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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri • Page 12

Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri • Page 12

Springfield, Missouri
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When Judge Allen Sat on tlie Greene County Circuit Bench. first Special Term of Cout Held in February 63 Years Ago. At the April term of tie Greeo 'county circuit court in the year Juage H. Allen was still on the tench Charles P. Bullock kfpt the record as clerk.

Chlsley Cantfax had leen elected sheriff of Greene county fcy that time. The gTaad Jury still consisted of jnembers, es follows: Urttin Payne, foreman; David D. Miller, MofW Farn, James H. Alsup, James M. Hountree, Kindred Rose, Pa vid 'Wallace.

James T. Camplell, reter Apperson, Alfred S. Bpnd, James U. Smith, Martin Inraham, Edwar 1 Thompson, Richard C. Martin, William Stout, Erastns Mcilurry, John Ileadley.

Benjamin Kimbfrland, Reuben Harper nd Samuel Plcksoii. The circuit clerk wrote the name ot lie month "Aprlie" as It. used to used to be pronounced. There were about six cases for gaming on the docket at this term of the court, and Samuel TcaB again appears as httfendant in a majority of those, charges. Th murder case' against James Cornelius, James Patteraon and John Pnt 'tcraon was called on the first day court and tho defendant Cornelius appeared in "his own proper person" to answer the charge cf the suite.

"The ether two alleged murderers had not yet been brought within th jurisdiction of Judge Allen. The circuit attorney refused to further prosecute the indictment against Cornelius anil he was discharged. A separate, entry Is made on the reroni to how that each witness In the Cornelius case claimed his attend? unre and fees. Jhn Edwards had guarded the defendant, Cornellue, 62 days and his account was $19. Williams claimed $3S as the amount of his fees as a witness in tho Cornelius case, and M.

Horner's account was $10. The first special term of the Greene county circuit eourt was convened on Thursday. February 25, 1S36, called, the record Buys, at tho request of Thomis Duke and Wilson Kdson, then con fined In the Jail ut Springfield on tlie eharye of grand larceny. The grand Jury was composed of the following early settlers: Joseph Weaver, foreman; Daniel B. Miller, John Roper.

Junius M. Roun tree. I.ifford French, William Hblpp, Wliliam' TountH Joteuli Rouutree, Richard Whiiloik. Charles Hatter, D. R'liinells, Kindred Ruse, Edmoud Vaughan, Peter Apperson, Ephraim Fulbrlght, David Itiiper, Lemuel H.

Freeman, Wiley D. lirown. Jobn Cumins. Daniel N. Heal, Robert Forbes and Wiley Harp.

On the second day of the peclal term the grand Jury indicted Thomas Duke nd Wilson Edson, and" having no further business to transact they were discharged. When the Indictment was read to Wilson Edon on the next Monday morning he entered a pKa of not guilty and the rae went to trial. JohO Roberts was the fnreman of the Jury that tried on, and tr! verdict vti two years In the penitentiary, defendant had stolen a watch val he rerord of tlie trial Cf Edson Is elpned by tho foreman cf Jury. Jctin Kobi rts, and toe writing in this page of the book feema to be Slfferent from the clerk'n penmanship. The tpelHng in the record 19 often incorrect, many proper names, particularly.

IjpIue written contrary to present usage. The name "Inxrahom" Jiow and tlien appears In the cgurt records. This may hve been corruption of the well known mme Ingram. The name Itimull Is wrltaen TiOiele." and Terrell appear as Ttrele." In the year ISSfi Thomas Ilara wa ctlng deputy sheriff. At that time the Hariis lived south of the James rear the prewnt site of Cufsidy, the first Utiin the Cbadwlck branch north of Oiark.

Most of the present. terriiory of Christian county then be icccej to Grten county. Of ail the men who served on tbe rrsn.i Jury In 1S36 Luclua M. Kountree If the only one now living. Vrk of tbe court wrote Mr.

Roun 'hriKtlan nkre "Uourlous." Ii of the rll ruits trRd that ves T. lierry appears aa tbe defer sua jirolaMy the cf Hrry. Tie F'ultrlghts and the Paynes had to do Kh the adnilqlftratlon of law lii Grnne unty thn. and Kln ho. waa even at that early day a veteran Juror.

Hl nanu aapeari from t. to rm aa a nuember of the grnd Ju y. TLe Weavera wr then very prominent lo GnM county, Jotepb t'iiig oftfo In court as a Juror. Tat Chribtlan nixnir found In tbe court rtcord chow tbe Croog tctKience cf iiib.e reading ower the mlnd of Uie tuirnlon of the arly tettlers of tne f'laiks. Fu'b oases aa bfiijajuln, Jo pb.

Uriah. Natian, Iiavkd. Joclaa. ifkiel. ErLraim.

'i Joatua, Jabei ttii ObadiiJa occurrU la the recoria. mSAS QTY SflALLPOX. 9Ue Tua Is HmtIixc Iaam of Trualilr ilii It. KAX. AS CITY, iMr.

II. Two D.H I ii! rnrt to the Uxirj L.U i Jit tLiy i lie a cf jiiilpox at Tvd tuii 2 'rt. A tBid Trar rr at! lie tMint apred tu f. rt tite that he aa r. pvi.

Ttr health er to trii an Msfslai'l' r. 1 v.o do crt t. 'l 1. ar. I OUR BOYS DEPARTM ENT ST.

S. Do the meantime. About 20 negroes live In the tint at 708 East Sixth street, and If the officials discover that Prater's ailment Is really smallpox the city will imvo nioro persons to fcd and guard. Already there are niuo cases In the pest house and 12 houses under quarantine. There aeeffis to.

be no doubt thut the prediction of the city physician tint cold weather would bring afcout the disease la being fulfilled, There Is a email rebellion In progress In the ERt bottoms because the city has bought five acres of land In that neighborhood and proposes to erect penthouse thereon. Owners of property are talking of bringing Injunction proceedings against the build. Ing of the pest house. W. H.

Wallace, who owns five acres near the proposed peat house site, and Uingston Bacon, who owns property In the neighborhood, have been consulted by their neighbors nbout an Injunction. Mr. Wallace said today that ha would not say whether he would go Into court to prevent the building ol the pesthouse until he had made further Investigation as to the exact location of the city's land. "But we don't want pest house near our property, he said. "It touU damage the sale of hie ground because nobody would want to live near a pest house." A few years ago the city made arrangements to build a pet hnu.

in the country several miles south. Fred Dlrcmlt brought a proceeding to prevent tbe pest house being built and Mr. Wallace waa hia attorney. They succeeded In stopping It aa a nuisance to tlie neighborhood, 11, Wallace, who also has luttTC4 savs a regular hospital for smallpox umlcr Pptr unitary regulations would not be opros. hut the building of a rhi'ap fTame tniliire to dump uitforlunaie per.

ona Into will be fought. Joseph Williams, a negro who Is reported to he dying of smallpox In the pest house, spent lat Friday about the city hall, rode up and down in the crowded elevators a dozen time and sat for an hour In the waiting room at the mayor's office. No one know how many persons were exposed to the dm ase by his c.relessneea. but If there Is a man remaining In the city hall has not been vaccinated since the occurrence It Is becausejbe doctors were ai Profess iS know where Williams came from, but loanng about the negro club itM about a weeK. Last Friday be loafed about the corridors of the city hall all morning and several time, went up and down the el 'tator trylne to find Mayor Jones.

Mont Hcilly. the mayor's 'tiirr' fouud him in the waiting room and an swered his to be taken to the ZA by taking h.n, 4ow. to of health ofllce. The negro said was very sick and when the anilned blm they refused, to send cd him off to the pest house Ho Is at the point of death now. When Mr.

ne.lly learned that ho had bwn escorting a VM about the city hall he rushed to the ciVv pfcvslclan's office and was vaccin immediately. When the ews of illlam's condition spread In he hull there was a great rush to tho rl' physician's office. roiNTJ PAnAtiiiAfiis. A profile photograph ia merely a side show. Some people are vain because cf their many defects.

mr, who lisTena to a political orator gets the stuff. hard ta convince a pretty girl that love la blind. it iiiv. to sit down on tacks, but not on the tax coilecfor. rm track It one mlo V.

i at Ma word. eooj nuree It coaaea To" coddling" Imaginary wrongs. It doesn't retire practice to a man to Crop a nci fectlon. Co i eontrart, and This applicable to the niaa'S IdcsiE''. hf tt, torki ere po? Vnr.usa fcr a P' Fer teur tH 'J .1 m.r V.viH i WiU rn wtt In a.

ard fipltla to hir ta is xr '8 e' 1 tt r. it 'f it I llcrc you will find the very things you want for Christmas. LAMPS of the Latest shapes ancf decorations at prices from 20c to $12.00. Handsome CUT GLASS PIECES at prices all can reach. NUT and SALAD BOWLS and fancy China Pieces of all styles and decorations.

The Latest thing in TOILETWARE out this season. v. Our DINNERWARE is of the latest style with prices to suit all. ic full nf honiitifnl soWtnd Christmas Goods. LOUIS Commercial Street, Opposite Ozark Hotel not fail tcall Saturday and gel one of those hondsoms pitchers on sale at 10 PENSION RAID.

To Add UOO.IHK) Nnmea to the Nation's LlKt. WASHINGTON. Dee. 5. Tho pension of the nation, now aggregating nearly 1,000,000 names, with a yearly expenditure In round numbers of $150.

000.000. Is to be increased. Pending legislation which is practically sure of passing through both houses will nud to tha roll at least 200.000 names, not counting pensioners of the late Amcrlcan HIepano war and of the cor.que: of the Philippines, nni will swell the enormous yearly totol paid for pensions at least $25,000,000. Senator Cullom has rtrrseatcd oiie bill which, If enacted, wTalone add 117 217 names to tbe roll and increase the' first year's cost at least $20,000,000. The Cullom bill seeks to give all deserters from the union army and there were 117,247 or them a pensionable status so that they may be placed ca the pension list.

Representative Lent! of Ohio haa a bill that Is even more startling In ii comprehensive sweep than the measure advocated by Senator Cullom. He seeks to give a per diem pension to all officers and men of the union army during the civil war. Expert statisticians have figured that the Lenti bill. If It should pass, would add at least 800.000 names to the roll and Increase the cost of pensions by $75,000,000 a year. It is hardly probable that this measure will pass.

It Is a sample, however, of the bills Intended as treasury raid And now toxe3 the senate cnramitf on pensions. Senator Gallinger of New Hampshire. wh fho prcpasitton to create a non partisan commission Jo re' vl and eodifv the penalon.laws. with a view to making them less difficult and free from existing perplexities. This non partisan commission, appointed, will proceed to give a pensionable status to many' who are not now entitled to a pension.

Thus far thousands of private pension hills have been introduced. General legislation Is also proposed which will swell the rolL The flood tide of the army pensioners of tbe civil war has not yet been reached. Ju.t rU Hla It was a thrilling esc'apa that Charles Davis of Bowerston, 0 Utely had from a frightful death. For two years a severe lung trouble constantly grew worse until lt seemed he muBt die with consumption. Then he began to use Dr.

Klng'4 New Dfscovery and lately wrote: "It gave'lnstant relief and effected a permanent cure." Such wonderful cures have for 25 years proven its power to cure chest and lung troubles. Price 50c and $1.00. Every bottle juaraateed. Trial bottles free at J. Crank Ding "306 S.

Campbell and 200 V. Commercial Sfa. CONCEHX1NO WOMKV Miss Marie Tempest, the actress, is a great reider of English. American and French novels, and gets through marly ail the new novels of any merit as they are published. Her favorite novelist Is Rudyard Kipling, eo, neeJ less ta say.

no.hlug of his ever escapes her perusal. Among her special weaknesses may be mentioned old silver, lace, curios ai'd china, of which 8he possesses an exceedingly good collection. Being a great lover nf animals, she possesses no fewer than 3ve dogs four Pomeranians nd a black Chow; her favorite Is a miniature Pomeranian named "Toto," who reciprocates bH mistress' affection ia a very marked degree. She to an accomplished horsewoman and sn excellent "whip." The duchess 'cf Sutherland, whoae tall, fair beauty is fo much admired, is not only tkilled In ail womanly arti and well quullfied to take foremoct rank as a hosiess and leader of society, but he also a great lover of literature. From her father, the cor! cr Kosslyn.

she Inherits a Ume for verse, and under the nom de plume of "En klne Rower" a combination of her maiden and married names she has made herself a rame as a writer. Her first book was written when she was a girl of 19. and was called "How I Spent My Twentieth Year." Since then eno has written a great irany short stories and articles for the prees. and she doubtless would hsv written moie than she has dons, were she tot hindered In her literary work by the many duties of her po ltion. EmprefJ Frederick rarely allow wlntti to ratt without revisiting b'" farorlte pots In She has cow deeded to take si a re'dence the beautifully VI.

la Marigola. on Ft ill, tetween the picturesque little trwrsof St Teren.i ard I rb 1. Phe as prot sUy cbooea th comparatlvilr i to cit ra ii" cf th usual wlrtcr to 1r? rr re plaees on lh rrun' fur v. ro's ct'lly en' a I i i i 1 HARDWARE Ing lovely views cf tho hay. The estate belongs to an' Englishman, Reginald Fearsa of Genoa.

The wood Is that in which the poet Shelley is supposed have met hia wrath, at the time when he and Byron were staying at the al Jaltiing Villa Magni, stilt known in the neighborhood asCasa di While the stays at Marigola she will have at her disnofal a yacht or small man of war of the German navy, which I probably will lie In the picturesque little port cf Lorlci, overlooked by tho villa. Oid brocadf3 In rich hues and of tha texture which in olden times wca described as "standing alone," furnsh th; reeded tr th OlfTiiTlm seen wherever a function furnishes sn i excuse. All the colors, of tbe rainbow, the tint3 cf the sunset sky and the hues of an impres. iimlst'a palette aro exhausted in thtse stately silks and velvets, which, once appropriate for matron only, are now considered a fit ting framework for a lutterfly's frivolities by tbe law of contrast, sayj the Criterion. The beauty of these brocades lies in their exclusiveness.

They neei no excess of trimming, no frills or furbelowsa touch of lace, a knot of contrasting velvet, this It all. More thaa this detracts from. tather'than heightens, the effect. The convincing seal of approval has teen placed on tho brocades by their use for the "separate waist" for theater or reception. Llkfl the evening, gowr.s, these wal 'B are practleally untrlmmed, the richness the material being all sufficient.

That Lt he old brocade is fit for a queen, as a salesman deelarc to hoh in a order by Quea Wilheltrisa for reception gown made cf white brocaded velvet, trimmed simply with sprays of moss rosebuds. Thei Ai mr aid Xavy. In the Coldstream guards, now in South Africa, there are three brothers who bear the appropriate name cf Bat tle A eanitarlum for the trT wj. of ficers'' and men of the regular army suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis will be established at Fort Bayard. New Mexico, and hereafter transfers of en listed men can be made to this hospital upon recommendation of the medical officers of the army.

Italians have added to their system of coast defense batteries of mortars similar to those used at Sandy Hook: Only three. Instead of four, mortars are placed In a pit. The Indirect plungln? lire of the mortars Is considered to be of great valuo In the defense of fixed points against an attack by sea. French and German soldiers do not wear socks or stockings of any sort. The French soldier who wears socks Is always a recruit, for after his flist march he Soon discovers that even the, best made socks will ruck up and cause blisters.

The trained soldier who has a lung march before hlra flrxt dips his fet In warm water If he can get it. 'M If not In cold water. During the rran co Gernin war snow was often nsed by the army of the Loire. This 'done, the feet are dried and theu greased over thoroughly with any greae that may be hsndy, and as candle ends are not very eenrce, and are moreover, eal 1 carried about, they are very much prized and answer the purpose admirably, says the Army and Navy Journal. The boots worn by the French soldiers are well made, and cf a single stout piece of leather with no lining wnai Over boota gaiters are worn, leather ones In winter and linen ones In summer.

These gaiters are laced up round the leg. The German soldier weara a short Wellington boot He also uses grease, but It Is a specially prepared grease, composed of vaselin. with the addition of some carbolic acid. Ortifliate In Good. CROWN POINT.

Dec. IS. J. Phillips, a trusted employe of the Standard Oil company, living at Kast Chicago, WE3 locked up the other night ca a charge of pasalng counterfeit money. He was arrested In a saloon on Tod avenue for endeavoring to ran a twenty dollar gold certifies! In ray mejit for a drink of whltky.

and la rplte of his that the money was grnulne, was bundled off to the Jail. The proprMor of th saloon hl rot eeen one cf th new golJ certificate before and It was at Mi Institution that the arrest wa When Phillips had a preiim Iniry hearing tie next morning the bill was prodnrrt In evidence? and frunJ to he genuine. waa lie has ter tn suit scalntt the for damages. "Vnre Charlie. yon tMnk It If wrcrg ta it branny in nilsee rl(" "Why.

e. 'Brl. tnat If r'a'ly gcof" Tr. J. C.

Cu'lertion. a rr.em' errf th CI" lnr.r.ti tcard. bellevpi l) urt. fhcu'd le criiri 'T srd tre r'': aLi ly is full of Sleighs, AiGuns, Target Guns, Iron Wago also a fun nnc of Klipper Klub Skates, best and cheap ABE YOU GOING EAST? if you are louktag for a comfortable trip surrounded by most 'delightful sefnery in gojng to York. Philadelphia or.

Ecashorc points you cannot do better than to take the Lehigh Valley Railroad iiotn Buffaio or Niagara Falls east, ward. Tbe route is through A region of CNUIVALED SCENEKY Including historic vallcye. mountain helghta, rnshlng rivers and placid lakes. This Is the routs of THE BLACK DIAMOND EXHJIES8 Between Buffalo and New York, phllidalphla the X.h tr world. All through o.

OS carry uiaiug care, Ing MEALS a la CARTE. For Illustrated descriptive books on' this route or Information as to rnt of fare, etc, send your address, with 4 cents la stamps, to CHAS. S. LEE. Tass.

Agent, New York. TEETH DD. JONES, The Painless Dentist mnnfh nnf In a full utinrf 1 lit VU.C 1" 1" or lower set of teeth from $5 to $12. Amalgam and Cement at up. GclajVin? $1 UP My $3 teeth are the very best that can be made la the et3te for the money.

My $5 Gold Crown Is made out of pure gold, aoi the same weight and thickness aa when I got $10 for It, Don't come expecting to get these tajtyui rait after hia rti x.lh. Heme ruber the place, ccrner ot ot. Lonli street and the square. We Have Cured I'i'linary, Secondurjr or Tertiary BLOOD POIBeiN r.trmnni. ly in 11 lo duys.

you can be tratrJ at home (or tame price under aam guaranle. TT pr to com hr we will contract to pay lallroad far and hotel bills, and no charce If we f.U to cure. If you hv taken mero fllde potash, and still hv chee and plra. VucJu. Patches i mouth, 8or Throat.

PimpUa. Copps' colod Spota, V'cert on any part or ihe body. Hair or Falling Out, It la tht Secondary BLOOD POISON we guarantee to cure. Ve to licit the meat ohitlnate cases and challer.i! the wnrld (or a caae we cannot cure. Tnn rlineaee haf alwaya baftled the aljlll of Ihe ino.t eminent capital hehind our urcond llnnal (tuarniitee.

Abo lute proofs sent sealed on appUauon. Ad COOK HKSlKnr 459 Masonic Ternole. Chicago. III. Mrs, J.

L. Kern, D.O, Graduate of the American Bchool of OSTEOPATHY. KIRKS VII LE, Ho. OFFICE HOURS to 11 a. nvi to 4:30 p.

Sundays excepted. Doom 6, Baker Llock. liaebcrle's Compound Balsam. ALL, ULOOD ISO KIDXRV DIS KaiKS wheal all ther remedlee fall. CALEB SQtlUD.

0n Aitit, la SprlaaBrld. Ma. 1 Seatk Ca'aavkcll Street, SIS 1 a 1 1 a bl UKJi, Now is the. Time. Yen may' need Spectacles.

Why delay? Your fatVer tr m.tlter may ne them. Hew would a pair of Special olld Gold Frames suit fcr a present? Select the frames and pe It uses can be accurately tiled after the holidays. These prices are good for 10 day only. After this aale regular pricj be charged. $5.00 Solid Gold Hiding Eow Frames, Special Quality.

CD $100 Gold Filled 10 yezr fluorankc. 1.23 Eest Quality Crystalinc Lencs, perlecliy loeused and centered, per pair. 1 1.03 CHRISTIAN, Optician, ESTABLISHED IN 1874. DRS. S.

D. DAVIESON Grand 74uscum of Anatomy, 11 S. BE0ADWAY, ST. LOUIS, M0. jCan be consulted by correspondence in all cases of Spermatorrhoea, Lost Manhood, and Diseases of the Nervous system resulting from early errors.

Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, primary secondaries and tertiary, treated ly new infallible method, by which patients are saved much trouble and expense. Fee very moderate. Practical observations on above diseases In English or German sent free and seated on application. Correspondence Invited. Switch Oil from your laundry If your Nn't done up satisfactorily, and send a bunole around here we can show you what.hlri laundry work really ta.

If we su't you in fine laundry work, no one in Springfield can. We cun renovate yuur ai'll'l been In a manner that tquai new. and give you satisfaction every timet THE OLD RELIABLE Troy Steam Laundry, 21S AND 215 WALNUT STREET. Phone 175. Miny Opportunities lor Employment.

IN THE Lcadcr Ecmocrat Wantr Ads. est cents, 310 EAST COMMDCTL, mmmm. UJM9 nUY A STORE OR BUSINESS. TH HOUGH Leader Democrat "Want" Ads. oooooooooo aa.ft JAMES E.


OF THE CONDITION OF THE NATIONAL EXCII7 PANIC nr SPrJNGFJELD. AT I y. Loans and DNiounts i ion. no.o9 Greene 5 per cent Bonds .1 1 13,6:3.03 U. S.

Bonds 100,00000. Cic; 90,000.00 Overdrafts D' idci.Js L'. Laid 133 35 Premium on U. S. Bonds 3,500 .00 Deposits 1,448,334 05 Banking House 30.SC6.II Furniture and Due frcm U.

S. Treasurer 4,500.00 378,400.40 TOTAL 4 tl G53.Q70.4i ir.rcfrns: JAMES E. trCT. W. A.

UUU JOttS OTA MM M. PNTREE. CMA3 A MCANN. E. SANFOKU 7e cfTcr rrrfect c': a i 'c i ac zt with.

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