Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 18, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1897
Page 19
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Te go Below Us in Price, is to go Below Us in Quality. WE GIVE AWAY FREE With every purchase of $20 Cash a very Fine Coat and Hat Rack. With every Boys Suit Short Knee Pants.Suit or Overcoat. One Savings Bank Free. Good news to Thousands. We give away the above articles in addition to_ selling our famons make of Clothing it Manufacturers prices. No matter what inducements others hold out for your trade we'll always go them one better This is a good time to pick out vour Heavy Suit and Overcoat. Ihe assortment won be so lomplete lateron, nor will the prices be so Low, because these were all bought, before the High Tariff went into effect, and we'll have to pay more when we «place them This week's offerings ought to interest all shrewd shoppers. rc- 50, $10 and $12 For Suits and Overcoats. AH wool, fast colors In all kinds ot goods. Any of the above mentioned Suits and Overcoats will cost you 42,50 more \u any other bouse In Logansport,.Those low prices are mentioned by us because we are manufacturers and no middleman's profit to pay. $2, $3, $4 and $5 Are the prices that tK>ld oat inducements In our CHILDREN'S PARLOK, both In Suits and Overcoats, Knee Pants Suits, ages 3 to 16 years. Your mothers can save enough by buying at "The Hub" on one purchase to buy a pair of shoes or his Underwear and can save money besides. 2.00 for 3.00 Hats $1 for §1.50 Hats, $1.50 for $2 Hats and sell anywhere for 3.00. lOc for Hose you pay loc for elsewhere. 50c for Fleeced Lined Underwear that other Houses sell at big 50 cents for an 50 Laundried Bargain for 69 cents. The Best Unlaundried Shirt for 59c IB America. •elegant Laundried Shirt, Fancy Bosom, extra Cuffs. Shirts Cuffs attached,2 extra Collars for your moneys worth. Call at THR HUB, Harry Frank's Old £tcmd. i^LAl Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR .THIS FALL. For A Suit or Overcoat All Work Guaranteed. He Makes Styi ish Garments. 304 Market Street, Over Coupon's Drug Store. W. R. HENING & CO. Successor, to ftae Equitable. Produce and Stock Exchange. ck *IOO 000. fully paid. Members Produce and Stock Exchange. Cb *e R rurnish our customers daily miirtat re- nnrtu over our private-wires In thlacm. »e SSjIctfully solicit your mtronapo through our local ojrrespoiidants W. Milner C. O. Heffley, Insurance, Real Estate And Loans. 308 Fourth Street. t;, A. K. Kntldlnff. lull. Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213. insurance and Loans. All kinds of Insurance acd Bonds written in tlrst class companies. Money to loan 6 por cent. 3. M. Closson.319 Pearl St. Kroeger & Strain. CJNDB.RTAKRH8 ..n.prompUy^tende^Day or N^t r«LKPHO*H - Office. <B. Krooirer. IM ••train. M. If You Want to Borrow Money On City or Fane Property call On M. VRLSRY, —304 Fourth Street.— matte you a Loan of *25 and upward " ver $500 6 per cent. f 7750 60 65 SO 60 8000 1 4S 70 00 i* su U i» 7 Ob CLAIMS Against the Cltr Allowed Last Sight bj the Coancll. The followine claims against the city were allowed last night by the common council: STREET DEPARTMENT. Payroll -«« ••- ** £ -* C L Dilley. cement - » 'J C L Dilley. §ewrr pipe — l; « John Lux, sewer pipe. £• ™ R Cromer. sewer pipe _ -^ — PJ Unqu^t. cement. -X i? JVanBuskirk - • 1 ' ) ' '? Cbas Yount'. sundries - • £ *2 Stevens Bros, lumber &- •*> Stevens Kroe, stakes.. ' J? S W Ul ery, nails, etc - - 4 *> Parker Justice, veterinary services - 1 50 O J Stouirer, shovels •> M ELtCTHIC LIGHT DEPARTMENT. Payroll Bride City Co-iet Co. sund? I/ogtinsport Mutual Tel Co. poles. etc_. Westlnjjhouge Elec Mfr Co. brushes Elliptical Ca bon Co, carbons S W miery & Soo. sunds - - _rf)(r«nsport & Wabasti Valley Gas Co . .. jj H iceiaer, reptirs f Y Belting & Packing Co, packing Excelsior Elec Co. sunds CH Moore i: Co. oil * " City treasurer, freight »- * Forest Mill lots !* ^ Payroll - -- 8 lo SEWER DEPARTMENT. Bridire City Construction Co, castings... 1000 C LDllley & Co, pipe 5 oO C L Dilley i Co, cement 25 ,2 PARK DIPARTME.MT. Payroll « 63 °° \V Ullery & Son, tools - *« L Dilley. lime , ~° FIRE DKPARTMENT. transport & Wabash Valley Gas Co., J A Aman, repairs - n j{ S W Uilen & Son, sunds b » Chisi'ouDg, sunds 1 Jo Parker £ Johnston, sash l lu Waiier Sellers, extra services 1 ™ CItv Treasurer, hay < 2 JJ* S W Ullery & Son, neili 20 MISCELLANEOUS. Melnott Beebe, aesteng- I 18 CO PYe* Ray. aset eng ~- — * °0 LoBansport i Wabash Vailey Gas Co, gas l ~ ° Ash & Hadley „; \ City Treasurer, interest 10 * » E S Kice & Son, watering trough 21 2 • WATER WORKS DEPRATJfENT. Payroll * 283 95 Mitcellaneous claims list «J POLICE DEPATMENT. Payroll _.. 138295 Purker Justice, serv ces 1 50 Loftansport & Wabash Valley Gas Co.. gae •••• ORDERS 1SSDED 5 20 Bj the City Clerk Durini? the Month of October. Following Is the report of the city clerk of orders issued during the month of October: dept ........... ................. ............... 8LS5S 23 partment ...................................... '« '» Street Fire depa Police depanment ............................. Electric ligbt department ................... \Vaterworksdepartment. ee"eral pur- ™ l,on (u _ 2.00J UO 645 (0 >•> 8 34 Water works "certificates redeemed ...... Interest on water works eartitUiites... Ens-ineerins ddpartment Park department C-raetery department Sewer department ................ Health department City oiliccre ...... Board of health Janitor ............................................. •*> PO •« « ,»-i ji l'l ™> ol: " '' - •* GEORGE W. RODEFER. «eal Estate, Loans. " f.Market street bridtte. INSURANCE Of all Kinds Written by GEQ. GQNSER. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner Of Fourth and BroadwaT Central Telephone No Office S6S, residence^ WENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, does flwt class wort:. Stylish and well flt- tlns clothes made Cleaning and repair- Ing neatly done. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET OTer Bruggeman'a Millinery Store. OITY NB.WS. Shoes lower than ever at Waldeti's. Good Will lodge, B. of L. F., ball at the rink Thanksgivingeve. The young child of John Rice, re siding four miles south of the city, is quite sick. Mr. Tlnney, of tbe firm of Geiger, Tinney & Co.. of Lafayette, was in the city ^esterday on business. Miss Lucy G-lines who has been the guest ot friends in the city the past week left yesterday for her home at Richmond, Ind. Prof. Joseph Merrill, a former leader of the Military band, now the Elks' band, this city, has accepted a position as leafier of the Montlcello band. The Ladles' Sewing Circle of the English Luthern church met yesterday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. Lewis Ray. An enjoyable and profitable time was had. It Is noticeable just at this time, when turkeys are generally to be seen oa every grocery store table, that but very few of the big birds are seen. Dealers say that there is a scarcity of turkeys and farmers are holding back for the Thanksgiving week trade. The location of a big condensed milk plant has been secured for Anderson and contracts let for the erection of suitable buildings. It is to supply Indianapolis, Chicago and Cincinnati, and is backed by capitalists from those cities. There are seventy- nine plants in the country, but not one in Ohio or Indiana. Everywhere throughout the county farmers say that tbe report of gun shots rr.iay be heard every day from early morning until late in the even- Ing, A large number of quail have been killed in Cass county during the past week, but fortunately the coroner has not yet been called upon ss yet to hold any inquests. The 3-months-old child of Walter Kefl, of Miami street, died while the mother was at Dr. Downey's office to get medicine for herself. The babe, apparently in good health, was asleep, and Mr. Nefl was uotil her return. .. Printing ................................................ 14 ? j& Stationary ......... ................................. 6 m Water works improvement, bonds redeemed . ....................................... 50000 Interest on same ................................ •'" m Total expenditure for month ......... $11,17-1 10 SLOT MACU1NES, JudRe Cox of Indianapolis Sires a Decision to the Effect That Thej are JJot Gambling Derices. The slot machines which are operated in many cigar stores throughout the country and which are conducted for the purpose of increasing sales of tobacco and cigars have been proclaimed gambling devices bv many people. The machines are generally operated in this manner. A penny dropped into the machine wins a cigar if a certain number turns up. In every instance, however, whether the patron wins a cigar or not, be is given a stick of gum, which Is of tbe value of the penny invested. Judge Cox, of Indianapolis, had a case before him Tuesday, which Involved these circumstances and he decides that such-machines are not gambling devices and can therefore be operated. Acquaint Yourself with Jfour School. The parents, says an exchange, who flod fault with the manner in which their school is conducted and who are always grumbling about this OT that are generally the ones who never visit their school. A good many fathers go to circuses, horse races and ball games who never see the inside of a school building, where their children are educated, and it is barely possible that some mothers, who never miss a millinery opening, a sewing bee, or a dance, have yet to make the acquaintance of the teachers who instruct their children or to visit the school the young hopeful attends. It is safe to say this state of affairs is not, the fault of the teachers, who are always glad to welcome the parents and others, and show the work of the schoolroom Why then should parents be finding fault? to remain with it She had no sooner entered Dr, Downey's office than the latter was summoned, by telephone, to attend her child. She accompanied the doctor iu his buggy, and neither of them Had the slightest suspicion ot what had happened until they reached the Nefl home. •1SSIS6 PEOPLE. Tbe Great Mystery rt hich Surrounds Their Disappearance and What Becomes of Them. "Scarcely a day passes that we do not read in the newspapers of some man or woman wno is reported miss- aad in tbe majority of cases these people forsake happy homes without any earthly reason for doing so and their fate often becomes a nr. stery." "The cause of the disappearances nas excited widespread discussion of late, and some of our best novelists have founded thrilling romances on this strange subject. But no one has yet been able to find an answer to the question. 'What becomes of these missing people?' 'Perhaps the best explanation of the mystery may be found in the words of a New York physician who Is a keen observer. According to his theory, these people are sufferers from various disastrous maladies from which they gain no relief. Their surroundings eventually become unbearable to them. In their diseased imaglnalions they fancy everybody is an enemy although surrounded by friends. Driven to despair, they at last forsake their homes and become wanderers on the face of the earth or e i se —which is very probable—commit suicide." 'Any person who is not in perfect health is liable to meet with this terrible fate. Even those who fancy themselves strong, well and mentally sound may become unhappy, morose and despairing. The seriousness, of these facts should cause every man and woman to stop, consider and see if he or she is really well. There are so many dreadful diseases that come upon the system unaware, that show DO symptoms, out ruin tbe life even before we know it. The worst of all troubles of this kind arises from uric acid poison, which, being in the blood, not only causes rheumatism, neuralgia and gout, but often affects tbe mind or the vital organs. Now, the cause of uric acid in the system or in the blood is because the kidneys are either too weak or too diseased to throw it from the system. When the uric acid is not discharged it remains in the blood, poisons the body and often the mind and causes disease and too frequently death." "Is it not plain and simple then, that in order to avoid moroseness. pain and often worse things, it is accessary to get rid nf this uric acid? This can only be done by helping tne kidneys, which may have been weakened, to throw it out and that quickly. "You, reader, who scans these pages may be in precisely this condition and yet not realize it, but it you are awakened and reallie the sense of these great truths, you must know that there is but one great and reliable discovery ot the present day that can help you in such a case and that is Warner's Safe Cure. All tbe columns of this paper could be filled with the grateful statements of men and women, not only in America but all over the world, who have been not alone assisted but absolutely cured by the use of this great modern scientific remedy. It is pure and pleasant to take, it produces a prompt and agreeable effect, and it furnishes relief whenever used." Chrysanthemum Show. Tbe attendance last evening at the chrysanthemum display was very large. Fornoff's orches tra discoursed sweet music. The booths will again be replenished this evening with a fresh supply of flowers to satisfy the demands of the public. The refreshment stands are well patronized. A large crowd is expected to attend j again this evening. The grand jury made Its final report U the court yesterday and was discharged for the term. iW e A re Determined To close out our various lines of OVERCOATS in men's boy's and children's department. We are OVER STOCKED, and to anyone needing a garment of this character, would say that we have made prices that will move the goods. We have a large variety in Beavers, .Meltons, Kerseys, Oxfords, Black, Brown,"Elnes,Dlsters Reefe.rs etc., of "finest quality, and first class make. In Winter Underwear, We are simply in it, and hare the largest stock ever offered hetore'in 50c lines up.Good heavy •oimfortable garments for cold weather. In Furnishings We have a full supply. Railroad Men's Duck Coats, and Shirts, closest figures possible. Splendid wearing garments in this line. Do not forget our Children's Dept., which w full of wearing apparel tor the little fellows. We have the best 25°and 50c Knee pants ever offered in this market. Mackintoshes and Rubber Coats. A fail supply at lowest prices. We have arranged to supply anyone with a correct garment.that we cannot fit from stock. Thanking you for past favors. J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. 322 Market Street, Loganspcrt, Indiana The New Furniture Store. It will open in the Pythian Block, Corner Fifth, Market and Erie Streets, about November I7th. NElWSTOREl! NRW QOODS! NEW PRIORS! If you have Furniture to buy it will par you to wait. Waiting will enable you to select from an entirely new, clean stock of *• latest and most artistic designs. Wai tin" will enable vou to get styles of goods no one else in Logansport h*« in their parlors. It is always a. satisfaction not to be duplicating the things yo»r neighbor has. Waitin" will enable vou to save money. There will be no mistake about that. A stock of goods bought now can be sold one-third less than a stock of goods that the averasre^Furniture Store has on hand, bought at high prices. Wait! Wait! Wait! MUELLER & RICHARDSON. CLAY CLEMENT Is Author of the Play, "A Sonthern Gentleman." Though Clay Clement has made rapid strides toward the top of the ladder of Tbeapic fame since he was last seen here, he nas gained the commendation and approval, of New York, Ctiicugo, and other great theatrical centers, and has surrounded himself with a company, the excellence of which is not surpassed by the supporting company of any star now before the public, has provided and carries with him a scenic production that is trie work of the best and most expensive scenic artists now before the public, he has not forgotten, nor does he propose to pass by tlie friends of days that were not BO bright. Tbe friends who recogniied his merit and gave him their patronage previous to the time that he had been received by the metropolitan audiences, with only a slight advance in prices, Mr. Clement brings to his old friends of the one-night stands a company iind a play, the like of which is seldom seen in cities of this size, with an organization that exceeds in cost many hundreds of dollars each week than that seen with him on former visit?, he comes again to entertain and please our theatre-goers. Attorney W. "W. Thornton, of Indianapolis, is in the city, the guest of relative*. Hood's Should be In every family H^ • • • medicine chest and every ^^^ ill ^^ traveller's grip. Tliey are ^^ III Si icvmloable -when the rtonueh ™ • • • ^^ li out of order; fain hwdMh*, bilkxun««, u4 »U tlT*r trouMM. HIM u£ •ffldcut. FALLEN AMONG THIEVES. A Great Scenic Comedy Drama at Dolau's Monday Mght. "Fallen Among Thieves," Thomas H, Davis and William T. Keogh'a scenic comedy drama, which will be seen at tbe opera house Monday night, is by Frank Harvey, of London, author of "Wages of Sin," "Wo- Against Woman," and other successful plays. It is a powerful story of; country and city life in Vermont and New York, and possesses the faculty of touching the hearts of tbe people and awakening their sympathies to a channel of homely pathos, while through it all there ripples a vein of the most refined and exquisite comedy. No expense has been spared to properly present the play. All of the thrilling realism of the modern drama, and the superb scenic productions of the joint art of the scene painters and stage carpenters, are brought to bear upon the imagination . There is a sensation too, in the scene showing High Bridge in New York, where a heroic woman dives Headlong from the top into the river, to save the drowning victim of heartless villainy. This peerless feat of daring Is the most soul-stirring, sensational act every seec on tbe stage, provoking demonstrations of enthusiastic, applause. Ainrng the other many realistic and picturesque scenes are an old New England homestead, a snow storm, ao East river wharf, a gilded gambling palace, an old barn at Yonkers. 7th Avenue and Dead Man'curve at Hth street, New York. How to Stop waste of Gas. Judge McGlure of Anderson", In ad- ditior/to making a ruling in the oil cases in that county, wherein beheld that gas men could noli enjoin oil operators, points out how the gas men can resort to the injunction. He advises them to go to the oil wells which are wasting gas and cap them. If the oil men uncap them, cap them once more, and if there is any further attempt to uncap the wells and allow gas to escape, then apply for an injunction. Under tnose conditions It can be granted, he says. Daughters of Eebekah. The degree staff of Purity lodge will practice on Saturday evening, November 20oh. A full attendance is desired. By order of the manager. Mrs. Marlon L, Schlater has gone to Bensselaer to inspect the W. B. C. From there she will go to Fowler and Boswell. AMUSEMENTS. D OLAtf'S OPERA HOtJSE. • • • * Friday, November 17, '97 ME, H. MARTIN —PRESKNT8— Mr. Clay Clement And an Admirable Company in th« Romantic Play. email ",s orig-lnally Produced at McViokera Theatre. Chicago, and with Entirely New Scenery. Hecelvlag the Highest Praise. A Great Play, Perfect Characterization. PRICES..II, 75c,50c, 35c and 25c. Seats on sale at Jotmetoa'g drug store. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN Bin Eh M fS. CHICAGO. Smoke the Columbia clgw FIRE PROOF. One block from C. B. I. A; P. and. L. S. \. M. S. Kallroa* depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 hive ,ust been completed, and the house BOW offers every convenience to be found in any lotel, including hot' and cold water, electric jght and steam heat in every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owoer and Proprietor. THR First National Bank, Loran*port, Indiana. CAPITAL §250,000 A. 1. SnTRDOCK, PBESIDEST, W. W. ROSS, CASHUHI, J. F. BROOEMEYER, Aser. CAJHCXK. DIRECTORS: A.J. MurdOCk, W. H. Brinshnrit, CJh;. B. S. Rice, B. f . Tantii. I H. W. T. Wilson. in all iu Department* proaptlj ana carefully done- Safety to Customer* aad itookkoWar* sought for. 3tron* BenervelFund MminUinod. The soothing, healing effect* of Dr. Wood's Norwjuj Pine Sjrap it felt almost instantly. There it no other cough medicine that combine* so many ylrtuea. Sold by all dMlen*

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