Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 4, 1957 · Page 43
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 43

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1957
Page 43
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Wednesday Everting, December 4, 1957. Ann Landers Double-Dealing Fiance Isn't Worth Salt in Girl's Tears Dear Ann: After being engaged 'o a fellow for two years I discovered that he has been seeing an- 18, married a boy we never cared for. They eloped because we wouldn't give our consent. We kept other girl secretly for the past six hoping she'd wake up and see what months she was letting herself in for, but, months. I'm not a kid, Ann, I'm 24 and he is 27. My aunt who knows the boy well said she 'thought she saw .iim at the hockey game with this Brunette. When I questioned him, le admitted everything but said •ie didn't think he was in love with h;>r — just infatuated. I couldn't help but admire his honesty. He asked for a few months to make up his mind. In the meantime, I have no interest in dating Hhers as I'm deeplv in love with v.m. My mother says he was com- I'etely dishonest and that 1 should itop seeing him' at once. I'm so "onfuscd I don't know what to do. He is really a wonderful person. Please help me decide.—M.G. That's a wonderful person? — Sorry, but you can't pick adjec- lives cUher. Your boy friend is a double-dealing cheat and no matter how you slice it, it's still baloney. Your mother's advice was excellent. This guy isn't worth the salt in your tears. If you're smart you'll hand him his hat and show him the door. * * # Dear Ann: I'm the mother of three married sens. In my 32 years of being a wife it never dawned on me to ask my husband to dry dishes, mop a floor or help .with the washing. I felt that a man who does his work on the outside should come home at night and be king of his castle. Am I behind the times or what? Every one of my sons must pitch | in and help his wife with the' Dllke of Windsor household duties. When I saw my jnfortunately they ran off. This was five months ago. We aren't- happy about the situation but there's nothing we can do about it. Our daughter says now that we are ail on speaking terms we snotild .send out engraved announcements to officially notify our family and friends of the: marriage. I don't think this would be proper after five months have e- lapscd. Can you help us in this matter?—M.H.H. To send out engraved announcements celling of a marriage that took piace five montlis ago would inok very strange. The imiriediatc reaction would ie that there is a baby on the way. The s e c o i\d guessers migiht also interpret this as a belated bid for a gift. The time has long since passed when it make's sense to "officially" announce the marriage. Skip it. * * * CONFIDENTIALLY: BORED: There are plenty of hospitals that can use Nurses Aids. Children ivards need help, too. Get off your porch and make yourself useful. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed- envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. 29-year-old boy in an apron I almost dropped. Of course, I said nothing, Their wives all work but this is a matter of choice and not necessity. My sons are too fine to complain but they must resent it in spite of the silence. Is this a modern design for American living or what? Please explain.—0. More husbands are drying dishes, mopping floors and hanging curtains than ever before. Perhaps this is because more wives are helping to bring home the bacon. In the old days bacon was S9 cents a pound. Today it's 98 cents. I believe American men have become less skittish about housework in the past 15 -years. During the war it was discovered that the hand that threw a grenade and drove a tank could also peel a potato and make a bed. And cooking is now a popular hobby with men. Jlore males are at home on the range than «ver before. I hope you'll continue to say nothing, since there seems to be no problem, and of course you wouldn't want to cieate one. Dear Ann: Our daughter who is There were new reconciliation with In London; Hint- Reconciliation LONDON (UP) — The Duke of Windsor came to Britain today for his first public engagement here in 21 years, rumors of a Queen Elizabeth II. Ostensibly, the ex-king was here to attend the memorial service for the old friend who was best man at his wedding to Wallis Simpson. But Wednesday night he will make his first public speech in Britain for 21 years at an army dinner in London. The fact that he had accepted the invitation to speak prompted fresh speculation that a reconciliation with his family might be near. The duke has not fulfilled a public engagement in Britain since he abdicated as King Edward Vffl except to attend his brother's funeral. Royal family opposition to Ms marriage has- always been assumed the reason the Duke stayed away from Britain for so long. ^ ' 2? R&2*& *Zcl An 'All-Family'Cap! Read the Classified Ads FAMILY HATS 5834 Treat yourself and each member of the family to this toasty-warm cap. The knit stitches are simple- to-do and the design is worked as you go. (A cap that will be a blessing on those cold Wintry days ahead!) Pattern No. 5834 contains knit directions—small, medium, and large; material requirements'; stitch illustrations. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN Ntnn- BER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM? It contains fifty- six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions .for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! Josephine Lowman Doing Good Is Fine, But Don't Neglect Your Home By JOSEPHINE LOWMAN It would be impossib/e to estimate ^he amount of good which women do in their civic activities, their club, work and even some organizations which are thought of as social. Just to mention a few, their work is of the greatest value in church groups, the PTA, The Red Cross, The Community Chest, The League of Women Voters, The Friendly Red Door, Professional Women's Clubs, Nurses Aids groups and the Junior League. These are only a few. I cannot mention all of them. Thousands of women give their lime freely and without charge to provide help and hope For millions o.t folks. I salute these women with all my heart and want this well understood before' I go on to today's subject. "Neglected Husband" The subject for today's column was stimulated by a letter from a man who signs himself "Neglected Husband." His letter is humorous as he writes it, but I think he halfway means it (or all selves in too many different ways, that they fail "to realize sometimes, what important choices they make every day in the expenditure of their energy. Each individual has just so much. The woman who neglects her husband or is away from home most of the lime when her children are at home in order to help "strangers" is like the man who runs lo save his neighbor's house while his own burns to the ground. The woman who tries to do too much and is Iherefore harried and tired and hectic in her relationships at home, is robbing her family and herself of their greatest •happiness. The mood of the home is usually guided by the woman in it. Tomorrow: "What Do You Really Know About Exercise? 1 ' (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) HOCKET FISHING FLBETWOOD, England (UP)— The crewmen of a British trawler reported after a fishing trip today that they caught a rocket—and threw it back. Edward Hood, skipper of the tralwer Gula, said the plastic rocket was caught in the nets. He said the rocket's head fell off and displayed wires and mechanism. He said they threw it back because "we did not risk making a close examination." » £ more than the gerrn of truth here. He writes, "Dear Mrs. Lowman: Who are you kidding? Oatmeal, eggs, orange juice and so forth [or breakfast? "My wife is a 'Do Gooder.' She belongs to several organizations vhich help everyone. She is so tired she can't get up in the morning. Her day starts by doing good for strangers. She is so exhausted that she cannot get up in the morning until it is half over. Then she starts doing good again for people she doesn't, even know." I always have thought that although charity begins at home, it should not end there and that the greates; humanitarians are those who extend kindness and help every day to those with whom they come in contact in their daily lives. Of course it is more dramatic to do it in more spectacular ways, .far from home and neighborhood. Apd let us be honest, the average wife and mother gets more fanfare and expressed appreciation, and it is easier to see what she has accomplished away from home. Most Important Contribution BUT, if you weigh your investment :in life carefully, you will find, if: you are a wife or mother or boUi, that the most important contribution you have to give is in your own home and neighborhood. • I long have believed that women are apt to try to spend them- Dismiss Suit Against Union INDIANAPOLIS ('UP) — Marion Circuit Judge John L. Niblack dismissed Monday a suit to place the Laundry Workers International Union in receivership. Niblack ruled that union officials were given improper notice •of the suit. He said members of the union's executive board were not properly notified because their former headquarters in Indianapolis was not their "last and usual place of residence." Attorney Nelson Grills, representing the complainants, sakl he : would seek to have, the notice i amended to show that an agent of the union was served notice of the suit. The union moved headquarters to Chicago shortly after the suit was filed Sept. 24. The suit was one of three brought by four laundry employes against a local and the international union, now under- suspension by the APL-CIO. Make It Two Ways Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Nineteen Jenner Draws Editorial Gomment INDIANAPOLIS CUP)—Editorial comment on Sen. William E. Jenner's announcement he will not be a candidate for renomination next year: Indianapolis Times—Indiana, we feel quite sure, will elect a senator next fall whose position on most major issues will closely parallel that of Sen. Jenner. He will not necessarily be a Republican . . . there are Democrats of senatorial stature in Indiana who quietly share his conservative views and who might readily heat any "modern" Republican if that party is shortsighted enough to nominate one in this state." Indianapolis News—The causes of conservatism and anti-Communism are not going to suffer I great damage if Mr. Jenner de-! votes himself to a private career | •. . . Senator Jenner himself has j long opposed the "indispensable | man" theory of history—which i would be the only justification for. picturing his announced retirement as a disaster. Conservatism and anti-Marxism are stoutly supported by millions of Americans. Indianapolis Star—It is obvious that (his) decision had little to do with his chances for re-eiection . . . We don't blame (him) for deciding to get away from it all for awhile, and trying to live his own life in his own state. We will be very much surprised, however, if his retirement from politics is permanent, for he is without doubt one of the ablest politicians In th« nation. Those of us who have supported his position on foreign aid, on his anti-Communist fight and his work for lower taxes and spending hope that his successor . will be just as vigorous and determined to put his country and • his state above everything else. BOOKS BANNED KN T OXVILLE, Tenn. (UP)—The best-s e 11 i n g novels "Peyton Place" and "The Revolt of JJIamie Stover" were banned Tuesday by the city Board of Review. Both books, written by '. Grace Metalous and William Bradford Huie, were ruled ob- '. sce:je and unfit for sale here by the board. Back-wrap apron that is so practical. Make it in the popular cob bier style, or dress length. Add a huge pansy pocket to each, if desired. No. 8101 is in sizes 12'/z, 14',-4, 16%, 18%, 20%, 22%, 24%. Size 14%, 35 bust, long length, 4 ] /4 yards For this paltern, send 35c in oE 39-inch; cobbler, l% yards. BARGAINS IN COLD WAVES ±"4.95 Mourn X:M m.m. to I p.m. No Appointment Nramry LOGANSPOftT BEAuTY SHOP Ctmd AH Diy W Mi and COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street Chicago 6, 111. Send 25 cents more with your pattern order for the new Fall & Winter '57 issue of our patlern magazine Basic FASHION. Inspiring and so practical for every home sewer. 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