The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1931
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Served 6/y the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TI1R DOMINANT NKWSPAPEIl OP NORTHEAST AKKANSAS AND BOUTI1KAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Blylheville Courier, Blvthovlllc Ilernld, Hlythevllle Dally Ne>vs, Mississippi Valley leade ARKANSAS, 'ITKSIMV, ..MAY 5. IO:U j —. — 1 FIVE CENTS Wage New Battle In Kentucky Coal Fields Women Rub Elbows With Men In Bars of Juarez Saloons Sheriff Sends Rccnlorce- • mculs Willi Orders lo Capture or Kill. HARLAN. Ky.. May 5. (UP)--A condition rivaling cuerrilla warfare developed inlo a piii'hed battle for Ihe second Hire in ten days todi, resisltim; in three known with two others wounded so badly they are piven no clnnto to sunue A carload of deputy sheriffs en- route from Ev.irts. Ky.. coal mini lo Harbn to r.'oovl lo Sheriff .John Henry Blair was fired uuon bv fr-ree of men ambushed b.' v 'ind p 1 of railroad ties. In a smisnini v brittle, wliir-h ensued lhre° demit es Jim Daniels. Olt U"', and another deiritv itlentirird only as "Pea c fid." fell dead. . Sheriff Sends Men • III resnan.w to the breathless • cf Deputy Sheriff Eslcs Cox. God's sake send more men." Sheriff j Blair deputized a force of 5!) mm • lo advance on Ihe ambushers anl place them ur.der arrest them. Maehlne cuas and Inch now- j cre/t riflfs were sent by Sheriff Rliir.' The battle was no! altogether nn- | pvmcled as a similar affair occur-. He's only 3G years JAUIiEZ, Mes 11 bo, ;;ouls?" Tint used to be tlii" only r;ucs- licii the bartenders in Jiiaro,- sil- oons ashrd their customers. Aiui thru (•nine Hie women. ami the bartenders had In I'lmnne their queslioii .so as lo include the* ne',v class of drinkers. A[ one lime drinkinR was con- (UP) —"\Vliat'll|ivsl their elbows on the mahogany ] bars Mayor Ai'iislin Ciallo. how-j rvo >'' amended the order (o pcrmi!, v.oii'.cii to dunk at (he tars. 1-Viii-rals Intel- rivaled Ihe per-1;n. but the women continued j ty I;M' lln-ir newly found pvivllryc. j Then the la'.v ptohibithi:? women i-iiii'iinjj Uv bars was Interpreted i :n mean the exclusion otily of wo- u-?!i of the "/mil-" anil others ot LIFE IN FUTILE sidered only ;i man's pastime, liul; cnicMionable character. in all other activities, the wo-1 Haiiciuler.s m,\\- welcome the woof im'n's „;.-.,, j,,| u t iie bars and claim their lot of men arc invading Ihe p'easi;ies and business so that a i |].- w eiice 1ms ellmlnalrd number ,of women's feel decora!.- I !.. ;;nv is and rough lalk. Ihe brass rail alongside Ihe men's, j \vhite the women insist on doing H was nut always thus—the wo-' their share of driukinc. the barmen in Ihe burs drinking, old: lenders say. they drink mostly timers say. j beer nnd faniy drinks that lake I Before ihe Escobar revolution of away It?.? biiter laste of (he hard woircn were net allowed lo I liquors-. Scouts' Gn(.'.st ouiij! Woman and l\vo Piinits Ground to Dc;illi Under 1 rain on 1 resile. Mississippi A. and M. Ex-! pert Advises of Method For Control, of Aphicls. NiroMr.e dust is an effective the control of plan!, lice old, but n -rd ivithnn! bloodshed last week : Downing, Memphis, Tenn., proc?r.' n^rnt for when o foire of-ambusrcrs opened ,is grandfathi-r of Ihe nve-montiis- I on alfalfa or oilier field crops.- fire r. n ''00 m-n -ohi" to work in I old baby he is shown iiokiin';. ! Dn:i Ci. Stout, local dealer m farm (he Black -Mountain Coal com- ! Dawning was 20 when bis danger. | eqyrnwnt. lins been - advised by panv's mine Tt broke out uncx-•the mcther of the baby, was born, j n. W. Karaed. eiitcmoloplsl of the peclcrllv at 1D:30 a. m. however, as ' She married at 15 and Is a mothir '. Mississippi State Plant Board. A.. Ibe lor.d of deputies sped along the : ai-10—so meet h'l Raymond Hupp;:-. • ard M. Colleue. Miss. I hislreay -toward Hal-Inn. ' {jr.. and Foxy Gravuipi Oxvning. i Mr. Harnrcl recommends. *\.V !,:-, A burst of punfirc from behind a 1 pile r.f railroad ties brought an ab- | rupl halt to t!\e deputies' rar. Den- j uty Daniels learned oul. witli a ma-I luiilil I it! my I n rtnne- sun in his hands held in ai IIIUU I UIU1B L.I1 position to fire, but he n?ver nulled the trigger. A second blast of gunfire .dropped him in his" tracks. Deputy George Dawn sprani from the car, seized the machine, . .„ , P,m from tl-e fallen Danieis anj \V C |] Will Not Be Drilled i ™" *, oncnetl fire '- "•- ' '"— ' ' ' " i ever, that b?fcre dusting the af- fri-ud P.'ids should be examine 1 ! bv a competent entomoioBht to j determine whether natural enemies I ot Ih? plant lice, such as ladybird a*'d various parasites, are to f.EKESKO. 111. May S IUI'1 — Srhrxil rlilldiTii luxin whose memories was stamped forever the i>ic- tuie nf their leacher and two jilav- i'S briii-' Iraupetl on n trrstlc and Eniiiiitl lo death bv a pnssons- Irahi \vrro called lodav to Icll coronfr's jury what Ihey had seen. Tlv> livelier. Miss Helen Scotl, was relcbiatins licr 20lli birthday vns'.crdflv when she failed in a heroic attempt to Ihrow three cliil- drrn from the treslle ns the slreak- Isn train bore down upon (hem. She succeeded in saving one child Fciilh Peterson. 8. but thc?re was not tia!'.e to reach two others who slood as if 'hypnotized in the path of the (rain. i Oilier children were under the trt-stlc ami aioni; Ihe tracks. They •.vere out with their teacher on nn expedition llial was the forerunner cf a p!cu!c they had planned h honor of Miss Scott's birthday Besides Miss Sco'.t those killed were Beulah Peterson. 7. and June Mason. 8. Lester Peterson. II, brother of Beulah and Edith, was one of the Sheldon Hall Given Private Pilot License MKMl'llIH, May 5, (UP) — K!ii>!i!;iu Hall, lllylhevllle. Ark., was awarded n private pllo','t> following tesi.s at the uunik-ipal airport here icday by .1. il. Jair.e.s. nviiilion lnsi>cutOT of Ihi 1 department of commeri-o. and l.i'j U'ilklns, district SIIIXT- vlsor. iMiildic.s (lliic w if nesses. Thev tef In the afternoon to IS GRIMLY ILL "ft" Girl of 1 Films Suffers Nervous Collapse While Working. HOLLYWOOD. May 5. (UP) — Clara How, film stir, was placed in a sanitarium today after a nervous collapse on a -set at her studio anil her condition is considered, as serious. It was announced bv Para- mount-l'iibllx and her physician today, Miss lion- was rehearsing her current ple'.ure with other members of Ihe cast last Sunday when sl'e suffered the breakdown, it was said. She was taken to a Glendale sanitarium. Two physicians In attendance said today "a complete rest Is Im- ivrativc. It would be dangerous for Miss Bow to make a picture nt this time. This trouble can only be pather willow sllrks along l,ne. rail- overcome by a complete rest." road tracks lo use In roasting! nrv nn Trnr h " tM a ' H ™ ro "' ! i" 1 ™ 51 . 5 "fl II If M " r< "™ t '" S " mC '' nt """I ? t otlOIL 1th! Lord Hampton. Chief Commissioner of the British Boy Scouts as- Fociallcn. is the guest of the Boy in ushers. Groans of! Unless Block Is ed Thomas Declares. the tion of the amb: wounded men were heard, leading . to Ihe belief Dawn had directed | the fire well even if blindly. I Deputy Cox. badly wounded in the ; ficht. manager! to work bis \vav to i Il;'rhm and slwnbleJ inlo th? sh"r- ilf's office. His was th? first word of ' tl*e ba'lle. and sent scores of men . lo the aid. Mm Keporlrd Wild type? of rumors followed the ! battl? including one that a snnll! armv of men was will b- probably be best not lo fake I stens to control the aphid* | Frank the St. 1 Drillim; of a test well for oil j and ijas near UlytheviHc this year. I ration, hinges, upon tlie signing of j Branch, Charles A Stnbbs and Bob Elliott also leaders in the scout movement here, arc in Memphis tudav for the 21st animal meeting of the Boy Scouts of America. crossing mountains from Cawood. Ky.. an- leases for alwut 2.500 acres of land, i ': needed to complete a 10.000 acre ' block sought by the company, it i \vas said today by J. Nick Thomas, •al real estate man vho has been :ml!1 ! co-operatins with W. C. Cates, "^'representative of ihe oil company. would al'O kill the lural enemies of these Insects, and the d'.'.r-lir.? or snravhiT niitht do more harm than prod, besides cans- ill 3 '-nn lo waste lime and monev. '•If ii is derided that it will be • 7,~7^j, u i te<! in lake sicris to n=iit the Bryan Unbent nappy to aph:ds in the alfalfa fields, it is . _ - . my o'ufss that nicotine dust will be the best remedy to use. -I would advjye. however, that von do no; lake anv stens asainsl other iiiinins to F:vart in signing up the block. Bs Back Home Again TOWNER. Colo.. May 5. (UP) — ,„ ......... . ...... - . . . Bryan Unliedt. 13, hero of the Ihe plant iice until the fields have • pleasant Hill srliool bus disast The company will not sink the the. pur;:o-e of burning Ihe Ulark . test-well unless it is able to com-. Mmmtnln eompanv's coal plant, j p.,,^ its M m > A .declared Mr. Thorn- <•• " Another report which even slier- 1 ns who explained Ihat while np- tim1 | ,-,,-oximatclv 75 per cent of the 10.- j Ill's officers adin-ll.rrt could not b» been examined bv n competent arrived here today as happy as f. entomologist or von have sent a bay could be at the end of as great iartre supply of Ihe inf'sted planls ' an adventure as a boy could have to 'an enlomolosist for esauiina- Bryan climbed doivn tV.e steps o! in." the "railroad car with his eyes a.- Wlii'.e nuliids have done e:;lcn- b:? as saucers. He was lookin? for ve dauin-_'e to alfalfa in Missis- someone, it. wa sapparent. When h J .» to block were proparea the hishwavs. Kxacl'.y v.hal lies behind Ihe situation authorities are no', to say. One belief is that deeply agreement. Mr. Cates has Rone to Tennessee, where his company also plans lest wsll. leaving Ihc completion ^ } ™«L^ " i pto^ptrf t^d'ihelr ",£ ended v, iih Use arrival of hot wea- i ere.s tbe smil bad gone from hi(her. Mr. Critr. r.nd the state ex- face. None of his family was at th disjmmtlcd miners who walked out | of the local b'ock In thr h!in.1s of in protest against tre refusal of , Mr. Thomas and Ross Stevens. Mr. the mine cnmnanv (o b.a-i-Tiivat- i Thomas expressed the hope that "closed shon" conditions of labor ' landowners in the area where the plaved a nnjor part. Mingled with | company is forming the block who that element, ioo. authorities fay! have not put in their leases would I _ airly lanre smat- fee him or Mr. Stevens at once, in 1 , (jlen KjuSOn Keported tension service have rreommcnded train to greet him nor were ony o that alfalfa infested wilh Ihe lice j his playmates from the P'isasiin he rut promptly when the sprouts j mil school. There were just nin to make the next crop, appear, and | children from To<vner who stoppri "I with a heavy roller. they believe is a f; taint; of "just plain hoodlums." E. G Duncan. Brother n{ the Dead in South Africa order that delay in Retting well under way be avoided. According (o Mr. Thomas there. has been an cirort (in tlic pan of CAPE TOWN. South Africa. Mav . D _ • ouiskle parlies lo buy leases in the 5 IUPI — Liei;lenaul-Comniander Late Kamsey Duncan, Dies Sdiafcr company's proposed drilling ! Glen Kidston. the millionaire Brit_ block, and he warned asainst ac- , tsh aviator with the "charmed life." Funeral services were conducted fptance of such propositions, de- 1 W ns believed !i h.ive been killed m a' Hii:itin«ton. Trim, today for E • f'ai'ins that, the Scliafcr compiny a cr.isli in t!-.e :noiinl:ii:is of Natal. O. n ; mc-in. ';a. of Piilruki. Tenn.. j lvc »ld not dtlll if leases in Ihe area artvircs received here today slid. onlv brol':er of the lit" Hnmsev j m which it plans to operate were A wTocked plane w-as found IS n-.inraii of this cily Mr Duncan : EOW to others. I miles from Van Reenen in the hills - died al his home yWtc'-ilr.v i - -- 'between Nad! anil the Orance Frcr j Slate. Kxisinn's vlsUitu card tt-iK Iheir own school, and a half ; row n ups. deceased, who had been a i f i for r- c 'jets §25 Fine for jeweler (here for a number of years. I is jurvived by three sifters. Mrs.' Wi!?o", Enochs, and Mrs. Mary Galton of Hiintinjtnn. and Mrs. J. H. Smith of J.irkson. Tenn. Ifoimrt on one of the 1 - T1 ' c Indies., the re- 'age said two Izaak Walton League Convention Dates Set Disturbance of Peace ! nirmen were In the plane and both Swere killed. Kidston left Johannes- OUIs IIollls entcre:! .1 plea of ibura this mornim i'l a Molh pl.ine guilty lo .1 charge of disturbing llu to flv to Natal. A cale was blowins peace anrt another charge in polic; ; wlicn lie toak off. court (his morning receiving a to-[ ' ta! cf S2o In fines. | A charge of failure to p.iy 1031 I Roumanian Princess Will Wed Hapsburg Duk. BUCHAREST, Roiimania. May (UP)—Princess Ilcana. 22. dainhle of (he Dav.agcr CJueen Marie, wi be married in Jims to Arch Da 1 Anton von Hamburg, employe i a Vienna motion picture compan The cnsawnicnt of the prir.ce.". whose rnmance 1 ! since the time of her visit to the United States j ! wilh her mother have b"cn widely i publicized was annotiuced ofti-.-ial- j ly last night. ienics. vrard and Hardin Perry Ropers Arrested for Theft at Osceola I Bodies of Mr. and Mrs. W. V. \Yagucr Found \t\ Shallow Graves Near Mouse. WATFa VALLEY. Miss., May 5 1UP1—^Thrce neprons. anejXed in I'ontvrtlon with the slayln? of Mr. nnd Mrs. W. V. WIUIIUT. prominent residents of Ibis district whose bodies were found In shallow naves near their home, were hurriedly tni'.fii from this county and confined In fepnrntc Jails fnr mics- lionin^ todav. Annonncement that the negroes bud been arrested was made by Sheriff Charles Doyle who fald l:e had hurried I hem from this vicln- II v because of fearej inolj violence. Properties Exchanged oscroi.A, Ark.. May s.-nepuiy • Sheriff Hale Jackson yesterday nr- Tiirough an exchange of property j resled Perry Rogers on a charge of J. Evrtircl and Marcus Evrard ave acoiilred the property of Sam Mavdin on the north highway nl Nfr. Hardin Is Ihe owner of the ward iiroijcrSy al the corner of sh and Flevent'i slreels. C J. Evrard plans lo have work ated i]nuic<liately on a new fivc- oom brick bungalow adjoining the 'ardin residence which will be cc- iDi°d by Mr. and ^Tr>. Marcus Evard nfier this week. Tlie lot. Is ISSO v 300 [«t. Mr. and Mr.s. Hardin ate moving i Iheir new home in town Ihis veck. Deals are also pending for the ale of the ^^arcu^ Evrnrd proper- V on West Ash street, nnd Ihe C. . Evrard home on Eleventh street djoinhig the new Hardin home. > . near Adnlfrnl -ffibmas C. Hnr shown nbove ns he assumed his duties ns nc wsuiienntcndent of 111: 1 U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. Maryland. ernnd larcenv prowhre out of the. theft of n quantity of merchandise i stnlen about ten days a^o from the sample stwk of a (ravellnc; sabs- man who left his closed sedon con tainlncr the merchandise park"cl James Denies He Favors Early Tariff Revision near (be O.-rcola Inn. whore l:e snent the night. Rogers made bond for his appearance in comt here today. His arrest followed an nllecrd confession made by noy Katmo'i who is in lail here pending trial and ch:u»rd ininllv wilh .loc Denion, who is also In lail. w : ith the l*ieft of Guy Bryant's anlomoblle. Trial of the two men. set for ves- terday. was rintinncd until todav. Salmon's couression is said to have Imnllcated Rogers. Deatuit. and Will Fastline, for whom officers are s'ISl scarchiup. in the theft of merchandise from Ihe salesman's car and also in the theft of iiierchaudise from V. R. Al'.rn, local a^enl a patent medicine company. ELECTIH OUIET Shipped from Cardwel! WASHINGTON. May 5. (UP>- ! _. Julius Barnes, chairman of tl:e | high* Lars Of KadlSnCS bnard of direrlors of Ihe United; ?tals Chamber of Commerce, declared today 'it would be most 1111- fortunnte to reopen the tariff in the next session of congress." Sneaking before the International Chamber of Commerce convention. Barnes made this statement, he slid, to clarify a reference he made lo tariff adjustment in his Lilllc Interest Manifested In Referendum On Issue In County Today. Mississippi county was quietly registering its vote on the Suudp.y tascball issue al a special election today with indications pointing to a relatively lUht vote. Only 346 votes had been cast nt the three boxes in this city at 2:45 this afternoon. One hundred and i forty-five votes had been cast in ^ I (he first ward volliiir boolh. 12S a: r ! the second ward booth and 76 at | the third ward booth. A number of the votes here were cast by citizens living oul of Ihe citv in neighboring farming communities as no prerlnts are reco^- i inVed In the co'inty election. Only Iwenty-lwo ballot booths were open VALLEY, Miss., May 5 lUD— W. V. Waoner, iirraitlent of this Honk of Water Valley, and his wife were found murde'-.?(l near their home here totiay. their bodies hacked lo pieces with an axe, Wapner's body was found burled in a shallow s~avc about 75 yards Iroiu d:o house, and his wife's bcdv was discovered In another shallow Rrave some 200 -yards ,aw*ay~ In the onnwlle direction. Officers .".. rt!r>covcred the bodies after folioiy-. -,: Ing a blood sonked trail from .-.the house- . - - . - : •-'.-- 'v: Caok.Gives Alarniv!' SlRiis of n :." terrific?; strirgfcle wero seen In the house ''and pffj- ; rers believe the couple wn^oitacK- - '-• cd' by n fiend who after''.'killing . -. 'them with aivaxe dra?pjd^thelr. ..•'•: bodies away and. burled .thnpf:^.-' The double slaying •wtis'.'Kscov-.-. ; '.: ercd by a negro wlioiicciit 'to -the •-.*>: house early tdday.uf : begin- 1 his ;.'.:• niornliig's^.woT.k.. Tlie cook Noticed.: -blawl areniiii yi^rjrd qt-thS'houseV-. ' rinsl' on'' the iloorsTe'p' Twllris''w-**' arouse anyone In the house he bc- ratuc alarmed nnd notified- Sheriff Charles Doyle. Doyle went to the house, forcing -open the door. In the house he found a blood covered axe. Further investigation dis- j closed a blood soaked coat hang- J In? tn the barn: -Wagner's body •i had Iwen burled in a shallow grave •| in • an orchard bordering the yard. Brush and sticks had b;en thrown over the grave. In the garden officers noticed an automobile L'e- lonslng to Mrs. Wagner was covered by Wood. A thin trail of hlaod led tm Ihe road in (lie op- prsite direction from where WfiK- n- r's body wns four.d to another ,-: u'e in which his wife's body was lilnod Ilcnnds Follow Killer It is thouglit flic murderer put Mrs. Warner's borty In the automobile and later carried it up the highway to the spot -where it was burled. Water valley Is 10 miles south of Memphis. The Wagner family is one of the wealthiest and most prominent In northern Mississippi. Bloodhounds and a posro of citizens took up the hunt for the slayer. Accepts Spain's Republican Government CARD WELL radishes were. Mo— Eieht cars of' in tllc county today with the! MADRID, May 5. (UP)—Former sbiopcd from Cardwell diirln? the 1031 reason, which Promise I.nnd booth, listed by the j King /.l.'cnso was quoted in an i:i- clectlon commission, closed and the ' tervlew with the representative of. ended Saturday. About ISO acres clllzrns of that, community casting i the newspaper A.B.C. today as say- of radishes we're planted In this! their votes here. I ing he hr.rt "decided absolutely to vicinity, bul the crov> did no! turn 1 Promoters ot the movement to | place no obstacles in l!ie path of on 1 as well as cxpcrlcd. N'o trouble | lecallxe Sunday baseball In Ihe i the republican government which soecch at Allinlic Ci'v last week i was experfenced in marketing the < county were confidcn: today that; for me above all is now the gov- radishes, and it was said that more i Ihe election returns would show n j crnment of Spain." could have bf'ii sold if they had IhrT tn nm. victory for (he Sundav j "I am sincere and my action in been produced. | pastime in the vol?s cast here to- ! ll:e future will demonstrate my About twenty persons w ere em-1 day. It is qenerally recognized that [ loyally to this proposition." tha ex- This bad been Intrrpretcd in some ouarters PS a snqrr.'tliii for revision of Ihe! tariff a! the next session of congress and was regarded by seme as significant because of his close friendship with President Hoover. ployed at tlio packiii!! shed during j CHocob will cast a h the two weeks of t!ie shinpln? s-?a-! Use Sunday sport, as recoinized that I loyally to this proposition." tha ( heavy vote for lied kiiij; ^ -as quoted cs saying. Osccola hall son. and a qrcat many others found eiuployu-.ei:! in the fields Death Ends Long Illness of Mrs. Katie Lane PEN" VAX. N. Y.. (UP) - The! Ifrtl ror.vnilion dates for the New car license again:: 'was dismissed. Benny Harvey Mother and. Children Die in Colorado Fire L 5 , 8 ; r Nebraska Farm Leader I GliEELEV. Colo.. May 5. (UP) — IA r.iof-er and her two srinll rhll- M i , r> J in i dren were burned fatally today Named to federal Hoard; V hcn tveir home was gutted bv nr>-. ; James B. Foster. 48. fattier of ih- WASHINGTON, May B. (UP)—.children, was taken inlo custody en 12. ,The roiiveutlon will meet here and il "as expected more than 1 .100 iKcmbcrs would attend. Wayland W, Magre, farm leader of-charges of arsnn and homicide. Mrs Trout fisliiu?. swimniine, eolfinj Benniusten. Neb., was. named to- Foster lold officers before she dlecl and Iraii-sboo'.ini wil be enjoy-'d.iy by President Hoover lo rd in addilion lo regular business member of the federal of (he convention, 1 board. lhal her had saturated reserve '. IV.eir beds «ilh gasoline and tben j set llicm afire. Funeral services are beiu^ l.eia I this afternoc.n for Mrs. Ka!:e Lane, who succumbed al- her home. 220 South 18th street, yesterday afternoon at 3:20 o'clock. Death followed a Ion 1 ; period of'il'.r"."- Tlie Hov. Williams Is offlclaiing at the services. Interment will bo made at Elmwoad. cemetery. Funeral plans are In charge of tlie Cob'o Undertaking company. Tlie deceased Is survived by five .sons. Flmo. John. Hevman and Ar- vllle Lane, and two daughters. Mrs. J. D. Vasibinder, and Mrs Kihel Thompson. Key to Stolen M?chine KANSAS CITV. Kill.. (UP) — . I. Simmons, owner of a nx- t sh'n. Is an expert on kevs. He admits it. And so does Ev- ere't Ravmond. nesro F-lmnionV autfimobile was olen last OctobT Police couid nnd no tr.ic.? of it. But one dav n^vr/'.v R.IV- mond walked lulo the shop. He wanted a duplicate to -in automobile key, he said. Simmons looked al the key. Then he went ou^to look at tl-o ear. Ye.s. his euets had been Hub.!. Tlie key wrs familiar because the car wis his. So he told Raymond it would take about 15 minulcs io make Ihe rtupllcaio. And wbcn Ray- niond returned he found a reception committee ui.ide up o policemen wailing ft>r l-.'.m. Mrs. E. R. Mason Hurt in Automobile Accident leanis have b^en playini Sim-iav! ball for a number of years, fie- j Earthquake iil SoathlVSs!: Recorded at St. Louis Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Mason have home following ,in automobile accident in which Mrs. Mason was Injured and Iheir machine practically ruined. They were onroutc !o Mammoth Springs when (heir car struck a bridge near Walnut Hidge Friday night, Mrs. Mason, who is at the home .of her mother. Mrs. Emma Xoloii. :is badly bruised ar.d shaken. polls from $ccllors icveal^d 1 (little i:it'rcst in the election today i however. I The election Is beSnc held under jthe provisions of nn act by the I recent legislature, giving counties ST. LOUIS, May 5 (UP) — A Eiicht earthquake centering 40D miles f- •. -i-east of here \v-is record- in the state of 50.MO and more; f.1 or r->« St. Ixiiils University population the privilege of legali7-;Kismm,raph. beginning at 6:!7'21 tne Sunday baseball by a majority; A. M. vote at ths polls. Prosecutor Glad-1 Father Jolict said the quake was ish has announced that the Sunday i™' of sufficient intensity to cause sport, which has been played "out-; damage. side the law" and without Inter-; '• ffrencc by officials for some time! will be banned unless legalized. WEATHER [Woman Seriously 111 ! ARKANSAS — Thunderstorms I this afternoon nnd tonight: Wcd- As Result of Snakebite "^' F<™™»>- ^ cocjer io- , r.!cht anri in ea=t portion Wetlnes- , d--y. According to the official wcath- Finis Terrapin After SB Years OXFORD. Mississippi. (UP) — Mrs. Sam Kellan Is seriously -!l' Thirty-six vears t.?o this spring; at the horns of her parents. Mr.! while plowing a field H miles j and Mrs. D. G. 'Oracy. south o!; cr obs-rver, Charles Phillips jr., thj south of here. H. A. Mcore, farmer,'. this city, from the effects ot a snake • minimum temperature here yes- found a terrapin and at that I'm? carved his initials 0:1 its back. Recently, while working in his garden here, he came across the same , ! terrapin, and v.hile it had crown . the lettering was plainly visible. bite. | terday was' 62 degrees and the Mrs. Kclhn was bitten by a; maximum. 73 degrees, partly fiiake. believed to have been a wa- i cloudy. Today a year ago tha (er mocassin, late Saturday after- j i.-inimurti temperature was 68 de- noon, while gathering vegetables in grrcs anil tho maximum, 8C dc- Ihc family garden. | cws,

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