Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 2, 1957 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1957
Page 5
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Tuesday Evening, July 2, 1957. President Shows Respect For Decisions of Court WASHINGTON (UP)—President Eisenhower has given his team the signal on the angry controversy now rising around the Supreme Court. If the President has called a timid play, there is ample reason for that. Four of the justices are his men. The word from the White H»use i» this: Lay off the court. The word came at this week's news conference when Eisenhower asked for respect for the court's rulings — even those which were difficult to understand. Attorney General Herbert Brownell Jr. has moved quietly and cautiously to remedy the damage government prosecutors believe the court has inflicted on the processes of criminal justice in federal courts. Protection Bills Offered Bills have been offered in both houses of Congress to protect FBI files against the court's order which would permit criminal elements of the United States to rummage through them. Browneil went to Capitol Hill today to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on such proposed legislation. If he told the committee what federal prosecutors generally think of the court's ruling in the Jencks case, Ihe legislators would get an carfull. Clinton E. Jencks was tried and convicted on a charge of falsify- j ing an affidavit in which he swore j he was not a Communist Jencks, ; a labor union leader, signed the affidavit under terms of the Taft- Hartley Act. The trial judge re- fured to permit Jencks' counsel to examine the FBI files on which the charge of Communist Parly wai based. The Supreme Court reversed the conviction, and Joricku is a free man. This was a so-called olvil liberties case, and the court got a lot of applause for defending an individual's rights against public prosecutor*. The ruling will prevail, however, far b o n d the field of civil liberties. It will govern in criminal actions in federal courts relating, for example, to dope peddling, tax skullduggery, anil .- trust prosecutors and the like. Some 30 auch cwux, under trial when the Jencks decision came, now arc in a condition of legal chao». Federal judges do nol kmw how to interpret the Supreme Court's new rule or do federal pro.'jcjcutors know how to proceed under It. Business Spending And Borrowing Sets Fast Pace in Month WASHINGTON (UP) — The Federal Reserve Board reported today that business spending 'and borrowing continued to set a fast pace for the booming economy in the first half of 1957. But the board noted some important shifts in types of outlays and patterns of financing adopted recently by industry. Spending for plant and equipment continued high, the board pointed out in its June bulletin. But the conservative trend toward lower inventories continued. Corporate tax payments were down during the first half of the year due to the tax acceleration program adopted by the government in 1954. The board found that across the nation's industrial base, industry was financing its growth in increasing amounts out of profits and depreciation allowances. Business also has gone to capital markets for expansion money to such an extent that records were set for this type of borrowing in the early months of 1957. On the other hand the board found bank borrowing was on the wane during the period, while reductions of corporate liquid assets were Jower than a year ago. The over-all growth picture, as scan by the Commerce Department and Securities and Exchange Commission, was close to the record high reached late last year and suggested a continued high level for the rest of the year. Senate Bill Would Limit Court Ruling Regarding FBI Files WASHINGTON (UP) - The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved today a bill to limit the effect of a recent Supreme .'Court decision .opening FBI riles to defendants in certain criminal cases. Sen. Joseph C. O'Mahoney (D- Wyo.) said he would report the Mil to the Senate today and push to get it passed this week. The administration-backed bill would let federal, judges examine the FBI files and submit to defendants only such material as is relevant to a particular case,. The House Judiciary Committee meets on similar legislation Tuesday. Pending before it 1 are the administration bill and a stiffer measure drafted by Rep. Francis Guardsmen to Aid Safety Enforcement Over Fourth of July ZNIXANAPOUK »UP)—Indiana law enforcement official called on j National Guardmx.-n again today I to help reduce traffic accident!! during t'hc ItmK Fourth at July holiday. 'Nearly 2(K) gum-demon | n radio- equipped vdiiclivi will cTui.'ic highway* from Wednesday nlf/bl through Sunday, HU[j|>l<.-iriciitlnj( n twite force of filalo, county and city pollei;. Aullioritlo.i hoped by floodliiK liftfiwayn v/tUi patrol vvliiclcii thoy would kcop Hiifuiy in Llio mindii of drivers and Ihux reduce accident)! during Hie 102-hour period, State I'ollci; Supt. Harold 'Mn us Id that in n comparable Konrtli I of July period la;il year, 11 per- «omi were killed in 10 neoorubt. . Stale I'oiler; Iciivwi wore cun celled Cor the wnefccmf. Marchand Retires As Rail Conductor Cornelius (Celery) Marchand, JOOC NinoleenUi street, has retired an • paxHcngcr conductor on the Pennsylvania Railroad, and applied for annuity under the railroad retirement act. Marchand hatf completed 41 yearn and six monUiii of service. The miring man began hi« career on January 3, IBIG, as a freight hrakomnn. Ho wa» promoted on October 27, 1022 to the ponl- llon of freight conductor. During the pam several yearn he hao served UK puHKcnfjvr conductor between r,o(;an«porl and Chicago, Marcband's last trip wan aboard train number 71, arriving in Lo- Kansporl at Jl:15 Sunday morning. Guard Withdrawn From .Flood Duty INOIANAI'OUS (UP)—Indiana Ndlionol (riiard troops and equipment have boon withdrawn from all flood /XIIICH except Ofeuncaiillc, after Kpendlrig 241 man-days wort- Inn in five areas. Officers mild ulglil truckii with Irailern Tor trmiwportlng walur Klill are on duty at CrocncuKllo, where Die city water supply wun contaminated by nn overflowing stream. Mori and ' equipment were recalled from Tlpton, liiibation, No- bleitville and Jncllanapolls, 'Unwound HiiHlnwui I'riicllcn KKNDM.VIU.K, Iml, (UP) — Mm. Dorothy Drucv /iponl four ilayj: buying goodw for her new cotton jihop but Uie Mloro'o opening wan officially po»l(x>n<;(l, Collet! nald Mrs, lirucni iwcd r.fiecfcii l>» pay for hist i/oodfl. VICTIMS OF HURRICANE AUDREY HUOI HDAl WAVII KWlimpud tho Loulnlnnu count In tho wiikc ot Murrlctmfl Audrey prncllcully wlpliiK out tho town of Cumoron, Xi«,, where ut leiint ISO por«on« woi'o Jellied, humJrt NJurod nnd luimircU» morn inltmlnic. At lonal If; otlwn wore klllat) nlnawliarn In Loulnlunn by tho tiunttoti'n I!rot hurrlcnnn. Al top, ronldmiln ot the Lnko Churlon nran avacunta Ihalr hoinnii, flnodad by hlKh tld«», At bottom, itundlnic itlmont unnuiithed In thn tnldnt ot the tplin- ttrtid wrecknu*, I* 'ho courthouno ot Cumnron , L.'i., whm'C morfc than 1,000 ptr«on» wort (cd «nd itioltercd. (Intmatiowil Soutidpholo*) E. Walter CD-Pa.) and approved by Walter's subcommittee. Rep. Kenneth B. Keating (H-N.Y.) is espected to try to substitute the administration bill. Here's Latest in Men's Dinner Jackets BUFFALO, N. Y. - Buffalo custom tailor John Barbieri has designed a one-lapel dinner suit in Italian silk,, and he predicts, this style will be "sweeping the country 10 years from now." Another Barbieri' creation this year is a coat with zippered trms that permit the sleeves to be turned back to form a cloak in warmer weather. Farmers carried out primary agricultural conservation measures on 34 per cent of the farm land in the United States in 1955. » Atomic Age Will Bring Few Kitchen Changes NEW YORK—Industry, is spending billions of dollars to build atomic power plants. How, and how soon, will this affect the household of. Mis. America? Not as much- and not as rapidly as many women may think, said Vice Adm. WillarcTKitts III, who manages the atomic products study for the General Electric Co. But the overall outlook is attractive, if not immediately spectacular. Kitts .sees, atomic energy providing plentiful low-cost electricity, at first, and then improving the health of the family and conveniences of the home. • ' He said, "By far the most important benefit to the housewife of the atomic age will be a guarantee of our supply of' plentiful, low-cost electricity." To Improve Product! This is not going to change cooking methods themselves in a hurry, for cooking with electricity produced by nuclear fuels is the same as cooking with the. electricity made by the fuels we now use. The important thing, he added, is that we can~count on always having the fuel we need, in .the factory and in the home. • , Kitts does see atomic energy working changes in the woman's world, changes that will be definite Improvements in modern living. He said the day is not too far off Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tritmns Fiy« when atomic radiation will help retard food spoilage and improve the farm products Mrs. America uses. Also, 'the application of atomic radiation to plastics, chemicals, and other industrial processes, will make our homes safer and easier to live in, through new germ-proof containers, dirt-resistant fabrics, and maybe even new, more beautiful miracle fabrics. Kitts also sees the application of atomic energy in the field of medicine as bringing comfort to a woman concerned with the well- being of her family through new treatments and cures for dread as well as lesser diseases. Some 12.6 million ncres of permanent and annual protective cover and 283,000 acres planted to trees were established during 1955 in the United States; Sun Dial Replaces Clock in Old Building BOSTON — Talk about progress. In remodeling the old State Hous» here, which dates back to 1713, workmen replaced a new-fangled clock with an ancient wall sun dial. Because of shadows from th« high surrounding buildings,'Boston, ians will be able to tell time by the sun dial only during part of each morning. Riot In Slcdlfce WARSAW (UP) - Riots broke out Saturday in Siedlice, a town of 40,000 east of Warsaw, wfiea militiamen forcibly removed eight families from apartments they occupied illegally, the newspaper Trybuna Ludu reported. The newspaper gave no detail! and listed no casualties. DREWRYS Out-refreshes them all WONDERFUL FLAVOR IN... SWEETNESS OUT...NO FULL FEELING AFTER When you'ro in tho mood for fun, pious- uro, relaxation, thoru'n absolutely nothing like a gluuB of Druwrys, No other boor 'tauten no rofroHhing, bocauno no other ,bcor in browed the Hpocial Drawryw way -extra light, bright «nd dry, with all tho flavor in, nnd the mvectnoHg out. That's why Drowryy Jotot you on joy nil you want, with no full feeling afte! And it taken jtwt one botth: of Drowryu to Hhow you whnt wo mom Como on —l/iko UH up on it- got a Hupply of Drowryw today! You'll find a lifelong frioml in thiH light 'n bright bcor that OUT-UKIWKUIIJCH TIIICM AU,! *1937, Dnwryi Lid, U.S.A, Inc., Soulh H.ni), IndlimB ON TVf Tun* In "N.w Adv«nlurn o* Martin Kan»" Starring WlWam Oargan WI1H-TV (•) TiMtday 10,00p.m.

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