The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri on January 19, 1901 · Page 2
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The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri · Page 2

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1901
Page 2
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THE SPRINGFIELD &EPUBLIC AW, SATURDAY MORNING, JANtTARt 19, 19017 HE SHOT A BOY An Arkansas Desperado Be - , trayed the Confidence of ' HU Vlcthn. Agreed to Surrender Then Turned and Fired. fiE ACTED LIKE A CRAZY MAN BENTONVTXLE, .ARK., Jan. IS. In the hill adjacent to Whit river, and about two miles below the old Van Winkle ferry, has resided for the past Art or six years. In a little cabin, with no companionship save that of a Winchester rifle, a roan who gies hi name as Tom Hill. Tiiii man has gained p reputation la that part of the country as a to'.ijh character, bavins on several occasions tired Ms Winchester in forcing parties who Kilg'Jt ban - en to be passing bis way jo giveVp their money. Ke has never tea kuu - .vi; to do a day's labor, and bow l.e ha xniinagad to get eions in thi v.:'!d is l;::ov..a only tr - hinwlf . - ' ' Oh l.vt Friday ? wen named jwsln; by tl i:;';c. dr.q nr two yews ;:! HuPivr' weco . Fill Hvi'ird out The funeral of the suicide cashier will bo held lit .Wathena tomorrow. Ills fatlier. "Fred Hapster. lives at Baldwin, Ks.. where a family reunion was held few weeks ago. None of the members of the family had auy knowledge of the alleged shortage. Harp - sfer lived with his wife aud daughter Ruth, aged 8 years, who survive hiuj. three blocks from the bank. The residence is one of the finest in Wathena. The dead man belonged to the Knights of Pythias lodge, of which he was one of the leading members of Northeast Kansas. lie carried $5,000 life insurance in the Iowa Banker's Insurance association of Des Moines. , The. insurance will be of no value to his widow on account of a provision thnt a' member must be lu the inati - tntlon for five years before his relatives can profit by the Insurance lu case be commltts suicide. He! holds $7,000 In Various other corporations, $3,000 of which Is in the Fraternal Aid association. ' " THE KENTUCKY FEUD. NO MORE RIOTING. BUT THE SITUATION" 13 STILL GRAVE. With iiis v:iiv. - i:e - - ;or : - v.. .the - to th' - lr money, ar.d t; i eoajpelkd to '.ar.d ; a:arjiir.ii.i:. to. o,r.e. .'ii.i'.v g - .tv.ria r - rt.! - - . a'.. - .. 7 ntv. yv;.i;:;;y by i: Hopper, returi'""'.! to th. within a'out 75 or V! va - U Hill emersrc 1 from his e.ibin Ml the bevs whit tl. - y want - F 11 A N K TO Ri' K .,' Jan. IS. - Oor: Beckham was tn constant ee - mrounten - tu - n with Oorbin by wire today, nnd while "no more rioting was reported :r:i:; led of from there the - situation Is still con - vo: e r ich j xldered gra"e. nnd by order of the gov - ; ;i thi v bail, ernor Adjuiiiiit - Ueiieriil Murray left u;;ic..v. Oa I'.uiuUt. tor C.wlilo. to. take command. 7 o'clock Ag - of troops, but returned directly on re - hr'. - thot, nnd ce - lpi of n telegiui from Col. Williams iV.'in When b"t order bad been restored In Cor nell ; hat if t!.o piaceiUn. i "n. r ti :n 1 inch tjifv !: i con e hii !. f: taj 'f". - re ; ;, If one.:.!; - ..w. - :.i f' - irr. H o - .f r : : t - icy were., - if raid JI - - p":..;s t'. - i ynrcr - t. ni - ' '' th:,f iv - y: I , - ; Walter. M n't. :. cr ii 'r - rt Hi l - Cj vr.:: a ',. - . i - t - .1 Urn I; tiu'in? )SiM'.:j bod v. ), W'inr V ;:'i;h .:' it - J i ; ai k - V whcre - ' t th.vy bad v !;'eh he )! - .! that '. :i he would - y told him i - !; - .v,.t thetJ. A'JIIi - V. - . the .f. - i ...Li: . - !,.! 't cl - ixt a boy." i v. - 'r.V:'j wirhi!! I"; 1 " 'Vrn yo i. I've y - ii :o.v." ami t - r Pie.l. the ball arm. t'lfr. iuto his - WILL FINISH TODAY. V - .;t r I..; ,fe:i - 8fi.r! j j;ii:' :;1 Pili ';! 1 ..(' - i; ' In :i v ! rtc.o - ' - : m r Hill i!,i - braviri: tl - e - : - ,.,r ! a; it ;'. - ) : 3.r or ill 11;' - r:. i. and i: ntil 10 or. a f'it '! ffCo! - . t' lli'li. - is v - tc s' - .ower. .( but it I bei a o ; 1 - f o" - !;c' c.:.)tn 'nir.d"S. but . Hi - ; l - rctlier " .vrleil liini I ! ,:);x - r hoy in lit'j whb'h 'u ( coirriy 'Hi. in a very ::,': . A by !' e - tit:re 'ir.y tlvt'uiiiht In ' DHPliit. COMMITTFE INVESTIGATING WEST , POINT HAZING. WEST r - UIXT. .Ian. IS. - The con - it. - i. - ii n:,l coinmitt'ee will probably f.n - ish tbe investlgatisn - ut the military .ica - l my tomoiTow. The 'rongresnmrn bavo probed into Uie hrjln? which baa maintained at the r.iirt barrAcks and comp for sev - 'r; - .l years par.t and have obtained a mni:3 cf evidence additional to that ad - ! ic d ,t i he - military coart of Inquiry. Tl'y will mako strenuous efforts to wind up their work hero by midnight tomorrow, although It is not Improbable that they may hare to hold sea - uior.i Mondiy. The rieiitiii;? traditions were gone Into aii.tin ,a:.d mni' a lditiotial information ias gained in that.i'enpect. Cadet A. J. of New York waa thoitiCigMy examined by the committeemen as he 1h looked upon as the NOTHING DONE The Special Session of the City Council Resulted lu Nothingness. Was Not Enough Present to Amend the Ordinance. tbpy on the ei!i - ,n. authority on at the academy, built thnt ! Wl:en (ieiteral Dick began to question cihd ; - ,"t pi - m - ti - : - t.. to the ln - r lIn i.e became argnmentativs and :. j tphook" hi? flnetr tt the rhahman "ev - ' t . - . ' 'Iw - - t 11 s1 12 i)'cb)cl: eral tjmw wlitn parrlng some of the v r.s h. - a p . - !. - . - . rrikn.i cernrnl r mild retiroves. At times he ri' - .er. l Inforned HilT l ai - f - 1 ti'.ronj the table which scparat - (:'"' r an'' If he wumM ed from the rlia'irmnn'a table while lie "ill! tint Oil t ! e w i'r. o ;s: rer.O - r to !,:m fli':'l - c lie ::!'. lie v..: - .. - ! 'lu !.ii i a - " : .' ' - ; '1 i.i i' ri' i B'i i !:.' - I..' gv.a; ill'j Vn h.'' .'. hofv i nnd if Into t'.e c'i j.iiit' rt him e by liie eiira :" rlliens. to M.i ieiic r to t':e .quire. 'Kike In an Insolent manner to the jeneral 11 uphold the llghtliig of Wrn Point - 'code and Oxlired Ibat he ;y i ii;ie nut if his enb - ' would fljtht ary of bis alse and : ;:r,ri.i b ii' - i't"iltim - h Vt"lht and Void tVit any man who uf Scjiitre ;'uc - .. John i wc'ild mt 'do llkpwiie .was not fit to r'e - f. - th yr iii.ii:. they !f la the nraiy. e.i for th!r. r':ty. ar - ! General Hick exhibited a good ial a - ' - i - - if.. Lil'filiK e ! : ". . cii. I.c - ei nil - f. - r iii but littie '. ant. - ! 'OK i tl l Till'. UK D Itrr.uifi - ltitlltilir laUlel. II1 St : St k. rf fovber.ntiice. but finally gave up his iHHstlit.Ing In unconrcaieil d'sgiint af - i. - - l. had glvrn the "flvtlc expert" a onnd pb ce of nlvlce. I'.T.'bP flrst time during tbe. - Iliveitl - it t' shown toiay that fiere i re r.. 'ft', In tie Drat tlai"S vho, from the t!r, - .e thf v cr.:ne;here as pieties bave been opp.fed to bazinp and fishtlng, Cadet Frar.fls W. Clarke testified to thifi and said that these practices shdiild be abclitbed. He was tompll - W N C. 1 '. 3 : t Ari; i o.i;i..c of 15. ia!' n. ."".!' sr.ry f - i - n.njn.Jj to hi', rt a.'. If !' , - ' fv - . - . - . Ueut: ui.r.jj G - a lieve him of tlieViiK'. ed with t!ie"ii.'.mii:i' - r(,rf.,.,rv menti ny nr. rr.g. wno sain mm to Clark w as a crenit to toe acaaemy. ; I? hnure w ith the i - .b'.e to frlirn the, it Wi:s nut utLtc - ) "t a?. V r: '' In i :flen V.'.'.se. h ) - ,v - yi'."S wi'l re - :t diults connect - , ration of the. war. i ' LaiMus Student Ducked. i SJANi OKI) r.MVKRSITy. CAI. "Jan. H.'l'be fullnx against tboe who bare hctu ciiiidciiiiiing the action of President Jordan, broke out this tfter - iuma auiu.ig the ntudeiit. C. U. Mont - ADJOURNED TO NEXT TUESDAY Mayor Walker called fha special session of th.clty council to order a few minutes before 8 o'clock last nlgbt . Ou the call of the roll 10 couu - cllmen answered to their names. Those absent were Eaton, Goad, Williams. Tarrant, WaugU and Whlght. Mr. Merritt moved that the ordinance of regradiug subways be amendM so as to comply with the opinion ot City Attorney Johbson vtx. that the subways be constructed between the east line of . Washington avenue and west line of Lyon street. In making bis motion Mr. Merritt said ho did not llilnk ' sucl) "an "amendment necessary but made the motion to set the bull to rolling. Mr. Tompkins raised the point that there were not two - third of the council present, therefore the ordlpance could not be amended. Mr. Merritt replied that It was not necessary to amend the. ordinance. It would do no good and of course would do no harm. 3Ir. Wear sahMhe people on the north side were In favor of having the subways and begin voting on the lMinds. He therefore moved to amend the ordinance. . . Again Mr. Tompkins called attention to the fact that It requires a two - tblrila vote and there were not euotigh members present. A iiioi lou t instrnet the nnnrcnnt - ftt; arm t. bring In the absent member - - va iiiiiile and carried. While the sergeiint - at arms was out huutiug for the derullct couucuuien tlmse present discuied the advbn billty of amending the ordinance on J thereby bad hu opportunity to Uipluy their eloquenoe. Mayor Walker said that thete was great danger of losing the Frisco fcbops and he cautioued the council about dolug anything tunt migbt Jeop ardize the interest of the city, lie wanted the council to get together and he wanted the lieople to get together, vote the Ixmds and construct the subways, otherwise Mr. Yockuin inliflit move" the - nhoiia. Mr Tompkins moved thnt the ord; Inance coiBiulttee be instructed .to draw up an auiemltuent to the subway ordinance In conformity to the views of the city attorney. Mr. Merrett moved as a'suUtltuU that the cHy 'attorney be. Instructed to draw the ordinance. "The ordln" - mice comuilttee,' said . Mr. Merrett, "drew oue ordinance and that dots uut suit him, now let him draw oue that will suit himself.". before the' above motion was put a half, dozen otiier motions were made and after mucli" wrangling Mr. Tonitiklus withdrew bis motion which carried with It Mr. Merritt'k subtltute. Mr. MeColIum moved tnaCiiie ordin - .mie be referred to the police committee, t hjL - n - M r. Merritt moved as n nutmtltute that it lie referred to the elty uttoruey. Substitute lost.' Mr. Merritt said It w - as evident that the council, would' do' nothing at this meeting. .The north side people ought to agree upon the locution of the subways and lie believed the councilmeh "of the Seventh and Eighth wards ought come to some understanding. In velw of this fact and the further fact that It would take j some time to draw up the ordinance so us to conform to the opinion of the city attorney, he would therefore move that to adjourn nntll Wednenday - nlxlit. On roll coll this motion was carried a nd the council adjourned! An Excellent Combination. . The pleasant method and beneficial effects of the well known remedy, tivRl'P op Flos, manufactured by t(je Califousia Fio Svbup Co., illustrate the v - aluoof obtaining tlie liquid laxative principles of plants known to be medicinally ' laxative and presentihg them in the form most r f resiling to the taste and tcceptable to the system. It isthe ouo perfect streugtltcning laxative, cleansing the system effectually, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers gently yt promptly and .enabling one to overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its perfect freedom from every object 'onanle quality and substance, and Its acting on the kidneys, livor and bowels, without wenkeuing or irritating them, make it the ideal laxative. . in the - proeess of mannfnctrrring tipjr are used, as' they sro pleasant to the' ta&te, but the medicinal qualities of the remedy 'are obtained from senna aud other aromatic plants, by a method known to the California" Fio Starp Co. only, la order to get its beneficial effects and to avoid imitations, remember the full name of the Company printed on the fro'nt - of every package. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN iaAK;isco, CAL i.otnsvn.LS, trr. sew tors, k. t. For ! brail Driitnlsts. I'rlfcSOe. pf rbottie tTr7 - rrrrrrrrrr,rrr7 - rrr,r,rrrrr.r,rH 9nrffm lhaingeoff;tife I These Women were Helped Through Woman's Orea CiTi I - - vby Mr. Plnkham - All M!ddle - Aed Women permit to the Waters - Pierce Oil company to do business in the stale. In violation of the anti - trust law, closed Its . rcttions today, after hearing the testimony of several witnesses. The committee !s preparing a report which will fully exonerate Mr. Hailcy. District Attorney Thomas t' - ti!led that .while Mr. .Bailey was intcre. - .tod In the elpht criminal ca;:&s against Mr Pierce, yet - lie hnd seen nothing that would In any way Incriminate Mr. Bailey. Ex - Lieutenant Governor GIbbs ar alto cilled by the prosecution, but his testimony waa all In Mr. llalley's ti - vor. l!r. Bailey testified, for three hours, reviewing the matter from be - i glnnlr.g to end. He Paid that he wa not acquainted with Mr. Tierce prior '0 last spring, wps not Interested with hlru In any particular nnd bis eonnec - ticSn with the matter' was absolutely !arren of nr.y criminal Intent or fratid - nlent purpose. He ( to thr interest of TexnB that the compiny do business here and he had neither apology to offer nor any plea to make to those who had fought" him so bitterly on political grounds on this Issue, but be made the explanation for the benefit of his friends in nnd out of Teaas. - . ' .. - :: , , Should Read Their Letters. Nino Years of Suffering " Dbaa Mm. PntKBAM When I first wrote to yon, I was In Ten condition. I was passing - through the change of life, and the doct I hurt Wa.lo. .r,alir.V.l I ' " - wraSMil had suffered for nine years. Doctors failed to do mo any good. Since I have taken Lydia E. Pink - ham's Vegetable Compound, my health has improved very much. I will gladly recommend toot med - icine to others and am lure that it wilt prove a great a blenaing to them as it has to me." Man. GEO, H. Jink. 901 DeKulb Ayp., llmok - lyn,K. - Y. . ,!( Relief Came Promptly "Dear Mrs. Pixkham : I bad been under treatment with the doctors for four years, and seemed to get no better, I thought I would try your medicine. My trouble was change of life, and I must say that I never had anything - help me H ii o in u . ti ii li i 1 1 ii mm niiiuh aa Lydia.Pinkhams Vege - liWWww - fe.iLiL J L. table Compound. Keliof came almost immediately. I have better hnlii, now than I ever had. I feel like a new woman, nerfectlv Ktrnni i i Lydia E. Finkham's Compound all the credit, and would not do without jour luc.iu - ine ior miy iiung - . i nave reoommenaett it to several ol m? fp!ndu Tin. Id vtn H A .1 . .. J ! V t ' .....v.. ,v .a mw i . v w4 nujui uucimg BU UlUCf, IOr ill T - i. Yt ham's reraoUies are a sure care." MahaI - A BroiR, Bridgwater 111 No woman is so healthy but at this crisis in hef life she needs advice and help from the most competent source, Mrs. fink. nam win aavise sucn women without charge on request. Experienced Great Benefit "Dear Mrs. IYnkham : J took Lydi & Pinko am'a Vegetable Cots. pound during change of Ufa and derircd. g7at beneCt from iU use." mart oamks, ijsuiyaon eu, liradiord, t'a. Mrs. Harrold Rellovod of Pain "I had pains In my head and back andoould not stand ouroj feet witi. outcauslrpterriblepa!nit aMomen. I was short of breath and could no. sicip. l mta severw rioctom nut none fcclped me. I read of I.vrtia E I'tuKham a vegetable Compound In a paper and before I had taken tuiy'iv m . - n ini .uH .taw. IW IUUUMI. A UHVffl J BKtl SCVCrtti DOtt!e8 ii ,i ,1 nm wnll M If n. 1 V lTi..wl, nihl.. Til l he medicine that has cured a million women of serious temaie ms an incomparable record sucn is LYD1A E. PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE CCMPCWiD The Great Republican ' Paper of America. THE ST. LOUIS GLOBE - DEMOCRAT 77tf Great Newspaper of the Worlik TWICE EVERY WEEK. WAS NOT ROSBED. W. T. BISHOP'S STORY EXPLODED - BY THE POLICEMEN. . . '. j, . 1 . . . 'eoniery. a Junior from the Fniversfty yot.a"lMl on the ti i - cvt of ttre Il: - ooke i ' . , . , ,..., . - 1. ,, - , of Kansa. wss elr.ed by a party of ctirt of i:ii'i:;yin tie case of et - . ' ill J7 more suiuciiis an" tnrriei iu mf j lake bnek of the I ulverslty and thrown In. 'Tim water' w as almut 5 CtleU Boo acdlirrclh, aod his lll - l BJ will d. - Iay n il further action ir U.avl matter. , There is ah - loiprerulci at the department Q,;X the secretary Jeslres,to act before tin conKrc - vMiotui comiriite: coae.ludca ia, investigation of the same matters. TU - r is eycry reason tu believe fiat .he wiil eoa'des - .n th prattle of hazihg la uamoanured t - 11.1 aod Iij - tru'et the authir ttii. - sl at tbe mHttary acaUeny to adopt radVi!' and i - x.truu. measures for Tts co'ciiiletc ivdiition troa ti. staulmy. . . ' . Shortage iVot Known.' ST. JOSEPH. MO.. Jan. Is. - luve9tl - (alioa of tie affairs of the State , Baalc of Wathena. which ' haa been wrecked by, the. "spw - ulatlen of the cashier. In mining, and other veoture. hna. developed. nothing that will give the correct amount of the iuortage. feel deep lii tlie lake, ami Montgomery had no il!ffleuty In gating to shore. The f.eling agnliut Jloutgomery waa caused by til radical tall: condemning Dr. Jordan nml the Vnlferslty uishsrei!i!it. Tlie dock'nf party was composed ef the niot promir.ent itd - dents and wtndeht liody offlceri. ' Aiding Prof. F.rannr, In deflnlnj the actWm of tb cdle aiithnrltien. mid: "life question at Issue In the case of Fr - of. Howafxl - ls simply this: Are the - prufewwin in this inititntloil at l;fjTty to arralsu'llie University man - ' ngement In tlie itrcneuee of their clas? If atx Ii n liberty' Is looked upon 'a academic f "K - Wvui. then, I beg u sey once fur all that sik - Ii frn - dooi (If tech is tle word). I not and will not be tolerated lu this Ju.titutlou to long as it is under Its prewut lunnagemenL" iirj'.'fn?fi" wtfl.n'. h. tyi nra. r - , V r - vunWr iriihont ri!lr, ; ft Mt.mi.tHrrf'.lowtt wiiil thwm. The 4nm41ml nWJ throwli w - h a IK. e - afU Mtnn mm mmm , Iwwiwir, i mlra.irin r l! p. - in, fuc,Hn( nUdangCT, UwtUwmy iMxtmi vi mil. rir - vi ol.U 4 - fOK A tri.D IS THE IintD ' l.aiadra IiromwiaiatB Tabled. Jio Calamity Uowl. WASHINGTON, Jan. 18. - 3. II. Jumper, postmaster of Aberdeen, a IT. stated before the Industrial coocmlttee today that he condition of the farmer had Unproved materially during the past four years, aod that there were no foreclosure of mortgages. He (aid that the thrifty farmer. had greatly prospered by wheat farming. The average price of wheat throughout the wlnat producing belt for the past eight years waa (4 cents per Dnshe, and the average the laxt four year waa 10 rents above 4h$. average for. the, preceding four years. He aald there was brisk competition amorg the elevator companies. In hit opinion, there were no elevator combines. He testified that he never had been able to find aay evidence of rebate granted the elevator companies and that the tanner and the independent elevator had the same privilege and rate with the railroad companies. A. Pratt, formerly mayor ot Aberdeen, teatlfled along the same line i a ltx - i - .iivriiAi'm ' - u. . ... ,r KKooj.nvotor;... - T:..... - '; - .,::'; - k ty ' fr.t ariniMtnl Au, nn.mM.'2 tHw . - '" "Will Exonerate Bailey. AUSTIN, TEX.," Jan. J8. - The legislative evmnr.litee v.hlch tea Uea In - fAU tri the c'jarges ajciatt - C.ia - ..: ' - i,r aa "orep'i W. Bal'.cy retarding 1 i.i ui.ictiini v, .th the liuliij of a W. T. Bishop, living on Feast Walnut street outside of the city limits, came to town Thursday morning and had a check cashed for 57. He "blew" the niimey In for "buor.e." After cx - linntalng bis funds he bought three drinks and a half pint of whisky on credit. Being refined credit for more hooso hu buriowed 1U cents from a friend to buy .his lat drink. - He then mounted IiIm horse and rode home. It Is bellev.d by the officers who Investigated the ''case that he fell from his horxe nnd was bruised about the head and f.we. He cnnie to town yesterday morning nnd reported at tjie police stntlon that he had been knocked down and robbed in his back yard the previous night nt 12 o'clock. He said the robber secured $15 In cnh. his pocket knife and tobacco, a not for $10 wlijch he claimed to have received Wednesday night. The rtian whom he said gave .him. the cheek for $10 was seen by nn officer and stated thnt be never gave Bishop n check for $10. The police learning the facts In the cose decided tbat'BisIiop was not rob - ld. AS A NEWSPAPER the reputation of the 0L0BK - DEM0CKAT la world wide. It la known and It circulate wherever the English language is read. It Weekly Edition, Issued tn SEMI - WEEKLY sections, at One DoUsr Year, Is almost equal to a dally at the price ot a weekly. It gives the attest telegraphic new from all the world every Toesdsy and Friday. Report et curent event ar carried forward tram ection to (action, and the COMPLETE NEWS OF THE WOKLD. la full telegram la contained lu the two section. AS A HOME JOUENAL It ha no equal. It departments devoted to tlx "Farm, Garden and Dairy," "The Family Circle," and "The nome" are each of the highest and most helpful character. It market .report r correct and complete In every detail. Aj interntlng; etory Is contluned from Issu; to Issue, &Bd it has many other feature which combine to. furnish help.' amusement and Instruction Tor people In all condition and circumstances of life. - . IX EACH DEPARTMENT AND AS A' WHOLE, the Tekly cWDtmo. crat, Issued In SEMI - WEEKLY ertloni I the peer of any family newspape' In the world, and It ougfit to be at every .fireside during the coming year. Send One Dollar only One Dollar for a year's subscription today, or writ for free sample copies tt , ... .. 1 THE GLOBE PRINTING CO., ST. LOUIS, SI0. THE DAILY GLOBE - DEMOCRAT 13 WITHOUT A RIVAL IN ALL TBI WEST, - AND STANDS AT THB VERY FRONT AMONG THE REALLY OREAT NEWSPAPERS 09 THB WORLD. - Dailr Including Sunday. One Year W 6 Months 13 01 S Month II M DaCv. 'Wlthoat Sunday. One Year ...v.. ....$4 90 ( Month $2 - 00 t Month $1:00 Punilay Edition. 40 to 00 PftiTOS. On Year U Month. 1 M f BY MAIL. POSTAGE PREPAID. Jeff Davis Inaugurated. I - ITTL"B ROCK., Jan. IS. Governor Joffer'son Davis waa Inaugurated today before the senate and houn lrr Joint session. Ceremonies were very ostentations. - ItoHtellln "HamW."' ROSTELf. IN 'IIAMI.ETTi 5 fi' M .V. 'Hiiuilet was greeted by n fslr sized eniTIencc st the Baldwin lust evening. TtosteU acts the part of "the melon - choly. Pane" with splendid - art. and that the audience appreciated him was shown by the applause he received. Here is the Finest COfflBJTAL Lllffl Via WABASH to NEW YORK and BOSTON tx e Vote early and often. Vote for yourself. Get your friendt to role for you, and thus try to keep in the lend foi v choke of one of the Re - puhlicatt'M free life scholar - mttiKm iat4h flu.,,.,. T..4 national Correspondence tyckools of Scranton, Pa. r - . w - . ii - veryininfi,incmatng OOOlit h - drawing instruments: etc.. 4 absolutely free of cost. jr T AftNAa C T . . t J l.tlo a t) at ' m - Arrive In New York neit affV - noon "......'. 3:1 Boston 6:20 p. EolM through train elegantly quipped with Pane C'oac Sleepers and Flnin Cars. Stop - over allowed at NJsr". Falls. For full particulars Inquire ol y on f bom. Ticket Agnt.'nr a (Ires ' W. D. WOOD, Traveling Pas. Agt, St Lout . tatti ' J ALWHYS All the news, .without" prejudice; - 1 The best general reading; The best market reports; The Great Paper of the Great West; THE KANSAS CITY STAR, By. - rfa II,. postage prepaid, dal ly nd'8ur(!ay, 1 y' f4 fi' ' By mall, postal vrepaid. dolly and Sundsy. I moniii, I W The Weekly Kansas City Star ,rosU prijala, IS tutlt XMb, ' . ' ' ,

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