Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1848 · Page 3
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Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1848
Page 3
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OIL, OIL. TO PAINTERS, - Gallons Point Oil. ieloeeni,'gnine at aa - 'ni par Qilloa. li and ee.4, SOUTH WHARTES. - will HAnVlLL k COPE. 141 CHEtNUT Btreet, abrve Finn In. undNo.1 Ledper Building, THIRD Hlreet, below Chrtnut i... - et wnoi.. - i,i nnu rmaii, nil win ..nana J)N PR R ENOLOG V. Wibliihed hj Fowler Sr. Well, New York, eonaiatiiigof about fifty different publi - eationa, bound and in taperoiiverB,sfVarlout prices. Iso.Phrrniiliwtcal Hutu. Dnwril'live Catalogues piey tie obtained g rati", t 11 Cbeinul ttreet, shove Fourth, or I Ledger Bunding, Thud atreet, below Lnornui. ntn. - imnnyr WAYNE COMPOUND BYRUP Of . thn reinerv for a II Dlli. II I) CHER EASES nf ida LU 3 and BREAST. Of all the medicines of tbs nay, and there aia a great variety which profess to be nf great value to Ibe human far fjwane'eOompiaadr)irupoi Wild Cherri laimeof iruta lamiiy, we nraiiaio no mi pnmounoc ut the mraieat aneovenea oi moqern aoivnce I or ail toe Bianr rnnrDounda rata foil h for the eure f diaeaaea which alllmthaioan Datura, not one remedr ea be MniA.whifflihaa liiaaahortaDaeeof iime.aaau uirao ach nlKwnded eonfidrMawith the public, and haa performed each miraeulouaoarea.and waieh hrnaie - fittd and leretvrd ao marh uloaiura from the fiinul - tl aitantmra.aauiiajnaujee'eirrair'Qrrmca we Irani, tiavttbeil we Irani) from eouroea of ratjpeetabilil, tl have been tn rated In Uoutha. Uoioa. Aatbma. nca. itrimrhitie, Bpllili'i lilnod. Llvnr Complaint, tiu In the Bide and Breut, Riunior TtekUiif in the rniu lu uie Diuv auo dicmii ivibuib ut rhroat, Palpitation of the Heart. N lie iMQiitir. vrnken Ciaiiutrjtlon. tnai the abate of Calomel and other eauaea, and Conrumpiioni which hare baffled theakifl of eminent medical praetitiimera. when invm. lull were liven qp aa hopeleaa, (it bavinf monarae to and aeraevrrinf Uk that powerful remedr. have bean radically, eon - el. laaae at. R eevef. No. H Cheat rr r treat, aefrnanent - tv anrcd. H it aymptoma were of the moat a arming cnaracter, vkiiern etaiinini. apiiiini oiuon, aoarae - aw lar failed aim that be wu givea VP by hia ph. - oianeand frienda. Ha at Bow ai strong and Aevtf . nid i aveaia. appenie irtne, ana on atrenfia aaa hvn aa ne eouia wun. an aa he ei genuine amoia ra areiwea erur nva. liivAiiLrir and rVde Prnoffetoir. oorner Of and RACK Blreeta, Philadelphia. Ail Wild berry Pfeparatiana ing "pMiuvatf Botinoua ana aoanterfrit"wnhniit I I)K. BWAYNfrJl except that in equate mtiniiiurq. uiu. - UC'ir E It Ml F UOK. - Nik genuine tutuca. AUo, Pa, Sw&TH't foaraAit onraco. nX)TH8 FUBLia - Tjierollowing letter, narrating M, m reinaraauKi www wi vinicpw. dkirimiiii bum VhenmttUm.iefront Kev. lr. LANUI8. a Uiergv - tnan of new jeraey, t'prmeriy a reaiunn oi rnuauei libia.t of dittingaiahrd aitainmenta and npaunion. lie pubiicaiMm, mount not oirni'iiy permmea oy int ui hor, it given irorn serre ot amy to uinee aimnariy am leva. WltQ ne nope inai uirm moiivea wm pieao. em live no mora aunvinciiig proof of aobttantial merit aiuui IB aavv pnw .vtu. wi.iim - tu.. i frnaav. New Jerwf. Jul, in. 1147. Ma. D. 0. McHikHKAD Urar Btri Yoa wuhas know Mate what hat been theremilt, In my own eaae, f the application of 1)R. CHRIhTIK'8 GALVANIC ilrL, 1 AINU n r.uautur - inr repiy u aa loiiowti Vm aluMil twemv vrara I ban been auderin rViaat Dyavepaiai Rvei y year the aymptoma became worea, mareiioHl lootain Berinanent tenet inua aiiyeourt f medical treatment whatever. Mr nhyticiana war akillui and eaeaileiit men. bat here their preaerlptiong failrj. About fourteen y cart ainee, ta ewiaaananea ofireajaentexpo'nretvUia weaihariatha duwharga of m patuiralduticd, I became aubject to a tevcra ehronia Rheumatiam. which for year after rent wutuivmaia. the ak ill of nr bhraieiana aometimea ml fordea me great relief, bin this relief was only teatpo - tar j. rannert in uie winter m - asana 'aa, ta eon - ay u nice of preaching a great deal ta my own and vannua othei ehurehra in tint rraion. I was attacked tiy the Bnmchiti,, which soon became so severe at to - reauue an immeniate auapenaioa or my paaiorai ta tiora. fur aanvoua arai mm waa now tbubouoblv ...n inn. and aa ml Urtmehltu be - ame wora. an aJao d'd my Uupapaia and Rheumatic affection ihus evincuii mat Ibeta aitoraers were eonnectrti wi each other Uirongk Uie mediant or ins nervoas sys - fteaa. My sufferings were indeed severe, and I had ' Bo proapeot. other than thai ef being antlialy bud aide from tba discharge of ihoeedutiee, and the per - (ormanee of tbew tabors in wbica ay soul has ever . ti.iJ Iha hlrheal nf bar lure. t But reasoning f maa aleet to eanae, I eenctaded thai tba Ntntut byHtm rauat be reaehed belord any hup coeLd be tndalaed of obtaining relief from theee moat .Qiatreaams maiaaiea. in me pimjupiBi. 4ld..Mimtil tn ha no remedial atant which enold .rracn and reeBPeraw ? ,?nJ Uimg. mat i nau mr n uu wrr, mo ema. r nlciely failed, tfappenlng to eali on a friend wha 'baa a tiaivanie rMtiery,eniuirucieaoniaeoui prmcw tal. T jvaIiuImI ui Irt tha arrMtof Lb A InLrailuelinn ni ikaMimnia fluid into the avaAem. The etlMt waa . too vioienl, wid the introduction of the fluid inosnd - .deaformyBToatmlraaerveai but from theultimata iii, thaMDMriment 1 vyaa led ts infer thai mm la the fl aid be broaht into lbs nervoat system amre .gradually, the eflect would be beneficial. This train .,rM.Muiina Led ana to examine ma amalea nrenarnd by Drrciiruile. and (though with no very sancaine kopesof their effiotency I to rtarn m to try the etlesl of the application or ma uibviinu olli ana NECK LACK. This wm Jne,lBw. Tpmygreag of the sptilication of ins. GALVANIC 81 A) wi ll I Thia waa la June. llug. To i aton'aiimenk at nca i .Ai dimi I wna eoabltd atoo 'aliment lies mii. my Df spepsla had gone Hto to retarne my aaatonu ut bora, nor have I ainee omitted a aingi aarvice on ao - cnantof tbeBMnchiiusand my Hbenmatie aneouoa alao arnard to trouble ma.' If time permitied. I eonld fj a thee, of paper with the details of particular, bat an now only farniah thia brkf abatraot. My Dya. MdihuiMirrawlill urn rbaamatuua iwm m m while vitita ma, but not severely, and is eaaily arret u 1, and it maniiraily being driven front, its hold upoa 4ny system, and my unmcnitis siection at taitrtii cwra. Buihkt tba woadarfal and Bam results oi "e eiriment. . . - f n rMuimmended Dr. ohrlatie's artlelealn mans Who have been likewise suffering from NeuraTgie af - reMiona. They nave tried them, with aimilar reaults, 'this (nr auWIcauoo, I am perieclly willing that yoa 1 naiieve m every eaae. aaouia aave not wriitea ahnuld iiuiw tha letter i ar in mannscripi to an wno But Jjmm Ia aaa il. . I am dear air. a ;. , . - VeyyiellT,vnara1 LANBte. ' IT fli aMf m nva rennniitfiilla annriaiul ihkt l hat the nly place ia rniladeiphia. to oota Daatuae walvauie artialea, jtauhe mlyplaeaia rniladeiphia., to obtain ur.cuisUe'l t at ore or ......... mm whoaa alone lis gsnoinearuoloaoaa beeb vnvtt .. . a II. U. Wvnrrinis.lWi. l" nrwuwiri i.ow ini, weneralAgr in for the TJ. States, mhl smtwtmalbif have esusrd seek an Immense tale that a legion of aountetfeita aad Imiuttiona are starting all oyer the ntrv. But,n reader, if yoa are aiBicled with irm. darke l or ehapi lantH iH'FVaf rvTO, ! A D, OLD S( IRES, JSeAR (i jVrt.ui. ES. SAl ilPPf KftR K BRAD. OI , tOKI '.AR, WJ11TB, SMOOTH AMr BOrj But mind, reader, to eure the above yoa mnatsk for and be sure you get Ihe rraearugrTtuineJONEd' ITALIAN CHEMICAL BOAf . If yoa are not .earafui yoa will get some worthiest eounterfeiv - hrap, but suite worikteat. - - . . the lonowHW peraima, amont oineia, mrt naau it J it to be more even wan we tiatei Henderwai. EM..GounaeuoralAAW. (tra.E.Williama,Jeraey City. , ; .: a. 1 A. - 1 . 1... J.. . As. . - L l - , , ' i !. - .:. a w il !. m at lav w tww. ' And wemiibt siva yoa a thnuaand Othar& but the , above must sauaiy any Unt nnea nuwawrandr feTtaandimiUtiotub See that the aame of X. JOi r 1 ia on tba wrapuer, and buy it In New York only at st - Til A HA M A., and in Philadelplna raili a l Lnlrer ttuiluing, jTtXTR A ORDINARY I A CURS OF B0DYar ui.' '.i - 1 ' r aiwneipnia, jaa. a, lw, - Dr. D. Jsvae Dear Birr Jutuca eiMnpea ma to Vake the following statcsnenl of the extraoi ' - 'so loal valuable modioiae Ike AX1 ml V E. ' 'lriifrlhal cav arlfa waa ntllieted for nara.duniui wlneb time her diaenaa kanied Of several eminent phyr iane,and after hndini ttial very means tiiat were u"i i iled to relieve her, 1 concluded lo plane her in the t - eniMTlvania iiw(..ijil. eSoping tl at the eareand trMMiiaeiit she wouid tiinre twelve from the phyaiciaiis in that inaiitution, sle ni(htarainberesiiM - ed lo bexlth. Hut to my great aliinipPoinimenL ahe rew Worse, snd became emiro - JV deranted In her mind, and I Wia i' n - il to mice er koine train "fncvsASi.s" and tun kkt or tan I will han - a uetiiiim ihat Bt Una tt i.e the more amtmlnentsymptonaof herdiiente were Drspentia nnn l.ive,ComDlninLSilended Willi sli klleM of Iha Miw.k. and vomitinaof averv oUentive fntid mu - nue, peiimn the htad, bark andstomaeh.and intlia tesmn of Ue heart, with violent ailavks of eoiio, a troulilraonia south from large auantiiie of pnl - ria tn her throat, which kept nereoniinauy gnaitiniaiia M.kiMuiiirn7itiB. BhabadnoBDDetiinand waa Tory weak. Site alio soffrred very much from s I nrinediaease by which she waa confined lo her I . Add toall the above, the deranged stats of her I iind.lwtiiehst this time was truly awf.U snd roe I WH be aitle to form sums idea of her elllictione. By lite nnvievoT s friend weeonimencsd giving Bep unnr ATlVK. In thedoaesof a tm - spoori'id djireetimesBdur, and fmnd that il helped her. We gueo gaveher your VF!' WIFUfiE to ucreaae her .nbLinl tne BAN All V it PI I.IJtln regulate iwn lowels. Eiiehad not taken two bouiea of the Altera - ive. before it operated upon her Ins wonderful man - mnr. liiins bet face with small red ptrnpie,and cawed ttertoeipeeuwate rarge euantitinsof corruptinn, be - : lure which, her breath waa so oflerulvs we could not rentaic in the room with her, unleea the doors were wpea. Finding the Alterative doing her ao rnueg aiMid, we increased; the dotes according K) tne airec - UUKia, Bin PMnran. r.,jMj.....,.,, mm. u aiiml ta AroliA. m bod ai swll a aa aruu I hope you will deiay no lima in laying thia before fke public aa I am willing to be suauncd at any time go Uie traih of Uie above statement, ana uuu V our Altersuve which eared her. ... ' Pjumrf. ' ' ' ' ' " Bedford, above M:irlbnrn atreet. .' The above is frevn a wen known and worthy citizea art aentnirtoo a and hunarcoa of i a member of Iha Mmbodiat Chareh. i of families m tMtUei(nlorhoud will iruth of hit sratemenL . ' I w li. tbn mill . 1 he many cures perfiitmed by this Akrrratlvs t - U truly satoiiiaking, as in RheumatiHn, Gout, Tie LouMMirranx, Liver Complaint, Dytpepsia, rVrnfa - Lma and Cancenrus Blint and Ulcers, Gottra, , of theBkin. Drp.iml8wellinra, AcAa. ' u U, M a K..nb TH IB 11 HI., fh.l.rf'.. t r Ne charge for advice. fcH - lrfrf TSliEAP FR1NGKS, GlMfS AND BUTTtiNS, a - every tiyie). to oe nan ai mra. m. a. ritbtv KAN; i 11 Soeik 6E.COND Street, between Duel MAN, 1st SoetkSE.COND Street, between Bock and Sprsea. Abo. a large assortraent of Bags snd I'arMaVali Of wliek Will be sold at rermeed trneerT mhl iw fl ;;K Aulaerllier frert leave to inform his (rierwla r iiB Sulnerilier best leave to inform his (rierwla A and the public in aeneral Ihat be has commenced EC OAK CitftPERING Baameaa, at la North OUiHH Bureet, hrl.w CallowhiU, wbere be will I haify to see any of his fnenda, and la attend to any liiini ' l.S - aia' f m Ais tine wita inearewcvi " 7" !l run n n i ne a. CL A RFNKACHk HFTrffSrTM; TAlUl8ri,andBAHbtRr'Hfc niirnr.turera of EA M H. Cutiera, erimirrtaud fou.i 'r .So. 7b Boalk liiiill - ItrorH, I Bni.ii we fit tlllli - e, rsiia. our - aip - TTTAilLM ItLE ACH IN a - TVte Philadeluhia a. lue.c" tvnik, t the only avenai a wan. en py the K'arhha h aiioit. at iialMii .xhrMwrn, for bie - h - lita. Tixne havtita rMitriii' Haee.utnta. CaAbie Flaa - tt - ia. Ilinaria. Vfaiua, Yarn, or any otli.r kind ef Tnliaeh i'S winch me, wi.n rfne, would find it to their dvmtt4e to .H ., (neortiy of tetw ii1JaLL COonChcanntst. gJWFF.T t.ilkN'iEH - Jaat reival. Al - o, Pine P A Pt"e. ia - iNuir. Slia, Vt.aea. Pr ns an - nerun Rrowoa. r - niirna Fi a Ho rwrna hie hico 'e, rioHHriauiue AAMUwiaaat, blc, at no. Mi , A n n r. nuaon . - . ' tffO ALMtHT HOLY EPPECT AND TRANS. ORMATlON that Out amgntar article produeetoa a diaaased or disfigured bamaa skui, Is stounding m an Muauea iia wnnuariai nromirucn 1.44 - tuuA . FREDERICK WILQELJ1, 1 BOARDING. BOARD WANTED fiifclird Hiim. hv at r with a funmhed or anfnr - uhrd Room, bv a Mechanic end Wue, and chile f U . Ml. M?Od. ly - cttinn NiwfO roWB Mri si - now dlfrontaud tilth guest. AiUiei"HKNR Y A - ixiger urnce, , , , . . . . .., nine - GENTF.EI. BOARDING may be Had. bv " at Uet. W.etimnr of LOCUST and SBVESTrj Streets. Eouih aula of WsBtiinglon Equarei mhl It liOARD'NO. - A Gentleman and Wife. or few or srettnd fluor la diiw vacant. Apply At " Milv IIl'T Bir.t. alwna Pifih. N.irlh aide. mhl Si i vviii mw.mii in nxwwuwm i . ,,.,....... BOARDIMO. - Twoorthreeiira Rooms, tarnished oruufurniabed. wiiu genteel BOARD, ft tteo - tlrmen and their Bingle gentlemen, IB a niraeani locality. For vuueularii applr at th dger Office. mne - ii nOARDINS A v'eaaant front Room wiin uhuik it. 'nr a xenueman ajn wuc. BontnruuHTU at. BlU It mARDINO. Several Binfla GmUeman. or two rntlentrn and their Win ean be aooommo la' ed with BOAHUand front FnrnirhM Rnoma,u aamall ftnilr, at rJo.w8ootli TBlRTtliN TH Street, abwa Cheanut. Terma rwideraia. mh7 - lr" Joinmodaled third atorv i the nae of the L three doort beloar KieveuUi, North aide. , ' mhTTtt' TJ0ARDIN8 At No. 61 LOCUST Street. One xJ large front Room, m the eoond floor, aallable foraOenilrmiia and hia wife, or two Gentlemen, wiih BOARD, aa Lodging Room. anhl W AGliNTLF.M AN and LADT ean ba aeeommo - daied with BOARD, with a furnttbed or unfur - nubed Room. Alaih a few tingle flrntlemea nan b ioniinilited,M MRS. DANIELS', No. asBnntk ECONDBt. i mhTtm MENTLEM AN and hia WIFE ean be aoeoramo. aledwilhUOARDINnlna nrivata familv. A urrae. pirnunt ratiacnoe. iatugeramoe. DOARDIN 0. - 8evtml gentlemen ean be U dated with BOARD, by applying at Btreel. above Fonith. ' ? mhl Ai - t ; W. O. TJ0 accommo - UIV1NS mht 3l T.S. WILSOX A .ENILEMAN AND WlFganoafa. x aim mils gentlemen ean be aceommnaated witn Rl), at a mod - rate pride, at the B. W. oorner of LEand MA9TERBia.,Kentinbm. mh lw tHt A H AUKNTLKMAN AINU Wlf K can bo a&uorarno - dnttdwitha pleawtnt front Room and BOARD, In BPRJN8 GARDEN Sireet. auath aide, Sd door noove r ranaiui. .tao, a lew i oang wen, nint - et - A flF.lMl I.F.MAN AND HIS WIFR and amara A nthcr Ufnllerutn can obtain food BOARD and good aceommoriationaat no. W VIZNls ot. mug lm rT LET , WITH BO A R1V - A Una ROOM, in Iha mwnrniili vuitajiiv lur iwip vnuiviiicn ur a pernio najiaira unit uqairt aiflik wri itm. Brat Bouee seiow l en in. nm et - U1NBLR ANTi iJ aeormmodtted with eienntlr fnrnialied ROOM! n. BOARD, U No. 6 COATKatkreM. above B - oiia. amir BOARDING. Families and alngla gentlemen can h arrnminfHjMled. on atnderata lerma. at No. 119 Bon IB EIUHTH Btreet, above LoeaM. beveral of tka Koonit eonnoci wun eaon otner. mni i lEiNTLKMF.N and their WIVES, a leu. a few tut - g1e Gentlemen, nay be accommodated wiih BOAR D, and pleasant rooms, At Ml MARKET Bt - , agvrt iiiiiw. . ' ieia - ini iKNTLEMAN and his Wlla. and a few single mtlemtn, ma be accommodated with good BOARD, at No. lBouth NINTH Bt. tnH eodst LOST AND FOUND. f OBT. In naaaina from Race Street, below Ninth. Li aloeg apper tide of Kiibth to Chesnnt Athadnwrt jnranni tapper atue.. to Deveam.n Diutea tAavv AitK. BUkiKd with tiaowner'anama. Anr oana ndini the tame will ba suitably reararjed by leaving I at itw baus nreet. mns - ita aturday evening, a WrilTK MU rba finder will be llberallv rawan by bavijig it al at etal CALLOWttlLL Btreet, above 11 .ifihitreeL rnhl - lt I OBTOn Monday morning, in Vina atreet, above jMThtrteenia, or U Thirteenth sued, between Rai - e athBimics streets, a green silk KETIUULB. eoa. u Jijii rurtcwitn a small sum ot money. 1 nimble. As. A suitable rewanlwill be given upon leaving lt with Mr. J. B. .MA&T1NDA aa - Bw TUiUDi., neiu ccoujitiu Beveutn. Buna - Ji E08T - F0UR DOLTjARiTaTFIFTY CENTBi one note the balmce inchanga, the sarnnus of aLacr, tn going from Schuylkill Eighth and SeO'ga aptnMaikelst, along Markrtto Eleventh tt. Toe finder ' win oonier a great favor by loavlng it at No. U MINOR Btrret Id story. t mhl It 1 OBT On Bunder, tha 17th of Februarv. in aiana L from Thirteenth street, bet ween Bprnct sndPine, nanruee and Broad, a HAIK HR.ACK1.F.T. with Soli Lncket.ael round with white auniea. nnntiinina hlatk and white hairt it waa a much ariaed aift of a fleer aard friend, and a aaitable rewarrT will bs given u rvturnra w no. ion coein in Direct, Opposite Bt. Luke's Church. mhl if LOST - Between the boa s of i and S, on Taesdev, a BILK NET BAO. lateraDeraad with Raada. ml. teraate colors, dark - biua and orange, with steel fringe and tasaeia, eoniaining its owner s Bam kerektef. mailed i.oiaaniu Jl tr uTi No.niMARKK'fl Tha finder, hv Imimi :,ffrst door above Tenth will receive a dollar for iheir trouble. mlil - lt" OBT OR BTOLJiN. front the Merehants' Ho - as tel. Ft ana street, en Monday voninc, eth lnat.. E bile tha owner waa at tea. a BLACK ;k oiiOTH VERUOAT, with, velvet eollar and euta, and mrd througkoat with silk) in the pug it el o( whiol tu'i in a' a, vaiae w uia owner, vvnt Ihs anova, will confer a favor by retnrntt liar throuaa tha PiMUoflaaaa 11 Ban ba i bo ate to any one but theowuec. mhl - it I OST - On Sunday evaning hut. In gojna from Race AnireoiaviB I iiiiu nnu oiwn Mf H. .una .t,o . n r'iarAAt;r.i.r. s. wun nani pinaaMniaano inuiaia R.H. A lettable reward Will be paid if returned initiala mhl - Sl ilOLD BPECTA Loal, in Cheanut lib atieela.nnTaen. va ttree street between dev. a natr of sold TACLEs, wiih oval formed! laster. Tbcy were eontained ia a morooca se, well worn. The finder will be suitably re - Sarded by leaving them at the otnoeof the Saturday jurier. No. 141 CHEBNUTBl. mhl w j". 1 REWARD. LOST - Qn Saturday evening, ia Sf A giang from Union and Front streelauo the Walnut BtreetT heatre, a HAIR BRACELET, with gold Clasp, principally valued on account of containing tka hair of a dear relative. Tha finder will ranaiva the above reward bv leaving it at tka S. B. corner of IJNION snd FRONTSis. mhl It ; CfOLEN Frxim Ike pavement. In front of the store j of tna sun avalafjeriUtttr. on tha. AYeninc or nisrhl of thm ihrnwant, nw briitu BARHbL. eoiiuiutiiir M lalront of 8dfer HotiM MolaMm. A liboml rwr4 Will b imid U wm raoovery of tha Molaa - Mt and on - viction of the thief, ova return of the property, by tDDlBON H IN fc.9, Grocer, IM BROWN St.,cor, intaer. above 3d. N.L, . - mhl - lt rT3T, TYOHNfi WRITE ROW Plfl alra.nd lawny, on the Id inL, from tbs Siableia rrMiiv otreet, www mutn, well tide. c An T Detson imvliia lnfofmatioB at above Will besunably rewarded. rnha - lt' ass. - ) STRAYED AWAY, on Saturday morn - a - 45.1"lt1aaoiall red and while spoiled Spaniel TiBf.UT. with a bram collar, enrmvad wnk IWrt. Afo. I cm t fad. C br .uht In Mr. HOLMES, No. r.'lMki) and SHIPPED, will be suitably ia. Warded. - - mill ft JA FIFTY DulLaRS "JL - Z2d of Februtrr, a awa r'AKj. Onllie ro'it from the Sub - - acriberaHfK3Eand YORK WaGOV. fo Wi the pnrnnae, aa he mid, of going as lar a Brideaburc, t few niilni above the city. Tbe horee is a brown oraa. t veara old. about 15 handa hiah. lonaUiLa miaii snip on tne ena of ? sne; uie near tors loot a ty hvc Dollars fur the rrcoveryof the Horee and Wa - Son. 1 lie ihirf lea men over hflr fnartof as,abmt feet7 inchea higb. Bum built, dreaned in bi.ek. aud gave the mime of Brown, miii It F. IlrKK. njavj Lf'ST On Suaday m iming, a ainill a - laX White and brown i pot ted DOU.anewering " tt It, a n la I Mm rf I 'maai A m ar - nnaatta ing bm toWll.LOVV Bireet, two doors below XMRinrt, snail oc uiieraiiy rewarded, mht it" inbih, sha L 0ST - 0n Friilay.fid inat.,in go ruf from Schur Ikill 7i a and Area to Deiawnre Tmrd ajid llaliow. kill etreeia, a Lady's Steel BEAD BAB. containing - some money and a pair of glove. A auiiable rawarr Win be paid u left at ills norta ihiku cm. mh7 - in LOST, On Mmday Evening, I h irt., biiarenn I and I o'el'K.k. a Green HUHmK ril.ANKK r. irt rl"l front Pilih and Vine to Uwis Biret, above PouUr, going np Marshall and Coatea to len h, ap Ten'h to,aiid down Tenth, to tbs AwnWy Buildmrs. A au.i - i .le reward I ami be paid for ua re tnrn to 1 North 1 LhVKN fH btreeL mhj t L0T - n P' HANK. Noli lar, 41 h iaatanLa ROLL Of containini two 100 till la on the fx f.iniro Bulk, puwiMirn, oneAift bill on onsof the Virmnia lull la, and reveial other rmtiler hllit. Any one learnt lle above at No. lot MARKET Street, nail ne uauuaunieij rcwuuw. am I II LOST. - Five weert piat, a Large BREAST - PIa, wilk Vaiiow Tnp.i Bione set in Goul. En graved on it. in full, was "from Mrs. J.B to i Aira. l. B', R.' The findnr w II be liberally rewarded by lenving ltttMCMEHNUTB ret, or at K,r.VrrJ'J',,?l ei, B, E, sunt of MARKKT and a rv r.i.i LFTil rVtree'a. mhl St Bc IMtlKU - l. .t, .irpo.e4 Bear the landing dtJ of theateaintxi - i u, r., York, aBEAL Rl.", wiinawioana ti.einiiiH K.H., inoid English, eneraved on a blood In. i,uin.u mnm . areB Boenrrarea ia ine in.ineor tnerioa. Ineahove reward will ne ipaia tr vii wr wmau rerihe aw a.nirdrnig ati.4 Clli iNUrBu n 7 I On RE' I lip I lK.llar Biila. W APD. - Loat or mitiaJ. e PA( ka on rio.,Di, nte'ui aii - s cuieny in 1 we . The finder will receive u.,r.. wain uy leaving at jjrn, mnu gfa nun y - CAMR TO THE PREMISES of P arw amenui - iretrie CanaisSurt aKL BORSR, thin in fieen. The owner reaaeat as D"uvier,on uteviiaoi r toruary uii - i iwor - prove property, pay chameiaiid take fcuaaway, or e win ue to a ni nia aeepmg. rnnr - m - BfRAVF.D AWAY - Pmar aiehaond. i'last Tureiay. let Hr - jf J OW. giving bti i l i . Milk a ear. Any! lo JAMES MeCARRAN, llON',ailepesrtre will be laat Tare lay, let InaL, a red aad waits era a and 4 ef perwe urinstng laid 0w Borrell auant. RICH. mO' "i all cxpenara win se pbm. mh7 - li' flvn REWARDS - WAS 8 POLE M. oa Prut.. 3? IV Ey EM.NU. the Sd instant, from tbs 'e of ineruerritv, i v - oa r.xat - B - yeu r Hue, ariik er - Et.nCilvr keys; I hJioor iM.,nrlkey.l yeJiow F luteand 1 r kieoieia. The above wi.l hn paid on the return of ike goods and ermviclion of Ua uuet. nr e . . w.n. laws - . mil St No. 144 rVnilk alreeL ax0 "AVB otbf nr - miaeaef the aula' - rfber, fciaMk'rlAkKlKll l)Of r. IB wnl'f, and haa a o wa seal. aaek apots oa ni, back, 14 .in ears and tail, witteh the owner en by pn.vtng pr,.p. - rt. r)i"f r,amen and , hoe way. Apiey fc 1 AH. r - r! AW.l'snxp Mukar, fa ay. aim suaHi. oeiow ua a inriam. mne - sj MADAME PA Vf)Prirwif'it r .b'm the Lucie - 'hl .Hn win nnri mi VI fill. KMI4 V nel - llrf 'll'Rri,N.. I CMKSNUP 0) r - ot. Wfea kaa heea e: 'ire j rtri'iid ua ut ine mi tn - - iru Pa'tMaa St lie. 1 he larre naorlmeitt Mia ture - it V reeetred by Uie Ul arrtnia Iruoi Kranrw, wt. a. low k - r ut Mi w the BHiMiainieniaw gvoilautaer lH.eevnre(. kilMtedui Uus eujr. subd SAAarJi I r k Tw . k 1 .1... - L 1 A wfik ROA Rl). wiik an anfarnTthei I riaita. In HI' KIN 14 hakukci Bueai WANTED BY A VAMILv A third - story anlur W nithed ROOM, with BOARD, In private family. Reference) ictaued. For address, apply at Ut Ledger otBoe. fel - lin WANTS. VI AN TKU In a Drug Mora. respectable L AD a aa Amir cm ice. Apply at iha IV. W. corner of THIRTEENTH JKA KSo., jrorafdiatfly. mg - t WA1T - l A sanond - Band M AIMU fAUI UrlbtlU PRlf - S AinlB' l a ST tR Faetnrr. corner of HOWARD slid JEFFERSON Sts Reminaioo, between 9' tut I II ll - BI'lUH JB - M. mi I - It - .TED Two or three GiRl to work at the klulduix. Apply al No. y.NorUirllXTtt bL. foartEaiorr. mht - ll tlANTED A GIRL, to oo the houiework of a fa smalt lamiiy. uood rrieremo reeuired. lft - nrn No. 84 South SECOND Street. mbl - H WANTED - A WOMAN, to Con, at the Waa - , irnton Refectory, gut MARKET Bt. Beat re - .erenrarniuireQ. mna ti - LUUIt WANTED At 37V WALUT Btr cat.. Alao ' a ChsmlNMinsid, Aaply between Bins and twelve pMoct. ' mbt - lt WANTEDA SITUATION by young GIRL, . about Ufearsofaia,eilheraChildNaraeur to Wail. no. toe ARCH Bt.,ab4Ve Filth. hs - Sf tA ANTED. A V)UN M AN. M years of age, is Retail Dry Goods Houaa. Haabeea t years in the v an imn n m u a 11 ii in wv n aistaHa isa gm butineat in Baltimore, and I years ia Delaware City, Could influence some country trade. Meet of references given, U retailed. . Adaress 1. C. A., at the Ledrr nflier, - nutU eod3t WANTED A GARDENER. Apply at No. 41 kWIA HIT IH Hirm. aml from r.vm. Also, a gord WAITER, whits or colored. Apply in BPRUCK eVreeL aim doata ahova Brand. ruia side. aahett WANTED - A. SITUATION in a Grocery Store, 11 In lu - o Ihti hn.iaa ann attend in ih minrtu been in the buaiacss three monUta. Address W. G. txuiu vium. muBaa a, AltTno - 'A White WlltL. to eouk and do gene - beglven. Apply to WM.G. GUBB1NS, rai won inn tmau larniir. unenu v V m a (7tn iKtweenncauyuataand tit. . hi SI iMIIrT VVANTfcr - Aaolsr,indutrKiu0OACa - Ai ANTED A few LADIES, wno are neaitewers, ' aa Apprentices to learn tha beat Vet Making, neuatoiuer work, Ae. Also, a young GIRLloUke Bare of a Child and do itie Houacwork, where site Bisy also loarn, U it would be her with, within a spe - cintxi time, appiy st no. 7S kiuuej kuau. mhs - (i WANTED By a single MAN, a IT U ATION in a Wholeaale Unol ami Bta.M MLiwn. u K.leam.n w Assistant Buok - keeocr. ba ia aeaiuuuttd with tha Jerary trade) ean give the beat of references, sad wuuiu nigage inr a smau salary. Addieat"Hamil - Ion," Leciieromee, mhl Si WANTED A good stout BOY, inn China Store una who anduralnnda nLrewine nmfWrnd. In - Muwn,..., .i i n u cm tj Kl irlnui, J. ..A. BUS - It VtV AN TED Ky a youug LADY, Bituaiion as i.R, III the priuuirs department of a S' TE EACHE Pemluary. Address IL A., Uroaihlhc Phtladolpkia rmv uinee, 'aiinn name ana aicaiion. mhs - w WANTED A While WOMAN, as Cook. Apply If7 WALNUT Bt. oud rnfnrMlceiriienlmn. WANTED A DU TCH LOOM WEAVER. Ill, nt H. WII.KIIHllN'li IVeh IT..r. I FORD Street, below Second, West Kentuigum. rgtO UNMARRIED LAD1RA. Mr. JflHMf.AN 1. D18, AuiImv of Reiiiioua Books, and Baored rainier, a.iuwgrapner.e..aieare of aaa. tall and comely, solicits one of you for a WI F Bl of statue. I fret inches or ud war din wilhaume aumev. fairiuma. plrxiou, comely and muscular, and not beyond M yearaot age. 'Marriage ia honorable!" Word of 01 1 Ad4ieas, "Mx. Lantlis," lArvugh the poet mhl - lt W ANTED Two BOV SJ stout ) or 16 years of v V ate, to learn the Cedar Cooper UK Buiinose, ai No. taS North SECOND BtreeU nihTlt WANTED - By s LAD of 17 years of age, reapeet - ably connected and of suber habita,a Bi l l) A - or CAkRlAGE aVaTaVA Tf MU M.. The beat of city refer ences ean ba given. A noteaddreaied to "Edward," Ltdger oflica.jA'lllJie promptly attended to, aths - at WiNTEi - Aa Apprentice to tiVooTani Bhoe Making buaineaa. Applj in fINE Btreet, above Third, akmlh Camden. N.J. mtuvit WANTED A YOUNG MAN, 17 to jeaTToIT. whowriteea fair band and can make himself generally uastui. APPty at no. n) KlAliKE. 1' Bt nil atua - u IA, ANTED A PARTNER, with capital of from doing a good busineta. located in Born Harden. Art. imiu cjiau, inanoui eaiaoirMti drew i D. K. F., LrUger pfhee, between tue hours of ivauuu, a nia wj.n.a.A young one preiorrcq. TXT ANTED A FAMILY WAHH hv a naraon lln. vf imr a ahortdiataaoe ovav Market Hrutmr referem given, if rttuued. Atldreaa Eliza, Ledxcr omoe. mha - s.. TX7ANTKl - An APPRENTICE to the Black. vi snii thins kutinraa. a BOY between 11 and IT ears old. Apply at No, M OAK Btreet, between Greta i aJiH iww aiw, 1. . im BUlSat - IT ANTED An American. GIRL, for Looking aiidHi family) good reference Will bt Eniliah or German ouaework. ia a a mail be teqaiiea,' Apply al no. ts maapiiAUi ri. mna as nANTED A MAN and hit WIFE, to ge on I v farm, ll milrs from Philadelphia; the man to uuaeisiaaa eiuoanaing, ana tne wonwn to anderaiaud issing cnarge ot a aman oatry) Bone tut tan Ai neea appi y) ixa reirrauses win ta renaired, I H N of tk FRONT BL. betweea and 11 A. TXT ANTED In WbolessJs Dry Goods Store, v i uajj, wno aas neea in tne reuil bueineat some time, siid can live unexceptionable referente as to character and induttrr. To save trouble none others neeu appiy. appiy at mi imaara a pi. mas it - ta ANTED - A SITUATION aa Beatnetrern end tl Chambermaid, or to lake charge of a child 1 no ohjretionetotraveli good rufsreaee given. AJdrees M . D., Leilinr olh. a. . . mhl It 1IANTEJ) - A PUrtCHAF.rtfor a lot of Carved 1 1 Letters, finl bed and unhniahed ; will be sold below coal if applied fjr aoon, lnauires4tkeS.E.eoiw. per 01 BIX1H snd ARCH Bis. pjbl Jf ' TOANTED - A WET NUBS'. Apply at N.T. tt RACE, between Second snd Third sts. mhH - tt flfi MTl' IS An A n. 1,.'.... .f' tt capable to do the Co. king and Washing and Ironti i of a small family. Reoieiujus reauired. Am p y t No. lot Sou ih FIFTH BL mhA ll WAN TED, - A situation in FARMING, or iaa . STORE, by a young Married MuiTofVoo. b: bits sod aubriety, wno lias arrived kately from Ire - landt a first rata .pliKighun and aborer of any de - KIRS'S - Vr Awl he Bird - iu - Haa Tavern, North FOURTH Bureet, near Cailowhtll. mns - lt WANTED A PERSON TO ADOpTtwb verr intaiBBtiiiB and kaalihr i HII.Hm KM .in. ..A girl, (Ue tormar I yeaia and the lattar yeursofage,) wiw pwuiiiii. ie - i - 1 oroeaaco. rersrms Wlahing toudopteneor botbJwiuplesMlditai 'Ofph.t s," Iittiger ottioe. ,., . - puuv. WANTED A PERSON whoee Ume Is ant fully employed, to take clutrf S of a smaii set of Books, Aodrraa Leuier oiltee. mhl It INFORM ATifiN" VVANTtiD. oa man by the 1 mils of THOMAS DliGAN, Boot and Bhoi Maker, Who arrived in this eiiy in the year IU44, by his brsi eousiu Johnn.rating, Irom Ire and, eoun y ef Wsitiird. App y at the bird la Haud iavs.n, Monk FOURTH SJtet, nam Ceiiowhili. mhl If - flfKfJA WANTED On an anexceprionable mort - ' epvlvV (age security, worth more than tour times Uiearmiunu Asptyta JOrt. B. BARRY, mist - r - - - gaBouU Thirt 1st. WANTED A Young MAN, for a Wholesale Drf . GooUaBUtre.,CoaihmenjJ Wallers. . Bltoauoiis ft Clerks, Copy ita, fitnk Runnera. Car Agenta, Barkeenera. Walclinieri. Portera, Aa. MEKCUaN T OFEICK, lilt BPRUCE St eet. A slnrBcUv Young n, eaa obtain t Per ata BoitniuaiKininBGrocerjbi.ce. ' Failhlul fllrla. Ctmkm. I'li.mKen,.IA. Sana Boote 0irls,8earosireaaca, Coiiwed Ouls lo Travel. Ac. if Ciuzcae auited at short notion, r&bs - lui WANTED Aa hooeat snd Indastrious yourur ..Mf1,w?, to " some rapneutbte BUB1NESS, already eauitiianed.aa partner. Heeaa eummane a capital of k&u or atxjo, Thevsrykeat refereneee given. 1 1. v. 01 vr - , ladH mhs - st oniee. A BOY WANTED la a Stereotype Foandry j one who has had some experience in CompMitirl Will be preferred. Apply WE. D - MliARa, BlXTtl and CHEANUT. . . . . . mhl - lt WANTED - A White Protestant WOMAN, to do kouMWork. Good reference ret aired and good wares given. None but a competent person, nand apply at the N. W. oorner RID to li kOAl and GREEN Streets. ' mul fi , YOUNG MAN WANTED Wbe H LUm,k a Aamacnrpnua amarna. 10 go to renneaaae. A graduaioof thsCieo of A'kariuacy w.w d ba pre - irrretf. Apply to 1 e. t, . . , T. A. TutM AS, i BihS - tt ' ' Merchanta1 Hotel. ANY PERSON wis possesses any no wlotge of inoatrivwii wawcauoaiaoi WflB.orsiAKI Mo - fJLL'KE. formerlv m A'nrl Binwnrf. lrMk.n. sailed from Liverpool la th 4 New York packetsmp Coiumt.UT, in November, IMS, will eon'nr s great ur Illation on s near reiauveof tbe Pruea by lmpartii g Uirir inlorniatum in line adree. to C p care of vi uaiji, niLuaaii ixormoc.til I H Bureet, Phiiaoelphia. - " ma - li D.WA, LING gaa, la WANTED Oa tbe 1st of April. a DWBU nuicn, wiia mo tern imiiri.veoienla, .. in a centra! aaitof Lhn en.. Pmilk.., gvo. Addjeai Darciling, at Uie Ledjcr oitna. G WANTED A WHOLE or PART OF A BOlr - E,iutheoity. p - nt from g. on to t'S Apply at No. W Sou ik aiRD tri. ' mul n GW ANTFD TO RENT A T w story BRICK DWELLING, with s small yard and hydrant, to ioul wdar, sitnatrd batwrwa i t.txx and Eif'k Strreuand Arch ami CaUowbiil atrenf, 1 j wnk rent not xiwedmg ei2n. a note for H. 4. Au InCi Ledser ofliecitauug when and where aa interview Btay be pad, win aieot wiia proinpi aiteeuou, ml - tVANTF.D - A PARTNER or PURCHASER, to tt nanufactura end sell aa article BMd by ever ririlly,aiHlefiding a larra profiu A small or larre enpttai enn teiey uivrMsd. Aino,a persuatooi tbe t.u.ine - , ia w i ork. Ineaireof mbt - tntiiio - - oH RBACOtl NorlkSixik st FiKMJA WANTED. - W A Nt E D A good k ARAtl - R, wiiA a aw)l family, who uiaeuaaiai - ed wub garavaiug and a. - irui,f. To aaeh will be iimirmiiNw. "i a sarmef ia acres oa tjieabarrt. auM aillen fr.aa Uie eily ef Baluiaara. ae r a,na m tn, wce. ii,, tenant will aavu to furniah four Cowa, pur aadeaa, apply at tue . re m mwta tfl - ca a ynrAit - kit. ttt,.vrEN .tw.nuig ay aptAS fia - frtttke above anaiant ia cue kn Una ta radically rare any and every ease of aearraM.nM that eoeaea armer his charge, ao Btatt - r bow Uma StnndiiigtW' miebn laaea - eaaty be. Kiihera - kare b vited to la private runmt. No. at tlr,V. ritia - w.. an un aaaiioa are aaitra jr - niril r cured fm r - ht by aa) ptaetieal expeneaee tag unaalarial reaae - Tl'l STRANGERS AND SKA - MEN. The kaate ami wi. nuinn ut auajiaa un inata, and Ji n lil a eru'inr wimiiw, r taier 11 mi iwnaiy km lum le anon.em. - iniuu,i win eare nnaicaiaiei.. um inea Saaj pr.x roa aiunnitaeieaUuri. auS - Uui. i"r lS VALIPS tiiff - Tin from eitia.aa of a certain aa a tur. e'e refl'i - atMi t .iiurauli ru F LIN S, a w NjiUi F MONTMr'eL A. - h.a. t.n - y will ra veie W"vr tr.!ri,. t ,rte, t r.die.1 oura, Bl'd evade ill r a o ti;ltiiil 1 H! rriiv i - a, V lotare ni.e aiu i. - d la aetl ud,iH and at.u.ter V - vM - r 1. errant tne a eitet.t t4 r.e mi at - a ?' e.itu'i i ar, t .an ti e l. aoaa ef ihe ait aw, ar umtaui.L Ceriihetnea in mtfty of taeir v etimt, ta - uia lu ca calk, W be anau at bjb o.os. mat SVr V atari m una teal BiHtafitanoa nia hninnna: aucn one wilt bud steady employment, AIJ,a Trim -,uaLoveinrutioned, at Monk BlXTU Bueot, corner i f t iankun Avenue, bibs si GEORGE LEFLER. v FOR SALE AND TO RENT. OTO HAHNtrtS MAnRKa. rae prnwieror, lxnl niiCTinf in'n an ni 'r bainew, oliers his BT():k and FIXTt r.) for sals. low for oah. Prop to rent, It is a hrat mia buautcas stan.t ror durraa apply at Ledscr oilice. - nilig - lt'r jH, RA HI K II. V r.& 1 . hi.l - A three butt ll BRICK DWELLlNt' ami Uf cf OROIJNU, ouVteatl tide 0 DELAWARE EIGHTH BU pnrth of Parriah street, ft sale .anon reaaimable trrme - s great twrrnin. xne nouaew duiiiib taeoeas Biaunu and Wbli aiuthed. inarble msntels e. Ap - Flyto M. D. LlVENeETTER, ; Bjlw - Il T ' sTaw ATAI OH STM qarji, liajvaj ejUe OTO LET Part of a uuue, no. is iMsne street, North aide, firal ,treet areveRaee. between Tmih ai d Elevamh. Insuus Bl lai F I L - BERT Btreet. near Thirteenta. mas lt a TO LET. A Three - story H 0 US B , wi h ll Basement and good Cellr under. Hydrant la AthaHrd. Ia SCHUYLKILL Avenue, betweea ftrruee and Pine, running front Eleventt to tjtt'nee. JLem per month, to r ia auranee. ai'pij w OHN B tNJTERWtPliVE, aboveTwelfth Bt. IL fOR SALE. The STOfTtand FIXTURES a Small pROVlrTUN STORE (a APPLa? Street, betweea Calvert aad George, lower aide, Nartliernll.Jertiea. mhl - Sl GTOTET - Iwo - atory BRICK HOUSE, tn brautirulsitnation on the FrankfordRoad. above Biekmn,d Una, 'tia MnteAa with eonvenieneeB. kavtng I wo patlora. and dining - room, a kandanaae ptaisa. kitchen, stabling, sc. aoacnea an acre ot hum. wm aaiuen, ai'uia w i i ... the prrrniaea, or at No, Ml SECOND Street, above Uallowbiu street. mas - eouat - A FOUNDRY FOR SALE Wnk FIX - riTURE8comrdeto,dmnga good business. The au Cupola can take down from three to four tons per day i with Grindery and Fixtures for a Machiniat, or any iron work tnat reaairee w nennttnea. ao - drem Box 301, Port - office, with real name, and statinf Where aa interview may be kai o. mhl St FTRMS. i'NiMPROVED LANDS, ea. HOUSES and LOTS, tn any annuity, and , varioua Dricen. ennttantlv for Bale and Ex - "" phanie. at ait South THIRD Street, aseond story. rroninoora. ' atiir - ii . FOR SALE - The GOob - VVlLL and FlX - ll TUBES of a fi te OrtterRefeotorri to ba AaiAanid on reasonable terms, br aspirins ai No. Ml BouinvKUUNlJBt,. roaseation lminedtateiy. If E" Fi'R SALE OK EXCHANGE F0Ra CITY PROPERTY. A bmaU. FARM. nnnialnifia 111 Aereaw alaaaanllvaltiiated ian the Old York Road. I mil. a from Philadelphia, with asond Stone Dweilmg House and all theaeceaaary out baitdingK there are on the place Two Fraaae Tenrmenia, which rent for S60 per annum. Aiao, a Large Apple Orchard and a mi frit of other Fruit Treet Inqairsof W. H. WLNBEKO" No.415 North SECOND Btreet, . mal wAstw'B OA RARE CHANCE F O R 8 A L E The Stock and Good W ill of a LIVER Yin Germsa - Uiwn, where, with a moderate eanilai and pro per aitrnlloa tn bawineas, would render it a p rob table InveaimeiU. Tba above will be aold upon reamiiablo terms. Apply to GEO. VV. ROSfcVGERMAN. ivan, QVALUAHLE r AKM ANUrr.KSclflALee. PROPEKTYPUBLTC SALE. The" eulrnncr will rell at Publle Sale, oa Sth" day.ihed of March next, on the premises, a VALUABLE FARM 133 acres, handrnme'y simated on the river DeTawsre, in UPPEd MAKEFIELD Townthip, Bucks County, Pi., near Tarloravills oa the river road, I aulas fro Trenton, andl float New Hope The personal nroperty eorsnsts of Household Goods and Kitchen Furniture in their variety t a large amount of Stock and Fanning Utensils. Ac, Ac ror particuiara, see nana - Diita ana ducts vounrr Newspapere. Bale to commence at II o 'slock, A. At. The Farm to be sold at I o'clock, F, SL mhS IW UHAKL.I - .0 B. AltUHLBJ. 0 DRUG STORE FOR.8ALE In a thr iving aiahlmrbood. new and bandaomeit fiitted bd Slock freak and good. Will be sold very cheap if applied Hit immediately. Intuire at Iks .Ledser n.tifl at vmtr. 0: HOIIfiR TO RENT. A new modern built three - tlory btick DWELLING HOUSE, with - taro - tor, double Back Buildtnra. etrardeie. wilk fine vard. and ail the modern eonvenianeeaof beau era. outrauia raiiae ww euiu nnu wwni unuia. piinaM in Ike atty proper, west of Broad atreet. . Apply to - U. ATHKRTONABON, ih - 8t - ' lWalnuL above Sixth st. Tl O LET Te second, third and fourth BTO - TlRfFSsnd BA8kENTofSue,No.8aCHE3 - NUrSueet. f il l Nraa. mns - at' FOR BAI.K. - A RARE CBANCIL The GOOD - WILL and FIXTUREl with or witlw t ihe Stock, of an old astabliahsd Boot and Shoe Store, and House w rent. Apply at l7Nortk THIRDStreet. mhl St BUSINESS STAND TO RENT. - St re and )wellim Houan. Mo. I Boulh rVcknrlkil UUIl LK.IGUT1 IDUeu. atent sow. Appiy to 6. MUD6E, M Market Street. nHt' GF0R SALE A well built three - story Brisk DWELLING and LOT of GROUND, on the. noutliai 'eof Wood atreet. between Sohnvlkill Seventh and Eiihth, Inlthndinmodernatylc. Terma yaoderate and accommodating. Apply to A. if. VAn.vr.rA st yv. vonyerarioeTa, ahl - ttyt n. w.eor. nininandrui rilbartSta. GROUND RENTS. FOR SALE, (at a discount,) two Ground Rantaot fi! per year) one of Su, and oneof $21 located in Bouihwark. Apply at No. 8 FIFTH Btreet. 4 doors below Bhippen. mhs - 8u stm FOR BALE Aa OYSTER and YiCTUAlV' UING SALOON, on rea amiable terms. If applic loraaun. S14 MARKET Btreet. mh - 8l" ffsHOwth cut low, Forparuculars,ioiuirest l68Nortk 1DIBU Dlirl, OlUV - ll - ri URESof an old ettablied FLOUR STORK, rita BALttTftl UUUlWILl.illl MA. ' v dome an excellent buaineea. and can ba in - . err sead to uy extent. Adaress CATO, at this office. ...... mhl - Jt TO RENT k thee - story DWELLING and TORE, in BROAD Street, above Race. Inquire 1 tka prentitaa, .. - ., ... mhl SA FOR SAI K - A BAKU AINA new and well I 3 built HOL'SK. eontaintns fire room a. in aa let. anua - proving aoighborbood, will be sold f gSOO, warranted clear of all incumbrance and liability except a ground rent of SM per year. InaairealieACATHA - RINE Streets, . mna. It I tTlkfa8ofUDl0Y! fiKoDSSTOR1 '" - Bt the Ledger othce for address. sua r ii. K. Apply una nt - OA FARM TO LET. A good tenant may - hwrofsiood FARM totet, within lamilea of Ike city, having an imble aeoomuioilalioua." inquire at sw t,is Btreet, or as Norta FRONT BtPhi lade llhia - or at Conmard Hall P. Oniee, Del wars anniy, Poaacuioa on the 1st ef Annlncxt. - T mh at Hi TO LET To a 11. respect blaf.milr. port a bouse. Apply at No. W CHrIKa mh7 It j, Street. FOR BALE The Stock and fixturee of a I I Well establuhed STOVE BTOR R. beina an ror. - AeeiiOTtopiKaTtunity for sny pereon who wishes to embstk In the butiness. Addrem a line to A, B., at tke Ledger omcc, where an interview may be B"a. . ttinir n 'lO Htn i - A taree - etorv ottlLA HOUfE, witb two parlors and back kltohea, and a large yard nicely paved. Rent per month. I tl - enire of P.B. CABSADY, St N. N1N IH St - below area. mh7 tbLET - itl.i kitchen and large thud ho.e shoya ree - story Brick BOUSE.'witk' ge i yard, suuaie ia Fourth ll., ra Poolar. rrst aidn. Rent aim. JtrP'y at git CLiiUim ot - , near vreen. nih7 XI" QTO LET Tbe ACADEMY, S8 VINE Btreet, ss a School Room, nr lor Committees, Lea tares. At. ob reaaunahJe lerma. Aaulf aaii dxa ba. low, mhT st a TO LET - A three - story BRICK HOUSg, With Back Bsildings, tiuiited in Vine street, op. pottleJamper, No. WI. Rent low to a rood te - pant. Apply Suatiweal corner AAUJllEEN I U and wtiuu Bt mh7 - at TO LET A FACTOR Wor WAREHOUSE, I j fear Horns high, wiih Basernent f'ory, nil B i Non lint ii " feet, back of no. n n Market, on a Court lenrlin 11 North EI6H1H St., above una ibanesirerv Apply at No. 18 North EIGHTH St. mhT lw - n CAMDEN PROPERTf FOR SALE. T we three story H01BEB. with back buildiiigs,dge. bis lots, plsssaily situate ia Cooner aired. In - Sire at corner of MARRET aad eUXTH Ptreeia, mdcn,N.JL mh7 - St ra' FOR SALE A Young and thrifty LEMON 'TREK, la the prime of beating, wub frnil upon. "lt eiiht mnnthsold, Inqnireet 8. E. corner of MAP - H ALLand CALLOW HILL Sts. mh7 St r, TO LEASE OR RENT, fas I sm suiting the I P - uil Lsrts and Fancy Trade.) the deaimbie A a - bLblNEtUl STAND. No. 11 rutk Seooiid au A lit u - rakssaauce, suck ssaelnom nif - ra. For terms, fpulo .GLOROE WATT3. .. i - , . , , - - , - , 4 Market street,: i 1 1 , i ..,., i atoatnweat etn - ner of Beeond, , . ' ' . - OrNo.UaukcWjBAist. rWkolesaUSealeriSBPPuamat 41 Market street, rroVy - aia - . . - - South weal otaneruf beeond. r1F0B SALE. The STOCK S"d FlXTtTRrt nf I RETAIL GROCERY SiOEii, No., lu (MHilhTr kONT Street, abovs Fine. ' P'ore and Dwelling to let. . ycVt Si I LUMTUREI FURNITURE! FURNINLREf feraima deairoua of Paiehaaing Fsrnitnre, wu 1 - I it decided sdvaniags u eall at No. int S.mii t, t.l N0Mren, corner of llnrfin, at tne articles B,uat be attd immediately, ia order 10 atone tiiebana. ITS - ELCUNDSL m B7 - f VX T( R A10LH1L8 KOCH, PHYSICIAN and mJ ACCoUCllKUR, latelv froiu Piaitrartui Lnr - v. haa kis ouse, Newt WOODBL, luoora arHrve .11. fel7 - lia i . lUKOU'RV OF MAIDS, WIV ' UT. , V S,aad UaCROVt NLNtt ORNAiil., I OF - IT IS TOTWK fffALf LA5t7")lSTO - . kAK in. lil siitti'iii r RL11 1 I I. w, reail. - r, the following reapeiriat . c tirana ttali PAia ar . - l' riA - VUiff C'nct. WltlllHll l, l - m IT m HO, PREVENT. T" i, HI'MAN ll Ff M Fa f H ! Mi LLli, ur r.irn u.i.t tn - L w Ri. FF, AND M AJL JUu, L AAY AAA i . ... r ii . i a unriw na u ar. k. r. VV. f .i.kii. at kuta au. New York. ' ra. Maiiids Reeves, Myrtle A venae. It r. Urn, k . I . p.HM mnm llnatf.. I,.,... . n J . f i r. 1 o nun. Jaekaoo, to Liberty sLTritlsJiuiit. ' henry h. Causa, tiale) baitisr oabuard Uie doath 'ITt tbe glorious effect it bas bt drawing and kexjlilliiig le mating at Bat, dark, ant r, and k - i.n. n ao uinea m kaig as y ".' - "ti maiia. blHBir nit'.euii.ia. IT if t0 ECONOMICAL AND CHEAP. ' ReuaiatMitt - tiiliuisafora Uiai buttle, and tne pan - Be are aaaared Ihat laa abov are da tcai ai trae auauuea. ... Be careful snd get tbe tmtiM. . for JOMXSF Ooral Ban Keeuaaure. and UAe nooin - r. ror e ta new I or a ai a lua 1 mi r'reef. serl m Phi elpho ly, at I Loner Km liilKfrU. below Chenriat. mint - imhJira r) Vt'UAGM F.N. Tbe F R KN C H COM PM N 0 la uairanud Uteure a Certou rural D - e.ia4, Ae.. anrp.aM enans - of die', tr tke nvaMy win be re funUMt. Tn aay morels einwlered tarwrlluou 11 a anrd m all tne fa'tpiult mrria. bi'.neni aovtca at, by an od f BMrt.n. 1'rre.r.i 4 (r at e r l .Ills wh.Je.. a and r'il lime St r. at tne K e, r."Ful)aii4 Pi. - HE tH. Plu a - ui - tm - r I I - E CLLE'IRATXD PREPARED MIX fi'RE A an e y. e i.j.Niid p mnln ut eur.a.i. f,amt of a eecrnt dtae - an. rnrir yeao,' aueaiiii a - e a.s srtaiaiie i hi re,.tati'"i nrt.wd d - pua. Tone h4 Bt tkn ind stand. No. i R ACE BUeut, S ib nMa, SlKsaaiEitiiAaadNMUAausaiA, . . auaS - ia AUCTION BALKS. MOSES NATHANS, Aactlaaeer. Ho. Is South SECO M D Btreei, above Walrmt "T' GREAT SALE of New and Seeoed haul FUR; SIITl'Rr.,witattreaerve,forCaah. oa FRIOAr lORNiNG. at 10 o'elaark. and alao oa fcWurday loraiiw , at IS o'clock, alike Auction Store. - Anal the aaaof Intent wll I be found a lar la and faeral aa' Krtmenl of Houaekerping Articleaiand will poamre - besoid wiihoal the (mat reserve lor eaah. The pnUlie are inrit.d to attend. attumo' MONEY I MONEY II MONEY lit - "ersonam Want of money, uoa eas eouar tn inoaaanaa, a. aeeommodHted by applying al tne Counting Ron thnllkd r.ulMHmniAiipUn aknr. Aaaaonar i vaneesl liberally apoa Diamonds, Gold aad Silver f sue, Watchee, Jewelry, Mereiutndixe, aad goods of evy eaMripuuo, AH at any lenjth of time agreed apoa. All bssinem teansaeuons strictly aonnoenuai. ' w . Rnainraa aoarsrVom t. k. M - tel. F. , uvv, r. m. rriraia entrance to lbs CoanUng lloom from Bank alley. I' slMARKKT STREkT. bewSceoad. BALE OF PRY 0rOn - FOR CASH. WAl MUUT V ft. , AN rsiiui UIIIINKIO. Will be sold for Oaan, commencing at IS o'elock, a Mrgeand moat deal rabla astoftmaM of Freak Paaoy and Biapie iirv uoooa. ' Jtlan, a Stock of Dry (roods, sompr aung s reneral asonmem. mn. i GEORGE W. SMITH, Aaer. r Corner ef BOUTH end BARRON Btreett. PAWNBROKFK'S LARGE SALE OF SPRING CLUTHIWU, JH,Wr4LHY, bElKVate. ON THURSDAY MuRNlNG, MARCH A, IMS. At l o'clock, ai u. w. smith's Aaotiua Mors, ear' - xref Soatk an fTT' - . r Consisti of new Frock and Dress Coats; Spring KCa - i P,B.W.,l, Vll , WM... WM. wmiib, 1 ntaloims ard Fant Ps' tenia; til k, tana and Valea - 1 eia Vetta; silk, Uine. al pacha, merino aad I rilteo irrrases ana Arrets rsiternst ana opruii .iw, awmer Shawls and Bearfe Shirts, Sheets, Tabla Cwuia. Sprsadai Boots, Stwes, Umbrellas, Uaia, Bon ne La. AS. , .... . j Una D. ti. Entlish Watehes. Oaartler and ' jiwk ,ir. ' s French Watches, Ear Rings, Breast Pina, Pencils, j Eys Ulsat, Accord a nt, Kuora, 1 ans Vtawttvut - moana, a atrge pair nt pneara. a e. Turn fain Weather tteda. BoIata.a and P1owa. CnuBtrrnenea. Blankets. Uuilts. Rasa, and a number N.nS.!lellrrB and the Pnhtie are Invited to the hove B fe, as every Brittle offered Will be sold to the bigkest bidder. The Ladira' ijiotnuig win be said rum the Gentltmen's at 11 o'clock, tbs Jewelry alii, the Berte Bouts e.. at 1 o'eioce . lermi cub. ' Byore - erof W.M'Clawhey, Westuta Loan OfBoe, tt, . . BY B. COiYlLY, Aac'r. JS.T8 SOUTH fROlYT STRKIT. fcHs RIFF'S 8LE. 6R0CFRY STtlCK AND FUCTTJRTJS, t. i aniiurthhiLarikviuriDMiiuii . . . - . :i 1 I J 1. 1 I . 1 dlu:. Jltreveioea. win oa aoiu, oy vrueroi inn oneriu. atUaeonierof NiiithsndParriihauu,the Stock and ixiureaof auroeery otore, eompriaing a wsn se - eeted ssststmeut of Sugars, Coffee, Teas, MolaaMe, UU, oplccs, Doap, unoira, nrnaiiet, r. ".FIXTURES. Tea and Snlre Caddies. Boa Ira. Counter. Sanr "snd 9 Cacdiet, Bcal) fjonee Bins, uti cans, rtanu vatas. Also, 1 Patent lrua Sugar MiU, 1 Fiatform Scale, weinsntwibs. bihthh . ISAAC NATHANI IS. AUCTION ANJ Wo. at North TH 1 11 COMMISSION BOUSE. D PL, five doors above Area, . MONEY I MONEY I ! MONEY 1!! An Beaaona who are In want of Moaev. from ana AoTlar to th.auands. ean be ar(nrnodated at tbe Aaa tunWrM rao - BB nortn ihihu Htreet.Bdnoraarjova Arch, aa money la liberaTl y adrauoed on Gold and Sil ver rials, uiamonoa, wsiehea, Jewelry, Clothing, r arnitare, mercnanoiae, tKuuing, r ancy smieias, no every ueaoripuun in iuua u, t.ihc, . Bf - j aose persons wno are in want oi money, will find k erratlt lo their advantua bv anolvina at tha A act loo Btore. Advance! mans K any length of uate axrerdiponi iet7im - LLIfeHI K. AacUearer and Ceamlsslea Herckaat, ' No. tot MARKET Street, between Btxtk and Seventh, I dtri above Ihe Red Lion Hotel. fc29 - Sra AMTSEMENTS. DEALE'S MUSEUM. CHEBNUT Street. Mr. A LVN rxctfully sniaaneea that he will give series of LITERARY and MUSICAL ENTER TAIN MENTB, in which he will introduce hn pona - ar VOCAL fLLUSTM ATlONBo BHAREnPERE, at Iha Saloon of tbe above Institatloa, commencing THIS EVKNlNG.andoontinnina avcrv aveninadur - ins the week. The tollowintfpupular Vocauets will appear i mra. u. jt.aonm, miss xicaon, air. AJkaur - aon. and Mr. Hteohea lanh . : ' ryAdraiatoBsachEveiu,eu. TosooMaeaot at s o'ciucx. ITALIAN OPERA, CBE8NUT Ste - Psrsaet, 1st a ana ua nera.oi ua. ft 1; Upper Boxes, 40 ets. Doors open neoce at 71 o'clock THIS EVEN - S. LKmisetuS Grsnd Opera of LUCRE. ' at v It 7 1 Commence ING, March ft' HI tHfilA. Lueretia Borain. Bimnra TruiHi Orsini, Sig'a LietU Jtomi! Geniuuo, Sig. Bencietuj DukaAlfonto, Big. Rial; Gubetta. Sig. Btrimi Uvs - roo,Dig'BAVBgaiiroi v iieiioaxo, Dig . rieuinonieai. a - rr.r Bill Brv fir A TH X? " , rvl m.m VVV.raaet1n.Aln.ari kadt - lrelea. .. - l ira raeo Bt sto'cig. jne tititun cmiAiKbrv win apnenr. - THIS EVENING, Match s, the ANOEL OK THE ATTIC The Comedy of theBPOlLEll CHILD. Chsrscters bv the Heron Children. - DA NCINtf . - To conclude with the Comic Drama of BORN TO GOOD LUCb. Padilr O'Raflcriy, by the Infant Power. - mTKNALC"Cr' - .AND TPRATRK, CHFS IL J Bu - T - dEVEiSiNG, March S, wUl eotn. anenee arllh tna Ale o - tuamatle Pneocai ilclolitamatie Bneetacle, entitled CLEOPATRA, OLEKN OF LOVK. Toconnlade Wilk K rate by the Pony Jenny Llndj Esueatrian Bcena fromCanova'a Italian Studio, by R. Kivers; Gymna. ta. by tne Rivera Family: J. J. Nathans as the Nobis of Spain; Pruiciral Act of American Hernsndes. CH ST. THEATRE - Box es, ets, U and Sd iers,khrm iiriicot.tMiieruuV Doorsotieast Us: fSnmmttif nice at To'eloeaV - Mr.T.RICKandMr.B. Wll T I AIV ta war, 1 1 I'Ufa Wtm"ltrlt RAT L V A AW BVAllI VTBSS BBB'teiJ'! IO B t ATI1 1 I ' ItlUrCtR Ib.a NcvrHirtoricai Piay.eailod the SKCRET ORDER; Or.TbeOathof Silence. A NewFarrcealled the LiMFRlcK BOYe - Paddy Milea, Mr. WilliamV, - f)ANtlNG. - To conclude with tke Farce of dlM CROW IN LONDON. - Jim Crow, Mr.Rice7 nPEMPER ANCEHALL.THIRDSL. below Green arch Ith. anA A - WEDNESDAY EVENING, March Ith. every evening daring kc week, the great ORIGINAL VIRGINIA SERENADEHS, Messrs. (. R. Mrerlt Deaves. Warr. and laoje two Bona of Momiis, Jim Sarford and E. Horn, Tracksess, the Acsordionut, ana cauaneia. xiica an aatuu. ; coouuenee at 71 o'clock. mhl - lt' MUSEUM BUILDING, NINTH Btreet, beloar ChemuL UNPRKCCTFNTED A TTR ACTION, s , MONDAY ivvENING. Msrck situ Utt, sal ,,,t rvilt rvuim. NO' TK THE TALENT. ' : - sj. t.. Tke celebrated Indian lutist CHUU CHU - iUU ' r BELL BtNGERS. c V '5. ' . Forafewaigitlsonly, tj ' h " :Iermjnrtlori with tha """'V rrmopiAN and viruinia ff.renaderv Forparticulara, see small bils. Admiaaioa enlyM ets. Doors open at Me 7 commence st7j. mht - at M b11iTZND TkUU)QIJISi I - IGN02 - EVER Y EYENTN8 OF THE WEEK, '.v (F.leeDt ThuraHiiv. A1i,r,.h Sth.l LFrniRB ROO.d, AiL'SoUM Bulf,TrNG. I kFTERNOON Perltamance on " BATLRBAY. Dooraooen Bt7o'elaek commence ai?l. admi.. Sioa IftcUi children under IS years half price. nr8 - 6i rQOLOGICAL LNoTITUTK, j bnlween i iliLhai d Ninths' UT Street, Isctioa of WILD BEASTS ia Bow fur athiirf aaMguifi a - m - ilsr. . irnae eot. forEiul - BEKR DaiESUACH, Uieeelebmteal LtoBBUnsr, Wi'h hit trained animals, are sngaged. The Shetland Ponies, with their trained Monkey riders, will be inirodaeed fur ike gran boat Urn of ia , ventle vMutera. ' 4jy Verftrroancca to tara place st I and I o'clock. . .ponrsopen from! lofandU to o'clock. ' Admueion 16c. Children under tea yeara half price. NCUCKEg - IN0 - vVV,Dl remedy for naina tn Ike loins, r I A CBRTAIN DISEASE DAYrV - The moat speedy recent ana enronie auee - bona of ins kHineys, aiserwa of the bladder, gravel, wl wenkrteaa, keA feraons who, by mdulging iq ret habit, have entailed on theiiiaelveaoiiuiiiu - eminal secret fjonAl uebtiity, should apply immediately to DR. KIN - SUJliitll tin ruiiatieii'Qia nteutcai tat inatituiion of the kind in ibe city. l)ti, - o.N. W.eon er of TiiiRD and TTNiniV Mr... betweea Spruce and Pine, It samves from Ue fcx - "uTCAL HOUPEwmeatjliahed by Dr.Ki Ifieea years ans for Ihe anipre.iion of snackery. ttiere beuis aon.any pertona tiiowlcne.nmne orebaracter, who put advwliarioejtie in lAepuniia papers, that an inatitauon of Una kind was huniy Becraaary to prevent tjir atli tcted, eaper w 1 1 y ura m era, front lading into the kamlt of sot tie uiM.nful wretcej, who, instead of rttring, must sand hia viema to an an - timely grave. Iherebre, the alll tcted would shao the Bumerous pretended phyaieians who know no - tinng ot Uie prae.uoe uf stwla.iiia. but eonault Dr. ILa - koiia. WaeearM ,v , - A CERTAIN DISEASE - Bt two or three dara, aroaditig lo Lie state of the pa. tient, without the uae id mernury. No mercurial rs aiml are aed by Dr. hinnehn; his medicntia are paaiicabie and harm lean, and all patienia are himor - alxy ,bieklcd even fnna the ptwnbilny of beitHtdis - e. irrrrw. p, wm, e Who places hinwelf Biuleruie cm re of rel iti ratly confine in hut honor aa a innile - iihdeiitty rely anrm hn Mill as spaiaicun.!. wmliMmmA n. . 71 Dr. a. may rel Btnn. and eoti and if he ia not epoetin y relieved no remunerauoa WiU pn orwiwiumi Btr - marra, eee ef the moat trr - iblear - nc end (but. gemassJlertiniis, which often end in gravel, uiOaat. Bauwm, weakness, Dr. K inkelin tnarauum to ra Bneresoeedtlr ; as a mo, twelhnra, diaeaard proatrata gland, A a. Btricturea have ruuicd many who bad so kaowictlyeof their exi.enee( TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE, "x f Tourigmeo who kave injured live nnwlvea bra esr - kia prartiee iadalred ra a habit frre - ruly learned from evti wmii - uiH'ns, or at aclv.4 the effecta of which sreBtr. liny felu even when a.leep, and d - atrrry brahmuiduM body.thouidapply imiRediately. Weak - eas snd onnauuiimavl deimity named talriy fund and fall Tt'vretiif - d. A U letbTa aeal - amd. Truta Aa. Lr. kinkeliB has bad greuerprsetioa tn the above aflectaax Uianany physic as in the U S. Bealao pntuaMneaaaadtrantake over all fX'tere, fnaa piatactof h'B saving studied in taegraat k.irpitais of Eurrnte. Trniaaaiidj ia Plulndelphiasanioiiti r tiiat he eared them alter every other bm - uis k nt railed, th - rtaraia ruossa for privsts eouaultainm. Oaen till I, P.M. . . maA - tin hint TBAvmimu supplied at a atommt'e notice, wttk Ibe reaanaiamedieuiea to eare Uieoawdve. privately. pMAnaiiof utedirineeenl biany part of Ihs U.S. Mr anniealara ta ihe r - ptril of the Time.. - TVOCTOR YOURUKLF FOR WCF.NTS. - Py U menu U the fill KET A. - XU'LA Vll'ii, OA EVERY ON EH IS OWN PHYSICIAN, niharli - Uii. with spwarilaofiotieauT.viiwa.thuwini private fluiM ia every abape sun form, and ma f in - Uoria of Uie lenei alive sj rum. By Wm. Youim, M. D. The lime hie now arrived, t at perms muVnttr ir.nn aeeretdiaeaara arm so anaa beeoBM) Itia vteuiaaof Quark ry aa by the preperiptfaia e - .iUined in tnia btatk.ant one ma, cure MniM - il WitlHmt hii driOMa buiuuea. or tus knowitie of tie avni uuiukib friend. anda - uA am k.1 iat mtuoi irim, n diU"ntoibegMiratrouliiie "I pr.vai.adien'a,itfai!y eni'iatttr - ll etMU - e nf i.M.ii..l', nariy d. - 'tiiia, Wiih ot - u - r vh'I"ii - l''irr,oi. b - . rt - i. in., n, tun artier, tut, me'tut v. hitk w a niH hei - miir't l enUHierie m ue rrpiiu'.. phuj Letii. r f oca I.IMI flrw BU b" - LNn,ui, hev - uni, and atirknit and Ciawford. ltS fcotooou, Uuow Duukav. i'riCBlJO. oia - ii LEDGERS TMNSCBIfT. j ' PUlIADEUiaA.WEDNESDAT.M ARQI BT MAGNETIC TEXEGRAPU V0K TBS . ; , PUBLIC aJOPGErU ;. , - '. ' Later fraaa VVaaliiagteB.'' ' . 'I VTashiroton; Mattit 710 o'clock:. ,;. 1 bara jttst learned thai daring the Executive semioa all the amendmeuU proposed to lha trfiiy kave been voted on, exoepi a motioato strike oat the wotiogt fixing the boandarr line, and tkat il it expected wiU be taken kMnorrow Borninff, and Uii will probably fall. If Ike Wilmot rroviso Is introduced, U wiU ba voted down, wlihout discuss ioa, aad tha filial vote 111 probably ba takes to - morrew. There ia Ml more tbaa fire ot tix vote anticipated agairiM tka ntifioatiota. The ten Ik aection. ia relation to the Texat (ruts, ia itrickea out, aad Ihe provuioa ia relauost to (he nghta of the Catholio dmrch hat been modiicd and aeveral Otbc tin ini porta nt amendments niade. .'.' , ft, I &e ' - ; ' - : Baitwom, aiaie.'l.' - - The oommeaoemeat of the Ualvertity ef Msn'ltnd wu he4d to - nv, and attracted to gether a brilliant aawemblage ef beauty and task ion. Seventy crmduatee received Uteir dl plomaa, and tmong them were the following from Pennsylvania : ; Wm. E. Barrett, J. 8 - . Carrjeater. J. L. Free) and John Hsv. v ' ' ". ' f A Flask trsm Teaaessee - Trlal et New t ; . ayaicBu. ! V .t''v'' V lanvtv i Tnnn . UVnanlh A The 0'Reillt telexraph line throngh Ken. tuckr and Tenneeseo. i now ahoo ing the lighlnbg oa the New Orleans line, thia far South. - Thht city ia now in full connection wilk the tolegraphio world. Mr. O'Reilly, and hi associates on tke new Orleans una, are lnoor - Borated under the late liberal laws of Kentucky. The line ia preparing; rapidly to - Memphis and New Orleans. Tbe Kentucky law r.y fes it the People's Telegraph Line, and expressly forbids anr company charging higher rates than is charred bv the 0 Retll v telerrsDb. The work ing of the line from Louisville to Nashville is tinder one of the new systems which Mr. O' Reilly bas secured the right to tue, and it works admirably. It was invented by Mosers. Zook tt Barnes, chief telegraphers st Cincinnati. Mr. Zook was 1 formerly the superintendent of ihe New York and Washington line. It may be added that the charges for telegraphing on tbe U'&eiuy lines win not average more trtaa one half the rates charged oa the .Boston, New York and Washington lines. - : s r ';i''f' Cincinnati, Tdarrch 7.' The lour market is stsjmant with sales at 8440; red wheat trJIl at Ml eta., and is B:arce:'whucev 17 cents; there at aodesoand for molasses; nothing of importance doing In aairaru, and no change aaa taken place in tne pros 01 eouee. ues or AAuisuuweoa. ionat7t; with B better feeling. Mess pork 87.75; lard i and firmer, with orders in the market to mv. Bacon, suks corn mend 91. with sales ef 40,1)00 lbs. la Dull; tiaaia are seta atti, wiuout aaies: BBoaiaers rebkewiss kcM at and tides at S). , - Thi Cinthai. AatitBiCANS. By advices re ceived from Hondtrraa to the 12th ult.. it sppears thai President Linch, of Honduras, on behalf of the Central American States, has published an energetic protest against the occupation of their territory by the Engl ish squadron at the service of the Mosquito King. ' Reinforoementa were daily expected from Jamaica to liberate the English officers who had been captured by the Cental Americana, and to retake the fort sod garrison at the mouth of. tha river Baa Juan de Nicaragua. The protest alleges that the con federation , of Central America considers Valid its rights to all the territory invaded, or that may be invaded, and Ut force any other that may appertain to R by the rights of nations, and by treaties, celebrated betweea the monarcbs of Spain and Great Britain, or other sowers. rival to the Mosquito King haa appeared In the person of his sister, whoclslms tbe throne, She nfTnre fllv bnnrYrAi) tmntm lo TtfiAarnrmn tn mA In 1 - .. - - 0, ,w " 1 enforcing hT cUimS to toS tBrritoTV SgHinSt thd I vjretensions of her brother and Iha Enaliah. J pretensions oi net oroiner ana tne r - flgmn. PiTinofis yon SisNATUaM for the restora tion by the City Councils of tba ordinance) of 1844, providing for the reduction fat the price of gas, front time to time, to private consumer, have been placed oa the counter of the Ledger office, where all cilixens who Tate the article, and desire to get ft at a fair price, may have aa opportunity to express their wishes ia regard lo the subject by signing the petition. Every gas consumer is u wrested m this matter. ... , Artonrei Srtnuotrs Littx - The New York Express denies the authenticity of the let tor purporting to be from Eoa. George Evan, ia answer to an invitation to attend the Phila" delphia Taylor Festival, and ia which that gen tleman is made to approve of (he Taylor aomr PAiioa. .. .y.; r ; 5T..WV, Thi Canal Board of New York' have rescinded their advance in tolls this year, aad announce that Aey will make ne advance next year, wiuout first calling for Information. ; J Old Tscttmseh. It is probable that Colonel Richard M.' Johnsoa, the Ex - Vioe - PreaiJeat, will be Ibe Democratic candidate for Governor of Kentucky, in opposition to Mr. Crittenden. ... fSeported for tbe Public Ledger.) " " - . , norther Liberties. - " The Board of Commimioners of the District of the Northern Liberties met last evening. - ; The Committee oa Fira Companies rriorted la favor of the purchase of the lot of ground occupied by the Northern Liberty Engine Company, for C10UO, and directed Iks Freaideat to draw aa order for tbe amount - Jacob Mlntier, F - sq., Trravorrr, toad a report Of a balance in his hands of J33 43. , A resolution was adopted, tendering the thanks of J tVm U. t aa I v 1 1 . J Tl . m a w .' uu. m w vw. mi. .u - wMn men vna aa. avena. Esosm for seTviers ea eounael engaged ia tne saute belotehe Supreme Court, whrreia the eity asked for sn injunction oa the rue of BchayUull water by tbsDistricts. Another was passed authorising the Watering Commiitre to contract with the Commiasioncrs of the District of Penn, for supplying then witb the Schuylkill water on th same terms it Is furnished to the authorities of Kenemgum the District of Spring Gsrden first atarnling thereto. A ics Jutinn to pay off bampomry Iota of giOOO, dneoo tits llihutt waa agrees to. . .. - Another wss passed, eoncurring with' the one aooptrd by the Spring Garden Commimioners, providing for the erection of aa addituiual engine, boiler. Ac, st the water works. . , A resolntioa, offered by Mr Jasttee, to have a dog. house built al tha corner of Front and Nobla streets, was referred to the Committee oa Highways. On rnotioa of Mr. Bender, the President was directed to memonaiixe the Legislature In favor of the paaaerc of a bill now before that body, for the better regulation of the markets ia the Pistrict, exoepung tbeweW'tjoa. . - 7 Mr. Jus nibmittrd a prmmbls and reaolutions. npressive uf the btgk regard entertained by the Btard for the many private and publio virtue of the hrte Hon. John L. Adams, which were aaanimoasly The Board tbea proceeded to the aomlnatioa of canoraatrs tor coiiectora - of taxes Tor tke several Warde, and the folkrwiBa; gentkrncn were named : Firat ward, Samuel U. King and Grorre B'gler; Slreond ward, Leww Snell. Geo. Cretur ; iuird ward. John Martin, Ktmuel Taylor j Fosrtb ward, Sawuel C Henry Filth ward, Gro.CLstdy; Sunward, Abel M. Jtmes, Wm. McDaniels! Bevcnlk ward, Geo. L. Derr, Henry GoMsmitk. ' ' . - ' Tka order of business being ma alec tioa of addl. tfonal poliee officers, ta punuaaes ef aa ordiaanee of theDunrict r Mr. Derringer saoved to postpone the ateetlon for tbe preaent, oa account of the inability of tke Poliee Ctanmittee to report rules for tbs pot loe goventaaeaL anal the tranoce of tbe ehsirmsn of said Comauttos from the city. , - 1 Tbe qpretionwas dlaeuased and taaUy agred ta py a vt ie yeaa it, raaya a. - i Tke Board tana adjourned. r ' t. , ;, - ',; . . IRr - norted for tne Psirlic Ledarer.t ' - SUPREME COURT, Marek 7, JStm ChMf Jmmm frtesaai aad Annie. Jtsdawi. iSavavMla. aad CataUnr. Jmiflt Seryeant vs. InguaoiL Ems - to Dutrict Court. lucgraeotreverieo DI31RICTC0CRT - Msrok7. ' gaws Jwiges &aarmassd, rmalaf sat Sfrssut Ibe sarrent motion It at was tuen ap. Dururg tke iTi. uva Bvajaio - i utt raaiuiKiwing raaa - - u - ""f, MnD - u wnt un - at aoop - a, J 1st. The tiat will be aaUed tlnoe times; steacb eaiug,eilber party may ergs a dispomuoa ef tke saotivu, and uiiims tlia advarae party saow snfh iisnl ennae i' paaipttnrBM - ni, tt will na BrariL Sd. ia every waa there must be a paper book tut eaek jadge, Which must be store apreins taea kento - tttre. tt shoaid be la the natare of a brief, and eaouid SonU'B a saoinutry or abauaet ui sank trasjataaty, do - euuieiits and c,uel - d potitia aa are oaetaMy to give tbe ju'.t - eati amtunaof Uw eaas. 1 ll was staled try bn are wood, Preaiderit. that a sblef OrtJe of a pap. bonk la mtHio'S f a aw triala, An, waa ft ibe information of tuoaa ju gee wno ktd mil trit d tbs cauar : and, of e - am., rl nagklto frnlut Biaihremonh to prrpara itirrratnua tne ara - m.t,t la Cta.ii, and to reixukk ikeaT memory apoa B review ia rhaiahrrs. - - ko(uJg(C - JmoaPwsJUseioa. BTf BL1GNRTM) TrLr'tAP'I ,; llko. C0Cr.l : itJONAL 1 ' 'TbeYioePrrtiai - i t ,"' d i "tfcLLl"V" 1 - - Ton, e"eloek: Alter rarer h . r e 1. petitions and memor Mr. Dix,of New t ., i ownert trW eettaliH - e, n( f. 1 v. - - e - , a. r f , tu lie a - "'. I . rival, :;"t v. i to f , .ok , a the paaaaiacc a law toai.o'v eustora - house immediatuly oa a trig Bre days. That was onf refrrred to the Committee on i Mr. Jederton Davis, of lii.aa . c ' " r 'i - ttoa of Majnf H.irland, aakma; tne inn a ... of pay due to" thoaeof hiscomm ml who we t pnaooeraat r '"ornacion, and v""d i j t In Mexico. This was referred to Lie Cm;, . .i , Military AOairs, snd ordered to be orntted. Mr. Breese submitted a reaoiu'um for eor ) ' - Uoa, lnatracting ins Committee on the Ja ) try t ' lnquira utto the expediency of eatah iiiung u r. " r ; rata or tar ill of fee fog United t - i.t. - a an t. , There betas; ne ofnoaition, this rtaoiuuua was e . - . Ssdered and adopted. There was but linJe butt neea of any kindscrted ii'mbj la the Benala to - dty, Mr. Bevinr having t - - ut, at.i early boar, moved for aa Executive sj....i, v. - ' Waa Bf reed to. Hovax After prayer by the Rev. Mr. F icer, I the reading of the journal, the fcpeaker anuouuv 1 the first basinem la order for the day to be tne caU ' apoa the atanding couuniunra for rerrta. , , Several renorta, of no paMis intnreat avers m i l. Mr. Evana, of Md., from the emamitt'e on pu 4 Unda, Trported a (oint reaolutioa providing that ttie . bounty due to soldiers ba waumaeU.Botvriuixtaiiiii J , their suhamguent prommicn. 't Mr. Evans and Mr. RichardsoB, of IiliBoil, apok briefly ta rapport ot the bill. - Lion Boyd, of Kentuckv, said a siaula bill Wast already ea the files of the House. Mr. Haskell, ef Tennessee, made aa able arramei.f , in lu favor, fa watch be dwelt apoa the service . of oar soldiers and their petty eumoens.ttoa.Bi t Srxratrdtke idea that meritorious service, eouai ier - i - worthy of Brrnaotion, should be tke ground lt v arnikinjr this little lem. . ,. - . Mr. Giddings bad ae obiectioa to its eatsae, p" - vided equal justice were done to tbe so titers of US war of 1811 aa well aa thote of the prrneut wr. . Mr. McClenutad followed, ia aa able auppjrt of , tke bill. .. - .. - ,, - . . - .:, - .. - Mr. Baralsna sdvricatcd iU referenes to trie eoua - mitlea on military affairs for proper utvtaugauun bl4 ameadmrsit. . " - , Mr. Pollock treed tn amendment of the ekaraetrf proposed by Mr. Oiddmts ; after waiek Ike wkaus subject waa bud asids iniorraally. ..,i Oa motion, tbe Houaa tbea reanlved Itaclf in'e 1 eormnitlce of the whole oa the deficiency mil. Mr. O. Brows withdrew tne araendmant which h f had BTOpoaed oa Baturday. when the bill waa lent nder conaiderstion, and of eouraa Mr. Ton. m e ppesl from tbe decunoa of the cnaur mat Mr. Liowa '1' waa ia ardor ia ateving that amendncut, waa aia . witrrdrawa. ..;v - - ... Mr. Dicker, Of Pennsvlvania, moved to - ml , tbe appropmtions for all new measarra. 1 ,na "S taksn by tellers aad deeidod ia tbs airmsLve, y, fiLBsysiO. . ,. . . - . . . Beveral otner amendments ware propose ana ' adopted, whea the comcattee roee and roo wtrd. - The Houae ooncarred m all tne ameou incurs D C that prorxiaed by Mr. Dickey, which m aegauved. - ' nr, , j. ingersDii inea moveu in recnnauirt i eor dertoengroae the bill for s third readme;, as asae - ' airrd to address the Hoass oa the general suUin - t. ' Hefnra tbe uaestloa was Sakea ea tne reooiw irra - Uoa, Mr.Ugtraoll moved aa a4jornBent,wiitkia eanica. .!' . ' Waihuistoh, March 7, - 8 o'clock. The Senate eontirraed ia executive seesioa an it . nearly 7 o'clock, and tbea adjourned without conn. J J toanydecutitsi. ' - ; (CorreaporaleraM ef tbe PabUe Ledger. - : . . ( y. LEGULATIVK PROCEEDINGS. . ,,V:, - . ,.... HABAlaBTBa, 1 ,Marcb7,l 3. SxiraTX - Tbs nominainai of John Orr. to be aa Amocmte Jadge of Franklia eoanty, was takaa ap and confirmed. ..'i - it y, ' - Mr. Crabb read ta ataea a farther senelemcnt ta tkenM tn eatahliab a H - nl,k Offien. and ta nee tire r 1 n ty of Philadelphia from an tntroenctioa of pe - t. lenuai sisrstea. A no, a put tog ta relict ot e. if. kui'iu.wi u, ipiumtpnn. - On motion of Mr. Johrtsoo, of F.rle, theoUltoha. corporate Ike Erie and Ohio Railroad Company was , ttkra up, oontidered a short time, and tbea post - . 4 nrmea. - - r ' Kiif. P. .Mul Btnaf P.B.v A km nervwlltln. t the aprmntaMot of a Trustee tat the room of Jota (v V. Lerlin, dsccBScd, late of Ike couaiy of faun, ' delnhia. A bill to SBthorite the Assoclam Reformed Ctmrck Of Philadelphia to sell real aetata. . A bill to authorize the guardian of Rebeece Evans, - of Lancaster, to Darrhaae real aetata. - , ,. i - A bill to tneorporata ike Reliance Fire Compwy ,v af PhiiadelnbtA. .r ' V A suDDlement to the act to meorporato tbs Gaa. r urtH Run Imnsoveairnt - ' - ,r .. A bin to auuorize tbe Direetnta ef tke York Co. Msnufscturing Companj lo wind ap the ail - irs of , the Company. , - ' J A bill to incorporate the Washington EsJ. Amosts tioa of Bristol, Bocks Co. . - t. A bill nxttndina tha imiinncoienta nf Potiatnwrt. Montgomery eounty. Adjourned. . Houaa of KxrxuxitTAiirxA. Prajer by licE rV, ' Mr. Cooper. Tbe Speaker presented (he annual st.tem - nt of t" Fana Townatup Railroad Company, wiua was bud eathetubie. , .. , . . . The private calendar was taken art, end r bOls were resd a first time, and prepared for s k and third reudinf In the afternoon. A,tin,.rui. t t BY THE PILOr LINIl , (CkarreseKi - aienoeof the PubUc Lsdcer.J ? Thiags ta New Yerk. , - - , '.!.;. ),',rr. , TvtsaAV,4 p. tl. i? A brighter sky era more bland atmosphere ttaa . prevails to - day sever guve beauty aad enjoyablenea to s March day La our city ; end, favored thus, it le not turpi igirig that oar sitlzeoa turn cut In great naav - . bm to see and greet Mr. Clay, who it aow mtkirj tbe toar of Broadway towards tke New York Hotel, followed by a buoeoficourBoof citizens la eaniage aad oa foot, and constantly greeted by the !ui,4 latpaasable emwd With whick Broadway la psekeit,. Our eity and other pdilie buildings, botela.Ae are gaily decorated witb ftara, and the load eiam'traaf eannoa rcvaberato from vsrioas directiims. AUfn - tber, it is a splendid reeepttoa, and must be k t f sraufyins to tbe diMinguiahed gueac Ia the Comssoa Plena Court tti't mom Ire, an ao , Boa fur breach of t I of promise, Helea luahrens va. y 4 Fmrlwk, resalti ilted ut a vet diet for the Uiu 1IKJ0 damsrea Tbe grand ball at the Antor Opera RoUaa 1K t Was fauly attended, and to - day the houaa ib a,, . . r - Used to let for public entertainments ar otinv p r t poaea. But about t wo Uurde uf the eaaou's o t - , ment haa been fulfilled, and when the bnanr - e t forumomlog, cr indeed any aiors Itaiiaa opa ; , bytBmltrruf graat doubt 1 Extenaire prrparaUons are ta progr - - . f r r ing suibtble bonors to the renaauitof 1 t Adams to - morrow. Tbe entire Fire L knasln tbe eeBVWstratlua, and Us eitiiieiis e feel diapoatd to treat tba oocuaioo wim t and derp reaaeet. t t' f . Noaaangciasshes since yeetcrdny. ' . Cotton has established an advance of l. ra jt vioas prices, and there were eonsnierab.e s ,a 1 fair demand tbie moraine;, st that n.t. 8ale of New Orfraae ttow al o k,) f s ; 'j; - moa Geneaeaand Weetrrn. SS 371; prime bai - - . - , , 8 40 - , Soutbera quiet at ftdJti for Loward a , Alexandria, jGcrgetowa and hHoum. t , Hal is heavy, witnout mien so cauuuaa p. .oca 1 t flour dull at 3 871 s3irt. Wheat la firmly beie, withont aieck demnn l. f ef prime while sou the ra at 1 i'.k; Interior eraSl Lif. Corn ia more depreeacil, wiu, u or sales, except 10U0 buaheii sou uiera al S :. t fair alt a 43 for Jersey: 44 43 Ux souuc fiuforaoiikern. - - . i rork ta firm. And the Scrrmnd f. r f t o a st . lSb7jall:and Sd,79 for prime. 1 is I tt. i8,2Saa 37 for Bra. and SvmfJui.l I r p Lard araree at 7JaB: Butter ia firm an I laat week's pnete; ekrese dull, and very k. a c la it; Piekkd amaui euiet. . Tbe stoek market waa mack mors bwrya t andlkaaalee werasoaaid - iauia at a - tva,.. i Tnaaury Butrsrose( Pennaylvmtia S j t beads s) since Friday Vat; Rnedtny t ir 1 ; i merV Loaa ; Cantoa J 1 Nor, and Vtuc - ii 1 1 ; Morris f - fiafe Us SrreU Fi - waatral fiftf) TT. t. .. 1CSJ; 8 ("to U. 8 6a, '63. ui; i.iofid.,, - j 5 , Notes, b90 10! S.UOOdo, lint,' - 1 - lOJWdOjSWl W;S,tArlto,l i. , 0 t ' ' C.lka) PrBsylvaniaa,7:i!; 6 0t do a , . do baw 74: fistniiio bio "it; 6 d 01 t ' , Reading Bonds C - ' 9 y IS Bank of Amrrk - aj 't; Sot St)0dobl0 5u; WooJ. 1 Can 1 . ,. 33; 1i do WU :"; 1J mill;. ' CO do 94,: M do ii, .; lu P - - a i fid I Lea A Bc'h, b60, l.H ; fi eU. ; f , ', ruu, 7S ; ltt So. o i, 1 t;6A Seot:MLIiid3 - ;i d a b trtedo, bl, 31 j 'id.. ;ts..i r Beading R 44 : - jo 00 4 i t of - S do, blO, 4' j ft dt,e.4 64 ' - Barlem Rd,44ii 17Jdo,4sl. , ', t bI0,4S; l0do,bi0,44i sSd - s I . ;1 si 48; lliO Moma Cannl, 11; WrJ'i. a hirer i ' Serene! iJoarnt t no Trewry I V. 8. a,ttf. lat; lo R""iin. 4 ; t . Truat,3"i guuiiarism,4i KJL.i. Monuvll. , . AaSas a ilrwra ara.Tli - e : 1 buaeasn'yd.g ia (t 8a ' . i bearef some aai,a at 110. II lr - a Small sa nply and we bear (4 no ! - . - aaai'ge la cur aaot'""e, en - I r 1 lliosr for sterling. Vk e I'Kt at 1 t, aVailtr7(allki.;l".rii5 ..tail , 41j HtuUwbsrg i - 'j a bremea i "t a , j. A Fact roa ths Inot Cosvi.M - r.ii."; Liverpool Times of the I.'.k u't., I n i lowirg announcement, wr; h v r to the notice of Lie Ctrnveu.iua ui I , . which is to a - e fti.Ve at I.' t - i . t f to get mo.0 " prolccltrtu" r 1, itWarwr nn. A v ' s of Live iicul Lorn v . .. ad'Htioo to a (T1. ij - f il f . .. VIMOtit, Cj lull fl t . i ', ( t J'H. v 1 mi If i , A.:,... .. - WMlaal - f J - l t - '. If - - ' ; - ' f

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