Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 2, 1957 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1957
Page 12
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. r»elve Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Inconsiderate Hubby More •Primitive Than 'Cave Woman' Dear Ann: I've been married six years and have had four babies and three miscarriages. My husband loves pretty women antj is always remarking about someone else's figure. Under the circumstances I can hardly be expected to look like a size 9 model. My husband earns good money and brings his check home. He thinks his obligation ends there. This is where we have trouble. He throws his clothes around, won't even pull the plug out of the tub after he takes a bath and when he dresses every drawer in the room is left open. Yesterday he sat and watched the kids spill chocolate milk on the kitchen floor just after I finished waxing it on my hands and knees. I'm eight months pregnant. I got so mad I threw a coffee cup at him. He called me "primitive" and has been meaner than ever. What can I do to improve the situation?—CAVE WOMAN One thing you can do is stop bouncing china off your husband's head. Ducking crockery would make any man "mean". From your description he's plenty spoiled and inconsiderate. But the porcelain pitching routine can only make matters worse.' You need to sit down with a clergyman or a marrige counselor and let him hear both sides of the story. At the rate you're going you're hound to have a nice big family and you two owe it to your Kids to grow up before they do. giddy daughters of her friends, but I always refused. I think her constant nagging made me sort of anti-female. I've only been working in this drive-in snack shop a week and a certain girls who works here has really got me goofy. {She has the prettiest red hair I've ever seen and when she smiles my knees turn to water. I get so weak when she passes by it's all I can do to keep from dropping the trays. When guys drive up and whistle at her I.get so mad I could smash 'em one. r mentioned this to my mother and she blew her stack — said I was out of my mind to consider a girl of "that social level." What do you think about my mother's attitude? — CAR HOP NUMBER SEVEN. Dear Number Seven: Your moth' er's attitude is snobbish. Class distinction went out with serfs and vassals. Tell her you prefer to evaluate people by what they ars and not by their status in the social register. In the meantime —steady, Boy. If you drop trays and smash the customers you won't be around that red-head long. (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957. Field Enterprises, Inc. State Police School Opens BLOOMINGTON (UP)—Seventy- tour state police candidates opened a two-month training course Monday at the Indiana State Police Recruit School at Indiana,University. The group will devote sevflh weeks of the program to academic studies and the final week to fire arms instruction. Students taking part in the course were selected through competitive examination taken by 1,200 applicants. At the end of the program, 25 students will be commissioned on Sept. 24 Lo fill vacancies, in the Indiana State Police Department. Others completing the course will be placed on the eligibility list. Ca'pt. C. Howard Hyslope of the State Police division of training and personnel will be in charge of the school. He will be assisted iy Sgt. Frank Roberts. Professors Loren Ayres and Michael McCann of the IU department of police administration also will serve as nstructors. Dear Ann: I would like to an- •T.V. Widow With L Two IU Professors Get Scholarships (UP) D Dr. Th.s woman complain- , |am R Gardner _ members of the cd bitterly because her family insisted on eating in front of the TV Bet every night. I'm a wife and mother who has found T.V. to be a blessing at mealtime. In fact, it has added to our health as well as our enjoyment. My husband was always very thin, and a fussy eater. Nc matter what I put on the table he'd find something wrong. The children picked up this habit and I was a nervous wreck from all the complaints. The food I threw in the garbage can every night could have fed a family of five Of course when everyone pushed his plate away I'd get mad. It seemed like we had a light at the table every night. We all had nervous stomachs and went to the doctor often. The TV, that wonderful invention, came along. When we got our set we ate in the living room where we could watch it. This put an end to the complaints and bicker- Ing. Now everyone cats whatever I put on the plate and I never hear a peep out of them. There are no arguments because there's no talking. My husband has gained 25 pounds and the kid's don't have stomach aches anymore. TV at the table has done wonders for our home life.—HAPPY TV WIFE Dear Happy: Thank you for the "other side". This only goes to prove that one woman's downfall can be another woman's salvation. Glad you wrote. The TV manufacturers will be happy, too. Dear Ann: I'm a boy 17 and have « summer job in a drive-in. I always thought girls were silly things wfio giggled a lot. My mother used to bog me to take out the Enjoy the Sun 8493 10-20 WITH THE NtW PATT-0 In a beautifully young play set that requires very little fabric, Is so onsy to make up. And bo In style with a big flower pclntl No. MW with PATT-0-ftAMA Included is in sizes 10, 12, M, 18, 18, 20. Size 12, :i2 bust; blouse, I'/. yards of 35 or 39-inch; nhorfs, 1% yards. For this puttcrn, sum! 35c In COINS, your mime, address, size desired, imd the PATTERN NUM- BEIl 'to Sue Burnett Pharos Tribune 372 W. Quincy Street. Chicago 0, lit. Include 25 cents moro willi your pattern order for .the Spring & Summer '57 issuo of our pattern book Basic FASHION. It contains dozoni of smart now styles for all •gcs: gift pattern printed inside the book. Indiana University Department of Economics, today were announced as winners of .Ford Foundation scholarships for 1957-58. Dr. Schweitzer will receive a faculty research fellowship in economic development and administration. He will finish his book on German war economy from Gardner will receive a doctorial dissertation fellowship for completion of his doctors degree at Indiana University. He is doing research on (he Canadian dollar from 1950-56. Install New Officers At K. of C. Meeting Knights of Columbus Grand Knight Joseph L. Loner was installed Monday night when council No. 561 met at the Knights of iolumtaus hall. Gerald Shank and William Selle, both of Winamac, were the installing officers. The grand'. knight appointed Right Reverend Msgr. John Schall as chaplain. O'.her officers installed were William Perrone, deputy grand knight; George Bubel, chncellor; Tpny Vitcllo, trustee tor three years; -hcster Rolewicz, recorder; Charles Elpers, executive secretary; Robert Kleifgen, treasurer; Thomas Pasqualc, lecturer; Frank Hep- nerlc, advocate; Jacob Timmons, warden; Norman Leffcrt, inside guard; Richard Pasquale, outside guard. Take It Easy If Bee Gets Into Auto MADISON, Wis. — Bees, wasps and hornets that fly into cars won't attack, the University of Wisconsin department of entomology reminds drivers. Many accidents caused by fear of stings can be avoided if motorists remember tho insects won't sting unless they are sat upon, swung at or get under clothing. The best remedy is to stop the car and let them out or destroy them. Old-Fashioned Hospitality! Add a charming touch to your vorltc chair with this lovely filet net! The dumure Colonial Indies mid pretty rose motifs are [asclnaU Ing to crochet to form tho eye catching trio. Pattern No, 5500 contains com plete crochet instructions; fllot chart; material requirements. Semi 25c In COINS, your name, nddross and tho PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chi- uuxo K, Illinois, It's roady! Tho 1957 Needlework ALBUM—fitty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions 'for making 3 crochet Items and a quilt. Only 25c a copyl STATE Open 1 p. m.—50c Til 6 HELD OVER THRU WEDNESDAY Added Fun Wed. Night Install Furnishings In St. Joseph School Volunteer, workers Monday moved the furniture, including 320 desk.? Jor students, into the new St. Joseph's grade school which is nuaring completion. The school, designed by Henry Wolf and constructed by Medlund and Sons, was started in Soptcm- bcr, 195(1, and will be' ready for occupancy at the beginning of the school year in September. Only Tilnor details must be completed jeforc tho structure, located at Broadway and Ecl*Rivor avenue is finished. The old building, which has been in use since the 1870's, will be lorn down to make room for a playground. Hospital Notes Admitted: Master Jack -Karris, route J, Koyul Center;'Cecil 13u- chunan, route 1, Royal Center; Robert Shlduler, 115 East Linden avenue; Mrs. Betty Sultwell, Iduvlllc; Wuync Johnson, route 2, Dismissed: Mrs. Cnroleon Can- 'ield, U20 West Miami avenue; Charles Kcsler.ton, routu J, Camden, Mrs. Raymond Kincoid and son, South Clcott street; Tom Mun- uels, i\W South Third slroal; Mm. Leah TcmploUm, 2031 North street. ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs, Cocil Marlcr, 10J/. Woodluwn avenue, a daughter; Lo Mr. and Mrs. Dnylo Wulkur, 1721 Wootllawn uvcnuu, a daughter. Admitted: Mrs. Ethel Jtusso, IIKB Nineteenth street; Nicholas Amelia, 431 Fifth struct; George Henderson, 131 East Ottawu street; Mrs. Virginia Black, 701 Parkway Drive; Mrs, JJarburu Wuddups, rmitc 2, Kowannu. Dismissed: William' Flanlgun, 1525 East Broadway; J', Vincent Hill, Finloy, Ohio; Miss Flora Jack' son, 21.5 Twelfth stret; Miss I* nora Kocplcey, Wlnamuc, Find K row nl n K Victim MADISON, Iml. (UP)—Tilio body of Clarence Davis, (15, Madison, who apparently drowned Friday, WBH' found here Monday on the Kentucky .side of the Ohio River. Jefferson County Sheriff Harold Rnlsor suld Duvls apparently fell out of the bout tram Which ho was, fishing. Relatives .reported Davis' was missing Sunday. Josephine Lowmon Exercise Is Only Answer To Bulging Back Hipline Geophysical Year Begins SAN NICHOLAS ISLAND, Calif. (UP)—The International Geophysical Year officially opened Monday with th,e firing of an instrument- laden Dan rocket to study sun flares and their effects on radio communication 80 miles above the earth. The rocket was' fired by the Navy on this island 60 miles off the Southern California coast. The 20-foot Dan Rocket — a Deacon rocket with a Nike booster—less than five minutes after its launching returned to earth, falling into the sea 35 miles., from here. While airborne, 20 pounds of instruments telemetered data to ground observers, The Navy project calls for the launching of 13 more rockets. •But such is fate o£ man', To hope and never find The perfect silhouette Until he's lost his mind, This is one exercise that will help reduce a bulging back hlplinc. She walked into the room Just like.a lovely dream. She turned her side to us, And was SHE off the beam! Thruway Conditions Recorded on Tape ALBANY N, Y.—People who travel the nearly 450-mile New York state Thruway want information concerning driving -conditions. About 23,000 calls are • made ir. Syracuse each week, and another Even the woman whose weight U>,m . or so more are placed in is ideal for her height and build j Albany. may, > and often does, have one| To handle the huge flood oE calls, measurement which is out of pro- ; the. State Thruway Authority has portion ar.d therefore spoils an'set up automatic answering de- otherwise beautiful silhouette. j vices. Now a motorist merely dials The back hipline is often the of- a number and a tape recording fender. You can have very slim'machine gives accurate up-to-tbe- hips,'front and backview, but still)minute conditions, have that shelf-like appearance,! The tape recordings are changed sideview. This CAN be reduced if'as often as road conditions war- you do the right exercises rogu-;rant and that may be 1 many times larly. Exercises is the only ans-ja day during bad weather and in winter. The authority emphasised that the information is not a weather forecast but merely a report on conditions on the Thruway. wcr to this problem. Exercise The following exercise is a good one for.this figure fault. Sit on the floor with your legs .stretched out In front of you. Hands a.ro on the floor at your sides,- Bend both knees up close to the tummy, Iift ; ing the heels from the floor. Lean •back slightly, just far enough for the weight of the body to fall directly over the largest part of your hrp.5, Xow roll from side to .side ('keeping; the legs In the same position). Catch yourself with your hamls (with your right Jiand as your roll to the right, with the left hand when you roll to the lefO. If you do this exercise on the bare floor it muy be too uncomfortable, It is still effective when done on n mat or carpet. Another; Lie on the floor on your loft, side. Brace yourself by placing your right hand on the floor in front of you. Swing t'hc right log forward as you swing -your loft leg backward. Swing your left leg forward as your right swings backward, Continue. This Is like n scissors, logs moving in opposite directions. Do Ms vigorously, You will be more comfortable if you place a lll.tle pud under your hips. Afl.cr u while turn onto your right side and continue. * * * IP you would like to have my tested, hip-slimming exorolsc.s, sem! a stamped, self-addressed envelope will; your request for leaflet No. 3 to Josephine Lowman in core of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Fi«h.t for Domlnn- tion 'Bad for Couple and Children." (•Released by Tho TloffLslcr and • Tribune Syndicate, 1957) Study Polio Outbreak I n Area of Tennessee JOHNSON CITY. Tenn. (UP)- 'ISnsl Tennessee Health .Director Luck of the Draw Costs Briscoe His Job as Dublin Mayor DUBLIN (UP)—Robert.Briscoe, first Jew to become lord mayor of Dublin in the' city's '1,000-year history^ lost the' office Monday night to James Carroll the same way lie won it a year ago—by the luck of Uie draw. Ironically, Briscoe's triumphant tour of. the United States indirectly cost him victory in the annual mayoralty elections in the city council. One member of his Fianna Fail Party abstained from the vote because Br'iscoe condemned raids on Northern Ireland by the outlawed Irish Republican Army during his visit to America. ..As a result, only 42 councillors participated in the voting which ended' in a 21-21 deadlock. After 30 tense minutes in the packed chamber, the names of Briscoe and Carroll were written on pieces of paper and dropped into a hat. Carroll's name was drawn. Briscoe turned over his chain and '•medallion of office and warmly congratulated his opponent -while tiie' chamber burst into applause, Briscoe; 63, won the office in exactly the some manner on June 29, 195C, after a 13-10 tie.with the ten-incumbent Dennis Larltin. Scattered Fires Sweep Area on Long Island EAST MORICHES, N.Y. (UP)— Destroy Alligator Which Killed Boy EAU GALLIE, Flo. (UP) — /M l ~ a ciass~mo7e "{ h an°2, 11-foot alligator which killed a 9- ffra ,j s nm) scrllh nir year-old boy playing beside a creek was caught and destroyed Fires fanned by high winds swept here Monday agents. by conservation Agents said they found the big reptile near where Bio mangled body of litUc Allen Rico was found Sunday and the"'gator was killed. Authorities said they were able to identify parts of the boy's body inside Hie stomach of Uic alligator. The boy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bently,^ was the object of a huge week-end sea/rch after he disappeared Friday" afternoon from his home near Horse Creek, where 'he and friends wore fond of playing. Tuesday Evening, July 2, 19 Irish Attraction BY TRACY ADRIAN F ROM Ireland comes this darling of a dress created by Sybil Connolly one of the Emerald Island's top designers. • It is a forecast of what will be worn for fall and is made of pale brown velvet printed with black lines that are a quarter inch wide and a quarter inch apart. The frock is a shirtmaker type with a wide collar, three-quarter cuffed sleeves and a. full.skirt. Biack crepe is set in on the skirt and is used as facing for the cuffs. FOR SALE Crack IJiirgliir Hlntf CHICAGO (UP)—Fourteen pur- sons were arrested when un<! federal postal authorities crocked a shipping room biirglnry ring that may have slolen as much us $150,000 In equipment from tho Allied Itadk) Cor.p. here. Seven of those charged were employes of the finn, Aufhoi'ilics sukl stolon' equipment was mailed from the company's shipping room us part of regular orders, ' BOY WAGON VICTIM TIPTON (UP)-Mark Anthony nipbfirKor, 5, was killed Monday w.licn he was run over by a wagon loaded with baled hay on his fal'lier'fl farm northeast ,<>[ Dr. Alex B. Mp.ey arrived lK!r B ! Art r jim wl]0 was ,,,.,.„,„„ thc today to study a motin'.ing polio .[,,.„<,(,„, pul || n(? lllo WUKOII , Bai(] | outbreak which i™ claimed 12 Lho boy WM Aiding wltn ^ wwnl other children, Legg nald thu boy nrri i i OrilclulH today 111 admlnls- n , r) p m . ont |y 8 |ip pct | bcnoulh R O X Y ' TODAY WED.,TKURS. Op«n 1 PM-35eTil6 Added Fun at Night 2—Featur«i—2 '• od off. terlng Sulk vaccine shot* to some } ^,,,,,1,, o! t1le wn|Wn wl)0 , , • - ' 10,000 children In an effort to .stem tho rising number of CIIBCS. Twelve'polip cases, all non-paralytic, have occurred here witliln n little over n.woek.- Ih.w Star* At Duik 0*M, Op.r, Half Mwr Iwllw WEDNESDAY DOUBLE FEATURE •CALYPSO JOE" ' (Flril Run) Hwfa J>ff*rl*> - Anglt Dlclmuwi ado "HOT ROD HUMBLE" (Flril Run) Ulph Snowd.n - Richard Horlunlon THURIDAY - "PUBttC PIGEON NO, I (color— flnl run) 1.4 Ih.k.n . VivlM llak» grass, and scrub pine near this Long Island community Monday More 'than 1,000 persons were mustered to fight the scattered blazes In which, at least three houses were burned. An estimated 100 persons were evacuated from nearby Center Moriches. 32 Oltlmiwflim Die In Bins' NAHA, Okinawa (UP) — Police abandoned hope today for 3H Oki- 2 USED 20 FT. STEEL BEAMS GOOD AS NEW miwuns believed blown to bits in four sopurule vessels while they wore salvaging metal from a .ship FERNBAUGH'S sunk during World War II, Read the Classified Ads Boy On A Dolphin "The Girl Can't Help It" WED. JULY 3rd GALA HOLIDAY SHOW? FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! SPECTACUE!!* FIREWORKS To B« Shown At 10:15 p.m. Box office open 6:30.— Come early and be sure to gat in. HOLI DAY. S HOW'!! Srand and Feature F«JnM»! % .. WED., THUR., PHI., SAT. 2-HRST RUN FEATURES-2 PLUS COLORGD CARTOON SIDNEY POITICR Wtndy "' HIUC* • HERNANDEZ William MARSHALL FIREWORKS SPONSORED BY COPPOCK'S SHELL SERVICE 419 i. Market Street

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