The Poultney Journal from Poultney, Vermont on May 25, 1872 · 2
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The Poultney Journal from Poultney, Vermont · 2

Poultney, Vermont
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 25, 1872
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f THE MAX WIIO XETEB LAUGHED. I iwd an old friend. If fate should ever lead you to the graveyard at Rheims, you might read his name on a slab that is neighborly with the tomb of Abbe Castel, an amiable poet, who has received credit for some things which were produced by somebody else. It is as much as ten years that my old friend has laid under the cypress trees that his grand-children planted over him. The wind has gradually filled with earth the inscription which was intended to inform the public: "Here lies M, Jean Bernard." Moss has crept over the specimen of lapidary caligraphy ; until the letters of the epitaph have become a velvet green of the most pictur- j esque appearance. jlyold friend, like a goodly number of fringe Wlio siecu uuuui mm, was buhid' thine besides a tender spouse and excel lent Wher for whose soul prayers are offered up. He was brave and adventurous- he had traveled extensively, had lieen shipwrecked half a dozen times, and was 'he possessor of a worldly expert ence well worth consulting. It was a Tiinxt singular thing, however, that, in spite of his amiable and often jolly humor, Iih never laughed. M, Bernard was fond of telling pleasant storios, but, while all around him were convulsed with laughter, ho alone retained his impassibility. His features would become animated, his forehead wrinkled, bis eyes would sparkle, and en joyment was plainly visible; but, as to liis )i, 'hoy did not seem to be alio to exnress even that silent grimace that Fontenelle tolerated the smile. Duo evening it was on board the En cli9h steamer Solent a nephew of my old friend was sitting by my sido. "Toll me," I said, suddenly, to the young man "why is it that your uncle never laughs?" " What ! Have you also remarked that peculiarity? It is on old story, that dates away back to the days ot ins boyhood, "t'an'iyou tell me about it f" "Yes; on condition, however, that you -will bo careful never to make any allusion to it in my uncle's presence." I promised, but, now that my old friend is dead, lean lane my mm ana leu wuy it was that he never laughed. , II. In 1814, during the great war la France, J, Jean Bernard had reached his fiftieth year. He was living in Nancy with his mother, His lamer had been killed at Litipsie, and his elder brother, a captain in the young guards, was one of the 70,-O00 heroes who disputed, step by step, the march of the allies on the soil of Prance, whose success lay in their numbers alone. It was rainy day at the end ot February. The Prusidans, beaten the night before by Napoleon, lied toward Nancy, and traversed hastily the almost deserted streets of the town. AVorn out and covered with mud, they formed on the rublic place in front ot the walls of the lotel tie Ville. Suddenly there was heurd the gallop of a score of horses; the soldiers, hurrying on, and turning their lieads to look back, loaded their guns. They fe" that tbey were pursued by the terrible cuirassiers who had passed their lines on the night before. " They are afraid 1" cried a young boy, who was oue of a small crowd of citizens looking on. A hurly captain, with a grizzly mus tache and an athletic form, heard the re mark, looked Hie boy in the face, and ad -vanned toward him. Sly friend the bov I mean-turned very pain, but doubled no hi li'l and awaited his coming. The colloswl Prussian stepped up, seized the Ixiy by the throat, slapped hi face, and t hruw linn to tno ground. I Ins revenue accomplished, lie Irngthened out his step to regain hn already retreating company. The young Frenchman jumped tpiiekry to llis feet livid, breathless, mad with rairc-lhrew himself upon one of the re treating grenadiers with an effort to disarm him. 1 1 was quickly thrown to the irrcmiiil, hIhiiiiu'iI under feet, and woundi'd in ihphrcHfl with a sabre. The curious crowd that had gathered had fled in a tints of consternation when the trouble bcL'aii, and the enemy wa already out of town, when the young Bernard, In his paroxysm of rage, was hi ill lighting in Ins own blood with an Imaginary h. 1 lo was nicked up and carried home. A lirulu fever placed his davs and his reann in danger, and it took all a mot tier's cire to bring hi in back to life, lie never upoko of this adventure, which he ncemrd to have forgotten, and everybody was careful not In recall It Mis character was visibly affected ; from f rankm-M and Joyouini'uho had become taciturn, and when lie was particularly happy he con-tented hliiwlf with simply smiling. After tin year !! Jean Bernard was placed In a bank, while III brother renounced the profession of arm and ImmiuIiI him sfariu In the neighborhood of hi II. III. Tlirrfwiw a heavy storm In Mavencc on thi'UI'l of November, IS.'J, raining f rem ll o'clock in the morning till midnight. Toward o'clm k on the evening of tlntdiy II tsiier, of the I'rua-Inn army, waa dancing Ida little girl on ltiskticr its muni, giving her his mustard to pull, anil listening to the recital f Iirr pruviT', After receiving several of those childlike kl' that resound o charm-initly, lie Uhl her down In her little cradle, K n n Mile, Charlotte hid chHi'dhercy", hef lunlher rM klnif lirr and nlmlng ft'flly one of Hume little lull-tiles that run he traced even to the savages, the officer went Into the parlor, where lilt mother sat waiting for him. He kissed her forehead In sincere filial attention, then walked up and down the long room sews! lime, hailing finally before K window lo look out upon I lie (ilea in of llifht l hat slretehcd from the parlor candles upon the wet sidewalk. A griurful young woman, one finger nn Iter rips, ind stepping lightly out of the room win-re her little girl hud Jnt fallen nlccp, ni'l'tost bed the dreamer. who, I hough lie had Jul Itecn promoted to a majority, Hill wore his captain's uniform. "fflml sre yon dreaming of, Frederlct" fhe kwl, she leaned her head against lief liiishand'i shoulder. . "Of foil, Martha," he answered, as he Tcuchcd mil hit arm todiawhrr toward . ' " ll lh raltl Which tnskc ton ad'" "n, but the roe t of passing my rvcnlnjt M' Inn, when ll wmtld be o tiunlipli issnlcr for metoiuyiii home With volt." "Tl'ietl why dt jroil go" "Yon forget, my deaf, Hint mr old frlcntk Vseh and Unggler, hnvet.irerpd site iunili for o night, which we are to lrlnk In hnr of my promotion." "('iin'llruwithvoiif" . "Mo." answered Hip MJer, who cotlltln I keep frem Uttirhlng at the Idea of leeltig hi) -Maitha enter the bar room of an Inn, "Then they don't allow women In your miserable old tavern!" "It is they who refuse to come. At least, that was the way of It when I was a lieutenant. Since then, Martha, I have been with you so much that I don't know whether there has been any change or or not." "Then go quick, so that you can come back nil the sooner," said the young wife, as she disengaged herself from her husband's arm. Major llasner, who had now reached his thirty-fourth year, was one of the most promising officers of the Prussian army. His character was mild, and his regular features carried an expression that was rather melancholy than otherwise. He threw his great army coat about him, buttoned it up. looked" out of the window, and then came back and sat down opposite his mother, and beside his wife. Martha had in her hand one of Mile. Charlotte's little ribbons, which that young lady was probably dreaming of at that very moment. "Come, go on, now, and let me have this sofa all alone," said his wife, who saw his hesitation, and wished to help him out of it. She received another kiss, and the ma' jor, after having traversed the room three or four times, with atueasu red tread, bade his mother "good night " with a sigh, stopped a moment before the door of the bed chamber to hour the regular breathing ot his child, and then went away. morning, a post-chase carried M. Jean Bernard on his way back to France. At the same hour Weisch and Buggler carried to Martha the inanimate corpse of her husband killed without having had the time ever to put on his major's un.form. "My uncle," continued the young man who told me this sad story, "whose good heart and fair dealing you know as well as any one, learned only too lute that he whom be had insulted had a mother, a wife, a child, and was no longer a captain. He has never ceased to think of the orphan. And now you know why he never laughs. Spring Cleaning. home. Knowing the prejudice against country, dissenters are punished for hold-cards, which, perhaps, from the bad com- ing services during the hours of Sunday IV. There was still a fine and drizzling rain outsido. It was quite a distance between the major's house, and the cafe "Aux Armes do Brandenburg," which was situated near the cathedral. " Devil take Buggler and Weisch for breaking In upon my habits, such weather as this ;" muttered the otllcer, as he felt the rain in his face. There was a time when the rain would not have made much ditl'erence to him ; and then he would have been equally indifferent hew late he remained at the tavern. But that was when he was a lieutenant, when he was in France, when his mother was fur away, and before he knew Martha. The mnjor was late In arriving, and his appearance was received with the nioht respectful salutation from his subordinates, and a hearty shake of the hand from his friends, The veteran Buggler, who had been the first to arrive, had taken the largest table in the room. He broke out in hurrahs when he saw his companion enter the room. llasner had served under ins com mand, and ho was delighted at his pro motion. As to Weisch, he arose, spread out bis mouth, and his great porcelain pipe vibrated in the air as it hung for a moment between his teeth, a post it never left except to be tilled again. Although Mavence in 1323 contained Federal garrison, the ris An Armes de Brandenburg was frequented only hy Prussian ollieer. The Jokes of His two friends and the congratulations or every. body soon drove away the major's bad humor. They all went o.vk to the battle field. The recollections of the paist were revived while the punch was brewing under the personal superintendence of captain who had very willingly taken charge of this feature of the evening s entertainment. Suddenly the door opened as if It had been bunt in by the wind, and a gust of damp air agitated the dense cloud of smoke from the piins, and male the lumps inrker. A young man, wrapped in a cloak, entered the room lit eyes of a sombre grey, took a rapid sweep all around him. lie seemed to hesitate as lo w here he should sit down first went to ward Iwo old mustaches that were cn gaged in a game of he, then, by a mid den change of resolution, took Ins place at the little table where Major HaMter was. The citizen of Msyenee very randy visited the " zui Anne de Ilrandeii- nnrg unless accompanied by an omrcr, There waa a silence at all the table for the purpote of Inspecting the new-comer, who threw back the wet collar of hi chmk and let it fall upon the chair. Light complt xioned, pale, anil with a new liorn mustache covering his uper lilt, he said curtly lo the waller who asked him w hat he would have ; " Brandy, beer, anything you like." The conversation, ihus interrupt"! for a moment, was taken up again, and the waiter plai ed a gla Iwfore the siranjer. "Uentleinan. said the latter, a be turned to the officer who were w ati biiif the progress of the punch, "whhbime of you si.euka French " " 1 know wiine'liiiig of the language," answered Major llfiier, at he inw i "in what w ay ran I be of servh e to you ?" 1 he Voting man looked at t tic calm I art fore nim for a rnoitH ni, then nul hi eye and pressed one nf hi band to hi breast, as if he wa In pain. "I le a your pardon," he added. In a trembling voire, a moment after, "but are not these'' and he pointed lo the epaulet on the nia.if'l shoulder "are not tlieae the lnlgnla of a captain tn the Prussian army?'' llasner had scarnly answered In the riiniiiillvr, when, iflionl having noticed the rapid movement of lite ymmg man's arm, be felt a blow In the fare. All Ibe ofllrer lnmtd tin ImmedtnMr. anil fuirroiinded the Frenchman, wboheid hlmseir at bay against the wall. I U-iter was alxi'it lo fall upon hilll, when hi friend VVcls h and Ibll'ilcr seized It 1 1 it and held him oil. Then a IhHIIo was hurled at the head of lite stranger by one T the ontcpr, and broae into a crash upon Hie wall. "iioiii. rentiemen," rried llasner. "thl aflair l mine." II then stepped In front of lh man who had insulted hi in, if h traced thai the latter was going to run away. Now, when Mother Earth has summon ed the winds to sweeo away the dead leaves and all the winter litter, that she may have clear space for the sweet, clean flowers and buds, her daughters feel an intense sympathy with her, and within the bosom of every housekeeper is stirring the thought, When shall I begin the spring cleaning!1 Down among the orange groves, the palmettos, and the su cur-canes, perhaps, the grand army of brooms and scrubbing- brushes has finished the regular spring campaign; uut we would eouuu a note of warning to our housekeepers of more northern latitudes. JDou t begin too soon. Uou t trust entirely to nature, and, be cause we have a few warm days, and the maple-buds have a show of red, imagine that we will not have any more cold weather. Even Nature makes a mistake sometimes, and clothes the fruit trees with blossoms in the first "warm spell," when she ought to know by experience that we are almost certain to have late Irosts. So, if you are tempted to clean house early, call to mind the long rains we usually have in May. when, in vour fire. less rooms, you will shiver in a shawl, and the children will be fractious, and your nusoand will grumble, and witn reason. (To be sure, last May was very warm, but that was an exception.) therefore, in the name of health, comfort, and good temper, we counsel you not to remove your stoves and lay down matting until you can feel asxured that the WHrin weather is actually at your door. The last of May is early enough for the spring cleaning, over at least hulf of our country. And wo would also beg of you not to upset all the house at onc e, and drive the gentlemen distracted and the children to the neighbors. By doing only one or two rooms at a time, with a little womanly tai l and management, the w hole house can be renovated, and not a man a whit the wiser, until it Is all finished. (And, ten to one, he won't know it then unless you tell him.) This is the time to brighten up old furniture, and perhaps all voung housekeeper do uot know that if their oiled walnut looks dingy, kerosene oil, rubbed well into it, will make It look as fretth a new. After the floors have leen scrubbed and dried, have them washed w ilh salt water (so salt that the boiling-water used In making in w ill hold no more in solution), and this will carry certain death to any inserts that may be lurking lathe cratks. Take your bedstead t piece and saturate every crevice with brine, aid you w ill find it good fur the leea-r and bad for the bugs, if there are any. Paint Is easiest cleaned in damp weath er, we are jierpetitally told which I true; but, w hether thl is the liest kind of weather in w bit h to have open win dow and doors and wet floor, U another matter. Have a'l the hou cleaning wetpnn prepared and in good order bfor the work begins. If you are o unlortunaie as to have only hard water, a gallon of he to a barrel "of It w ill make it at soft as rain water. Have a regular plan of oteration maraeu out a system lltal yon think I likely to give tha b tmt trouble and an noyance, and Ihen wa that It I earned nut. , And, whatever el yurt !, be sure to keen your temtter. Thl artirl is more easily misplaei-d at thl lin e lhaa at any ttbr season, and ther I no na-ion whi Q it I more Oeedcl, Urnrtk and pany they are often associated with, is not very unreasonable, we do not venture to commend absolutely their uso. Chil dren, however, we must say, take, accord Ing lo our experience, a greater and more constant interest in these "de'il's books," as the scotch minister terms them, than in almost any other game, and this with out the stimulus of gain. Their aspect, which is ordinarilv brurht and eheerful. entices the youthful eye, and the various changes and combinations the card s admit of are unceasing provocations to their curiosity. Without carets, however, there are draughts, chess, dominoes, and home billiards, to which, we believe, the most scrupulous do not now object. Parents and guardians should be careful to supply these games and whatever else limy conduce lo the innocent amusement of children. liarjier lituar. CURRENT PARAGRAPHS. Personal and Literary. Mark Twain got $10,503, in one week, by simply JCouglung it. Alexandre Dumas, Jr., is said to have laid up more money than any other writer in v ranco. It has been proposed to hold a public meeting la honor ot tne late rrolessoi Morse, in the City of Mexico. Wendell Phillips says his lecture 'of " 1 he i.ost Arts has never been written, a faitblul memory only preserving its out line. The daughter of General Thomas, United btates army. Is the fiancee ot Mr. l'arker, one of the American students at the Berlin University. Mr. II. V. Longfellow, with an ap. penrnnce more venerable than his years seem to warrant, is quietly engaged in lit erary pursuits at his home in Cambridge. It is a noteworthy fact that during the hist thirty years New York has never re-elected a Lnited Mates (senator, with one solitary exception, William II. Sew ard. (Jaritialdi Is said to show his years sadly. He can only walk by the aid of crutches, and bis hands are drawn togctu er with rheumatism. ith all theie in rjniiitii-s he is cheerful and hopeful. William Cullen Bryant Is in his sev enty eighth year, and does not relish solicitous inquiries after bis health. He is vigorous enough to consider such tender- sacred to the Lutheran Church. Captain Goodenough went through the "infernal fire" of Waterloo, and escaped unharmed; which was good enough, too. But, after all these years, the old veteran fell into a pond the other day in East Devon, England, and was drowned; and that was certainly too bad, The collar of the Order of the Golden Fleece, which was sent by King Ama-deus of Spain to the Comte de Flanders, is the identical collar which was worn by Christopher Columbus, and with which he was invested with the Order by Ferdinand and Isabella, in honor of the discovery of America. Heretofore, only persons liable to military service have been taxed in Russia, so that the nobles have shifted the burden of taxation upon the peasantry; but now this discrimination is to bedone, away, and taxation will become universal and military service very nearly so. The secret expenses of the Austrian Ambassador in Paris, from 1859 till 1871, amounted to thirteen million, francs. Employes at the Tuilleries, even valets and chambermaids of the Empress of the French, were on the secret pay-list of the Austrian legation. A letter from Pt. Petersburg says : "Tho position of the Siberian exiles is much talked here Just now. The total number of those persons, many of whom have been banished by administrative de cree without a trial, amount to S50,000; so that, taking the whole of the population at 70,000.(100, there is one exile for every 200 Russians." The Empress of Russia Is suffering from gout and dropsy of the heart. The j Empress of Austria is consumptive. The Empress of Germany is rheumatic. The Queen of Denmark is deaf. The Queen of Holland is subject to frequent tits of hysterics, the Queen of t'ortugitl is a confirmed Invalid. The Queen of Spain is the only crowned lady on the European continent who enjoys good health The Paris papers tell us that a deaf and dumb young lady, educated according to the system oi iu. Urosselin, has recent lv passed an examination at the Hotel de V tile, which otitained tor her the position of directress of the asylum, and that in the course oi the examination she w culled upon to read aloud, which she did in a manner that not only astonished all present, but even excited their admiration by the felicity of her intonation. For the first time In the history of zens named C. C. Paine a t , mand perished m th?n ' . d ,olln Ar- . bmcSe3fe and without any careei At Manteno. Ill fA A T.Robson. a bfenif-l death by the discharge 'ot breech of which, it is suddo9 , ' p aced in his forge for tl P Tl' hM ' r-ie ot ei. fn a ploding the load. fl"?f!Hm' doctor eu 10 get on top of a car, fell beW T cars and was run over and so u 'he jured that he lived but an hou?. k' -M. L. Phillips, of Greenville lit accidentally shot himself with a revolvi;' near Troy, while on his way wesVH1 party a few days since. The ball 7 ! drowned at that place recently. tie fellow was watering a horse, when u animal became frightened and threw over his head into the river -Two boys named Kiddenbaugh ini Whitaker, twelve and thirteen m while planting corn in Magnolia Town ship, Ind., a day or two sin, at . "B" tity of wild parsnips, which theymC nes as a doubtful eomolluient -Believing In the proverb. "Never too u'. "j nasiy, a rnnce oi me oioou open- . ... . . ... .1 m, a mi eiu.l Ilia ullwilt liiir nn1 it mam old to meiul." 1 rof. W. L. Mitchcl . of ... """ ". Aamsemrat far Hit Vomit's "I do not know Vott." h Mid, after looking at tli Frenchman a "fM year ago," fcpllrd the other, "on of your nwihtrymen, a raptain like yn, lapped my fate on lh Imldie !ite t f niv n.iilve town. I Iriej to enl- myself, and t w thrown In lh ground lieaten. and woiin.led by hi ol.Fier. ( always felt that blow till moment r and I only awntl lh death of mv nvtb The liiimrtanee of nrrnnnding th yong wittt cheerful ol l.i u I ..,..m mfiicicntly reeogniwd. How often i the nursery th dullest rxm In the hmis ; ll should ls the most cheerful. kn. h. Ix. Hi literally and figuratively, sunny All It rottleoU should bases if fly air. Th Wall should be oi Med of a bright rolor. and the carpet ( i.f !tnrn notheatile by t diiim tnr of it figure or ihe warrn'h of it iint. Colored phtitre of bright o'ljeellv rli trailer, large reprrrn(,i..n of an I nils dogs, horse and f arm rd, and group of rtiddy ly and girls, rlephvnt cheerful serrtesii'f lb Held and l !avlti ni merry mnmtig, snoui.i i to hung on ante a o altract th slht and animal the piri'f h lilt! inhabiting of the unisery. Tli'lr rrrs an I ear In-old be, far s rsMe, rp rbwd to all srenr and tpiii- of horror end rtietiy, l h rirltrm-e.1 of the turl ltof ur ll r hMd t darkne and -! tad most las rri fully avoided, n no threat of summoning ghost, Ingles, old wit-tr or other m instef, to fearfnl to Hi f lii!,lii, should Rf I permitted. W ith lm r -lnf ?m ynta finds In the companionship of it ftlow th pty will, h Is essential to It tiaitins and acquire Dial knnwledg of lb traditionary game of boyhood and girlhood whi. a ' i endle -mf. of rje1y and pleaMir. iii iop, eat, niart.r-s, lag, Hapftof. bar and h'n Is, f i.-nM Kn, Kn,j ms)f Hhff amtiseirwnt of th tming, W iiMbelr ril In l.M iwM ta'aHiv trfi js (lf tl,e l.ely and ftlinir laflti enr-e nn th n'ml pini, ki tain lolHerhild proved by t(tjM. em of '! time and all c-intrk, tV terrel, tnwnr, lo lfw thai they In tol ferta a roiighenin nd I r'ttng o .) bo.l. r l Vning t( lit far, and itisheveltni of ll.e bs.r, n. nmiiestiof. the Georgia I'niversity Law School, has just commenced the study of liettrew, ageu seventy. it may lie oi service to him as he grows up. The Rev. O. B. Frothlncham says of Mazrini: "tie wat a patriot with princi pies so broad, with idea so far-reaching, with conceptions so brilliant, with hope so mngnitlt'cnt, that Italy only Honied like a gem In the ocean of hi humanity. A. S. AIk-1, Esq., editor and proprie tor of the Baltimore it stated to have aniawd a fortune of 1u,imj,0imi. He commenced life a a Journeyman printer, forty year ago, and is reputed to be the weaiihiet man in iluitlinore. Mr. Lew-U Downing, wife of the principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, died at lahleiiiiah reecntly. Mie waa a Mis Eyre, a white lady of Philadelphia. Mie conceived a romantic pasaion for the flin t, an. I was married lo Mill but a few month since, after the dratn of bis first wile. If the two colored Cadet at West Point, Ninth ihe original bone ofconten lion, stand tenth in hi t la, which i an appreciable gain month by month, wlilla young Napier, fr whom a better feeling hn Iwen entertained, in Con. 3 item e of a franker and more amiable isiMisition, atand at the fail of atlas of uty ix nieinliera. Dr. Edward T. Perkln, formerly of Ann ArtM.r, iti h., died in Itio, Itraztl, Mar. hit. lie had lived anevrnllul life: wa iiccesive!y a printer, a book keein-r. w haleman In th 1'arlfit-, a member of theryl bonaehold of ihe King of the ,sandwub Island, a rouitiilHion mer-cbant, a Caltf irnl miner, author of a book of travel, medleal student, and urgeon on the stratut r of the I allforttia and I lint mail line, Prlnee Kamehamrha, the heir lo the throne of Ihe (sandwich Islands arrived at n Fram I- n a few day ago, on hi wsvio I ilea. New York, whither b I you.; to be rdiH'aied at the J. suil Cd-lege II I dawritieil a a young man of alsait twenty Iwo, about live feel eight Im he la b. iK-til, w lib very drk copier-colored rompletlon, and a phifuson of btaik, tri(hl hair. He Wa baptised at n Fram Is, o. John M. Hart lay, th Journsl Clerk of lb liwer Hons i.f Congress. U Prince Arthur. After the addresses, prayers, etc., an ornamental spade was handed the youth, and he was requested to turn the first sod into a silver wheelbarrow, all in a fiirurative ard symbolic way, you know, lie pitched in, however, like a gardener, and broke the ornamental spade handle at the tirst stroke. Nothing .1.. i t.t. i ...... unuiiiru. we oui in uiuveu ultima nioi 1110 , l41 r, " ,. T ... turf and soon laudeda eood-si.ed clod into C" .Mr9' -was aged fitv- Both died. 'n.7r? hour and a half, and the other in m,:.; hours. "" A few days since. w)iil n,t.... miners were descending into the 8kn of a mine in a " skip car," in the Lak6 Superior region, the ronn wl. ... cipitating them to the bottom with gLt violence. Nine of the number were killed instantly, and others were serious- IJ. 1UJUIU11, Mrs. Engels and daughter were ex-tirpating bed-bugs in Green Bay, Wis. recently, by pouring kerosene over the vermin and setting it on fire. The oil hi the can took fire and exploded, and Mrs Engels and her daughter were fatally burned. Her husband also received very severe bums, but would possibly recover! A man was found in Skunk River Jasper County, Iowa, recently, with t bullet hole in his head. He had evidently been murdered and chucked under the ice. He had not been identified, and no resident of the vicinity is missing. Some stranger has been foully dealt with. A few days ago a young man about twenty-one, named Lewis M. Lcydcn, from Wheeling, an employe in the woolen mills at New Albany, Ind., got his ana caught between a loose belt and a revolving shaft, and his arm was torn from the shoulder, making a sickening spectacle. The wife and son of the Rev. Wesley Lattin. of Fort Scott. Kansas, wen drowned recently at a ford of the Marais the barrow, Some Yankee-like Frenchman haa produced a new edition of the Cardiff statue. His ingenuity has made it a great Improvement ou the original, ll waa dug out of a stratum of aand in a cavern, in w hich many relics of the stone ago have oecn discovered, then, too, it Is lite size, mi that the pretense of us being a Petri Mel man can l made with some show of truth. The face is nicely tatooed, and bear a petrltied wreath of pebbles and shell. 1 wo arrow hiaiis are sticking in the temples, and a choice assortment of mic lUnoout curiotitics waa dug up around the body. Ingenious antiquarians are already deputing the precise age of the world in which this petrified mortal lived; and it bid fair to have a good a run a iu kindred humbug on this side the water, held that position rr over thirty year. II lath author of "Hafelay Plgest," wbli h U considered lit bet parliamentary manual rr published, and ha been the prop and mainstay of lit Masker for many J,er, ll lb delther! opinion of lh rpeakrr n. rt s-oeaker of lb otie thai f.-r the pas fifWn or twenty yrsts Ur. lay baa not had hise-jttal a a patUnontarian. I'orelga (,aalv. Tit Frew h Academy hmrs that i Ills-, . r to drmand s.ij.f,,f lion for H. I arrived j 1.1 rr and tear of lb rldhe, mnr in itu town im pteninir. ami, le cowardly I hart ymir cnmlrM, I blfr-wl mysi lf to ymi iti.i . in man and im child." A tmifvtmf arm among lh oTWr, but b major suppressed It. "I am Innocent of lh nntrnff thai w committed upon n, nvftieitr,'' b aid. on raxing his head, tradlyi "I wntibl have mrm h t rhiM any more than tnn, believe m Von hv'noonrit ml,f r -Iso iwii tl th fa lter, f of Jfo r" ! -,! m ortibr th eeily of killing yrai. My friends " dd5 t;.'mor. turning lo Weisr h and Hn?i-!er, kavo lh arrang. men! of very!hin lo jut,,"1 (larrftra itirmntennras inesn. Tli't Arw demmasl by lh over reflanl th g)n of ih m l ciiiidr! of a rn-t ar. and n. tTleel enn;i for In nirr off'i r'ttf "' mUm via, ,tsiiiw ! Ihrt ttw ,oyit,tet,'f f0 lh )i U,, ra!'')tny f Sttawlal etriirnwiil sk.I : rirsH si ks t'-w la h k lr ikt fom WhK w I "i n-l stMill rf.t. W heef,wv AVT;, i wi'h''l rn-nh liesi'a'ow, in lh y , f flt yt-.thw e yW-altky aM ttaprv rli. drv. leatiet lb fa rlosfe. as ih yes s,y, t believe, ' y eo f.. ag." Parent aesil. i e'y wmff tt cif Tin next day, mt f o'tloih I th dmnkarii hU I ilUtrani -Thanew fnnlflrallon at ifhoNfjf, art lo ci seven million sterling, Tli often Inftrmitie of I I'rince of Wslis ar pre.lieie.1 o prove fatal. Therw ate In tit runny Mwren w snd thre hmdnd that can fbieniiy 'ak the an. ient Urcek Un ef. Ial yer" enn gvi ili yy-r tl.l.0 Inhabitant, inofe Ihsn half ih n..,ir f (seopi la the I nited !tte. -.Abswil foer lloatMad fotl teat Ireland vt? , foeeign "tl, twrt lhmn. atone tmimrking at (j.teen. I.iata. Acbtvenrnf, lSfamnn l5bh facie mar, i.l-d. Ilef wtnninga, in stake a ton, a I tnf old and thn jewr-.d l, nxnt'l lo f lU.?jm -Th t'ceof t4 Itetmany h row-HtMtel l.l Ibaire fw his hrtiat m. y hner fof lh pn.lieti nf a 1 ienltflc fvpoft o Ih lt AfetlC rtsMlilioK. .Tt"''1 of 'b lai rivnt ritre'f Iii;bl In Hni. n. s i.nly I . .,.1 . M 1 1.. h,,h,,t.h..i . 1 . TiWlif!, ,! : e" " ' ' " , ' 1 iw .1 MrrZTl i ,rim " ' fat in i-l4nM'C f atabiff Will r tTipeMse,! In l.oay at fh rli I.f lh fr-r-srul tat. CeCaiw fsn.mattf waterier .i.t ill .l thea h m trc ti? lo rU pf i;trtf. ., Vft1rt,!i r-eearfier na lW. try) Incident and Accident. tra iiecd, a Mormon, was recently truck by lightning and killed, at Salt Lake. Tlie lightning melted the rod off from a Nevada church recently, but did no further damage, I-rwis E. Bam. of Menomonee. Wis , w as accidentally slmt and killed by til brother, while hunting a few days ago. The houe of Frederick Treble. In beatland Township, 111., wa burned re. ceuily, ud hi mother perished In the flame. A few days sine. Mr. F.dson Pit kle. of II. nover. Mich., knocked over a kero-vne lamp, whit betidoded, and she was fatally burned. Daniel Heller, a prominent citizen of rtotitii M. Unii, Mo., aecldenlally cruhetl on of Ida loe I h other day, and died wnib after of Im k Jaw. A man named Maine was thrown from a hand car the other day. ne,r Den. er. III., and o badly Injured that he lived nut a lew hour. Rev. H. Freeman wa accidentally run over t.y a irvight rar at lnwooii Ma- ion, in.i , a tew tiv since, and so badly iniiire.i mat tie uvvti inn an hour. ieor jo tlri.liston. a Phmilnent clllen of Louisville, Ky , had hi skull fra.iure.1 tbiee jears, and her son nineteen. Warn the body of the young man was found, he had hold or the bridle reins near the horse's mouth, with the reins wrapped around his arm two or three times. Union City, Mo., a few days since was visited by a fierce tornado which did much damage. Two houses were blown down, others injured, and horses, cattle and men were lifted otf the ground ind carried some distance. The danism is estimated at $",(HKJ. No lives were lost, though In many cases bouses were blown to ruins over their inmates. A few davs ago three men were sees struggling in the rapids betetn the American shore and Coat Island. No help could lie given them, and 11 went over N iagara Falls. It is supposed tliry were f mm Chippewa, Ontario, and were on a tlHlilng excursion, and, wing cameo down by the current while attempting to land at the head of Goat Idand, the b.l struck a rock and was davhed to pind Near Venice. 111., recently, the dead body of an unknown man was found be-sitlo the Chouteau Slouiru road. He hi a stab through hU heart, which must have caused instant death. He lay upon ka back, w ith a bundle in his arms, hn U at his feet. Fresh buggy tracks were n tier Ihe Itody, and it wa supposed the dead man had been brmight to the place in the vehicle that made the tracks. The wife of a Plymouti, England, recently met with an accident, w hich caused two of the fingers of tut hacd to be lent over her palm. She hid frootientlv declared that she would Wlhrt joso her hand altogether than be thsj crippled, and, a surgeon havinu refusal to amputate it, she went to the rail! and laid her arm oa the rail. As vancing train, more complaisant tka surgeon, cut off the hnd very clr7 at the wrist, '."he woman then U cab to tho Infirmary and had her wisnw bound up. Little llarrv Milblirn. of J ksnnvnl'. 111., goi Ured of draw ing his baby hMbrf around a few day ago, ami Ihoiichl would utilize the old nmre. who Ing about tho yard. Ho acconlinirlT tchd Ihecarriiureto Fan's tail rope, and requested her to start !,-J couldn't nee it, and remained st!Wir- llurrv iiruiil her with a slick. n.i,- by belli; thrown from a buggy, the oilier urtetl on a gentle trot, the nnttsud dy, and died a dy or Iwo afterward. An aeeldent (ernrre.I on th Hi. J. A Conn. II Kltitr lUilroad, recently. The Irain fi ll through a bridge, killing the en fiiterr, and fatally injuring the fireman. tlenrge Wldrn, frtim Mnsratlne, low, a newsboy en the Honthweaiern a., wa fatally hltired by a railroad netiilrnt near Trenton, Mo.,' a few days ago. Rev. Fatbrr nryan, pastor of the flrookneld. Mo., Catholic Chtirch, wa amwnrsi, a rrw dv ago, while attempting lor r..s ,oriisl ( rek, having missed in iori. A loy named, ten tear of ee, living In Vlg t'ouniy, In.I , who teldenly in Ida peeyh elchl month ;o, a id lenty ret ivertal It a few dais sine. ll I Mated that flhtimwar sure iiMtn her tail, however, soon ran ad her to bes-ome interested, and her Im"1 gradually Increasctl In rntlitlsiam. won flying around lit fifM llgblniitg gait with lh bbv-frtof whirling through the air behind ' baby wa pit ked tip with man? rat-'i-and m ralthe. but Harry think wound. Inflicted by thn parent! arc worse than the fiaby'a -An Irishman, name.1 l' a ready-willed wag, who l'l'! onl for evryllv. let It hit wnn- . s int. a t ti. racily wem no- - j ndvl buy rer . ' tdayT" haske.lftl;f.,f - .. '.i .marl foil'. way It fulfill eery store on new ens no-r oij r i'-' '' - , who wa on ol lltoa over smart im I'addy," replied lb clerk. I.ubv. .i at nnw iri, I, .m ntwn iwo or three ymini on lh Northeryi IViflc. w burled with 'S T . i i la in" Ihe atn. cuslonier who hapene . f Ider and deapef,.!., nh.i waa kille.1 lately .. ';K?,!.h," ?.l . 1 1 ;lteti raiKtv, j r1n.lTl t r-ay ISe-aa fa-emw ). saro I by.! n. 'ef" for levw rml of itooew, wi nk ahne.l.ei ,rn. j In ". f"t ndf-vyln rnn 4"J f.T their tbihlrtu i fn,enl t j Jrye,)' l kl Uaifiloj. U tkt hi fe downward and a . k of card In " rAtrira. nts nan.i. John Ree.1. t'nptainof th lifk Jolm Hrvalen. of I 'l.l. ai, wa aeeldenlally Irotne-I In tbiflalo Creek fvaenlly De-reed one of lbs ldrt captain on lb lake. Iwotraf old of of W. P. Itsil-bao, r.f Marseilles 111., lb other dV Onllnl over WMI himaelf a pi.ler full of K'sJ r "., and ws fy badiy .l.e. a iw r aiiss- uis ,H ;n. LWeelte, H ?tt.lett, III , nl rarlie arid I do Mr. A. V. Vi'l-worth a i,ah ij.iii lh pai Mr. V. died In alaml a Week, having swallowed of the faon. Th fir In tnfrnll, t'ansd. very diaaslfm,. t swrpl away Ihe ilrre r.t f th town. Tan citl-1 t .I.IH of a small l.iWtl in ftiddicl himlf on whisky. M'l T"" rdto mah rrotkery. etc., n ' houa. until h wa about 'ZZ lar. poorer, When hi " . V to anc tl iMH-am rollecUMl. he iweM tW aaloon kreMer wno itau . ,,) liquor, and obtained from h ra sulli. ient lo meet all h! 1"" -frveryot.cthem minHf'''1 Havana cluar down In t m Will never forget your dear ' 1 itlt gon Wfofw, who, when j"" rrr, fmt rniUigf alwayitutitea.

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