The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 5, 1986 · 59
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 59

Los Angeles, California
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Saturday, July 5, 1986
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Saturday. July 5. im Part IV 9 Cos Angeles (Times NEVER-RETIRING EILEEN RYAN IS OUT OF By NANCY MILLS If people wonder where Sean Pcnn gets his chutzpah, they should meet his mother, actress Eileen Ryan. It was Ryan who gave her son the famous advice, "When you go in (to auditions), you have to picture them not sitting at a desk but sitting on a toilet." Ryan, who hasn't lost her New York accent even after living in California for 27 years, is a strong-minded woman with an earthy sense of humor. "I just gave my boys a couple of clues that I'd figured out myself very early," she insists, seeking no credit for the celebrity being heaped on Sean and, to a lesser extent, his younger brother, Christopher. Ryan is very protective of her sons. How she feels about Sean marrying pop singer Madonna in a highly publicized wedding last year has not been reported, for she declines to discuss her famous daughter-in-law. "Eileen will talk about herself as an actress and how it was working with her two sons, but she will not talk about Madonna," said an Orion Pictures spokesman on behalf of Ryan. "At Close Range," starring the two Penn boys and their mother, is an Orion release. The movie, a true story about a father who tries to kill his sons because they know too much about his criminal operations, features Ryan as the boys' grandmother. It's a small part, one that many experienced actresses might disdain. But it gave her a chance to restart a career that has been on hold for 25 years. A Broadway star in her youth, Ryan retired to raise three sons-Michael, 27, is a musician; Sean, 25, and Christopher, 20, are actors. Although this was her first official acting appearance with her sons, she did have a part in one of the home movies Sean and his pal Emilio Estevez used to make. "I was a background mother screaming from the kitchen," she says. Her "At Close Range" grandmother looks old, tired and worn-out. "Right away I understood the character," she explains. "I've known these women who've had very hard lives and very little joy or sense of fun." Ryan, 59, does not fit that description. She talks fast and is full of wisecracks. Her pink blouse, black cotton trousers, a casual black jacket and white boots are decidedly ungrandmotherly. "Jamie ("At Close Range' director James Foley) and Sean, who are best friends, thought I'd be perfect for the part," she says. "But I insisted on reading. I wanted the producer to be convinced too." Not easily led, Ryan has always done what she thought best. "I don't think anybody could have felt stronger than I did about control- it RODNEY DANGERFIELD PAPER 1'LIPn.m ah ALAN WETTER Km RODNEY DAKRF1ELD BAI'K TO SCHOOL" SALLY KELLERMAN BURT YOUNG KEITH GORDON ADRIENNE BARBEAU ROBERT DOWNEY, SAM KINISON i NED BEATTTU 'Den Martin , i,DM ELPMAN taw pta.ESTELLE ENDLER MICHAEL ENDLER HAROLD RAMIS i,(MK RUSSELL Scmnpia, i,STEVEN KAMPMANN s WILL PORTER M PETER T0R0KVEI 4 HAROLD RAMIS Siy GREG FIELDS s DENNIS SNEE iiii,ALAN METTER axon I'M. in -Win '"! PI i 13 PARENTS STRONEL1 CAUTI0NID-4S1 I... M.linil Ml, ( l,.,,r.,rit. I,' EMMiVrili I) ' School WEST WOOD UA tntom-t IhtMlfp 45 9441 SCHEtK 1 IMH 1 H 110 S4S BOO 10 IS tHUH IRI SM I,, i ah show i??s BREA UA Movies (714)990-4021 BUENA PARK UA Movies 1714) 952-4993 CHATSWORTH Pacific s Wmnetka Drive In (8181 349 6806 COMMERCE Paalic s Commerce Theatres 726-8022 COSTA MESA Edwards Cinema Center (714)979 4141 COSTA MESA Edwards South Coast Plua7t4)546 ?711 EAGLE ROCK Pacific s Eagle Rock Plan 254 9101 SCHHN ? ttAILV ? IS 4 30 bib 9 00 HOLLYWOOD UA Egyptian 467-6167 UAUY T? 30 ?30 4 30 6 10 fl lO 10 ?S 'HUH IRI SA1 1 All SHOW ?2b ALHAMBRA tdwards Aihambrd Place (8l8l?fll 0980 ANAHEIM Pacific s Anaheim Dnve In (M48,'9 9B50 AZUSA (dwaids foothill Center l1fli9 963? BAKERSFIELD II A Movies ARROYO GRANDE festival (805i481 553 BAKERSFIELD Crest Dnve In (805)832 0001 BARSTOW Barstow Station (6191256 828? CULVER CITY Culver 838 1893 LANCASTER Movies West 18051943 ?8?B , V ! ri A Actress Eileen Ryan.- "Fve always ling my own destiny," Ryan says. "I've always felt I was captain of my soul. "When I first came to Hollywood, I was getting leads on 'Bonanza' and 'Twilight Zone.' Once when the casting director didn't think I was quite right for the role, I remember saying, 'I really don't think you can afford me for this.' Then I walked out. "My agent almost had a fit. Later he called and said, 'Eileen, they came up with the money.' You have more guts when you don't care." Ryan grew up in New York City, one of three sisters. "When I was six I remember beating up all the little boys in my apartment building so they'd be in my plays," she says. "We'd perform in the courtyard, and people would throw coins on top of our heads." She got a college degree before officially becoming an actress at 21. Nine years later, she met Leo Penn in a Broadway production of "The Iceman Cometh." (She played Cora; he took over Jason Robards' role.) Eventually Ryan gave up her acting career "to be a mother 300," although for a brief period she did try combining the two. "Leo stayed home and took care of Michael when he was two months old," she recalls. "I was out of town RODNEY DANGERFlELDi U Km kwfin. is in Session at these Select ELTORO Edwards Saddleback (714)581-5880 FOUNTAIN VALLEY Edwards Fountain Valley (714)839 1500 GARDENA Pacific's Vermont Drive-In 323-4055 GRANAOA HILLS UA Movies (818)366-0032 HAWTHORNE AMC Hawthorne Plan 644-9761 IRVINE towards Woodbridge (714)551 0655 LAGUNA BEACH Edwards South Coast (714)497 1711 LAKEWOOD Pacitic s Lakewood Center So 634-9281 LONG BEACH AMC Marina Pacilica 493-5521 LOS ANGELES SoCaJ s University Village Mall 748-6321 MARINA DEL REY UA Cinema 622-2980 MONROVIA Mann Huntmglon Oaks (B16) 358-4545 MONTCLAIR Pacific s Monlclair (714)624 9696 NORTH HOLLYWOOD UA Movies (BIB) 766 4317 I ORANGE AMC Orange Mall 1141 637 0340 ORANGE UA City Cinema (714)634 3911 PASADENA Pacil-c s Hastings (818) 351 7555 PICO RIVERA Pacific s Fiesta Drive In 948 3671 PUENTE HILLS AMC Puente 10 (818)810 5566 RIVEHS(DE SoCal s Canyon Crest (714)682 6900 RIVERSIDE UA Tyler Mall 1714)689 802? SflfKIV fsDPASSESACCerTCOI-tJM IMISEMliAGFMENtl PALM DESERT Town Center (619)340-6611 PALM SPRINGS Cameiot 1714) 327 1273 PASO ROBLES Oak Creek Plaa 80bl ?39 3050 POMONA Mission Drive In 628 0511 RIDGECREST Hrdgecrest (6)9)446 7771 RIVERSIDE Ftubidoux Drive In (714)683-4455 SANTA BARBARA Fiesta (805) 963 0781 SANTA BARBARA Santa Barbara Drive-ln 1805)964-9400 MARY FRAMPTON Loe Angeles Times felt I was captain of my soul." and all I did was cry. That made it very clear to me that I wanted to be home with the kids. "When John Frankenheimer called me for the lead in a big movie, I was pregnant with Sean. I said no." She has worked only sporadically since, using her energy to paint, decorate, raise children and give dinner parties. "If guests didn't like my kids expressing themselves," she recalls, "they wouldn't be invited again. In that sense, I trained them to act. They're certainly not inhibited about expressing themselves." Ryan says she has learned a lot from her children. "I've had wonderful reviews in my life. I think I was talented, but I was never as courageous as my kids. From them I've learned to have more couragenot in a room, but with creative choices. "I don't know if I'd have gotten this far with my writing without what they'd achieved. I'd probably have just pulled back and watched." Ryan has spent the last two years writing a script, recently optioned by SheenGreenblatt. "It's a mother-daughter story," she explains. "The daughter is in her 40s. Diane Keaton would be terrific in the Dart. The mother is in her 80s. They never got along. It's about the mother coming to live Theatres- ROLLING HILLS AMC Rolling Hills 326 551 1 ROSEMEAD AMC Rosemead 573-9480 SAN BERNARDINO Pacilic s Baseline Drive In (714)86? 8136 SAN BERNARDINO Pacilic s Inland Center 5 (7141381-1611 SHERMAN OAKS Pacific 4 1818)990 4140 SIMI VALLEY Mann 6 1805)583 0711 TAR2ANA Mann Valley West (818) 996-1300 f TORRANCE UA Del Amo 54? 7383 VALENCIA Mann 10 (805) 255 3966 VENTURA Mann Buenaventura (605) 658 6544 WEST COVIN A SoCals Wescove (8181338 5574 WESTMINSTER Edwards Cinema West (714)891-3935 WESTMINSTER Pacific sHi-Way 39 Drive In (714) 891 -3693 WOODLAND HILLS UA Warner Center 1818)999 2130 I nftSIN1Mi rm 9 SANTA MARIA Hi-WayOriveln (805)937 3515 THOUSAND OAKS Melody (805495 0881 VICTORVILLE The Movies (714)245 0233 WESTLAKE Westiake Village (818)889 2919 RETIREMENT with the daughter and the effect it has on the family. The characters are wonderful, if I do say so myself. "It's not something I wrote to sell. I needed to write this, but I couldn't do it till my mother died. It's autobiographical. My mother and I never got along. She was a character and very outspoken. One of 13 in an Irish family, she grew up on a farm in Upstate New York. She was a nurse, a teacher and an alcoholic. My father was a New York Italian dentist. All those people are in my script." Having lived through the mother-daughter relationship once, Ryan says she's glad not to do it a second time. "I've just loved being the mother of three boys. I had natural childbirth. If I'd had a girl, I would have said to the doctor, 'Push her back in.'" PAVILION CINEMAS ff BELIZAiRE THE CAJUN Ci!y: 1:30. 3:30, 5:30. 7:45. 9:55 Us LETTER TO BREZHNEV Daily: 2:00. 4:00, 6:00. 10:00 A ROOM WITH A VIEW Daily: 12:30, 2:45. 5:00. 7:15. 9:30 3 MEN AND A CRADLE Daily: 3:45. 7:30 DESERT HEARTS Daily: 1:45, 5:45, 9:45 51 wjw NEWPORT 70n6trKkOolr Newport Center TOP GUN(PG) 714644-0760 t2:30-3)-5:30-8)-rO-,15 TOWN S O Frwy. at Arton 714761 Robert RedfordOebrl Winger LEGAL MGLES(PG) 12:00-2:15-4:30-7:00-9:30 LIDO Mfwport-Udo 714673-8350 Exclusive Orange County RWtii USAjlj 12:00-2:00-4:00 6:00-8:15-10:15 Today J2.50 untl 3:0upm 1 EDWARDS Rirntiss piopuiri Harbor-Adam 12:20-220-420 714546-3102 6:20-8:15-10:10 Today 82.50 untH 3fl0pm 714646 - HARBOR TWIN THE KARATE D IIPG) 714M1. 1VI.4.l.i;-4C.A'm 10:15 Today 82.50 until 300pm 816 TROUiU M UTTU CMNAIPG-13) 12: 15-2: 15-4:15-6: 15-8:30- .X Today 82.50 until 30pm MESA ttewport-nm 714646-6025 ABOUT IAST MGr1T(tl 1:15-3:30-66 8:15-Kfc20 CINEMA CTR. u8yrmtii(pgi Harbor-Aoann 1:15-3: 15-5:15-7:30-9:30 714979-4141 Today 82.50 untH 3410pm A MIRK AN ANTWI(PC-1J) 12:46 Separate Admission mmmm scaredir) 2:45-4:45-7:00-9:00 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm fOIK tUElLfit'S DAY 0BIPG-11) 1:45-4.00-6:15-8:30-10:36 Today 82.50 until 3.00pm RACf TO SaKNX(PG-11l 12:00-2:00-4:00.6:00-6:00-10:0(1 Today 82.60 untH 300pm CHARTER CENTRE TOP GUM IPG I Warner at Beach 12:45-3:15-5:45-800-10: 13 714841-U0 Today 82.50 unuT 300pm RUTHLESS PEOfU(R) 12:45-2:45-4:45-6:45-8:45-10:35 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm TK KARATE Rk IIPG) 1:15-3:40-600-8:15. W.30 Today 82.50 untH 3:00pm ROWRHG SCAREDIR) 12:30-3:00-5:15-7:30-9:45 Today 82.60 unuT 300pm ARGOT LAST ltGT(R) 1Z: 15-2:30-4:45-7: 15-9:30 Today 82.60 unW 300pm HUNTINGTON my iittle pony Beach-Male TKMOVIIG) 11:30 714848-0388 Separate Admission LEGAL EAGLES PG I 1:15-3:30-5:45-8:00-1015 Today 82.60 until 300pm lARYRktraiPG) 12:30-2:30-4:30-6:30-8:30-10:20 Today 82.60 untH 300pm 714551 VILLAGE CENTEH topgun(pg) Beach2BtocU 12:46-3:15-5:45 rtorthoGG Frwy. 800-1015 714891-0667 Today 82.60 until 3Mpn AMERKAN AMTKM(PG-U) 11:30 Separate Admission LEGAL CAGLES(PG) 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:30-9:45 Today 82.60 untH 3:00pm FERRIS MKUtrS DAY OFFIPG-131 1:50-400-6:15-8:30- TO:36 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm RUTHLESS PEOPLEIR) 1:00-3.00-5:00-7:00.900. 1045 Today 82.50 untH 300pm TK GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE! G) 11:45-1:30-3:15-5:00-6:45-0:30 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm WESTBROOK RIG TROWU M UTTU CHR4AIPG-I3J 12:15-2: 15-4: 15-6: 15-8: 15-10:15 Brookhurst 714530 - Today 82.60 untH 300pm CINEMA WEST. WnMraU. PARADtS1(PG-IJ1 7:45 GoWenWeit LABYRRlTN(PGl 714891-3936 1:30-3:30-5:30-9:40 Today 82.60 untH 3:00pm SAN Hwv 71 616480 RUMMG SCARED(R) 1:45-4: 10-6: 15-8:30-10:40 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm BACK TO SCHOOt(PG-IJ) 12:00-2:00-4:00-6:00-8:00-10:00 Today 82.60 untH 3:00pm UNDER TK CHERRY MOON(PG-I)) 12: 10-2: 10-4: 10-6:10-8: 15-10:20 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm FT VALLEY BrooHhurtl BACK TO SCHOOLIPG-U) al Edlngar 12:50-2:60-4:40-6:30-8:30-10:15 7 14839-1500 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm TK GREAT MOUSE DfTECTTVEIG 12:15-2:00-3:45-S:30-7:15-9: Today 82.60 untti 3:00pm POETRY, MUSIC AND DANCE OFFERED Poetry, jazz, classical music and modern dance will make up the July 13 installment of the summer concert series at Warner Park, 5800 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Woodland Hills. Opening with "Poetry in Jazz," re NOW SHOWING HOUVWOOO LoemmJe s Los Fekz Iheolro 664 2169 Mon thurs 7 00 915PM Fri-Sun 2 30-440 7 OO 4920PM SANTA MONICA laenvnie s Monica 394-9741 Doily 150 .415-640 A905PM 'Excellent? GaryFranMn.KABCTV desert bloom li I. I H I Exclusive Engagement NOW SHOWING. Cineplex Odeon FAIRFAX CINEMAS 7907 Beverly Blvd. Beverly Blvd. at Fairfax 653-3117 Defy 12:15 2 30 4 45 7 OO & 9 15 PM SGMtr. NO MSSS ACCEPTED FOR TH5 ENGAGEMENT Jill JJILJiy CENTER - Brml TK RAIATl KPGI 1M-3:H-5:30-7:45-9:50 - 4184 Today 82.50 untH 33om VIEJO TWIN S D.Ftn.leU UTTU Paz at Chrlsinta 714830-6990 6:15 TK GREAT KOIKE DETECTIVE (G) 12-1:45-3:30-5: 15-7)-8:45 Today 82.50 until 3Mprri Today 82.50 rnmrn LEGAL EAGUS(PG) 12:45-3:15-5:45-8:00-Kr 15 Today 82.60 until 3410pm PREV. aUB PARAMSE(PG-ll) 8:15 FEXRtS BtHlErS DAY Off IPG-13) 1:15-3:30-6:00-10:20 Today 82.50 untH 3:00pm LEGAL EAGUS(PG) 12: 15-2:45-5:00-7:30- mb Today 82.50 untH 3O0pm VIEJO MALL FBtttsBUEUErs DAY Off IPG-Ill CrownVaHeyPlny. 100 - 3:15 - i44-bza) Today sz.5u SOUTH COAST 70mm 6 track Oolby BrlttolSunlkrMr TOT GUNIPG) TK KARATE KB RIPGI 11:45-1:50-400-6: 15-8:30-106 Today 82.60 untH 3O0pm 2711 100-3:30-600-8:15-Kr.30 Today 82.50 unta 3ioavm BACK TO SaW0L(P6-13l 12:30-2:30-4:30-6:30.8:30-10:30 Today 82.60 untH 3.O0pm RoTHUSS PEOPLE(R) 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-900-1045 Today 82.60 untH 3:00pm RUTRUSS PEOfli(R) 12.00-200-400-600.800- KMX) Today 82.60 untH 3.00pm EDWARDS CINEMA SoCil CINEMAS on SO. Frwy Hzoo-DDil iwi - j:io - Sat., Sun. 6 Holidays BRISTOL UNDER TK Bristol- CHERRY MOOM(PG-U) MacArtrw 12:00-2:00-4:00-6:00 714540-7444 800-1000-1200 TK GREAT MOUSE 12:00 - 1:50 - 3:40 - Sat., Sun. 6 Holidays Today SZ.50 unu 3JJUpm PSYCHO i(R) 1:00-3:00-5:00-700-900-10:40 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm 1:30 - 3:45 - Sat, Sun. 8 Holidays ; SCARED(R) 12:00-24)5-4: W-6: 15-8:30-10:36 Today SZ.50 unut 9.wpm SADDLEBACK AMERKAN ANTHEAI(PG-IJ) 1:30-5:35-9:35 A ROOM WffH A VIW 3:30-7:30 Today 82.60 untH 3.O0pm S O. Frwy.-EI Ton ABOUT LAST NKHT(RI at RocklWd M. 12: 15-2:30-4:45-7:00-9: 15 714581-5880 Today 82.60 untH 3:00pm MY UTTU PONY TK MOV(GJ Separate Admission UNDER TK CHERRY MOONIPG-IS) 1:45-4:00-6:15-8:30-10:36 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm IIMIUFRSITY AMERKAN Cimpm Drive ANTMIII(rG-ll) l: Opposite UCI Separate Admission 714854-8811 TOP GUH(PG PSYCHO M(R) 12:15-2:15-4:15-6:00-8:00-10:06 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm 3:i-s:3U-:40-:au Today 82.50 until 3:00pm FERRIS BUEUETS DAY Off(PG-lJ) 1: 15-3:30-5:45-8)- TO: 15 Today 82.50 untH 3:00pm LABYRMTH(PG) 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:36 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm TK KARATE KB RIPGI 1:30-3:60-6:15-8:30-10:36 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm BACK TO SCH0OL(PG-1)l 12:40-2:40-4:40-6:40-8:40-10:36 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm RUTKUSS PEOPU(R) 1:00-3l-5O0-7O0-9i-10:45 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm TK KARATE KB IIPG) 1:30-345-600-8:15-10:20 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm UNDER TK CKRRY MOON(PG-UJ 1JO0.PO0.4-O0-6 00-8: 15-101! Today 82.60 untH 3O0pm EL TDHU 3 LEGAL ABOUT LAST NKHTIR 12:30-2:45-5:00-7:30-9:45 Today 82.60 untH 3:00pm S O. Frwy.-EI Ton) 3:15 714581-9500 No RUTHLESS PEOPU(R) 12:15-2:30-4:45-6:45-8:45-10:35 No WOODBRIDGE im'") Barranca Prkwy. 1:00-3:00-5:06 E or Curvw 7:00-9:00 FERRIS BUEllER'S DAY OFF IPG-IS) 12:45-3:10-5:30-7:45-10:00 No Bargain Matinees - 0655 Today 82.50 untH 3:00pm PREV. CLUB PARADfSE(PG-13) 8:00 MY UTTU PONY THE MOVKIG) 11:45 Separate Admission RUNNMG SCARED(R) 1:15-3:30-5:45-8:00-10:15 Today 82.60 untH 3:00pm AMERKAN No BIG TROUBU M DTTU CHMAIPG-U) 12:00-2:15-4:30-700-9:00-10:45 No Bargain Matinees TK GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE I G 1 1:45-1:30-3: 15-5:00-6:45-8:20-10:01 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm BIG TROWU Bt UTTU CMNAIPG-Ill 12: 15-2:15-4: 15-6: 15-8:30- :36 Today 82.60 untH 3O0pm SOUTH COAST CsL ttwy. at B'dway 1449-111 Today IAaTOSaKXHjPG-13) 1:30.3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 Today 8250 untH 3:00pm 12:00-2:15-4:15-6:30-8:45-10:l6 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm PSYCHO (R) 1:15-4:45-8:15 NIGHTMARE ON 4401 am ST. FT. 1(R) 3:05-6:35- W:O0 CAROUSEL 1868 E. Valley Pkwy. 619480-4666 1:30 - 3:45 - RAW DEAKR) 1:15-6:06-8:45 Today COBRA(R) 3:15-7:00-10:30 TK GREAT MOUSE DfTECTTVEIG) 11:45-1:30-3: 15-5:15-7:00-8:40-10:00 Today 1st show 83.00 MARCOS running scarediri at NordaM 11:45-2:00-4:06 UNDER THE CKRRY 1:00 - 3:00 - 5:00 - Today - 8900 6:15-8:30-10:30 Today 1st show 83.00 lABYRRflMIPG) 12:30'2:30-4:30-6:45-8:45-10:40 Today 1st show 83.00 1:45 - 3:45 Today AMERKAN Walt Disney' TK GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE (G PREnY M PM(PG-ll) Today 11:30-1:15-3:15-5:15-7:00-8:45 Today 1st show 83.00 RUNNBKS SCAREDfRI 1:15-3:30-5:45-8:00-10:05 Today 1st show $3.00 AMERKAN ANTKM(PG-ll) 12:00-2:00 Separate Admission MONA USA(R) 4:00-6:00-8: 15-10: 15 Today 1st show 83.00 VINEYARD TWIN TOP GUNIPG East Valley Pkwy. 1:15-3:30-5:45-8:00-10: a nose 619743-1222 Today 1st show 83.00 UNDER TK CHERRY M0ON(PG-13) 1:15-3:30-5: 15-7:30-9:30 Today 1st show 83.00 MY UTTU PONY SHORT CMCUT(PG) the three-part musical portion of the free concert begins at 5:30 p.m. Poet Nan Hunt and pianist Dave Mackay will perform the initial selection. They will be followed by an octet playing a piece by Schubert. Bassoonist Don Christlieb. the father of jazz saxophonist Pete Christlieb, is in the group. Information: (213) 874-0481 and (818) 783-6554. U J a , m; PEG NOW SHOWING WESTWOOD Monn Wesrwood 208 7664 Dally 12 OO 2 00 4 00 4 6 00 PM HAWTHORNE OXHARD AMC Howthorne Mann Esplanade 6449761 805'4852?07 HUNTINGTON EACH Edwards PUENTE HILLS AMC Puente 10 818810-5566 SAN IERNARDINO Pocltlc s Inland Center 7143BII6I! SANTA fl SPRINGS Pacific s Santa Fe Springs 946 6849 TORRANCE Huntington Cinemo 714848 0388 MONTCLAIR IAKERSHEL0 AMC Slockoole 8053244778 CERRITOS AMC Alondio 924 5232 Ei TORO Edwards Saadiebock 714581580 PLAZA GCC Monlclair Cinema 714624 8006 NORTHRIDGE PacKlcs Northrldge Cinema 8189931711 UA Del Amo 542 7383 IUEILTON LANCASTER Park Plaza Movies West 805688-7434 805943-2828 SANTA iARIARA Fiesta 605963 0781 CAMARILLO PALOS VEROES SUNNYMEAD Comonilo Penlnsulo Cinema Sunny Cinema 805987-1644 544-3456 714924-1554 GARDEN GROVE SAN DIMAS VICTORVILLE Valley View Canyon Balsam Drive In 714894-5338 714599-2345 619243 3777 CHICK IHtAIM DWECTOIIES OS CAM. TOR SHOWTIMIS MATINEES DAILY AT MOST THEATRES TEMPLE Tom Cruise wg Ttoutu m OMAPG-1)l 12: 15-2: 1S-4: 15 Ad It TOT GUN IPG I Las Tunas 1:00-3:30 6)-8: 15 )0:30 816266-3179 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm - 8:30 - 10:30 BIG TROUBU M LITTLE CHMA(PG-ll) 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:36 Today 82.50 untH 3:00 pm until 3:00pm TK KARATE KB IIPG) 11:45-1:50-4:00-6: 15-8:30-10:35 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm RUTHLESS PEOPU(R) 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00-10:45 Today 82.60 untH 3:00pm 5:30 - 7:45 - WOO unut xoupm MONTEREY MALL hg trouble Atlantic So. M UTTLE CHWAIPG-13) olGarvey 1200-2:00-4:00-6:00-8:15-10:15 816570-1026 Today 82.50 untH 3:00pm RUTwHNG SCARED(R) 12:00-2:15-4:15-6:30-8:45-10:45 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm THE KARATE KB IIPG) 1:00-3:15-5:30-7:45-1.0:06 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm SCARB(R) ALHAMBRA PLACE... OjJO - r:) - iuw TK GREAT 1st snow k.mj Mlkl-GarfMd MUWt I E DETKTIVEIG) on Bay Slate 11:45-12:15-1:30-2 1-3:15 8162B1-0980 5:00-6:45-8:30 DETECTTVE(G) 5:30 - 7:20 - 9:15 1st Stow 82.50 Today 12.50 until 3:0Opm lABYRMTH(PG) 1:30-3:40-5:50-8:00-10:16 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm TOP GUNIPG) 6:10 - 8:30 - 10:35 1st Show 82.50 FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFFIPG-11) 1:30-3:45-6:00-8:15-10:26 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm BACK TO SCHOOLIPG-13) 1:45-3:45-5:45-7,:45-9:45 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm AMERKAN ANTHEM(PG-I3) 12:00 Separate Admission UGAl EAGLESf PG) 2:15-4:30-7:00-9:36 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm ALHAMBRA ruthless peopu(r) Mah-Atlantlc 12:30-2:30-4:30 816269-3861 6:30-8:30-10:30 Today $2.50 until 3:00pm ABOUT LAST NKHT(R) 1:00-3:15-5:45-8:15-10:20 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm EL REY PSYCHO H(R) 1:20-4:50-8:30 Miln-tn NIGHTMARE OH 618282-8404 ELM ST. PT. I(R) 3:10-6:45-10:15 FOOTHILL CENTER Alosta 4 Citrus RUTKESS PEOPLI(R) 2 EHks. H. 12:45-2:45-4:45 01 Frwy 210 6:45-8:45-10:30 818969-9632 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm AMERKAN AHTKM(PG-U) 11:30 Separate Admission FERRIS BUEllER'S DAY OFFIPG-11) 1: 15-3:30-5:45-8:00-10: 15 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm EAGUS(PG) 12:30 - 5:45 - 8:15 - 10:30 Bargain Matinees lABYRMTH(PG) 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:36 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm Bargain Matinees BIG TROUBU M UTTLE CHMA(PG-13) 1: 15-3: 15-5: 15-7: 15-9: 15 Today 82.50 until 3:00pm BACK TO SCHOOLIPG-13) 12:30-2:30-4:30-6:30-8:30-10:36 Today $2.50 until 3:00pm ANTKM(rG - 1J 6:00-9:51 Bargain Matinees UNDER TK CHERRY MOONIPG-13) 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00-10:45 Today 82.60 until 3:00pm SAN GABRIEL D.I. mthuss VaHevat PEOPIE(R) 6:45-12:25 Del Mar DOWN AND OUT M 818268-5502 BEVERLY HH1S(R)10:30 raoto SOKKXIPfi-lll AZUSA D.I. Foothill W ol Citrus 818334-0263 12:15-2:15-4:19 6:15-6:15-10:15 $2.60 until 3:00pm TK KARATE KB l(PG) 8:45-12:35 CROSSROADSR)10:50 Swap Meet Sunday RUMeMG SCSRFDIR EDWARDS D.I. Live Oak at Peck 4 Myrtle E. Arcadia PSYCHO M(R) 8:45-12: 16 NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. PT. 2(R) 10:35 Cine-Fi Sound Swap Meet Sat. 6 Sun. 816447-8179 Tom Cruise TOP GUNIPG 6:15 - 8:30 - 10:46 1st snow w. MIRA MESA 8118 Mlra Mela . 619566-1912 lABYRWTH(PG) a u.w-e:w-:w 6:00-6:00-10:00 Walt Disney's THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVEiG) M0ONIPG-I3I 7:15 - 9:15 - 11:00 1st show 83.00 12:00-1:45-3:30-6:15-7:O0-8j 8:45 ABOUT LAST NrGHT(R) 12:45-3:00-5:15-7:30-9:45 lABYRWTHIPG MY Lirtll PONV-TK MOVIIG) 11:45 - 5:45 - 7:45 - 9:45 1st show $3.00 Moarate Admission PSYCHO MRI 1:30-3:15-5:00-6:46-8: :43-iu:ju ANTKMIPG - 13 12:25-4:20-8:15 2:25 - 6:20 - 10:10 1st show $3.00 FLOWER HILL Rvtwess peopu(r) 5 Frwy. al 12:30-2:30-4:36 Via De La Villa 6:30-8:30-10:30 619755-5511 Today 1st show 83 00 COBRA (R) AMERKAN ANTKM(PG-I3) 11:30 Separate Admission TOP GUNIPG) 1:15-3:20-5:45-8:00-10:15 Today 1st show 83.00 o:-iu: io POLTERGEIST l(PG-13l 1:30-5:00-8:30 THE MOVIIG) 2'30-6: 15-9:56 12:30-4:15-8:00 BIG TROUBU M UTTU CHMAIPG-13) 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00-10:45 Today 1st show 83.00 tmt r i i i rji i ' m tw t j - ;

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