Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 6, 1847 · Page 4
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Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1847
Page 4
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I'HiLAUUU'UU, WEDNESDAY, JAN. . Th Weary MwkH. , 'toil Ptlta of ttoctt waterday went htrdly tained, Wenotlccadooliiwof i onth nW Gv - enimantbn.onPenneylvnavs,BJL onU. 9.Bk. Vleskibuleed Trial ntcuritlr me also Bometoini belter. The market U qnue in active, end We presume will remain o Bit 111 the Mexican war it teat through. The newt of the ac tion of lha a wMexioiirrOutlr In negotiate hi nxtonry looked far, and will haw a deckled effect ock awx - . ' T . :: - t, SALES" OP STOCKS - Jan. 8. 11000 l,?.'44WrN 09 SOshtKen B.bSWNT? doMccbtBk . .. 4f do do - ' J ) do Vleksburg Bk 7 10 do do ; noo ,. 4o osa v , Bono do - Md ' sou C S Bank note JJ - 1 ana nos n, ay vi 'BETWEEN BOARDS.. r K38 Lehigh N Milt 79 18 (ha P Township B t tat Mecht Bank Mil 47 do Behuyl Nar S3j SECOND BOARD. f lOTs) Texut 8a bid 18 t aha Mocha Bank 4J Aoft L'SBt VJ6 - 80 th Fauna Bank BTl 75 do aSWN OH 6 do do 471 I do do' 471 dn - .::! 170 CSBkttOte 74; m AFTER BOARDS 1000 Penn St can OA: 14 th Vicktburg 7 . . 6w ., do cap to 13M do , 66, a do r ur ft Hecna 43 S do MA Man. Pitta 4t 4 1(100 Read Rt 'SO 71 100 do D S Bank aSd 34 140 do Rand R ' , 3l 1MO - do i - iiaSd 71 BUIO s do r cash 71 6aoPennaBkbM?t SO do do ad71 - low ., do ease. 71 . (008 do bSd 71 Tha Bauk of North America, oa th 4th iiud., da - . eltred a aeral - annual dividend of 4 pur cent - , payabl oa tha Mth but. Tha Mutual Insurance CoDtpany of this city, on , the 4ih lost., declared a eattaivweoHio toe siocs "holder of 4 per seat., oronedollar per thare, paya - bla oa and after FridHr. tha lath Inst, : Tha Phenix Mutual Insurance Company, on the 4th, dectared a payment of iotereal of six per cent org o - 100 pee thare ou the capital stock of tha : CompanT for the past rear, parable (leaa the Bute lax) oa and after the 11th inat. And alto declared payment of M per aha re from the aat of tha lata Psenix Insursjwe Cotnpeny, of Philadelphia, parable ' on and after the lift inat. . - - . Tha Petmrylvmnia Company for Insurance oa Urea and Granting Annuities, on tha 4th inat., declared a eemi - aaauaf dividend of three per cent., payable ou demand, without deduction of State tax. The Union Mutual Insurance Company have declared a dividend at six per cent, on the par value of the ttnek. Alto, tlx per cent, on Certificates of Pro - , it braed for 18U and 1848, being interest for the year ending December 31, 1848 payable In cash, on and after the 14th tost. Alao, dividend of eight per cent, out of the net earned premium for the year, for Which certificate of Profile bearing interedt, will be delivered to tha stock bolder and to tha dealers, or Insured to whom the? ire due, oa and after : the 14th instant. ' ' : Tha freight market at New York It yielding, the arrival of vessels, aauy of then in ballast, luring been vary large for the bat four or Ire days. . Shlp - meutaofCorn have been made to Liverpool at 18d. and Floor at 5s. . Two remit were taken p for Glargowat 3. a S. 4d.or Flour, and 18 a lSgd 6 '.Com. For Ireland, eeverej engagement wart made at 8. (t a St. 8d. for Flour, and 10, a SOU. for Grain. Cotton to Liverpool it L nominally. Te Prmnee, the quotation for Floor la 1.12, which is lower. Cotton le and Grain 30c, ; ' - The imports at the port of New fork, for Decen - . ber, show an Increaaa of about 8800,000, as compared with December of 1843. This Increase hatbeeae'aT tiraly in dutiable merchandise, in a great meaturatiC' easioned by holding back rood in bond, to be entered aader the lower ralea of duty; The exports hare nearly doabled n December, compared with Deecav her of hot year, and of domestic produce the increaaa la mora than 108 per cent., all of which increase, was in hraadstnfs. , - : - , i IKTOtTt, BKCIMin, 1946. V, 1646,' "; 1844. t .4,17S,H13 3,43U,991 . 837,496 648,185 . 6140 78,490 Dutiable merchandise,. Free k Bpaeie, ............... , . . Total, M,S78S 4,076,67 Increase ia 1846, tbOI.883. , I f. - . Kxroaia, diczbbh, 1840." ' ' I . . IrMO. .. ' 1946. ! . Somattle merchandise,.., Sl 1,300 J.,516,733 Fortlgu, free,.. - 65,876 3lttii dutiable,., 18r349 101,073' Specie, none, ..,. . I33,7r , ' Total,. .V.... KMiMl f,796U ' 1 Increase in 1848, t9,660,i7. Tha bnsiaea of the entire year 1848 shows a large increase in the amount, of exports, but no material rarhiuin in Imports. Of the increase ia exports, the whule amount ia la dooMXia produce. Tha exceaa nf atoeseetia article ia fafficieni to make up the de - Scieaoiaa of other exports, and still show aa mcreaae in the aggregate si pons of ever four milliooa and a Ulfdollart. .. . . - ., , , ' ' U. S. CIRCUIT COURT Jan. , - Bar Judft Kam. ' i - Knight r. Garltt, before reported, is Mill under trial.. . ' SUPRF.M8 COURT - Jan 8 ; B sMo.Haieltm Cl Co. vs. Megargetl ; two eases. Iptnina by Chief Justice Gihaoa ; judgement tersreed, and wstn 4 mm awarded. . Killer re. Millers - Two ease j opinion by Jadge sVyeraj Jodrmeut sfllraaed. Cnallra tWi lb - Further argned by - Tyami (or plsintil. ' i Grant V 1yrsa. Crmr 0. P. Sehavlkilt eounty ; argued by W. A Porter for plaintiff, t' i 5 Jil rnBfon Jdn B'" - ' 1 ' . Newtia r. Tenaent An acuoa f ejectments Tha p'aintiff and defendant ere entitled, aa heirs of Lewis Dewee, of rVmthsrsrk, to tlie premiee elalmed ia t hi suit.. The aeiii m hmavht k reno - ver an undivided one fourth part of aueh prupetty. m wnien roe niauiiui ana aeienaam are lenanu in enmmoa. The qeestion in dispute it whether, the iulerast twin in eeawnoa and aodirhle4, there n each aa easlsr, or putting the plsiniufoat of prasasio of ueprnparrr or ine eeieooant, aa will entitle aim to a recovery ra mis aciwm.. nmeonciaoeaai adjourn mem .St Omrre T. CampWI, Juha Hanna and II. M. Phlllipt fitrplaiothT; C. Ingeraall and D - . V. Itrvwa for defendant. ' ' i. , , DISTRICT COURT - Jan. I. ; ' ! ; . Bct J4gt Joint. - Bmndenborf vs. tha Bank, before reported', was aaeVr trial day. - " - - - ' t .. , . d . r.. r. - - ji r - ,: : Brlggt r. McHrnry, before reported, occupied use iKT COMMO PIXAS. - Jau. a - ' B'ftn Mtt J. R. Jaw Orier rs. Scott. Aa action tgamsl the andoraerof a note. The defence lake was, that no axuir of ou - pay tucnt by the maker had hern given to the on. oonar: the present defendant. ' 1 . ' The plaintiff priced that h defendant was luld ' that the maker had aot mad arrangemsnra to par. and replied that it waa not neeeaanrr to hava the not protested, last he wou'tl par it without. Te potm wu raeiutr wasasio iae tune waen laaera - veraa. turn took plac The Judge charged the jnry that if they beliered that it took place before the ante bees me due. it was an waiver of aotiee of aon - pay. msnt. anal the pUintuT could not recover. If. how ever, h took plana apoa tha day when Ih note waa parable, it waa a wairer of aotiee and prmert, and ittWcntanl waa imhie Verdie. fur plsmiiff, a (U. Hood fur phiinfff ( Mclntyre for defendant, i , Bariiwtou rs. Just as An action of trover araiat atea - nt f remmring manure, the prolaee of the farm, whilst In hit tenancr, and selling it. The plupiiS a kgea that ass n era prodared whilst ia the r:curniiev or a lenam, is in pmmnj or uia mna - liird: end theiailee so charred the jrr. Verdict Air . pisintw jKaersoa tur rrsiniw j Aurrrer l, ftmi k for defendaut. - Mollhennr v. Johnson. Trover to reenrer the Tilue nf a silver lever wateh. raised at 4M0. The pleinlif allegre that be gave the waieh to the defendant, aa a security fur 40 dae hint, which aura waa tniveoueuiiy paid, notwithstanding which the do - feixbiut refused Vf deliver up Ihe watch. The defence allege thai Ihe f40 waa Mot paid, and that a receipt for Ute sura, produced by theplaintuT, su in take set dowa aa so much money. Verdict for the defendant. .Todd for plaintiffi Jirightly for defeak - dsnt. . " : " ' . ' ' ' frni vt. T Mu hel. An action art hut the late "eriu to recover B.1B penally fur taking illegnl fees. Tns p.ainiiff alleges that thasaia of $9 was illecally tasea fa - the faea of a jury of iaqaosl and enademaa. tnia nf real aetata, ihe Liquest at being held apoa the prumisesi also, thai the inquest Wss Waived by Krvmea! of the nertiee aad tied with the Sheriu. Another illeral charge Waa alleged to be 72. ii'. - ii as eoi uposi a jl. being as enniended t t 7J w mock. The pUuiiUT in this eaae waa s o ptj ri: iff in the cute upna which tb over - enr?s were alleged to be mde, and say thut b u 'limafrd iheraby, beeauaa tlie property so4 did M h)in( su0iueat to pay the amount of hie debt. or tits defence several point were taken : 1st. thai ine ill - inns' ia tln ease had to intcreet which emi - ii. t hnn wsiM. Tins p - inoa waa denied by the Ju fS. zu thu the nzht to waive aa inquum w formerly giraa hv su Act of Aaaeaahly siarw ra - ).. r I ; that the eWiVulim la the normal eaae bad I, , r r jit ul wsivtir, aura mat uts ou:ria srus n - un - j i i h J mi iiiiiiieM. ThU p.iu in was aleo denied I r u s Jii f',' 1, that ihr could be ao reAnvary i! , i if f r j. ii f. k ukinf H - 7, ss lb plaintiff' wne . ("J in i.' iifiue iai - ui - r nera upon waiea i i urn. a urn. T'rs p" - iium was siMtiunrd rr i fur pnnitiff. t 'J Li' - Xi - rSi firplauttia) XV. 8. Ki a aa S immer Lew fur defendaut. COl KT Of CJUARTLR PExjlOS? Jaai S ' f - fnrt Ji ttmm. . . D. .".' t iwtumt AKerar. r'in,a Hi. - r - nr ws put unun hi HiJ a t . - sof asteai bny , puiic oaicer Ka - dolph Field, and was convicted. The Coort rene - cized the dafsndanl at an old mrsnt, and at neh ordered hint to prison lor thirty day. It wa also sentenced to an jmpritonment of on rser, to lake anaet at trie epiratii ot uia tiwiner wrm, swriiiaT ih whole time out to give aeeartty to keep , Frank Cook, the lad who Wat charged with having robtiad the cestain'a office on board of the iieambuM Pioneer, lying at Arch street wharf, wi weeks nice, wit called op for trial. The amount ooiauuu waa tVKJO, the most of which waa recovwed ln wearing apparel and other property whieh the defendant hud iMtchased , Tha prisoner pleaded guiltv, end the Court, iu consideration of hi youth, being bat eboitt M year of age, adjudged and ordered him tp the House of K el Ufa, to reman umm mo ml intniiwui iWthemaiuicera thereof. - i I ' There being aobilla readr Tor toial, (he petit Jttry w itisenanreo nnm inn miTnun, TMIE PARTNKRSH1P heretofore existiiig between 1 ihe Hubscriliers, under the firm of ROOF.RS, MACPHKR)N A Cu in this day dissolved by autnal ennsent. - Tha basinet of tha firm will be settled by Wm.J. Yoonr. .. ' " . ; - - AUOU8. N.MACPHER90N. " any. L 1847,4 WM. J. Y01IN. - " ja4 - St mo THE PUBLIC F. MITCHELL'S IM 1 PROVED PATENT ABDOMINAL AND UTERINE SUPPORTERS, for the cure of Pro. nutans litcri. ' Also, the Elastic Rnee nanpnn, ami 8oek, Wrist Bands, As , to give permanent aupport to the loiutt after wrojminaiion, aisiocaium, 'irac - turea, rheumatic or gouty affections, or where equal n fa.rut hiuiufiirtared and told bjT'r. MITCHELL, 208 WOOLI Street, lower . eiae, oeiwcen urowp ana Thirteenth street: . " 4J - eodlm GREATEST CURE ON RECORD Richard L. Cox, af Evesham, Burlington county, "S; certifies on oath before Alderman Channcey Bulkier, of this city, that he suffered for a long lime with all the n aipniras of a distressing malady, which his physician declared to be a pulmonary consumption He had a abort, dry cough, a burning sensation in the palm of his hands and the sole of hi feeti he tank into a stale of infantile debility; ha was waited away alrooat to a skeleton; his breathing waa abort and laborious; h waa confined constantly to kia bed; and the least change of poaiikm caused him executive pain. Wo hope was entertained of his recovery: he could take no nourishment, when be commenced the use of the Syrup, abandoning all other medicine. After taking lea bnttlea, a large gathering formed ia hia left aide, which broke and discharged a vast quantity of offensive matter, and a free expectoration eontinuiiur for aereral week, ha becan to author strength, and recovered hia appetite. He continued the use oi in nyrup, ana aiier laamg iweuiy - uve bottlea. found himself " a sound man and in Ihe en joyment of good health." Be ia now able to attend to hi duties aa a township officer as well as at any . . 1 1 ., - i i i lorroer penoa oi nis mo, nia lune nave iwen examined or a medical man, and Droexmnced to be in a sound condition. Sea his affidavit Pamphlet, page 9. J ae roiiowint: lesiungniai is aoueu ; .... EtssbaM, Burlington Comity. It. J V Anril md. IRIS. 1 We, the aubircriber, residents of the township of Kresoam, ao aereor certny war we are weii acquainted with Mr. Richard L. Ox, and frequently visited bim in the last stage of pulmonary consumption, which we believe was cured by the use of Schenek'a Pulmonic Syrup, and feel it our duty to recommend it to Ike consumptive m tne strongest no. Ible term, having been ey witneaaea to on of the greatest euro ever performed in tht terlion of lb eooniry Benjamin Bueauuu ' John Leeda, Jr. . : John U. Ellis, . Andrew Griseom, William Hammitt, Joseph Ellis, William L. Brown, Franklin B. Cox. , John B, Cox, i . ' Thorna H. Hewlinga, ' J'aepn K. Hcwitngs, jiuh? newiuigs. For aale br J. 11. SCHRNCK. at hit DHncitad oftiee, No. 39 South SIXTH Street, and by George Tamer, S. E. corner of Cnatea and Marshall st. ; H. A. Bower, comer of Sixth tnd Green sts.: Hoben - sack, earner Second and Coelea i O. C. Bower, cor ner Ttttra ana tiermantown Koaa : t . u. tfaraer, corner Fourth and Queen tts. Price 8)1 pqr bottle, or M per half doxen. . - . i ja4 t)aHrmAth HAVB YOU A COUGH f Do not neglect tt - thoaaanda bsve met a nreonmre death for want of a little attention to a eormaoa cold. Have you a Cough t DR. JAYNETJ EXPECTORANT, a safe medical meteriptlon, containing no poisoaoua drug, and used ia an extensive practice lor several years, will moat noaitirely afford relief, and save yoa frnen that awful disease. Pulmonary Consumptioa. which annually sweeps into the grave hundred of the young, the old, tha fair, the lorelr and the gay. - - . Hare yoa a Couch f Be persuaded to porcbaaa bottle of th Expectorant. To - day 1 To - morrow may be too ate. . Have roa a Courh I Jayne't Expeetonnl it the only remedy you should take to rare yon. For this plain reason, that in no one of the Ihoa - d eaae where il hat been used, hat it failed to relieve. ' . Prepared and mid by DR. JAYNE. No. SOUTH THIRD Street. Philadelphia.: dl6 - lmi DR. JAYNK'S ALTERATIVE W hare been informed by Mtb. Rose, of a cure performed oa her by DR.JAYN E'S A LTERATI VE, which prove iu superiority over every other remedy of the kind. She has been afflicted for the last sixteen veers with NECROSES or WHITE SWELLINGS, attended With ulceration and exfoliation of various bun, during which time niuny piece hare been discharged from tha frontal bona of the cranium, from both her arms, arriauand hands, and from both let's, and from tha left femoral hone, aad from the right knee, beside painful ulcer em other part of her person, which have baiHed the akill of a number of the moat eminent physicuuis of our aity during anal of the lime her suffering hay, been exaraeiauug and de plorable. About three month si nee she waa induced to try DR. JAYNK'S ALTERATIVE, which ha bad an astnaishirurly barmy effect apoa her, br re moving all paia mid twellinga, and causing the ulcer to heal, while at th asm lime her general health tat become completely rectoreo, to that see now weirbt tume 95 Ibt. more than aha did before she commenced the it of thia truly valuable prepare - mn v. For further infonnetua), inquire of MRS. KOBE, No. 109 FILBERT Street. , ' For aale, at No. S Snath THIRD Sl No charge fi adrioa. - - : dfl - lmi COMSTOCK'8 PHONETIC MAGAZINE This I a Liierarv and Scientific trsmtthlraeriodicat. devoted to the eauaeof reforming oar arUngmpair by in aooptioa rx a wri aipanasi aa aipnaoet wawa haa a letter for swra slaanalwt sound. Thearlicle ;proaa a:ul verse) are written expressly Tor Ihe Uat tine. Each aumber contains 84 oetaru pace. The work is got up ia a tyl similar to (hit of Ih best pcrindtealt of the day, and ia sent to aabacribera at th moderate price w wr Mar wtr amiiria, ia ad - .rtaea. Lsllsrs (poet paid) slrnuld be directed to A. COMSTOCK, M. D., - No. 100 Mulberry stieet. philedelnbia. ry Comstork'i Phonstie Reader (m both the old and tne new tipnanet.) at ust paoiisneii. r - oia UATRO.MZKD BY HER MAJESTY QLEEN awtsi. L.. 1 I ir . I - T, . 1 1 . S llllllllUS, ISAUTW DIHMM I IRd limh aad used ia the Royal Nursery, by the eureral Soveteirns nd Coarts of Europa, and univeraally preferred, MKFN FlfN. the celeb rated CHINESE SKIN POWDER, for Rettorinr, Beautifying, Pre - serving the Comptexioa, and reoJering the Skin delicately white, smooth and toft, preventing ail kinds of cataneoa disorder, chapping of la akin, and tor einiou perspiration. ' ' ' This article eftirely free from all mineral atrbv gen ia. being (olely'a preparaiioa of Orioatol Herb and Pragraal Exotica of utesilmabla ralu. t : Th suMilmponata ar HOBBs, THOMPSON A CO, Wall si, N. Y.i tob had wholesale of them: wnolssal aad retail of EUUENB ROt SKL, 114 CHESNUT St i reesil of H. Gillingham, 8. hi cor. of Race and Ninth ets 1 Ju. L. KJlioU, E. cor. or Arch and Tenth sis.: Rarh.0. Dollard, 177 Cheenut .( N. Ifrt,H South Fourth si : tt Goshel, 94 Cheanul .; and Drue gists nd Parfnmert generaliy, in Philadelphia and throughout the United Siatea, (a aVixes.pneeXs.aii4M.nwk. dlO - mwtf3m4j HO rHV.IOA.lB AMI DULUUIH' ILK aa4 HlNULR LEVER TRUBH, fer la supi - rt M sura at Rapture er Hernia t uttabt lor t A sltw u ww, lor sisa, Wstasa sa Lhikun. ftold wks. ujaadrwaiLal. . M. KLiillliKLt, ayriec Maker. l Beuth Clxhth ftrsai. Ul. Tssi CHILDRRM'8 St IT A.l iAiUs.i' Hluur - ft.. IS Nerth I'.IliHTH MtrssL - hlrs. ttPENl.tft. m. Ipsrnflr ib'Iws ths susatina f kr sustaaiars aad um pnhiie te kr b.rr and hsnnMes asssrtiaeM f (JH1U ORf.Ci'P CLOTHI.Vf, Is Us fall awt WiMer aeasna, iiaiisrinf ia pan r aMtas, vrvs, rams, f. - ssiaeas. he. Al. w swrwvauMfter aisra ( ladiss'iBsal XdstOHili'.riLl af wkiik ska will nil mil rassseslHeteiaM. H. B - Cki idrsa's CUUins ai d La. IWInaiile.... . - ... KSEkl.ANKJlTo. - A rfsssrtmesf HOHn I.AIKK18sa HliHHK I.UVI.KN MO la CSS . A I J. . 1, k fwy low prieak fresa Mrta.1 . Alsa, a tow ban susiity Bl sKAM) KOBta. tail aaalMaiaia at Aaa aadawMAKKETasraet. , . aa - 2m ILK. W Mailt tor ibis nsiwuJ wm me la rniBfslBkb Da. 6TKVKIM'H GaULN OUVT MEKT.ssid at Me, 1 buu klsTU aVeew tsmt "vlag suSsral araeh from th Pllaa, t w atirl md by tw iptJlsattea f Dr.Strrea' GrssaOiat mrwi. r. aoaaaa i VforetV like. m lUf." '( ' Mr. Tsaaaas d. slilksa, tress lUsbwaoca, sallsd a Ar etrssawMsaaakashr kiseue. H aid thai wbea at sutrkiissd Is Oi si si are, sif su ferine u m rrent tkt LTweuld bar sWsa ONC UCNURKD DOLLABJ 'sr rrlief, ss rssdilT w h wvuid sy rwsmit for st - asr. Hs hadVa faith ta sur remedy, hsrin used ss uay tMat withaa arTwa still se a wilin. w r a. New. haTHW Brt4akaataklrwatakMMai ssruasasai tkteasl lev as sajff urinf I kaei Taoaua Dn las. - mr eaoa tor ameuaspbiJati - wi Sma. ish. IMS I AU h KL ft ILL, VtONUal KWT Aft WOtiKI. a u Lrtfcis.TkRr - Ta uboriir vsepoetfuHy oaiW Mtoited fun. Ths urvtiser's Wnf tiixiisur. ill pea larl'nr of ip.ttrb by stem poww, sod ksf at yvt wo rmaiViiy all tbs roiliaes M ta ahert t.ifrum. lot keflers will as to vert crstaesuir aslMwi oa to OL.'orritf , vkaoo weal aasasnse f tiftr - J to 0ir rarue ilar brsorb. II r A W '4 aaloiiToi OraasMotl tror ose kin r t'xi. j At i.lAi'TLilLKB AND Dl ). ii - - Oai AI.t. - L01 f st lk - jnss! - T I Ity, a ...i, uo 'livie ia M tlx W iMiL.B M - mifiirii t t vs. ao ai. a IroaKJAf oa U nver ilapart, of aer H - moss s Ki.,rb - f, April to . n. Hiiro,. Ha rrua svset. Tku at toserWy.taat havlai aurT - 5 snersir ror issr froaiitM hi!es,saboi of Dr. I fe.VsJf b OREtfl ijIflTMrtRTha BtlrSi asrad as Hle trior savin!! ths otksr npm is us, sad rtth - n sutiis I so avw iinooiil this as sua os skooomw tbeaaor it asMavs a ss, osorBoin i it, l oos aO.X R AIUWli ksnokl!,! hRlDO hOAD. I ( - rM Jos H Jmvs Bonos w sweat. wksr oxa he ssoe U trosusi 1 (;raw(xd Hoary 'int 1 of ImhmmiI plus for Ctmnai Rsiiiots is I rsofi Jos . LrT of ivrrfwa i'viiv in ths par - LPUiU t uai' - WHti. Jan. if, Wl. . IOMi K arfesrrunt ta U iM Liimm','tfimt aV(lei,k mllmhnt sriea t Ivu lus fn. - i su l.u nieiMwr ttovttt hnt ny fur tH Im'ttciftmim - Hm er ana taut rur auMisMa ta raum.'r - ! ! t, aed b tt nirrher eetsi), Ae. And aB advartite - sacs awts uader Hit enters f the Fostmastar Osaaral, ia a eis er assrHsrs, Isttees uacallsd fee ia nr PvM efliia, tkull be Iruertsd'ia tha pair or papers, I ths u e ar plsee where th sWceilrtnlo may b nciuueu. awing ise arrtsi cirewanosi, ae., ana iu east of euasaVra ar disirot aa as the amount af trie rtrsulatiea s aay bm. th adttar of which aaiy daare Mia sil - verttsi nf, tt ttuUl bt lAs d af lis Paaasauar to ren endears,, aad ta (Ml upea, th faal, v;Vi PM - U im, ewMa Marat 9. la. , IPeretaa applyUig for aoverstied LtanrWwtu piata BManeataeeasa! taiai.t vt,u ) , . : w, B. Thslnhmd teatax ta rrtga Letter ana a LADIKS' '.w:tat iff y." Ast RarTr Elizabeth r - 1. - 11. il v k Aitaau Catha A Ilea Franslna " 1 1 Ira Amelia J Araos Emeltne Aadersoa Mary " Arch Rachel B 0 Hartltt flussa 8 Hsrillnrtlia'h W Naras Margt : rth Mry NstUBusuaak ' nsany marr Hsrdlaa I Kanerea Henrey Eli; 'ai Helmaa K ' - j - - HiiKklBsoa M R 0B - laABB 0'haaBuy ! 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DtaelsJaase FronehsrdB D' Ory Wm Uag 14 wm ! i, Lt LI Bsml P l Moaigoineri Capt WaR . , Rears CiixJYD RiehaeadLtOA Wurlx Surt'u HR RaadallMaiD Bsltaa'sh T W 1 nraauueori IhieJj'oa'lf Bharmaa Richard Bkaw JohaF .!, bbarataa Lea Is;, ITrukt Jaasa v I . LEHMAN, P. M. CHRISTMAS BOOKS The subscriber hat on hand a comnlcta assortment of Annual and other Books, tollable for Preeenu for tha Holidays, which no arm eu tow, (at uauait vmu ana see, . - No. 866 N. Second at., below Noble; Among Which are the Token, the Bouquet, Boudoir, Aannal. Musical Annual, Moat Rote, Diadem, Leaflet of Memory, Ladies' Album, May Fkrwer, Per. get - me - not, Ac, Ac. ' ' r .', d4 - tw ', WRIGHT A BROTHERS having RKMOVaU) from No. Market are I, and baring taken ROBERT J. WRIGHT iato Co - fartnerthia oa this first day of January, 1847. will annduct the bnsinea hereafter In the name of WRIGHT, BROTHERS A CO, No. 1 14 MARKET Street, Philadelphia. They hart taken for their permanent ae thia huge etiab - irsnmeai an saving wiuqiy catcuuoa incur mana facturirur trrantemena br the at of strain nower. and ihe beat mechaaieat akill, and every article being made with the greatest care, having tha ole of their manufactory and Mora on the tame tot and under their own immediaie inspection, will con. time to have, notwithstanding the severest com petition, tha largest, best manufactured, and cheapest assortment of Uaibrellat, Parasols, Ac, in the United Blstae lor sale lor wk or approve aocepianoea, 1 1. The atock of ailk UathreUat and Parasols, both (at. trtt4 and of oar tram manafactnra, will be new and naked in Ihe atea appreaat Parssiaa Uyai eoenpri. ting tae tnott tpttndii aaortttent aver ourcd in lata eooniry. f .,.Kt t - Tne oingnam ana cotton umbrella and rare o 11 will ba found in arerr tarierr br tbouaande. .The whole will be offered at tch lose prices as only those tong expertencca raTusiueat ana in Habit of pur. oka liar for auk can afford, trnttirur to the residuum of profit! which an immensely increased t mount f ale may leave orer current expense for euoonrs ce ment to sustain tnd rerifr this to be "(A cAeewea mufaeurf ta A snorld.' 11 l - fmw3m ' HEN RICH'S SPECIFIC COMPOUND IS UNE - QUAIXED POR THE CERTAIN CURB OP DISEASES 1 OF A PRIVATE - NATURE. In whieh thetaott implicit confidence may ba ptaeed la lis ae,aa peneetiy aarmieat, aitnoagn, at tna name tiiaa, a power nil a medic! no at can ba and be harav ieas. A fewdoaea will convince the an at akeptical of IU superiority orer every other remedy for this class or aiseeae whak oat ever ueea otter oa 10 tne public. There I not, a particle of mercury in lit eompotlliim) it tare the system from being in th most remote instance deleter looalr affected. Persons anikted with diseases of a tecret nature, should be vary caution wno may consult or wuai uuxnowa medicine they tra prevailed upon to gulp down, for il ia painfully true, that out of the large number of ueraora advertised at physician, and can cure every thing that task it heir In, th number qualified to of - fceiate i very email. - " - - Henriek't Specifle Comnrmnd hat been used for yeara with the moat decided aaeeeat, and to daily restoring ihoosauda to health arid eoaifort, who mua Inevitably nave tans Into the grave, victims tola: aval horrible disease which a human being caa possibly be afflicted. Paraon who have been afflicted for year, and rendered the mnst misersMs erat lures oa the face of th earth, hare been by the ore of this powerful remedy, restored a perfect health. Thia it ao mere tpecolaiina, bat ample proof can no produced that rry thing w aaaart - weean uphold by experience, rtraoiemie a r en it in tnit eiry, , STILES A BCRKHARDT: 836 North THIRD Street, above Calkrwhill. Canbepurchaaedof J. N. HOBENBACK, 114 - ta Druggist,N.B. Corner ud and Cutlet eta. flHEERINO NEWS FOR CONSUMPTIVES J HISS JUUA A. WOODFORD tay. la a letter to DR. JAYNE. dated - ' nii - 'l NswosTwr, Conn, Sept. 30,186. Iamas(ntyour ALTUiRATlVliwiihgood effect tor a Bomtuioo axeetioa unoer wnica 1 np va aeea taJTsring for th laat tea year. - And after deeerib - ing her aituatioa, goet on to tay t We hare a aed a great deal of your medicine (a my father' family, and hare known them to make great cores. About fir rear tine arr brother waa very tick with what Was supposed to be CONSUMPTION. .The bed physician In th place was eoilad la. (we were then ia Cabot vu la, Mass.) aad aeeemel do tot know fan bow long, bat for a great aaaay day) and hroaght with hia other phywean bat Mill h grew won. They at laat gara bim orer, laid they could do thing mora XorbiruwAaXasmaate'ar. W watched orer him hour after hour,' expecting that every breath would bd li but.' At lenrth one nirht t ran. tleman called to ae hint, and apoke of Dr. JAYNK'S KJUTHUl UstAUs is aat aa uougm inat a wa tne far gim to Iwa, bal tlal thara amid ha ao harm hi vying nv. The same eight wateat to BpriiurCeld and obtained t bottle, and eomaenaed triring fi lo hint, with but little hopes of it havmg any adeet. Hit physiciaa eallod next day at hi aanal hoar, and ths moment be entered the room pronounced him better. We tent fur more of the Kipecuarant, and rsv him the mmA M I r mlmr omlil ho ara antlrair onrojl. lis took twenty - eeree) buttua, aad hi health aa Pee baimr One inaa 11. waa Mora aaMcJutesa. aa a now in Hirpkuwviue, ay atienUuig 10 ba ba. tueastt r?r Respectfully yours, - - , Jblia A. WoonroaB ' The medlcinet are for ale at No: 8 Snuth THIRD Street, Philadelphia. Wo charge for advice. dl4 - lnv TJROOP I PROOF ( PROOF ! Rr. J. L. Tar. I aer. Protestant Methodist Minister, tart, in a let ter to Mr. Jayne, dated Albion, Erie county, Peun - Srlvania, Oct. th, 1H46. Mrs. Turner hat been af - icted with Dytpepaia and Sick Headache for about Ive years, and eoniinsed in gmw more sever. lilt my opinhrn thaleh would aot hare had more than oaa aaora aura of it before tha wvaid tar closed her avraal career. Bha took war bnttlea nf Varanifafe and one box or your eeaatire rills, an rry t tx bag of Ood acoomaaaying tha ateana, she M eared of her affliclioa. We had tried til tha physician, far and near, to an effect, until w tried your medicine. We gave the Vermifuge to our children fiar worm, aad it had (iid effect, the brut we ever ned. I have taken paint to and to Erie for your medicines for tomt time, and they hare cfT - ened so many caret tnai ws want yoa an appoint an ageni aere. , - .. 7 r, Yonrt, , , 7. U Ttrxxxm. I i . , .., .11 t.. r a, kr - AnJi - Weot lant Miniatoe - ' The abort Medlcinea may b had of Dr J A YNE, no. v fwwib idihii rumei. ew - im re. maittaji 1 11a, ijiortAnx atriuiustsis VHt area. CtHKAP CAP WRITlAO If APKK - Jua reroKoo. a aoed artaal sf fclot - liaod Car Wrltlnr Psis aura, able fw MIU waeumlrif - beamuee,attitcBti per gatr. w Bl psr rsaa of M gnlra aad it) aheea osek to - tslhsr with a vartay af Books, P rials, CouetJof koua bVaHt krd bio Ao4, Bust Pecs, Load f sanuy Tt ooas, cii'j 01 bsmna, a. as., lor ami oy . i . MHLIP PRICK A CO. Card sad Job Prlaotra, M - Saal 'la raoaiaakfsaaoiwrarAraa. tUBt). - CHABI.P. B HEADLY, N. W. eoraw of AHCH aad FIPTH Btreeu, Whvisala aad ReuU toaior ia Ladlraf Boot aad ease kUasifaetarara' enlrlas, ok aa Balih l iasiiao. aatia kraaroai, Vsloarlas, Kaasi aad Aarasioy Haoetiata, Batia Jaaa. farkal Drilliaca, r rerw - k aoe f.ta.Lar.ngaawdlmlUiona. u t iOH KI.I.U1T' llTt Lt H ti UTABLI8H l otKNT.Natn WALNUT BT - Wiias sad Ltoiars asstlo iraa vne oaaw wna osro I ronor, oie, mm put tp es in an r (or Taasily aaa, Bottle boutkl aad sold. fceaainiii II I aaa A - Baktor. Jr - JPm - o, SaKerool4a 1 Wl ILL AT Triib ULII rTABLIbiiiCB BTAA0, U tJKalll Bonk Bk - t OMD Btraet, tbra door aK't Area, where thor oaa he had froto aad ailvsr ITCH - I.H aa Ja,WA4A t eary aoacyipuoa caaaos Waa T h tn - ta off Clwk' Wta'and JeweVy rpsTvl sad rrr.Btd - liltM) BAMUP.Life.FP. g - tA'N DT - CAN D y - CA - V D Y - AU k iada sf :laaoa V New fat, l.raaia, aeaoa. laaneay, will to sold al ( esets pr l. ri, 11 iia enaotitr, le Ptartar. S - S.MIM Aena lirCAl n Bsrsst, saeaad do - Plnkerii'i Msth'wiPbuffl. Nitiom Win t)it SALli ANU TO KJ'.MT. a TO RENT Th rPPFR STORIES of BnJIding No. 11 ftmih THIRD Street, eotittln - nor large Rooms, well niird fur a Cnmmlssipa bualnes. Apply to C. D'LN VILLI KHS A CO.L ', dJI - lwu , No. u 8,Bih Third Stl ft TO LM' Tiia lour - stiay LHItH ULIILD - I 1 INO, 34 by 34 feet, situate at the oonier tof NhiW MARKET mid WEST Straatt, occupied for several year ait a kMur Finishing Shop, by Frederick Leibrandt.v It ia wail calculated f a Ware - boas or for a manuiaciarin ahop, having a guud dry cellar, .Also, the STABLE ana Carriage - House adjoining! sails for three boraa. Inqulr al Nov uro nonseaiUiiun. - jai'iww TO LE'IV - A smaU three - surr BRliK L.1H0U9R, aitueted on the North eaal earner of Jelferson and Harrison its. Apply M JOS. JACK. SON, rear of No. 1WN. THIRD Bt, - Jnl - lw ijOR SALE OR TO LET Two raluaiile BU1U) - 1 ING LOTS. Twelfth (treat, below Walnut a. Alto, Lou of various axes, Bmad and Pine streets. Apply to. .. R. R. DOR8EY, 1 ., ojt - tmw , r p. . n - mo, in mmiua ttreet. - fj STEAM POWER. - One or two well lighted JLiLROOMS, to rent, with from one to ten Hon Power 1 Apply at Na SS RACK St. dtAMw jQeor ifJEN FOR SALE A handsome urall FARM," M.,.i..;n a 1 - inini.. u. will... ' - ' a a. " "t. lnMNDoa KINTOWN, Mottgomery Couaty, u, miles from the eltr. The beauir of looatiou a not sur - passed by any other place in Iht Beighburhood. Th dwelling house ia apaosoat and eoursnieut. , There is alao a small tenant house, and frail and ah rubbery ia great variety, aad good water .1; Anolv to tha tob - jpnber, on the premise, r, ." - . .,i - ? .' IW - ITW iv WAKPiKK, RESIDENCE NEAR GERMAN TOWN TO LET On the Turnpike, at tha Tarnpik Bridge, a the M toll gate, with garden, Ae. i , ,r , , HUBER.on the premiee, - 1 1 ,d4 - w) - or No. 14i Walnut ai v VALUABLE FARM FOR BALK - ri Plaaaantlr tlluated. For mrttoulara. ' - - quiroof . NATHANIEL B. PARUVT , oia - imw : . 10a norm rroniareet. S WHARF TO RENT To Rent for onjir era yaum. the large WHARP withholding thereon, aituated at the 8. E. Corner of VINR end WATER 8L Par term, tpply to DR. D. JAYNE, Bwt - iint r y. o ouuia xniaxr enroot, rmm. FOR SALE A small HOUSE, No. 6 HOW. LJ.ARD Street; two new three - story Houses, wilh three - story Back Buildings, replete wilh .conveniences, ailuala on th corner of Boh. Foartn and Chetunt ttreeM( a Sve - slory Houae, No. 83 South Seventh street ; a Lot oa the Southeatt corner of Boh. Front and Cheenut streets, 47 ft. front on Choanal Mr eel, by 176 ft. 00 Front They would be told low. Terms easy. BAM'L 0. 8PACKMAN, 1 - theJ - lmw cor. Bch. Poarth and Vine streets, A VALUABLE FARM AT PRIVATE SALE - Late the Estste of FRANCES T. deceased, in the Unincorporated Northern berttes, in tha eounty of Philadelphia, about Smiles from Kenaington, on the Point Road, above Ricb. mona, near the Wheat Sheaf Tavern, adjoining ths lands of Mr. Coleman Fiaherud other, containing aboatWaoret, mora or haa. apland tnd meadow; situated between Point Road and Rivor Delaware. The improramenni are a huge Brick Dwelling, with Brick Kitchen, Milk - bouse, Coach - hooae, Barn and Stabling for 36 head of cattle, and all other conveniences. Apply to FRANCES PUTT, HERBERT REYNOLDS, near Bridetborf, or GEORGE PUTT, on th premise. , . , d46 - wv TO LET A STORE. No. 14 South Fifth St., Dear Cheanat, wilh or wltbottt Dwelling, ire at No. 61 South FRONT St. , . . HHo - lm) ' TO LET The POINT HOUSE, with about 90 acre of meadow. . Potteatio) ilarch B9, and poaibfr earlier, - Apply to - - , - IB - lmt . . v;1 . "1 " R. W. 8YKE8. TO LET A two - story Brick DVVELUNO. 00 Cbesnut arect. Bear SchovlkiU Third, with argeyara. Kent aiwi peraanunt, inquire at no. 9 South EIGHTH Street.' . ' r thnVgta . SFOR RENT The large ROOMS heretofore occupied by J. P. MORRIS ft CO., at a Ma. i Shop, at Ihe 8. W. Corner Schuylkill Serentn aud Market Street.' Apply to , .( .. MORRIS A JONES tt CO.; ; )4ieod) ''"' Iron Merchants, cm th promisee; ft FOR SALE OR TO LET. A MILK PARM, LI. containing forty - two seres, more or leaa, together with four acre adjacent to the asm. . Likewise for sale, a TAVERN and seven acres of ground, situate on Nioetowa Lane, in North Pen Township. Inquire of WILLI AM or JOSEPH RHFlNER,Frmg Bear th premiaea. 1 ' - d31 - thsrnlara fat FARM FOR SALE. Will be told at Pub. I l'llUa - U m. f W4im akkl .1. Q - nv k.v, i.naaiH J , av.ii m IW - iiil, ir - a, tt 1 o'clock, on th premise, that valuable FARM, ktl the residence of Jacob Middle! on, deceased, sitntte in Mercer eoontr. N. J.. six mile from Bar. den town, containing about 75 teres, 69 of which ar tmbleofgnod quality, and 10 acres of woodland. ine improvements ere a convenient two - story frame DWELLING HOUSE, Bam, Cow House, Wagon House, and other oat - buikiinga, An iiuUsruiulC title and posses. ion given immediately; .,, . : 1 Two thooaand aollar may raaaain aaeared on Iht form. . dOOnrMttothJ ca . FOR SALE A IJJT OF GROUND 106 feel Lai front na Noble areel, and 68 feet front on Franklin street, kuratber wilh a tabetontial built brick BUILDING. 50 feat taaara, including a li horse power Steam Engine. A Urge port inn of the purchase money may remain on tha property. . Alto, a LOT OF. GROUND fronting on Broad tt., between Green and Coelea streets, being ISO fed froul on Broad street, U0 feet on Wallace street, and a front of ISO feet oa Pembertnn tt. Apply lo I , JOHN ECKSTEIN, 1 t1 - nd4t v v - No. BA North Third at. PARM FOR SALE IN NEW JER - t LlSEY About 66 arret, near Philadelnhta.ljZ handaomery eitualed heallky and good impruve - mentt, with two large Orehardt. Aecea to tne elty by steamboat and aaget several limea daily. . For tddreaa, inquire al the Ledger omea. dllu - Bmw T1ATTY BRAND'S ANODYNE PLASTER,. X Tha celebrated Martha Rraad, nunc formerly redding ia this elty, of high rcapectabliiity, waa well kaowa by many of the elder leannvniia - H Her prepa re! inas ware aumeroua, tnd in aoe for a traat t umber or year a, meeting wna Uit greali where they were tried; and were aetoba used by many of 01 taea a - tboajraiad atility it praotl. llonart, tart, among wauot went lira. Huaa aad rbvack, At her death, hw receipw WW pursiassd at a high Then receipts, ia her errgtrsal Aaadwn'emg, ar now fat aba poaaeanoaof C. Fi Taoais, who offer thia jnttly eelebraled Plaatov, for romevuig al - mntt every pain to whieh Ihe human eyMem ia table. From it peculiar combination of hurhhr nrenrth. enlng anodyne tnd slighlly stimulating propertie, it afford a pleaant and effectual remedy ui all eaae of pain in Ihe aide and breast, weaknee of the cheat, pain or weaknea of the bick or loins; alto ia the tens of linking and fait tea at th pit of th to aeeh, accompanying Dyw .aaia aad Livwr Cora plaint la Rltoarnaue or patnfal fsetioaaaf tha Laab or Jmni. their aandviw ors amilatint - eroosrliea reader them particularly aMheiai. In Coida, Cough or AMknaua aaeeuoaa, iney will aa loaad 10 civ lm mediato and permanent relief.: Perana who, frnra sedentary aamtt, or other eauaea, are predMaraed to affection of the lungs, will find the 'plasters an effectual security against iboee pulmonary a tucks wnica prove out 100 irequentty, when neglected, tne nreeursorr ymMoiat to Corisonuition. They will be found highly beneficial whenever aa uwdyno applieatina i driraoie tha ingredient) are harm leaa, and at the attat Unto prompt aad powerful ia their operatioa.i 1 m Prepared and for tale by P. 0. THOMAS, N W. corner of SPRING GARDEN and SIXTH Btreela, Philadelphia. 7 Where may ba had alio ftraad'f Tetter Ointment, Mixed Ointment, Golden do., Anti - bilioot Pill. Eye Water, Divine Pomade, Pile Ointment, Nipple Wash, nimping Cough MixtBra, Toothach Drnpa. dlS - taa A CARD - MRS. GREEN to the brat Ftaael il. Reader and Peraale Physician of the presanl day. HarmTieo it ia CHRISTIAN Btraet, the first door bsluw tlh, ippox sida of u way. dii - wa NOTICH whereas leitsrs teotameatary to to Estate of ISAAC IIEYDRICK. deceaaed, hare been s ranted to tha cubacribar. all penons indebted to aaat eaaie are raaueet d to snake inuaedhua pay mens, and Ihnae hariag alaia arainot to aama will proatnt them dnlyauihenticaied lor attlaeat,lo t . - E1J7.ABETH HfcVDRICK, Exocutrtxy t . 1 dt O - wBwe) ... - Bridnabarg, Phika'a Couaty. T ETTER9 OP AJ)Mii?i9TRTffON to th estats AJof Mrs. MARGARET BARNES, deceased, her. ing been granted lo the anhaerlber. ill person in. debtad to th estate of the eajd deceased are re - qseoted to aak iramadiaia payment ; aad those having ahsrffit er demands sgsiaet tha aanta, will prv seni in era, amy auinenneaiaa lor aeuiemom, 10 1 , i GEORGE W. BARNES, Administrator, or to J 0 JAMES M. BARNES, Ag'l, . n18 - ww . 'v No. Elliott1 Avenaa. rpHR reUowlst dewrlbai CERTIFICATR of Pfuasyl A vaala Leaa, hovtai bssa hat or waiaku, apolsw Mea will b aad a ca aropsr witkaritios tor Ih B t - NWAL af ah aaa via 1 Csrtaneaa Mo. It, tor f lis. la las tea of William Refer a, of rhllodslpkia. tats Beptsabsr fttk, IM. Leios a part af tha p east, lata cldf tot tst l Ik U tinri - b - liMii , ., ' JOH.Y ROOF". ' 1 . 1 r - ' H V McKP.V.L T. WIRE.' AMaltWatera af tha taaMaf Williwa Boeem, d. OVIIHW JO.tK.8' "PATENT" 8A8H LO RS - A aew artk - a for Berwrtnt afper er Leww Kashas, aad sustain! of usealaaay aaorrod posMoB. The Lora aay so applied tasbaTwy dosnitiea aaswarlaa wrth m wttkeut welnkla, fastealni Iksaiaslra van iJi aoaha tra eloaed. aed issan b psad fresa ths ontdoe, but are petlatly uonMealile froa wllhi. The sioipueliy a their eaarirus then antlas whbnut prtars, ta. I at bar witAir skataai aes dunUantr, rweenaaead taeaaa prelersbki teaar articls iaase, dealrasd fnr to (aaMPurpns. Tbey trt for sals at th nrlm - l roi Hard - War Hooaro; and a pnnant otrely fnr th traiewiey n feuad ttDILWORTH A BAOMoON'S, At MAiULtT Btrsst. rkllaiMpkla. r. b. ail Upiiaasataalliail aaataaaiiawndaraa lafriasvasai apo ta akovs paiawc ol - lswtoi PRJE BRKTKIt - Of tb 6rst - namy, ewewaen. ut ale, a tlx 8prit( UaHrs retwrv. JA1 atrtot aesr Btead, aad s the wtrskous of Iks' suusmnoe, ZAKf.eartet,BesT8rtk. looker or y variety oV Wa laKew. aad Biaok Wares, As, d . . 'VHLhl HINiAKLi, HAHiB.eoroorol MAID 1 sad L i uT birara, betwoea Cwiiia ( - anl'a aad 0raou.'a, wil !iniit ! throi.'S tlie Wiaiar mmmm.. tm aa J C mA B - t na oi m!led. ri as's Balsa 11 eeots. Saoaa maa f lav ikrea wwtks. Umoa ts eras' tkraiitk the Ceoiaruaosry. 1 iiaaaubiiakirt' Is rapist wit ersry Ho si n. At. B.A bra h ' - jd toraatttltaaiat, . . ,, ., A A - v f. . 1AAE NOTICE At SERVOS3' New Storo, Uiwin Looking blassea, Fancy Hardware and Clock hune. No uiilll North SK. CuimO Street, below Cllnwhill. Juat received, a tares eartment of CUn 1.:!, of every description, tt low aa kl ta, tnd Warranted for three yeartt second - hand Watche taknh In exohange. Hmse - acii. .in uinna wimiu save au per cant, oy meir tejcluuuJig. i Call aud examine our now nook nf goods, in great ruriety, sack aa Britannia ware, in tats, or aeparaia. , Alto, Cutlery, rich Par Looking Glaaaa, Ac. thjn't (org!. No. B06g North SECOND Street, Philad'a. ', - - dl? - lm ( SILVER BPOONSiOOLD AND SILVER I iXWATCHES, GOLD CHA.N8, PENCILS and i JEWELRY, in areas varletv. at No. AAA N cil'.COND St. r 1 ( H t U PHINBAS FRIES, ; n.B. Vtooka, Wtlchot tnd Jewelry Repaired at ml. - ,. - .....,. r. .inv . m tv a tlOHK valaa t to parelaua WATCH fc3 I i K JEWELRY, Will tnd it ta their advantage too - f1" tae Duoaeriver'l Biota, at Be W ecu - ing off el and undercoat, to euh the butineat. .1 dlS - lma - .. - . 1 r . a. WILSON, A v. ittl.Mr,rt ':f,w? f Twelfth, South tide. N. Br. The Good - will mid Fixtures for aale cheap. .'i.1,B,Ja ILVER WATCHK8 ANi) JRWKLRY, wsoloals sr Hiall, ehwprr tkaa an aora u the eitv. al muaaut aellina ma . due, aak, a, 8KC0Dfua, W Awujws I NCV 0WV - I atWriA W tMW.n, w JAMK8 BARDhlll'B Wkslesal aoa Keuul f i CLOCK BT0RK, tM MARKET St., ab 8. stLa tuth.Sauth tide. Ahuitkad full kawruasut aaatoat oriaoa low. ' r'loeks reeatrad and vrareanad. ' ' teBJ - tv AM JUST RECEIVED, Ltdiea' Embroidered .VwJNegligee and Brmhfaat CAPS, and Children' 4r Satin and Plush BONNETS, nt - til. yvrf - - . - etH 'il MRS. ED WARDS'. v. i r ;s : Ladict' ttd.OhiMren't Fjirnisliing Start, - Www - , . - v 1 Cheanut StreeU fi . HATS AND CAPS for the Holiday, ean be AVoooht oheaperof BROWN A Co., U4 MAR. RET Street, above Eighth, thin al any other olor to the eltv. WkvtiWaJll i.ll ik... neJ H onJT tUll CV.k l - A m ,1 , . "I V ' . wm '" . a Third Story Room to LET.; , " d89 - lm ra LOOK AT THIS ANU BAVR VOCR MOIEY' ULCfiKAPICBT HAT STORE IN T.H It CllTfWkj U" 2mlJJ.ft ef,tai 'or a Hat wbea vm mi la to R. F. MAULL'B Hat Btor. , N. SECOND 8t I. BsXUMU taU a est lor irtiol of MnH nd B. lfr - l waa uina Lairea, tuo tat tt tae afremnitsaMto. SIJA A filra nsa tor pi .a, uoe't farsa 2H N. haad i a sue aatarsnsl of HATS aad 9AP8,T. a every aaenipaaa, a ta touaaiag tow prtoai " ! axwa nsava laa. from - ' . i, . ga to to BS M , saajimiBruthHatt, tf, IWto 1 0B ftilrSTifWafro - i . - i S S S An or walek tr anuoner. and nf tlis saoa raahloualila rtylt, . Fla Paaama Hats, frsa i3 6 to Si, stusllr tt Ins a ahsea ars alllat a BA aad 6. . laltatt ; PHILADELPHIA SURGEON'S BANDAGEV INSTITUTE, 13 SOUTH SIXTH rJtreel. (un sUira.Wow Chaa. nut at B. 0. EVERETT'S Newly Invented Patent thubbca ror in perraanem teller and cure of Ruptnr. By tab) invention the wcaaura ean be in. creased or decreased at pleamr by the wearer war ranted in all eases. Alto, Improved Uterine Abdominal Supporter, Shoulder Braees, Suspensory Bandage, Bandage for Pile and Deformltiea, Ac I a diet attended by Mr. Everett.. ; . jad - tapta V M BILVKH BPOON AND BPECTACLK hU AirvrACTORY - Tha (ubserlbor eoatlaiHa k ' siOiaoufiiotiOTthsrirwsstBtylslilLVER TABLl mr: , wasat i iua crtMJ. i TkU BPOONS, al tha lowest prieos, silta f tkna quality, with a Wrlh at sur I as at. and pUla aad nrravad, with hand, he, N, wTosraw f UCON n and NP.W At, ssvoaao. Ol - aa - JOHN PR 1KB. mm '1 JttAIK AIAKKKH, UKAt.e.K ill M1U - tl UJNER'8 TRIMMINGS. AoTra Subscriber JiJ having purchased the estthllshmeil of Pati - xuavsr Shxblocs. It lbs House of Refute, will eontlaaa to aanufaetuse Can Seel for Chair. Stools, Setteaa, Oe. Also, Reeds for Bonnets. , t oo aoora amciea win a sept annannuy oa hand, and oroart will ba proraptly attended to, . ..... .v;. ...... , . - i. . - ,? JOSEPH 8. KITE.4 ' . N. B Bonnet Reedt mar ba bad at the N. E. corner of NLNTH and SPRING GARDEN Su ,f Joaara d. Km, Agent for tha above. . fdio - lma DniM, airrnnvcn, uiui iidi, Hal lit removed hit office to No. VVkm HP NUT Street, below Nfiith. enath (Ida. 1 1.. VI I D IDUL'OIIL'U rtt.KI'Tla'l I. - . where he will, at anal, attend, to all operations eon. teeted with the profewuou. ; d3l - Bma A MEDAL AWARDED BY TUB i, FRANKUN IN8TITUTB to T. W, MATTSON. No. IBS MARKET Street. below Sixth, for hit superiority ia tha Uamfttfr of TRAVELLING TRUNKS, A large assortment amaantly oa nand at tae faasaj avtee. ttrti a " aunuu, irtiunit an u mxAnuttavs. mil exttastr taaatoaat, adjusasd a ta aaa Ualtad Btua Blaadard. warraatad, aad (a WjUkwaaMMIMkrwaBi sas utasiorr sf . HCTH A CO - a tlaa a . at 4or koh .,,k MONUMENTS. PLAIN tad ORNAMENTAL UfMbJ I TUI ltayrana nvi ViriVlVCa ... VV - eV Uiariil MtKttmW A V.sX7i CkVV,. ITWitlJ frvr Mle. or will h made to onlor. as tu WslRl tkaATosaAT oJUltlDI RA IF A DT ' .,.1,1 , . - . . . i'i F.H.BTRECKER.1 . , Rslg Road, below Spring Garden tt .Wesi side. 1 For orders, selection aaay be made frtaa a great variny oi awaitns in my piianainei. nn - ams AR I WAR I WAR 1 The Wig aak era as vt . oaeiareo aosuiities emna our aeurhbar. ur Jayne, on aeeouni to this Hair Tonus, which is knock Ing all thirbusinea into a "cocked hat." Leslie and getitlenen, old and young, are Socking to the. Dou'tor standard. Head long dircated of even dtr firff) rudiraantsnf hair, after aaing hia Hair Tonic, mum appear with aew and lowing lock, which Ab totom Bimeelf miehl kav envied. Beardleas bom ar ten with targe and bushy whiskers, and Iada anil agaialnrnugk tbeir own raven ringlet, mure beau 1 if ul and bewilehing iban ever. Bald head ar doffing their win and ikrowint thorn to U " anla tnd bat," wttilt tb wig makart Hand aghatt at they behold th demoliiioa of their butiiieaa. What will ba the aonteqnenca of thia war w know not, a the wiggiee are oalraganaa, and th Docsnv rwwaina Irm, aad deohsrsa that " aoas things ran b ansa aa arell aa others, " and that beat beaut aay a well wear their own hair a the hair of other aecyie J, Weekly Mtattngw. " - i ! - Wa would infnrm our reader laat thht rtluabld Tmie mar be had at No, a South THIRD Street, rananeipna. . . eat - lmt UURDEN'S PATENT HOR8E BHOPJt - Made f x ia ooa mi ava sad wsrasat, ta aleai na naaiiaa'artoaa. A targe aaltka. af WORIIirO IRON, tw Blath rak raid far Wraifbt aad O raif ht tad Cast Heraa rrea. ar kkoa aa af kllONTaad Bfresa, ia x seDanta. Mri o36 rTtHF. DIAPHRAOM FILTER, FOR PURIFYINU A WATER. A OsM Msdal kas boa awvdoi wardodfalk treat laprsrsassal in tkis iavaluabkr laveatJsa to the baFsir. JhfBubliear I Use af Uieflltsr, a is dep, sorsor of Third. Ta iarn ir laritad to wltaaa te opera - denos. No.TR WALNUT Blroac. iBrremslBS desaoae sad taeiliuVoa ta tatir ataBufartur aaba tk provnetert to tUad maa at naa tares m bt aaiart ova. . W. H, JENNMOIg, t aM - Jwrt ...... i Porto Proprietor. AFFLICTED. DR. HARDWICK cooBnaea lo guaranty t speedy, cheap aad tasting ura, of ait uttaun or prtruta nature also, thneeaffee. rams preauar to rmpotaier ana certain oe faull - ak - UM J k - - - ... ,, w u . v mii.. tm v. twiii, wnico, m 0.1 cam avvouuy. form th nsoa aerioat impedimenta to happiness, and ultimately destroy both body and mind. 1 ht utraaal acritarrrobtorred. Residence No. IT ARCH Street, above Front. Later (poa paid) a ti ended to. 4 - lm rtARD. MRS.. PREW8TER. ia retarana I VJ thank to ha friend, informt taea that for a few BBorttha lonrwr, before aha leaves, en will eon - tirut to INTERPRET DREAMS. Ac, and h wilt toll tb nam of aay Lady ar Gentleuaaa that they will marry. She caa b contulted at bar reaitkraee, no. xwe vv wu aareat, esova I amaesua, irom A. tt. en a at ta evwnug. Laena x Mats, usruismi Weent. jal - lmy rpO THK AFPIJCTW) - A CURR 0UARAN - X TIKD Th BOTANICAL PHYSICIAN. Dr HARD WICK, No. IT ARCH Si rest, above Front, wvranto a rapid and tatting ear of all disc of a tecret nature, in from thro to tea da vs. without re strictions lo diet or pursuit, and alao aoliiaryhabitt of youth, aad all saw of a tiaular aaturs. The IU most seoresy observed, tnd oharg modarsta. Ja. tors (pnat - paid) atleadnd la. dW - la ASIIJCNT FRIEND A Book which treats on Secret Disease, Debility, Dytpepaia, Ac, and th deleter! oas affeot of Mercery on lb system, written and sold by DR. FUNN, 60 North FRONT Street, ibnv Areh, price tt eeat; by whom dia - taaea of every kind are treated and eared radically oa a written guarantee.' Dr. F. haa had oxnerlenc to Die lywdoa Hospital, and many years here, Open nu v, r. oa - - . as 1 - 1 mo LRB YOLRHELP. - AMERICAN C0M - J POLND - Of all the reossda for th permanent are of a delicate disease, thia it the moa eartaia. Ii contaiot ao a weary or nausooue drugs, Itavaa no odor on the breath, require a reatrictioa of diet, drvik.axpoaara or besineaa, aad it adapted to every tog of aaa disease, Patiena nay rely that Ui w no tri.apd ap a haaabugj'' It ha kiiag beoa ased ia th pel vat peaetiee of phyrieiaa with araarring to arm, 'radically curing ninety - nm of the hundred ease, end hi the most eeraln remedy. Try tt, and if it fail th aaoiMr will be refunded. Snlf ft, W, eraser Third and Souib aorner Seenod and Ceatatt Eighth and Coaleo; Elerenth and Viaaj Twelfth aiuj Cheenut, end at Thrrd aad Green. ' dlo - la4) TJLObTED U.'xiiia Tk liAJSod LiNiMLNT. 17 an extensively kaowa and justly eeleiirstcd asaa bifaililite remedy for froued limla, atay be had, a hereloiinw, of lha Prnprietr - , No. 40 Nianh SIXTH Bl., (where certificate may be aeea of the teenfreW nrea it hat affected.) and at Ihe fiiilowin sreneira BfiT N. Second st, 174 8. Secnad tt., lis & Fourth ,4TJ hlarka a, and J.F. Qicruish, Iancaaier, Pa. Price BS eta. pw bottle. dl7 - .1re OS ODD YEARS OP EXPERU.NCK LsL OU H Li ETA CO.frnm Paris, kav aewrf aa pnvtod fpasa their old (Fraaa) mrr a crea many of the heat known Brae to ear all the "'"artfal ao - eradinwari alaoat m.ianlly tVwwvov. WUhnutany quaekerrat all, each ease at gnarentH1. Tha ee e - bralad Afedimae is only an e had el thtr old raa. den re. No. T4 SPRUCE St, abor Second. Prrntlc draw. ! '' - 1 1 ' dn - taO 51 tXilOAL AJDAii.'Ctod, reeoiket, la only bant iiilie etiy to cur til forma of eerain d eaaea, disesias of Itie ain,so.!iry iwmui 0f rnnih, It thto'd prmeuinsiw.LR. r Ll.N.N, ao North t RON I 8t alwve Arch. - Bewar of quacka. App'ytoth imvevwuiy ceiel.raled rhytican, and fou anil h raiaiin. .miv,.,wwwv,,kwi,,o w BHQP rait toiiaa. irtuart, BtaVptid, aoiicod - (U7 - Lb 1 " ' . ' V t PAS - ACK FROM LONDONDERRY. .Puimiiia U'tahuig lo en pu(( fur thsir: mua, in Grsi - rut n,!, u, mln fwm Londonderry Philadelphia Ihewuumg Spring, via ), , On let March on fiih March, .1 " ' , . On lsth March ue With March, , .On 1st April ou llrtb Anrll, . - !'' One (kith Ai,rilnno tmt IU?.. ' BP aaW do tifcy spying to 1 ' i : I i ' . i" ROBERT TAYIOR, , kt - Bma ,. , NoS9 Walnm St., below Second. PAridAGB FROitf LONDONDERRY - : , - e ;vm m. , - cparu pBsaii oe ror uieir u7 from LONDONbl HH Vd,',.,. L piiM.a. fnci uca.rni,uuringu waning Bprbig,ara biformed tnai we snail nave a nra e asa Amar nan KI, n aail . irom vennr .nnins luia Maroa,ia thaBtlh Mjarch. on the lUtk AprU aud oa the 1st buy, fur THIS PORT and that they ars now prepared m make tha aeoaaary errnnaemaitt on at LOW TERMS ss any ? . . ! f t . ANDREW o. CRAtn A CO . d3l4my ' 8. W. omer of ISth A Marka flrt, PASSAGE FROM UVEKPOOL, "in the VOtTII mill mil i tivin n rx...... . iiiuuiKowaia idiim ve, lfca.i;ill ljvornnnl tha llllk A,, rf.i. .....1. O - - age BIS j oerufinatf good for six months. Apply to Ihe owners. . d - ZKiny H. A A. C TE A CO. .a PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL uboul tb JvIJllaof JANUARY The aplenilid faa tail. Hia Pan lrl tlh In MIPMlMlinifl . I . w ww, win aau as auovw, ' ' ror passage, in ine OS tun iliMM. Onnlw r. ik. C.fal. ml I 1 - .,!.. " ... ,v luwvMiwuiuii wain, o mo first wharf below VINE Street, or to - " ti .v'v - tr' - Vi SAMUEL PLEASANTS,!, Jat - t v, , j,0. 3 Wtlimttt. j Pamage la the Cabin, '.i . '". ,, K..: . "'. Hioaoi .'if u, ia. - - a - , - ! , FOR BALE - T wo first rat Caji m M - rl . .... mm ..1 no 1 - ..a . . wen owouiaica tor Ue lime or brick trade also, and Will be Sold CheaiL. Fnr nartlnulara. annlv ta fmnt GEO. TWIBILt, WliX)W Street,' near Pin Schuylkill. dl6 - aw6w aSEst - , Mam n GERMANTOWN AND NdR. iRISTOWN RAILROA h Of . I - X. - - Bit f - Leave Philadelphia at 10 and 4. - - ' Do. Norrislown at 8 and 1. ' ,.t i i Lavet PhHtdelnbia at M. 1 and Si . Do. - Gernantown at i, and 4. 1 il. - . cvmi a Mile oa : ... - - " " ,.iiiu.uAuuat,vs a nunaiee tostT'ibr Caraetort,(8uiidayexcerjted.)arrafl.iniltlt toA"Cij.;TWicA Wm.iKZ.fhT M i.V.bW. ARCH Hi, VUri m & u'ulork rory rfM4if n& Hnidai morning, wd - BrWfetoa wtj MmtUtt and T - Wtv ww tatwi tiosar lug j UlteWrjlDHUI, - .. ty ' Jia - tjam ; ... ,r, m,L. green. s. m - filELTj '"H WILMINGTON. Mteamlnau ;Mrr7nALUON,fromCHESNUT Street Wlar?7dHiiyradift rsunstd, at Bi o'clock, P. M. Irfavet Wilmington al 7, A. M. Pare oanta. ' F vneoter or now, aa cenvs. anH - tni reaaw afo . u uo . m r. , . - . fcSJSALEM, DELAWARE - CITY, and iniwHwowia piaoea. wave anu wharf below A RCH Street, every Tteasxy, rAwrata and Sntsm' IB o'clock, A. M. Rerarning, leavesftnlemiai MoodHva. Wedaewlaysend Fridaya,atBoekick, A.M.ill Am a F0R8MVRV4 and Till.' PUttlN. ,n,A The Smyrna, Ieiptle and 'PhiladelDlitaStaamlinatOiininiivenii tin tie to ran their Daily Law tf Mail CaacAri, front WILMINGTON to Uie above aamedplace, leaving immcdialelv on tk arrival of the Cam frasa PhilaZ delphia, wruch war at 8 o'clock, A. M. ... - - . u. BAfnwiu, Agent,' l - tfe6 - - ' - '" Areh rreet wharf. Al'Pl .kt Tit Kit . a euMnsr aak ,JC17 with Psm, CUarir p urn and lCrtnrsa Trots, al ti r. MF.yii, mu.ji, It. J. .."r,""I,TB,H'r "'snsn., u nerta waarva, f hilsd. T. C, Kayaoad, at de. de., do.; D. O. I'routr, siniarl o FOR SALV - aoO palrt of Fancy PIUE0N4 iKti all the different varieties, wh at Carirera, jajCriipner. Nunt, Ruff Necks, Fanlaih. Tum - blera, Turblta. Moors, Swallows, Snella, Owls, Qua - ken, Trumpelere. Magpie, Ac - t No. 80 alAlt - SHALL Street. '. . d90 - w JTf A SUPERIOR LOT OP SALT WATKR V - i TERRAPINS FOR SALE CHEAP, at Stall NfTlHlOH St. Market, abort Third. da9 - ni HORShS TAKEN TO WlYT IWZ WrmtmPmt tnlaTain id WlMtaaay Mt ibtaa r..ii.. tAw4iotak tLeaa aarill tteataa a .4 :., - A pBMartonmotKrrT in Wai - tt Btgkl and Wd waaihar 10 Mr, whr (hr eaain IV. oatsrsstdlaa tHa t 63 A U 11 tJBfWknn t wr its arm aras svny ataiayiraixv mr sBAn U J . gVA - lVPl . 1 Ak - i - - - i . . . aa. ii.ii' AA .. .j WTW aaajliwati trvvrvwar trinigot ri. gtTWHEWi J' V v I( l are - w - A. H. GALE A CO.'S NEW Y6BJa IsaJPIANO FORTES At tha qtanloa 1 1 I IB fullv and atufBetorihr aalilarf ih.i GAlJK'8 PIANOS are the ban and chea peer now made, Ihe subscriber will merely invito the attention of the public to hit new and beautiful aanrunent of lueee popular instruments, and truat that every on will eontnlt their interest and give him a call, after looking elsewhere, and be convinced that Dole Col deaerr the prefer one. PIANOS TO II 111 K, - ' ' . J. 0. SMITH. Publisher and Untie Dealer, JB - lm0 Jao. Ml i CHK8N UT St., above rVrenth. ga "" EinTARDS' SUPERIOR WANO I ftf"1 klF0RTB' 11 Wpereenu lea thsii ill . I I 9 1 I I'owrat prices, and warranted ia every lea pool equal to any now manufactured. . Alao, second - hand PIANOS, from B'AJ toBUO, at No. 4 DECATUR Street, between Sixth and Serenih, betow Market. ; - , - 44 tma a"' - n WANO AND NEW AND SECOND - lf'ir - llrIAND. EVRNITLBK WARB - II MIROOM, No. 80 North SEVENTH St. Two aiiponiw six octave eciitid - har4 PIANO FORTES for tale at very reduced price; ' - dlm qk6 W.SMITH. - (f - ow - wv THR PHILADELPHIA PIANO f - U - V - 1F'ORTK MANUFACTURING CtlM - . IT T t PAN Y, Bl 1 North THI RD Street, bef taar to Inform the public generally, that they now hare aa elegant assnrrrnenl af Mthoganr sad Roe, wood PIANCUJ, of dlffereM vla and clasera, from the piata wet. to th legaat 1 Oct., which for brtl - "'Y "f lora and delicacy of toaoh eannot be tur - paaaaS.The danbllity and aupehor Cithth kav gained to tha CBmpaay tb Confidence of a diverting pab. K lhaaflw tbey dn ant hare to bag eenilcie. of any travailing PaniaL N. IL Pianos to hire, tuned nd repah - wd. ' . 4IT - ma Jhm. PtRBT PREMIUM awarded by the Prank, mdj n Institute toSrEWARrS PATENT AIR. sb I TIGHT SUMMER and WINTER COCh - JClN STOVE, tha First Premier twaHod by th American Inttltate, New York, and the First Premium br laa Methaniet' lasiituie. Biauet, being all of than Bilvw Medala 00 other Cooking Sieve in that mark a having received Ira presnimra In all of ihoa mstitaliana. For tale at No.BttOMABKET Street, Weal at Klertnth, by - - - BlB - TmO NORTH k HARRISON ATWOOD FIRST PREMIUM KM - oC - TPIRR HOT AIR AIR - TIGHT COOKING f - rl STOVFa for ml by th Agent, R. FIiTl,l, "wxidU GIRARD ROW, MARKET Street, i torn baiow TwelAh.i ., ' . A - iSAw mmym. ' - . RATB I RATS I AATB l - E. OLl - r ' fifll - ltottiag. RtveMe rJ'AlT TRA t B. Tkeet suporVw TkAPI ar tor snlsat No. WNorth BIXTH fk.. brlow Area. Aha CKLLAR WINDOW Willi efafi kladt, ray koaa, - v ....... . ITkislttoaartirytM I aova ttsaod ftis a DLl - EH'BPaaaBeUWosalag TRArB,aad lladH to bt boat trap 1 0vr sw far eatrhloc raava I r'M ar oraiaUa af lae veraia ey n. r.i'w. u. rsirn, wa rao pra. an awnt wni orosa - ' - ' SURGICAL OPERATIONS WITH - V - , , OUT PAIN Tbne about aibmliting to t - LLUi aurgical opara lions, who wish to have Drt. Jachaiat't and Mortoo't prtnarttloia fnr pre renting pain, administered to tjiem, are informed thai PlWTEk A WORRALL, Dentuus. No. hVIT ARCH Street, bar bee authorised to administer It in caste of ttwgsrp a well aa Dsaliary, and will therefor atMud to tea emlm a map ke mad tnna loam for thia purpoa. They continue to apply the above for psr sous who wish AmuA txtrmeud. Numerous Matliaonials from InlAlllgent phyacians, In favor of the as uf lha agent refared, to, may be teen at thairoexee. - dl - tw - 9 PLATFORM BCALEB. - IHnii.1 k ,F5DAVI8,( . 1 their eld (tueaaaaort ta r.loeat un Keir eld satabliaksd IVal Factory, ! :&. llN Btraet. Bear Niath aad l oalas ttrvtta. waora thev emitioo. aj keretofero. a ouumi CC.'S faeturt PLATVUHM SCALES, at ronii - rd aa" Betoos - oa tb aaa tm proved alnriplea. aad aarrealled aeeurary aad durability. Taoao rVlw sr e. la pad aed mod apreasiy for . naiireOHS, t - ei Works. As. IT I. Ilav Ouwaa, aetsnea, roiloilr I Irles, Ire Works, As. JDA0 Bna'a ssid tt ti - it ar (uaraotied to bs ;!, If s set si. per 1 a, u any inasufarursd, sod if hot tivinr aatii a. Hoa tnd retaraed wluna three aeatks, will W sek aad the aatiey paAnKled. Oniere retired rj yroaptly slum 11 oa w a our kaora, Na 191 MArUilf Btreot, Aun, Rapairtag derst, . . auo - ooiClmO GIBBOn A BATIB. r - v PAIRBANK'B PATENT PLATFORM AND ilcOU.NTC.R SCALE 6.A tart taeortsss , mi I . thaw aUbraud 6rales for sal by A B. N lit. I RI a U. O - PR0UTY. UtTMABKET Bt tot, OkPkikd. Aba, Hay, Caa), Rsllraad aad C.aal wanroie, ovaaod a short Bodes, ta tla aaa p - laa tad turalil asaaw Purehastrs are saraeaal aaaJast a aptntaa art Is. Asrad as Fsirkaak's IVaJoe, la (sauiaoaa be al only of lb aitkoriaed Asswa. w oadtO . VU. YOUNG, OCULIST, IH SexicJ ttreot, abova Poorth " Ot and two Imkm mrmm lAoa. Uiaaf ak.'k Jm k, l susd aw I IA Boad rurtr tAV S'fii.t Seven teen y tors' act sal praetie a n OcuUst, enab'ot Doeinv Young to guaranty a cure In auanaer ry diaaee to which the Ere it subject : A ma u re Is, Sprks on Ihe Cornea, InSiuned Eye - lids, Btrafiiainiai or Squinting, Ac, removed. Artltcial Eyes Iinaseird, thai eon wilh Aifflnult bo itutm ukt Ark - tmO VEnKTARI.K KX f K ACT, FOR or F K M ALF.A Depvewioa, Weakaeaa or gaaeral IVbilny. The lavartaule taccwa ta da e treated by tha invaleaul Vegetable, and the rspi 't - ty wtih whwh relief a obtained rendr it wort! y . the ecmri deration of thoa Isbonn un 'er dnnm.ea ment. Prepared and sold only st 9 - 8 WO( II)Hir I, lower aiiie.liAtweeJi Brnod and l.tis. dt.Va1tna EiiiCAL, It r.UKF - iVaxiaaniiCied with l)a - r ' ima, Kaeumauaaa, runs ency, Hoc ing hoa. Weakness of tiis Back, Puna m Ihe tMe t 4 Head, and a general deWi'v of f't 1 em. artr - . eaeaed to ap,.,. 10 DR. FUNN, B0 North ( RON C , ;ret, above Arrh,and try mta bottle of his asd cinea, which will give inuneili te reil t. Ilia aerll - eiaea aeva nil to eer sound, and at' easily taken, tad eoalaia an Injahoot Inrre - H'OU; a trial i eafV aeutto convince. Optaiul B, P. M. A'l lettero poa pjd,aiwt, ; , . . ! ,: Ais - Iura

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