Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 2, 1957 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1957
Page 3
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Tuesday Evening, July 2, 1957. DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS (All U*tInK.4 Central Daylight Time) WMAQ WBBM (780 WLS ' WSAL (1230 TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 Alex Dreier EeU-Alr» • :li Bus. Kew« News 6:80 N«wa Sports 8:45 1 Man's Fan: Anderson Newi "Weather Xews News Newi Sport* Heatctr News 7:00 News 7:20 .S*|ght)ln« 7:45 NJffbiMne Anderson Anderson Peril Peri) News .Mil Me News Opera Lewis Serenad* Mystery Mystery 8:00 News 8:1.'» NiifhtJlnc 8:30 Nlghtline 8:*5 Nlghtllne New* World Sport* MuHlc Hall Kun TIm« Fun Tim* Mantovani Bob & Ray Bob & Ray Bob & Ray B\K Bands »:l* Chan t:3(J Chan SM5 Chan J'.obL. Robt. News Heatter Haven of Rest Haven t>f Rest News Nftewatch Kltewatch 3-Star Final 10:00 Sews Town Crier 10.)i Night D«!«k Weltzel 10:20 Nifcht D«Hk N>v/« 10:<S Sportw Merrier Tiudy Rhythm Hudy Rhythm News Music NItewatch Mitewatch Niti-watch NHftwatch WEONESDAy MORNING S:00 Alei Urtler Harrioston, M*wafc!r«akta»i Club New* t:li, Chicago CalL Jim Con way Breakfa*T Club Rlne & Shine 8-80 CMfttVO Call f:"id c*ou»t Br«akf«*t Club Adn SMS NIWJI Breakfait CreiikfaBt Club Ri^e & Shin* >:r>0 Sesv» Arthur Godfrey >:!-> Truth-Conseq, Arthur Godfrey 3:20 Bandstand Arthur Godfrey »:4a Banflxtand Arthur Godfrey Mv Tru* flto.*y Mv Tru* Story New* Girl Marrle* Rl»o' & Rhine Kli-e & Rhino N & w H - M olod i c» 10:00 10-30 fiand»tanrl 10*45 Bandstand Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Howard ftflii«r Whlcper St*. NOWB M Cor Woman's WorJ Woman's WorJ Ciunen- Day ll:OC N*tw» 11:U J. Holtman 11:20 J. Holtrnan 11 ;4& Duch««* Jfftlen Trent Gal Hurtday Slarxc:» Market (I Words }td:ord Shop Cacroll Co Carroll Co, WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON .VewH Nora Druko Merryfl«Jd Ma Pctrkin* Merry fluid News Merryfield Ko;«.d of Lit* Noontime Now* New* Jylveruoek Mark*itCo Extension Otnner.holl Pann (Jorn*r DlrinerbHi] Farm Corner 1:00 Nnwji News 1^15 ConfcFfltonn Mri». Burton l:2fl Woui. tn iln« Ktrlktt It lllch 1:45 Dr. Gentry ISntertalnrmjnt Hum mar! e Plnv Hall J'ltty Wall 2:00 N«w» 2:li Mazlni* 2:30 Hilltop 1:46 Pep- Vounje HUIJIJO Party Jl'tuvt Party L»r Malont) HK Country NnWH Way no 3:00 News 2:30 3:45 Jim Con way v/omnn View* Ool'J Conai 'J'ake flrtak MUM Ic MUHlt! 4:00 N«w.i 4:i& Jim Mills 4:XO KportK 4:46 Jim Wlllii Paul Glhnrjn Paul OibKun F'aUl (jihxon Hnon With Mini Now a 1'ijiku, Party N « W H J'olka Party Oft Uncord Off Uocord Teen Tune* «:16 Wed Howard Hurrtn 1:10 V/ed Hov/ardHportH t:4!i Htonn, Now» l*r>v/*ti\ Tuns r J'imfl Wnni Ad* HON TV Programs TUESDAY EVENING CUT «:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 1:15—Channel (i Channel 8 6:30—Channel It Channel 8 6:4S—Channel 4 Channel (I 7:00—Channel 4 Channel (1 Channel 8 7:30—Channel 4 Channel (i Charms! 8 B:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 Channel II 8:30—Channel 1 Channel (i Channel a 0:00—Channel 4 Chann<;l a 8:30—Channel <1 Channel (I Ciiunnul it 10:00-Chaimi:l « Channel !i 10:30—Channel 4 Channel B Chutuml ti 10;4S—Cliunnitl 4 Channiil » 11:00—C'hann'.'l (i 11:30--Channel « Rascalfi Weather NCWH News .7. Winters Name Tune New« Former Mexico Man Expires At Anderson J'KKU, Ind. — Rites for David Fisher, 80, former Mexico resident who died late Saturday ni^ht at bin Anderson home, will b« held at tin; Anderson Church nf the I'ircth- n:n at I p.m. Wednesday. The caa kel will he opened al Grcenlawn cemetery, Mexir;o, about 4: IS p.m. Wednesday, prior lo burial. Horn Sept. 12, 11177, In Franklin . ..'ounly, Virginia, he rcnidcd al NewsjMexico for more th/in 45 yearn, Navy ''"BitnovlriH to Anderson six yearn un<>. Dance Party | .Survivors are hia wife, tho for- I'hil Silver*i, ncr Nettle Myers; u son, Krne«t, Wyall Karp|,,r AnderNon; three Krandcl I'anic ,, ur Ki'eat-Hrandohlldrcn; and four Private Secy. liroken Arrow Janu V/yman Tell 'J'ruHi Telephone Time Theater Ilerl Skclton Date rolhors, John Flutter of Uelphl ind ./, L., Charlen and T. W. of toanoke, Va. • Conflict Rftnlo Cloiincy .Splko Joniui Star I'erf. Martin Kane Ncwa I'layhoiine N<;w« Movleu Late .Show Weathiir TorilKht \VKUNKHDKY APTEK.NOON Market B ijw.i-Wejilliur Kurtn News V'anii-lloinii Club (10 World Turin! Mi;jfl 1'rook;! HI Tenn. Krniu llimno i'rti'ly 12:W)—Chan/iel « Chnunel tt 12:15—Channel « Channel ti 12;:xi—Chunnd H (flannel n 1:00—Cliawni;) H 1:30—Channel 4 Channel n Chunm:! 8 1:00—Clmmiel 4 (;iiaiinc-l A (.'liuniuil a 2:30—Chmmnl H 3! 00—<;han;ii!l (! Chunnel n 3:15—Charirii;! II 3:30—Channel 4 Channel 8 S;4!i—(,'hnmiel (I 4:00—Cliiinriel I! Channel II 4:1.1—Chmm«l » 4:3U~<:hiinrii:l II Cluinnrl 4 4:4iv—Chitnni'l 4 &:00—Clinnni!l 4 Cluuinitl 8 I: lit—Channel H Mntlweo I'ayoll Cninliy Queen for IJuy ' Uriuliler Uiiy fincret fitonri MOVIII Tlrni) Kdgo ot Nl ttomnncen Movln Time Chiipltl Door IJ(« ul Chrlnt Hlu Krwln Chiirchmuti Mlckey MHUIIII Kiirly Kliow Cliuckwaiion Miami County Farmer Dies /'Kill/, Ind. — KllcH for Kiru-r- don Myiirh, 7fl, Whit illoil at liln lioiiiD on roiiU< fi nl 10:411 p.m. Kun(Iny, will ho hi^ld nt 'I. p.m. <lny nt HID I'ljiii Ci'i'i-l( Clinl'cli of tlin I'.i'i'tlirnu, n! whirl] hit WIIH n initmlwr. A fiinin-i' /mil a llfiillini: Mlii'n nniMty ro.iiiliml, In; WIIM liorn Aprl «, ma, l» \>uvli\ II, unil C Ann ((iiirliind) My<ir». llu wn/i innri'liicl Nov. 10, lUlii, In Su«l« llni'tliiroad, who nurviviM. llu dlno li-nvcn thi'iio WIIH, Itiiy- Inonil of niiitii ft, l)i:nn of ll'in; mil! Idilpli nf roiili' I, Ainlioy; n dimijli. (or, Mrs, Kiilph Wnldimimi, cliilit jjnuiilrlilldrcir, « Mnrlon, of roul" 4; mul two Mi'«. Aniiu Hunk of I'uiiln 4 HIM Mrs. Mm'X Kriionc, route KrlwmlM miiy cull nft«r 10 11,111, Tinindny nt thci Urn rlmiMil, whiin* n iiniyor will In Klvitn lit l:lj |) in, Wcdnomlny Tim It.",', WIIIU MnuKliunn will of. lu:liili) ul tlin I'llnit mill htii'liil will b« In lliii M«l/.H"r comdnry. Read the Classified Ads Governor Seeking Jobs For "Loyal" Supporters INDIANAPOLIS (UP) —Governor Handlcy asked his department heads Monday to find jobs for many of his supporters who have been "loyal to the cause." Handley called his department heads to a closed meeting to discuss mainly, personnel and patronage, according to Republican tional wars, succeeds Charles Enlow, Evansville banker, on the five - man commission. Enlow's four-year term expired. • . Matthews said Handley called the' meeting to ask department heads to find . jobs for "several hundred" persons "loyal to the cause,'" and try to improve "pub- State Chairman Robert Matthews. ; ]j c relations. Matthews emphasized there will! Th eovernor wan t s to "»et be no "wholesale" firings and thej re S£ to' S an organizationlo state payroll w.ll not be increased. . f n lm jUl ., Matthews said . He said 'time will tell whether the Handley friends given jobs will replace Democrats entirely or Handley earlier tcfd a news conference 1 he felt "in-fighting is at some members of the "Craig Cac- a new low in the factional _dis- tion" of the GOP. ' I P ut « ^^ ** ™W <* the GOP Meanwhile, Handley announced 1 and tnat Jleaded ^ £ormer Gov ' the appointment of Matthews' pre-i George Craig, decessor as state party chief—j But-he conceded there is some Alvin C. Cast of Kentland—as a dissatisfaction in patronage mat$5,000-a-year member of the Indiana Toll Road Commission. Cast, an insurance man who ters.. He said there are so many jobs to be filled and naturally there 1 will be disagreement on' who straddled the • fence in GOP tac-| should fill them. IJ n irtn Tn Vote Re P° rt Three Wrecks Union 10 VOre O n Monticello Streer RBM PaCf" MONTICELLO, Ind.-Five cars I\LSITI I \JV-l were dj^aggd in Lhree scpa rate Members of local No. Will of the ! acc j,j entS| a] | on Nor i h Main street I.A.W., AF'L-CIO, employed at the RBM plant here, will vote Tuesday afternoon on a cpntract which has been tentatively approved by a union committee negotiating with the company. The contract vote will be taken at a meeting beginning at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Berry Bowl. A majority of those voling must approve the contract in order for it to be accepted. The new contract is for three years and would replace a three- year pact which expires Kept. J. N«#oUal]on« on Hie new cunlrocl were started late in May. here, Sunday afternoon and evening. A fender on an auto driven by Harold Vandercort, Burnettsville, was damaged at 3:50 p.m. when Vundcrvort backed into an old- fashioned hitching post In front of the Galen Barnes home, breaking off the post, Cars driven by John E. Aikcn, 31, roiile 5, Monticello, and Arlene Fuy Webb, 30, Burnett«vlllc, collided in a drive near North Main and Fisher streets at 5:45 p.m., cuuninK $100 damii){o to the JU&7 model car driven by the Burnetts- Miami County Hit By Floods PERU, Ind. — Rising waters ot the Wabash and Mississinewa Rivers forced a few Miami county families to-lave their homes during the weekend as acres ot low field? around- Reoria were flooded and. some county-roads were blocked by the flood waters, but most families returned to their homes Monday as the water receded. Several homes' and cottages ta Peoria, 10 miles east of here on the Mississinewa, were surrounded by water, and Mr. .and Mrs. Earl Durkes were .taken from their home • by motor boat. Ertensive damage was reported to crops, par ticularly corn, as many knee-high stands were completely covered. The nine-man union negotiatingj v | )lc woman am| $M) ( | amage to lnc committee include Lylo JuuHh- \ im mM auto driven by Alkcm. i.Tty and Guurue Skollon of here, ,.„.. , , , , • , , r,.olnn.-,l I.A.W. rnnr<.« H ntatlvcK: ) ' )te; " minute* Inler curs rirlv- ruglonal I.A.W. reprcscntatlvcB; Jay SummerK, president of thu local; Al Kline, local vicu-pre«ident; and fivo elected memborn, Haymond llohinson, Jcar.cl.lu Shafcr, August Iljlck, Mildred Fellers find Donald Kohcrlxon. BJIck wuii named chuirmun of the* group. Company ncgollnlor* hove been headed by Frank (jnlucul of l r l. Waynn, director of labor relution« for KHMIK Wire; Frank TW|HH of LuncuHlcr, Ohio, director of miimi- faclui-lng for Kmex. Win:'« HUM plantH; and Edwin Heck, local plant rnunugur. en by Mm. Cleo Bukur, 15, Monti- collo, und Wlllurd Brown, 21, Mun- clo, wur« damaged whon Drown Htoppod for n Htap algn and was struck from )x:liimj by Mm. linker, DumugcH were CHllmnled ut fliOO to the 11155 model cur driven by Mr«, Bilker and $21)0 to Browii'a HISli model. NAIMKI) TO EDUCATION POST INDIANAPOLIS (UI J > - WHihtir Young, Hlttlo Nupurlnlendunt i>f public I n n Lr u'c II on, Saturday named Unhurt Pabul, HlooinlnK- tun, lx> liiMid Hie LiiiicliGr training i nrxl lluoiiiiliiii .scution nf UK; Klnlo Urollnr raining ha« grown to n \ Uuiwlineirt. of Kclucullmi. Polwl JM.nOO.fHH) annual himinc.HH In Ar-jwtll replnce IJr. llonry W'hlntlor in kunifliH nlnco lU.'tfl. Itibc $7,oi)() n yiww jiinl, Thomas Lynch Fatally Shocked At- Remington MONTJCELLO, Ind. — Jlites [or Thomas C. Lynch, 44, Morocco, NIPSCO lineman who was electrocuted at Remington Saturday, will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Hancock mortuary, Morocco. Burial will be in Highland cemetery, North Judson. Lynch was substituting for a Remington repairman when lie received the shock while working on the Remington street lighting system. He was alop a utility pole and foil to the ground when he suffererd the fatal shock. A native of West Virginia, he moved to Morocco four years ago. Survivors are his wife, Veral; two daughters; u brother and two sis- tors. . White County Native Succumbs At Chicago MONTICELLO, Ind. — Rites for Hull Fisher of Chicago, White county native who died Saturday niglit in Chicago, will be huJd til 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Pike' Creek church, 'the Rev. Wuynn Law.son in charge, and burial will be In the Pike Creek cemetery. The son "f Nelson D. nwl Lovinn (Baer) Fisher, the doccaned IH survived by his wife, Mary; threo sons, Ilulph, Curl and Paul, nil of Chicago; a slep-Kon, Dick Carr, nlso Chicago; and u brollicr, W«I- tcr, of Wlncjon.Hin. .•• FrlcmlH may cull after 7 p.m. TuuHiluy at the Smith and Aufcn- burg funeral home. Swear In New Miami Deputy PERU, Ind. — William Clawson, 33, of 415 Jefferson avenue, was sworn in Monday as a deputy sheriff to succeed Robert Helvie, who resigned to assume a post with the state excise department. James Ege was sworn in last week as a deputy succeeding James McLeod, who also resigned to take an excise department post. Clawson is a veteran of World War II, past commander of Glen Owens American Legion post, past .Fifth District Legion commander, (and a member of St. Charles Catholic church, the VFW, 40 & . 8, Moose and Eagles. Monticello Man Hurt In Fatal Auto Crash .MONTICELLO, Ind. — Paul G. Hall, 34, MonliccHo, is u patient at Memorial hospital in Jasper with a broken ankle, crushed knee, fractured hip and broken arm suffered in a collision near Loogootce late Saturday night which killed the other driver, Paul Nolan, .26, Loogoo- tce. Hall's brother-in-law, James Perguson, 22, whom Hall was taking to Frencli Lick when the wreck occurred, sustained facial cuts and n possible 1 broken hip, anJ was also taken to the Jasper hospital. Slate police said Nolan was driving on the wrong side at the rood when he collided with thu car driven by Hall, who is employed at ,the Monticello Daily Herald- Journal. Two Autos Collide , At Third And Miami Cars driven by Robert Brinley, 2, route 1, Lucerne, and Snmuol /'over, Jr., ,'ifl, route 1, Twelve Ulle, wore damaged In a collision I. 4:06 p.m. Monday nt North Third treot und Miami avenue. Hoth were headed cast on Miami, <a<l stopped for n roil' light, and iod Hlnrlud 1 off again when lirinley Lopped to avoid n west-bound car iiul was hit from behind by Cover, iccordlng to thci pnllco report. TOWN WINS DAM/YOU SUIT AN'DKItfiOM Oil')—Unhurt 0. Brown, Shulbyvlllo, lost u SMll.OIH). damage null ngolnst the Town of P(!iulk:U>n Wuilncswlny. A Jury In Mjidlnon Circuit Court favored the town In Tirown'H will clmrging lie sustained n parulyj'.lng nouk Injury In lvs:i When hu dived Into cliivllow water ut a Ixvwn .swimming pool. Now, more than ever, to get the best from your car...Go Gulf At the purpla pump NEW GULF CREST M/ido with u new, oxcJiwivo Gulf formula to koopunijlnoHcIoanor, quieter, flmoothor-runnini; Ihnn any other guHolino. PuckH more potontiul power per gujjon than uny olhor gn«ol.inu. Guwriintxiod by Gul.f. For Ihv flnetit cars ever built. At the white pump NEW GULF SUPER NO-NOX A utaiul-out for clunn-biiniliiK prol.ocl.ion. Sum to dullvor (Mink, knoi:li- Iiroof ixirl'ormiincu In ilio xrim I, majority of «nrti. Thi) Ixuit you ciin liny /or nil but the. intuit vrillwil nf today'» an/ilium. At tha orange pump GOOD GULF. (llvitit you top purformunco in cvory our U) i)[«)r»ti) on r<t|(\iliir niiMoll |MH:IIUH» It'd pn«k«<l wiU) |x>w«r tt-plonty, Known for lop ncou- oiny,(!«o(l Gull'm Hindu I.ONIIVO you money. It'it'that fumou* Now, man thin tvur... to git thi but from your oir GO GULF Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribun* Thrw Mystery Man Mogilner Surrenders, Posts Bond INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Arthur Mogilner, "mystery" man in the Indiana highway scandals, and under grand jury indictment on charges of bribery, surrendered at Marion County Jail late Monday and posted $36,000 bond. Brushing aside newsmen, the Indianapolis salesman missing since the highway investigation began in April, stepped momentarily behind bars at the jail while posting bond. He was accompanied by John Royse, his attorney. "At this time I have no comment, gentlemen," Mogilner told newsmen. "What I .have to say I'll say in court." Mogilner was accused of bribery totaling $41,000; A 12-count grand jury indictment last week accused him of offering Hie money to former highway chairman Virgil W. (Red) Smith to influence the awarding of large - scale stat« equipment contracts. The grand jury report said Mo- gilner won more than $1 million worth of contracts during the administration of ex-Gov. George N. Craig, including $133,000 worth of "Glo>" an expensive engine additive. Smith, indicted on 6 counts of bribery last week, previously surrendered. He was accused of accepting the bribes. Earlier, he was indicted on charges of embezzling public funds and conspiracy. Mogilner refused to say where he was the past several weeks. He also declined to say if he knew Smith, Craig, or two of Craig's associates. William Sayer and Elmer iDoc) Sherwood. Asked how he felt about being a "myslery man" in the highway scandal, he replied: "I'm just an average citizen." Knows Of No "Thefts' Of Secrets By Newsmen WASHINGTON (UP)—Maj. Gen. Guy S. Mcloy, Army chief of in- forma'tion, testified Monday lie know of DO case in which secret information luid been "stolen orj purloined" by newsmen. He also told n House Information subcommittee that the military departments would have to resort to an "Iron rule" of censorship to keep the lid on nil data .they didn't want, piiblisiicd. Meloy wns questioned in the Ilehl of « recommendation by a commission on government secur- iiy Hint Jnil terms and finds be provided for unauthorized communication of hlRlily-si-crel Information. The commission, bi'udod by Loyd 1N.IUKKS FINGKK Milo Sultdii, II), roiilo ), I.iieerne, was trailed Mniulny nielli nt SI. Wright, said "the purveyor of information vital to national security, purloined by devious moans, gives aid lo our enemies as effectively us the foreign tiRoins." Elaborating on the commission report Sunday, Wrijylit listed 15 examples of news he regarded as "prejudicial" lo n:\liunal secunly. In addition, lie said, oilier "dark chapters of betrayal" Jiad been kept from I he public view by the administration. Subcommiltee Chairman John K. Moss (D-Calif.) said Wriglil identified Al.ly. l!on. Herbert llnnvnell .Jr. as I he official who would not permit documentation of rasos of news disclosures "seriously affecting securily." Joseph's liospiUil for a laa-rali'il filiKer, siiClured at n National Guard im-eling at the Armory IH-I-O. a . OTJRTH WJE1SERS All wionors nliko? Not by u Fourth-of-July mouthful 1 You juBt cnn't top tho celehnitod hickory-Hmokod flnvor of EMGK wioncrH. You HOC, EMGE VIHOH n npocinl blond of pviro frcfth r>ork nnd boof—wfth juHt otwuffh HonMoning ndclocl to give an "«ppoti/,injf l-onx." Boiled, broiled or roanl.od, indoors or outaido, you'll lovo cvory doliciouB mouthful of EMGE wionora. Whon you plun HUH ycur'» outings, for "goodnww" Huko, chooMi EMGE I ML £MGt MEAT PRODUCTS M£ U.S. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED llcrtfft another trcatf Chief Slicud Bacon Blur), thn itny with it K«nuroim wirvlug of «rinp, Roldnn brown KMOI5 Chtof HUcod BIICOII, H'« • fnvorlto t»v«rywl>4r«. Try itt [MOB PACKINQ CO., ANDERSON, INDIANA U. S. COViKNMENT INSPECTED MEATS LOGANSPORT PUBLIC L1BRARX

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