Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 31, 1957 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1957
Page 11
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Friday Evening, May 31, 1957. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Hanks Wins 5 Veteran Sets Record For Speed, Earnings Drives 135.601 MPH ro'Shatter Bill Vukovich's Mark of 130.840; Financial Rewards Will Surpass $100,000. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (UP) -r- Smiling Sam Hanks, who almost gave up last year when he finished second, "thanked God and his prayers" today for giving the Indianapolis Memorial Day 500- mile automobile race "a final try." For on that final try, he won the race and announced definitely III -Mile In 12th And "Last" Try SEVEN LOGANBERRY ATHLETES RECEIVE "MOST VALUABLE PLAYER" TROPHIES it would be his last. "I came awfully close to calling it quits la Ft year when I finished second," Hanks, a 6-foot, 100- pounder, said. "I figured that if I couldn't do it in 11 tries, why try again. Tiien I decided to i.ry it Yesterday's Results National League (1st. Game) • 000 112 000— 490 000 100 020— 370 once more—and win or lose thisioihi. was going to be it. And now that: (2nd Game) Brooklyn Pittsburgh Maglie, Labine (8) and Campa- nellai Law, Face (9) and Foiles. Winner— -Maglie (2-1). Loser— Law (2-2>. HR — Thomas (5th), Snider I'-'B won, Ibis is.i-.. I've had i*." That "it" -M.--I; in his 12th try I : l-l.r bigg.r'u p-i/.e in Am«ri- ca's i.ulomob !c racing history. When he losl oul 'asl year by 20.47 seconds to Pat Flaherty he- thought that "is as close as I'll ever come." But he gave it that one more Iry and this time he won out by 17.35 seconds. It was the second closest finish In the history of the 41-year-old race-. That 20.47 .seconds he had finished behind Flaherty last year had been the second closest. The closest was the :02.1(! seconds by which Wilbur Shaw beat Kalph Hepburn back in 1937. Not only did the crow - cul 42- year-old Hanks set a new speed record in v/inning the race, . , . . wi:ii vj-i/. mv—~ .TIUY ^l Ch J S ,°l y ,A n ! Z?™*™'!??. (6th), teller (1st). Brooklyn 000 000 001— 191 Pittsburgh OIK) 020 00x— 270 Koufax, Roebuck (5), Craig (8) and Walker, Campanelia (7). Purkey (3-3) and Rand. Loser — Koufax (3-2) (1st Game, 10 Innings) Phila 000 010 000 I— 2 30 New York 010 000 000 0— 1 li 2 Simmons (4-2 and Lopala. Gomez (6-3) and Thomas. HR — Rodgers (2nd), Bouchee (6th). (2nd Game) "Most valuable player" trophies | ior Fred Schue, baseball; Senior were presented to Logansport high school athletes of seven sports at the second annual joint service club banquet Wednesday night in the Knights of 'Columbus hall. Recipients of the awards, distributed by the coaches of the respective sports, included three seniors, a junior, two sophomores and a . , Philadelphia 010 000 000— 1 4 0 freshman. Now York 201 005 OOx— 8 12 0 1 pictured, left to right, are: Cardwell, Meyer (fi), Hearn «i), More-head (fi) and Lonnett, Barclay (2-3) and Katt. Loser—Cardwell (3-1). HR—Mays (7th), Jones (l»l Game) than he is—but he also was sure to surpass Ihe record money winning total of $93,819 which Flaher- , . . ty picked up last year Cincinnati 001 100-000— 240 By winning the race, h c picked Sl - Louis H0 31() »ix—7 13 1 Cincinnati St. Ixiuis Lawrence, Acker (S), Freeman (7) and Bailey. Miwill, Wilhclm (7), Merrill (!)) and Landrilh. Winner—Acker (0-1). Loser — Mi- Mil (0-3). UK—Crowe (Bib).- Bell <5lh), Bailey (Hth). up Ihc first place jackpot of $20,000. And'by leading in most of the 200 laps he picked up another $21,150—at $150 a lap. That made his total $41,150 and when endorsements and all the other financial rewards which- go to Ihc v/inner come in, he should be well over Ihe $100,000 mark. As for speed, Hanks raced the Z'A mile brick oval track, with a holiday crowd of about 125,000 looking on, in the record speed of 135.001 miles an hour. The old record was 130. MO set by the late Bill Vukovich in 1!)54. A.s a matter of fact, all of the first 10 finishers In Thursday's race passed that speed. Jim Kalhmann of Miami, Fla., was second; .Jimmy Bryan of Phoenix, Ari/.., third; Paul Ilusso of Gardena, Calif,, fourth; .i'immy Kcece'of Indianapolis, fifth; Johnnie Koyd of Fresno, Calif., sixth; Marhhall Teague of D u y I. n n a Beach, Fla., seventh; Pat O'Connor, eighth. Only 17 tit the 33 slock racing cars in Ihe race finished, bul there were only four accidents. Thai was a record for Ihis gruel- ling grind, too. Tho two former -champions In the field, Troy Hull man of Lynnwood, Calif., and Johnnie Parsons of Van Nuy.s, Cullf., never figured. ' Kullman, the 11)52 winner, was forced lo drop out early when Ills car broke a pislon rod. Parsons, who gol in on a pass when Dick Kalhmnrin of Indianapolis was unable lo drive bcr.-ausp of nn eye Injury, finished far down In Ihe field. Hanks never was oul of conlen- ,, . ,,,, ,, tcnlion. O'Connor. In the No. 1 (Ml) - "'^-^arey (5th). polo position, led for the firsl. Inn Nuxhall, Hacker (5), Fowler (7) and Burgess. Schmicli (4-t) and II. Smilh. Loser — Nux-ball (1-3). HR—Thurman (Dlh). (2nd Game) 100 300 410— 790 OJO 020 000— 380 Out Game) Chicago OIK) 100 100— 2 It 0 Milwaukee 002 001 02x— 5 7 0 Droll, Brosnan (7) and Neeman. Crone (2-1) and Rice. Loser — Droll (3-5). 11H — Brulon.(Jsl), llicc (2nd). (2nd Gumu) Chicago Oin 120 000— 4 !( 0 Milwaukee 000 110 000— 2 l( I Pobol.sky, Klslon (5), Minefield '!)), Lown (D) and Sllvera, Nce- rrifin (4). Phillips, Murff (2), (Jonley (li), Jolly (II) and Crandall. Freshman Mike Maple, track; Sen- Everett Thomas, football; Big Ten Athletic Commissioner K. L. Wilson, principal speaker; Senior Rex Harris, basketball; Junior Terry Hershberger; tennis; sophomore Charles Davidson, cross country; sophomore Bob Wolfe, golf. tremendous price for victory now, hut if we can help those who need it through athletics the time and money expended, will be worth it." The commissioner deplored the poor physical fitness program of the United States. He cited recent survey tests in which the Ameri- Wilson praised the new Big Ten jeans finished last' behind four aid-to-athletes plan saying "It will enable a boy to attend a Big Ten school without stress on the par- European countries. Wilson, who servcd^as president of the U. S. Olympic committee at ents' finances. We're paying a|lhe Melbourne, Australia games, last November, predicted that international competition among the youth of the world would become commonplace in a few years. '"Despite world tensions ahd cold wars, the athletes competing in the Olympics displayed a respect of each other's ability," Wilson declared. "The sportsmanship I witnessed was refreshing. For instance, the Rov. Bob Richards spent many hours instructing ri- Chisox Open 3~Game Lead Over Yankees The Chicago White Sox roared j homers by George Crowe, past the major league pennant races' first milestone with Lho biggest Memorial Day lead In Iheir modern JiLstory today, while the Clneinnali Redlegs held firsl place on this dale for Ihe first lime since Uieir 11)31) - 40 pennant years. The go-go White Sox opened up a three-game lead in the American League Thursday when Dick Donovan and Billy Plerco pitched und batted them to a (1-4 and 2-1 victories over the Cleveland Indians. The Hedlcgs retained their game and a half margin in the National League when all three lop con- lenders split double-headers. The tledlegs beat, the St. Louis Cardinals, 7-3, after a 7-2 defeat; Ihe Brooklyn Dodgers scorer! a 4-3 victory and Ihen lost lo Die Pills- burgh Pirates, 2-1, and the Milwaukee Braves lost lo the Chicago Cubs, 4-2, after . winning Iheir opener, 5-2. The New York Yankees roulcd Winner-Klslon (l-l)i. Loser _ !Uu , Wl , sninH |, )n Konnlors,'!)-(), aft- Philhps U-J). HR—Ihom.Hon (2nd),,,,. a ,;., def( , ali lhu „„„,„„ R|;( | Anierlcitn I.euKiio (1st Gmnu) New Yoi'k 000 000 100— 1 Sox drubbed Ihc Baltimore .Orioles, 7-fi and 1(1-5, nnd the Deli-oil, Tigers swepl Uio Kansas City A's, B "lfl-5 and 3-2, In the other A.I,. Washington 1)02 021 OOx— 570 games. The Now York Giants re- Cicotle, Terry, (fi). Byrne (7) hounded from a 10-lnnlng, 2-1 (le- iind licrra. Paseuol, Byerly «l>-feat lo whip the Philadelphia f'hll- iind Ucrberel. Winner — Pascual j lies, H-i, In Ihe oilier N.L. game. (4-4). Loser—Cicol.le (0-1)'. HR — J'lem; Wlim Nn. 8 I.iimon (filh), Donovan scattered II hits and (2nd Gmni!) drove in three rims with lliree N'ew York 105 120 000— 9 !) 0 singles for the WJille Sox in Hie Washington 000 000 000— 0 5 4 Sliiuilx (5-1) and Howard. Abor- nalliy, Hyde! (2), Ilernando/. (4) and I''il7,g[jral<l, Loser—Abornalhy lind then ItiiUman lolk over, was nol until Ihe 3dl.li lap, al -,,., miles lo Ihe lap, that Hanks look,'"'«"'" (l«l Game, 10 IniiliiKH) Hallimore 200 300 001 0— (I 14 0 000 131 01)1 1—7120 , . over. From that time on, he led most of the rest of the way. Hanks' sleek, bright yellow He- lond KxhauHl Special was the lightest car In thu nice, lie made three pit stops. C'cccarelll, Brown (5), Zuverliik and Trliinrlos. Slone, Porli.'r- fidrl 15) and Daley. Winner—Por- lorficld (1-2). Loser Zuvurlnlt (3-2). MR—Kell (4lh), Junseri (5lh) (2nd (iiiiiitt) Uiilllmoro 010 101 101— 5 12 0 INDIANAPOLIS (III')—The official check of lhu liming tape for the 5(!0'iiille race confirmed today the first 32 places compiled unofficially Thursday, with Sinn Hanks the winner and 135.(101. miles per hour lim record .speed • vertigo. An 'official anmmncomi-nl of placlngH for all 33 cars in Ihe Ktiirllng field showed lliat II cars finished tin; full 200 Itips nnd all of I hem toured the course al upeeds grenler llian Hill Vuku- vlch'a 11)54. previous record aver- Sam Hanks, 1st, 135.001 nipli; Jim Ttallimmin, 2nd, 135.382; Jimmy Urymi. 3rd, 134.24(!: Paul Itlisso, 4lh, 13,3,1118; Andy Linden, Bill, 11)3.045; Johnny .Hoyd, lilh,' 132.114(1; Mill-shall Toaguc, 7lh, 132.745; Pal' O'Connor, Dili, 132.2111; Bob Vellb. 9lli, 131.855; Gone Jlarlhiy, iinb, i;il.34iii Jack Turner, U Hi, 13().()OII. SUimllnKrf of cars which did nol finish the race nnd number of la-ps they finished: Johnnie Thomson, 12th, lllll; Hob Olirisllo, I3lh,-11(7; Chuck Weyanl, a4lh. mil; Tony Hellenhauscn. 15th. IBS,- Johnnie Pluvious, Hllh, 11)5; Don Kreeltmd, I7l.li,' 11)2; Jimmy Itooce, lltUi, 182; Don lOd- niuiids, HHh, 170; Johnny Tolan, 20th. 138; Al Herman, 2lsl, III; Fred Agabaslilmi, 22nd, 107; Kddlo Sachs, 23rd, 105; Mike Maglll, 24th,-101; Kddlo Johnson, 25lli, 1)3; Pill Chcosbotirg, 2lilh, III; Al Keller, 27th, 75; Jimmy D;iywall, 2Rlh, S3; Kd Kllslan, 2lllli, 51; Kwlgcr Ward. 30th, 27; Troy Rull- nian, 3lsl. 13; (Oddly Kusso..;;i2ml, none, and Elmer Gooi-go, 33rd, Jion«. Bosion 020 130 0>lx—II! Kornieles, Wight (II), Iloulluman (III nnd Triandos, Ginsberg (7). Hlsler (4-21 and While. Uiser — Kornieles (2-0). lilt—Klaus (2nd), I'llarcik (Jsl), Jcnson (lilh), Pier- sail (4th). Out (inini!, 10 InnliiKu) Kan. Cily 010 121) OOI (|— S 13 I Delroll Morgan, 100 020 002 I MdJ opener and llicn I'lerce notched his elghlh win of this season with H three-liltler. Tho litlle Jefly, who has allowed only one eurned run in his la.-d 21) innings and lends tlie majors In victories, .singled home llin winnlnj' run In Uio fifth Inning. Burl Dnluy und Mlku (Jnr-i Ro-bln.son and 13d Bailey. St. Louis' Wally Moon hit safely in both games to run bis streak to 23 straighl games. Duke Snlder's Iwo - run homer helped Sal Maglie win his second game of Ihe year but Ihc Pirates got a slrong nine-liil pitching ef- forl from Bob Purkcy to win the nightcap. Purkcy, who hnsn,'t beaten any oilier learn in Ihe league, now has whipped the D o d g e r s lliree slraight limes Ibis season. Wall Moryn's two - run flftli-in- ning single enabled Ihe Cubs lo spill. Iheir bargain bill after Rny Crone pitched a victorious eight- hitler. Don iOlslon, recently acquired from the Dodgers, won Iho nightcap fin- the Cubs. Bill Brulon and Del nice homered for Hie Braves in Ihe opener lo help kayo Dick Droll. Curl Barclay's four - hllter, n two-run homer by Willie Mays and lliree hits by Red Scliocn- clienst gave lhu Giants an easy Iriumph nflur Curl Slmmona won ftls 100l.li major league game'. Simmons benl. oul an infield iill In Ihe lOlli to drive in the winning run. Longfellow Earns Grade Baseball Title Longfellow's PoelH captured llin city grtidu school lougue- baseball championship Wednesday ovonlug by hulling tho Tlplon Tigers In a gnrne ul Craln Field In Kuirvleiv pnrk 5-3. A big 1-run Ihlrrl Inning brought !.he l-'ix-U from behind and «n- 'ibli.-d Iliem lo move Into Uio elmmplnniiblp for 11(57-. Longfellow flnl.shud the ciimpnlgn with « (1-1 record, onu game abend of their netire.sl, pursuers. Tlplon Hlarled Hull, when Mike clii wore the losing pitchers for the Indians. ISinllli nocked n homer with Iwo Major League Standings Hogon Uses New Baseball Putting Crip to lead Meet vals in the pole vault," James Bishop was general chair, man of the committee which consisted of representatives of Lions, Kiwnnis, Rotary, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Altrusa, Exchange and Optimist clubs. Tom Medland served as toastmasler. scores with other members of his foursome. Hogan, who is sharpening up to bid for his fifth National Open nexl month, whipped Mike . Felchik, Kd Furgol and Gene Litt- NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. '(UP)-|]er in (he opening round. Ben Hogan, who has a new pull- ,. IO( , an . s plus 20 puL hjm J2 American League ing grip to go with his old desire fur viciory, takes a 12-point lead 25 II. .(i»4 ... 23 15 .805 3 22 Hi .571) 4 21 1!( ,525 li 21 20 .512 6V4 17 23 .425 10 J'4 24 .301) 12 Chicago New York Cleveland Detroit Bosion Kansas City Baltimore Washington Friday's Prnbiihlc Pitchers Detroit at Chicago (nighl—Gro- mok (0-1) or Lary (2-5) vs Koogan (0-2). Cleveland at Kansas City (night) —Tomanek (!-()) vs Carver (3-3). Boston at Washington (nighl)— Brewer (0-3) vs Kommcror (0-2). Ballimore al New York (nighl) —•Moore (1-3) vs Kucks (2-4). Suliinhty'H Games Delroll al Chicago Cleveland al. Kansas Clly B-oslon ill Wa.shlnglrin Ballimore at New York W. JL. Pet. GB i into today's second and third 'round mutches in the Palm Beach Round Robin golf lournamenl, Hogan, switching lo a "baseball" pulling grip afler sweating oul three-putt greens in the Masters Tournament, fired a four-un- dcr-par (17 Thursday lo lake a 14.2!) .320 I4.V4 ' sizeable lead in the Round Robin with plus 20 poinls. Each entrant •earns a plus or •minus rating by matching medal Cincinnati Brooklyn Milwaukee Miilndolp'hla SI. Louis Now York Chicago Plllsburgh National ],<Migiic W. I,. Pet. Vk 2 3 211 14 .(i, r >() 2» U .Ki'i 23 15 .111(5 22 Ml ,ri7i) II) II) ,4«!i <H4 l(i 23 .410 DVi .12 21 ,:iS3 12 U 2(1 .-21)7 1-3 !4 l-'rldiiy'H Pn>lM>l)le Brooklyn nt PhlUulclphln (night) —Di'ysdale (4-1) vs Roberts ('l-(l). Now York al. FIlLsburgb (nli;lil) —'Murgonuri (l-n):V.s Arroyo (1-5). Clilcngii at Clncliinall (nlg-liD—. Hush (0-li) VH Jeffcoul (;i-2). SI. Louis nl Milwaukee (nlghl)— McDanlel Cl-2) VK Burdiitte (5-2). .Salnriliiy'K (iamun Urooklyn at Pliiliirlelplilu, night Now York at Plllsburgh Chicago nl Clnclnnall mules on board In tin: first in-.St. Louis ul Milwaukee, night Hobby ainnU pitched n five- ''}['«,'T T"' T " I, """f fh* hlltnr for llix flf li win tnr I lu> ' ufl blll'l(!|- Tlllll I'lllTOU. of Ihe Yanlleos at- "cLn '' ' scu ""V"'"?, '',""" t ,"",',"" ^ beat the world champions for llie ^, L'" f ,!! "'^ "n, ' r', * flrsl tlinu In his career with n ,slx- hitler.' Andy Carey Hpnrked Uiu Ynnkei's 1 nine-lilt a.ll.tif:k In tho nlgblunp whllu ,11m Lemon liorn- eretl for Wa.sliingk)n In the firsl game, Jackie Jensen walloped n l()l.h- Innlng homer to give the lied Sox their opciilng-gitine win and drove in llirue runs wl-lii n homer, double und single to loiul Boston's Id- hit attack In Iho second game. Hub PortoiTlcIrl won ills firsl. game ()(( Oi!() 1)02 I (i 12 0 »t I.U. I..-,,, .r./,, inn ,..m. ,^1.....^ -JJcnnutl (li Bur I"" " rCKU "' " f • Iljnfl< " 1 '" fb'«l-gnme Smllh 'MUM' ri-n -I'omor antl.Davn Sister wuntliered „.„?!•, .. '";,.':. ' 12 Hallimore III Us for his fourth nolle '()) nnd ini'k (!l), Slenter (10) and (louiie. Winner — Slcaler (1-0). Loser — IHirnolle (3-2), Illl— Kiienn (2nd), X(>rnial (lOlht, McDermolt (1st), Slealcr dsl). (2ml Giunc) Kansas City 000 000 002— 2 (I 1 Delroll 000 001 02x— :»• U 0 Porlocarrero, 'Trucks (in anil Thompson. Friylaek (5-3) iind Wilson. Loser -- PorlocaiToro (1-1). UK—.Boiling 2 (fllli & 7lh). (|N( <!»inc.) Cleveland Chlciigo 00(( 100 MI— 4 II 2 021 001 02x— (I I) Daley, Pllulu (3), Tommiek (H) and Nunigon. Nixon (5), Donovan (4-1) and Hnlley. Loser — Daley (1-3). (2ml Ciiiiiiu) Cleveland 000 010 000— .1 .1 2 Clllcugo ,100 010 (Mix— 2 r< 0 (larcln, Niirleskl (7) nnd He- gun. Pierce (11-2) and Lollar. Loser— Garciu (1-2). i RACES SUNDAY NITE KOKOMO SPtfflDWAY triumph. Pllcbar Lou Slcnler, balling for the first lime tills Benson, wun Ills own gnmo with a lOlh-lnnlnK homer for Dotrolt nnd Kninlt Boiling hit two hoiriiM-N to help Paul Foytuclt post his fll'IJi victory in tho nightcap. Cfus Xornlnl hlii loth homer for Ibe A's, Clus I'lcll's Ibreii • run Hevorilh- Inning homer WIIH Hie big blow for Ihc Uorllcg.H In Ihelr nl/{hLciip nfler Wlllard Sclimldt's four-hilliir gave St. Louis un opening decision. Tom Acker, wllii rollcf aid from Horgholl l''n;eman, won -his slxlli game behind n nine-lilt Cln- clnrinli altack that also Included run homer In briny Hie Pouls from behind to win. Summary: Longfellow 00-1,010-5 Tlplon .' 1)00,000—:i :i T. Parrel.!, and Osoiibmigh; Smllh, Leonard, Mcl'hcrurm Kombold, Hell. 5 2 M, and Berries, Wolf Lake Will Clash Tonighr Tho Loganberries will (inlerlnln Wolf high school club In » double bonder tonlghl ul. liivornldc park. Flrsl game will dlnrl at l> o'clock with the iilglitcnp Hclieduled ut 7 o'clock. Final North , Contnil confercnci! nppearance for Ibc BurrleH will be Tuesday ul Richmond, H()l)UI'IN TIIK SANTA MONICA, Calif. (UP)— Tlierc'H a holdup muii liereobnulu who knriWH crime nol only doesn't pay but can COM'.. Police nald Uiu uii shipped a $20 bill on Ibu coun- of n motel office to ovoid suspicion buTore attempliiiR u liotol robbery but fled when the manager pul up u fight— and loft U* $20 behind. SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 12:30p.m. DRAG RACE HOT RODS - CYCLES - SPORT CARS (57 ModoU) Safe — Suporvliod on Approved Strip Sanctioned by Contra! ind. Timon Inc. BUNKER HILL DRAG STRIP V/> Mllei South of Bunk.r Hill American . j ahead of Sum Snead and Australia's Pe-ler Thomson, who were tied for second with plus eights. LAOS' PREMIKR RESIGNS VJBJNTIANE, Laos (UP)—Laos' Premier. Prince Souvnna Phoumc, resigned Thurwlny when he lost a vole of confidence on his handling of the Inlngralion of Communist Pnlliet Laos rebel units inlo his country. Army Sergeant Only US Hope in Tourney FORMBY, England (UP)—Harold Ridgeley, a 43-year-old professional soldier who represents America's only remaining hope in the Bri;ish Amateur golf championship, meets Arthur Walker of South Africa in today's 3C - hola semi-finals. The other semi - final on th« 6,803-yard Fonnby course will be an all - Scottish match between Reid Jack and Alan Bussell. Ridgeley, an Air Force master sergeant from Haverford. Pa., has been stationed in England for fix years. He has played in this tournament each year bul never before reached the semi-finals. The tournament is just a lark for Ridgeley. a freckle-faced man. who saw the second world war from the tnll-gunncr's turret of a Bl7. Walker, only survivor among the three pre-tournament co - favorites, figures lo provide the ser- geanl's loughesl tesl. Diile Morejr of Indianapolis, Ind.. and IVc- land's Joe Carr, the other fa. voritcs, failed to reach the quarter-finals. Races Outdraw Big League Baseball By UNITED PRESS The major horse parks outdrow (he big league baseball parks by * wide margin on Memorial Day. A grand tolal of 237,023 tans paid their way into eight big league ball parks Thursday, while 252,294 racegoers turned out at six major thoroughbred tracks. Manny Kistler New Grass Creek Coach Manford Kistler, will be Hie now athletic conch at Grass Crook, succeeding Rollin Jump, who resigned recently to enter Ihc arau'd forces. . Kisller formerly served as heart couch at Culler in Carroll county mid at Fullon, before assisting .Maurice Tolberl nl Kcwanna. TIRE SALE U. S. ROYALS Mehaffie's Service 221 ].1Ui !I03 N. Sixth ^— ^ GIVE DAD THE PURITAN MILLION DOLLAR LOOK! Cool, Crisp, Cotton iPORT SHIRTS Puritan sporl shirts add so much to his lols- uro enjoyment! Of course, they'll koop him comfortable. Skilled tailoring glvos oxcollont- flH Light-weight fabrics of true luxury aro carefully selected for those shirls. Give Dad sovorall $3.95 and $4.95 Others from $2.95 W. I.. Pet. Wlcblln , 28 14 .W!7! Kl. I'tiul 28 IS .112" Minneapolis 27 J8 .«()() liidiaiinpolls 22 22 ,500 Oiruiha 21 21. .500 Charleslon 21 2(i ,4-17 Denver j? :>i .4,17 Loulsvlllr: |) ;« .214 'I'hiii'Hifiiy'H ItitsnllN LoulHvllle II JndlniuiiKills 4 (1st) Louisville II Indianapolis 2 (2nd) Charleston 4 Wlchlla 2 (l.sl) Wlclilin 4 Clint-lesion 0 (2nd) Denver 5 Omnlia 0 (1st) Omahii II Denver I) (2nd) SI, Paul 5 Minneapolis o (Isl.) SI. Paul 10 Minneapolis t) (2nd) SI. Paul at Wlchll.il Minneapolis nl, Indkiniipulls Omaha at Charleston . Denver at Louisville Young America Boys To Practice Sunday All Young America high school Mini junior high school boys, Inter- ontetl In playing In ih« Cniw coun- •y sunimor hiiHQboll leiiguo are ndkOfl lirmccl al, 2 o'clock Sunrlny iiftoi'noon nl Hie Young America school building, Couch Bun Billiard .innoimced. MODIFIED and JALOPY LAFAYETH WIN! ENTER PURITAN'S '75,000 FATHER'S DAY FESTIVAL PRIZES IN ONE vin-nli'iii trip for Iwo vm Sii- bn t, lirluiiin VVnHd Airlinm to i:ily of voi r rlinirr in Ivurour I'lut ji Y;ilrs- Au rriciin Muliilr \Vorl(Nhi)|) /'/IM an Ad nil-ill I'lirtnhlr TV 1'lur n I.AU I 'Itrn-'rwrnlv l''nn« I'liu n srl nf Wnll- ci» l-'iihinH Knrls /'/i;j H PunlJin. (Inllll- OTHER GRAND PRIZES! 2nil and 3rd Prize '2 I -Hay viii-Hlion for Iwo via SahrnA Airlines to rity o! ymir choice in Plus 80 Handsome Puritan Cas/imerit Swea<en COME IN TODAY! GET YOUR ENTRY BLANK ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS WILL WIN THIS 5TEELMAN HI-FI PORTABLE SET Sold rintimnillv ill $79.9.1 it liiin <1- spiri-d aiiKiiniiiic changer. Two ruaU'lirrl jrwi-1 needles I Twin- uprakirs for glorioim lone I ENTER TODAY! NOTHING TO DOt NOTHING TO BUV! RHflifUDfR 313-315Mark.tSt. LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY

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