The Daily Journal from Montpelier, Vermont on January 5, 1900 · 4
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The Daily Journal from Montpelier, Vermont · 4

Montpelier, Vermont
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1900
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JANUARY CLEARANCE AND MARK-DOWN SALE OF LADIES' GARMENTS, All of bur Ladies' Jackets and Capes below cost to close them out. 25 Ladies' Jackets, made from fine heavy kersey, lined with heavy silk or satb, and beautifully tailored. These are all our $12.50 Jackets and we consider this one of the best bargains in high grade jackets ever offered in this city. This sale only $6.98. 25 Ladies' Jackets, made from imported kersey, elegantly lined and tailored, exclusive styles, as many of these are samples- These are all our $15 and $16.50 "jackets. This sale only $9.98. 17.50 Plash Capes, made from Salt's guaranteed Plash. This sale $5 00. 4 Salts Plush Capes, with rich braid trimming, our $12.50 Capes. This sale $7.50. 4 Astrakan Cloth Capes, braided and fur trimmed, our regular $8.50 Capes. This sale $5.98. HOMER FITTS, Barre. ! i i ii o nninniiiu n.di0uAnUiilAiiM.u. SPECIALIST IK ELECTRICAL TREATMENT. Offic at Residence, 107 8tate St. Office honrn: 1 to 5 and 7 to 9 r. . WITH STATIC ELECTRICITY We trea' all forms of Bhenm&tigm except Acute. Kenralgla, Neurasthenia, Sciatica, General NervooB Diseases, Spinal Troubles, ParalyHiH, Bruit Fag anil Insomnia, Diseases of the Chest, Diseases of the Circulation. Diseases of Women not Surgical, Ear, Nose and Throat. Galvanic and Suinsocual Cur- J rents in form of Electric J Baths in Chronic Rheuwa tism of the Joints. f X RAY EXAMINATIONS. i 6K1N D1SKASES X Treated b; Electric BathB. i W V V V V WW WW wwvww v i I H " , ' H, "NAME ON EVERY PIECE.; LOWNEY'S Chocolate Bonbons. FOR SALE BY LOW TELEPHONE RATES MONTPELIER EXCHANGE. Only $25.00 a year, 6-Party Metallic Circuits, Unlimited Service, for a Telephone at Your Residence. CITY CAFE 30 Main Street. Where you can got a nice Lunch or a square meal any lime of the day or night OYSTERS By the pint, quart or gallon, served in a. I styli s duringthe holidays. Merchant swill iind it to their ad vantage to get theii dinners here. FULL DINNER, 25 CTS. WEATHER REPORT. Bono, Jan. 5. Generally fair tonight. Fair and colder Saturday. Westerly winds. HONTPELIER AND VICINITY. LOCAL BAJPPXKlKeS. CAN YOU AFFORD 10 BE WITHOUT IT? Manager will furnish ticulars. par- (and HE ENGLAND TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO. AT HALF PRICE! A Small Line of Trimmed Hats. ATCOSTI A Few Children's Bonnets in Silk and Satin. THE MISSES FISK 27 STATE STREE r. TO RENT. Tenement of several rooms. Enquire at CITY CAFE. n.rfTV Ulf SHAKi THOROUGHLY Apply wit i spft. Rub thi irtide to m cleaned brisWy. nnst in hot water. Wipe dry with a joftdotti or chamoii. MAKVIS k NIIEKIUKE H. ADDISON STEWART, M. D.. Ttieold reliable physician loillaae of chronic rn'ure, In both fie, hn tells a pnrarrn'i ailmicut on lith', without afklrg an question, ciin Iw Bf-nri at Union Hucsa, 132 Main B. Thr i great rtjolcinit in Montpilicr ai.. vicinity over Ilia Grand and ondkhful mailical achierxnifnia. Orti boura: 10 to 12 u , 1 lo H r m Coudultatlon free. H. L WATSSX Pw AND SURGEON Raldenc, 30 Lco.dU Streot. Office Union Block, State Btreet, Room 8 Bnd 9 (former-ly occupied by Dr. C. N. Hunt ) DUeanes of Women a Specialty. Office hnnra, 10:.KJ to 12:00 A. ., 2:00 to 4 rO0 and 7 :00 to 8:00 F. m. Telephone at office and ruldence. Citizen's Drug and Supply Co, 108 Main Bt., near Argnt Office. REMOVAL SALE THIS MONTH. 20 PKB CENT DISCOUNT. oe Dollar Article, Woente Fifty cent " 40 Tweoty-fire cent Article, 20 Butter Milk Soap, Sponges and Chamois Skins, Allen's Foot Ease, Tooth Brushes, Tooth Powder, Perfumery, Brushes and Combs, V Thermometers, Metal Polish, Razors and Strops, Brush rrooms and Drue: 8, Medicines flnrl 5 1 1 n ri I o o E. E. BLAKELY, Manager, TABLE BOARD At City Cafe Three per wet k Dollars tf MONTPELIER HOUSE. A. S. 8PARROW, Prop Refitted and furnished With Modern Improvement. Uverv Connected. STEAM HEAT, ELECTRIC LICHTS, OPEN DAY AND NICMT, FIRST-CLASS SERVICE. Mise Bridget McMahon la rialtlng in N-rthfield. George D. Kidder of Plainfield was Tis-itor in tbe city today. Dr. H. L. Wateon and wife were in Woodbury on Thursday. W. T. Dewey is confined to bis borne by a severe attack of neuralgia. Dr. V, E. Corbln hit to far recovered from bis recent illness as to be oat again. The Montpelier kindergarten and training school, taught by Hies Amy B. Fish, will open its winter term at 21 Hnbbard street next Monday morning. Trof. L. J. Hathawayientertained tbe Sicilian Quartette and invited guests with a mnsicale at his borne on Conrt street Thursday evening. Tbe officers of Stannard lodge, New England Order of Protection, were installed Thursday eveniDg in tbe Belief Corps ball W. B. Woodward was tbe installing officer Tbe funeral ol L. T. Seaver will be beld Saturday afternoon at one o'clock from his late borne on East State street. Burial will be in Green Mount Cemetery. The mem bers of Brooks Poet, G. A. B., will attend in a body and perform escort dnty. The following editorial paragraph from the Randolph Herald and Kevi this week is a good illustration of the axiom that it is necessary to go away from borne to get the news: "Tbe city fathers of Montpelier de creed that tbe church bells should be rang New Year's eve to mark tbe dawn of a new century, Montpelier already had the repu tation of being a 'fast' town." B At tbe annual meeting of Bethany church beld Thursday evening tbe following new officers were elected: C.'erk, K. G. Bobin son; Sunday school superintendent, H. S Colton; deacons, D. 8. Wheatley, E. 8 Fiske, J. V. Brooks and H. J. M. Jones. Mrs. J. V. Babcock and Mrs. E. S. Fisk were elected as standing committee. It was voted to bold the Sunday evening service in the chapel until May 1. The trial of Moy, Loy on the charge of al lowing Chinese to enter this country through the port of Malone without proper papers., will take place before Judge Coxe in United States district court at Albany N. X., Tuesday, January 16. Mayor Ben ter is counsel for defendant. Witnesses bave b'en summoned from all over the United States, one coming from San Francisco. The trial is expected to be a great legal battle. The annnal meeting of tbe Apollo club was held Thursday evening, when the fol lowing offioers were elected: President, Charles F. Lowe; vice president, Joseph G. Brown; secretary, James T. Sabin; treasurer, Ralph B. Denny; board of managers, G. K. Putnam, L. H. Greene, G. O. jtratton, B. M. Shepard. At this meeting forty-six new members were admitted, making the total membership 184. The financial condition of the club was shown by the treasurer's report to be in a flourishing condition. A vote of thanks was tendered the retiring board of officers for their ftithfu' and efficient administration of the affairs of tbe club during the past year. SLIGHT ACCIDEST Ou the Electric Road Sets Afloat Wild Rumors of a Dire Dlsanter. An electric, bound for Montpelier, climbed the rail at tbe turnout near the stone sheds of Jones Brothers shortly before noon today, A defective Manse was the cause of tbe accident. The car did not topple over and no one was Injured. v 11a rumors of a serious accident, that pat the newspaper reporters on their mei tie, were reported on tbe street soon artef. AH the way from one to a down people were said to be badly Injured and much excitement prevailed for a brief time. Happily there was no cause fcr such report. 1899-1900. What's all this pother that I hear About the century's ending? How do they make It to appear? 'Tie past tny comprehending! How can they think that ninety-nine Counts op an even hundred? Somehow or other I opine That those who do have blundered. I owe a hundred-dollar bill The which I wish to pay. I cosnt out dollars ninety-nine. And turn to go away. Tbe merchant hails me with a sbont. And grabs me by the collar; "I can't receipt your bill without You pay another dollar!" And so I say, and say !', strong! The century's not ended. Their argument is in the wrong, It cannot be defended. A century is one hundred years; The nezt Is not begun, Until tbe hundredth year's complete At nineteen hundred one. What tho the Kaiser doth declare That uinety-nine's a hundred? For once His Majesty is wrong, For once Wilhelm has blundered. That e'en a monarch may be wrong, No one has yet convinced him; He "sticks it out," tho' Pope and Czar Are both of them against hi ml FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH. Annual Meeting' Held Ttanrsdar Afternoon and ETening, Officers Elected. cj t The annual meeting of the first Baptist church was beld Thursday afternoon with a gocd attendance. The reports of tbe officers showed that the society closed tbe year's work free from debt and with a snug sum In the treasury. Four new members were admitted at this time. The church officers elected were: Pastor, Bev. W. J. Clones; deacons, George Goodwin, D. H. Dodge; deaconesses, Mrs. A. P. Hibbard, Mrs. L. T. Morse, Mrs. George Goodwin; clerk, airs. E. F. Leland; treasurer, D. H. Dodge; colle3tor and solicitor, F. A. Carr; trustees, G. H. Guernsey, George Goodwin, Harvey Bnrnbam, Allan Bagley, Charles Holmes, A. E. Carr, F. A. Carr; ushers, F. H. Jenkins, Eddie Culkn; auditors, Daniel Emery, J. E. Leland; organist, Mrs. C. C. Corry. Tbe following officers for the Sunday-school were also elected: Superintendent, Dr. E. .E. Beeman; assis'ant, Karl Wal-bridge; librarian, Miss Ada Hutchins; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Kir I Walbridge; organist, Miss Annie Hutchins. During 1899 tbe membership has been increased by the admission of nine by baptism and two by letter. Tbe present membership Is 141. The loss of members during the past year was two by death, two by letter and four by dismissal. At the close of the afternoon session a bounteous supper was served in the vestry followed by a social hour. At 7:30 o'clock the paster delivered a forceful and helpful address on "The Savor of the Church." nrotoa. Mrs. C. O. Davis visited In St. Johnsbury Wednesday. . . I. U. Kicker has the water wheel In his new mill set in place. Eddie Clark has returned from bis Tisu in Farmlngton, S. H. 8 C. Carpenter and William Hoyes ris-ited in Wells River Wednesday. Willie Welch was severely f'"1 hot water last Saturday. Hts leftj sye was seriously injured but IS is expected the sight will escape uninjured. , Arthur Tellierwa. in town Jfcis week on vacation from the University of Vermont. HeVas the guest of A. H. and Miss Kate Tellier, his brother and sister. Postmaster Carpenter, who has been con-fiued to his home for some days by illness, U now able to again attend to his .duties. Warren, bis brother, supplied at tbe post-office during his illness. At a regular meeting of Caledonia Lodge, Knights of Pythias, held on Wednesday evening tbe following officers were installed: Chancellor commander, C. C. Ljra, ice chancellor commander, Frank Han-chett; prelate, Eev. W. B. Mather; master of work, A. 8. Clark; keeper of seals and rtcordi., M. D. Coffrin; master of finance, A. W. Coffrin; master of exchequer, L. U. nr. i.h. .n.atar .t trm. FT. Wallace Chat- m,r. innifln irriard. C. E. Corruth; outside mard. A. W. Coffrin. W. W. Crook of Haverhill, N. H., who visited iu town recently, is tbe possessor of mnm inuraatlnir antinne relics, among which were some rare wins. One of these coins was what is known as a "Pine Tree Penny." On the obverse Bide appears a figure of a native beneath a pine tree beck oning to a vessel nut at sea wbicd is ap-nrnarhlntr land and the inscription "Libe ria" and the date 1 1833 " Ou the reverse side the inscriptions "One Cent, American ITolonization Society. Founded A. 1).. 1816" appears. Another noteworthy relic amuBg Mr Ornnk'a collection is an old book en titled, "A Plan of Exercises for tbe Miliiia for tbe Colony of Connecticut Extractea from the Plan of Discioline for tbe Norfolk Militia." The book was printed at New London, Conn., tn 1769 by Timothy Green. It contains a complete manual exercise and separjafOj divisions are devoted to instructions for officers, battalion drill and general reeimental movements. Some of tbe 0 ders nsed at the time this manual was In vogue would appear very quaint to the militiaman of today. Question Answered. Tea, August Flower still has the largest sale of any medicine in the civilized world. Your mothers and grandmothers never thought of using anything else for indigestion or biliousness. Doctors were scarce, and they seldom heard of appendicitis, nervous prostration or heart failure, etc. They used August Flower to clean out the system and stop fermentation of undigested food, regulate the action of the liver, stimulate tbe nervous and organic action of the system, and that is all they took when feeling dull and bad with headaches and other aches. You only need a few doses of Green's Angust Flower, in liquid form, to make yon satisfied there is nothing serious the matter with you. Sample bottles at C. Blakely's, Montpelier, 8. C Voadry & Co 's Cabot, and E. W. Oilman's, Marsbfield. g'a "I think I would go crazy with pain were it not for Cbamberlains's Pain Balm," writes Mr. W. H. Stapleton, Herminie, Pa. "I have been aftlcted with rheumatism for several years and have tried remedies without number but Pain Balm is the best medicine I bave got bold of." One an- iMivauuu relieves ine pain, ror sale by U BlaXely and W. E. Tbrrill & Co. Like a Greased Wheel Insurance makes a man run longer than he otherwise would. With the same force, better results can be accomplished. There Is no bad insurance. There Is, however, a beat insurance, and It is visible here. National Life Insurance Company of Vermont, 8. 8. Ballard, General Agent, Opera House block, Montpelier, Vt. PRINTERS WANTED. GOOD all around job compositor! and Cylinder Press feeders Applj at once to UNION CARD CO Montpelier, Vt HORSE DENTISTRY At the tables of , M. S.Parker, J Plainfield, Vt, . By a fTdau of Tmrmt M3e Collage at ; ftM V. S Surry. aiao eoaataatly tm kaad al for aaU the fwu Gody Raly l wood sad sons. AW UW ii xif grow for dry, Mrs f.t, aad tlx Uux SMtb- eds of easttatna, lUmt 14 RrT i opaeado m panL J. f Too Mich Drait Comb. Bees left to themselves are likely to build to much drone comb, says the Farmers' Voice. This is not built for the purpose by the bees, as they build it for storing honey In, but If not filled the queen wiU flu It next sorinir with drone eggs and the hive will be overstocked with the Idler. The way to prevent this Is to aaa ali fonndatlon comb worker alxe and thea the queen will fill Ii with worker eggs and the colony will be built up when hatehlng beglna In the spring. If there is too fnnfk drone comb in the hive remove it and replace with worker comb. By doing this the supply of drones is eaally regulated by tbe apiarist, and the bee become more profitable than they woeld b M left to their own devices. Pare ar., u4 rreat. It la a fact well recogelxed that ao branch of the live stock botlneas suit the masses of people better than fowl-raising. It ts a paying vocation, and is adapted to the young as well as the old. and to allaectlonsof thecountry. Prime poultry is desirable In every poulterer's beginning. The wisest methods are thoee learned by experience and with small flocks at the start. Pure-bred stock costs more at tbe stsrt, but once established In the breeder's yard Its beauty, prolificacy and the consequent valne of all the specimens produced from the orlginsl breeding-birds more than noakenpfortheertraoutliy spent In tbe outset in prod udng the very best stock that money ran buy. Farm and Fireside. THEFT IJi PLUSFIELD. "w.-sr-.- A Watch and a Sum of Money Stolen. A Correct Statement of the Affair. An unfortunate occurrence in Plainfield having been made the subject of sensational and inaccurate newspaper publication, by request the Jodbhal prints the following statement of tbe facts and circumstances: Edwin Dessell of Plainfield, a young man of about twenty years, took from Q. H. Raymond on Bunday evening a gold watch and U TS in money. He was arrested on Monday morning on complaint of H. G. Moore, grand Juror, and takon before W. 8. Martin, Justice of tbe peace. After Mr. Moore bad labored with the accused youth some two or three hours the latter confessed the theft, and said if M r. Moore would go with him he would show him where the stolen atch was concsaled. Dessell took Moore to the farm of George Leavltt, some four miles back on the hill, and showed him where the watch was hidden in the hay mow. .Mr. Raymond said he would not press the prosecution if the watch and money were restored, and Dessell would pay the costs. The yoong man did this and waa released from cui tody and pot on probation for a year. It is hoped his behavior will not invite a resumption ol the prosecution. You never know what form of blood nol- U Will follow OOIMtinattnn . k. liver clean by using DeWltt's Little Early Risers and you will avoid trouble. Thei are famous little pills for constipation and liver and bowel tmnhiM w p ,,, Co. ir,u Bethel. Tbe Shakespeare club met with Mrs. B. M. Chase, Wednesday evening and enjoyed a literary entertainment ou "Vermont.'' The annual Old and Young Folks' Ball iven by Landlord Pippin at Odd Fellows' all on Monday evening was one of the pleasantest events of the season. Gllson's orchestra furnished music. Officers of Home Kebekab Lodge were installed Tuesday evening by Assembly President, Mrs. L. V. Greene, assisted by Grand lodge officers. The offioers are: N. G., Elizabeth Messer; V. G., Alice Emery ; Secretary, Kate Marsh; Financial Secretary, Ellen Northrop; Treasurer, Mrs. L M. Heath. Officers of the G. A. R. will iostalled by past commander W. H. FUlmnnd. nn Saturday evening, Jannary 13. Officers elect are: Commander, W. F. Baker; 8. V C, A. A. Abbott; J. V. C, Dan Stoddard-Adjutant, T. A. Chadwick; Q M , P J Wynn; Officer of the Day, A. F. Glllette: Sentinel, U. C. Bice; Surgeon. William Ma- givoey; cnapiain, William J. Bogers. installation of offl -ers of Bethel lodge of Odd Fellows, I. O. O. F.. will take place at moi. uau ucifc TuoeaQ8y evening, Jan. nary 10. The officers elected are: N G O. P. Northrop; V. G.. E. L. Mm.... u.'.' retary, H. E. Grant; financial secretary. K. P. Stoskwell; treasurer, W. C. Waldo The lodge starts the year under very favorable auspices. Members attending tbe installation will gain enthusiasm and also uvo in cAueueui ume. Doe It Pay to Bay cheap t A cheap remedy for coughs and colds Is all right, but yon want something that will relieve and cure the more sevam and ri. gerous results of throat and long trouble wnatanall yon do? Go to a warmer and more regular cllmat? Yes, if possible- If - , jvu, ui.u i u eu ner case take the ONLY remedy that has been Introduced in all civilixed countries with success in severe throat and long trouble, "Bon-chee's German Syrup." It not only hea s and stimulate the tissues to ,y the germ disease, but allats Icflimm.tlnn causes easy expectoration, gives a good ONE bottle Beoummenrtiut ' by all druggist In tha wnrlrt h liV: . tie. at C. Bl.kely Montpell.,. 8. C. Voodry & Co., Cabot, or E. W. Hllm.n m.v,.i7 CITIZEK SOLDIERS. Aiaiaiaeetlac ef Cesapiay H. Offl-eri and Cemmlttees Cbeaea, Tb annual meeting of Company H was held Thursday evening. The reports of th offloer showed th organisation tree from debt, with a balance in the treasury, and that wb.ll th company did Bot bar a fu auota of "listed saea tbere were enough substitutes to more thaa nil th rank. Th following officer and committee wet elected: Clark, Bergt. T. B. Thomas; inaa. dal socratary aod treaaoxar, Bergt. C. D Wbaelork; auditors, Bergt. Frank Jary and Privets AUx. Gltnote; board of maaa-ger. Oapt. W. A Pattee, a cfU-f, Uni. O.J. G is borne, Bergt. Jul deCollaJaes, Bergt. Wkselock, Corporal Usury ruber; eosamlt- oa spplicuion. Lot. QUborM Corporal Georg flaher, Erivat Frits at at a! tor; eoaamlttee oa saeisbenhlp. Cantata Pattee. ea fVi. Bergt. Tboeaaa, Sergt. da OollaJa, Corporal Hoary Father, Prtrai, Harry B. Moaltoa; committee oa aaiform. Cap. Put., o M. 8r. C. B. Bojea, Privet Harry Mooltoa aed B:easrd Fu teraid; eesmittes oa eoart aautlaJ, Ueot. W. J. Moor., 8ft. Juj, Corporal John Docherty, Private. A. F. Bhambe aad Harry Moeltoa. THE THREE MCSIETIEBS At Barre Opera Keit Friday Evenlag. The Barre opera house on suit vh.i.. bids fair to be the forom la which ih. clal elite, literary men and women and the habitual theatergoer of this city and Bart ill mingle in happy harmony. Th occasion is tbe presence there of Llebler A o, ..-uuuui production of "Th. u..l.. ers." with James O N.1U I. th ledln. mis a TV a - ... -..-n.. lnis ts th Sydaty j u, Aioiaaaer Dnme' f,, nce, wit which Beerbohm Tre filled H.r M.Jet,'. theater, London, to tb. Z ? 1 moaths, aad la which Mr. O'Neni was s. dari.g th. prlng aeaao. at tb Broadway thoai, fsw York, to th alghU, capacity of this .k. piayaoeee, asder It for., manageme.t. wb.a th eharg lor th. vt -a.X From all aoco.aM u,i. Hr-slo. is a.tirring drama, that go .lu a swing, delightful I. lu tdr o.t. sentiment aad romance, and thrllUag la the dr,u0 climax, of iu various V. "r1 " "epho.. at th. Red Croo. Pharmacy, Barr,. SPECIAL fftUg ni-aF3E.03Ci-- OUR ANNUAL CLEARANCE SAp DOMESTICS. Everyone who reads tfaia circular baa no doubt learned before this of a marked advance in all kinds of cotton goods. Tbere is no manufacturer that can pay nearly one-third more for the raw-cotton, and advance hi help ten per cent without getting considerably more for the manufactured article. With our mutual interests in view, we gave large orders for sheets and ptilow cases last September, and have been holdiDg them expressly for our January sale, when our customers always expect some unusual demonstration from us. We cannot be too earnest in impressing upon you the benefits of this sale. In a month to come you will realize it, and be grateful for tbe saving we make you. Here are a few illustrations: SHEETS. i. One large lot of Unbleached Sheets, all hand torn, u ade with two-inch bem at one end and one-inch hem at tbe other. ; Theee sheets are 81 by 80 inches. Here is about what tbe; cost to-day: Two and one-half yards 81-incb cotton, at 20 cents, 60 cents Thread for making, 3 " Labor, 2 " Total, 55 cents We will sell you tbe sheet all made up for only 45 cents each. II. One large lot of Bleached Sheets, same size, made same as above. Tbe cotton in them cost C3 cents. We will sell you the sheet all made up at only 55 cents eacb. ill. Teo dozens bo Sheets. The'e Atlantic cotton, a:. Here is tbe ac:ua: Two and ote-Li: cents, Ooe spool U,r &r Labor, Total, We will gf ;i 5 , up, and ready fr r each. IB L PILLOW CASEfVJ One lot Bieathe : by 42 inche?, tea ',-of cotton. The c v. to 12 cent, How worth for makirg . all nicely made, a- Size 36 by 45 . Oae lot very tinr from best cotter; to-d8y is worth sell you the case a : 42 incbe?, at 12 ct : 13 cents. V One lot of ou: : Pillow Cae; s.z-only 16 cents each ; only 17 cent?. T: made from a dm . We will make : prices on all 3i a:, and unbleached err lis Our Special Sale for Saturday, January Fifty large size Crochet Bed Spreads. We bought these early in November especially for our January sale. They are worth today 75 cU. each. Saturday, only 55 cts. each. dozens a en Twenty This i hemmed end all linen, and union. Anv o 1-2 cts. Satur II. H : 1 GILLEY & ABBOTT, iu am m Mam si., Barre. PERRY PICTURES! NEW ASSORTMENT JUST RECEIVED. ALSO PASSEPARTOUT MATERIAL IN CHOICE VARIETY FOR MOUNTINC. CAPITAL ELECTRIC CO, IS MAIN STREET. MONTPELIER, VT. THE WATCH MM JOB OFFICE. BARGAINS IN Note and Letter Hea BUI Heads, Statements and Envelope PRICES way oowi $1 1 1 2 3 All Staple Artic! -cial Stationery, always in stock Kodol Dyspepsia Cure Tioestj what you eat To Cera Kerrousneaa in Ona Wek To Cora Conrtiption in On To Cure ladigwrUoa ia Oa Waak To PurLy hi Blocd ia On. VMk Take Cltretaru!', CtlwrCnm. 1 U it fails to car. ' T CIZ JSC FOR SALE. Chair and block wood, alan nd aoa wood and kindling. By A. F. Humphrey, School are. kard DANCE ORDERS, PROGRAM - WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS. a-ETC., ETC Every artidt printe I and beet equipped of with dispatch and in of workmanship. T. S. BRQPE-3Y & CO, A HAPPY 1 900. P th mw jex by oflejbg fcw apw-,. 1 lot EmbToideri, 6niahi edge, JSjce.WU.Brow.OottoD.aqty ANOTHER LINING DARCAIN. 56 Fin "1 Fancy Skirt lia 36-Sa. Figured Black riw c.-i ' mMU3n Blanket, at reJnwd p Ii i W. E. TerrEl & Co, MoutptlWr. 18 S!a!i Stnjt T. S. BROFHY L CO,,

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