also reported. Injuries tri 12 wore when Mr.i. Melon Slnrrell, M, Indianapolis, lilt a parked Lnick owned by Hobort A. Momlomill, 801 West Linden avenue, on llurron street just south of Linden. Mr.s. SUirrotl wan headed norlh on Hurron and' ln.it control of her car in trying to iivold n flog in Die slreot, hitting the truck parked on Ihi! west side of Unrron, according lo Uiw report. Mrs. Alice Ricketts Is Claimed By Death Mrs. Alice nickolUi. 7)1, ot 1110'! Woodlnwn iivomic, died al 1:30 o'clock Sunday atlornoon nl Memorial hoHpllul, whore xhe luid been admitted an hour eni'llor. The only known survlvorH are two Nfln.i, Anglo of Grand Ilnpldn, Mich., and Thurlo of Now York. Tlio body was removed to the Clinso-Mlller funeral homo, whore riles are ponding. lory tests. INJURES THUMB Reynold.s Lake, 41, of Hockfield, was treated at Memorial hospital Sunday nighl for an injury lo his large shed behind the house. Flames caused slight damage to the roof of tho building, but the bla/.e was quickly extinguished. Cause of the fire wa.s not known. Tho firemen went to the Francis Rush residence, 1329 Chicago street, at 0:54 p.m. Saturday, when an oil stovj overheated. Agriculture Department Agronomists gained more efficient forage production and increased re- right thumb, suffered while work-i turns per acre by applying nit- ing with a saw at his home. I!e|rogen as ammonium nllrale to was dismissed after treatment. : range grasses in North Dakoln. Edwin, died in infancy and a bro-l Mcl o Usa massacr( .. ther, Ora, and a sister, Ocie, arc! " Friends a 'may cnll at the Carter Girl Fractures Arm mortuary. Two Autos Damaged In Crash Near Peru PERU, Ind. — Cars driven by Lawrence Scc'.cy, 33, Wabash, and Chnlmer G. Judd, 57, route 5, Columbia City, were damaged slightly in n collision four miles east of here on U. S. highway M al 1:10 p.m. Saturday. Slate Trooper Joe Tucker said Judd. bended west, missed a right turn he had intended lo make and then decide lo turn left,' just as Seeley, nlso westbound started to pass. See'.cy, his wife and four children escaped injury, us did Judd. his wife and another passenger In Ills ear. When you buy either of these famous NEW FAMOUS IN COMBINATION WITH KITHBR THK IRONING TABLE or STEAM or DRY IRON HERE'S WHAT YOU GET RF.OULAD PRICE OP IRONS LAUNDRY CART DRY IRONMASTER SfCANI OR DRY IRON r1 »Yie .. *lb.9D firflUI.AR VALUE OF lllONINd TABLE ,. c OR LAUNDRY CART....JJ.3.j)D TOTAL VALUE 30.90 YOU PAY ONLY 24.90 YOU SAVE Only Ihn Sunbeam Stncim of Dry Iron hai nxcluilve Steam flow Venli that plva an AU-OVER cuihloti of rolling iloam. HERE'S WHAT YOU GET RERULAR PHIGE OF DRY IRONMASTER... ?11.95 WEQUI.AR VALUE OF II10NINO TADI.E OR LAUNDRY CART.. 13.95 TOTAL VALUE 25.90 tOU MV ONI.V 19.90 YOU SAVC $g QQ tlghtar wnlghli Wnlghs only 2 lb«. Hoats fatter and hat a »op»r- imoolh )0U plato that auuroi belter reiulli. NBWI ALL-STEEl conilructlon with oxcluilv* ALL-CHROME PLATING for (ailing Beouly • Excli»lv« expanded mutol Ironing turfac* for cooler, dry*r Ironing • 12 height od|uilrrwiiH • S«lf-lcv«llng • Offi«t l*gi for illdown Ironing with your choice of either.. . Sunbeam % IRONINO TABLB By KW-JID LAUNDRY CART By KID-MD ALL-STEEL from* with EKclu.lv. Chroma Plating for tailing bftouly I • Doublo iot«ty lock — con'l collapi* • 3 height poilllom • Skli-dropi lo form work .h.lf • Foldi lor eaiy itorag* SAVE ^6.OO on ih*«* Ironlno combination*. GET THEM NOW AT YOUR DEALER In Fall From Swing Joyce Hunt, B, daughter Mr.s. Frederick Spencer Monday at the Eikenberry funeral home, whore last rites will be hold at 2 p.m. Tuesday. The Rev. Jame.s Gillo.spie will officiate and burial will bi! m.idc at Mount Hopo of ! cemetery. of: •oute 2, who suffered a broken eft arm in n fall from a swing Saturday evening, was dismissed Irom Memorial hospital, where she was treated, Sunday afternoon. Dob Wyall. .'17, Cnnulen. was also (rented Saturday evening at Memorial hospital. Wynll was treated 'or injuries sustained when he laught his foot in n lawn mower. ri.vn CAR Russell Liiey, Lucerne, reported to police early Sunday morning that his I'.M:) model car had been taken from the parking space nt Third .ftreol and Eel fiivor avenue, where it had been left, but the vehicle was found less than an hour later behind the State theatre. 409-415 E. BROADWAY DIAL 4166 MEN'S SHOP Give Dad Wash and Wear IVYMATES Here's (he popular Ivy-Styled button-down shirt hrauti- 1'iilly crafted by Puritan will) an exclusive fuidard print. Tlir pnicT.t mate to thr Ivy model polished rutton play shorts will) adjustable hack tub. Hoth air WASII-aml- .WKAR Cotton and will re- (juire little or no ironing! AVONLEE SHIRT and PLAY SHORTS S 5.00 oa. ENTER PURITAN'S '75,000 FATHER'S DAY FESTIVAL PRIZES IN ONE ',^'1 -tlity v.tnilion trip tor two via Sitlimn Hcl^ii WDI 111 Aiilinriv In nly of your rlmiri* in Kurop /'/HI u Y;t!ra-Ainriifi»ii Mi»l>ilr Wuili?.lji(» AdmiMl i'mlnliir TV /'/in A I.AH I Ucirt- l-'iiM» V\\n 11 trt n( WiilKn F,»hiMK Kcxli 1'milmi Oiihhiurrr Swrnlrrl wn 2nd tind 3rd Snliriu Airlinn to I Tt'&G 21-dny vnmiion for two vi* rity of your cluiicc in Kuiopo, • Ailnilm) rortnhle T. V. » Umi IHtrn-TwciHy f»iw /'/J >'/ • Valci-Aiiirru-un WorkrihopH • W^Jtco HkhliiK Kiu • Cn»hincr« Swrnlrr* COME IH TODAY! GET YOUR ENTRY BLANKS! ONI OF OUR CUSTOMIRS WILL WIN THIS STCELMAN HI-FI SET Snld niilionnlly at $79.95 i( has 4- spi-rd niitoirmtic cliangri'. Two Miiilrhril jpwi'I nri:c)lc*l Twin-. ipc'iildTs for ({Inrioui tone! ENTER TODAY! NOTHING TO DO! NOTHING TO BUY! GOLDEN RULE MEN'S SHOP FJRST FLOOR (1GANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY

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