Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 12, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 12, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's"... Celebrated Hats. Silk, Stiff and Soft. •Spring Styles.- DBWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Best and Cheapest. FOOTWEAR In Town at Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway, L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Fire and Accident Ineur- •nce office at 410 Broadway, up utalrs, and solicits a share of the public patronage. None but First Class Companies Hepre- sented.. THE FIRSF NATIONAL BANK — OF — LOGANSPORT, . .. INDIANA CAPITA!, $25O,OOO. A. J. MurdocJc, Pr»s. W. W. Hoss. Cash. J. F, Brookmejrer, Asst. Cash. DIBZCTOBfl: m 8. Bice, • W. H. Brtnghnrat, .A. J. Murto«.. DennliOal. CINCINNATI IN THE LEAD. Cleveland Loses and the Reds Win—Ottos Won From Oxford. It couldn't last always, Hint streak ot winning wlitali the Clevclands have been enjoying lately. It broke In two yesterday, Just to time to put the Cin- eittuatl .Iteds at the top. There's where they are now, and tticmgli the lend is not vary strpujr, it Ls n lend ami it may bo hard to-overcome, TJw> st'oi'C-s of the gii.nies yesterday follow: At Cleveland—Baltimore 10, Clevelaud 1. At Cineliwiati—Wasliitngton 5, Cmoi.il- natlO. At rintsbnrjl—Brooklyn 5, TMts- burg 1. At Louisville—Philadelphia. Jj Louisville !). At C'lilcago—New York 2, Chicago 3. At St. Louis—Boston 12, St. Louis r>. Mrs. .Tames McGOiirty" Is"'here from Hnn.iiugt.oii. ."•••!•• ••••.'• . .. - . '•"' Dr. J. H. McCnJloDgh of Imli.'Ui.-ipoJis, was hove Friday. ,.- ., ,„. •. ... j\ll<s Agnes"-Ifeljcl '"is- vlslctng n't Wlna.iTiac t'li.'.s we'i'k. Mont Swlgarli .wljli! spend Sunday with a friend In Wabaslh. Ed Dye of Moatloullo,' was in Log.ins- pnrt yoslo.rday'ori business.' 1 './ •" -£ Professor Aleyamkr Bnrr of. L;ifoy- ette, wnsiiu tlio.c,lty,) ; 'rklay. . '.;..'; M,lss Stella -Dttlry-mple 'has returned' froiin a vlsi.t at.lndlaunpolls.''' '• . Maivsliall Sedaih ..has returned Ruish Medical school for the ya'calibn,; Mr. iuid Mrs. "Alfred 'Bothroyd r of Delphi were •visiting' lii the'city yest'er:' clay, ' .." " ". ' '';,' .'.'..^ •• y. '.' Master George. Cox. of Peru,'hns ibeezi Vici Kids Hand Hade French Calf Razor Toes, Pigskins from Smith & Stoughton, All Fine Men's Tan Shoes Worth $5.00 Bankinp In ai: Its Dopart.nentfl promptly and carefully (lone. Safety to Customers and Stockholders •ought for. Btronf Reserve Fund maintained. Free! Free! Free! We will Give away this week one hundred Sample boxes [of Bragg's Blood, Nerve, Liver and Kidney Capsules. Call and get a sample, B. F. Keesling Druggist. DAILY JOURNAL STANDING OF THE GLUES. Clubs Won Lost Per Ct. Ciucl'juiati 49 24 .071 Cleveland 43 22 .002 Baltimore 44 23 .057 Boston 30 2S .f.82 Ptttsburg 37 21 .ri44 Chicago. '.,.:., 40 34 .541 Brooklyn 34 3<! .ASG Philadelphia 33 37 .471 Washington 30 34 .400 New Ydrk 27 '.30 .400 Louisville 1C 48 .250 St. Louis 17 53 .243 OTTOS WON PROM OXFORD. Tom Ramsey, ex-Louisville Pitcher, In the Box This Af ternoo'n. visit-tag Logiinspott.'friends/far.a'J day: or two.. ' ' .••'•'•-'" -.••"* .: --. - ; Jinn Porter of-tlie'Trade Palace, 'IS' spending a few dhyrf 'at ''West Baden springs.. .'.'/ " .J'.,.'..'.-'-' Misses Bessie Mar(i.p;.ai)d.,'Do.ttJe Gordon will spend the-day-.a&Ijnke Maxin-- kuckec. • ' -'• '•••••..!:•' ••••••, ' '•• : Mrs. John SearipW'an'O-(Inu.eliter'.of Illinois, are visiting' frtcnds"a.t Royal Center.- .';.V i[ W ,,'!.'"' Bob Tin-pen and. FraiiiJc.B'roadbC'ck of Pern, wore in LoKimsppivt Tursdny on •Lhciir wheels. ' :.-:; I.T, ..... • • .;. Mr. anil Mrs, Jerry'Oftw.cll have gone 1 •to Pennsylvania and; tlie' ; E;vsr to spend the summer. , ^,!'.',' J ',''.'. The Rev. AV.,.R/Buftou'.and family. of Hamlet, Ind,,,iare .-rlslrng- relatives at Royal Center.-..-.;• ,;.).. . , Mrs. J. D. Pugh., and:psister. Miss Ma ml Furey, were'wt 'Hunfiiigton yesterday far n vfeM.''"'"' ( "-''/' : ' : '"' ' M.IS. XV. D. Chu'jj'.WPnt'to.'HuutiDgton yestoixlay for a yJsit^y'UH/.ht'r'.d'augliter,' Mrs. Lew DeMutb. . • .• , ('• .. •.. : .- ; Frank Bnzzard>-! a-nil- .-family;-of' V.ll- ivinviso, arc vJsltiiyg John-' Collins and fa ni'Hy of Eleventh' street. •'•'•' -' ;;i ;'•' -•' Charles Hebcl'''.''I'etii-mod yesterday fi-wn Rlch.monid., i ,^Ic' i is,"sufferin'g from'' an attack of rhquma'tiis'm-. ,.'.-',. .' . ,--.. Mrs. Ruth. Forrest, left.- Erklay. sf'oj;, several weeks'- v.i.sl.c-- wlth;,'.frien'fls .-at New Castle njifl' Rldiihoiid.'- '" .' • •' "' Mrs. B. W.'Klstiler'and family''aria Mrs. Willliun De'Hav>ij (L vfrit.ecl Mrs., Wlrwalm, nt-Rojiil/Ocorter Thursday v " ALrs. J. O. Henderson of LndiacijpoIJs,,. and Mrs. C. A. Dolman.of-KojiOiu were In the cdty If;;lday, guests of I'Oln- tavcs. . . ''' : ••'••-' B. V. Sciter, Jiimosi'McKague and A. D. Faiislei- have retunied from Cincinnati, whore they attended .the Elks' rijf .There is no fake about.these Shoes, we have been selling them, for seven yeetrs. Everybody knows them, there are no better made they are simply odd or broken sets, if we can't fit you in one we may in another, ffyle, its the price and value that must sell them, costings you a trifl$|)nly above cost of halfsoling. Finest Men's Tans Go at $2.98 only $2.98. KRAUS "Of Course" S|RINQ NECKWEAR, i; c SPRING OVERCOATS. |OS. Q. GRACE ; WILL SELL YOU A SPRING :I SUIT TODAY EOR LBS5MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER •i® Hammocks at yonr own price at Geo. Harrlwn'B. Dr. Barnflold haj fitted up offices over Ben' Fisher's drug store. •'.: . . Thomas 1 Brown, who was arrested • Friday Blight for disorderly conduct, was-glven -ten days yesterday morning by th« Mayor, for-fatoxteatton'. The best way to a.rold scalp diseases, • hair falling out,' and premature baldness, Is to use the .best preventive ..known' for 'that purpose— Hall's Hair The Ottos won Crora the Oxford baseball team yesterday afternoon without great exertion. TJio all-round playing of tlie visitors was no£ so bad, but they were weak In the potats. This nfter- ,110011 thqy' wUI 'have an oM leaguer in the box, Tom Ramsey, onco one of the best pitchers to the National Jeague.tuid who put the Louisville club in the fore- front'of the Western clubs, ,1s'with the Oxfords, and wUl plteh.today. Ho may be a "1ms been," bnt he can pitch speedy bull ajid If. -Uls form Is anything like what it once was, he will make It Interesting for the heavy hitters 6f tlie home team'. Danny Lynch* he wJio was once attired In tlie unil/farm of a.u Otto, later tried to do the honors at short for Ko- koaiio, and 1ms glnce drifted no one knows where, turns uip with the Oxford team. He refused to recognize Logans- 'l>oit people; because they "roasted" him so he says. Maybe they didn't have cause to roast him, and maybe Logansport people care if Danny don't speak to them. . . .„•.• -,-. . •_.... . ......,.., ( -•. •,. Abraham -Ki-amer of Decatur, llJ. r .h'aR( retunied to his " home.- • after :a v-ieit* with his cousta, Lewis Kramer of R'o.val 1 Oentcr -. ' •'.:••: ~-, Mrs. J. T. MeNary attended a; at Wa'bnsh Friday evening. MIs Mackey rendered three numbers i IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COnPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. • Joseph •Holl/«''nJid : -' ; -Tainlly. ! -JjaT<?''Si- c " turned to their : iomie' ; 'at ! -'Mi»riaO', 'al'^'i'' a pleasant visit ,wjth f r,len'ds. In ; Bo'.d.n|' ' ' ' * " '''' Business durtog tJie day. yesterday was dull, but the stores had the -usual good Saturday night trade. The farmers are to the midst of thrashing, which Accounts,. for. there .not being many In town yesterday. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair, DR. MOST PERFECT MADE. » p»w Grape Cream ibf Tartar Powdtr. ft* t 9 Ammonia, Alun} or any other aduttmnt 40 Years tJte St«ndird. HAD AiQOOD TIHE. Crowd at Peru Enjoys the Opening Rally. .About fifty Republicans' went from LoKunsRort ycstea-day to attend the demonstration nt Pern. They were nc- coinpnnhxl by the drum corps anil tlie boys'mn<l« their presence.known In the. Republican camp by i-ejl<JerJng choice drum music. Th-e rally was not so well attended as It was expected it would be. but It Is estimated 'that there were twp tlibnsnaul stndngei-s In toron.. 1 .Tlie.Hon. .Ta.nws A. Mount RepubUeiui candidate for Govornw, ad<lresse<l a crowd at the pavilion In the nifternoon. The .seaMng capacity of the house te aixint six hnu- dred, ami there were more than n thousand tndoors, and as .many outside who eoiil'.l not gain admission. The uwnnK- ois of fix! affair-made a mistake In that t,bcy did;not makeJ,t'n.B-'open"air.meet- ing, so tltat ererj;one could have heiml- • the very excellent talk the next Governor of the State mnde. . ' The crowd-.In tlie eyenlns; was even greater than that of the afternoon, and •liiinkl reds, were 'turned wway disappointed that they dld.'not jofet to heat' the Horn. William El'Mason of CMcapo, who gpoke. There were elplvt or., ten Iwnds present ajnd they made' tiling lively on eve'ry cornc-r with, their music:It was the roost .wideawake day Peru lias had for soime time. : ,•,-.;. . . '. Miley T. McCrea, sofl of. Lieut. 'IHenr.y, McCi'eji. of AVashlngtcavBiiC.,.is.vi^ht-': ing his-eoi'isliir-Edwartl -F. McCfeaV : pt Hills.• olity. ' -'-'•" •••'• •^'•-•'•- • • , .•''!> Mr. and Mrs, M. 0 Gol7lIing li'aye return" ed to their hoiu.e"ifi l 'J)eQ.ver,' 1 Cpli,:,af.ter a visit 'with. Mr,;aji^',Mi-S!..E(lf.pijiericli, of NortJi Btreet..r> ';:;.. '.••..-•;•. • ,,••>.«v.'t-- Mrs, Leonard^-'Wectti-'.lefb.rye^tErday for A1 km town, EnlfWTespdii^e to a te]- eprani Illness of her 1 Lawrence Ander^g^,' ^rh'Miirdock ami Fred Rauch .loft .,.'laeiiyiJii-gJit>. for Columbus..O. VOn;:-tlie -rfttulin Mr.. Anderson will vl»lt'"K('W(fel{;-a*^M-arion:"/;r Mi-s. Hhtnlc : Qla'y';o-I-'R'k'Kmond. ; V-a., who hWbeen. tijre ^o^Vfo^Slr: Cliarfra Parker and faniJ.& r ,;li<ifi'ne1;jirned to'Upr. her hcwiie accoinpajiileii-Jj'yj^ 1 '.- Parker's, so,n. who will speud.itld.'-fSiimmcr thei'e. : P, S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't'for- ine of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing ';,"SE\VE?rj/s'NOMINATION. ' Tlie.noniin?th)0''of Sewell for vice- president.' 1 was a;fenrprise In th.is locality. "Wlifl'W'hhfltfili-r "fe^Sowell/'asked a , : bemocwij:'' - Tpfl'iti'ry disclosed the fact tjiatyibljixly'^iu'exv'.'^ A reporter sent to .tl,ve;PtaK>s_-.office.. brought back the In- foiJiiaitoi) tiiiijno, one there knew. The Associatedi'FfasH rapprt gave no cine aud''alil-thT(i't? ; eo\il(1 lie learned was that was Arthur, that, he tluit he was an old,man, term In, Coupress C. C: McSlM«liy?riKlHor:J6f the Rocky Mountain AVorltt!.';!*''tlie 1 " guest of- Ms brother, H. J. Xlctiilee.lfr.'St'Lake MaS- Iiikuckee. fie wlji..viei;'i.t''fills'eilfy before'' rctnrnloK to h-ls home'. ...: .- .'•. . • Indianapolis tftfwsr'-'MrVjmd M,rs;.-H..' C. Ad-ams will.eBtei*irt'tr'a l ''ho'{ise.-.p)u-ty• .for.thel-r danglf-t^r,"^II^ j ^t'elln Adanis,'- nt their suniinei'Jipm^og ,-Liike Ma-xlh.- kuckee, the tost ofrijfiily,, 'f-he,party will Include Miss Jeauette- Juilson, Miss Adelaide Fali'bamkK'and'.Miss Hose Peorlii,' and Messrs. Ti-aak-'T .Tolm pIttem6re', r; Hitl kdamsM^av StuarC'o'if Ixiganspqr'tl '.,,"'"''' The LOCAL. dqiiu-tnient was called to fyinulng m.Ul yesterday nwu.tng"'irb?nif fl 1 ' o'clock to extlngtilRh a. siiiaii; 6)aSi|f .5\o ser.iaus damage 1 w done.? i^ ;;_/ .' -.""...-• Mrs. C.'-&W;''Bowjiian Is seriously Ul n.t Jie'r' horiiTC-'On r iLinden nvcnne. Mrs. James 1 K-TeclvWer I:? reiwrted greatly Im- 'prp i vod._'^' l7 JI1iV'V w .;i R .on duty as usual . .. .Tack-,-BUi-yeaiJsJ.the possi'ssor of one of tlie shoes -'woinr by RolMjrt J. when he ; lowcreii ; '-tlie'' tWltl's pacing record 'to 2:bi. 3 /M' : on" tiitf 'Tet'rt -Haute, track. The ' , firon)' a Torre Haute Peru.. Sage, came'home yesterday from SLOW South Bend . ' Tribune^- I'liognnspov't' people ai« notdrionsiy' backward itibmir. tiskl ng for | til ling^';''' ; Tliey jjoifi; ti e Siill-' toirs/ $00 far, ! '' pay and ,tl«? ly ask. n .gniaran tee^of . JlOO for oB^.gaiMJt;, here. The • manbfiemeBt v-Mil.U; 'tai-JJc^tp them a-bout^t..';'-;^. ;T '-' ,'-)'•':'•;•' 4 ••v-v-txt • • '-G.'- ^ ' sance . from lioinc-sain e one ent e r.ed : " roiom and" stole lying .on. the .in 1824.;a graved on valwd the. wl^leh ; i,\ '• J A J col-t'hltched- to a-cart driven by two gcn.tlwnen'' whose 1 ; names 'were not "ieairned, ra u ;iiprin'.,ih-e sMcwalk o.a Market s-fi'-ec't"iast""eve'ri!lhg'. '." The animal WjiiS; vemoved wLMi the assistance of a number of. bystiinders; before any d.im- y,«rjr • Mghlyi' He/, would feel returned.; •JiW.-.;j •"Friday'evening a- thief 'stole Tiliie Saii'ijile.'.s^r'ivli.eel, 'from- in' front of (lie Riversida .Club^Jious.e. .The wheol Is a Roiuingtohk;,-, No. 15,430. 'Tlie police ,tiiluk : .that:-.tlie,vhave a- clew .and If. pos• si-We the'tlilef will ;lx?, hunte<l.,d0.w.h and the" ; %heel' returned • .'to 1 , the • rightful owneV.^'-^ 1 '-^'- ^"' ._" • " . y.es€?ranjj..n)flnii-ng In Justice •c-pjuit'. J^sse^ < .\^jiilanis,..a niiieteeu-year-. oJrt bajVjjpJend^LijfnU'ty to the •charge o'f va«uiult'.- andu battery, -preferred ' "bl ; •|0lmnlee(f ! 'SnilWi? 'rin ; 'nged hostler .who 11 v.es^ofi ^feftjnftfeet- Hl« fl-n0 togethei' Hanisy!i^;nojpjouey but'was relen-sed uipon-.bts ov^recognJza'rice'.'.';-.,-:'^.-^-;'.;';'! ( THE CHURCHES. The Rev. Dr. CooHxuigh, rector of the Episcopal elnireh, will deliver (lie sermon at Hie Wulon raeefclug in the rink tills evening at 7:45 o'clock. FJnst Presbyte/rian ciliurch.—The pastor, D. P. Putnam, will excJia-nge pulpits this morning with tlie Rev, Dr. Hushes of the Bethlehem Presbyterian church. • Church of Christ (Scientists)—Services will be lieM In their rooms In the Keystone block, corner of Sixth and Broadway,' this morning at 10:30. Subject: "David Ktog of Israel," All ii.re welcome. Wlieatland street M. E. church, M. A Ha.rlau, pastor. Sunday school-.at 9:3 a. m.; sermon at 10:43; class at 12 m. Junior league at 3 p, m.; Epwort! devotional'inecttaK at 0:30 p. in,; revlva services at 7:30. A welcome to ni services. The Broadway Methodist church. E L. Semans, pastor. Class at 0 a. m. Sunday school at 0:413 a m.; prcacliln). at 11 a. m., subject—"The Poworof .Te sus Name;',' Junior league at 5 p. jr.. Epworth league at. 0:30 p. m. All an. cordially Invited. •Services a.t the A. M. E. ehhreh,.cor- ner Market and Cicott sti-ects today as follows: 10:30 a.m., saruion by thf pastor.,3:00 p. m., Sunday txjhool, Prof. G. C. Kiinig. superlnlCTnlent. 7:45 sermon by the pastor. All are welcome. L'. Pettlford. pastor. At. the Baptist church—Sunday school at 9:43 a. m, -Preaching service at 11:00 a. m., subject, "Little-Things Tests of Cliaracter." Junior Union 3 p. m. Senior Union, 0:30 p. m. Subject, "Peace Left, Peace Given." Union services at the i-Iink.ln tlie-evening.. St. Luke's Evaingelicnl Lutheran, corner First and Market street. J.. C. KiHiffiiiau,-.pastor. Sunday school at .9:30 and church-services nt 11 a. in. Junior Eouleayor at 5:30 and Christian BiMleavor at 0:30 p. in. All welcome. Eastond;misfito-n at 2:45 p. m. Union services at. tie rink' al 7:45 p. in. '.' Cinu'berlaud Presliyteriun church. West 1 Broadway ' n«ar Browu, street. Charles' B.: "Wellborn, pastor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 8 p. in. .Congregations! = song service and short eennon, on a pop- •'• ular. subject in the evening. Sunday, s,ehool at 9:40 a. m.; Christian Endeavor J at 7 p. ni. MM week prayer meeting on ; Thursdiiy at S.p. in. .AH welcome. . '. itarket street M. E. churcbi Preacll- •'•' ing by the pastor, W. R. Wones, atl<fe-;; 45 a. m. an«3 7:30 p.. 111. Evening theme ': second sennon on "Tllie Sabbath." Su»- . day school at 9:30 a. m,; class meetlnf ;,• at 11:43 a. ni. and 0:30 p. m.; Junior^-league at 3 p. m.'; Epworth league at.;: • 0:30 p. in.. All are tovited. D..OF R. INSTALL OFFICERS. At the regular iiieeting Friday nlglit the D. of R. lodge mslaUed the follow- ; ing-oflicers for the ensuing term: N. G.—Mrs. Ella CMsmond. , T. G.—Mrs. .Tennic Goldsbr.ry. . : ; R. S.—Mis. Jennie. DeLong. '; , . TIHSIS.—Mrs. Ejrana Hai-Jpy. •' R. S. N. G.—Mi-s. Ella BnllaVd. L. S. N. G.—Mrs. Earl St(«wart. : K. S. V. G.—Mi*. Whiunery. . . L. S. V. G.-Mrs. Hester Hawkins.. . I. G.—Mrs. Harry Brig.cs. O. G.—Miss Kate Coiwinpore. Con.—Miss Eiunia Bttrklt. . \Var.-Mlss Maggie 1 Goldsbury. Mrs, Cclwtjjt Purceil. of 3.30. Eel TCver avenue, has taken the! ngency for She sale of the wonderf^ Oxien Rems'dles, manufactmvd by tlw Giant Oxie 'Go,, of AtiKUSta, Mnine, rttecovw-ers ofstlie grente>t cta-aiivc retBcdi«\s the worlBe has ever kuowic, i.nfl»«lins Oxlcn, Uhc wonderful food for Uie nerves, Ox'eu ; Electric J\m>bs Pljwtflre. Oxien Tablet Pills, Oxicii Cone Pik- Trftitment, Oxien Ulero-Vajrijia! 'Cure, <;to. All of these wo'rld-faiineil, Ufe-glvlaig remedied are o be had at. the above iiniued address. The funeral of Blanche, infant daugb-..' ter.of Air. ajid Mi-s.-Jacob' R.,-Hoover df . Jethlohem township, will, l;p held, thte rniiig nr I0':."0 o'c-I-ck at the Bethle- icm M. E. church.' Sj)ecial sale of line dimity' wrapper* ilo'mlay. $2.50 ai«l .?3 '(liuiity wrap- iei-s. $1.48; $1.50 suninier'.wrappers. 98c t tlie .Trade Palace.

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