Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 2, 1957 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1957
Page 4
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THl PHAKOVntllUNE PROOUkM fOK LOOANIPOn 1. An Adequate Civic Cmt« 2. An Ad«qwat« S*wag* Disp*t«l SyitWB 1. SvHunnt Porkini Focjliti.. Attack on the Court There is no cause to question the sincerity of Senators Eastland and Johnston in their proposal for a constitutional amendment that would subject justices of the Supreme Court to Senate approval every four years. They may honestly consider their move to be, as Senator Eastland has said, "an attempt to .save our form of government." To thus alter the Constitution, however, would deal a severe and perhaps fatal bJow to the system of checks and balances which keeps our government on an even keel. To give the Senate power to call the Supreme Court on the carpet periodically would rob the court of its chief strength, which is its^firm position outside the arena of politics. Senator Eastland has said that the court has become "a policy - making body," and that therefore at regular intervals its members "must be approved by the people or the people's representatives." There is a surface persuasiveness about this argument, but it is hollow within. The Supreme Court can serve the people without fear or favor because it is not subject to the pressures and harass- rnents of political approval. The move to put the Supreme Court under the thumb of the Senate springs from dissatisfaction with recent decisions of the court. There is nothing disloyal or dishonorable about objecting to any of the court's rulings, for dissent ia 'one of the privilegt^ enjoyed by free men—and preserved, incidentally, by the courts. But to dissent iw one thing; to seek to hamstring the Supreme Court IB another. Making this body subject to the periodic whim of. the Senate would be about as effective a meant; of hamstringing il as could be According to the latest officially reported figuruB John Fouler Dulles haa traveled '•'>&,),H'2'.l miles by air since he became ncfcrctary of. ulato. That is probably about 100,000'/ov/cr than the number of v/isoeraekfl comwlians and humorists have made concerning the nccrctary'n poregrinalionB. A mother charged with neglect bc- caUKU she left hw child with a baby sitter fivu or nix ni;;hU} a week wan acquitted by an Ohio judge who called baby silting "un Arr.oricnri institution," In "th- ur v/ordit, juut, another freedom, this one giving Morn occasional lime riff. You can Jearn a Jot watching a doff, chasing \>\y. own tail. It rnakeii you wonder about the uiiel'ulriwiH til ,wmc of your ov/ri puniu/lH. A well udjuiiled man in one who re- fu;>i;.'! to nee any connection hc-tween Uic fact lhat it'i! raining and the fuel that he Ji.'j;! juiil gone for a walk in u fre/ihly preHiied nuit. IN THE PAST One Year Ago Harry N. Mlllur, YD, prominent rollrwl farmiir, <)I':'J al hit iinniii in Imur drunk, Tim Iciiiuiiriitunt In I,ogan«port rwjchwl tho 100-dii{ri:i: mark Kundity iiflitrnooit, Mm, Kuillx) Jicfcil, a long limn nwldniit of Cum and Miami counl!«n, iixplrwl lit UIB 81. Jom?ph ho;ipil;il, Mrs. KndUKil Uliguo, M, of rouUi 2, JCcwuniia, Hi Mninurliil luiniiltnl. Ten Years Ago Horn lo Mr. and MM, .lolin Mcfiulu, IWMI Ncrtli otruot, a daughtor, lit tint St.' JOIKJ|)|I boo- pltfll. Mr. mid Mrs. Hleliard »ii«r, al Wwtt Columbia aAreol, writ llm paruiit/f of u daughl«r, bora *l llm i>l, Jo.ii.'j'h hiMpltal, A rton waa born ul tins HI. Jotinpli honpllnl to Mr. mill MM, Coorifit Khull, Wlniunitc. Himdolj/li I/iinnlni!, r/ll'A Mast IH'omlwfiy, w/w oloclwl lo tin) t'lly school bwu'iJ, Hitliilall In I.i'gaimiiorl during till! piuil moiilll fitnli-il 4,45 liichw, Horn lo Mr, and Mr«. Mulvln Ri:yriold,i, lloyiil CenUtr, a <fon, al lint Kl, Jo.inph honiiltal. Twenty Years Ago Avliilrlx Annillii I'lni'hiirl wn« rujnirUid lo,il «v«r th« I'a'.'llic In hur •iiroiuiil-llnt-world flight, Ainiitdiir nidiii opci'alora pl(.'lfi:<l up Intr M.O.,S, Mr,i. Mary C. Mill'')', n, SHI'/ii I'iaiil Miirkiit >ln;':t, illral al SI. JomtphV hoiipilal, l<o«mii)jmrl iHualclaiw Mary MiirKiirol mill Bully Iliiui'i' iiniiirlaliiird llm witulily limeluion iinii'lliil! ol' Iho Ainifi'icaa l/cigioa mirvlci) club, Sonij-wrlliir dole Poriur vbllwl hln inolliur, MM. H. I 1 '. 1'oi'lnr In 1'itrii, A I'liai'iiH'Ti'llMinn ii|«pi)»l brought ncnran of voliinlwri'a lo finr.V" na blood iloliorii In tnnialll" tiiinui r<'(|ulriMl by I'liillli Hi»i(/y of Uicwiio, who him iinilwgi/ait innjor Hiirgwy at (iiutu couiily liiMpll.nl, Tim ;-rni iMiiini'll of m.ii;vlc(i clubs mot today to ill/i(:nn/i tliii local hoii/ilng ulliiallon. Fifty Years Ago Oironwr Mlllitr lin.i ntmovwl Lu hl.i mimmor hnimi on llm Murphy fiirm iilong iho Wi:bn«h rlvw oppo.ildt I'otlowiatomli! I'olnl, Julia Slilllliiij, llm «iij(ir iminuliicturm', hiijn )•(>• lurnwl from hid trip Ui Ciillfornlii, J, I,, lliirdcnly will ojmn u now niAUiiiniNl, HID floldftii Huh;, In Twdlvii MIUi, I'nt Mahonuy of llm Vitmlnliii /ihupfi wim only •lluhtly Injured wliiin Im was hll by a •ntfl/io «l Hyeamom Tuesday Evening, July S, 199T. Drew Pearson'* MERRY-CO-ROUND •MIDDLE EAST MONKEY BUSINESS Drew Pearson gaji: Truman listens to Senators rib each other; The FBI lobbies for new law on its (lies; Supreme Court pioneered nothing very new on FBI testimony. WASHINGTON — Harry Truman, returning to his old haunts on Capitol Hill where .he used to serve as a Senator, lunched in the office of Sen. Lyndon Johnson of Texas. Present was Sen. Wayne Morse of Oregon, onetime Republican. During the luncheon, Johnson started kidding Morse. "Wayne came down to Texas a couple of years ago," said the Senator from Texas, "and made •& speech about me. He said, 'Texas is entitled to have at least two Senators in Wash ington. But it d o c s n,' I have any! Price Daniel,' said Wayne, 'represents the oil industry, and Lyndon Johnson represents only himself.' " "And that speech, Mr. President," interrupted Morse, "Cost me two hoifers. I was about to sell Lyndon two English Red Devons. But after that speech I lost a customer." "Last fall,"' continued the Senator from Texas banteringly, "when Wayne wan up for re-elclion I offered lo go out to Oregon lo help him. I told him lhat I. would make a speech for him or, it it would help him more, I'd make a speech aKalo.il him," There were chuckles from ex- PrcBidont Truman and assembled guesls. Senator Mor«e didn't say much, ' "What would have happened," he asked, "If I hadn't been rn- elecletlV You would not have been Majority Leader." Ue.'ipitc the ribbing, or perhaps hftcau.'te of it, everyone had a •good time — especially Truman. Tin: I''BI Lobby Lou Nichols, fast-talking, lik- ablft public relation!) lobbyist for J. Edgar Hoover, ha.i bucn but- tonholini! Conwrcitimcn on Capitol 7/1)1 urKtnn that Ihuy rush Uirnuitli a now law "lo protect", I''IJT flliii. An a rciiult, Con^ruiw will probably jam a law, dcflpllo the lale- minx <>I lh<! :iwi«lon. Chief danger Is lhat UK: low. will KO too fur and be thrown nut oneu again by the Supremo Court, K»r the tbipramo Cnurl'd ruling wan banod on Con- Dlllullontil groundd which no Con- l/,ruw can chaiigo, riiftardlenx of J, ICdgar Ifonvisr or Cong."(:.'fniTiaa T'rancln Wnllor of Urn Un-American ActlvllIcK Comrrillleo, 'nuns linn butiii m> mtn:h i(on- jjroimiiiniil Huriiamlnu about pro- tri(!lln« ("III fllOB thai II wolilil IKI a good Idoa for ccrluln con^riMi)- m/m to (rxamlnu curolulfy Juot v/liiil tlio Kupreinc Cniirl rulwl r«- KiirdlnK lliu FHI. Wluil ti;ipf)i)ii(.'fl WHJI Uil«: Clinton JonckH of Iho mini), mill, ami nmullw workd union, wan convicted on the UmllrrKiriy of llnrvity Mntiinow, then an untlisrciivoi' u- K'tiil for the FIJI. MiitilBOW wnn it mlxcd-up pisriion who worked •find for Ihi! 1'Uf, Uiun for HumUiir '.McCarthy, thon docldoil lin hail * liBon ungagiid In liH-lili'lnx Iniioccal peophi, jnliiixl « clnirch, unnfivniint all, anil iiworo uiKlcr oal.li Hint iic liml Hud about Ju'ickii mid olhoni. Thin, howovor, ciiino lalor. During till) unrlliT Jwick.'i trial, whluli wan Ihu only fiiiniillon lic>font Hut HnprwiiH ('uiirl, Matiinuw liiiilll'lcil In.! hud muflo vni'liiiin i'i;|iorl.n about 4/cn(,'lcH to tlio PHI, Jdndcii'B iill.oi 1 - iu>yn tluin iiHkod to nov tliinui rn- IiorUi, Hutirnina Uwirl WIIH ('uriitut Tlmy did not fink lo u<> lln'oujJli OKI k'JH III«H, Tlmy nuked 1'iic npu- clflc MnlunifW rupoi'ln iimiilloniid on Ihu wltiuinn Jtlmxl, I'urhapn'llnty }iiul noini! liidlciillini Hint Mal/unuw wim ii tnlxijd-iip pm'jion who wim not li'.llliin tin; triitli-nfi Irilor <lmn- on/ilruldd. Al. liny rntii thiiy in'- Hui'd Hint tlioy had Ihu rlaht lo uxninjnc lliiinii riijioi'tn lor Dm juir- ponii of IrylnK In linpnaeh Iho wllr •niiiM, Tim HupreiiM! (,'iniil In an overwhelming Y-liH iliiclnlon linn now found for Joiiclin, In doing no II, did not, aiillioi'l/.i) uny nimmiii/luK lliroiijih li'lU fllit/i, ilunjiltii UIB liljilmniiiil. of loin: illmiiinliir 'I'oin Clark, Ju;illi:i! llrailiian, the i'!hiiiillnwi;r • nppofiitiii! wiio wi'oto tliu opinion, wan tixlrmiiHly cnrol'iil, li'iirtlim 1 - moni, HID Mli))i'iuiH! Ciiiirt (In '.M U S. AT 410) had ruled before that: "The demand was for tho production of specific documents and did nol propo.se any broad or •blind fishing cxpedjllon among document poHscused by Ihe govern- rncnl, . . .nor wan thin a demand for ituiUimunlH laken from persons or inforinanlB not offered an wilneoHe.'i." Noting IhlH prior dcciaion, JUH(,'(.'(! llrunnun wrote: "W<; reaffirm and re-emphuiil/.o Ihese cimunllulH . . . .every expuricnml Irlal Judge and trial lawyer linowK the valuo tor Impuuclimcnl piirpoMUH of ntulo- mcnl.H of Iho wllauiiii regarding e- vcnlH Imforu llrnu dull)) Ireuther- ouii moinory." 11 wan this uurefiilly wrlllon, narrow opinion which ha« cuimixl all Uiu wringing of huniln on C/ipl- tol IIIII ami thii lobbying of 1/ou iNlcholii In gel. a nww luv/ Jammed through congreHu, l',iidgi:l IHIHII I'crcy Bnindagu, •who koiipn curufiil nccount of «ov- (irnirujnl upondliif!, ratlliid off every ag<!iicy'« liudgul flguron the oilier diiy-iixcii.'pl hlii own. AHkwl how JIHII.'.'I Dm budaol biiruim cxpucU In npi;nd, l!i'iiii(lai;ii tiirniKl blank. "Arboul l«,«i)0,()W)|" hi) fliidlly tylil coiigniKDirian. The corruut flguris IM $4.300,0110. . ., .thii Trcamiry In mi iihorl of cimli llial, the nil- iii]iiliitrullon iniial ultliui 1 borrow Jiwivlly or Hut' n ili'anllc hpuntllnK Jlmll, to gut by Lliu mimirim 1 . The While llouw! Ill now preparing a npiuiiling llmll. liml ili.'i'rniic offl- clalH four will (M'lpplo tlio ui'iniiil il'orciin, . , .Hccrolnry of (Jinnirinruct Wnokn, who originally pooli-poohud tlio (.'on.'Dd-uM'ilni'ti/il- K)iurni>Hf ban <!imi! an aliiiiiU'iici:, Ho now nilnill.ii Uicrii wim iioiiiu validity In Nuw Vorlc coiigruiiiimnii Mmmlo <:i!lli!i''i; crlllclniii of llin WOO iiyii- tcni. 'I'hln In the prncllcii of lining iminild gnvM'iinKtnl i:oaiiullMiilfi who <lniw lli/ilr Hnlni'liiH Irnin lliolr c/nn- ipaiilmi unit oftiin work Iniildit l.lio ^iivuriiiniinl. to ii(il|i lint comiiunloii thai pay tluiii), Seaway Project Gives N.Y. Farmers Problems ITHACA, N, Y. — NoTlhuni Nuw York fariniii'ii urn expiictiid to ox- JHH'IUIICI! ttUIIIH dl/lldl/lly ||<!(.','I||/I<I of Hut liiillillng of Ihu HI, Uvwroacii Kmiwiiy mid powitr prn.lwld, Thi! Slnl.it (Jollogi! of Ajji'lciillnru wnriiml thai many I'lii'iriDni nli'iindy luivc liml, Uuilr hired mini. Hainii fi«ir tux liii!i'na;iii;i mill |.iriimiiirui) ol! lam! aiiiaiiilouiiiiiiil, mid n frw luivn liml. lliiili' fiirnni. Tin) ilitmiuul for farm laboi' will H>'HW DIOI'II HiMilo Jiw l/irtfi) liiijiw- U'li%jpi'liig up along tins HI, I.MW- lint oK|ii>rl« xnld, i n mnallur laboi' I'orow, llni lill'iiil man niuiit ho piilil jiiurit or In many wiiiiw I in I'oplncod by ITIII- lililnury," limy nildiul, LAFF-A-DAY Angelo Potri Take Along Good Manners On Picnic Sometime during Hie summer flnmoono In Huro to nay, "Lut'.n go on a picnic," und the whole family will .shout, "Let'.i." So mother goU the .inndwfcliuH rundy, warnd Uie children to got- drcmcd tor on curly «tart and pack.i the .picnic basket. The picnic In Unit 1ni«k«l no she Iji vury careful tthoul what flho pul,H In. She IncludcH sandwiched — cold meat, oggn boiled hnrd —.in salt .ihalter, plcklcx, ollvon, cookle.s, theririo.') bottle of milk, co/Toc, lea or whatever drink the family IIHUH. All ciirofully wra|>pud ii'nd •packed, the food IH In thu banket und tho plunlc In riHwIy, 'Whal about wail«r? Wherever children uro lluiro muni bu water , ,l,o drliilr, and It' IH yvl«e In tulcu thai water along In a large Jiir, u thormo/i If piwdhlo, no Ihu chlld- j'an will not innko » inbUilio uml ' drink any watoV lhat IM linmly. 'Wnyoldi* uprltig und bruoku nre •liiinpllng on a Iml day but the valor miiy iwl, be mtfe. lloltor lal<u (i Uiormo.'! along. M, In loo bad In incnlhui thl.i, lint liirtltir Im wifrt limn Mfi'y In put In Llm flr/it aid kit. II. IH ni- iiiarliaJilo liow many HoriilglioH, liHim and ovun ctilii nil ordinary chlhl I.'IHI nmnaga lo acritili'ii on n picnic, To hnvo H bollln of nuir- ciii'ochi'omii and n box of ban- <lng(i/i linmly end b« t'liw «[ivln« of •tlio dny. Wlinrn IN liliw picnic to l>« held? If lliiti'e IH DO (luflnlti) plwi'o In •iiilml -- "Jiwl, »ni)ii) iilnco along Ihi! roiul llial, loobi Ilko 11 giioil liliico — <lon't h« 11 li'impnuHer, Hn- imiinliui' (.lint 'nil tho liiiu.l, wild .mid woiiilny, ,|n/jl, lying Ihwii, l« fiwniiil l)y t 'Hoinnlioily who i;»nw. Jibwiil. II, uml link Mn iwrml/idlun l,» nun It for u wlillo, I'nw praij)lo I'D. films /iiii.'h n r«(|iiwd, uml everybody IHtDn to know who l;i on bin iiiiiil. A iiilnuikii floinii puoplit miiki) ]n to think |.lnU country prnniln nre ,-;!.ii|iiil (UK; lim'd no iilniidiirilji of (,'liiiuilli)i;,sii or rnniitiorn, Thoy live In Iho coiuilry becau/iu Limy lovit II, lovfi UHI irmiiilowH nnil [•n-un mill blrilji and riowi)i'» and aiil- mata anil Ihu brook, 1 ! tlml flow lliriiiiBh woods iii)«l fluliln. Tlmy ronmil. 1,'lmlr gutwi boliig oiutnuil mid I of I Ojiiiii; tliiiir wllill'lowmvi Im- ilng ulfllcwl liml Hum lo/iiied ni>Mo; thnli' limoluildii and moiulowit bolng lIliloTiMl.wllh picnic, wii/itu, Ho wliitii |plcnl(,!klii(! l/tho yoiii 1 mniiiior/i n- long with UHJ !)««k(il, Ami ilon'l ifonaot In «ny (jood-hyH anil Umiil( you lo tin) liiwU. I'tiul plfiiilu mnnn«m' cloiio n door ?wl iinly lo lliit «ff(tii(llnj{ groi(|) Iml lo nil who folow l.hom, (.lood niannmvi miiku now fi'l<imln, Ike Returns To Capital wltllii tilillilrun urn yniMig In lilm KiiTi-t nl till! tlllt'l'l'lll I'OllllllrlH fill' iiifiilthiHMl, I)r, I'nli'l given rtifvli'it In III* litiifl«t I»-H, "DHpfnl llu- lilln," T» nl)l,Hln » «o|iy ni'H<| Ml <iii»t« In i.'/tlii In him, n/u (111* \tu- l-nr, I', 0, llnx 1X1, NlMllmi 0, Nuw York Itt, N, Y. (Hclwiwed by TliB flftll n, , IIKI. WASMIiNUTON (UP Elsenhower returned here Monday night from a I'ohr-dny weekend At •hid Ciollysburg, Pa., farm to cele- Ijralo Jila 4lKl wedding unnlvcr- sary. . The Pritsldon-t plans to remain al Iho White House throughout Ihu week despite Iho Kotnili of July Jiollilay. He will return lo G'ettys- burg next weekend, M.rH, Klwcniiowor remained nt the farm whuii the Chief JOxocn- 'llve returned to tho While llou.se Monday nlglil, ProsldiinHal P r o n N Kiicrel'iiry .Jiirnoti C, llagerljy mild Klmiahow- <;r hull a uuw cxporliinuo aJiead (it Jilm-4u.illng out l.hc nuw Whltu J-IOIMU Imllcujlli'J'K. Kagcrty said Hiiinotlmo biHwcou July VI, and li> Wlneiiliowcr will lnko off from the Mouth lawn of UHJ White HOU,HC and J"iy to a HciM'ul rclocallon cwili'r IIH part of tlui civil ik'foiiHo uxur- chid "()])0ral.loii Alert IIIW," Brownell Conlends Jopan Has Righf to Try William Girard WASlflNCiTON (UI'l-AUoi-miy fioDitwl Durborl Hrowiiiill Jr. unyit Japan linn lluj rlghl. |.o try Army .Spix.'lallnl. :ic Wlllliuii S, Clriinl n'OKiirdhwH of Jiow Iho Kiijinimu Courl, ruluH In Ihu caiio. In n brlitf filed with llui court 'Manilay, II r o w a o LI milil U.S. 'l,i'w/)i/i vlnlllii/! n tornlitn imtlun nro not liiiiiiiinu from fofnlgii Ju- t'liiillcUou iinlr.'iii HID local goviiru- iiionl nllown tliiiin Immiinll.y, lirowjiitll ankoil tlio cniirt In ni- viii'iio n lowjtr I'oui'l diicliiloii bur- ii'Jltt! llui [lnlti'il Klal.cii from l.iiru- .liiH (llriii'il over (<i Japan for trial oil maiiiilmiglHiM' chargivi, Tlio 'i\- jMiiir-old Ottawa, III,, .'toldlur In uharHi'd wllli Iho fal.iil KhuolJng i>f n Jiipaiii'iio woiiiaii on an Army firing raii'gi) la Japan liml January, (llriin.l, who In b«liig hiild by iliu Army al, Camp \VVill.llnnl.im iniilir Toltyo, wan inari'luil l.oday lo llj/irii ((-'/niiiy) .Siioyiiimi, Jiln ,lii.|)- uiuwi) MViiolhoarl, Foster ro Direct Highway Policies INI>IANAI'OI,IH (III 1 ) _ (lovivi-. 4ior li'iiiliiiny lulu iVI.'iiudiy gnvo (IdiM'Kii (''onlur, mw iw'Miiillvo ill- riid.Di' i>t tliu ni!iiinlal-i'l(lilni) iit.nl u lilfjliwny ih'piii'l input, full niilJhnr- 1I..V to oxiiciitu iiiliiiliiliil.raLlon pol. talmi In Lint (lnpartmcnl, l''oNl,nr, formiM 1 uioinlmi 1 of llm Mh.'lilKnii Hliilu Highway ny«U'm who WIIH lilruil nl Siill,(«H( n yiiiir, TM'iilvnd t|i» iiiitlioi'l'/.atloa from llniiilln.v In wi'lllng, Tlio govuriiDi' iH'liul In tin) all- Niiiicit of Highway (Jinlrnmn John JNtliii'N, who In vacationing |u Wln- <'<IHK|||, CoiiiiiilKiiloiini'A (lluii'lun M, Maddox, Itniiuhllniii, and Kiijjunu Iliiillao, Diihioci'iil, wiii'u pi'DHi'iil: wdim Kimtitr rwiitlvitil hl« wldo poworn. I'ANAMA (.JANAI, HISTH KK(,'()ltl> IIAMIOA, Ciilial '/MM (Ill 1 )— A total 11,571) nlilpH InnulliK) tho I'll- niunii (Jiuiiil ilui'lng U HI I'lucal ynai' Jiml, /inilwl h> nut rin »]l-l)m« 'r«K. onl, I'liiiiiinii (.'mini (;<>, offlulalii mM loilny. Tlio total uxvcuilnil Mm pi'iwloim rowird by yjtt limy milil Walter Winchell Broadway and Elsewhere Man About Town Charles Chaplin Jr. and Juanita Corta, fcmme bullfighter, are headline-bound ... A new A-l romantic sauce involves Ginger Rogers' ex-husband Jacques Bergerac and actress Lou-fl ise Paget, kid sis-I ter of Vivienne Se-1 gal ... Paul Get-i ty, zillionaire, andl British beauty! Penelope Kits onl plan a September! wedding.. . . Pro-l d u c e r of "Eosa-l lie" MichaelS Grace a;id his I wife (irritated by I bad breaks) staged their own electrics back stage . . ..Harry Delmar, producer, weds Hope Haydcn, exotic dancer, soon . . . jN'orma Crane, leading lady of "Career," and Bert Bachracli, Jr. ended (heir idyll." Her new escort is Bob Morrill, composer of "Now Girl in Town" . . . Joan Davis and Bud Stock deferred their wedding again —until Fall . . . When the Bobby Sherwoods' arc divorced his next bride will probably bo Phyllis Darn, one of Hie pretties in "Bells Arc Ringing." The feud between Will Jordan and Jack 'Carter (over imitations "of tv favorites) has taken a serious liirn. Jlcal rough . . . Similru save Mike Wallace a fast No ... Producer Jerry Wald burred Marilyn Monroe's drama couch (Mrs. SLrnsbun,') from the "Peyton Place" set ... ICdwln O'Connor, who wrote the besl-sellc'r "The Jrfist Hurrah," will noxl unveil "Bcnjy." A fairy tale nbinit a chap so good no one can stand him . . . MOM is trying In buy Kay Kendall's contract from J. Arthur Hank. Tlu wants n hunk of Kurt Knox to release IHT , . . CiinuiT Jiugerw In her girlish self .'iiiaiii with actor Sieve Cin'hrun in ihu H'wood late, lulu spots ... in lh<; next M monlhs SG li'way plays atari, rehearsals. Only :i lir.sl.-iiiglils uru Haled for Sept. so Tar. The Hiirrlcnni! Jnckson - Floyd Pnlturson bout will ho 11 grudi/.e bailie. Jack»on reportedly lolls friends: "I don't. like him.' 1 heal him before, hut they cave il. (o liinil" . . . The new dllly, "Third Klnger IiOfl. Ilnnd," In ouf'ly close to "llh'mlngham Jail," which click- od a few years ago . . . They say Homo of ihu prineipalK In "New Girl In Town" are flipping al each other. Homo people Jus! don't appreciate being In a hit . . . "Ho- chimlcr" gels :W,(l(l(l per week from Jack I'leiuiy. Tim Knll series given him n hefly raise . . . t.'llH Is mull. Ing caiicnllailoii of all rating :iur- voyii except for tipwlal pnii'.rams, Having (ilxml $liil),<llW » yciir . . . It's n hoy for llm Hud I'nlmrr.s. Time gnvo Clhlcngo'ii Mai'ly Kaytt Hie hack of lln hanil niei.'iilly. I'arl of Ihu rap IK now liillao'n on hl.'< arm . . . (Iwen Venlon'ii role In "Now (ili'l" In HI) Klrewimi.'i .slur uheiikN Into a mldlown hotipllnl Iwlcii n week lo KIM. a long sleep... The Mingling chin hi readying an- olluir Unlit iivin' conlrol of the i'ir- cnn . . . Kllll Mayliew, formerly with .tlin Monlo Carlo llnIM, eon- flruird Ihu rumor liml, nlm 1» en<l- lll|.; hill' II year miilTlnue lo Will- liir Tismpleliin nt Vi'idiii . , . Spl- vy'ii brut new number al Ihu Mine Allgol (lilxilll Anil''' Slierlilan'ii I'llmii) In lillnrioiiH. ()rli;liiiilly written lor a high iiehool iiliow . . . Jmiialcmi Ifmim owner liny Shaw mill iilnglng bennly Carole lleiiuelt Weil In till! Kllll. (in! 'hi' iMigniii*- lilnill, fljllll'klnr lllNl, week . , . The Kl'i'lich (limliin'.'i Illckl Covelle (iiho'n 11 ft, II) In wearing a wlilhi mink that coal. Tim HitllH 'Am Hinging for I'Vimlc Alnltiir of Ilinl hit uliiiw awl Jjiin ("Mbi« A)»i»'li'/i"> Mi'i'U Wulllur almoiil nlnhlly at the l'!e. eoln , , . tii'iii'git Wolili (ve<'p nl Hnlimiit Alrwnyio anil Kllrn Vloli'l iiullior of HID upcoming tmiiilir.nl "(!(>|i)H)r and llrium," Ignltm! . . . Kloronia) Chnilwlek, Hie chump iiwlmmiir, liml. monl. of her imvliigri luvivillng hi d lieaiily venluro . . . The Uvlnii rtoom, llriil lo emhnin- Ihu CnlypMO, In I'hiirlihig II I'm- lln- liitlln Milieu of a yimiiKMer iiaineil Diuiiiy Nlumir, illiicovery of Jaeliln llobhlHOu , , , That ilai'k beiuily, Who (lll'llii imckn when nhe iirooiu nlionl. town (In unit nl Iho/.n mldgH cars), is Sofia Tarzi, an Afghani* tan Princess . . . Gwen Verdon'i ex-husband. James Ilcnaghan. ths mag writer, has rejected all bidi to do articles about her. They never stopped being friends . . . Sandy Weston misses the Mel's Cesar* Siepi so much, she will fly to Italy to find out if he still means that much. Tin Pan Alley is buzzing about Chic Records which hit a homer with its first platter, "Freight Train." Its angel is Chic Thompson, one of the richest young men in the Southland . . . Tiger Andrews (of the Phil Silvers frolic) and his wife (dancer Norms Thornton) expect their 3rd image . . . Robert Alda's 16 year old son i.s in "Roger The Sixth" with his Dad. The play (a London hit) opens tonight al Laconia, N. H. . . . Jerry Lewis' Town & Country booking in the Fall is for $40.000 per week. He pay.s all the actors . . . Norma Douglas lias been signed for a singing role in "Copper and Brass" . . . Kay Venion, 'he singer, is critically ill al St. Vincent's. She is listed under her marriage name "Malanga" . . . Marlcnc Dietrich's daughter Maria Riva i.s doing a book on her struggle with avoirdupois. Title: "Happiness and the Banana Split." Former Xiegfeld Girl Mildred Dnrliiig now ha. 1 ; the coalroom concession at. The Pygmalion . . . Robert Vaughn, who plays n draft dodger in "No Time lo Be Young," got drafted ... All pickpockets may appreciate lonming Hint (heir old nemos!.';, Dan Campion, has wrillen a book about them — just published by Prentice-Hall. Title: "('rook.'; Are Human Too" . . . Cap d'Ail (on the Kri'neh ItivU'rn) regular. 1 ; nru nirimi.s to see (ieo. Sehlce's house- KIIIW! I his .viiiiniiiT, His wife Val- onlina or his friend (iivlii Ciarlio. Tin' 1 two women have nevor been •HiiTo, al I hi' .same time . . . Torrid 'Iran.s-Allanlie romance: Molha Wasey, ex-wife of the ad agency exec, and French playwright John Hess . . . The Collon Club Kcvnu open July II al Central 1'ark. "The (IronI Cal.sby" with music will arrive in (he Kill. Andbr<>y (ioodmmr.s first efforl. lle> 21 . . , Vie Damoue is back in Hie hi/,' ehijw. (iave hk cvcr-lovin' diamond earriiiKs and n now Ilel Air home . , . Vi-netla Nlcvensoii. 111. is the liahy ol' Siiinlrn'ji .wlocl Iniier-eh'i.'lo. She's a divorcee . . . 'Model Carol Walker's It monlh marriage will end in Mexico IliK week . , . I'Milli l.tiec, former .sliiiw-fih'l (now fii/ihloii designer), will wed Ibi'.H'i'l Maslow In hvo weeks . , , Kiixiinnc Knrdhiim, Hie 'Hickory llou.se |)lauo slur, helli-il oul Ivvo U'en-ngei's with her pockel- book when Ihey tried In mugg her . . . II':; n girl for the Candy Slid- dons. Pop directs Iho "Asli Ihi- ('amei'a" Iv ,sho\v . . . Tlmmlc .lliifii'r.s ('oni.ulled lart'.vei's nlioul .siiliu.; Hilly Wllllam.s and Coral He- curds over "Sit Might. Oiiwn and Write 'Myself n I.eller." Alleges he created Hie "tilyle." The Vic Maluiv.Marlon folller ".seerel nmri'liiKO" nimor.s jire hn- kuin. I'e'.e Hugolo h h>p man . . . Nliiirman Doimliiii' lies! jiei'i'el I.s CliampiiKne heir Coiinl Alan dc Vo/(iie of Helms, duo hack soon . . , James Cauney, ,lr, ami dancer Mnrly U'e have the Dowaeys' hiincli ivini'liK'ed . . , The Arther Waler.'ioa.i (she wn.i mayor lly- liin'.'i uleee) have Ihu aiiarlnclie iifler 1(1 year . , . Janet Lake, one of Hie "Itiilnliw Cdijnly" liclle.'i, mill lloheH Illx ex| I mi heir. Ill, 1 : lalhcr was (nice n Hollywood Idol, Hleliard iilx . , . S'lilri Conway's oil lo dn "IMnln & Kimcy" III Allanlu, whli-li Is why W. k .1 Kloalle iiloni es.v I'nler ilntll ) ( ,oli.v no ill py . . . The lop n bonldni; MlirMiolc.i niiiy lie hll with a re" /di'iihil. of Iriule Mill liy WiiHlilii|<. I "H . . . Si'n. MrCliillnn'i nee prnher 1'lori'e Siillimer (former Sun I'Vanelni'o reporlc-rl was mar. I'leil here |»«| |''rl ( Jny |,, Sjiiikji/in .'lOelallle Nimey llobliuniii. ll'oiile '1,K1IAN()N, lad. (Ill') — HIV*. ileiilM had Jii',1 nhiiiit I'laJj.lieil hail- Ian nut the waler diimpeil hi lln-lr •'nllui'ii by n flooded cjwk when Ihi' water eonivaay ainioiiiictxl It Wlw i.iu*ri'ft)iliiK ll» nile.i. "You KIT Illiul lll'MHilWH)-! l,ll{tllilrt|MIH, I» nl Ht* K"«l iirrlim HI ),iiH8H»|ii,r nlllHll , I ml,, Hl*r*H UN «»III,MI| nilnr lli« Hi'l ,,r Alurnli », wso n wlfo fthow more Inlorcwt In her bund'* job than " ™ ' " iMlHNfl (VllWhDHHHr )tl«v,'liMK»l|M(IVI*M AI.'IU'I 1 IH lili)AII UK «III()III,ATII»MM ANI> UHl'I'llItt "We had to lot tht l*»t man go— h« k«pt t«nk." th»

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