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Huntington, Indiana
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i Wf mris wrrwTTTJfi Triw iV. vr PAGE SIX i BeewMPa at.w ehavw aft Wet mwm "GERMANY" SCHULTZ MAY BE COACH Advices from Madison, declare that Germany Schlutr, the Fort Wayne boy who starred as a member of the University of Michigan football Ream several years ago, is likely to Ibe named as coach of the University of Wisconsin eleven for next fall. Thls is one of the greatest honors In the football world that could possibly be conferred upon a player. The position Is a lucrative one. The Madison dispatch reads as follows: "Germany" Schultz, all American center, while a member of the Michigan football team several years back, probably will succeed John Richards as football coach at the University of Wisconsin.

The former Wolverine has made application to the board of regents for the position which Richards will leave at the close of the present college year, and he BRIDWELL QUITS GAME FOR SEASON New York, June 1. Manager John Kling of the Boston Nationals says that Arthur Brldwell, the shortstop, Is so badly injured that he will not be able to play again this season; In fact he doesn't the. player will ever be able to get Into a uniform again. The former' Chicago backstop denies there is friction between himself and 'President John M. IS GIRL CHAMPION OF MICHIGAN RING (Special to Herald.) Flint, June 1.

In a private gymnasium fitted up In one of the in Flint. with only one woman and a man as referee present, Myrtle Havers, 19, of Flint, knocked out Mabel Williams, 22, of Grand Rapids, in the seventh round of a scheduled ten round fight and won the girl's championship of Mich lgan. The two fought with eight ounce gloves and under straight Queensber ry. rules. Miss Williams, who has been known as the best woman boxer In Michigan for several years, was knocked Into dreamland with a stiff uppercut after she had severely punished Miss Havers in the early part of the seventh.

The two in the early rounds felt CHICAGO GRAIN Chicago, May 31. July wheat closed down lc; September down July corn down September up Mc. July oats down September down He. Provisions steady. Wheat" Open High Low Close July l.U 1.11 1.09 1.10 Sept Corn July viV.

Sept Oats July 1.06 1.06 1.05 1.06 .76 .72 .73 .74 .72 .49 .41 .74 .72. 49 .42 .49 .42 .49 .41 PITTSBURGH LIVESTOCK Pittsburgh, May 31. Cattle Receipts, light; market steady; choice, good, fair, 16.5007.25; veal calves, $9.0009.50. Sheep and Lambs Receipts 15 double decks; market lower; prime wethers, good mixed, $5.10 5.50; fair mixed, lambs, 3.007.50; spring lambs, $5.009.50. Hogs Receipts, 30 double decks; market lower; prime heavies, $7,600 7.65; mediums, heavy yorkers, light yorkers.

pigs, roughs, stags, CLEVELAND LIVESTOCK Cleveland, May 31 Hogs Receipts 2.600 head; market 20c lower; pigs, $7,50. Cattle Receipts, 3 cars; good stead; all others weak. Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 10 cars; $8.25 top. Calves Receipts, 200 head; $9.50 top. CHICAGO PRODUCE Chicago, May 31.

Butter Creamery, extras, '25c; firsts, 24c; dairy, extras, 25c; firsts, 23c. Eggs Firsts, 17c; ordinary firsts, 15c. Live Poultry Fowls. 13014c; ducks, 13c; geese, 10011c; springs, 16017c; turkeys, 12c. TOLEDO LIVE STOCK Toledo, May 31.

Hogs Receipts, 00 head; market 15020c lower; pigs $6.75 0 6.90; others. $7.50. Cattle. Calves, Sheep and Lambs Market steady. JUL DO GRAIN Toledo, May 3L Wheat Cash, and May July.

$L1; September. $U5; December. $1.17.. Cash and May July, September, 75c; December, OF FORT WAYNE OF WISCONSIN TEAM has come to Madison to confer with President Van Ilise and the athletic department relative to the" position, While no recommendations will be made public until the regents meet in June to consider the coaching situation, it Is understood that Schultz will have the backing of President Van Hlse and Director Ehler. "Germany" coached the Badger line last fall and lg given the credit for the stonewall defense which characterized the playing of 'Wisconsin throughout the season.

Coach. Richards especially was pleased with the work done by the former Michigan star and recommended Schultz as his successor. Twelve applications for the coach Ins position have been received by Dicrector Ehler, and have been turned over to President Van Hlse and the board of regents. each other out and sparred for points. But at the opening of the seventh the Grand Rapids girl let loose a volley of straight rights and lefts which caught the Flint challenger on the eyes.

Miss Harvera's right eye was closed. Then she began to flail the air with blowg and the uppercut" went home. Miss Williams was counted out. DECORATE GRAVES OF BASEBALL MEN (Speial to Herald.) Louisville, June 1. Departed baseball heroes' were remembered on Decoration day here.

While flowers were being strewn on th graves of G. A. R. veterans in the Federal burying ground, two mounds of the local cemeteries under which rest all that is mortal of Harry Pulliam and Mike Powers were decorated with garlands; Flowers for Pulllam's grave were sent here by the American Baseball Wri ters' Association. Those for Powers's grave were sent by the Philadelphia Athletics.

WHITE SOX EXPECT NO SOFT SNAP HERE i (Special to Herald.) Fort Wayne, June 1. The Fort Wayne White Sox wijl have a bard thing Sunday, when they stack 63c. V. Oats Cash and May 56c; July, 61; September, 42c. Rye Cash 93c.

Clover Seed October, December, $10.00. Alslke Cash, August. $9.60. Timothy September, $3.97 October, $3.90. Butter, eggs and hay unchanged.

i NEW YORK PRODUCE. New York," May 31. Dressed PoultryMarket turkeys, IS 22c; chlckons, 1722c; fowls, 110 12c; ducks, 13 0 23c. Live Poultry Market steady; geese 9c; ducks, 12c; fowls, 1516c; turkeys, 12c; roosters, 10. Butter Market creamery, extras.

260 27c; state dairy, tubs, 22 (325c; imitation creamery, firsts. 23 024c. Eggs Market steady; nearby white fancy 23c; nearby mixed, fancy, 23c; fresh firsts, 19021c. EAST BUFFALO LIVESTOCK East Buffalo, May 31. Cattle Receipts 75 head; market slow; easier; prime steers, butcher grades, $3.0008.00.

Calves Receipts, 2,000 head; market active, 25c higher; cull to choice $6.75010.25. Sheep and Lambs Receipts 7,400 head; market slow, 25c lower; choice cull totair; $6.00 08.00; yearlings, $6.60 7.00,' sheep, $3.0006.00. Hogs Receipts, 11,060 head; trade light; market lower; yorkers, $7,400 7.55; pigs, mixed, heavies, roughs, $6.25 6.70; stags. $5.5006.00. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK Chicago, May 31.

Hogs Receipts, 16,000 bead; market steady; mixed and butchers, good heav $7.257.65: $7.06 07.25; lights, pigs, $5.10 07.oo. Cattle Receipts, 1.000 head; mar ket steady; beeves, cows and heifers, $2.85 0 8.00; stockers and feeders, Texans," $6,250 8.00; calves, $5.5009.00. Sheep Receipts, 10,000 head; market weak; natives, westerns, $4.0006.35. Lambs Katies. $5.000 8.90.

Mr. and Mrs. George Watson, and daughter of Eaton, are visiting Charles Fults of Polk township. James Craig of Majenlce Is quite sick at the home of his father, Lee Craig of High street rm 1t rn 'j it.v,. v.

up against the fast Huntington team at that place. Huntington has ri strong bunch this season. Wentx, MIddleton and Fogel are all well known ball players. Fogel at' one time tad a tryout with the Fort Wayne team as a catcher, and Middle ton is well known In the Central league. He played third base for EvensvHle several years and Stub Went is known as a good The Sox have a new pitcher on the list in G.

Lenz, and he will make a valuable man to the team. The lineup is much stronger than It has ever been. The Sox will leave Sunday morning at 11:30 over the interurban for Huntington. The line up will be: Farrell. short stop; McKoy.

right field; Dornlck, third Harmeyer, catcher; Mc Kee, center field; Humbrecht, first base; Geller, Jeft field; Carroll, second base Relg and Lenz; pitchers. JACK AND JIM READY FOR WORK (Special to Herald.) Las Vegas, N. June 1. Jack Johnson and Jim Flynn expect to settle down early next week to the real training for their fight here on July. 4 for the championship of the world.

Neither has done any boxing yet. Tommy Ryan, who is managing Flynn's training camp, today declared he would not give the word for hard work before Monday, when expects to let Flynn "tear loosp" against some of his training partners. Johnson is awaiting the arrival from Toronto of Tom Flanagan, who will be his chief boxing partner. Meanwhile Johnson is having the time of his life. Yesterday afternoon be discarded his panama hat, donned a dinky blue cap and umpired six in njngs of a game between the Las Vegas and Santa Fe teams.

Last night "Lil Artha and his dusky friends sat out on their front "veranda while the black champion unloosed a number of pathetic tunesirom his bass viol. Today both Flynn and Johnson went for fifteen mile tramps into the mountains. ,7 LEAGUE STANDING. CENTRAL LEAGUE. Won, Lost Pet.

Youngstown 7 12 .647 Erie 13 .629 Dayton ................20 13 .606 Terre Haut .....21 .14 .600 Springfield ..18 15 .643 Grand Rapids 16 Fort Wayne 17 17 4 .500 Canton .,..15, 18 South Bend Z0 .429 Wheeling '71 Akron 11 21 j34 Zanesville 11 21 NATIONAL LEAGUES. Pet. New York '1 '7 MV Cincinnati 17 Mi Chicago 17' .628 Pittsburg .............18 17 .514 St. Louis ....19 22 .463 Philadelphia ..14 .19 .424 ....12 22 .353 Boston 26 .350 AMERICAN LEAGUE. Won.

Lost Pet. Chicago 28 Boston 25 12 13 "16 20 19 21 22 26 .700 658 Philadelphia 1 .615 Detroit .500 .472 Cleveland ..17 Washington New York ,...12 St. 12 .426 .353 .316 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Won. Columbus .........29 Minneapolis Toledo ................27 Kansas City ..........25 St. Paul .....20 Milwaukee ...16 Indianapolis 17 Louisville .....15 Lost.

Pet. 17 .630 16 16 21. 26 26 28 26 .628 .628 .543 .435 .382 .378 .366 FRIDAY'8 GAMES. CENTRAL LEAGUE Zanesville 6 11 3 Fort. Wayne 12 0 Stremmel and Tragresser; Cold rich and Wheeling 1 6 1 South Bend 2 6 2 Matteson and Haley; Karseman and Tleman.

Akron 1 1 Canton 4 7 0 Riley and Texter; Boland and Fohl Grand Rapids 2 6,0 Terre Kaute 8 12 6 Lanseyxsnd, Weeks; James and Hargrove. Erie 0 5 1 Springfiel4, jaSi Reis and Schang; Ashenf elder and McKee. Youngstown 0 5 2 Dayton ........10 10 4 Nilkhelm and MilJer; 'Compton and Konnlck. AMERICAN LEAGUE. Detroit 16 1 St Louis 9 14 0 Willet and SUnae; Powell and Stephens.

NATIONAL LEAGUE. Boston 3 5.2 Brooklyn Dixon and Kllng; Tingling and Erwin. Boston 3 8 vf Brown, and Gowdy and Er win. "1, 'I' i i'' ai rl.i." 5 8 St. Louis 0 New York Willis and Bresenhan; Wiltse and Cincinnati V.

7. 2 6,. 4 Pittsburgh 6 8 2 Tromme and McLean; Gibs6n." AMMERICAN ASSOCIATION Louisville 2 Columbus J5 10 5 Rlchter and Packard and V' '7; Indianapolis I i 6 9 Ki Toledo 8 12 4 2 Sehlitzer and Casey; James and CaCnnet. Milwaukee 4 6 2 1 1 Kansas City Hovllk and O'Connor. Schalk; Gallea and SUNDAY SERVICES Peter's Reformed, Etna Avenue, F.

H. Diehm, pastor Sunday school, 9:30. C. E. society, 6:45.

No preaching service. The pastor attending the meetings of Zion's Classis Decatur, Christian Science, Tipton and. War ren Sunday school, 9:30. Church ser ices.i subject, "Ancient and Modem Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Wednesday evening service, 7:45. Read ing room open Wednesday 2 to 4 same v''.

First Presbyterian church, Tipton and Warren, Thomas B. Terhune, pastorSunday school, 9:30, Worship, 10:45 and 7:45. Morning "The Science of Conversion God's Rule of Law at the Climax of Evening: "The Great Soul Questions. and Their Great Bible Anewers; Christian Endeavor, 1 Central Christian church, Elmer Ward Cole, minister A big merger service in celebration of. the beginning of the Pastors Fifth year will be held in the morning beginning at 9:30.

A fine. program has been prepared. The service will close at 11:15 promptly, ffhe. Children's Day offer ing will also, be taken for Foreign Missions. It is to be a great service.

All families are urged to be present. The P. S. E. will hold its meeting in the Sunday school' room at 6:45.

Evening worship (People's service) at 7:45. The pastor will preach on "The Modern Man and His Religion." Wesleyan M. Etna avenue. Reys. A.

Wand Lydia pastor Quarterly meeting services at the Wesleyan Methodist church over the Sabbath. Rev. B. Baker of Marion, president of. the Wesleyan conference of Indiana, will have charge of the services.

First service Saturday, even preaching at. 7:80, and a bus iness 'meeting will be held at the close. Sabbath school W9 a. m. Love Feast at 10.

Preaching 11, also sacra mental services. Preaching again at 7:30. This is the last quarterly meet ing bf the year. Everybody Js invit ed to, these services. First 'Brethren 20 Jefferson, Sunday school, 9.30; Christian 6.45; preathing 10.30 and 7.45; communion meeting Saturday evening, 7.45.

I Bethel Evangelical, Fronit and Alien, C. H. Burgener pastor Sunday will be given to the children at 9.30. The Sunday school will study the regular lesson and the collection will be given to the General Missionary All the teachers and scholars should do their best to make the collection the largest in the history of the school. At 10.30 the pastor will preach on a theme appropriate to Children's Day.

At 7.30 the children's program will be given. All are Trustees meet in regular session this (Saturday) evening at 7.45. First Methodist, Market and Guilford, William F. Smith, pastor Sunday night the pastor. will speak on "Eve, the First Woman." All women invited.

Bring your husbands. 10.30 subject, "Without Love, Nothing." All members are urged to be present. Services short through the hot season. 9.30, Sunday school, still growing, send your children, good this is the young people's meeting. 9.00 and 3.00 class meetings; 2.00, Junior league.

All. Methodists friends Invited to attend these ser vices. Always good music. First Baptist, East Market, A. B.

Whitney, pastor The Bible school welcomes all at 9.30. At 10.45 worship with preaching, sermon theme, A Talk with Christ" The hand of church fellowship extended to new members, proceeding the Lord's sup per. Young People's, rally at 6.45. At 7.45, evening worship with sermon on classes for all. 6.45 Ep worth League Remission of Sins." Wednesday at 7.45, mid week prayer arid praise service.

Anniversary echoes from Des Moines. First U. B. church Sunday Bchool 9.30. At 10.30 the Sunday school will observe children's day and have charge of the services.

Junior, 2.30; Senior, 6.80; preaching, 7.45. Rev. Q. A. Thorne pastor.

KNOX THINKS CUBAN REVOLT GREAT FAKE Washington, May Si. Secretary Knox expressed an. opinion that the Cuban 'revolt Is an outbreak financed by friends of Gomes as J'a great paci ficator In the coming presidential election. STEPPED DOWN AN OPEN CELLARWAY Hugh Alexander of Warren met with a painful accident while visiting at the Frank Alexandsr home. Mr.

Alexander has nearly lost his sight and because of that fact stepped into an open cellar way and fell in such a manner as to dislocate his HAY MARKET GETS STILL MORE REVISION (ality Now Brings 'FiirmersTwiBnty Dollars 'r, Ton. 'i hogs Are slightly lower While the Price of Flour Makes An other Advance Eggs May Drop. Huntington particularly those on hay were given a general re vision by the produce merchants Frl day. In the hay market the decline was from two to three dollars lower, which will be welcomed by the peo ple who have to buy hay for a team. No.

1 Timothy hay is now worth but $20 per ton for, the. best, where be lore it was worth from $20 to szs a Light, mixed hay Is now worth $17 a ton. The former quotation was from $18 to $20 a Heavy mixed hay is worth $15 lor 2,000 pounds. This is a decline from the same price that the light' mixed hay bad been quoted. Clover hay is stationary at $14 per In the live stock market, hogs have been slightly lower on the big mar kets but the recession has not been enough to affect the local quotations heavily.

Hogs are now wortl from $6 to $7 'per hundred pounds. In the grain: market there has been no change for, some time but the ro cent Jump in the price of wheat is beginning to be felt more in the quotation on The price for 100 ponds of flour Ib now $320. Eggs are holding steady at sixteen cent per dozen although there is every likelihood that the price will be a cent lower by the beginning of another week. HUNTINGTON MARKETS QRAJNS, Wheat $1.10. Rye 75o.77" 7 Oats 60c X.

Corn $1.00. MILL PRODUCTS 5 6hsttr $Len. I mm uiK Meai ix.a. CoUou 8eed MeaI ANty STRAW. l' Tiinbth'y Hay $20.

'Light Mixed Hay $17. A Heavy Miked Hay 415. Clover Hay $14. Straw $8.0008.60. LIVESTOCK.

Hogs $6.00 $7.00, Steers $4.6006.00.: Calves Cows7 $506. 'Sheep $2.60 4.00. Wool 22c. POULTRY AND EGGS Hens 10c Roostert Se. X' Geese 6c.

Dnoks 09c Fresh Eggs 16c CREAMERY PRODUCTS, Cream Butter' Fat 27 V4c Dairy Butter 14016c Milk cwt Creamery Butter 30c. i Chicago, May" 30. Hogs Receipts, J. M. SCUDDER GOES TO VISIT HIS FATHER Saturday morning J.

M. Scudder, city superintendent of schools left for Shelbylvlle, in Shelby county, where he will spend Sunday with his father, Hezeklah Scudder. The elder Scudder is eighty three years of age ana was in precarious health all winter. HE MO For Hemorrhoids These Gently Healing; Cone Are the Best Remedy FOR ALL RECTAL COMPLAINTS. i ThaM aappoattiiriM are fmnwriiaWr aiworhed by the affected parte and reHava tha Buffering at anea.

They eoataia no violent aatriiurente sneh aa zit in othar pila nmediaa. nor nareotia drasa. which ara extremely Itabla to prodaea eraytnaT far their con tinned om Thay ara qoalty fflectir In tha treatment at Itching, bleeding. Internal and protruding htnorrhoI (pile), and will live relief in au other rectal complaints. Try them if yoa want to teat tha beat and moat aclentlna anrathra agent for trooblea of thla kind.

HE MO DRUG 5 Beekmu N. V. For Sola bf BRADLEY BROS. AUTOIIOBILE'SPONOES CHAMOIS SKINS 25c to 50c Bath' Sponges for BAKER'S i'V Theatre Dru? Store mm Hew Theatre Bldff MEMORIAL PROGRAM A THURDAT AFTERiNOON; Decoration Day was observed more generally In Roanoke Thursday than for many year. The exercises were held at Glenwood cetoetery, where a xreakeristandvV.watBfl'adrbeo' erected.

three veterans marched from town and about ten or twelve; VereRUken, (w ln'autos. The marching music 'was furnished by martia) from the Zion neighbor hood. "The. procession: included the G. A.

R. post, the.W.. R. the M. and B.

Sunday schools and 'a number of citizens Nearly. all were car rying flags or, flowers and they made a very pretty appearance. The music at the exercises was furnished by. the M. E.

choir. The ritualistic work was given "by the with M. Keefer, commander and Dr. Koontz as mar The address was given by Rev. C.

H. Bell of Fort who is an ex soldier. A feature of the pro gram much enjoyed was a reading by May Mitchell of Huntington, en titled, "John Burns of Gettysburg." The soldiers' graves in the other cemeteries were decorated in the fore noon by committees from the post GRAVE OF WOMAN S8LDIER IS STREWN WITH FLOWERS (Special to Greensburg, May 31. Among the many graves decorated in South Park cemetery yesterday was that of Mrs Elizabeth Finnern. Mrs.

Finnern who was. of German descent fough siae Dy Bias Wi.h ner nusnana in the Civil war. donned male attire tor tnis purpose, and both being mem ber, of Company Elghty flrst Ohio volunteer Infantry Mrs. Finnern, of ten relieved her husband on picket duty, and when her sex was finally discovered was detailed as a' nurse. When her husband died a' few years ago a large "American flag which floated from a staff on their home, rcrashed to the ground Just as he died.

A handsome monument marks the graves, of this loyal PBANKLIN TESTIFIES IN DARROW TRIAL Los Angeles May 31w Bert Frank lin, testifying in the Darrow case, today swore Darrow sent him to the homes of men believed unfavorable to McNamara whose names had been drawn in the venier to tin them If Jhe flesfred to avoid' f. jury service better 'dhjappeaV. AT T. Rbsebron gh" 'and daughter Mary leave Saturday, morning for an extended, visit with relatives in Illinois." 8UMMER TOUR8 VIA NICKEL PLATE ROAD To Canadian, New England and Atlantic Coast Points. Tickets on sale une 1st to Kept.

30th. Liberal return limit and stopover privileges. Ask agent, or write F. P. T.

P. A. Ft. Wayne 0 000 00 fZN ihe 0 fKJfi 0 I THE LARGE8T 0. POULTRY 8UPPLY: STORE 1.

ERN INDIANA. 000 00 0000 0 0 0000 0 00 0 00 00 00 0 0000 0000 0000 00000000000000 When you are down town these hot days 0 drop in and get "cooled ig cash help you to solve many of yoar problems? 'i WE CAN LOAX T0U M0XEI Jj We can, let you $5 to $100 on short notice I you own househoi4 horse, wagon, fixtures Vor other personal property, 4 leaving everything. in your, 6if per week for 50. weeks repays a $35 loan. Other amounts at same proportion.

Use tkls Blank when writing ci i o. Address Our agent Is in Huntington tmry FOBT ttAYRE LOAN CO. EsUbllshed 1896.. Room 2, second floor, 706 Calhoun XJ street. opposite court house.



BECHSTEIN 0 0 0 Purity; Druggist. 00 000 00 0 0 00 0 0 (Jlas That' Cheers. Is foody both to the body and ths IT you have not felt' the glow'' of radiant cheerfulness following glass of, our, beer, you do not know now the world looks at Its. best 'A bottle, of. our beer is worth doctor's visita rno52 r.

nn fl rm atn snsss 9 ii 11 1 a. 11 a a ii 1 mi 1 1 a IIEairlbl. VEaU Ka Notice to investors or parties want 1 "4 t. 'm 1 i In? a home. Two iUrnnm i 0 VM.

uuu. mi i a's 4 J' good repair, good well, cisterns, i. wood houses; ehleken sparks; nic A jevei business di trict in neighborhood. rice This Is a Real Bargain. thcO.A.DAKERGo.v 200 North Jefferson.

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A few dollars at just the right time may mean everything to you. We will gladly loan you any amount up to $100 on personal property. II you need xnonev call, write, or pnone us. i VALLEY LOAN CO. PHOSE 215.

Cor. Market A Jeffersoa Streets. Huntington Isdlana; C0CC0CC3CC0C0C3 PROBLEMS. 10 problems of the bouse hold of everydsy life ftf 4 cause you worry i nuuiuuv Arey.

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