Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 16, 1847 · Page 1
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Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1847
Page 1
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X m : ' 'w ' J f FlUUbuED DAILY i ... - .n 1 AT Till. LEDGER CITUDIW,'. tovTawaar com or tbibb abb ckukvt t., - ' SWAIN, ABELL & SIMMONS. NOTlCiS. ATTENTION. VOLUNTEERS ! Th un der, igiied ha 'nnenerli t Rendexvnu t Ml FARY HALL io LIBRARY Street. MlktlW nwtiiw of an Infantry Company, tn trader ur lb President lit aerrie durln Ibe. War With Mexico. . in th Kegim - nnanuorlxed by the mat Army Bill. ItU Company will b accepted. The aame pV, re - ' tii in and allowance! ai are prortood for the regular snidier, under exurting law, will be given to lb la eiuapany oa belnf muttered into service: The seder - signed received a military education, from 1833 to UJ8, at (he Wert Point Academy, and hat been attached to the volunteer fur nm yean aa aid to Brig. Oen. Cadwalader . ' Voranteerd and nfhered. wiiiiia hv vjiicr in i lyonqaur, win pmnr prtavni iheoiMlvaaat the Rendrxvou between tht hours of l), A . M , an 10 , j - " . (j v - - B PORTERS' BALL Psrann having UJ ticket for the ilmi Ball are Informed that It wnToomeoffon MONDAY KVKXINU.ihelh W - 1 stent, al th Military Hnll, North, THIRD 8u, - l j . jalt - 3i JOHN MORRIS, Secretary if M. r ry - s - THIRD GRAND MILITARY and CI Tl - ' X3 7 - E.N9 BALL, at to MUSEUM, on the 18th .. IMUnL , ,! : - ''"' Ticket One Dollat, admitting an gentWaiai and tw ladie. which any be Beaeursd, Air. MeQui - gan, aprwteadat of the Msseam. . ... . . .. i ' . v. Aa addltiiauil iiairwny ha been free ted, extend t tog fna tha Im 10 die second (tory, ou to rxsrrat iveraiftn.' ' - v , ..., jal4 - lttt) ATTENTION I KIRM llDMn ti - : Thine Ctmiparue of lb Citv and County who ' ara onpaeerj io ue raw bum on - Irom oar Biel la - gislaiur by the City Councils, vis la prevent ,tae - - Cnamy Companies Iran running imoer throegh the i Mir, are requested lb tend Coauilueee, la ewer at tit Hall of tn United State Hiae Company, FIFTH and TAMAN Y Street. THIS (SATURDAY) KYK - V N INO, Jan. It, at 7t e'elnek, br request of a Con . mine of three from lb U, B. Ho Csui iaU - lt rv - sa LKCTURKS ON rJOCIAL INSTITUTIONS ILJ - IN THEIR RKI.AHONB TO CHRIS - , TlANtTY BY T. H. STOCKTON. - imrneneing ; TUK8DAY KVEN1N0, Jan. 1. at 7f o'cloclf. In lb First Meihodint Protetairt Chanel, corner W v ELEVENTH and WOOD Street, aud Id be enn - tf tinued the two succeeding TtiMdar venlng. at the , tain tint and plc., ; ' flingl tickeu. ii cenU) Court ticket, 50 elk ' i Tb design of th Lecturer I to buw. that the R. . drmption of the World depend but rumen tally on , Cbristiniiitf and the Church the Religion and Social . Institution of th New Teswmen), ' ' , I : - In th prorre of th lecture. nek anettkm a , th following will be diKtuwd : f', t. What I tha CfariMianitrof the New Testament t 1 NVhat U th Church of the New TesumentT i I. What la th raktlioB of lea Chunk to Carnv Uaaltyt , i - v. if. 4. What i the relation to Christianity, of nthar sVirial InaUtBlien i Citril, KechMtaailoal, BeMTBhint, . - BjrBU - BenaroleBl, Sobofaaiie, Artist ieal, Act "vi a. What i th relauoa of Umm lastuulion to tha .. Charcht - , . . What art tha Sign of 0) Time, la ait tire - eonnaiiona? :. '.: . ,.:,.,;,(: . 7. What fct lb Buprem nd Common Doty ot Chrluiana, at thi lanctur ? ' )alt - luws3ti ?cketa may b bad at th following placet f B. Peierum, No. M Chesaiif (treat. f. Thomann, Boikiener, . Sixth and Arch ski. American Baptkt Pub. Society, No. 91 N. Sixth at, J, HaraMtaad, Bookaallar. No.tON. Poerth St.: Lindasr Blakuloo, Bookseller, Pi, W. corner of Fourth and Chranut u. - ' ' I ' fl S.Afnleton, Bookseller, No. IWCbesnnf'sIre!. RAW. Warnoek, Mercbsnt, 3D N. K'ghth rt. Ohsrle Benwol. 69 Button wood St., alio re Eighth. WillUm Butchtr. 11 North Eleventh tl. ' I Dry Good Store, cor. Eleventh it. and Ridga Road.. uoorof tin Lkarck oa tb eranmg of tn Uectnre. IHIKU UfcUNj) MILiTAR Y AMU CITI - r. SS BALL at Ik Grand Baloon Of th flllU LPHIA MUSEUM, MONDAY Eyh NINO. Jan. lSik VHT. CIWrnDlctsnti Cant M MeGeoyl CaplABraxler Capt J Dlmon CantJBOnllhn Ma W A moke KA Vaudlkt B Kennif ' lientJHanley Lital J M - Bridt Jobs Rbody ' HuthBarr R LDamh JMRsybold ' Tatrick Clvk : J. rtn Carroll Js Johnston :,1 F Mcllvana 1 CltarleaWood - Tiio Don Ian " Philip Smith '" Pennlt Cnnturt John MeKanna J McLanihlln Aat Jjnnmariow U M I Willlaais Uant Collin I l.leotD Kennif ' Mich McColm lame Kennedy Ueat KeniMd I .lent P Conror Terrene Smith Rilward Croatia Charles Bradr John D Murrey Usroe Cart ' ' Patrick Leo . Dennis Swnrnv' HurhMcCalfrir. IWt McGnira - . Wm H Fann i HaghM'Ooldrbh Jnrin Hrady Th orin Maany Chat F Maguira DrJSO'Niill Francis Tlmmln Mirhnel Sweeny juMcuiowey Wm Smith ' TCynch ' " MilesDSwMiiy Uohn L Gorman John Dougherty rrm i.yncn ! r rmrry nayg 'John Harres' rl.OOK MAN AOKRS - Robert Trier. Kao 'tU. iun 0. jaAU - wtsvia vnm. . nninin. ' DKNN1S MEALY, Treasarer. 9(" WK.C, FINNIOAN, See. B.M. . T'J Tha Upper ind Lowr Baiooa and Conner' Celebes ted Strinf aad Bra Baadt hara been engaged fi theoceasna. ,n . . . kttrwaStv ry NOTICE. Br order ofth Board of 1H - lLS reator of th Montonr Iron Company. aB Jl.t r nwirv Mnvcmii .a .HJM V.WMI IWI Wf AM. VIHIAflVII") W. 1 ID Ulll III. lb Huing year, will b held on THURSDAY. lh mta Jan. next, uctwem in soar or it aim 1 o'clock. p. M.,at tha Office of nid company at dan - VILLJCPa. EDWARD LKAVITT, i JW - aOH ' ' Secretary pro tern. rtv M ASTKR BUILDERS, MACHINISTS AND J. OTHERS The soTierriber wtshe to mil th tention of those peranna using IRON CASTINGS In their Imstifw tn hi Foundry, where h will man - f aol ore all th yartrtus casting esed in baiWInf.tuch a COLUMNS, Sll UTTER - BOXES. GIRDEK8, SPOUTS, BRACKETS, fct - j Bl ffW pru.. T HI Moek of Steam Engin Pattern vary from I n bw but power, ana are got np in ma moat approvM wyle. ' ' - J. A Borden left M th Iron Btora of Messrs. E. 1. F. rriXiS k BROT., No. M North WATER St., or it North Waarve. or at No. ST North Front ttreet, or ai we r vmuuij, ib v Aniinis, au joining in nail1 road Depot, will - meet with prompt attention. ,. i AH work delivered tn Ik tily fro of xpn.T ii - iar ; John f. stari; WILLIAM A. STOKES, Attorney at Law. ha Removed bk OtSet to No. TT Snath FIFTH Street, below W!nt. ' a83 - ! GKOHGK DIE TZ, TEACHER of tha GCRMaN LANGUAGE and TRANSLATOR, WOOD Bl , aext door to Uu N. R. urnrof Third si. .. i .. Referaw Charles B.Treyo, Eq. iU - lm - VOT1CE OF ASSIGNMENT. Notice la herel.y 11 givaa, That JAMES G. COK, of lh township nf Upper Allowsys Creek, aonaty of Salem, and But of New Jersey, huh tala day mad aa eeeifn - meat a th nbsertber of hi anata, U th ae,aal beaall of hit enditor, aad that la aaid arndttort most txhibat their respaetiv ahtiaBa, nadar oalk of aanaatMm, within the term of aix monin. . . ' - - 1 JAMES B. BAJjU&KJL Assimeni ' Jaimary A, 187. - n .... - a - at0 , 1 1 in i. Ik atu.E ttDU f .. . tj.... Insurance, VJ TRUST. AND ANNUITY COMPANY The DIRECTORS hav thi day declare a dividend of foar per oen. elear af Stale Mx, oat of the profit of the Cooifany for lb last six asosuka, payabl Ul tb BtaekboUera or their legal rcpraeealaur,! and afiar thB 14jh iaaunl - ' 1 rw taa - tl8t t, JONATHAN ALDEN.Caahlar, - FIPSIFlP8!! - I.EVlr!l!LKViESI!!l Per. am la want of fiasaU SUmrtr Conr,ean jet II at Ik LeaVer eW. .. dM - tft , NOW 1 lh lima to advertise tn the Newspaper of nebrhbormg Coantie and Stat for th BUB tbabs, aud in th loath and West for distant trad V. B. PALMER it th Agent for th beat besmear saaa Uailed Stetea. . iatt - tMin ONUMEN'IPLAIN and ORNAMEMTAii (!ONt.'ar.nil?Jic.AusiVisJbi9,e., ready la, or will be Bin) to Order, at the WAJAh , Kooa ana suuinui 1 ajui or - t 1 . - r. n.DinriiiSiiS. Rktg Road, below Spring Garden st.Westwd. . For order, el action may be made from a great ' artrty nf Deairn m my pnasrsaton. alt - 4nsa kJ KM PHTLADa ) IJ', PATlsMT HORaii SHOES - Mad ' Jj of ska ban of Isaa and warranted, for aala - altht aasnafetBrer'Bria.. i . - A - larga amorlaMal of WORKING IRON, for r , Bladwnutha. . ., .,...,. Cash paid for Wrrmght and Cast Scrap Iron, or skeasBfcxeaanire. Conwrof FRONTand SOUTH r Btrt. - eeW - BmO - A. PURVES. ' . .. OAR.D - CHARLIE B. HEADLY, N. w , J af ARCH and FIFTH Sta., Whuleaal and Re - ; tail dealer tn ladle Boi end Sao Manufacturer1 artktlea, euek as English laatinga, Satia Francaia, " Valencia,, Rami and Barneler Sheeting, Satin t Jeaea, BleacW Driliaifs, Freooaaad Kiwi Ioa - swrsand Galloon.. - da - tm I CLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS - The Mhecnher m. J ha nM anuked aa axlensiv aseortmeat vt La - : ,4,er FashionmM Redv Made Alpecka, Marin and Plaid aad Striped CLOTH CLOAKS, of which 1 ne rWi sell at th ioweet aad aseet redaced pricea. N.B. Cloaks mad teordsr. r , r - i - ..K,. - MARYII.BRYr.APf.1' ti 9 St , I doort abovf Lombard, East iiv Also Urgs SMnrtnsaet of Udios' Out wis of vsri - oa psnerm, for m!e very eheap. - dxa - lar) - i llLKACUlNU ESTABUSHM h.NT Tna Pnai 15 Work, at SOUTH TRENTON, New Jersey, , ..sahich are FOR SALE, oa wry tew Bmiu, Baay it euarerted, at a Very rrrling axpeaaa, iassa fiisaeA. " ag Jf itaNuMHat, which ia mock Beaded - ua trau ui m . i 1 , wm. w - i pnfwMj senn a ren. . kr and full sappry of Ctotk, when aasurad mat laew work would be wll done. Peranna wan are dawusad ' to angag ia thi kaauiem at lhM wra - ks, will aovlv lu ' " ISAAC COLUN8T - Asaiirnee of P. B. Chaas t Co, No. f 4 J N'irthS. ' enad street. - 1 " di3 - lmO ri - IHB fl'RI.Nli GARDEN BATHS, cor. NINfri X and DEPOT Strena, netwuen Sprina Uaraea and Oreaa atreeu, will eontina open Ihroagh Ike : winier enn. ' no and lil Math supplied. Si.igle Buh It J centa. Snaano ticket 4, for Ihre m titri i. l - sdio' nirsnr thrnagh the Crmfeeinm. ery Tiirs cnri'Wraent t mptet with every tin " Vruieor. N. B A hinr ROOM to rani rVen tlea. - dMor f f. MaMANL'8. ijv.lit I I , I I n I. 1. I ! 1 1 I .ir.iiil - . 1 11 :tu n 1 .... . . .. t JW, .'WANTS - V WANTED A Colored or White WOMAN, fur crneral housewn'ki - ajrnnd washer nd 4rm. r - Apply at l3 CHESm) f St. V ' )l - tf ;: WANTED By l'fciItMeOMArTr B.tuaiion a COOK, or HOU8F.Kkv.PER J In a genllenaaa'a family., Inqurr over 11 Nortlr SECOND Si Ciiyrrrenee... jalij - tta)t WANTED An Ameilraa GIRLlodo general Honeewnrk laa mall family. ..Apply at No. l Nona NINTH Street. Good rirne ra. - iatl tTTANTOD - A TUATI0Na CbiMNnrM,n ' W ' travel With a lady, or a Chambermaid In a rasprclanla fimily,uya roaiig female who hi folly eapablaof BtUfscimlr Riling either aitaauon. Ap ply ai No. CALLOWHJlJJat. l - flti WANTED Aa ASSISTANT lit a Whore I and Retail Drag Slur, or a person to learn we battue. AQurraa vrags, at in lAtgar omne, with nam and rafarenee. ' IBIO - BIOI WANTED - To'LOAN, ao,6oA 4,Uo0 lor one ur two year, Good Moarity give ia MortgBfann REAL ESTATE aninenmbered, tn the valao of tJOflOO. Parson hatinf aaeh sum to ln will plena Addrem "Msas," bi, the I - eHgar orTie. , v , , ) . JalS - Jt WANTED A genteel and active LAD, of 14 to 1 18 yaart, 10 aasist in a Coaming House None need apply a ill ess wall reeemnwnded, and can write t goo Band. Comnenmlion moderat. To an In taliigeul youth,and on who 1 anxious to make hira - self useful, vi, mivi. 111a ouuurmoiiT kuuv wa. aopit bi 408 MARKET St., below Twelflk, . Jala - 3t WANTED Three good Batinett WEAVBRS. Apply to WM CROW, Camden, N. J nrat HENRY WARD'S Mannfaeturan' Hotel, THIRD ana mtiiiti tw., neiweea 11 anus o'clock. J 1 6 - 3" Tt'ANTED A colored GIRL to da tha work af v w flaw, wnur, wnere inare re ne emtaraa. Sha mnst nnderstsnd Cooking and WasMnav and com well reoanoienoej. tnqulra In TENTH St, re duor below Boulh, West side. " jiS - M AMTEDwGlRLS laat anderstaud thaArt 1 tbU Flow Mahiaf also anreral from the age af IS 10 U ywra, b learn laa abort bnsinee. Coosuntetnpluyaksutg.vrn M. J. VAN 08TEN, - piimr : :", '. T ' "I poata rouria oi.t dress q WAITED A SITUATION, by a YOUNG MAN, a asrtnt In a Stert f Grooery preferred. Ha speak German. Wrwld atady hid mpluy. tr1 IntereaL Flct addrOH H. A. L. at the Ledrer WANTK.D - TWO or FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS, for or t nvmihs. for which good serariir win oe given. Auoress s. r4 ueoger Of - WANTED By a Young . MAN, from tha omin - tryi who aadaralana doubl and lingl entry Bok - keening, and ass had aoma knowledx nf the Grocary busuiess, SITUATION as CLERK iat Grocery Store, or SALESMAN. - ' Beat of reference given. 1 PIaeadarM th Ledger Offioa. with baila es, and at what alaot aad lima aa interview can be bad. - - - ktlft - tt . WAN TED A young married MAN, of baainem habit, wauls a situation In n Whaleanlt Diy floods, Orueary ot Coaaausoa Hoata, a Clarh or oul - doof Agent. Address J. O, At th Ledger of. le. - ;i .., .,, - .; ,:,.: , , t ... jalat ' PARTNER WANTED In a Dyeing and Finith - ing Establishment, ia full operation In thi city, conducted oa th plan of lb Siaten Island Dyeing EstahlisbmenU. New Yirrk. Capital required, FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, to ba paid in within a few month. To any person having the bova mean ll will ba a nirt invtmat, and Uit prolt guaran. tied to bM per cent. Addrem "Finishing," Ledger omc.. ' ' .; . . jalS - Stt) q AtiENTU - WsmiB, several young MEN. X of respectable character, 10 eanvaae for 'Bear' Pictorial Work and for hit Family Magaaiaa. These work have obtained a very distinguished standing In the community, and those who engage in lha business may sell t large portion In and alma I this city. For further particular, Inquire of JOHN JONES. Bilk Drnrtrri Scourer. No. 48 North FIFTH St who hat been appointed by Mr. Robert Srar, of New Via - H, tha general agent of thht plana. ' jalMit A RARE CHANCE Asenu are wanted 10 an. Ijl dertake thi atleof anaw and useful Patmiad trtiole, that can be sold hi every family in the Vnioa. to men or reapeeniDiiiiy ana rmsine kanits, a gaa - rmmoc 01 auw per annsm win negiven. nppty to i, .!,' - '' v LATTlNO, 1 t No. 101 Chemut tret, Phlladelphi. Sd floor. 1 "All letter must be post - paid. - )1omfrOT J WANTED 40 POWER IXMiM WEAVERS. Apply at JOSEPH RD7kU'8 esUMiahnwnt, MANAYCINK. v.. . ...... . leodSt WANTED A YOUNG MAN for a Wboleasi Dry Good Star Book - keeper,' Clerk for Grocery and other Store. Cur Agent. Bank Rao - aera, Copyist, Men about Btora, Barkeeper, Tra - veiling Agents, H callers. I Coachmen, 1 Waiter. MERCHANTS' OFFICE. Third and Sorsce Sta Faithful Domestic, 6 Cook, 4 Chamber maida, Narsea, to Hons Oirto, 10 Colored Girl, Smasatrea. a, email uhth, Lawiee' Maid a travtt. As. , 1 Cttiaeixauited M borl aotia.. httS - tft) YITANTED - An APPRENTICE about It veer VT of age, In th Millwrlghtlng baslnea. Apply at thS. B corner of FRONT and FRANKLIN Sta, aenatngton. , Kecoremendation required. )a!4 - 3ia WANTED A fewaou awn caa b pniaiably amployed In Mlling a truly yalaabl and popa - r FAMILY MEDICINE, by applying persoaally, ar potrpaM. at th Book Btora, 004 South SECOND aire, raita. , i . . , btt4 - 3t WANTED A few YOUNG LADIES, to leant tha Tallnrimr htuuBaaa. in iTRAODAIRifl vuuavt,, ta xxtN TU da. ,, abora Marfcal sUeet, East jaltto WANTED A GIRL, between It tnd 14 years are. to brine an lav a email marirv.' arha vio d u. l 11 1 im . rrn , mn vwpmmw prwerTV. rtppfy ai no. t is is. riunin n, oeiow vine ylTANTED A middhMgad Colored WOMAN, f f who iaa good Onok, may ohtaia a Simalioa, byapplytngataaeiRARDSt. .1 ,..i mlt - St . tTT AN TED An active Colored BOY, a Waiter. V f Garni rtferanea reaulred. Aaolv ia LOCUST oij, ia u Bout eat or Bchoyikill eevemh sojtk . . ... . WW M . . WANTED A Jaarwsymaa BASKET MAKER; "lo,aa Apprentieeat theaara biaeaa,frem 10 to 14 year of are.) Aimlv to J.ttTINUKR. near tht aoraey of FIFTH and WHARTON Bta. ktl - i ffr ANTEDA YOUNG MAN for a Wholasal yr , Hardware Star I Coachman) t Waiten. ' Bltaatiim for Grocery Clerk. Bank Rnnner. Car Agents. Tencbera, Copyist, Porlert. Wslctimcn. MERCHANTS' 0FFIC1E, No. S LIBRARY ST. An active young Msn'ean obtain t ituaiioa la a Wholesale Ororry and Commission Store. - Wauled 4 Coots, 1 Chamherraaldf, 10 Roaet Vu - i,4uiorQ,iNures,t Uirltoliavel.Ae. Biorea, ttntets and ramillea supplied. jnl4 - li3V ITT ANTED A PURCHASER or a PARTNER Vr - wrU aapital of from S00 to a 1 Sua, k be angagad ia manafsetarinr good whiea will tell ..i.Jn . , , , readily for cash, and tlora t rood prolt. For for. tar partWhu. addrm P. V, at Us Ledger of - aca. - . ; , . ' jBi - ot WANTED A aambar of aetiv MEN, to go Snath ai Wt j alanl aosaa ia lha Naw Eb glaad knasea, to aat a AGENTS for la ml at Nw sad Popular Work. KM par yeas profit, ore and above imbt annua, will be inwrad to BheBSi with aa opporsanity af (tearing SI JMM par year, and Btora kf Uiay art aetiva., Soma men bow ia our apiny wiii no doubt aaUie ovw Sl.UOt per year, (leal 0 s& axsaain, and tharo ara ah for at bar to do th same. Each maa will hay hatdwtriet, and It will benmmary for them a hav at lst til w a.yi. to omnia a good fitting out. Apply at WINCH'S PUB - USHIN& HALL, Nov. U CHE8NUT Street, (up staira.) . .. aKMmA XlfAN TED HANDS to Work allhsOsk Onnas Vr mg buarnes. Also fur aare, a lot of HHDS. HEADING and STAVES, and an kind of maiermia or tna trade, pj. Wanted, two Apprenlle Boy to learn the trade. Nona need anplv Vvithont good rwiniimsnQauim rrn. punr.n 10, JaU - hrrO No. 1 Ctmmerea at, W ANTED WILLOW BONNET MAKERS. and BONNET FINISHERS. A few raaneei. W GULLS uriU ha taksaon short time to leu a. Apply so vwu. THOSu WHITE, i; - talk - lar 1 . . . . , . 41 S - tth Second Street. WANTED A good teeond - band PRINTING PRFV e rVxible nicrtinm size preferred. Apply at tha PRINTING OFFICE, No. lit CHES - Nl'T Street foanh story. '': d3l - tMyu BAKER'S INTELUGENCSOFFlCE. aauhlaaV ad May. 1HIL (34 yaarsaaJ at the a.. E. oar. af CHEBN UT and (aatraaea in) THIsU) St, Bp auura, puuaiia wasau nanar,. rianara, . uvamner, ChiMMaBBstDaaaa, JoodG.rto wanted. , nW - W TAjNTF.D - PEDLAR9 and COUNTRY DEA - v r 1.K, to aril te Chemical Erasrr Soap, fa remorrng Grease, Tar, Paint, Ae.. from Bilk.CoUaa, n Wontlen Good. Apply at 1 4a CHFJiNUT Strata, ppiauin in MUjmsm. . r. riUUH B UU, ., ntt - lani - Sola AtwaUk t WANTED Three anfurnished ROOMS, oa xlh aeeasal lodr, to wil a maU - family, rent nut 10 ex read fort per year, aitaate between Vw ad LuMilMud and Beeond and Stveath M.. Aiklr j. m. winmr, linger ouioe. , , asta - ti f 1 WANTED TO . RENT Oa er - before the AArt nr April new, by a tnrst teirsirt wtrh a tnwll family, a near asmlrrar batH DWKt.I4.NG Htt WK. sheai netwem Area and FharStrerna, ttn fTriNTKn. Tu BHklTla uiu - tilr I ; ' with two rooms on a Boor, wilbia three anaara of Second and Race streets; rent between I X 1st aad SIM. which will ba aaid Banetnallv. Ad. i tl I B., Uedger offle. . - , T .iaU - 3lT.' WBieBaiioerai(untwuiaBBX4. Aadram.'C. . A bsroHhllMPoaOtiea.. . jU4 - NEW COAL OFPICE - PHIUPPRICM 4k CO Nn. 144 CHESNUTMnaLnnnmilr lha AKada. have fin - tale Tarnaqoa Bread and Paack Moarttaia, and Mint IJilt, Red, Whit and Gray Ash COAL. careieiiy preparea, una tept ary aader eevar, ant old from S3 is to S1.7S per toa of B0 lb , according to six.. , Cash orders, scut through Despatch ar Poslmee, prosnpUy altudad,lo, P. VWCE CO., Card aad Jih Printer. . ; ; T ' , ', roW 3m OAIi Every variety of lh beat auaiity, tdrnfi COA L I Every vanety of BROAD MOUNTAIN C0AL.f lbs best aaalirv. for sale, at redaoed C1eeoa BROAD St 3d yard ahova Boula,t yofliea. No. I North SIXTH St. - I Jss lara v, . . . JACOB DRINKHOU8E. EW COAL - YARD, at tha PhiiadalphmTnd ReaiKna: Railroad Company's Works, ad PORT RICHMOND, Tse uhoriber ha jam Omit Yard at tn aftora named phwe. when ha in - tduUi leeplnf ormrsntly on hand a general assort - bmiu 01 jtea ana wruia am cual, preparea expressly foe Fajaily purpose.. Th great rfTsnOur th nlieTiber has. ST tettlna the best Coal from the Sehnylkill region, It by having businem with all tha merahanta at Richavmd for a number of year, which wiU - anabl him to aaleet tha kind of Coal beat adant - ed for family aa, .i.r - . r.iVft't? i ' ' AU Coal wvll b dlivered at tny nlae ra th emr, MdWprsaaa.: - i i M.S.BUCKLEY.j rm HtesjpwM, jrsv. ii,ie.' 1 - - 1 A nv order left at tha Clear Store. NINTH and CREEN Si.. Bnrirur Garden. FRANKLIN, aacood Ldoar below Marlborough (treat, tut tide, or Samuel Mi Winer', u UEKN Street, below FALMKK. Hev urton, win tie promptly attended to. aa - sroo TT0T1CE. - J 8 SILVER has retired from lb arm it of SILVER A NORTHAM. nf Naw Vnrk. r Jjanaitry Wth,1fi7.' - v ' 1a - ' rpHB SUBSCRIBERS, reeetving in abundnnea X eontant eapplleeof.the Tamtqua COAL, ofer (t at tha iVillowtrnr rale ! - . - ' ' a . ; Broken and Screened, M40 lb., : S4 79 1 Stove, Nat. . , a o. - i 0iB - lm BLAKISTON & WALLACE. . Bread atrcat. first yard above Raea.! City odUca, temovad to S. B. ror. Walnut and Dock MACHINISTS. The anbaeriber cdbr tha fol lowing FILES, of Wm. Grearm 4 Bont'awke, m thaa lha eoat of imnortaiioa. tor cash 1 : r an roacn r ura, v, it, i mca. Half round ronh FUe. 11. IS. 13. 14. IS. 1 inch. X Dead smooth af edge dou 14, 1 inch, t, , - , 1 - Superiiw dead smooth Pia do , U inch.. ( . avuaiw - oa r ins, e men, , , ' 1 ... - . . T..:i B ftivaAW s. krtUa .Ml' ..i tmporter of Hardware and Cattlery, - JB19.4H. S0 Market atratt. rpO DAG HERRI AN ARTI8t9Jut "reccireJ X frooi Havre by 1st arrivals , i - l,M K - KOti Star Brand, or extra aaallty, 1 FRAMES MX) Naw and o4ndid aatterna. I ' ' Voightlandor TUBES, ef the medium and half and I Mltfia., 'Fotatltbv'" ' ' - - , - J 1 u "? V ''" I - JOHN KOA0H, Optleian,' " ,' N. Sll Naman rreetl New York N. B American Instrument of suoerior nualitvt Iron Mercury Buth t Coating Box : Quickstuff, kt' " : ' ' JalS - lwt) NEWFUR BTORBv - Th (aracrlhor has )asl oaoaed his new Store. Nv ttJ North THIRD Straw, a few door above hi oM anabliahed ataad, and nearly opposite Cherry street, Where k ha pre parea a mosi exiensire amiannwii or runnel tat lateat Parte and London mahksna, and to wfaieh ht invite tha attention of aarohaaer, wholesale and retail. - ". - . JAMES RE18KY, Aass aaTn - lor Baf lUes. 1 ,nit,m ; GANDY! CANDY f CANDY I All kinda of M lames. Naw York, Cream, Lemon. Teaberry, Ae. will ba aofd at t eat oar pexmd. by the qnanutr, to Jtopkocpers, at 144 N. FOURTH St, d dobrbeld W vine. - - v - ' - 1 . ..! - . oxr - am T0 BRICK - MAKERS A yalaabl BRICK CLAY LOT, eontainingbelween I and 1 acree, situat on LONG LANE. , Th clay i of superior quality, and is in aoma pant upward of IS feet deep there Is considered to ba enough for tk parpoae nf a Brick Yard, to laat U or SO year. 1 SUM of tha purchase money will ba taken m Brick, (1500 to a - JOOO ia a Dwelling, elear of tnenmbrane, and: tha term to - eoaunodating for the balanrw. . For tale by - . Aniuvni r. . n. mtrKKis. t y3 - 4nr . . .... n FILBERT Street. noLTINt CLOTHS A fall assonmenl of Old U Anenor and otkar totehtatot eauaea. for ml. WBOleaaleaad retail, cheap for eaah, at RITTEE'S yu xsiwiKH naiaa; im jraasa, no. as norta rHIKtf Btraet, ay .. lau.lyM iJACUH rkr tHEAP OIL CLOTHS Aa assortment of th VJ richest pattern ror Floor, Hlls, Ac., eat to ll. Patent Carrfiure Curtain, saaooth. rloatv and ahutia. all width requisita for eovering Carriage and Wa - ma, for sal wkoteaale and retail, (at nrieuith! ryaemrsMhion.) by lha awufadarers, POTTER a diwii,hm, n a. aaa nana tuikii etreet, PhitadMphsB. 1 - 1 . .1 ' 1 1 - - . ' I dlt - tavB BUFFALO ROUES W a hav on hand a Ursa and well selected stock of ROBES, from lh American Far Company, which wt will tsll at tha lowest prieea, aincly or by th bal. ' MU era aad HUAB,from ait) per aocenapwanta. Also, oar aaaal axtaaalyetasnrtaient of avary da - aarrptioB of HATS aad CAPS. - MerehanB) tnd ether woM do Well to eali, befora asaking their purasisam, and axantln the Urgmt stock ia the city. i. o. rsu.cuainif m sun,: aVhVIm ... No. 4a and 81 MARKET St. . T?0R BALE At ROVLiN&S MIL!, near tU nv aktu4 rM .11 kA tftvTi'B ra i J. , W . HI Hil tll . ,JV V V Wl t large Flour Mill, consisting of two pair of Burr Stones, on pair el aaantry 00., with Spindles and wearng complete 1 eiso nevarai xwiir vnaauano Cloths. Olrvalur. Bmat - Maehum and all tha aeees. wry Bjiachinery for a merchant ar ouatry auil. For 1 una or panieomra, appty w tat aaserioer, onu remieeai f . . 1 - 1 - 1 )aaVarO . THOMAS BKNJ. ROWLAND, THE DIAPHRAM FILTER, FOR PURIFY - LtO WATER A Gold Medal ha been award - td for tht great improvement hi thi tnvaluabl in - ycniiorf, at dtolttt Fair, Tha aublle ara invited 10 witnem the opera tioa of the Filter, tt the depot. No. WALNUT Street, eoraer of Third. TUainare - big danmad and BKilitie ia tbaar manafaotara, ma - Ma.tka propneton m aaort tam at trom tnra tn lveaellaraaaeh ,ik ... W. H. JENN1SON, asa - tata - . . ... . For th Proprietor. J OHN ELLIOTTS BOTTLING ESTABLISH - MBNT. No. ay WALNUT Strerk Wine and Liquor bottled front tht eask with car; Porter, Ale, As . out us txprewly for family use. Bottle bong hi tnd aold. ; Rilmttt Mewri J.Srrlder, Jr, Geo. 7UnUiner,' John Reynold 1 rrW - .1m STILL AT THE OLD ESTABLISHED STAND, at NojIS tt. SECOND Street, tbree doors above Arch. wher there ran he kad GoW and. Silver WATCHES and JEWELRY of rery atajtrlttioa Cheaper than ever. " ' ' - 1 All kind or Clock, Wttchct tnd Jewelry repair adaad warranted. nQ - Jnrl . SAMUEL ZEPP. jPrHILDREN'S SUIT AND CORBET STORK, J No. J4 North EIGHTH St Mrs.. SPENCER aetfully iaantea iaa,atlantMa mi her eaatuastri nd ik auMte 10 nor mnr and aanrtscm assortment of CHILDREN'S CLOTHING, for tha Fall and Winter unarm, aoaaiatint ia part of Cleths, Vahreta, PUida. Caaiaatia, dtew, Ahm, to her very aanerior moek - ot Lavdum Faaaieaatolo CORSETS, alt of which Bbo will aan oa lha asuat rminnatla larm. N. B CUIeh - aarB OothJag and LadieOosasUmad rpoMATO SAUCE PURE AND CONCENT X TRATED Thi anicl poaeem all the health. tai aaa aaveeaai auua 01 aawiv rasnde maa. from fraah gatharad Toaaastam, aad only rea,aire to a aeataa aaa aaaaoaea ti at n sot tna taoaj. t To ha had ia any anantrry af JOHN HORTON, no. ie,.moaia ruvain rauan"a. : ma - aaa PRINCIPE CIGARS, one eeul each, worta Set.; . mild Sostniah Cigars, two fur a eeort Cave dish Tors ceo. beat aaalhv. 3 cents a nlnr. worth 61. at No. 19 BUCKLEY Street, between Fifth and Sixih, De low rprace. - en larv A WMKU MAKING JOMEi'H H ... fiTL m raaneatfaily informa kia frieada. aaalaaa, ant tha publie ganarally, thai ha haa rssaovad to No, S4A North THIRD Street, opposite hi old aland, where he (till enatiaa to aauiafaatara uiumlnga, Satkinf Brmrmsi. Bag of every dmeriptioasBDldier and eiiaua Tents, Sarkt, Canal Boat Cover. Warn Cor, Hcaaaocka, Ae. in tha most superior sty I and at as lowest rttaa. He has alas oa hand a hu - gt amuiaaBat of American, English, and Rama Canyaaa. Ooeatry Bterckants would 00 well to call. - r , N. B. Fall KoMt spliced. JOS. H. FOSTER, ' )S - 3nr ' No tM North THIRD St. XTOTlCtW 6KORUE T.GABELL iPkambeildid. It aa tao'Uthdayof Dea lM4,maka and tunu aa aaataHaasM af ail of kat real and saranaaj Banperly lotacaauaarasaraur iaeneaeatoi ai ereonors. uv - ' '. .u . JONAS P. FAIRLAMB, ' JaU - mwAsa Ol&ce, No. T George tret. I , WWU Tea earn Wriung, Anlaaaata re MBpnag, Grajaamr, Luggages, Aata CI PrivaaB Papilear Sohooia, m a day a ev WOOD Teaaasmi Wriung, Anikaxetse, BooT Tana rdasied. Evening School antd May.i Ap aty at Nas W4 MARKET rVrseGirard Row, at P. ht. BeiidBat,.JliiVPEIt St, haiow Sprsc. Read haadbtlla. ...... k,7 - lra v DENTISTRY T. E. SWAIN assy bo suaad hotse at all boar, in turned lb axecale any ub nrion eonneeted with Surrxal aad Maekanieal DENTISTRY, ia tha avat pprrved and ananrrtc BtoBner. H t esarfes ar very assleral. umotxai Baath FIFTH St - afsse CataasTaav . . l7 - tt basinrm of 9ertmg Ores, Jewel lor Sweepa. e .oa tMtMi reaaiaaiiiu Unas. - - - ksad aad for mla Ved Oraci. I"! all stasais Fiam 4JwM and Silver, aad Rotlad Btlver,y - I. Hi HAIUXs, . CO - Vm ' nttitasXTAiraatnat. 1 LEDGER & TMIXSCRIPT. ' PIULADELTHIA, SATURDAT, JAS. 5. Tna Ptauo goaoou 0 rax Comkos tr xiltb Tht following, bttcrrttlnf fUllstic art token, from tht Ihirtasnlh arumal report of (he Suparlntandonl of Cesnason Sckaols, ut bmiltd to th Stale Legis - rr. ' Th aum bar' of school dlatrieU ia tht Stata during 1844, exclusive of lh tity aad Caunly of Phi - iBdelphlalft - njck, haying a dlstmct rrslern tnd or - ganizalion, h) excluded from Jhe present report,) wt im au of wbifh, U& Ihd excepliyt of 1S8. hav aoeeptod th pror kunnt, of Hi Common School law, which hi eyasaantly gaming - favor .with tha people. Tht prrroprtttirtt tor 1844 wtt f 200,000, but baing tuLjetl lo t deduction of 811,790 to pay certain arrearage of furmar yean, thar was left S18$31 to hd distribatedi among the accepting districts, which wat divided in tha proportion of 48 rents to each taxable. Th appropriation for, 1847 h) fj00,ouo, wat oh will divMt to the acoepllng districts, Including tha tity aad eoaaty of Philadelphia, it th proportion of. 48 canto to each taxable., - The SuperinlttdeM regret laat tboaga iba system it tonatantly rautiag ground, yet tht efBoiency of Uu schools ia uuy part of the Slat It very defective. ; Thi ht tttribatM aaaiuly to lha amnloyineat of Incompeient teacher. aiihar oa atenant of tha low rata at which they air willing to teaeb, or for want of funds to pay bailer ones, nd thinks It lof inestimable bfl porta nee to hav com - patent leather. " They should ht not merely qornpe - tont to impart inatraotioa in lha elementary princi ple of Ihd branchea of 'education, but person of sonnd moral tnd ejamulary1 deportment, lu thalr professiea a) an honorable on, and should stand a high ia tha estimation of tht oomatanity a tny othar. To obtain aaeh, ho argot lh payment of Ubcml saht - rie, aad mya, "It will, be ia vaia to expect tha ser vices of good teachers, at long ta those who are coa:' pelent ar excluded from amploymcnt to'mak room for lh ioeompattut, on aeeount of ht diffarmet of a few dbilat aerjaonth ta th tompeBsatioa, er per. up to Ind place for the hvoriie of aom director or .committee mik" ' Thfl khooh in nnall town and rillagtt art to mach . crowded, owing to tht ad - misaioa bf Vary yasrug; tiMrn, a ta Impair tktir atefulneat, and it n therefor tteornmended that th htW b BiodlSed go a to glv tha director 1 disertiloa tea admuwsu when andrr he aga of (is years. At pi mint they are admitted ar foar year pf agt, V'ti. - ..;! - !',;,';!!.;; j Tha prosperity of the school af Philadelphia thy and eourrty Is adverted to, but their progress and pre - xnt condition will ba tubmitted ia dug time when tha raport of the Board of Controller shall hart data rocelred. , Tha whoit nuaber of aehooli in tht U93 district, daring 1844, wm 70. , Number of toaabtTt 8448, of which 477 Wore males, and 1903 female r ih vrag talarin of lb mile wtr ai,7 ini.arm ua rcmsie 110 ot. TkeaumDtr 01 chotart wat JTSOJ, of which 188,138 wast malm, aad 140,407 were female; 8303 were learning Ger. mta.' ' Tht average aambar for eack school wat 4S, ind the cost Of teachin wat bat 41 ceiiu per trsih tor eaea aeaoiar, .fat amount or tax.ievuM wat $404,740 4x, aad lha amount rteaived from lha Piatt appropriation, deduatixat tht portion which, want to Philadelphia city tad county, waa $144.830 - . Th mm expended daring the etr far scMrtf house, building, renting aad repairing, wa M0,060 47 1 th iaMraettoa amt $440,408 39, and fuel and other eon Ungentle $37,007 34, making tht Whole amoant expanded $447,434 41. " ji! ?..'iTha Rants ra frarn the Rt Sraadr.. ' j . " Tht nrmor from tha Rio Urande raapeeling the advance of Santa Anne with u,000 men upon Oen Worth, were exploded hy the tntalligeact wa pure tuhed yesterday, showing that Worth and WoOi't force had been Joined tt SaltilW, and now number over 4,000 men;OnIy''ilri' nwrd "of Sahta Anna' forest wa tha appearanca of a ooriof knV servatioa near Patraa. The Mammiaos. Flag,' at. lading; to did 'pravaltnic of the wild reports wbioh onat from Uit teat of War tayt:.uOnedty wtheer that our trtid ha totnewher been cat off that a d tachment ba been1. captured that a Mexican' town hat. been, or i about to b, rvtaken, Ao. On woald uppos wt had aufEcieat experience of the credit ordinarily due to the l7irar n cries in uit city And aeightorboad, to reuder any eautioa aeoetaery against Item. . Yal we ara aorry la perceiv that many are ereduloue enough 10 ba deeeiyed, boweytr awpreba - ble or even ridiculous tht tturiet may be. If not actually believers la tht. reports, trnae tllsw them - elves to be sgilaud er .eoaoerned what they hear Now, (hi hi ell very marie, and wholly aft - worthy Amerieana. ' Betides th troop left la Mala. moroe, w have hnadredt of ear eanntryma, drawa hara by tatarest ot eBTwalir, every oaa of whom baa. or should hav, bit arm to perleot order. We aft tbandandy able o defend the eft against any force, regular or irregular, with which any of their herons, from their generad - nveaief down ta Canaler, who it everywhere that aa enemy U Act to be found, tray threaten It" '"" ',X". X "T" . i Tha fnllowinc letter Jrora oea. Taylor It talee. lated to remove any apprehaationt that may be entertained of San la Anna's advance at the bead of ail BMlegion! J - - .. - j ' . Hub uOiXTxm abxt or uotctatioi, I ;')). - .. Camp near Monterey, Dee. a, 1844 J ' ' Bra Ai I erteot to march in a few dare for Vie leri a. I eoasider tha praatnl srener oasaaina to aa. atara somewhat ia detail the dnmnaitiane which have been made, and which are eraMmrdatoay far the oo - eupatioa aad defease of this frontier. With thi new 1 enewss a as ere a axaimung us nn irom rsr - raa to Tampieo, aad saowiag bow a parrioa af that line ie nalarally marked by Ua eaaia of laa Sierra Madre." - - m. :: ' It will be eaea al oaee that Saa Lais Poanei i a poaltioa ahnnat eqaally distant from the points of th is lha. ' Thia waaid give the f ere at Saa Luai a. aery groat advantage over were h. aot for tha nature er me country ana me amaataaiaatame ; la region between Saa Lai and the asntrataias being eeautily aupplied with water and absitonea, end the road by BaltUa aad Moalerey eenur the only prsatieakla mala for anluery aeroat ta ajaamam. WmIumm artillery, th Maxieaa troop are aot at all lormioanie, and, 1 taint, aave di iiiu eonaaence bi ihemeclye. I therefore roneider the aoauioa m SaJUlio end Pama aa ef priata amportanee. With ea intermedials peat al Patoe, and tha ateea, by roun roan, rapraiy aniung, u aecemary, 1 deent the column of Brigadier Generals Wool and Worth quite eqent to bold that tank of Ike line. I shall, ', reuuore tna latter general, eartmalarlv ia cavalry, tnd thill establish t reawrve it thi place to support tat advanced positions, should the Bwvs - aaeau of lh enemy faquir It. " , 1 - Briradier General Wool ia anderatood to be now al Parra with hi eolama, my S400 ttroog, with ix guna. Brlgwlier General Worth hat hit head auer ters at saiiuio art eomroana eomaiing of some 10 regular troops, with eight guiw. 1 propose to reinforce hmt by two regiment of volunteer foot, and a port hat of the KeniBcky cavalry. ' Lieutenaat Ken racy company hi all tht regular aaralry Cure 1 caa assign him bi present. , . ' ' v Al jvionterey wut ee i teaa qaanert or Major General Butler, eommaadiag th reserr. Twoeoev pania of artillery and oa 0 lh wak infantry hat. Ulioa lk) wilt eornno rh garriaua of tha umee. Tha troops ef Gea. Bailer1 proper divauoa. (Ohio. lBdiana and Kentaeky,) will be at thi point, aad ia aacBeioa ea ue root Banc to laasargo an use mouth of tk Rio Grande, except tboao which amy be order ed to reinore General Worth tt above in dicated., ... ; ... '., , - Tamnleo k Bow gsTrisoaed by eirbl strorur eoa. naaic of artillery, end the Alabama ltd mem of vo lunteers, my 1,000 effective. I consul er this force nail wmcient to hold th place, controlling, a we do, the harbor. a . These eotiiiderauoa at - u acted my alien uoa 10 VKiuua Beiore tne (nruuder ef TaaToieo. but I bow deem it m ire tiiaa srer is. Bortant. f I have raaaoa to believ that a core of oUervalion ia ia thai qaartnr. andm the orders of Ueaerai urraa, aavug am aeaa - quariers parnana at Tula, and stndinf forward advanced fames ae fcr as Victoria. . . I .0 . Major Oeaeral Petttraoa bat aeosrrl - ingly beaa binrocted to march frost ktauunoro on V ictoria, with three regimenu uf ridaateer from hi eiyuuoe, en oeuur in 4 enneaaee aoraa.. 1 nrepnee to BBovafrom Ibia point. sy by lh lh instant, wilA thaxegalat aroupa bow acre, Bndar Braradier General Twiggs, (except UkmIo ba leu in garrasa, as shove,) aaa ia rrgunenu a venerni rwiarana ivtaoa, aader Brigadier General Qeitaua. At Montemnr - to, 4B miles front Una, I abaJl afcet a laaetioa with Racy, who ia now there, aad iaeorporau with lha eoiuaaa the xd Tiaaima rnriment aader ordem idr that alaee. With Uws aagawated forca I expect to rued a raactieai ama major uanerei ranataim at - fur Vsetorav - ), , Voa will perceive Rial tea afeet ef the arreng - atmrta asar, inaieaiea wui ee to unrw atav uea. Paiiafwas, with te troops of hi auw no, arte at vf sina, (Taanaassa, lllmaaa, Miaaawrri, AlaBaHBand mia.) aa ta mi ana near ta msst. wkito rianeral Batlav, with aw divt.iew. oceaasi the lia of eommumcatioa tram m rue tn, arium. lnteliirrBce received (hie Bvaaeat fnai faliiUo, represent all quiet ia front. ' We have reporwef revoiatioa u Mexasa, imniaeieg two er Ikre taatee, nd dueetod aains i a Uaaaral Saasa Aaaav, bal the m - ssikmii tonav 1 aa. air. vary laaueetfally. Mar eat due asrvV MVsu 6eaMi TJ S. A. Caamiidhig. or ueaarmy, - 1 Waabsa(BlP.& i. - r y ,Tr''' From the Matam tro Flg, Dm. . Proclamations have been received here frees Santo Aana, recent hr, but w rmve are barn able to eopic fog publication. - They are represented to as. by thoee aeqtmmted with tha Spanish hmguagev a complimenting General Taylor very highly oa hi tarnanity ad indn'genc to the Mexican prison rt, and other corning under hi Btthorily. aira exmea. ing wish that he may be - well treated If he should fall into the hand of any portion of the Mexican army. , Santa Anna expresses hi determination to remain oa the other aid of th mountain, where h think tnatteuf eapaUt oTdrfending .the eoantry againat ahy fnree that can b brooghi glni him. Hatarlher observ. that the Uniled Stale will w attempt aay invasion beyond the mountain wtb"al a (race of on hundred ihouuod men, tl an expetas of one niillioa of dollar per daythe present expense, in hi opinion, being one - half that wm and that the people of the United Stale will oon Wish far peaeepe term favorable to the Mexican govern - mrru. - - ,.....('..,.(,'..... it . ! Il to reported, alan. that a procUmation was seen al Cajnargn, in which the Mexican general tayt ht will take hit ChrisuoM dinner at Nyutejer '. - ..i - i, tt - ;.. . .11 SIS 1 . . ! . - A emtwlee Vassal, urr rax Coisr or Flobids. We have racetved a toller from aa old fricad ssd shipaaua, CapBun Robert Parker, of the aoaucaier Mosea, nf Jteiascbama, dalrd Key AVest, Decamb. t al, at which ha givee the fotlowiiig aeeount uf a ue - pieioaayiaBiil, whieh he ast with oa um. paamge to that place probably a aaaramling arivatoer or pirate aader Mexieaa eoioret . . On the unh toau, about tee e'eloek In the evening, the DoableHeaded Shot Key bearing South (omai aioe or .lea isagaee distant, we mnd a M ahead, atanding toward a. When nearly up with u and to windward, th lacked, and ahoileaed aail, keeping along with aa, and presenting the appearanca of a long, low, black brig. - Weshowed them a light, but nn notice was taken of It,'. She remained In this position for three quarter of an hour, when Ihd pumed (head and fired at a from a musket ; tnd in about fifteen miuate fired at a from a carriage gun. We thea hove to. when the Strang vessel nn under our lee, within hailing dbuanoa, bat thewid no ligjht, and said not a word. It wet vary dart at tht time. The brig remained Bear ua the whole night.', Sometime the would range a fewtuilea ahead, and thea return and reaam her station aa la lee qoaner, aprarantly endeavoring to find oat the character nf our resect. .' . .. - .1 - , . "At dtylighl an bermaphroditt brig wet teen passing us to windward, tteering to th atartheaat, which seemed totltrmtht t ranger, who immediately left aiand, hauled hi Wiad to the eastward. I filled way. made mil aud proceeded on ary - voyage to thi pace' It i my optutna that thht vessel was a phmle. or belmigrnf to that order, for ae govern nwru yetsei would have conducted so strangely at wa lh oaee with this vessel." ' - a " '" - . v. . r CspI. Parker myt fevtherfbat aa thai evenmg it bad been blowing, fresh, bat had moderated and the ara wa troootn, ana earing tae Bigm tne wa waa very light.' Hi schooner (th More) was email, with no mean of defence or atsane of escaping. The feelings nf himself and erew mast have been exceedingly unpleasant during the eight hour ef aerk tight, with such an equivocal character dodging about them, and not knowing at what precise rm mem they might be bearded, nabbed and thrown overboard Boston Jmtmutt, Wednesday, - t - .r". '"fl Correspondence of the Pablie Ledger. I ,t, "r&Oto UARRISBURS.'' . . - j o r Hab1bpio, Jan. T4j 18t7 ' There Wat tame business irsnskuled in th House thi piorning, which, for wnl of time, did not notice in my morning letter, ' . " 1 ' Mr. AJMcmai moved ibbi tn 0111 whtoa ttd been reported from the Judiciary Committee, conferring certain power upon lh Mayor, Aldermeu and cin - xens uf Philadelphia, relative to the admiaslm of fir apparatus from lh district intoth eity, be recom - mrued to the member frara lh eity and eouuly, waieh, BBotien waa dieaescd by Measrs, Anderson, Haly, Knox, and other. After some time spent, the amiion was withdraam. . '.ir. . . ,, Ur. Patterson reoorted a bill to allow th admuiis - tratorsef Jam Lang head, of Nonhumbarland eoen - ty. to aeil and eouvey eer iai real ai.. v' - i Mr. Lawrence, from th Commiuee oa Claim, te - ported adoruly to peutioa of Jeremiah Cunningham and Dennit McDonald, Baking fur remanent ion. Mr. McCurdy (Edaaniiou) reporled a bill I erect a aew school district ia llarrisoa towaship, Ltnoastcr eounty i 1. ..1 ... - ' ...... ;d ' Mr. Hasson (Estate and Escheats) reported a, bill Btithorlxing the Canal Oomauanoaem to convey In fee a certain lot of ground la Coanenaugh township. Csjabria uouniy, 10 the Roaua Catholto Charch. , 1 Mr. Kaox (aun. Commiuee) reperted bill re - hnnig lo th reel mtateof Ann Robin 1 alio a bill to aathutlca lh traateeeof J, Paiker Morris to sail real eaute; also A bill to authorixe the trustee of Wil. lam Hinder to U ai.d convey real aataU. . , Ms. Mauhia (atate Oomauiiee) reported a bill ia ralMkMi tola real aetau of John Gibson, . t ) ' ' Mr Vleit imredueed a bill to divorce FranclsMul - la from llw head efaailrintony. , t ,' t Mr. Wuiler iutrodueed a bill to redic tb daily aay - e loe4.ters anu ioDiaiauoners 01 auwigianery rrmaty la one dollar aud inj cutis par day. , I Mr fsoeid kiiroduoed a biuaealanng Uuu the Court of Quarter Sessions of Erie euunty snail not bay power te great saverauoemai. n . , - He. Bio&iiee miroeucea a eni 10 tnetyporaia tne Shrewabary Saving Society ia York county. . , , Mr. Mauhia Intro da ad a lannicmeat to lh act incorporating Penn Townhin, Phila. County. ., j Mr. Haly utrodaeed a kill to teqaire uprmten - aenttDf pnsone to amke anneal autemena) 10 tht Saeratory nf the Cemmonwaallh. - t ", v l , AIof a bill to incorporate tha Carpenter Meadow Company..' - .,.: .( ' Mr. Morum introdaeed a bill to aa thorite Cnrnvis - ioaers of Dslswar county erect a bridge across tht Darby Cteek ii' 1 ..':: . The debate anon the Tariff haying fairly gotten ua - derwav, there aBOSsryrng - when it will termiiuila; tereral gentlemen have already spoken, end it I th hueniionof a large number to do the suae, t - .i , NV - Coautitci of Bostob rot th Yxai 1814 i - In answer to an application which we eddressed to Es - tsaaaraar aiorkas, Utaleclor 01 ua l.usloms al nos - km, are have raeeived from thai prompt and excel - leMorfioer, the roiiowing tutsfssniof tb enrnmpree ef that pari (br lha year aadug Dee. 31, lr4 : . t - .. , v Blue 01 impona ia nnseneaa lunun. - at'cJ,"" ia Foreign dw. 4,bl7,'i4 '.j - )'!.:.xi Totkl imporu. A net af tb 41b or. aetiBMisd. .$t4,eat4 Faere Krmmru fa AmtrtuM Fsasals. - J O , Foreiga Merraaadae. .....41,30(17 ' . ' DooKiato - ' do. . ...... .v.. 4ee,l ";. Pale EryMrtsa Jbniga Fm,!. - ;" Foreita goods..... ... . - 444,817 r!i7Amersouj ta. - ,. BJuytw ToUl export... .... $JL57S, 384 t .Teaaags Ealradrat fbrafga C i. . - . ... American veael..,....,...juilM ton. .Turttia,!.. il't.T...M,.rWJ,7b7 t ... 'ii PotaI..' - ....':..'301,107loiM. JV. a irHealt awi Cfsamarsi dariag uu Ysar. ' Arhvaltfrom Foreign. port. ...w0yeel. Tv.'f ... ,r.'OrauWaie........i. - .e73i . t I; . - ia - .'l ',1 .,,.....,'(.'.. lir .'. ., ..r i .ii - m - T TeMavyryelt.(i;i;ajBja t'". Clearaneei for Foreign porta,. k.IPW vessel, UOBStWM .........i.V7l , 1 f;.'. ) - aiaai oieBrancev.,.,,s7iu - Compared with IMA,, there ia an .luerrasa of $1,034,789 in the vaiaa of import, a deereaa of $7Mdl at th valve of exporu, and a deereaa ef 7,634 km in lh arrival from torriga pons. 1 ; , iMfBptree wiu teat, mere ie aa. increase c $4M,B7d in the value of impel, ea increase ef $4,644 ia It valiM of expurta, but a Asoreas ef 10,42a wtlwiosanga from foreiga port, .. A StyotruB Mamast rtoa a Govtajtoa The Lecialarert of Mtrtnari rteeadv aasaed rrarlutlon cniline 1 Don tht Governor for tarticular InfunaatUin relative to kit axpeditiua t., th Kastera ertka last summer tor 14 puiptw or teuiug ptat boms, and hi cbarta for exDeiKee.' It teem he sold only six biasda, amounting 10 three ihnartnd dollars, tnd thai tor ex 1 aan 1 ae charge ta m - t rU3 Here Is aa extraet from to OoTanior,( reply I , . " la U seat plaee, with aa reanect tn the honor. able atovar, tae eaiww ak that th expramt of the Exeeativa arert vanoos namerous ' too todioea to ioa' ha Brsakiaat, ka dianey ar lea. when he kael tae time ana appetasto eat n en spphr or aa orange, a lemonade or a sponge cake, piece of cheese sr B cracker. 4 rlas of brandy or wane add rye, ween trom Bare travel, morn taugsa, tne great want of sleep, ha was toe awell to lake amr aaa tttntiat food; or also from sapid travelling, had ae time to sloe tnd get it the blarkinc of ka boots. brushing the dust oat of hi eoat, ot hiring serrate Id baetea hat dinner, instead ef forcing him to aat tbraawh a sarin of lex alar sudrses hack hire and eeaniBu hire, pnnersge and drsyage eajge fare, rest - read asraf maambnei farana tae iafcas, gulf, rives aad lava all as iaa. end variae other uema malti - aLsd many limes ever, making, per baas, thousands ia Ibe trip of nx tanamml anu mate ap te iiesasr of expense to th F.xesuiiv a loaf list bard to get, aud aaia 10 give." . . LtrraitxW SrtTitytct The Latberaa Staadard nublishe statinical tabl nf Latberaa tyrtodt mid of Lutheran col Icy ea hi th United Bute, which es k.hila ikr r.4lowin reeu'n: i j Latfecsa rrnnd in the United Bute f7; tolntator Save enwrenrirma lets. Of the there areieoav Hiat wiu u craerat rratw : rvnnos ie: muaaiar 34 awgrrgatvaat 730. Not the ecaaected: Syanet 11; aaiaalacatM; eungreaation 404. A to feeauna Ue sy and ar datnbutad aa follow : In Peonvsrva - aia 4; MarytaraleadDatrictef OuasBbm tt Iratieaa lUiaeaaad Maaaen - i l TwHseaaee and Kenleekf 1; Vtrgma t; North Carol a I; New York 3; kK at Blaamrt anaiauuum 1; Tana awe I; Mtctaeaa l wanasanB 1: ana armta uirmina I, . . . rVaasrual ffmimai'iss a lA isaasrea CkaerA as aW Vutm a,K la Peniurylvnumt; Otnot; Soath Caadwe 1; New. tk1; Maatsari U llusvas 1, and Wuaa.1., - 7 , :j - rtr yy - ZJ,Y IT' - ll Ka V '.?" " . v ' . i, triim Fiauaa e Sruca The Moer Mr. Fkxia liiuBM, lu kf diriMue un Use war aaaama ia Ue waif party, aaia, - uey guDmeq wut 1, I I V l' - iT I I ' 'l.J ,1 ll ,(., Il' I 1 .t,, I I I J ...1 V j 1 vmtt ulll Ar9 I I 1 I 1 . f I " t . I I , jv, :r I !jL v . - ,(. ; ( 1l1 - .1v : . f 1 . 1 , I 1 B .BT ii. AB . I 1 .. x... .1 i r i I Ue tarksytend WllAta 'I v.; - '." YJ. - .W. ..p'. u, - i.T.1 'I IE f ..... fr; i ". TarteUeW ; .. The U.S. Gazette save: "We have beariTof a t peraoB abool to be numcd In Baltimore,' and left bt Philadelphia by the railroad train, who was snxioaa hi aweriam what hi passage, by telegraph, to Balli - wneldtosi.; - '. t' , wban Sir Wallet Sonit wat urged not to prop the falling credit nf an acquaintance, he replied, " The bwo Wat my friend when friend Were few; and I will be his, bow that hi nemie are many . j ' Woo. Henry C Flgg, of New H van, recently drew nn quarter of $ltt,0U0 in the New Jersey Lottery, by uebet assigned to him ia part payment of a eaimagasnal.theorigiiml,owneytiwrrt,li..'4 u iv. - The Joarnal of Coaunesee,Bt,aa aniele oa the eoe, held thee Strang opinion ; Th man who die immensely rich, dim a bankrant la the hook ef beneynleaee.' ' Tbe rant prove that b ha aot lived as ke ought..: Yoo ahaU learn by giviag freely, that there is a valae ia aneaiey artiitk yoa aever dreamed f."', - i - .'i y - ( .if,1,,,',, ,jr .. , - ,..,. - ;,. t It a bnieved that the Hon: R. M. T. Healer wl la elected U. S. Senator from Vnghaa, Hweeeepe - lilur are Mr. Jones, formerly Speaker sf us House, ana pvaraor oraiu.. ......'v . ..j. ..)..! n - .4 There is a great deal ef dek ma ia the Theological About twenty uf th atadem as dowa with anae fever ef a typhoid character. There wat one death ot a typaoat aaaraeteii.i diw fji i - ,. - - v Uoyd ejarruta'Babnlitioa teasel, prentd to hint in EoghtBd, eoei aim aiittduty to get il boms, though I aiaatoll I ,, tt.,m' nmlt Alexander wept - poor, leader hearted fellow wherr there were bo worlds 10 eoaqaer.' Lneie r'i.ilippe, il is aaid, bearing of the: wealth of Mrs uurdau uoutta, bunt into lean, uot naviag aaouier ana w marry. ' - v - ,. i.' - ,. ", - s ' When Santa 'Anna bat martmd his army of twenty - five thnusand men, Judy endentaiid it is General Tykirt intention to Bwwr H. " ' - 1 , A treaty hat been concluded between tlx United Slate and Pcrp, by which the latter government ha agreed 10 pay to tne united state kjmi,oiiv ana interest, for injuria stuTsrrd,, Every disposition ap pear to have been made upon we part ot rent for the adjustment of all dimcultle. , "The works on the Provident and Worcester Railroad are tepidly progressing, tnd will be opto for travel by July Beit ,.; - It CotoordjN. Q., more extensive Breparalioaa ar even thus enrly making for building operation next eaaaoe than has been lh ease for ataay years, - Mr. MarahalL the member of th Iowa Legielature charged with bribing King, n whir member, baa been r el en tod from the custody of the House on a basso BBjaa, . . (trl. - . - . '. w.vtt . - K - An earthqnak ihoek Was fell In Albany oa M.. day evening hmt. Many house wtr descried for a time by their resident in eonscqueuce. - - ' - ' Tbe Telegraph between Frtnkurl and Loultville worxtbteBtifully.,l4 , , ,T j , An lha euiUlingt at the Alaa. Springe, ia Rock - bridge, Va., have beaa burnt to the ground. .. ., , , The enow storm of Sunday exteaded aoath of Nor folk, Va. , , .. . , - , . shee. the eomedien. la one of kit farces, ears that die United Bluer are bounded op the North by the aurora bore1 it, on the East by th rising aun, n the West by the horixon, and on the South by a far MWtcbootebigo. ! t, ,,. ... , ,, ,,,,,;ii ,,.. , , The Newark people art mach pleavred with their aaw gas. . Aeconung to the Daily, every one ie taking it, and the stock is st a premium. - 1 Seventy - tlgM different piper ere published al Bos - Ion, ef which number aixieea are imaed daily. ,,. Necessity hi a bard taa - roister. A letter writer in Wales mention having named, in a nromeoade. a sturdy looking dame Who wa knitting stocking, and nan a man ot wooa on ser seaa, a eniio ties oa aer back, and k eudgel under her arm, with which she wttanvuig lour cow oeiorc aer. sum Dimier. who has been dancing see ind to Madam Augusts, ha found aa uncle in Louisiana very neb, aail at hit special request h ha left th wrinmi 01 ueeuge tor ta ease ana elegance 01 pry vale life in the houtt of bar wealthy relative. ,. . Dr, Wahin - toa F.Irarin was killed a few daya ago ia Overton eounty, Teaa. It ie aaid thai the Sheriff aad posse attempted to arrest Irwin upon a warrant lor eonnteneuing, wnica waa resisted, whercBBon two or three engaged ia the errest shot bin, of which he immediately died. ., 1 , i,, - ..:V. , Ool. Tfttten. chief ef the eiariaeer deoartmcnt. has oneto Msxien, secretly and with dmpatek, , ,i, Atsna Aioen iirretr mai 1 .a - arson a pi latest - Ing at,Boton. Among the wilnrsse was Caroline L. Warren, who testited that being at work at tbe house, (he rose early, end 4 short time before the a'arm of fire she saw Tirrrl come down the ttairt and go out of tht basement, which wet after Mr. ULIC I .iA t .n Villil - ' ...... . - . . Tat 8ah Paeao Coarsrr A letter be beaa received here, frocaaa omoer ef the Ban Pedro x petition, nn tbe 4pttih Main, engaged ia procuring money from the wreck of lea ppanith ataa - of - war " rtan fslrov." 11 is en lea ties, jam, an Mates Uiat ell hand are well, aad ara most Mocasilslly engaged rauing (anaey irora ins wreec, tr mearwol la dtvhig bail. About 46000 had beta recovered prior to the 13th all and the amount was being daily increased. About $50,000 were obtained ea laa two fiarmev expedition, and M it aapraead thai there are over $1,000,000, la coin and bullion, in the wreck, whrh tt la anticipated will be recovered, , , - . Tat B0WB8 Wnx Ctti W leara, from tht Rmoklm Eaa - le. that lbs Surrntato has at lenath de cided in favor of the will ef the late Mr. Bourne, rf that city. Il bequeathes about 406,000 of pereunel estate, ana nnoui esmywu 01 real awaia, to Bamuef Bowns, a bnhar of the deceased, and fwoprietor of Caibaria street Ferry and to hie other brother liner and wife, and to a fear other relative, small lam, making the whole estate about $300,004. ( NVai. DtsASTtt - A latter from the Sandwich liland mentions th lorn of the U. B. tchoiater Shark, at lha month uf lbs Co'omliia River, oa the same bar where the Peaeock perished. ..' - "i ' WiutaSiirr Intelllreoce bat been received at New Lend. from two tandred whale thira In the Pacific. Tbe Coanhamet, of 8eg Harbor, wa lost on a reef at Pell's Island. The captain end erew bad arrived al Honolulu. The vessel was ins red for 30.000 1 aba had no oil ba board. . Tha Baltic, from Faifhavoa. was wracked al Behrins'a Island. June 14) kad ua board S.OUO bote, nf oil, ef which U0 weromved. The Columbia, of New York, was also wreaked at frideaham's Island, aad was a total h as, wiib x,luv Bute. 01 ou 1 erew savea. . iaa naia r.u - xabeth, of Freetown, wat barned while lying at Ibe Pejee islands. oupposeu toBavaueea set oa are ay (em of the rw.; - . - x - , 4iwws : ' A TrttoHstv ov Strrr YtABs Aoo In the life nf Gwriek, by Tboma Daviea, tb bookseller, who Ignree ao frrquently la Boewvll' Johnane, pablished lu 1TW), tha worthy man, (peaking of everal plan which had been proposed for th establishment of a theatrical fund, myt: , " , ' ' "Various plan have been former!; torn of which 1 might have been reduced to practice, other were nugdory or visionary. Mr. Priichard, an honest, 1 good - naurcd nan.lhe huthand of the great actressy had laid oat a scheme to relieve infirnj players ; bat little hope con Id be expected from a projector who proposed 10 build a slop A weald Slew sa tha Bratrr wimmU Msar saais er snaa ,11 , ,.. - ) ,;o MssstracsicTt PtttroniM Mf. Keres. a asetn - 1 , ... I n ii mid 1 Ar awwld car jf kit Wg Aend hihre h (ceajd Mi 14 ep in rater any yrspsitlio ra jy srd any aid Mr. Bird, a notour aaeaeoer, irom waipole, aaia "J aaid Hil lA drsear ia lassfnsnMl JUMteaa aver. thai aWp tmtoaracl an) Urm MmtkmMU: , v j 1 " esa 1 1 ... 'ii s:Wi - :t w,. - Oricla al Nagre Slav ery. Ur RanemA. to lha firol aohmts ef hi hbtory of lha United Stairs, give an ceoenl nf th early traf fic or tbe Europeans to is res. in iaa miuaie save tbe Venetian pure, heard whits men and Chnmian, tnd others, and roM Item to tae iwreceue m neiiy and Spain - Knifaod, th Anglo - Saxon hobility old their as slave tr foreigner. The Pur - turues firm Imported negro slirr from Weal em Africa Into Eampe tn I4. Spain anna engaged ia Ua vadic. and aetro slave Iwanded ia anae plaeve tM thai kingdom. Afiar America was discovered, Ue iniaas oi ilispanioia were imponcu uuu opau aaa made slave.. Tbe Spaniard visaed lb eaeft ef M k imIm. aad kidnaDBcd taouaanda of tka In dus, whom they transput led into elerery In Europe and the West Indies. ". . . ' - Columbue hiavelf enslaved 500 native Aaterirnaa, tad sent Uiem into Spain, that they might b publicly add ai Seville. Tb DtacUr of selling North Amsn - aa Indian irdo lorvgt bondage conttuneo tor nearly iweetaluriee. tStfO slavery waa tret introduced into Aaseriea by Spanish slaveholder, - who e mid wilh Ueir nrcrn. A mvsl edict of Sis authorised aearroalevary in America lu 13a King Ferdiaaad kiaweu asw irem oeviiie aa smee 10 ta - bar ta the msnee. la 141 1. Ibe street trame m slave between Africa aad HiepanausB era enaaned T s rural erdtaaari. 1m Cases, WBO kedMBtoe i - tlMaa eamabaway lake dew before tb ereeme of lbs Spsemrde, Baaaasird the expedient that tss a.. grnea. wbe ahm emld endar ryer tmss, murk! ke tiH fartbe eaaployra. Tha waa ia UU. The a tokealsiiieroleaeaef laaChaaaa axteaese are s - a trark which had bare ererwaaT eeblabeV. ; Sw John Hawkms was IB 4r kndliikaua aaat .ed ia lb star. trede la lh brrg. eavgo re ''J'Xl'tJl ther txpeditioa wa. ! - ."?!.!! osrewd and akared m the trame. . Hawkins, ta 1 esa eTritW - AaT, arWo - t of gnrsy atom etaedd ' "y milk, af IJeaara. aad Thoa. Keyaar, 4 rat srearBt LIa eeiaaea. the gwlt of partiepatinf to Ue Asla trade. Ib 1644 they bemorud a eerge srsegroeefraat Afriea. - TkroasThaat Miiwt kaitni lbs ery ef lattice was raaedagaMaM them aa aaalefBetoreand aurderwat tksgai'iyatea wmsmaae tor ue mhm " raarasenutive of the paneia ordered Ue eegrees BS lawn a, ti - ctt - r - - r - .k.... a a ika mtmr nrriod there arere N.ta Ind .na in Mnaacbasett. la tfttO B Datch k - ,e, - d Jaraea Hirer, and landrd ft eegnw for mi Tha tb r :h ef the iHtrolaV - l - a, uif nw - - .a..rr ta Tbm.ia For many ya the De - eh ware arinei rally eoneerned ta Ue eWr trade bt ibe mertaetefViriiiiBV ' ' ' - - 1 ' l '.A''' " 'A Feaanle Crates', Off the Coast of Alia ti norma, aNstt two drrrrn dejfat, bearirig n . if . fr.m pmul Saa Prdr.i, Maw''1."' :""!' - f 3.MJ.M, and Um.tiud - Jo'fW - tWiil I, - f. ,:d nan t - lsnd, esllrd by lb - Spwmrds llSaii,,. 'jttJs iind was f.merly mil ataa - d area ia. si. .ii., , . i,i,.n. wmnmaisted almrat entirely upim tsh, whir Ihry ??'. fl!"a 0l" ,ock. mii,les, which they foaad bit sands of iba beaeb. - They were a list - torn, quiet raee of beinaa. waa aeldoaa kad afsamanl. asliou wilh waars ef U knaasa faauiy, aad wao had has few Waal aad fewer aare . f ........ Abuul theyear eighteen hundred and eighteen or nventy, the time ians. from their settlement, at the 'ortb, amaVd on tbia island a party of Kiatiac In. dma, Aa) the purpase of bam tag ike sea otter, wuieb. " raoounnea ua IBue wslerm. , - J'tu poiijr renauaed on Ik island for mora tkan two year ; and were the nawnaof rowing th aeeil of disease and . angr its unsuspeetinj and eraophisti - 'v8o5," w twelve year after tbe departure of the Kudiars, this tribe bad lieeoms dimuulied to ebout tweiify or thirty individual, when Ui Go - , yernorofths department of California sent over a srrn vessel and reewwadlhemtothe main 1 In the last boat which waa tmbtrking wi with the Wat 01 tni people, Isoeieat or tight per ber.t to eimvev tkm in it,. 1 - ,1... ia num - i which wa to car - - ry them from ibe home of their nativity forever, oaa f aw tribe, sraall ia tatar, are f ar sdaeneed ia roars, aiai ou ausxy maje, man in the Moors ef uie. , The order hail beaa given So sbrs frota the see ; uio oar. nan uippe in IM ware; the boat was rising oath f naming surf, then breaking oe the beech with : awiwraar, waea, wiU Ibe teapulee of the wsassnt " - ;vwk aaaaaai uasLsytflgtaj Laai ttB, UiM twa nan,u unprii ol wboae aKra had been the laat , left oa the esiaa of her island home, waved aa ediau - to her chiaea aana, phmged into (be abyss, " rrov r IhreaahtheautenasaV to anoUn BiomeBt, etood . alone on Iheahoreao her ouimUad. unrA ui rira ua iaa nu l.j. w. . a ... t.i - mtle I and then, gathering nmnd her fim the now V "wt br oe" . W aa instant da - s - n iiwMaafsna aar aaaaaaeeu andauraowiag eompaiuona. . The v. I w.i.Ul .u. 1 1 . andut fony - eighthour,lhareninautof th Inhabi - - ' tantt ef San Nicholas wars hdt CM - , aw. aw . dM bsuariaatand forlortu ..... . . . - ; .r 3 - .s . Frejaihat peraitotouemeeenl if sha be net dead. - , . . wiinin ua peat eignteea months - bs resided (lone, on the Isle of Bin Nicholas, thi fa ml Crusoe, the nionareh of ah" th sarvrys. She prefarradto Bart, awa wah. w ai muA ever every hamaa lie that could ba blading, rather . Ihaa 1m is, L. . s ' k;.... .1... 1 . ... ' - Isle, thai had been in her a world, which sha eared - nit to exesmiire fie the abode oCairiliud mn. w,n . aH iU promised ruxari.. ; Biweear Crane hmarn 1 tha sale apaarfch ef the Isle, aaa Nu.Wa1 k 1 u.i ''ewve different limea, by diffrrenl individual j but j there (ha ha continued to be found, wilh none toda - . pete hernghl alona. eolitary and forsakes. - - . Her draaa. as. - ' - - im t - small birds, which she kill with asuaee, and srwa them toaaibw wilh a needle of boae and the light t tiliews of the hair atal, omrUmc found dsad amongst the reeks.' Her only food ia a shell fish, of . '' , with sow and Uea a Mill emaiier .,. bsk, whath 0w atsf oeaetimea threw oa the beach. . Sh never remauu bang in one apoli but ia constant - ... y wandernig a round ih. shores of the Island, sleep - " ' does, ia small eaves am ere - BMB IB the BUBBV' - - .SlUC im - J. Kf wttoS li. ' - . - . Duiing Uefaw last yaart, tl ba been very ditueuli , tO Obtlin III, flWtaBniMli,iH ttnlk ka. At tk. . P rtach of the White maa ake flees, aa from aa aril ' ' spirri 1 and tha onlv way in aVmia m m b Bni. - heeauwivasyoa would the wild goat of wemouu - uui - g Hwa im ine piaiutn .,, . Tboss who hav (mo. her al Hi tatest period re - , port that aha appears to have lost all fcnoa - leiJs of , langaag! that aha aaakeaenly a, wild rmiaa. alio. ' srninstber will, beoomes frirhtenrd and restlemi ' - eaaeavar 10 secrete terse 11 m toe wild greae, or, am. - rig 1! the rocks whieh hang over the aevsr ceaslBg surf. ..ji.Siwv, , '. - i 1 ;rt.i .rArK, , ; Every etatotvar ba hara made aad amrr indara. ' meat offered, by different kdivulual. to prevail apoa her to leave the island, but in vain. The only borne '. h appear to desire, User own httleUle. Her hast " hope, if she has any. is, to Aaisk hat keBrney aloae. Sha ha ho wish now to bear again tha eweet Btatie of toeeek1. lisBnuiMisara uliwrnnMi. u k. - , ana, a tor eiviuxed man, kts lamencm hi shocking . evea to her auraant sense. . , , , , To all appearance, she a nronT. healthy, and eeav' . tent to be atoae, ' What ean rveoucile her lo bar lot, . whoeaaeoBjsctnrer Husnanity may hope that eoa - ' teatment amy eoaunua to bs beta, lo Ua last hoar; for she i deaiined lo lie dowa aad die elone,oe the cold shore of her ienlated home, with ao one toad - minister to her last wants, aadniiaetoeesreraereolc) bod ),. when the spirit shall bar left lha clay x , . lBut the atory 0 our Crusoe 'a chosen awl., the , eonipanHjn uf her early life, ha vet to be told. Ha . ww her for the last time, a we havt sated, when . she Mood stone - rm the snores ef her Isle t whea ibe boh wiu Binasa aaa am eornpaaloea waa - iktrra . IhMaffh Ua arlutl surr. thai hr,.h a m Mmiu suae ess iou againat the rock which eacircled Ue retting - ptace ot at ratnera, and which he was thea Icavliig forever. "With the remnant of the family i ftom Sua Nicholas, our hern was Is ml - . mt P.rfr... and there left, with the other wfrnaadacrxmrauied . k . .c.. . . . 1 1 . imu - i.w aim a aum u iaa, asnu 01 sirailgerB. ' Ban Pedrq, U may ba knowt, fa) a bleak, barren, bluff point, running out into r.e blue waters of Ue - racioo, on wnica uu yeroure m m oa leen. ana But , (me B'litsry abode of man, rising amid tht drabtatiua U'liich surrounds It, The Pueblo de ka Angclot it wiu - iicu tea icngars aisiaar, wna on farm Bouse neiweea the one n the point end Uoea ot th 1., . Th miasioa of Sm Gabriel lie yet farther on, aome Uire or four league, where, at thai time, might be , found. Derham. three or four hundred eon - verted tn - ' diant. . i ; 1'; - - - . s - Bal out hem. tt be mar be called, never left tha beach oa which he Was first landed. . Alan nod ., filei - dle, there b remained, an isolated beinjr, ull life ceased to animate bht frame. True it la, thai se - ' vera! timed he wm induced to venttre a far a the " Pueblo, and avaa tha muama o aa ItahvL - J ? Kni - . always, as soon ss it liberty, relumed and resumed s oki iiaiion on is aenco, er axes Btinseir oa tna rock which hung around tbe point. . And there ba n! k, ! bmv. kk .n. - nlitnpw Mfan.l - and more constantly when the sun wa going down' wiu i eye gazing on irrat eeieNiai ore aa n aana Into lha western hortxoe. a direction which he wail, knew pot rued to the lost but never fogouep. home of hi nativity. .; '. '. Wuh difficulty kenuuinrdthewantaof tatureby ' fishing about tht rock, gathering mntcle, snd soma ume receiving a acanty ptitanca or eora trom ue , h.ase on th mint, or $ few Bene from a passing . (trongar. . , j - . . Ht ttodiously tvoidrdT, a Atr a posiibl, ad ha - laroours wilh hit fellow men. nd soughl to live . and dia w attitude ; and o did 1 eontina to live a lifa wtili.h nunir - flttlv annar - al a tarlk - n tw km a 11 mi manning, a the suit rote, not two year past, hi body aaa found apna the beach a stiffened eurp - e, stretched oat. snd bleaching aa k were, ia the waits foam of the surf, which was thrown about his lifeless remains ss the mighty war broke nn the shore. , It ia presumed bi death wef ccidcntal that n.W.1.. k.. t L I - .1. I.. . . . - w - .i "ig iu 1 v 1 1 uu. u. wk '"E n i, aina - fv - s the cliffs, he must have fallen from ta eminence, and tbut tcrmuialed his tolitary cxislencd. ', .B tt, J c tttM Uahlu. I m t .. ... i "J tj' (j. DISTRICT COURT iaa. IS m - ' - ' - fAnWnfaa.i'. - Jahi.. .... a iaa mairer cw ma L. n'ic rasiaa vs. sararal hogs - be. la of earthenware, amsed oa aa latoraiaiioa of lorreirure, rue Btareasl rensrard BVa wrtt of aala and wmlA ttmtjw. C M ll. 4 thJU k . .. . . erew of sale, after eStdueting ebareea aad expenace. ' v.Tcm - .' i et onrp Kcpuuie (Jn motio of i. Wm. Biddle for Kbcltant, a rate Wa tekesi on ( - Ipimilent to (ubmrt to exerptKaa xkea In their re - pectrve answers, er thai the sans of ihelb. l to which their am were K w k a. I (., r. ficienl. be taken pre trnfiut. The rule ia ammkl en Friday aett ' "'" . v - " . . . In the ca - e of St et al. re. Bar General . Caxlmihufsr aad Powell et al. vs. Ihsnr Mar Rirar - goht, libel lei for wegaa, h we ordered by the Court thai the libelkmts have leave to rake eat of Court, ia each of the ease, theemeem ef wag decreed lo Ikeu, aad the bills or exau wave refarred toibeolerb for taxatica. e. - " - - .,, .; - . ' SUPREMR COURT Jan. It. H Jb Bene Dyer y. Ceraell, Opiatoa by Ceallar. t. Jadgment affirmed. - . - . Knox A B"gsy sastta. Argumiat eoaliaacd by J. M.8ttforarwllee. - . - DISTRICT COURT laa. It f - B'frr edg Jaws. ,. . - - t Brandeirberry vs. th Baak. - Kyidea - e aU yet ejoaaa. ' ' ; - ' . ' " Btfim Jastg FTBHey. - " WrhrM r. Potter. ' Aa actum to itaova tb vain of labor of p'siatiff in baildmr aboase. Taeplaiaua allegra that tbe deft adult antra - Mr. Ilavtuuad to draw A P' - n and auks specueatioa and esuoaue . ror a parsonage annas, to ea sitaeare t a eaarra m u - i ' a. - . ' . ., . ..m i . .... I l i - n - spm, - w ,anr, ; iaa. mp wm irwmmvm bou - e. (In haOWBWwda.toea, - puunas a pike - - asff,'' m aecnr 'ane with whieh anatbl dravnng wa made by Mr. H., the dWendaml makmr the asti - mi tea biaasetf. Upws mia pas and ssiuaais Ue plaint :ff was e - Hraged st builder, sal tha eeiemlairt, thinking the bw - ae would be eeiirely toe plain, directed many sr perm re elteratione from the ariniiasl plan, vrtiirh puuatuT cereeuted, and which mad Ue boose aa eati - ery dioereat building to eaierior ap - 1 praranee end aiterinr arvantamr - it fnaa what waa orirmalrr etaitemuastod. ' Some dtrScslry anae after - ararda betatis Ibe parliss. snd Ue pauuiiff wa dat - c barred from farther warfe spna lb prenuaee. tpua U altera'ma that ISe VjngusaJ enntrset was'sllered esciiidnf, th at eat at aeuoa brrnirnt tora - uover the VeleeraTUe extra wnrk. The deietice not been opened at khe liase ef adj - aram - nt. Gttloa. Sullivan, for laiatjf: Strwad, J. nt array Rn - h, for defts - dant. . 1 as Qraaaai' Lsarf Were eeeapM to at - pming ea Ueu - 1 MiCBaioora Dsactaaaottrsa A sosuljinaium of the Dag aw leuly pe atal Mierumiqa has rseeat ly here invented, by Which tnspreaaiiie sr taken to a sag - aued ataie. With compound micr.aeope a - pidrr's daw, m sa earing by lbs aucroavuer t bom ml sa tocb Ul a mngem diaariaioa, wa transferred to e piste a beaaiifally defined figure, magaihed 7 .Uaa - ina, or euparficially, J.82S Umea. Serenil nidir .J.,c - u N.T - . baea tried wilh equal (ureas Eva lb i..r..i'j amy W arrreotypa, ealarged a.u. a.a - Bitery. ' ; NtW Px - BlK - lTtO'r.. - Ar - , m V.r li, j'.Mif V - fi: "' - " ' - i ' ' ' '' aoauc, tin f bj J.M CUa - vli, aij puMisbrd by Wet, J. Aana.

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