Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 23, 1857 · Page 2
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Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1857
Page 2
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. . . :,. . ft III - ia"biA . . - AND DAILY TR.VNSCRlfT. rklladelaMa, Wedacsday, cpt. 83, IWT, Ult IHAtl COBtDUBCB 0 It 8lSMLIIli Jrott. Ne oat ca ml tbednVent wacount which ieejeh a from Irdia by IWT III, Without Mini that, however Ibe pmni atraggu may Caslly mall, Ihe government of British India fol the Mil 1ly year will be l far more terrible thing thaa R he her for th teat fifty . II will tike u ereea f blood to wsb oat oil thai ku bow o . uni. There will bo a wr of race tor three huadred run, U British dominion nhould survive ss leaf ta India. All th heaotlaaea of the old Norma conqueror on one eldo, and a hatred fir mor treacherous, wily and horrible In Iti atrocl tie thaa that of the old Saxon on the other, will lot for geaeratlcne. The horron of the drst French revelatlea are nothing to this. The mis acre of St. Battholrmew did not equal it lo etro - lly. - I twill be a war of rti, the ervlle race agalaot their mien. It may and doe (how us what Bight (rise la the South, should ever North - era or Soulhera fsnstl - s atlr up a strife be:wora Ike whlta aad black ran. II wlU, too, be a wtr of nligitrnt, of Dgn ard Basllm aad Astsrolh agalaat the God of the Chrlttlaut, In which the Vd which commands the greatest physical force a tt laid of bsttle, the most suocessfa arralee, the hlggeat fans; aad the moil potent elements of destructioa, will receive the homage of the maaei. The wbol affair of Mission! hat been by an In - errltabet xeceetity brought to this arbitrament, and It baa got now seemingly to abide by It ' And If, which li not cow impossible, Mohan - mtdaas and Hindoos, by combining, could succeed In murdering every European in India or driving them from the Interior of the country, yet 'the government thit could alone establish Itself ever a people brutallied so as to oommlt the out - ragea and atrocities that have recently been perpetrated on men, women and children, mnit itself be one of horror and tyranny' is great and greater thaa la the very worst days nf tU Mogul Empire. Klthar that or anarchy w.auld be certain to ensue, n anarchy which would be just so ma h worse than the most tyrannical even of tyrannical governments, aa tbtse passiona unrestrained In millions are mom terrible thaa when nerclsed only by the lew. ' As to religion, ihould th rebela succeed, we will eat say that the whole missionary work in India would bo undone, that I perhaps lrnpoul - tie, but It would be such 1 blow to the labors of vry miss lot ary la Asia, as has aot beea eiperl. need la the Christian world slaeo the days of Constaathse. The Hindoo fanaticism would be raised to freniy. All the persecutions of native Christiana In Madif ascar would be worse than repeated hero. The priests and people would exult at the dowifill of the gtar.t power of Brlttln In India, and regard It aa a clear Interposition of , Buddha and Brahma and Vlshnn, juit aa the ' FhLlatlaes made merry end ptatsed Dagon, when they caught the giant Samson and put out his eyes. They would remember and feel that this wee emphatically a religion war, undertaken avowedly because the cartridges of the Sepoys were greased with the fit of the acred bullock, and really because It became evident either that ' Christianity would swallow up Hindoos, or that Blndoolaa most tittrpate Christianity. And they " would feel that their god waa the strongest, that "' he had beatea. And so would the Chinese, and ao would tb Burmese, aad the Karens. There would he vary little further mkaionary work done la India for the nut fifty yeara, ihould this amenta taeceed. If II Is put down, crashed and ground under fa keel of tb conqueror, Brahma and Vlihni and Buddha may as well give the matter up, and lot this be regard d aa their d) log struggle. The Ood of the people that use rifles and revolvers aad ylng artillery, and hang op conspirators, after a drum - bead court - martial order th flrst banyan tree, will supercede those of wood and of stone, whose followers lay their prisoners alive and outrage aad murder women and" children la cold British rule la India, If re - established, will be a very dlff.reot thing from what It has yet been. 80 far, England kfi the Immediate aupervlilon of th village and th people in the hands ol their own head men, only Interfering to remove on Ahllv aad pot np another la case of groaa Injustice or failure to secure the 0overnment tax. But lew it la beyoad question that this class of men mast have been deeo In the consDlracv. and , nntisii magistrates will supercede native. The people will feel the hoof of theeotqnerer treading more directly oa their necks. If they enjoy better Justice, It will be peiformed la a leas popular way, aad the people will fret and rebel, aad the magistral will he little better than a hangman, and India will become like Peru or like Mexico. But will England sucee d la subduing this rebellion! Everyday' delay la tahins Delhi, ever retreat like that from the Sold of Agra, Imperils the Whole country, gives the natives ooaldeaee la themseivea and exasperation gainst the F.uro - . peans. No sura feelings ever before manifested . themseivea. Aad It la bo longer the army, bat th whole native population, from the lowest to th highest, Who seem la a treaty of hatred In creasing dally. Th retaliatory vengeance of nans - lag up n doxen men tinder tree will aot reduce this 1 ud wrere K net for the command of the ecu, the coast, the river stejmbeata, and two or three rallying points, like Calcutta aad Bombay, Northern India would be gone. Bat with these r preserved, the insurrection must give way as soon a lb natives have Ired away tnelr powder and vera out tmir guns, If aot btfora. Noau Coaster or a Bosroa hf nacaijiT. Tke ; brig Marine, which a opportoaely rescued about s hundred of the paasenge from the Central 1 America, la owned by Eilsha Atkins, Esq., of Boston. That geatlemaa di ellned eempenaatloi for tb assistance rend end hy the brig, although . much expease waa U cur red by the deteatloa This fact, which 1 recorded by th Bostoa Transcript, la highly creditable to the geatlemaa named. Shipmasters frequently excuse their leav . log wrecked vessels la their fate, by anylng that tUdeteatloB earned thereby would bring them tula discredit with their ownen. They ought to be relieved .at oice of thla restraint apoa th exercise of tbetr better feellag if It really ex law. Certainly a where la humanity placed la (itnatloa where It Is si little ahli lo help itself, aa pea a wreck la th eceaa, and thee wh rafnae w comply with aa appeal for help uader each clreumaiaaoee, akoold be scouted from society ss wretches unit to live under the protee - , tloa of Us law and entitled to IU beaelts. WHh - the exteaeloa of oar earn mere th liabilities lo disaster Increase la the earn proportion, aad therefore a better aad more conscientious feeling of their duty should be cultivated la aeamea la re - , nmniesMsiis saws 10 in crews of shipwrecked vessels. Tkat Ikey do ait possess this eMlBf bow la evident from the Ir e many Inst uce which bars beea recently recorded where timely aad practicable aalntaaee wwld haveiaved many Uvea. ' T Citt FinAhca. Ta tlnaee tell severely pea th City leaaces Wlik ample sseans do - far neet)ng all Its rngigrmesU, the City U still . crippled ia it psjmrnu, beea as th property - . ewaers are anable or oawllllag to pay their taaee preaaptly. Oa the firat of Oeteber, there wlU ha) . large pajaara to bo made ems g ether, th qautarly warrants of the aebeel teachers. I the present conditio of the treasury, It will be dirfi colli meet the labilities. Tier kt aa amount of S3f ,0M dao by the But to the ackoot fund of Philadelphia, the annual appropriation, which ha set yet beea paid over, for so so reason or ether. If this sua were f. rtbeomlag bow, II wroaht enable lb eebool warrants I - he all . Bald WW a doe. Why saeuld It aot bet Th etaat taxes do here kav all be paid. TheBtat should be equally prompt with th city lexis To TBI Bcrrsaxxt. A public meeting has beea held at Norfolk for th parpen of ex evading relief to lb survivors ef tb Ceatral Asae - rlta, many ef whom have loot every eeat they pmieseed la th world, after wear of tell la Call , fornla. A subscript low ha already beea mad la New York t the ameoBt ef t37S0. Bsve aot these aafortnnsto people equal elalow her npoe th . 7mpathle ef lb weaevolent? If th eharch . were t take the subject asad submit U t taetr eewgregatiessi, there as ao deaat ttat aid weald be - tartaeeunlBg aefiUleat to reilrv tad saffersrs f a pertloa of their afliictioa. Maay f ikoaarrlvar ar wimib aad children, escaped waly with Ufa, onauary sVtstHaai aa4 he pates. Tbetr aeadttlea aarhUnly spyeaU U every essnpsasleaate breast. "Waa aa Bvaaa Carrai la. - The brig waica earn la eoiikVsa with the echo sen Laela - d Abb, Cast. Wall, frees Phllalphla,aad dlea - M her, aad taecaptnlnef which brle.waea asked loby by, sslt hs wwahlk!p th aeheeaor to . Js - V' t a th Harare, Csptala Craig, Vhlch has rotaraed t Hew York. Tea cap. ' taJa f lb ilg Borae baa beea safivraaad Vy th ' President of lb Atlantic Mutual lanerreae C. . B at h w ill aot lsaa ra aa him sntil he cUmra ap the . chart - as pwferredaw Captala WalL The aaTsv ejriU b aaaaBlaed laa by a CaensaUsee ef the lie - slwwrlter. - ' ' Irsons Ibdiab stivrLa A Saa A as) - ansr aaaatieaa a rainof Ibst C Captwta e body ' iwSiiImwu ariarked I f a larre 0t aad eseapletely matt Th UBtk ef this ruaner Is very a; uch doobUreV Is a on t tip B of n a BV THE PIIXIT LINB. CrrrpedeaioeBfhe Public Ledger. things m near tobyi. - . New Voai, Sept ltd HOT. We are bavins; another cold easterly storm to - day, the fs end of ibe equinoctial. I he wrack continues to he the talk of the town. The Alabama arrived this morning from Savannah, with the Ive passengers, rescued by the btrk Wai - eny, tnd conveyed to that port. One of Ibe morning papers states that Mr, payM presented Cspt Herudon's wtlrh to his wife, nt her residence M Ks Twenty third street. This n mlsuke. It was aot pn seated till to day . Cast. Uerndna'sfsmtly at first gave a very cold recrptioa to Qarrleon, hit ro ored body uarvunt, who was among the saved. Explaining, however, that he wool into the boat by the express orders of bis Duster, thev aubsenuentlr forsave him. Another meeting for the relief of ths survivors waa beid to day. Between 9O00 aad 10,000 hive neen suosr.rirwa. The Erutlnerr of the Central America ta - day, mide out the usual protests," aoVailag onlclsllf the loss of the vessel, so that the Insurance on In specie will be paid at once. Nothing new transpired at the Compsay's oUs this moruinx In imfsrd to the disaster. Th ex - pentra of Srintfinu on the rescue - ! pssrnKer have brefi dlsrhamwl by he owners of the lo vessel. T. Kiiby, Ksq , telr(jrsphed from Philadelphia lo - day, Inquiring about Mrs. 8wsn nnd child, who weie sired, but who heva not tin 0 beea i.esrd from A drredful in ray took piece tbls morning, In a low den of prostitution, 3K Water street, kpt by one John Allen, resulting In the deitu of Jsmes Morrl, one of a party of three drunken rowdies, who, in an InsulHng manner, demsnded drinks of the bar Keeper Richard MoarUser. A Bbttonh place, In the course of which Mor - rlssey rlsd a double barrelled pistol and shot Morris dead oa the spot. The murderer was at once nrrested and connyed lo the Tombs. Ha ssvs he acted in eelf - drfena. tireat excitement exists In the Immediate aelgh bojhood of the mu - dt - r. The house In which th tiSKrdy took place fs the same which was robbed, few evenings since, by a parly of Cyprians, who were Indignant at ibe disrespectful manner In which lie p onrlHor Interred the remains of a protltute who died on the premise. Two serious marine duaitert happened to - dav the North rlvrr. une wis the grounding ef ihe mimmoth steamer New World, in a very bad piste, four miles this side of Cstnklll. The other wai the sinking of Ihe sloop Kill ibeth. Csptala Cary, from sing !lrir. by collision with anolb! vest - 1, off the foot of 47th street, North River. No lives lost. 1 Amone the nrrlvsls from aea to dav, are shin Andrew Jackson, Willi ims, KS dxs from Si a 'rsnctsco, and unman nark btjra. I UN days from Valparaiso. Also, Bpinlih brig Emilia, from Havana, Aog 30th, for Vlzo, f pslo, with 101 passengers, put luto tbla port in dlstrrsi. 1 ne itepuoiicans, in inrire numoers, nsv gone to Syracuse to. day some as delegates to their Male Convention, to be held there to mot row - others as wire - pullers, lobby - men and lookers on. The Work logmen hsveslto called a State Convention, to be held In this city on Ihe Sth of October, for the purpose of nvklnenpa ticket from the choice me of the th ee old parlies we near or no removals la tnei.uawra nouse. Collector Schell is put down aa a sine man. 'Many ate celled, but few cbosra." juftice Connolly, in the special mstons mis morning, decided (In the case of Barah Sinda, cbsreedwlth kieplng a disorderly borne In Ele - venm street) mat ioee is no aiauneuon nnwtea house ol assignation " and a house of " proa tttution" In the eje of toe law. Ba'h are disorderly homes, ncd aa such are tndictahle. Thed'cislon tikes thegnund that the keeping n mistress is no nuisance, unless attetded with public lewdnesa In esse there be doubt of the reaonahlene f the rule laid down In North Carolina, Kvani' rase, Sth Tlidell, 603 ' A woman cannot be Indicted for keeping a bawdy nous, merely because she Is unchaste, Uvea by herself and habitually admiuons or many to ai illicit Intercourse with her." But where a woman keeps bou - e and rents rooms for the Illicit intercourse of strangers, who have their In - coming and outgoings, nnd who are constantly chanting nnd shifting, she keeps far mo e of a bawdy house and of a common, than if the female were Inmates of her family. Orlalnilly a bawd was a procures ; asd sorely the keeping of an assignation house comes nearer to this elaMliration th a the keeper of a so - called boarding bouse Counsel for ibe defence, however, gave notice thai h would appeal, and sentence was, accord InL'ly, postponed till Tuedsy next. j The weather is nnfswrahte for the Fair at th Cryeta! Palace. To - day the attendance was very slim. In the evealns, however, there It gene - rnlly acrawd. A treaty of alliance has been signed between the Marshall and l llmaa, rival opera eompanlea, atid tb Academy shortly will exhibit new strength In j' net ion ol forces. The funeral - of th late Cornelius Borardus (formerly Naval Officer of lb port,) will Uk tnke place to - morrow, - from his fsmliy reldeaie, Or - e bundled and third atreetand Eighth Avenue. The Urn.ocratic politicians will be largely repre - sentr d on the occasion. Asaas dull and nncbasKed CoiTon fiat sales sot worth reporting Corrxadull. A circular published here to day. estlmatea Ihe stork of Rto at 8I.: bags: the wa s'ieceipts, 7W1 navi; te sales, Tvil oars; the total stock held In New York In first hinds. at 1I0,83 bago.and mats. Rio Coffee is quiet at W a lxe., and Java at 16 X a 17c. An euctloa sale of tout) bane Rio announced for Friday next reni - ifis ousineas. Flovb unchanged, with sale SOliO bblt. South - em Hoar less active at yesterdn'a rates; sales luUO ddis, k ye nour ancnaogea. corn men ao. (is us Wheat airala easier. The sales are ntl.tiui but nets, at HI 33 s I to for Southern white; ? 1 tall vi ror ao reo; (1 t lor wniie unio, ana IKS for red do. Corseaslen mixed, JDii, nd sales it 0OU bushels. Rye dull at 80e. Oatt easier; Western, 44 a 47. Bailey dull aad droop - lnv: Btatenttjee Paovistnns Perk very lrreciUa', with a kind of 'Bull" nnd "Bear" fivht nolo ea There it BO regular quotation for mean, but 1S ia about ibe price, rrinne Is held at B'i tteei nnenanaea Baraa as before Lard firmer : sales 3U0 bbls., at HViMde. w bib t av plenty and lower: sales at sic. But little Improvement in visible in financial circles. Monev la aa hard as ever. It 1 aot on - rommon to pay aa high aa at a St per cent for for loana. Single names go with dlffl :nlty under 3D per cent., and even 34 per cent, per annum la aubmitud to In some Instances. There is a good deal of EaMera drawn or endorsed paper in mstket. The operatlona In State Stocks to - day, ware few, nd the tendency of prices lo still lower point. 1 ne speculative leeiirg has pretiv mncn a.ed out Vtriilalate rose K I Mlssouria's frll It! Call fornla 7'a rooe 1 : New York Central t'e decllaed 1 : do. stork, kj; Illinois Centrsl 7' rose with s fall of I K In itoek: Bank Stocki were firm and Jik Bank ndvanctd while Bsak of the r?iaie reu 7 per cent, rscilc Mall snip rose ), Delaware and Hudson declined Ik": Pens Coil 1 ; Cumberland Coal. ; Galena and Chlrar, 1, lyieveiana ana rnuours 1; nocn Mian l M and Readlag, . Erl ros and Cleveland ana s oitao, sj . At the Second Board, the mrk"t was a Irlfli betier. Krleclosel at 17; Reading U, Clev. una nna loieoo n; .n. Y. central utiJi; cum ueriaaa MR canton lielaware ana Hudsr 106 W; f'JOtU California 7s. '75. add at 56; 3UU0 do do , 0, 46; li,0UU Jdo ButeCs VJ aouXl 6VM v a. os. ro liiw max sTort ticnaaox - sxpT. !J trn VinioiaS's Wsus ihirdAv Rail an ew ra variruan - s Vi O - k fa, leas M 4Missoari's 3 fi as do in M eh Central B PsamtR yi Uslsna A Chi 11 d Hi Illlaois Central 49) SI s as V am do tamit iiaai cat water a, "a m snn N Y t'e, 'M at liseN Y Cen't'a H (on 111 tent Bda li U7 do si as I do ire Co st as an d um lore do mh s"w 1 sera numBTi 27 shs Bk linmmrri 4 (Mstropoliun Ba M I St NlolsaBk 17 iuieva ruts a h 101 to 14H '. lev Lot cm mi liiPsrkBsi k Wkl 56 do an HHkSiaieoTlw Ylr7 4) do n90 I v rsans mm im Cos lie Clev k TA R S4 id New Jeraey Z in V M cbie I A K I at 6 roiAti e una im im 51 WO M V S do hi 4 do HX ia IllrW sir l tiii )( Pmo dial Co e saw m do in do 33nrnmiwrlaodCcaJ ) do Vi TiLaCratMilvtl IX m Erie Rai'roed SB It im do aH It I co no ik im rvew von r - ea n do e I7S 74Rsadinf RaU liO Hudauo River R I'kl SXC05C SOASB. (KvaOslTsTt at I tntoa Co 41 M p. 17 II aX 9 sw mi m ro n, t. rie aauroaa xeMiMoari to - in du il do ma M "o sin rare Vir.uiia Ma) do ! N Y tiensl ts K iSS ao Me HI Cenuel H.L, an Harlem Railroad lone Hailm !( waortm BPaaiuk lMiekSiR nref II III d JSPs kBsik H 11 Clev A Pitts It 30 Aawneaa EX Bk X e Clw A rr.1 K ss so do i imChuntok R B. I Hv k St I N Y 7 tn o lt kik nf A m.m H I M d - t UN S1 yifelAHsdO) Wit ins S Y Ceatral R al PihMfSCo HMpm Readin R , 60 do ea e do a SI H I 4114 a r MPanaCoalCo lis Co a da (Ttf lie da UmCnrnk dCutl Cat 10 I II Ills Ceatral R vBalaac la the aob - treaaary te - dty, II0 I3, - aewai; lacelpu, glut 071 : atyaatU, '13, - et at - - Steillnc ricbaag far tb steaaiiklp Arabia (from Bealoa te morrow) e'oaad at Uffjf for bank.' aad lost, far o - adore bills. Th Wester Hsnk f Lock pert wa threw ut ay im oroxera so any. Annexed Is eeewiaeratlvt ttatemeat of the ex pert (xcloalv ef specie) from New Yerk I fortlga pert for the week, sad si are Jaaaary 1st : lf H - M. . 1W. Total law weak, ttrs.t.VI 1, 074 44 l, 170 Its Previously lep , U 61,711 a4 4W,743 MI7I Slac Jsa lot., 44 44 r ( r7,lta) Ma.mjt Online Unio Tas tease ef the Phllsdel - phlaaid lb New Yeik Aesdemleaaf Maaickav barmen !rd tbelr a ranfeuneats and Ua(ttractla al theea will be tnuali rred I the other reclpracaL It. Thla will be better far both parties. Tie til wlU scarcely permit two opera eempaale to awiish la aay city ef th Uatoa, la eempetltloa with tack other, while Batted, the attractleaa of a single la each elty will be g - eater, at lees x - pease, aad tharrfer wttk hetter pros peel at paylag Fan N lewr of the - W tl I - tw Co' ' at fa Areh. HstiranLSs Gaavtss PaseaBarioas Ibr Pentlilv, N - riaaaiDiaaa'a, Iam bifiVawKa of Uraatb.av HwrorafDiaaaa, Nul fa aawa, Pinaaawsol Yn liaai al fa war Adas as neeesorv. t, Wl l ef Appetite. Luinv, st sweaia, com rem, msa latna. A a. Bbzjuos.' Gisoibi rsapiiATies - wGiv aaavlth and vaaur tn the frame. Aad Mnran to t e paili4 ehk Art are as pt bad of thaa. t as their laaa that satiaati bosoms B ei waol s'a 6 a a e 1 na f a eei aa 1 10 see Graves, B"eooar, Lor pir. K - v - l 1MK rriae fl per not. Lva. 4s aV. Taw e. AsanlMr RaiLdeia, wvwaa ra - aree l - aiaria. aft Jaev raaia4lraiaaieel H a aa OSa w m asaar w e aaaaav fur Udrw la lBvaka - y ate. ft. W,tiiaT ad T udand 1. laaat ", 1 av. saa. ol hr "Thb BaioiRB." ThM heaatifui.mmsntiedrima wi I bsSTossmd at Whealwy's Aiao Si - miht, (for t krat time 1; '"any yesra k Wsiaay Hr. Tlnu - G,to nith' andses Wal - la'kaNrarYnk "8iari" - Ussiv Wallsok, Mr ani bra. W. K. Bisks. Mrs.Hoev, Miss Usnwsi. sn4 the Wsgat Street Uimpany. in "t'istainnf hi Watna." " Poor tisni saae." and "A Fariul Trstedr ! Town." The boat bill ever oHs - sd. I Finer Nicar of tU "Jtrisand" at tke Arab. ' I BcsTOlt's NiTiOKsL TaaaTBB. An", nausnallv ntrun bill at la a nt - ae to nuht.. A thrillms play of Ua moot abtorlunf interest is to b srsseiui; it is called the" ul'e of a Woinn?' anil is f.' - id on H - t JiiVeoslebraiao sioturaa of th "Harlot's I'rof rM.'' The d a sau vsruoa u on irUes a reM ra al, and aot mof our vw.ll, sk - Ji d isil I" witiw arj at - lr lU uiverlul tsaatitsa Mta Rimberlr an! Uis full streaiik ol the OLHisM - yanwar. njm WBX.Tt - XT's Aacui araxrr Tnaavaa. - Ooaofthe best Mils ul the a will be sivm at this r"Ti;y Thestrs lo - aishi. 1'kssnuji roman 10 Drains entttlotl the "itrssnr," wil on krouiht - u in hue ml I (bMruj i.s firat rrpn - seoisiion fur many yetirs I Nft snrr, onstumfl, appointmenis. a'o.. have 11 baen add - - 4l to renrer it in a maiinwr wivlhv the repntatioe of the asta - NiBftm'nt. The tatitiful five aot dosiestra d sins of the " Willow t. - pse," will also be acted, (hist time this at asm) eoLcludins the enieriainmHita. You raiiBTi, at 43 Cheenut atrer. one door helow Fifts.apKd Biwkaiid a valueSle tiifl w th it - Kiiki, in SToat otuin - j. keepi at 4 in. i Rkmimkkx ths hoar CiH'ee. Tea, and the cSespeit McaU served at ihe oivnernf Sixth and Ma kt. Pocltst Par st Po d . vH and 4 South Eifhth it - Roast Chickm, fkirk - n Pot pie. Beef, LvnD, Ojitterv Pepper sot, ApileUumplinra. , Cnnraai Axnrr Tntf. beOnith's Kleotrio Oil owes Neu'SUia, and all Paiaa. Only Urpot, 39 3. Knhlh it .below Cbesaut. Fssxr - H Foi - nixo Fiaa ? - Steel Pirs Sots, Bmnse aiidiruus, Nu sery Fenders. Coal S(iuttle,e'c, sre sold by E. W. CarrjI.tHS Chi mut s'cet, Mlov Stvrnih. . " Out ronirs. Ccbtaixs and Curhkia Mat wial . Also, Window Shadesof every rieacription, wholeM'e and retail. PiTTsn's New Vt'rk Curtain Slur, 630 Chesnut strswt, un dr eaat of Beveatli st. Smith's Dispitsii CoaoiaL A positive and permanent cure, in evwy form of Dyspepsia. A Iwi. a Hps cirlo lir Fever and Anua. For sale at No. 108 South Twatrru etrsm. Gbbit BAaoatna in India Rcsitaa OvtxsHoxs. The Isrsest aiatutmeut of Mea'e, Women's, Brs' and Clnld'ens (iveralMiet, st the lowest ouh sncM, st Jcilm THursley's India RuNier S'ors, 311 Chesnut st., above Thud, north side, old ua d. i PnaxxoLooiCAi. Exam hatioxs. with alvio ia referenoe to hrailh. matrimony, business anlself - im - Srovemont in all oases inttreAtint sod 1mp rta.1t. and ft en wirih m, re thaa a fortune, are mw dsilv at Fowlx, Wills A Co.'s, 9sil Cuianurau, hr RinsrfliTii Ann Coron. whin), to often 'erminats fa'sUr inournnrUiera Irai'udes nre eaulr arrat - n in amsori'y ol na et, if recourse is hvi to the Will Cborry preparation of Dr. Wistar. Abuadaiit ends: e this faot feu beenxiven. i f?sn wnn Houaa. Ths tiwe is earer to see that il - lus rious Medical Reformer, Da. S. M Lsnuxs, and to - arllistirrliiff eliquenos of hi lips, base! sl luooa - testihle irmik. Go ai d lie d - li tod, instruotni. an i ausM'U. Admitunoe thu (WeUosadar) srenuif to ijsuiesAJMl uen'lemen.rva. FoiTTXa's Synip Tar Wild Cherry and Wood lashtlja. will eun vour Conih. ami arestre roar svs - tem for the oonunr winter. Aitend hi it al wee. and save yoursell from Consumption. Only a6a, Bnad and Cisites sis., Peterson, and all Drwuiata and coun try tnurehteper - . Wurriii ! Waarrxas! WnAPPXas I The best aasortanent la the oily. A splendid s.ook all dasieip tKTia Genilemee e rurnianinf tjoooa, ina nurta made to order, ai J warraifed to W. W. gnisht'a, suooaasor In R. C. k Co.. No. 61. A103 at.. ahovs Sixth. CovalTWeTlov ean be enred hv lha naa nf AnIiAnoL - 'a Piilaimio Syiup. Dr. Sohenck will ha in a'tendance daily, hs'ween the hours ol 9 aul 3. at ths I iffioa. corner of S X'h awl North atrafa. In esamina ehj,ta nf naiienbt. ard ra soiab fir their eonieisinta. A Rut CnANra Kvana A Watann hava now nvar three hmdred arj fifty tbiHisaid p - und,uf their Sa a - snander Safes oe hand, whioh th - y wfl sell on reaa - ai - alil terms; and those wan wish to pursha Kirca'h will have an mora - d disoount alhiwed them at this lime. Apply at their Sa'amandar asd Warerooms, No. 96 Souih Fourth street. tt Flta l.Brriracs to l - adiaa aial Gentleman fkil J?ermnr. at Assembly Buildinta. ora - oer of Tenth and Chesnut streets, by the orUmii and title) Dr. a. M. Lamina in illualraiion of nia new nt timslited sea - tam ol Phvai lotr. Analo nv. Palholois aad rha lars of Pesltnaj.d Hyairn. AitmiHanaJm. Ersryho - ly ouaht to hear the satoundioc truths proolaimea by this powtribl ueoturvr. Tits BanxriT or Maonito Klttbicitt as a an - raiiv aaent u - cilou'abl. By it axei.oy alone, unier diifrretit m dihoe'lons. piiyi eiana hare eurrd ths moot otiatiiaie diaeasi - e that cat atlant the homan fram - f. Call and examine Ihe mam to - E't It it Mara'aa em - aloved for relievus and eunos al' mannarof dis - aase. by Dr. Dicxiitsoi, al his Medioal Orhos, 41 North Bsvenaa atraei, rniiaaeipnia. Savina Fvau - Five Pna List. Imtssbsv. Na - oonai eaiely Trnst comsaiiy. Walnut atrset.Soath west sew of Third. Opes daily till 1, and Monday a d Thursday avenirurs till hn'okMk. Abt sum reowvet'. a'Mi paia uaox ia goia witaoni nofwa. uuemeaa eon - jed toreoeivin monev on later ast. Assets, ovav naa milium ami a satf ef IMmu ssvaaied in Real Kaove, Mortaaxea, Ground Rente, and other first class eeouri - lie, as IM ensrter aimers. Pnnswava rai CoarpLKBiiia vanai Fnwrm.aa asm Tan. The montha of May and June are fetal to the laoe. All oornplrxion suhjeot to Tan or kreokles may be kept fresh and wmte, by name the Genauae palm of laoeMaa - nmn mominx and merit. ns u seeuiina anlsaa sisned bv Fetrals e k Co.. aad tt a hWaalaat T. B. Paraaaon's Book Stive, pio, son cneenut sueet,atwv thiro, and by all reepeotable Drutiists. Thats So ! Whether von believe It or no arai vou roay thai k your stars we to t you so t and if you d aibt 11. x" at oeo to me areas wniie rta 1 ui anins nasaar, axacil r 4 a lha ami! hweat eivner of Fourth and Market ata , no. nu,ann lair irom us larsrai, mat out, nsat made, and by far the obeapeet at - wk of Ready made Clothinc ever 080 ed in Philadelphia or elsewhere; avers tarmrnt 'a mvked in s ain fiturs. and no man can nav. me omaoiec 10 sx tnem tor :esa, ana we woni tk less if b'riid. Come on. Men and B si. Kemember, No. l0, S. W. oorner uf rousta and Maaxarala. Pall Clothir. Blaa and Black Franoh Cloth Dreaeand Frost Coats, made in lha latest sir lea, 111 11 : li I . I , ' I - I...L lain and Fanoy Caaaimer Baameaa aod Pnuno - n CjMLla. Fall (rvercoata of Raxlana, Backs, aad Batarasa. mnde of Cloths. Cassimsrsa and Thiliats. New Style Fanoy Caaaimer and Blank Freaoh Doeakm Pan is. Veers of the latest styles, smsistinr of Black and Panov Silka Saluis. Moira Anlianaa. Caahmerea. Caasimenas, cloths. A a. A larg stock of uvsrouata aslliaf at redaeed srioea. M HHBeasaha. Chasnal and Ihird streets, wi event to M - sabs. I Hatx thi Botitox HaaTsa, thsbsit ibthi Bliaaar. rcr in rota Houaxs it n aale, eiaeniy coov, iiieut, xivealilile trouble, dieoharxee soxas. Rivet a la'xermiaintof yure boar, mvee iue , aial lanerxdW' r lair, a ne uiawii - K oonira innn a ratiaiaa auru - . : PuiLADA.,Sept. I, 1(91, Vvaaaa R ill A Avaaa 1 fiMOilemen: I m,ai aheerfu'.lv resawjd to vour la - au.rv rnaBotinc tas oaanaian uT mi Ileaiar. Nuthlruf oiaiid hate 11 reo me&reater aatiafaotu n. My houie is large, aialowinx to the peculiar oaistruotion of flnaa. e.. was - uimciiti hi nw. 1 rwrt - uair, nau aspa iieoeed much tiraib a. Tmo Fwmartt of sool repura - tusi. hah uaed at Ihe mine time, were nnaieosaatul 1 Ihs honee wssaot made oomoe'la'Hs nnlll of vour Ao JSoirartra Faraams dnabtrrd (arm. The hit ai' is earned lairre - luro Jut tn im usek hsiulinxs. and the who SneM tedeiixMrully wanned in tne a dd - aat weather. II sartor ma its srmk sroasmimlv and srMaaHi irewote. It xivee ni Measure en ream. Bead 11 10 ointrs. loura, araiy, M nisTKi - n. of lha firm of Raiiuei A Co. Adapted to any buildinf, larss or etna I Sold aod set bp, by aann A kraxa. 194 NorthSiiths. Rlarrled, On ths tlst instant, al Bristai, Busks eotintv. Pa., be lowph B PeoninttoB. E , Mr. GKoRGB CLE - VENGER to Miss CAROLINE ANDERSON, both of Rriand TnwnaSiB. IB . . . . . . - V a, n - . m - jn niviinim.i ny nnr, unnj a, "iuibbuw. iai. Rlt HaRD ttKhKLYlo Miss MARY M KEN.NA, PXB I tniarmv Ikied. Oafhetrd inst., Mrr. El.iZ A GULA0ER, wife of capt - c. usiassr. ia ine sn year ul ear ae. 'lha fneadi 1 lha familv ana raaaenllnllv hnritarl Instteod the funarsJ, frm her Isle reatdenoe. No. Sti Nnrik Fnail s rest. Tkurailay exraim, Mik inst., al IV o e oix. w'ueiui luriner notioe. ri Oa tke n mains o) the Jul mat.. SARAH W.. wife of rvaa eel Same, fa thesis year ef herax. 7 a relative and irias da m ine family are reaMet - ifallv iaviied lo aitend ths funeral, froas tha rasiieooe of her mm in - law Evert J. W sndetl. near Bustiat - m, tn day ' F art day ltd, atl9o'elook. Tosrooeedto raiainfbai. li on the mnrninx M tatu inst., altera nrtxenrar tn - ssa. ABHY. urant dausaur of Wm. aad kiari SauT - ier. axed il months and li oars. The relatives aaal friends are respeotfnlly invited to attend the funeral, from the aa - oer of Dauphin anj Ce - aarauvaa, i' n w arq aai I aurauaj aiiararaia, satn. aa to'ueh. Toproeeed tall. A. M Caaaetary. II ana l aaauay ssorninx. ssu insu, aara. aaiiuii a, LI.K - Vila of Col. Ho - ert M. Ie. Ihe relatives and rieuoaoi the lemur ar ttipsm hi v uvited lostlaod th funeral, f withuot further no Hoe,)onThursilay,2ith inatant, al 10 o olnok. A. M., fnaa but Walnut atraet, opsoaite Indeaaadenes S luara, Fsneral aervioe will bake plane at St. Sieehaa'aohurah. at I IN o'clock. nd iniartuawt! S aith furl Hill i un un t' u laaf.. asanas years, jdaociaas i asvia, wileuf Rie awdPaik. the r lau van aest friend of th family i fallv mviud .oaaand ta faneral. froas the her nuehaM, No. 747 gjath Tai'leeeth strest, below F itswaier, oa I kuradar altanaaav, at 9 'nk.To Onibaikd ie.l., WALTER ZACHARIAH, so of Zachariah and Farms J. Ruoirav aied li matlna. Tn raiativas an Iriaod at ih taral'y arati spec fallv avilra m attend Ibe fsneral. Irons the rsatdenee nf his parents. No. 41 Groraa uet. ah v h xkta, oa Thuiadat afianaa.n,at Si'elnok. withiaitfa uer lavi - tslioe. To prooaad I" Wo, ji laada tmatery. II 11.. Ikit my ,mmt B I' Ul'.'i' 1 U 1 V. o'tha lata W m. Harvey, and vile ot the late Famurl Hay. uf Eaabaa. Pa Tb lelalivaaaed rriendn are tsrritad In attend the fu - Bral, fn - m lha P aadeBaw of bar one her ia law. Jama gsaee. No MQuaea attest, aa Tauisdey ?o elo - k. . . MK1 On tke net h - shvat, with Mvnnaatioakf IhslswfS, IS. TUIB7 A J A il l:A nil la vaaea. The relalivaean triaaaai ar reaeeetf ally hrrltad SB Btteaat la lunaral, fnaa the reaadanoe of har waol, Waa. Poitrr, Haver ford Road, above ike Peinstlvaasa Hoeeitsl this tWsdaeaday)afttaaua, ale e'eok - te ameavd an hUurklry. 'l rSadasa,ly ea toe HA asrL, If ATH1 A9 J. S WIN K. U,m ana. mmm taaa of ska kaallv aea ssvitad tn artawal the faaaral. fnaa hie lata rssniiase. eiKaaw of Psiupae butm - mi streets, KaeaiaftAax, oa f Hlav at - lanma BiL al I wAfa7t Oa ih list a., BARN ARB MURPHY, ua the aad vi ar ol has see. HisrHaadaarermseotfally invtted tosrtead tke. aarai, man Ms lata raananee, no. sir r. i weaty aiia .. tbiet Wedaeadap) altarorvai, at t el"ok. y - Oa the l matant, Mra. SOPHIA M'lN AOHAff, wilanl Jiiha hlonaaaeua. aslhasath aeaeof Bar aew The i anuria asat rrtssass at ak faaaiiy are n i ist fails - aviiai w atiasal th faaaral. tram la pssadenee el her an and, ra. a l Puna r ilia streat, below w alee t, t b Tnernier monunf , at o'ekiok. without farther autiea. Topinussdw.Si. Jnasyh's Cemetery. See". On Iks r iau SAMILL li. Lu.,w IhefTtk 1 Tseraasaivvasswlrriaad ef the fcasflr faliy ssvasal as eun 4 Sta fsa.ial tnaa kwlwa raaa - Maa.l.avMtiaaiaat waato R vanlaenth.oa Fralav aitarnneav al k aemtk. wuaiMet further aotio. le par sae le PhiBUKhr - e.s rVnaatary Oethaa UiaLHiRTUA K jOHNBON, sarofDeii. Lil aad Baoah Jwaf, aged 14 asaiih tint I Ammm imm trinweta amilvareraatad s attaeid f 1 1 I trrmm lha nf har iraMiterher. K IW' r'auiisa, Ne IM Won straaa. aaov 1 nalaeolh, Uie t v anaVi) atasrwaaa, at e'TJO. wayuuai 'm - eas " On thetil inatnnt, GEORGE, aoaof B. aad Klla tlfre't, sed fmnmh. The rasativ d friend ar invited at alread the fnieral. iron. Nn.KH WaahUKtoa street, ua Thursday ailerroo, at B o'e ork. u H il - adini sM, MARY ENNin.aeedtmaatha and is day a lk laware sasers p'ssn soar. I Hr funeral will lekopVaos this! WediwJsylafter - nooa, at o'elnok, from the rssiikaoe ef her ialher, at Cropf's Point. Csmnen, . 311' OntiaHd inst, GKUKGE OI.EDHILL. . The rstauvse sod frieoua, Atlanlio Lodia, No. M3. 1, O. of O. F . snd tke Ord, r in seuersl. sj a ressee rally invireo ' attend ths funeral, from the rssidmss' f Mra, Castell, Hroadvar, Sd dw below Maikot, S Hith Camden, on Ihuiadii alternaon nt 3 o'oiook, Tupnioesd to Everrreen Cemetery, At Wilnunaom. liel., on the J'st inst , EDWARD 111 liH s - w f JsiuesJ. and Juiia Mouajsc, Med k yearieid II mm'he. - 'I he funeral to leave the resilenoeof hie arand lather, Piuh MoGovern, tku Wdj.sday) afternoon, at 4 oVicwk. BM On 'he Mst instant. MARY . BUCKIUS, aldeet dsnrhter of tke late Wm. ILmkins. - iler reiauvee and frimda aim ttmeeof the family are rrapeotfully Invllsil to attend th funeral, fnmi ths rest - dnioeof her broltr, John Ko kiur, No. TO S. Ninth s' - erl, beJow Hhippen, hi( Wednesday) atsiaaun, at 3H o'ohnk. without further iuiii. ' , (rnlhe Jul iniuni, Ms. KCGKNIA TIIKODORA GHK.hN. in theeoth ) ear of har axe. lllalliriwre sasers pUaae copy.) Her relatives and friends and those of the familynr rreportluiiv invu4 n - snend ths funeral, from the roai - street, eeat of KmlHh and M 'W Me - ket. thiat Wed - neadsy ) afternoon, at' 1H o'oiook, without further notice. Hu Sunday. l limit.. Rev. ISAAC WORRELL, ID tlm 67th year of hia aee. Til relatives and friends of th family arerraeeot - fully invited ro attend the funeral, from his late rest - deuce, No. I4 Main street, K rank lord, on rhuraday afier - HHi, at t o'oiook. To prjosedtoCtdar Hill Ce - nwterv. SiHldenlv, en Monday, (he rial instant, Mr. JOHN GI.S.DNKV, in IrwSM rear of hisae. Ilia relatives and fnenda ar raapeutfully Invited lo attend th funeral, from th rosldeooo of fL 8 Uraok - ney, No. 708 Smthwark st., alvs Seventh, Imwsw Federal and Whaitiu, this tWedneaday) afiemunn, at I o'oiook. On the son, inst., nUGII MoCAULEY, in the (3d year of his axe. The relatives and friends rf the IHwiilyare resnet - flillv uivited to attend rhe funeral, frosi ihe resideno of hia hro'tver, Thomai laoev. Spring Garden street, be tween Twetity - ihi d aiol TwentT - fourth, FairsvHiril, tlua t Wer'needay I afternoon, at 9 o'oiook, without further notion to piooeed to Cathedral Cemetry. On Sunday, 'heh, HAKRIKT ANN, daughter of Henry J. and Sarah Fouxeray, ia the 31st year of her are. Ths relatives and friends of the family ar respaot - fuliv inured tu attend toe funeral, fnisk her sarenta' reaidinoe. S. E oorner of Kuhth ami Wood ats., this I Wednesday) aflernooo. at 3 o'oiook, without further nice. On the 71st inst., Xrvi HENRY, son of Catharine d rhe ate Janus B. Hohnar. seed lfi Tears. Tl ralltaa an,, Iriu.linf f.mto - M Mux, fuilv invited tu attend the funeral, from the resid - voe of his mother, Paaarurk and Rope Ferry Roads, oa T ureda y aflenXNin. st 9 o'oiook. " un inenHrnimoi tneaotn inst.. missCA I n AKIrv K F. tilB. - O.N.d.iiichtrrof Mary Ana and the late John ihu. In tlislu rear of her axe. Har relatives and fiiamla ara rMBAAtfnllv Invitiwl to attend the fiitieral, fnm the reeidenoe of her mothor.. o. yj rvortn psesntn street, above roprar.on I aure - 1 afternoon next, al 3 o'o ook. without lurtlierno - On the 19th inst., ROBERT H. M ANSON, "in ihe i9d year of hia ax, Hia fnenda aud those of th fsmily are respectrully invihd to aitend his funeral, from the rwidenos of hia brother in - law, Mr. Henjamin Matlaok, ia SinithBald, 21 Ward, on 7 hursdar afiemoon. kith instant, at 1 clook. without further notice. nfB ASH LAND ENC IL? O. O. F. - TheMew aiilielit,NithSIXIHI ASH LAND ENCAMPMENT. No. 43. ea - ners are reiueatad tn meet H Straot. Tlll - ,1 Wadnravtavl AKTI - RMMlN.iM tait - .at n'ai,k. tn al ard the fira'rai of their deceased Brother. PATH Wa. VVHAY. wa J. tt. II. KING. u. r. SCOTi' THISri.a 8icrETY." - At rtat'd ireetlrs i.f the Ssota' TliiaMs S - Mtetv. on MONDAY EVENING. S int. 7. a Commit te appointed for the purpose, reported the folloBinx, anion was ui animouaij spsroveu 1 nnerraa, naMii in me frime 01 me, it hat Maefl A mialitt (hfl to, ramnva frnm one aaidat nae va'ued frirn'l ei fel or - !ahorer in lha eauie of bene - vn a, jOHN liEbtiH, la'e President of thrSeou' Thistle S - cMy - Ard. whereas, w resoxnix in hi ) deeeaaath absence of nre whose strrlix mteentv snd kindlr meaner rendered bunasHeonuneellor for the soeiety s best inu reals, a rrue iriend to the neenv and distresssd, a d a mors thaa brother to those aliieA with him in deeds ol etent y : A'A. whereas, in onr beeavement we bowsuhm - aivelv li, the will nf Him wIhiu w . mm nnwil - dentanl. and yet who do,th all thinxs wail, learninx. m 11m auounu ucoease 01 our oromar, an aumonition lor y to ba a so readv 1 Therefore, Kieulvtd. That this s - aainbl h sntare'l On taa Hiinutaa 1 ha nnhll.liMl ; anH fitrltiMr. tltataana of tha ana duly aiuated by the olfiaera and seal nf me rnrirav, ue usasmiiwo w usiamii oi ouraaioaassu Ohiefoffioer. J"P.N O. mot BY, 1 WW. J Y'iUN . ' SComuiittee, ANGl S M AHr HERSON. ROBF.KTU. HB4N Seor - U - v. seSS ltm THE ME jL? FIRE CO. w Til StWednesratl MI1EH8 of the WE1CACOK ill aMeemlte at ihe Ei - ui House. to'eimk. to a temi in Funeral of their I to Fellow Mornaer, JOHN lil.ADNEY. Be .aderoftha fr.Klit, aa - u 411 trr.t). w, MAHTI1, scerary. rfo FREE lEOTLRE, THS EVENING, UJf Spteinler 5S to Ladle and Gentlemen, on the rear law.., i ire. Hea 'nanfl Ht.aanaa nv llr. !a al. jAN I'ES. TENTH aad CHKSN U f S raeU. al Hi ivti, aezi - ii - iiai (ir - ,' I.IKEHTY Ti lARD - A Stated II be held T HIS p'VFNING. at 7n'cloek, I KVKNI.NG SAML B aej - ti SAVlK.Sea. Pr - 5F WIRE I POARTMENT - The IIOMMIP J - ( TEE HP ARRANGEMENT will meet oa 1IIUKSDAY KVh.MNU, at 7 O'oiook. Full at lendanee is aeoeasary. seffl lt rYs HOPE HOIK, CO. - Adjom - ned s - ated Meet - ttf iik, luio r vr. - inn nnninifi. era - lt"l JACOB MtXWELL, J..Seov A MEETiNT, tip THE MALT AD 1.1 Ol OH llPAI.KRS ASSOCIATION wl I ha heldon THI'RSIIAY APTEKNUO.N.aHo'nliwk, ai Dilixent Hall, TEN TH and FILBERT ft a. Hy nroerni ine Aweiuion. arvri DEMOCRAT!'! NOMINATION S. - uur kk nun, WMLlAw P. PA' KF.R, r'r Lvrmntas ( - mrarv. JCDQMS OF THS HUPRKMB COURT. Wll I I AM S'RfiNG, rki Csaattv. JAMES THOMPSON, of Kru reaatp. VAIL rnMHIStlOSPR. NIMROD STRICKLAND, of Ckttur Comm. CITY NOMINATIONS. . KgNATOsJ. AMU EL J RANDALL. ASSEMBLY. 1. C. KIRKPATRICK. IJOHNR4MSEV. C. M. DoNAVAN, IGEO H. ARMS TRONO, CITY AND COUNTY. assocUTl ii'iHii nr rorjBT or combox plia JA41ES R I UMLOW. SSIHATOR. I. N MAHSELIS. avroSDaaor nxana. Al.hKKT D. BOILEAU. or Tin dutbict cocxr. JOHN P. M'r'AuDKN. cixixor THS Col ar or OVISTS sxsaioxs. JtSKI'il CMOCKErr. coaitxx. - JOHN R. FENNER. COUNTY. ASiBMBLY. jonr WFARTON, JOHN M. WFL LS. yt ivr.n r.vAAO, H. ASKIN. JOS H. I.ONNELV. J AVH) w. M'I'l ASE, ' YEAR8LEY. 0h I AT. OWEN, r g - j ,i n r ' ' ,n t - i t j JOBN M. MELLOY. A A It J rl t) K. JOhN H D"HNERT, JAMK4 DONNELLY. A -'rtn THIHD WARD - Th DEMOl;RT1i7 F.XEI UTIVK COVIMITTKK ia THIKD aIU will meat na THIS (Weduavlavl EVEN. IM. L3U inst.. ai - H " e'oox, at the houw or Lewis it, t - onm,oinwoirir i n ma yu ' K.i "meets, W. J. JaCKSON, Caairmaa. JA9. Mc'ADDEN, Jr to - ar - iari - l H AS. I LLKR. t Sroretariss, j. vaCd A GRAND MASS MKF, TING of toe I)E OCRA';V nf the TWEN TY - SE JO.NO "w II l held alGermantown H - .ll. oa I'HURS - DAY EVENING, Wh 7H o'clock. Th I llowins eloneer sreakwa will andrees 'he meimxt H.n VtimH. Wttie, Vir eent L. Braifoid Ea nai jooniauwaiaert isanhi taaiaaarty r.aa. Hon. trwe J.ra. Wm. M S nith. Ea? Hon. Th e B. Plneenee, T. O ne, Ese. 'lb s E l a kens. Es. i . n - J - in K. Gamhla. Es. . na n. pasaias, r,. tanjamiH nurs. 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THE EXCHANGE PAVING and HUILD - AJw ING CO, will meet THIS EVENING, all o'ckak.iitkea he moaey oa heed to receive dues and Loans, aad aril stock. ana sen ernes, e 1 per wee nuea. a Pn - 6' nvrraeed aad divided half - ysarly 1 - 1 S ,uth rtiLMTH HlraaL. leaa - u'isn r.. wniour - Y, Biry, fr - a THE Bf'CRP.TARY OP THE COT AGE IL5 HOME II'aLSE BUILDING SOCIETY will gresrly obiute a namlier of Ihe reede - s of the Ledxer by oowte more partieelaraiaphui new aad i.nnbli el ,a how InoMaiea JiriVk Jfoau, a wa aoold aot (et I Iks am meeimx 'H ine company. I want a rent aeres. aad lrtv of us intend to aka hare, a aeoe aj aM are rrr in thaa hard time 1, BUiri a jaai.naiiiv a.iu mra ff? - " TAKE N'rTIC ETka f.oViWt hTwiakTT lg meetins' - f the FRANKLIN SAVING ASaO - ClATltiN Lnf Philsdeiphia, will be haldnfHURt - DAY EVENING srxt IKtk inatant at 7)t o'cI'Mk. ia Ih third etorr ronm of tha Spnnx Garden hall, THlR - TP.LNTH aial SPRING G ARuE.N Sweets. Stockholders aid aereea wiehies ha kisemi StoekhUUera are reapi eifullv isvited to sttsDS. Hpriderof th AasosaMW. araa - k'W A MYERS, Sewetary. WEST PHILADELPHIA HoMKaTEtG APSOCIATION. - ATOrt.'R TO STOCK - LD AAA. Ths Stated Mralhlr Mastina of the Eemtwra wiU ba held TO MORROW (Thur.aU,) EIGHT e'alook preeieelv.l theee - waat arayof Pi'nent Hal, at th (urner of TEN TH and FtLIIERTBtreela. setl - afrl a), ft. hkareWeirl ar reArrrnf Is Be - Laaea. Artl - ele V. feelwa 1. KUWAh D BRADY, See'y. IL7 A fall sltendaneeof the C - saeaay 1 tsMrewMed. Akt MW m. . - NOTICE - Tare aharr of stock wiO h sold at th - e marl re to tbskiihast hidi'W, nrtam bars or others. Eaeh aher of stock sain es Ih brader tn a loaa of a torn, ot nv leas ana - wnt er seeerttT,e above deaavibed. Par - maatarw stock ca. ha irais salsil l(aai), or Ba iaatal Banila of I sv spaaroa. Ike prohis w this Cosnptay av mntoallr divided (mong the stoekaulder teiy au snoBlas. Bad rmi a ea.,4. 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T HI a, r. kt.. - Xl. r. 8 ARRIVED, , Baika F.ltsahelh J Thomas, Hlaok River; Jam.. 4 daiM H tt Walker. Raines. Pie oa, N. S 14 hu B 0 Wilaim, Peaootk, t'harleato",lda. Btixs Waier s ( Br) Coodan, Black River, Jam , M dr;;i J Dyer, R'aisrs, New Voik, adars; Ke - oUl. Hill, dr. do; Geo V. Praaoo t, Gl key, Warahaia, d. BwaXavilavGramley, U arena, lldst Anna J itu fl Hndae, INa - tiand. CI ,4di; Glass Blower, Psioe, Plimouth. aiata, dars; B W Ponder. E luurvwo th, Pnivideme, 4 du Geo PMward, Baer, Huetoo, (daya Mary Anna, GitJa.uo, kdai Jai Kwliah, Nsil, Nsw llsvan, a da: Bloouiheld, Orew.SiiliPoud, Ha., 3 di Talexraph. Tniilt. Cainaen, IM 1 dsy. e.xprimeal, BrietoWiCheiasaaks City, t daya; Delaware. Deobv, (Meaa.DT.,ldsi; Elisabeth rter, lail, Taunton, Ida; kiln, Packard, from fistia; A Cordsry, Bahaook, .; P kt Saul are. Irsiaad, do) C Mathews, Wtrrim, frnrn Provideiet Win O A 1 water, Hrown.dviH W Wrllmiton, Wei a, bum New korki M Maroy, Kidr, frem New Pidford. 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L Cheater, l - oraon, tkaaun; Ixiaia Walah, Paine, ro; A Coidery.Babomk, do; O Warren, Ma'hawa, do; Irene, Pearna, TunVa River; Naiad Itueen. Unlse, F. River; An, Mure, Waahint on: J B F L, Phani, Georxe - tow.i; Flrway. Davia. Prnv rianae: Wm C Aiwater, Brown, dm M W Ponder, - Kllnixawurlh, Noraalki U Merer, Ryder. Mattasoiaett. IMeamer Hiohard Willing, Clayyools, Baltimore, Eitl sifned Kail Yoi 1 m. r,... i - .L. tfi - .ai 1 , - i jiui u - " fuwiviiHiHMiii 1 urtiwuniuiui GrteoiHijrhjdo. to un A WoolvrfaNii John Heialey, do. tn M Tiamp S,; Mannah Bly, do. to Wilmin t ai. Del; S iasna - haruia, T M Udxar and anthraolta eoai K Do - ktwar city, ICurressoodenoe of the Panlie Lwtxer.l RlADlN,Sept.21,UJI. The rnllnwinc koala yawaed oal of tas Union tml sv dav. laden and awsKned aa follows r Hanaah IJotiL hiwninnuaaal to Wm Peanork; Danl 1 Wseater.dn do; Neptune, do tn H A Seiiert A Oo; MoDld. mat wm to E k art k Bro; Tradea.nau, do lo do; Gs vie MoeKer, linnher ro dau' IT pox - r . 5 IJATpNT MACHINE PAPER IikG WAKR HOUSE, ldt) MARKET pt.,abjva Front. 'V CHOW CASt - Siiver, German )ilve' and Wooden mountrd. W. H. GHUVrl, 111 N. FOURTH A' l SIM'HIATE DKSIHIH l( r r"ioiir Mara, HARRId' JohOinoe, FOURTH and VINE. a, at aJHANNoN'S CHOICE. I lt37 Jnyai'S i URK FRESH TEA$ iNllriiar. WtoW rkrft. THAI 1 WE A'P MIllllN'KI) fHltlKS CHaHI.E4 EB1, SEVENTH a d MAMKETSts lfU ROUTE OF FIREMEN'S PARADrV - To he had xiaiuitously at HARRIS', FOURTH aid VINU nieeia. M.3 11 hi THB PICTURES take al the VAN LOAN oiaw. A HUH Street, haluw H xtk. arena ex rd be any in ihe eity. amtvil'rtn V.U U A I L - A Sl.u,. UL'UllWH U.i.LltlUL nearly asw. Prlos V. App's at 4i3 BROWN Street, between rouna ana r llin. stt - lt'ill ,iOR SAI - E A xood ROU rE on na Artsmonn l - nper. Apply al TE ttl'LE .'U, Thir teentk aial Carpenter sts. eeS - tt"A kWlJIlE. WE . Winner's Mi HAVE MISS'D YOU" - ln ml. .f ,h. T..n WINMI - 'lt k KERK, 110 N. EiGHTH St, sea - Jfr 'OH StLE CilEAP - A HtlRIE POWER AND a Htvi - Tirau, ),iai the thine fur Urimlio utr Can. AiMrsss Box 1039, P. 11. sa at'rstl DIF.t ENGRAVED and Envelopes Siampsd, at . HARRIS' General Job OfSo. FOU RTH and VINES reeta. ae4t lt7 BERTRAM'S HAIR DYK aever aUiae ths skin 1 it produoes a natural eue r, imsr ntee ths Hsir, and' is set nu eta, dram e,, aoove Uh - rry. eeat - at a WANTED - To Sella MAGIC LANTERN, eult - ab he Kxhitriiitms Sortptunal and Humorous Pieoea. No, Dili FRANKFORD Road, above Wood street. aSMI T9 SEWING MAi Hm ful ; wsrrsntrd (or tun. laotory and OH JKWINI, MAi HINEH. PARHA M'S improveil, ail ma'aria'. d - fvinx ejmeaii Othue, GEoKGK Street, below Teaib. ea 3 - II - 3ATI kl INNER'S MCB10 OF THE TIMES " - vv Cuntaiua Dueli. Trioi, Oaaitettes, Ao,,ar - ranred fia - the Violin, Unto and Vinonuello. WINNER A KERK, Its N, EIGHTH St. ae Jl'rIM HEVERAL FOOT LATHES FOR SALF. - Siit - eiih - ' JrwePers. Doa'iat. and h - e. al Ihi Ma chine Shop, hist Allay SEVE.N lit Street, be I W saxS - dttll waiaaa. l'EETH. - AO PAIN VN KXTRA!TI - 1 I rath m llfjd and Stiver BI tn SJ. llHS I. AW. BERT A I'EihCE, MS TENTH SUt, ene do r now irxure. sea lt'311 CIGARS ! CIGARS ! CASH ADVANCED o Ra - aarA. Gerntan and Domeetie Clears, in sue onao - tity. D. VAN BP.IL.Cixnr Broker, .10 GOLD opposite PeonsTlvania Bank. e,4 - 4tr OLD DOG TIAY, Ellen Barne, Ha d Times, till Hob RidLy. Marxie br mv Sid. Gentle An - le. Enlslie. Ratnbnw Sohottiaoh, Hand o Polka, in Wmnar's Munenf the Tunes. WINNaPK A KE1K, 14S North EIGHTH Street. am l - 3t riM II Ol SEKEEP1NG ARTICLE - - Oiiaiatins of A a Raivea and ror ks, plsia and slsnithed ; Tut Ware, Bruahea, Bur kats, Tuim. Ao . at i ser e - nr. Irauhan the naual priom al HEADMAN'S, S3 S, EIGHTH C - ' - 'rr - i. aca - ai x YY 1NCHWTER A SCOTT, No, 7 Oh CHESNUT . duma. ,srva mfniia, vviini uiviia uifaitan' na of eitiXnoe aial eranxers to thsir ' IMPROVED CUT ur Bin 11 ia," me moat pariaot nuinx anme nsaon at wholssals sad letail. aad made to order, sua oem - r (GROCERS' Fsnor Tea and rtpioe I"ADD1E, Oil a airfl VfMa.aaahtanda Cnunter S al a. a e . Lw mm a Btreoureaprieea, at J tt A' 1, m iHrlB a'VT'llnvia Furnishiia E'iaUithnunt,No.h06Uile,) CHERRY Earesa, ae veuixia. eeast'X VAI.ENCUS, Moos. e Uinea, Merinoes. Poplins, Poll de Chevrea, t' - aahmeres, liueiaja M b s, wi'h Btarierrtri 1 roes u on a, ue low bam. )idtavy uul advan, by THOMAS W. EVANS k CO.. ma - Jt'M StndSJ0 Jbninut street, Y SOS. Mr 1. hi Id r1 Y imnher f'Ua to Tk it tittle tn B small ! hut sfter arid. munra dalitMrati - ai. arrived a the eviolaaim it's xreat hi B small, fv l'r superlative pieasare enjo, ins my dear little Umbrella, and ii'e more than aaiufeeorr. cine it's ftom SLEEPER'S, 1ENTH and MA, KET Srea - a, racvav. leo - ii - iw CHEAP SILKS, CHEAP SILKS - The la e and lsat Baac Inant f UN ESS SILKS O'TROS. W. EVANS A CO ,'Bnd MO CHESNUT Strsst, u now uttered lur ml at extreuwly low pi", Taut stock embraoe everv varia'v nf ,nw - . . SILKS. rasfw and win he foni d ea II prioa tn any hi th ei'r. pANTAUiONERY OF THB NEW FALL SIDE STRIPE CAfSIMERES. t) 4 FRENCH do. tltMiu HLAi A ..d - . ri BLACK Ct)THS. KYKK A LA NDELIm ilt Fourth and Arah sts. JRANKI IN SAVING FUND, N ' FOL RTH Sjset below Cham t. 136 Smth lnoursnrated hv tha Stale ef Paauasl Ckmrlrr Ptrmtluml. This Company reeeivee money ea deposit, ia lam or wall amounts, and repay 1 oa demand by hck,cv uinwwMa. wiia l - riv r rr i - asK, aaursai. Depoalta pal Ul Grid Desositors Baauall Intaraated hi lha sentta. Inveatmenu only aside spaa Real Edal snd tb Bra' - ci - aiB r enriuis. OfAotpssa Daily rWittnSo'elork ROUT MoStlll I.IV WrMilaaf Ci RUS CADWALLADER. Trea'er aeaifwr'Mi SrECIAL NOTICE - Th ratie itnrk ready - mad - IMirHING nf lillllS HA NO lldl ARhET 8 reet, alxrve E'svsntb. mua he olnesd ii,Mik.HMflu.i ,a a m mi, a. r eu. ., . ' - uaifca - mi wri os sow at a nine teas inaa nan eel. . r. worth f t W W 'ant.. in a a oa Ada ikvaisHd d.nareat articles, mo nomamaa in meniHsi. at very w prions, ma pint io ean aapena tiau ihwe never wa such a etockof ready mvleC'oth - inf orTired lo ths soUie al Book a aesriha a lart nf tha' Scoa were surchsaed lately at Ihe Auction Store of le era Wolbert, Scott At Co Ha - Mm tn LOUIS IANO. 114 MARKET St, ate od door ihov E eveo'k. trli 30 tVRE.NCH CtlLLARS - Emreoidered oa Freaoh I Csmbri. Specal a'traitio is invited lo a ) of aear'v a real FkENCH COLLARS. wo iso. PTH - a eety i. n a; at nnoer in pri Bl about one half the naual a - m.'itof ander A leo, l rir.fAULiA er,i9. coisars ari naiveeivery noh and e snl fiaala, at ta par Set; aotaaily ooa m ' i" vm o fi iiuvun. Ala,, a lit, ol sua and aaia'l TTT1IFS. Tiduaa funatd and ao limed naw end oh - Mcedaaixna. Lnilarndarerl ktuiebiat k SILK NET. Alan, alarxe aateimentof EuiunudeiMi BANDS, neat, and more nowp pas ema. A leo several lots of Emurradered JACONET AND SWlfS SETS. I,tler and Sleavee, with Cws" Aio, Hand ai.d Kuttls Sloerr. jat purchased in Nee York,'ly reeeeed oaah prioss, sod tu neanM very luw, wtrnia r, o , Laoe and EariyoHiary Sor, serv'fJBI Mo. 31 North Ennth street. I OS. P. BUrSlEB, 1 aOUTU WHARVE4, I offers ta - ial llfj f H hole sad oases Zant Carnal. ' xa sai es new woo l.oaoorn Citroa. )i eaaka Sa. rna Hai - iaa. low prised. Jin drums and h as Srnyra Fixa, ' 4 ram Pruaea. la i ass jars and I m box. li bi lea Sicily aed Lemon. t harrels ShMlsd Almondeand Shelled Ornaad Nat. 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KERR, W SOUTH WHARVES. aafl - lfr 1IURR Snow While ZlNg.esual to Freaoh, meaa - taotured at the Gihalmro'CoIia' Worke arioeiaily par llaad Pauilera1 oolors leuerally oheaSjnr oa JOHN LUCAS A CO'S.. l - llt 10 Arah St., below Seooad at C'ER MANTOWN TELEGRAPH AdverUssrs, a ppinembarfiur - filtheof nur country ouh m come fnm ilie rasiua Si miiae round, where tins paper roes into almost svery familv. letter Box, li liol.'K St., or aend ord era by naail so Germutown. . aea - lt41 EBHKl.HY'S STILL CHAMPAGNE, has a manual eueot m erelinf happinsss aud xid humur: kt la loved fi its luulneaa. Try" it. with a disoottnt tu the trade, Sole t - rloa ai aar mmiWi u ino iiwiv, ju.aiia, DUL - Uull 11 i i - tl T i) i . rr A . , rrirjiiin, Bivnnaiina ae'.S oTT onraar Tenth and Market at., PUila I YON'S PI) HE CATAWBA BRANDY Fel B - S meoieinai purposria, uispeoteu try in ci meilieinal sursoaea. uiaaeot tlie State InBaee - Bor. ana warranted, rrioe. ai msar I par bottl aeroxisen. Dealers supplied bv the Sole A oottie, or aiu w y the Sole Aieota, .1CHARDH A 00, . FRENCH, aetl ootrr lw. Ti snth a - ld Market sis. , Pkinvla. R A lSON ' 4 Trnamiiiii . W. oorner Kuhak aod Cherry sts. laEAP MAD TO HKAH. - LGNDOAf ACOU - m' 67(1. 4uit i - aa. - iiie rateui auricle inviaihie sound Masniner andorxanie vibrahwt Ar. tihoial Drum or Tinipanta seta, at P. MAIlKIRA'S, inipania yxvarietMS 01 tar Trum - lil - .IRA'S, InaUumeul Alaler, ia frair thaws helow Cbaennt. s) - t'r r.iitn 1 it rureei, I UVE'S API'I.H BRANDY - Made fhwa mieotsd ins sua 1 ties, a raana XI wnit. ha wunderful rejuvi diaaxmthatoBTm and pleas, fnoe ) per bottle. eM - oaPV Flaea)lhld'aiarot9a (CATAWBA BRANDY. Extra Old and FlnsUna - J Ilty. - UAir - xalkia bottles, tti one - sal In laaliee, wa ra sw - saiHai aamijorilia, lb. OM - ai.aia an oaimuiuix rallona, at 3 per xallue, 'fry the pen arliole. NoadulteratiiHi. Bill areara. FRENCH. HICMAtrnHAi eMoBTr Cor. Teatk and Market ahu, COJINTRY MERCHANTS and Dealers ut oil J CLOTHSar uivited to axaatin the akrjnbsrJi fl ,B'ln of Fluw, Table, Stair anal Comae Oil Ckitha. AUm, Piano cVnrsrs. ataaualla4 j, baaul, et desin and hniah. Mnnulketursd andar a eyeta) that aifordi ia Irat - olaas article at tb pno of ths IB far uv . TlioM AS POTTERVMtuiulaoturae, , Wanhoaaa, Na, till) Arch ntsset, . ea - easv Vhilaahla.' I hKKss THiMMINGs PANOY ANDSTA PLh? I mj atbit uuttuj rtrmntv uau,j. , j,e. MAXWELL SON. pYHOtBSALlt AND A ST AIL 8TOR MS. lUttt) CHESNUT St., f.rur dours Mow EleveotL And SIS Soulk SECOND St.. kelow Spruue. FACTORIES No. 9a and T UKORUkJ St..b kiw Tenlk, an SECON D St., new Unaun. Orders wavla at a Is w houri' naios. aen - ogllT rhEPARTMENT OF IIIGHWAVS. Sealamw A 2lal, US7 JVO Tt.A Til t tl W TH AfTTfl KM - CLFANflNG rHK Ci rV. - SidPrup.asilB,a. titled PremetaU for Cltniuiml Ikt dim. will ba ra - oeivrd by the underslxned, until Monday, Saptenuer thelAlh.atlio'elook.M. bmch Proposal muat oa a ooom sealed by th aame of aati rvapmai uie parwaia aa aureiiee. bfteihoUion may he had ;4 (iffiee. JI1HS MaI'IPTIIV M Chief CunimiaiTier of Hutkways. I A 1)1 US' RF. SS TRIMM1NIM. Naw alvta Ai I - jinn - - - 1. 1 iki ii ik , iii.iii., ii th .epnrr wurated, Bhetiand Wool. Tapsatry Wiaatad, Wiadlea Yam. Frinaea Bad Hutliaia Btaula tu onhar. OatalantlT raoaivisar Ihe newest ntvlas of rtrasa Trimuiini,st . SAML. ROBERTS', . IU11 HartM Hardee, alraal. halnw KUvaalh. 'A fall sasortaisBt of SUpi Trimauaaa always oa aou. sasji - r IkREr - H GOODS, WHOLESALE Fur the aur uioe. ft piece Worl sty 1 Plaids, We. iil d L bar era, for Fall llreasea. . d" - - Chiomeilkrttyl All Wool Gas Da l.ilnea. Ka radar Da Lai nna aad Mwiaora. 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THE PER M. unrttiH Y auiiTiins LE HOLTEI.I.1ER BROTHERS A are the r uston,ers that he snais tliay bow offer ar well wink their in pool i a I the merino submitted io br the impia - tars u traater una lbe have uperieamd aur .vara. iiiaot sue colored rtoaneeil Ituue. ua lobe ni 6 lo to no' lars srtch. HA YADP - rtK SII.PS, W Pise, i to 91 IS par yard. ' ft - .' noh IknealaBayailere. JrVi Carton Bfflinat X riinmiixsnd Velvet novel Ur, ulMTinaeii sueea, ae 4 - ifr SH CHESNUT Strut. IOSITIVFIY THE BE - rr FIVE DOLLAR A ULANIETd 11 rHIUAUK .ritlA, at THORNLE Y A CIIISM'. N. E one Euhlh l i Sarlm Garden ata. Ws have (uat reeeivsd a LU (Uh ofslilkibast aixes. suaiitieaand nsiaesoi rrN7ll.ll - H AND AMERICAN BLANKETS. From (i per pair ap lo 10 pw pair, R7s.aracm - Mlrtiee ra thoM (ours. FLANNELS, CAS81MF.RES, CLOTHS. A. Flurtinxabd Sheet inx Mualine every quality. , Iriah l.inena of oar own importation. Excellent Canton Fuumcla, very heavy r e 10. HII K4. HHAWIJ4. Ilk 14 tiOtlllrt. Our stock of lUeaiivs aoodi liiaae and rvaiht for cabr. ftom parties who "seed! the money," W therefoi u and will sel enrap, , . THOKNLEV A CHUM. ' N E. eor. Enti'hand Sarins Gsrdsn. F S. - Reeaerabae, the harx Whit Baildirat. It M IVRiSH FRUIT ALL T'lS VEAR. - lf yne want B IhiB luxury. IBS) AR ITHUR B ELF SEALING V ait naa inns. No eui fFFn TiiMAT RTHL'R'8 SELF O BUO 4 H BEOUIRED. . OP rOK WINTER USK ARTHUR'S SELF SEALING CANS AND JARS keeplhiad Htklfa vaeaUU as Irsak ur wimsr uss ss a ben taken ftom ihe eaplhiad rnktf ben taken fmmij TOMATtlkS. I TOMATO S, PEACH PJI, PEARS. APPLES, . Ibr istrr Now kav never made i JNGCANHaid J r bs th time rn put them a. f yoa use of AKTHIIK'S SKLP - 8RAL - I A H S. vna will lad 1km all that aaa be desired fiv thepiirpoee. AHiiitiRB dp - i.v rr. alibis r nui t j aarv These are of Are and said at iw4 Stonearare and of tho - rouxhly aane.led G'aaa, warranted to stand k They srs the heat in Ihe market, snd lb only et water, ass lo hs eauiraiy l leo pptvi - ror eaa ny .Ah l nun, liunni HAM A GT1.R0Y. aaa lllr 11T and lias. Tenth at,, eor. Gssrf . flAMB'B ANTI DYSPKPTIO BITTKRS Pra - l - r pared hy aa ea pari arte ed Druriist, (frami PhiladslpniJ v unrivalled ia New York St their iTrst smcaoyia Dyspepsia and var.oaa Di Kamsny of at nar ofth aSS iBiUBSM. rrios us an weenie O. MITCH KLU S3 N I - endtetr rVrle Asset fnr aaok. Fourth arraet. the rmeriernr. SCHF.N K'S PULMONIC SYR U Poured a Slater of i)kaiityAda' lid l St. Jiespk'tOrpkal Ary - lm, stVr UsT warexiven op India. - St HENCK S PTLMOMO SYRUP ear ad Mrs. Gowlsne Lieb - rt, la Pai.k itrsst, lva eVm Bhov Ta. ih. of Bnetaktsl CaaNsaatpe and HemorraMreof Ihe Lonss and eartibed lo by Rev. Tl omea L. Jane - war, turmeily Pastor of th Prmbylarusi Narlh Ckineh. . tM HKNCR'S PULMO.HIU BYBUr ewreo tienry C. Muady,f Rakwav. N. J., In the last asace of Cass - umstion. I etiia - r an or irr. crux. PrlneipsI Olfio No 3 Nmlk rIXTHlret,i I raorin. aid lore - lab. ail ururruua, Price Ri pet houie, or sax bnttlss M a. osax - n - im iirvnNii ii.i.roaiTROvrRHV. THRIMPR li RIAL DEPURA 11 VR Is the freatest httaaebold, remadTofthiaeaatury iwall Haamrs or Impurities of the B ote. I his ia th scanoar re a ly iia canoaroae aod Sorofuloos Diseases, WhnsSweilinx, Hip Disease, carbunoles, A 'a - aaa. li Iowa if tke Miaiih end Throat, or ear part of tb body. Tsttw.Soald Head, and all dieae rf Ih bkin. Tor thsse dusaaw il is a do - idedeure . ...... For those of a weak and delieVsfra wa. wi'k aarvnna debility, Ikia nedtotn will ba bend a aafa aad ralisbt euraiivasieB. II stieaartseasand ui.ixoratsa thesTS - tem, par i ha. and asrioh lhhloul. livuai th akin a I! ear end healthy nppearaoo, Presavad hy UR, IllNi - UFKRY A th Principal OBoa,No. 0 North FIFTH St.. three dm helow Area. For mis by e. Melnali, Martre at , Wil.,snd w, B, Kisser. Filth and Market ats., Wil, D.l.l CT P. Bunt - in. Marous Bonk; Jaa. Givss, WeatoWaatari aid BoossteM A Co., taeaaelsr, Pa - t Brewster k Co., mtaatoa. N. J., and xnieserlly. aajpvll'IK ri'HE PARTNEkSHIP heretofore ealstisx hs - 1 tween the nndmsia - ned, undw th nemeof lA AC II. PATTEkSON A CO., Statp Maatsatavrs. hoe. SlsndlU hUHnELLStreet.haaiwendiaaolTad. Tk rairsof the aud arm will be settled bv Alhert P. Haaard, . ISAAC H. PATTES').N, ALBERT B. HAZARD. BsttiBlbtr Sd, 1187. . saUAlt'M THE PA R174 E R sH I P heratofrar ox istio hat wen Jaar . Vallne and S AraaaAts. at mii North SECOD Strest, saa this dsy beea motaoUy dasaslvos. Is buiisiai will he uatiaued. br a... i . a, lfAAC f. WALTON. ftiladelphla. Sept. Itst. Met. art ifw DSSiLliTlON. - - Tb. Irr ef HIESKELL A BUTLER, (kavl I aalara, at Ik is day da.,lrad by oal consent. Jaa P. Bsllsr retiruax Tk basiea will he enntinusd and Ih aoeoant of the late ira seme oy r. it. siuaaeu. r. H. ttjy:si 41 AS. r. BUTcElt. Sept 1, hvTI, ea Jt " NOTICE. Wkereaa. Le ten of Acmistptra ma Bonthe Fatale ofMaThlA MLk I.LKK.aa - eeeaed. save been fran - ed to lbs sadaraieaad, all par - saM nleb a lo sa el aar ata will pleaae make paj essat, Beat thoas having etainte wlI p. await laa amma lo . 4ITTO hftAH. AdToaia - ramr. swalt'a 4d Niank Ttnrd at . tains Nool. pT anaais at old il a eoaarae ol - i BiariBv eisuiiir r ie" mx2 OD Wheal. I brns. Pre. iant M Faiailr Floor. Inslt M B r. f sueat, Nat .oaaa Hal ma It xaoL. helow Tauuwua.. . eHi'lJI c. rxriR - u. infrlBltl - R - Cf - hirNr.aaasrtad hsswial. ), lUVll Wholesale and Rer.H. , fee hhla F rearm a IbkI bimsat. - l - he. "mmnnmlm I e.rMM,l, ' , - - , ' lOlt. j - rr.ii..Ce".t. . ' . 4e r"". 1 rw. P. mwa I - maaB, - But wrvttrj; rrOnHART - t. A CO. ' Bag aft aosiast Ysksw4s4vArwhulssi JUST RKCE1VED A freak importation of SPLIT ZEPHYR: seven shades of Soviet Split Znphrrt hvaa aueanf Blue Split Zepbir; ir ekaeea ol Purple Salit Zeehir. hiaelher with One aianrtinanl nr lt.,ii - tin .eptiir, iS - W N .i s, r, I S a 1 !:.:; r. 'i RBWARDTJekoBaeof th Baderaixaad we. . BT7li"? Mao1' ulmmu th tuuerua am - as f I I'Uriil ( SliVsTaT MsaUak I AVili. mraf Inaaat awailawrs. lwlil M. - ", . ra u J1 rw'lB Av"'lhlr4 j m n ITaT rV r"" ft riUU H D1I I risVUMl MKBaTBI Flat - a i a in aw uiisw , taTwi rwmuawa)! aL!,uIi,,n ootored B' is Drees, Ao. ' uner l liable R. , , i i - T , ' lor anair reoovwy wiliessaia DV uSJtXMf" Oermiitown. "LyjJ8 j.SMlTH. dot MARKET St. tt'ieT SlOO RWARD. - Tbe hous of to surannoer ' S m - ri mVtflV Mu0 " aRemoon, list met.. llf.SV .Sj'il""? 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JIIMUU alB - '1 80 1 North Fiont air set, A 1 i(Ut T f ' r TO INVEST ia inwy - Rent. AddiemG. H. B,,lirar OtBoe. seW - lfiT - kJ aid MORTGAGE. Amount taon. Two ream to run. Ihuuat lit North THIRD Sireet, arasiS i - i' )N0STRET11 k BRO. SHJ',H? I - OAMS eaa be erTeeted apon all kindTe Cnl alaral. aih a. navhAnliU a - .j ... - Conlidtnos, Ih.x 3tii Blood s Despatohl' rrj - irii Kill "OUf'IDS VAN ILI.A BEAN Preak import - seJa - 4tr !Jor.TethajMlaiBrkatBU..PhiIa. RKI1 I It A PP. Meditarrsnnan Wheal, aia. Chest er Count. Tt rimmli, Seed and Field Sard aa ,'5AS,VPANULER4 0O., iUT Mat kat st , belnw Seventh. nsrsllr. II se - lfam 8' 2CU ear's I Fan i, CUMMING'B STRAW CUT rERtKrae - c liter ,vi it le, Horse Powers. Tlireahers, Grmia 1. R. At ('llttra. 1. M AlilAe MO i .7 - 1 , .7 A CO., PHI MARKET Bl . heiow raventh II 4f - m CORN SHEI. .ERS - Of variouianaa; K - aa - liZm, t""1 Cider M ilia. Grain Fan. Ox Sho - b ".' Su,.Tn" .If odder CutUra; Head and Poee GiainMm - .,Veetahls Slioers, Horse Power and rhreeaeie. Bull Ruojs. Ox Yi ke and Bows, AU - .. . i iTAnA' - c mititnis at t, r: b L.K S"M aiu D.ea oiur, bbvmx TH i waaaai oil. eS - ll'Sid Ss MITCH HULII IDS ROOTS - Erabrloiac vetydesifl nnyuesiraiae variety ni lamia and Hiaals H rani h.. Tuliaa. Omeiuana. Jonaail. M crown imper aia, a., ante by K. BU'Sr, I Wn hou.e, Noa. 9ll'J and M4 Mat ket, au. N mlh, Saao II POIt I'ARI.F. I' i Ilk II AMU iviuu mil d For aaWShulreij - VVrsdbV' D. LANDRkfTH A BDN. Implement aud Seed Warehoue. . "H - 'I'M Noa. ,lnd a3 Sou'h Sixth It. 9 STACY S PATENT GRAIN DRILL, with irasi seed stiaohmeat, will aoa wheat, r,s, barter, oal, and aiaas saada For aea lait. m.. tkna sne patfit perrurmanoe, this drill eaaaot b sur - saaaed by sa ullie maikaa. Foranlebv , f; l - A - il)Kh,Td SOIN, ? seiS - irarrt Noa. Bland VJ eouikSixth tmit aft TIMOTHY SEED. CLOVER SEEO. Henl Yfgrsss, Orchard Grata, Bus Uraaa. Ureaa Graaa, "Ri Grass, Ac, ol lha puree aualitv, in atom aaal waate oj 11. CAIN UK I - . I H a BO.N, Implement aial need Warehnus, acs - ifa VI ai d . B. Sixth at., bits Mark St. awe. BED AND WHITE WHEAT FOR SEED. rtlWhi kru; al, pr in iinuHhy and Orehard uraaa naaiuoav tf ue u ana. p - - . 1 tuokv BlueGlsal. E - t.lidiand Amari. oan Laaa Graaa, lialian Rre Oraas. White Clover, Aa. ran pasi'U a t.l. Liitna ia A nn " Sit Impli tnent and Su Store, Pevanth and Market. mmm L STETLKR, V aprin Garden, im mmS "i a larss asso - t RlUBONSahdFLOW R. No. lit) NINTH St.. hal invitee the attention of tha lAdtaa o - tinant al' FAt.L IIONNKrti. FLOWLKSaiTUURSDAY, Se. tsmber Sails. a it it GREAT BARGAINS ean ba Dbsained at the PswrihpAar' Ofioa, or. THIRD and GAeV dlLL Street, below limliird. Walnkaa. Jewelry, Gun, stc, lor sal very aheap, satt - lt'r srv GUNS. REVOLVERS. WATCHES, JHVT - 8, A,r.i.riT,o.. tor saia very ansae. st ths r' fJiHoker's oioa, THIRD and OASKlbLC low Loa hard. sekt - ll SUk. ea - lt'r WaTl IIFM. Jewel, y. Guns, Rami vara. Ae , i , .n m b, wm i a wi u oaar a vnsowa 'uornsr .THIRD and GASKILL Street, b leer Lonilavd A GREAT BAk GAIN - A 4 oouve C'rhart M - LtrbfcON.naarli new, al ill North FO'JR Til. BawNo. - mall mmwood. Be van - no lava PIANO) a neriaia at no. i? ritars sezt - ia aaf 1 Baia riAIVO, oliVGIr.ll AN D ORGAN Hy IfwTTPn.faasiir A. F.DOd SANTOS, No, ait " I'l PINK Sireet. - aeBSt'M gar . aa - GENUINE MEDAL MELODEONt WlTYlmpA PI A N Ois for saia ur to rant, N o. tO 'I'11 AR1 Hst .hel.Taatk tjM'IWlVV. HALK. mm. aa TWO splendid PIANOt, left oa rfTTT'r'11 n ' "ream. wirap.H a KEhK. 149 N EIGHTH At. mfl - fl" Ml(i.()DF().Na - AI tha MaIaM a. aJ Warrmnmof A. P. HDUHtS, arttinw'a - r TBMrkrt, bs). Eifklk. asa - rr NKW AND OLD PIaNOSTO RENT HElXAK, B19 South FIFTH St., aaov srprvor. asta - Mr SA LE A nuskmed Riapsweoti eat oetv, aeeriy new, atahar - .tu, a tats new rianoa, at kiw srioaa. N.P. ut ncviuv i iianuctli'.Hitr srr raace. arf - B - r C.HOSSERT. Wa a 1 o R K.N T - A hvxs eawrrtment nf Ba ' "... XT BIRUFKLn, ' ' Snath Savaatk atraei, aoiuai of WiUriu ahroAf a tir rsapos aepairaa aeuei au naw. - TV BKLI OW1! MELLOWS l - rlaaalae - "fc - LAtorv, Sin MtRKBT iRrest. OKO. W, . kaw MKTZ k SONS, where ever r Ba bwsansl I warranted. Tuyere Inns always oa hud sad sue aala. se'at'r wff - j BLACK NEW1 OUNDLANDDOO PI) Ft aaMwaaT "i the verv licet s'nok, fur sals at I Hit (sew . '"' PASSYVNK RiaW. hmnh hauw he - tie" 1 deali Federal streat. aaal aid a. Also, s suud aeiee Beid Laa Pusi. froaa aix Sa tmm araaka aaa. w m Set WM, B. D.. i rater in laaoy a".. aas - ei - r A SI PIJ PIRIOR family HOHSK will bB!d low. at t 43N.tlllKDtauovsCallowhillst. el) A'ltl rv. ClfY AIJ TION MART. ZANE T. - TtePTHll MtiRNlNG. will b sold Horse. " Mulaa, pair JeiiiMee,Y ehn a and hvneee. et ll'ira W.H ST ERA. Aimfr. iV CITY AUCTION MART, ZANR S'raat. JryTi,!i'(m')rua''lfmKm - 1his mosLn - I of liursea. Vehiola. and Harmaa. arcs ii'ubi w. u. n i i - .KB. Aae r. iteCali1 GF.NTL:MKN am nthara, ia win! of ast ir arm.,, B.aviaorllirau.k HOXI Sat - lh 8 il THIS (WdneadaT) MUsUNT - ING, at the City Aoetion Mart. '. N E S net. sv Ifisa W.H. A AMioeeer. trx FED1 AB'S WAGON AND HORSES X - iTjFtlK SALE May bssemal Cnmmoowealtb agaJXHuta,cALLOWHILL.,Bh.8ix'k.M4 - il BORSES abb MULES Several pairs for " aval tea vr'sara p. Iliuiiryra a lwew CTP.ip.ajsa. n we, - T'ETH aud COaTES SireeU, erlo Strath FOURTH wo ine HUHSKS and AY. nth inst.. ta ELK - I aaaT - I ft" rt. wwi r n i un, i a mm NTH Su - set, alov Master, SH e moorsv saflta APV FOR SAI E A pair ef smell aised amart X - TVjtrav Lux MIXES, warranted oeeid nd kird - atUA S dd fu - want ot use. Apply at N weal's Lt - vsvy Staht. SEVENTH, halnw Poplar, sett It - Try eteS FOR SAI.KA salendid voaaax SAUUI.K HORSE, warranted eaind and senll priee 114 - al CABMAN B, GKbt.1 Pa., oeiew pyruca, M - it'eii4 atv . MUIE FOB SALE A - vary kaodaom "VTtkyouof MULE, wrll tKi kslo sinaltor Araida art. fcarress. God dieaosiii'e and fre frnm trtek or vine. ranbasat E. IiUFF Y A SON'S, se.Jrl - Ili lt filbert sc. arwva mmtn. FOR SALE A jars BAY MARK, T T1 feat i f sound, and laariaaa i of Inwanraiveat a . srs. a fan traveller, aod would suit a titni p - isaai old eatirel i r f,a want of fi want of Baa, PriQYl. uaa e ea at HUNT S 8m Wee, CHERRY Street, above Eiskti - asa - ll ejy TUTHl lAOIPS Alvll ur.aTl.r.MK'i, UTTb - MADAM MjNNA'A NRRblNa BW1 SCHISIL ta AktCH St., bov hVoad, ia sn - TO THI - IADIES1 tirelv relv eowisleted end opea Inr eohol srs, from s'etoek . M. wntil Ise'eJoek at aiaht, Evaoio Classasare A. nnw na - aain. Pnaermv tw pamina. ruparaar eawoasaauiaiiiiaia mv einraaw aad Cvriasra al Livery. sedri smln' FOR SALK - Nrw Bed smrnd keeat WAGONS. g. iitiDD, at" Fifth aad Raoswrsata. 17.1111. NINTH AMD .GEORlael REKTS. . lmi 1H At Uf - t n.n laela or CA B B I AUCD OB W AV4SV aiarltA V AifiatMlNlA la .'lli itr - ratsoi n'.H. one veaieiasoa rauarcay. L7"TrauSae of C. riaam piaft ALVatKU Itf. H ICRRNRest. srwt - irr A aot .saaaaja. RAZAA R, NIlsTR aa GEORGE Sta, I - Tha'JSd Sami arial Trade Svleoi NEVT aWsaasrrARRIAG. wdi take a 'aaa at the Ba - aaar, ea WhlNLSDAY MUKiNl.NG, asas, i eommeneiPff at I o 'otoea. Tke eat lent naoa Ihwraesaioe will bv vary sx tee - si ve, tmhrsei a hvfe variety, fnan mikes of Belt owleoacd rerutatioe ia tku city Bod vietaitr, all A Is, a oo) lost ion of h' soad hand Carriacaa. 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