Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri on December 29, 1929 · Page 3
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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri · Page 3

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 29, 1929
Page 3
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SUNDAY' NEWS AND LEADER, SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 29, - 1929 A THREE Crtooiv viisfoTM 0 Springfield, December, 1919 h w Ttf marfrT , - s f ArVi.i. . V tm 1W S)s - c '' - lvw - n t rfrv4.7'i,y SOii . .. ...... 1f V. i - n. .. i i i.' - fr A2? ' ,A "0 . y II writ, isir ez't' J - - r . - V 7T i , zr.;:.' 7 .v" a4C.o ' .iff .... L:M'I 7 - yj . ; . .. . . , - - ' - ' - .i v j - , - '"C. v.ty ?.' - . ,? v eC.J.O - 3 r - iiwc r .yW OMtVAHf? TO Off inrrS , rA - ' 1. J. )) - 1 vj f i : . ' li. - ' A I J ; m ' i i - . i ,i - v jlhaT, i HAVC GOVERNOR URGES CHARGING OF - ALL OR IB MURDER STORK 1VIAKES GAIP"HERE : IN f29, REPORTS REVEAL nUniNO the first 11 months of. total more than the 851 recorded . Li - ... " 1 in 1028. but not enough more to. 1020. a toai oi iin mruia - . , i. j ii III ivc Men Arc Arraigned on Charges ol Participating in Mob - Staying of Alleged Murderer J APi: - . Ky. Per., in '. V. 35. ( - ...:. :!. - r K':nY) ?an.j'm ,r;.j nr. '.!. 1 !' 'f 1 ' p " '.! Ik - mf - b:nd k.r.B V: - . - l - .er the farts ;,;!. mini reirmva! of tn i;,'r - i;;xf men naurd hv V'.xa'e . b - he.d'ed '.riafr.e,! tmlnv n, ' r'.ei"! V - ,. :rs :v! :. "J:ii:r:: - i tr;a:i. .', - - ., - i ' v;i M'iTi.iv . - , .T:e'.xM, v rsvrtrl rrn.lv w : hti""''f P l0 - r;rw. . . wrre recorded In the SprliiRfield 'rc3lf;frtinn"distrii - t. whtrh inrlurirs north and f - nuth Cnmpbrll township.', urcordins to In Sharp, city .health rnmi!i'..i'i('iirr. Th;s nuni - - i - .r rvrei - ds by the toial r.'.Jin - iif - r i'.f b:: lis ;t;k!''1 m the c:'y riurinc an of 1J:!8. Sl.t )r;ilhs Itrpiirlrd. A to!nl of Si.t ddi'lis Ivrr. !?irded m rompar. - rt '!'n f,:.j: .fnr ITCH The - n - imhej ol dcri'iiv f - T till - ; vear ".'! p'robnal". nffrrt the normal death rate of 14 persons per 1W) population. ' This I is sliRhtly higher than the rato of ; 13 persons pet 1000 announced by ' lie United Stnies department of ron - .nierrc fir ITS. riuni'P!,m hns been the most prevant ricise of death here this ' .ear. c:a!m:t!R 7 lives in the f:r.rt I ;i rnontl'.s. Other ra:isrs Riven' were as f.i'.low..': Diseases of heart. ; :) f,, - r!ri, !.': .i.V t ulieri ulnMS. . irirroeral sla'r. 7; riianlira and , 1 STAR lA - 'jim COAST GUARDS FOfDJMTy Formal Charges to Be Filed Against Trio as Inquest IsClosjDd I ndig nation High And "Rea - ard Rises For Dog Tormentor r ::trri'.is. ft; tilpAtliena, a; wnooj.iiii; eoiich. 4; measles. 3; sma!'po and M - arlft f' - ver. l e"af;t; ail other . - ause - .. inclmiliKs B4j sti;ilxirt.t.'81. Slf Tutierriiliisis VHtiins; Al the neiape rate estnb.f lirn I:; , .'he 11 montlw. M parsons wi!!"hnve : died In Spn'iRftrld this' - year of j mbercttlosss. - 'a decrease .of n.fi per - rent fnim .1028. This decrease Is ascribed by Commissioner Sharp n 'he work' of the Greene roiin'y, Tl.bel' - lllf'.is pssf - il!i.!. Wl'.ll'il holds u - ecKiy chft c.ir.avs atid keeps a lull - time ' tul - rruk:s iv.ir:.c. A ,l.rrr,ite nf 1 S fien'JlS HCT 1000 . vij.e i v .... - m. iw ' SI A1N HlltlSTMsS r ;caie. he'd for the niaylnrf r. n.ber 18 of r.av Wa'Ktr.s. ;..v.er ai.d landowner. as tann, ,,. - v Cliri'tn'.a.s riav from th.e. , M.v i i' shot tr.nny fm - cs an" to die in 'he :.r." by the mob .laner S. I - '. - ..mbs. WW l - .o.e next door was seized and hound. All the - - - wcl mep ate k'.r.smen of Watklns. mail - ni:'l tele'".. ph .todAV rx - r - i lis ui far ;r. co,ii - .1i: i - added to 'ii" wave f lndicnatmn that. hn.; ..'v.i i.n .in si I liins asair.st the 'irknown man whovtorttired a dog population t'irouRhniit the nation . severely that it had to be. killed from tuberculosis during the year ( . : preeeding the department of com - , bv the Humane soriety. ' n.h.. u i ' I merce report on December 11 is Plnre the maimed terrier as , . ,rpdlt,rt t0 prevention found in an alley of the residential . NRtioiml TuWtcu - ' dionrt tills week, rewards for the of Its torturer Have mounted nation. ; . . ,ha" s - wn - . SAM BREADON SUING Today a manui.n - 'iiifr oi - ,rTrn uiicr UllMDCn e1!:t m (iwcil sent a telegram of - . AFTER WIFE INJURED teunc to !Mi:u.i.e . - , , ,,. A ,o:r, ,.,, Inscu.t.s anv.PK homeiess dogs In - Vj... . fellsAl. W SALE Seventeen - vear - old Sraila Hciile, 1 V ff J T l::.on as Pavlusva of the Ice and I . V5k three times worlds figure skatinR ry ..V"J V champion; arrived In New York to YV I W make hei American skatii,gdebut. t&& - - " . krtiA TJ' nrinfril Fit ni - FFAtfl N. Y.. Dec. 28 The three coast guardsmen Involved In ' lhe fatal shooting of Eugene F. 1 Downey, Jr., Christmas nigrit. were ; I found g'lilty by Judge Frank W. Stai'dart. of reckless shooting of : firearms a!, an inquest of Downey's death in city court, today. ; Judge Standart announced at the 'concision of the inq'Test he would .allow' the trio un!i! Tuesday to ar - i ranee for bail undr second degree manslaughter charges - . Sign Warrants Tuesday Tlie Judge, after hearing a steno - i graphic record of statements of the ; three men read in court by District .Attorney Guy H. Moore, said he BORED WITH SOCIETY l SHE WINS AS WRITER HOLLYWOOD, Cal., Dee. 38. fTNHiNnpene Searie. daughter of v - iailv nromlnent Toledo, Ohio, family, was one of Hollywood hap piest girls today. After five years or nara wor as a script girl, her faithful efforts were rewarded by appointment to the position of scenario writer for ' James Cruze, at a salary of $10,000 a year. "Society bored me. so I came to Hollywood to work, In spite of my parents' objections," fhe said. r ttould issue the information upon which the manslaughter charges arc - based at once, but said he wouin rot stsn the warrants until Tuesday. Offiirrs Present The guardsmen, liamiolph II . Thompson. On - ille I,aaratit and A - a r.nues. accompanied by I'onimaiidi Martin V. 'Ranius. - .en of this district, and Captain Paul Forney, who ordered them to duty on the nfcht of the - Fliootmg, were In court and hrnrd'the statemets's : - ad.. SpriO(ffcld' Mod Popalar . . Slipper Shop DRYER'S m St. Louis (reet "VNT VINPUATION b thrt c'vernor.'samp' - on wa.' aired - . - Circuit Jurtee Chester A. Barh ; . .,. brii - K' taken to r;,,,.cute the g'lill.v rv - ns l tl - u - t "good ritlrens - i"' tion and nrea - 't - t county vindicated. This 'Mil be done. Commonwealth s Attorney. O. c. Ahen also received a telegram f rmn the governor urgin iprompt a tion and asklr.R .wtethrr tw ja rhculd be removed. Ahrn graphed that ' as to the jailer, facts are not fully develop' d. PATH NT R"oS,'lp , ST LOUIS. - Tt: - "AP - A coroner'! verdict of iidde turned today in the r - .. ; Vtnni. R. Butterflrld. So. rt f : 111., who jumped omathi o y, wmdo. of St. Anthony Hospital yesterday. Mr. .UsrrcrrrU Sim. of n - ral mute 4 arc .the parents nf a . r,, - !, Plllv Anne, born ChrlmS .,.y at Bt. Johns hotpital. rapture. , From Callforni.i rame a J 2(1 money order to he added rtn the rewards. Most Indignant of ail the corres pondents was Mayor ,1. Waririy Tate for a total, of S12.S.00 were filed today by Sam Tlrradon, owner of the St. lmls Cardinals, and his wife, against I.uke F Hart, attorney, and Hart's son. Paul. 17, as the rrsim p?'. V r Z ' J f an accident last November ft I i;HIUI, 1 l Ait - V intv c n h, e. - Aft fne to Mvor Miller of St, Louis was as1. Mrs. . Hreadon asked 00 for ()..C1W?. ' . in nines she received when a car In " When vmi caldi the scoundrel , wl.,..h she and nreadon were riding who .sowed up the dog's mouth, ship collided with a car driven by young him to Dallas. Wr have a way of Hart. Brcarion asked S5000 for the taking rare of those fellows." loss of his wife's "society and serv - lecs" as a resultvof the accident VINEGAR RONE' WEDS niBUCrnFTrTiT STRAFFORD, MO., PO The larnage of Mrs. Cressy J. Fowler, of Us Angeles. Calif., to II. I., VhittenlierK. of . Wewoka. Okia.. in the Grace McthiKli - t church here on December 23, Is announced bv the bride's sister, Mrs. T. P.Thornr.berry, of near Strafford. Mrs. SvhittenberB ha? been Mrs. Thonvbcrr.Vs - Rurst during the past mnn'h. Mr. Whit EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Doc. 28 Harry P. Mammen. president of Parks Air College. Inc.. has resigned effective next Wednesday to enter other business, It was learned today. The Parks enterprises were sold recently ' to the Detroit Aircraft No Gas, No Turk, So Pcirce City Misses a Dinner Peirce City failed to get gas to cook the Christmas, turkey with, but the delay was unavoidable. Superintendent Pfenning says that everything w - ns moving along In fine shape when trouble developed at the new pumping station located cast of F.cdm - 's Mill, which ttoppen I everything, until changrs and some j new equipment could be Installed. The prospects now are that gas will be turned on about January 1st. nuring iw "" " nnn .... iu .hrA in enrnoratlon for more than ll.non tenorrg wm i" en..,,. , , main - Fpnngf - .eldtans as - Vinegar oon and Mammen was invi.rd to none " hr - e w - .th the mdeo last' ,;oin the new organization, but ric - snmmcr. He Is a Intnd of Wa rimed because of his new bUMncis Rogers. CI'!ue - PI Bl.lslli as' NOTKI Tht .Siindu, ted Lft.ler. lliifrt frrv Sur.riny Si.bctli,tiiin rt by frul Sundm onlt K SO f.r frnlrt inn s - jn. en Sfi r1 Lenrtrr en i - f. loefp I rl(J J ir.d In M,F.sr rrl nt AiKn. I - 1 ' rrhr:r in 1' S '' - "I ITh - r - rrt 111 cr i it irmwt fi I'T - n 'ii l" rriFir n, So, hi - 1 liner: l r fk ,:iirr - r y yrrnA rlJ - h nt - ii l II" f itl - ir t Sp'M - Ki.rM M.' - voiitl iinilrt II" 1 nV ol Mutch 3 r."littlon otllct Bouin Jctictioii tictiu. On Account of Moving to Our New Location 300 SMALL HATS In Velvets, Felts and Soliels Must Be Disposed of Originamices $2.95 to $12.50 - g0nwSaaf $1.00 to $4.95 WILLIAMS' HAT SHOP 17 F:iks Arcade New Location 2in K. MVPiinicI Slrrct sli 1 Exquisife NSV' A - MY - Evening (NSuA Slippers! I I I 11 - tiS t I i! U , - : t D.int'c (he Old Year Out mid the 'New Year In ' "CYMIIOI." 10 - .' - 'vh'' '"mii'o - "'i'l ,a, nr. c 1 v - i I ii;iv p.i - trl r.iadei N ' i'l'io ' li'.v '; ui'1;: e in. ;e. - ; left., el),, iv, m.it k'.d. Xm, 4:0; elKii - v lilaek siin'.e. No. F 102 - pi ado brown .suede. Medium round too; spike heel rrompl Service by Mall Long Distance rhone 2419 Another It. ic I). Shoe Store 300 St. Louis Street, Springfield, Missouri Savings HlBh Omsk Dentistry at Reasonable Prices t LATHS S5S10 $17.50 The New llccoliile , - i Txliie for tl" KILLINGS CROWNS and tt(t INLAYS BltllX.EWUltK 5lVcS2.50 $3.50 I P rer Tooth AVOID PAIR coiros An nr ntltrnl prr - ..niin ih( rtiiifton lur will trft ' rtro - itl Mrh ftrr mhtn tm ltrmniitrt l hif h ti4 dvnllklrT - I sr Mi roiii Uxiiln O for (he etrC' tl.Mi of irrtli. "It it liuiti. douU py." ritfcE EXAM1N TlON DRJERIWI DENTIST So. Side Square Phone 2711

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